Suit: Hugh Hefner ‘Complicit’ In Cosby Assault

Suit: Hugh Hefner ‘Complicit’ In Cosby Assault

A woman who accuses Bill Cosby of sexual assault now says Hugh Hefner was “complicit” in the act. In a lawsuit, Chloe Goinssays Hefner introduced her to Cosby during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Goins says Cosby drugged her, then led her to a room after Hefner told her to “lie down.” She says she passed out and awoke naked to find Cosby sucking on her toes. She also “felt a wet and sticky substance on her breasts as though a person had been licking them,” the suit reads. Not only did Hefner put “young and impressionable and possibly minor children” in harm’s way by inviting them to the mansion and giving them alcohol, but he knew or should have known that Cosby had a “history of severe and serial sexual battery and/or possibly rape of women,” the suit adds, per TMZ.

Goins, 25, filed a federal lawsuit against Cosby last year, but dismissed it in February after the LAPD found insufficient evidence to move forward with an investigation, per Jezebel. But “as we continued to investigate, we found additional evidence that we felt pointed toward Mr. Hefner being complicit,” Goins’ lawyer tells the New York Daily News. “It doesn’t make us happy, but I don’t think he should get away without being held accountable.” Goins’ new lawsuit has been filed in state court “where we’d have more leeway with respect to discovery,” the lawyer adds. Hefner has yet to respond. In 2014, however, he said “the mere thought of these allegations [against Cosby] is truly saddening.” He added, “I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”




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Look at them together. One glance and you know it’s Rape Club.

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