Stripper Punches Chef Who Called Her A Bad Mother And Knocks Out His Front Tooth

Stripper Punches Chef Who Called Her A Bad Mother And Knocks Out His Front Tooth

The last thing you should ever talk about with an “entertainer” at a strip club is kids.

According to NBC New York, a self-employed chef learned that the hard way in March 2015 when he told a stripper she was a “bad mother,” and she responded with a punch to his face that wound up knocking out one of his front teeth.

Now, almost three years later, David Kupferstein is seeking $1 million in damages from the Hustler Club on Manhattan’s West Side because the manager of the club at the time reneged on his promise to pay his dental bills.


Kupferstein said the stripper who knocked out his tooth had “taken a special interest in his group of friends.” Or in other words, she was doing her job. He eventually started a conversation with the stripper, one that he claims featured her saying something to the effect that her kids were always in trouble with the police.

“I said, ‘It sounds like you are a bad mother,’” Kupferstein said. “I guess she didn’t like it.”


As he took a swig from his glass, Kupferstein said the stripper punched him and knocked out his tooth. He and his pals were escorted out of the club by security, and someone on the security staff eventually went back inside to get his tooth. Kupferstein said that it was right around that time when the manager of the club said he would pay for his dental bills, but that never happened.

Kupferstein said he was left with a gap in his smile until he could afford a temporary fake tooth, and that led to a few possible jobs going out the window.

Only time will tell if Kupferstein sees a dime from the court case.


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