Yo dawg… It was some candy. She didn’t just steal the blue diamond from a jewelry store. She is also a tiny girl person (don’t want the equal rights, equal fights people busting my ass for that) and you are a bigger guard. Maybe there should not have been as aggressive with the force?

The comments on both sides have some good points.  Here are some highlights.

On the side of the guard:

She needs to sit still and stop being a punk.

Whoever shot this video is clearly a fucking liberal

Don’t break the law and you won’t have an issue!

Instead of fucking shouting that they aren’t allowed to do that or you’re hurting her,how about you physically fucking help her

She got what she deserved. Especially since she was resisting them. She should’ve just gotten her ass up and went in the store and dealt with the consequences of her immature actions. Don’t steal people…

Fuck that chick! She shouldent have stolen anything. They are just doing their job.

Some people made some great points as well about why it was too aggressive:

I work retail and loss prevention is not supposed to handle a situation like that nor put they’re hands on someone. I knew a lp who got fired for cornering someone and grabing their arm.

Excessive force is unnecessary and unlawful. It can create exposure to civil liability for negligence. Examples of excessive force includes choking, punching, kicking, improper handcuffing, hog-ties, and the intentional application of pain compliance techniques. Extreme foul language, ethnic slurs, and verbal threats of harm will all be considered excessive when a shoplifter is in custody. When handcuffs are applied, the loss prevention agent is responsible for the shoplifter’s safety from trips and falls, adequate blood circulation to the hands, and the ability to breathe.

In this case excessive force is putting a 15 year old girl in a fucking arm and headlock. Both of them should lose their jobs and the fucker who thought it was totally fine to use that kind of force should be arrested

Wow people and your damn comments. She’s a damn child and no one, I don’t care what she did. No ONE should ever man handle a child like that.

Naaw, that’s not their job. Loss prevention is only allowed to call the police and follow. They ain’t allowed to touch no one like that

I will let you be the final judge. Check out the video below:


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