Student’s Racist Tinder Messages Went Viral

America is the land of the free, home of the brave, and the residence of millions of crazy racist fuckboys.

There are troves of idiotic fuckboys roaming the internet ruining other people’s perfectly good day with their deeply unoriginal word salads full of slurs.

A Tinder exchange from a few years ago resurfaced on Twitter due to its racist nature. It all started out when a dude named Conner Howell reached out to a Tinder match match.

He started off rude, and quickly launched into a violently racist ramble.



She calmly responded to his disgusting abuse. Her composure was impressive to say the least.



After encountering the full scope of his repulsive nature, she decided to use the receipts in order to call him out.



She wrote a strongly worded email to the president of Virginia Tech, which was the university Howell was attending at the time.



While it’s unclear whether Howell was directly contacted by his school president or not, he definitely cowered in fear for the consequences after the woman’s friend made a Facebook post about the whole ordeal.

Howell came crawling back with a weak apology completely motivated by selfishness.



The screenshots from the Facebook story have been making the rounds on Twitter, and people are rightfully hoping that Conner got his whole ass handed to him.


While it’s unclear whether or not he got in trouble at school, Howell is clearly unwelcome in the civilized parts of Twitter. For good reason, people like him don’t deserve the privilege of interacting with and learning from strangers online.

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