Jose Manuel Arguelles, a 59-year-old club promoter, took his 16-year-old daughter and her 17-year-old friend to the Pink Pony in Doral, reported the Miami Herald, so that the kids could smoke weed, poke snot and do The Very Thing Chris Rock Warned Every Parent In America About.

From the Herald:

The allegations: That Jose Manuel Arguelles took his 16-year-old daughter and her 17-year-old friend to the club and allowed them to smoke weed, snort cocaine, and dance on a stage. The arrest affidavit doesn’t say whether the girls were clothed onstage.

Arguelles, 59, was arrested by Hialeah police Tuesday and charged with child neglect, allowing a child under 18 to do cocaine and smoke marijuana, and eight counts of sexual performance by a child to promote sex. He was transported to Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility, and his bond was set at $45,000.

Arguelles’s attorney argues that, while giving kids drugs is a bad look, there is hardly a sexual abuse case to be had here. “This is just one of those cases where nobody read the statute,” cool lawyer said.

A police investigation discovered that dude had taken the two teens to the strip club on multiple prior occasions, and that security footage shows them wearing bikinis.

Arguelles also said he was sorry. So there’s that.

Strip Club Shut Down After Dad Lets 16-Year-Old Snort Coke & Dance On Stage


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