Straight Women Touching Other Straight Women’s Vaginas


straight-vaginas-extra[1]It’s a question that always comes up, but what do straight girls think about touching another straight girl’s vagina? The YouTube channel ‘Freakin’ Original’ wanted to answer that question once and for all. It might have been easier just to ask some girls who graduated from college but doing it live on camera is far more entertaining.  This is less of a social experiment and more about how this girl was looking for an excuse to get finger blasted.

Straight Women Touching Other Straight Women’s Vaginas

4 replies on “Straight Women Touching Other Straight Women’s Vaginas”

Not sure what the point of that was. The black chick’s expression and last comment was priceless. She had the look on her face of someone lost and high on mushrooms.

The point was that some teen somewhere fapped to the thought of a girl touching another girl. I guess.
You’re right. no point.

It’s entertaining, but maybe they are running out of combinations of different orientations touching each others private parts.

Next, it will be a post opp tyranny touching it’s own penis after it’s been attached to another post opp tranny.

Maybe, they need a very creative surgeon to keep it going.

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