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Spanish Matador Gored To Death By Bull

Spanish Matador Gored To Death By Bull


Professional bullfighter Victor Barrio was killed on Saturday after a bull’s horn pierced his chest during a fight. The 29 year old was fighting in the town of Teruel in the Aragon region of Spain. This was the first time a Spanish matador had been killed in a fight since 1985.

The fight was being shown on live TV. The video is posted below and obviously it contains graphic material, because it’s a guy getting gored by a bull. The video also shows footage from a separate goring incident from a bull run in Pamplona that occurred on the same day.

According to the BBC, about 2,000 bullfights are held in Spain every year. Many consider bullfighting to be outdated and cruel, but it is legal everywhere in Spain except the Canary Islands and Catalonia.  The bullfights and runnings are being held to celebrate the festival of San Fermín, which takes place every year from July 6 through July 14.

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Part of the job. If he was in no danger he wouldn’t be considered brave. He would be like a drone pilot.

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