Stanford Lecturer Accused Of Stalking Former Student While Wearing Women’s Clothing

Mark Veregge, a Stanford University lecturer, has been accused of stalking the home of a former student while dressed in women’s clothing.

Veregge, would allegedly visit his victim’s home in San Francisco, California, in the middle of the night, sometimes wearing just a bra and heels, but always in women’s underwear.

He would then allegedly creep up to his student’s car and check to see if it was unlocked before heading back to his car and leaving.

The victim’s family captured his many alleged visits on their surveillance camera

via CBS:

Veregge is accused of visiting the home of a former elementary school student in the middle of the night.

The victims told investigators their surveillance cameras captured Veregge several times parking in front of their home, walking up to their daughter’s car, checking if it was unlocked and then turning around and driving off.

Each time, they say, Veregge was wearing only women’s underwear. He’s seen at times in a bra and high heels.

Veregge, wgo graduated from Julliard and has performed with the California Symphony, has been charged with prowling, which under California law could have him jailed for up to nine months and fined for $1000.

He is expected in court later this month.


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