Strip Club Helps Man With Incurable Disease Tick Off Bucket List

A strip club has been praised after rolling out the red carpet for a man with an incurable condition who wanted to tick it off his bucket list.

Twenty-three-year-old Harry Butler has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), leaving him dependent on a wheelchair. He has already outlived his life expectancy and is currently working his way through a bucket list of experiences.

One of those experiences was to visit a strip club, and he was able to cross it off his list thanks to the staff at Secrets in Hammersmith, who treated Harry, his mum Alison, auntie Ann Marie and godmother Maxine to a VIP night at the club.

His mum Alison told Get West London: “They were amazing, and the girls were so friendly.

“We didn’t spend anything. Entrance was free, drinks were on the house and he even had a few free private dances.”

Staff at the club had also decorated Harry’s table Tottenham’s team colours, because he’s a big fan.

Alison continued: “He can’t use his hands and it can be difficult to understand what he’s saying, but he still has feelings that other men have – I’m sure if you ask guys between 18 and 30, a lot would say they would go to a strip club.

“He’s never going to have a girlfriend, and he wanted to go to a strip club. It wasn’t seedy and the girls were really nice. They came over to him, spoke to him and were so friendly.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Secrets for making Harry’s night so special. He enjoyed himself so much.”

Harry’s list also includes meeting Simon Cowell, Rita Ora and going to the players’ lounge at Tottenham. So far, with the help of his family, he’s managed to cross off meeting Ed Sheeran and a trip to Las Vegas.

Harry was diagnosed with DMD, which only affects males, when he was just eight years old. According to the DMD Fund, those who have the incurable condition usually die in their late teens or early twenties.

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