Strangely Entertaining Hot Tips From People 10 Years Older And 10 Years Younger Than You



8 Year olds: Don’t stress out if your parents want you to be perfect with school and chores – be aware that there is no such thing. Try your best and have all the fun you can. Make friends, avoid getting into stupid selfish fights and be loving.
28 Year olds: Was going to college then finding a job, paying rent and all the wonderful things that come with pursuing independence really worth it?


I’m 20.
To all ten year olds; climbing trees is really fun. But don’t climb too high to where if you fall, you’ll likely die. Go rock climbing or something like that instead (it’s a fun hobby if you’re allowed).
Also don’t be a dick to your friends, ever. If you don’t want to hang out anymore just tell them.

To all 30 year olds; can you still climb trees and stuff? I’d like to be able to do that while I’m thirty.
Also, how to feel like I’m not pathetic at life?


I’m 45 now. I guess this advice is geared more towards 20yrs ago.
Pick a goal and go for it until you succeed. The goal could be buying your first home, getting married and having kids or it could be working for a certification to help you have skills that are needed for employment or a better job. Just treading water is the worst thing to do.
Also, don’t be selfish with your time. Your parents and family poured tons of time and effort into raising you. Time to return it.


To a 20 year old: Don’t be frightened of life or failure. And if you do fail at something it’s not the end of the world. I wish someone had drummed this into me at your age. It takes multiple failures sometimes before you get it right. Don’t be scared. Don’t find yourself in 10 years living with regret. Experience life. Travel as much you can. Work hard. Jump in. Just jump in.
To a 40 year old: A fear of mine has been that at 30+ the world stops giving a shit about you. I feel like I’m in that transitional period where I’ve gone from “young” to “not young”. Did you feel the same way and if so, how did you handle it?


To someone who is 16: Take pictures of fucking everything; small kickbacks with your friends, pets, family members while they’re still alive, teachers who had an impact on you, sunsets and all the shit you don’t think you’ll forget in ten years time. It’s one of my biggest regrets.
To someone who is 36: What’s the worst part about being in your thirties, and what can I do to avoid or mitigate it?


5 year olds, respect your parents, you have no idea how much they sacrifice for you, you have no responsibilities but they do, and with those responsibilities comes working endlessly to feed you and pay for the roof over your head.
25 year olds, my main problem in high school currently is procrastination, how should I go about improving? (Of course I don’t expect all of you to fully have your lives together, but any little thing could help)



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