Student Who Got ‘Sex-Crazed’ Teacher Pregnant Just Won Over $5.5 MILLION In A Lawsuit Against The School District


31-year-old Laura Whitehurst was tried and convicted on 41 sex charges after it came to light that she had started and maintained a sexual relationship with one of her students at Citrus Valley High School, known only as John BB Doe. However it wasn’t until her recent arrest that two of her previous students came forward to tell police that they had also had sexual relationships with Whitehurst, with one stating that she had given him a blow job in her classroom when he was 14.

Despite facing up to 29 years in prison, Whitehurst only served half of her 12-month sentence and was released in 2014. She now shares custody of her three-year-old child with John BB Doe, who recently won a lawsuit against the Redlands Unified School District at approximately six million dollars:


Lawyer Vince Finaldi, who led the civil case against Redlands Unified School District, said the settlement was the biggest against any public entity in the country involving child sex abuse.

He said / told Redlands Daily Facts: “That number didn’t get there by accident.
“The evidence we were able to deduce against the district of its knowledge that this was going on and its complicity was so voluminous, they had no choice but to settle the case. It was that bad.”(via)

After settling the lawsuit, Redlands Unified School District Tom DeLapp stated that the settlement was “not an admittance of guilt, liability or acceptance of the validity or invalidity of the allegations” and that “We believe that the signing of this by the plaintiff’s attorneys and the withdrawal with prejudice of all of those claims, exonerates the school district in the eyes of the public.”


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