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Stranger Things 3 Is Loaded With Easter Eggs And Nostalgia

Stranger Things 3 Is Loaded With Easter Eggs And Nostalgia –


Whether you enjoy the show or not, it’s amazing how accurately Stranger Things depicted some of the most nostalgic elements of the ’80s. From the clothes to the hairstyles, and even the music, they’ve knocked it out of the park. Season 3 raised the bar even further, however, when they incorporated a mall into the show and it’s a gold mine of easter eggs and nostalgia. If you watch the show, you’ve likely already reminisced, but for those of you who haven’t, Twitter user Andy Baio shared some amazing behind-the-scenes images. Enjoy your walk down memory lane.



According to Andy, the showrunners didn’t just create a bunch of fake storefronts, “It was built inside an actual dying mall in Georgia.”


Our man Andy says, “the set designers made more than simple storefronts—they made FULL INTERIORS, even for stores that were never seen on-screen…”Look at the level of detail here. They completely built these stores inside and out. Also, if there is one thing about the ’80s I don’t miss, it’s the fashion.



Sam Goody y’all! I think I spent more time looking at posters of half naked models in there than I did listening to or buying music.


Holy shit those TVs!



I’m not gonna lie, I miss Radio Shack. Jazzercise?! Incredible.


Put Orange Julius down as one of the things I didn’t even know I missed until I watched this show.


Look at these movie listings? I’d be at the theater all day if someone put these back out right now.


Unfortunately, you never get to see the inside of the video game store, but according to Andy, it’s completely fleshed out just like the others.There’s an Electronic’s Boutique in the mall too. I remember gawking in there all day.


A full-on arcade. Another store we never get to see in the show.


He got a shot of the entire mall directory and holy shit, I want to go shopping and I don’t shop.


I realize this is hard to read, I’m sorry, but just take my word for it. This is ’80s high fashion right here.Anyway, if you want to read more of his inside info and/or view more photos, be sure to check out Andy’s excellent Twitter account.

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