Study Claims To Reveal The Ideal Number Of Sex Partners You Should Have

Every time one of these studies comes out, or an expert chimes in with their two cents, I always hope for the conclusion to be “As many people as you possibly can. Fuck for fun. Fuck for sport. Fuck for our ancestors who can’t fuck anymore. Just keep pluggin’, baby!” But that’s never the outcome. And this study is no different. Primarily because it asked the WRONG question about sex. More on that after you see the results.

Per Independent:

Ten is the ideal number of lovers to have had for both men and women, researchers have claimed.

More than 1,000 people took part in the online survey for Britain’s biggest extra-marital dating site, being asked how many lovers they would want a new partner to have had.

Between eight and 12 was the most popular answer, chosen by 38 per cent of women and 37 per cent of men.

You see, what they have concluded is the ideal number of partners we want the person we are having sex with to have had, NOT the ideal number we want. There is a big difference there. Of course no one wants to have sex with some chick who’s fucked all 53 guys on an NFL roster, so naturally this number is going to be substantially lower than our own hopes and dreams.

The study even concluded that…

Any number above 20 was considered a turn-off, chosen by 3 per cent of women and 4 per cent of men.

Yeah, dipshits, it is a turn-off to know that about a person, but is a guy who has slept with 100 chicks turned-off by his own actions? I highly doubt it. Unless, of course, he’s acquired an STD or a one-night-stand child. Then, and only THEN, is when he will start to regret his past transgressions. But until that happens, his ideal number of sex partners will remain infinity.


Study Claims To Reveal The Ideal Number Of Sex Partners You Should Have

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The ideal number of lovers is as many as a man can afford.

Every lover, every experience, makes me better at it.

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