A Strip Club In Michigan Enraged An Entire Town By Trying To Hire Their Kids Right Out Of High School

3XVH0Uw[1]Jokes. We all got ’em.

A strip club in Michigan certainly thinks it does, but their attempt at some humor backfired recently, when they pissed off a whole town.

Micelli’s Corner in Harrison bills itself as “the best adult entertainment” with “the best girls nightly on the biggest stage in Northern Michigan.” How do they provide this service? By getting the freshest dancers. You know, the ones right out of high school.

They posted a sign this week that read: “Now Hiring: Class of 2016.”

Jokes, right. Not a big deal.


The good townsfolk of Harrison are hot (and not, like, stripper hot; like angry hot). Via WNEM:

“If you’re a graduate you want to go to college,” said Lisa Mulholland, Harrison resident.

Mulholland said young girls that age should be buried in their studies, not slinking around a pole.

Another resident, Lisa Dickerson, said she thinks the sign is downright wrong.

“Children fresh out of high school shouldn’t be taking their clothes off for money. I think it’s sickening,” Dickerson said.

Miceli’s offered this statement to WNEM: “In no way were we trying to offend anybody. The sign was simply a joke.”

Others (namely Bros) have taken to Miceli’s Facebook page to offer their support. Wrote one dude, “Great Advertisement for the Class of 2016.. I am from Georgia and had to respond… These parents need to get over how their little Suzie and Sally are great upstanding citizens and are innocent in everything they do. Let them live their lives and be the adults they are. They are ready to go out in the real world and Mom and Dad need to shut the hell up and realize their kids are grown and can make their own decisions.”

Spoken like a true dude, dude.

This isn’t the first time, however, that Miceli’s riled up the townsfolk with their signage.

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[Via The Washington Post]
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