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5 Strangest Things Accidentally Filmed In Movie Backgrounds

5 Strangest Things Accidentally Filmed In Movie Backgrounds

They say nothing in life is ever 100 percent perfect. No matter how stellar a movie could be, there are still a number of awkward, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments inadvertently caught in the backgrounds of some of the greatest films ever made.


Being John Malkovich – Think fast

There’s an amazing moment in Being John Malkovich in which a car drives past the actor who’s standing on the side of the road. Then a guy yells, “Hey Malkovich, think fast!” and beans him in the head with a beer can. While the scene calling for a Malkovich to get hit with the can seems to have been planned, the “think fast” line apparently wasn’t. Director Spike Jonze said in an audio commentary that a bunch of extras working on the film snuck a case of beer on set, and were getting “pretty lit.” The director added that the line the can-thrower yelled as the car zoomed past earned him his Screen Actors Guild card, bumping his pay from $100 a day to $700. Not a bad way to earn a raise.


The Last Samurai – Hazard pay

If you thought that the role of a movie extra was to stand in the background and do nothing, you obviously haven’t seen The Last Samurai. During a key scene in the movie, Tom Cruise’s character, military advisor Nathan Algren, arrives on horseback for the film’s epic final battle. As Cruise dismounts from his horse, the animal can actually be seen kicking one of the extras in the groin. Instead of dropping to the ground and crying, the extra simply takes a quick step back, reacts silently, and regroups in formation. In fact, the awkward moment is so subtle, most people didn’t even know it happened until years after the film’s 2003 release. Samurai are supposed to be disciplined, and this guy went the extra mile.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Hundreds of movies have become famous for their twist endings over the years, but nobody watching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was quite expecting what went down in its final scene. After reclaiming the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) orders his merry band of pirates to get to work on the deck. Just as they begin to move, a man wearing a white t-shirt and cowboy hat can be spotted in the background, looking off into the distant waters. Was this mysterious man’s cameo a secret Easter Egg, or perhaps a character to be introduced in the sequels? Supposedly, he was just a grip crew member who accidentally forgot to clear the set during filming. If it was planned, this guy deserves to walk the plank.


You Only Live Twice – Mr. Bigglesworth

Bond villain Blofeld’s white Persian cat is one of the creepiest, albeit openly mocked, characters in You Only Live Twice. The furry creature loses a bit of his luster when it legitimately freaks out during one of the explosion scenes towards the end of the iconic spy film. Donald Pleasence, who played Blofeld in the movie, does his best to keep the cat clutched tightly to his body; but for a few brief moment, the camera captures the frantic feline scrambling to the nearest possible exit. This is one cat that’s both shaken and stirred.

Mister Nanny – Dog Days

Remember the early ’90s when pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan attempted a movie career? It didn’t work. In fact, the only reason anyone talks about his 1993 feature, Mister Nanny, has nothing to do with the Hulkster. While Hogan tools around on his motorcycle, the camera captures one of the most bizarre sights in cinema, which you can see in the clip above at about the 22 second mark.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Some random dude threw a dog into the ocean. Why? Who is he? Did his dog stink or something? Was the motorcycle-riding montage so important that this footage needed to stay in the final cut? The only other question is what makes Hulk Hogan prouder: riding his motorcycle in front of a dog being thrown in the ocean, or that time he opened a pasta restaurant in the Mall of America for some reason.


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