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Sportscaster Apparently Fired For Prince Tribute


When Prince died, pretty much anybody with any sense decided to do some form of tribute the late musician. One such person was Dan Phillips, the sports anchor for Nashville’s Fox 17. Phillips reported the days top sports news while shoving in as many prince references as he possibly could. This somehow upset people, and led to him being fired.

This is pretty cool and objectively inoffensive, except apparently nothing is objectively inoffensive anymore. Phillips was recently fired, and according to a Facebook post it was because people watching actually felt the need to complain about what he figured was a fine sendoff to a beloved artist. “Unfortunately, there were apparently some viewers, as well as management at the station, who did not feel the same way,” the post states. “They felt I was insensitive. And as a result, I was terminated today.”


From Awful Announcing:

Well, Phillips has deleted his Twitter page and the station has deleted his bio from their website. Phillips does not appear on the list of on-air talent at Fox 17. According to the Cached version of his Fox 17 bio, Phillips had been at the station since 2005.

This is absurd. People have done far worse on TV and kept their jobs. Saying a bunch of Prince related puns really shouldn’t cost someone their livelihood. Was it because he said “creamed?” Are these people deeply offended by “Grease,” too?


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