STREET BRAWL: Tag Team Of Street Walkers Took Care Of Business

Must’ve been serious to be fighting at 7am.




2 replies on “STREET BRAWL: Tag Team Of Street Walkers Took Care Of Business”

They’re all fighting over the john paying with food stamps…

I have a friend that years ago lived in a pretty rough area of Edmonton; prostitutes were common and ever-present in the area, so eventually it happened that my friend had opportunities to talk to some of the ladies.
Apparently, about 5-7 in the morning is the busiest time for prostitutes (at least at that time, in that area of Edmonton; I don’t know if this holds true everywhere) because, by their accounts, they catch a BUTTLOAD of business/office working guys on their way to work, these guys who stop for a quick, pre-work blow job.
By their testimony, a LOT of business men/office working guys do this before work, every day.
So, if this holds true where this video was taken, I can understand that there may have been a problem over territory or a john, at that time of day.

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