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Strange Family Road Trip Ends in Arrests, Hospitalizations

Strange Family Road Trip Ends in Arrests, Hospitalizations



The story of an Australian family on a five-day, 930-mile road trip that ended with most of them being either arrested or hospitalized one at a time is one of the strangest things you’ll read this week. The Guardian reports it started Aug. 29 when Mark and Jacoba Tromp left home with their children Ella, 22; Mitchell, 25; and Riana, 29. The family left their home unlocked with phones, passports, and credit cards strewn about, according toBuzzFeed. Mitchell abandoned the family trip Aug. 30 and went home. Both Ella and Riana left the next day. Ella was arrested after allegedly stealing a car to drive home. Meanwhile, Riana was found “catatonic” in the back of a man’s car. ABC reports she remains in the hospital with “stress-related health issues.”


Last Wednesday, police pulled over the Tromps’ car after it was reported to be following another car. A man believed to be Mark fled into a park and wasn’t found. The day after that, Jacoba was found by a citizen. She also remains in the hospital for “stress-related health concerns.” Mark was finally picked up by police, who had been searching for the missing family, Saturday while running near an airport. He issued a statement Tuesday apologizing for causing “hurt and concern.” “We will soon be reunited and together I hope that we will begin to make sense of our ordeal and return to a normal life,” the statement reads. Mitchell says his parents had been stressed about their business and were becoming paranoid.


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“Is stress related health concerns” an Australian thing?

We Brits just die of heart attacks like men.

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