A Supposed ‘Yeti’ Was Filmed By A Russian Dashboard Camera And This Just Might Be The Missing Link

A Supposed ‘Yeti’ Was Filmed By A Russian Dashboard Camera And This Just Might Be The Missing Link


Without fail, whenever a supposed Yeti is filmed the footage looks like someone was filming while using a potato as a camera. Such is the case in this latest clip that has Yeti-seekers worldwide buzzing. The action you’re looking for in the supposed Yeti sighting above happens around the :45 mark, but I’ve also included a GIF below.

In it, you can see what’s being described as an ‘ape-like creature’ walking through the Russian woods in the middle of the night. Frankly, all I can see is a creature move from the right side of the road to the left, and I don’t see any reason this couldn’t have just been some Russian hunter trying to avoid the car’s headlights in an effort to protect their night vision.

So why is this particular Yeti clip getting so much hype? For starters, it was filmed on a snowy road in the Republic of Bashkortostan, a region of Russia famous for alleged yeti sightings. In an area full of ‘believers’ this leads me to believe that anything seen in Bashkortostan that is deemed peculiar is just brushed off as a ‘yeti sighting’ because it’s the easy explanation, albeit likely a wrong one. Next, Russia’s been getting pounded in the news lately for hacking the United States elections and it’s just as plausible as an actual yeti sighting that the Russians would start drumming up news like this to take the focus off their hacks. The news of this supposed Yeti sighting was first picked up by, a Russian-state run news outlet. So as long as we’re dealing in conspiracies here I’ll go ahead and throw the hack-diversion explanation out as an option.

I’ll let you judge what you see/don’t see in this clip:

So what is your conclusion? Yeti? Lost hunter? Hoax?

Oh yeah, here is that gif I promised:



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