Stormy Daniels: I’ll Reimburse Trump So I Can Discuss Affair

Stormy Daniels: I’ll Reimburse Trump So I Can Discuss Affair –

We could soon be hearing much, much more about the alleged Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels affair if the adult film actress has her way. Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, has offered to return the $130,000 she was paid not to talk about her alleged affair with the now-president in exchange for the freedom to speak freely—as well as release any text messages, pictures, or videos she may or may not possess. The offer was made Monday in a letter to Michael Cohen, Trump’s private lawyer, who was the one to arrange the nondisclosure agreement and payment with Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, NBC News reports. In the letter, Daniels offers to reimburse Trump, despite the fact that Cohen claims he was the one to pay Daniels. If the offer is accepted, it would deem the NDA null and void, CNN reports.

Clifford’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, tells NBC Daniels is offering to reimburse the president himself because “we do not believe there is any doubt as to where the money came from originally, in reality.” “This has never been about the money,” Avenatti adds. “It has always been about Ms. Clifford being allowed to tell the truth. The American people should be permitted to judge for themselves who is shooting straight with them and who is misleading them.” In addition to speaking freely about the alleged relationship, the letter says Daniels would be able to openly discuss “the attempts to silence her,” “all without fear of retribution or legal liability.” The White House continues to deny a Trump-Daniels affair; neither the White House, Cohen, nor Cohen’s own attorney have commented on Daniels’ letter.

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