Strange VIDEO

Strange Addiction: I Want To Be A Mattress Dub

Strange Addiction: I Want To Be A Mattress Dub


What happens when you eat 8 mattresses? You become one.

5 replies on “Strange Addiction: I Want To Be A Mattress Dub”

Salut, I need to know why you have removed the video showing the aussie guy abusing the girl and beating her meanwhile there are other videos of him condoning that behavior?
I will post this message until I receive an answer!!

Thank you for the reply, I feel that the story you have published a while ago did not get the time it deserved….!!!
I had to make a statement….just like other people draw attention to themselves 🙂

I am sorry, I should have hit the reply button…..get me out of here!!

What story? Can you be more specific? We put up hundreds of stories like that, can you give a link or title? Or comment on THAT post, so we can help you.

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