Surprisingly Intense ‘Marble Olympics’ May Be More Exciting Than The Real Ones


Jelle’s Marble Runs has managed to carve out a very unique niche on YouTube. He’s acquired nearly 100,000 followers by posting marble racing videos.

And we’re not joking or exaggerating when we say that many of his videos are downright exciting. The combination of great narration, objectively fair competition (marbles don’t use steroids) and unique challenges make this channel worth subscribing to.

In honor of the Olympics, Jelle has come up with a series of 8 events (thus far) in which teams of marbles compete for Marblelympic gold (go Oceanics!)

From high jump to collision to water racing, each event is designed quite well with unique obstacles and rising stakes.

First off, the opening ceremonies and a balancing act.


The balancing run is followed by a relay race, complete with a complex system of runners and hand offs.


Next is an event called “Collision” which might be our favorite in terms of sheer design and creativity.


The Collision event is followed by the Sand Rally, arguably Jelle’s most classic event.


Next is the Long Jump, an Olympic classic, and a Marblelympic favorite.


The Water Race follows, and is replete with beautiful scenery, and run along a fantastically challenging course with waterfalls and stream debris.


The high jump continues to excite as marbles compete for higher and higher launches after plummeting down a specially designed ramp.


Finally, the Marblelympics conclude with a mad-dash 10 meter sprint (at least thus far in time — more events may be added).


What team are you rooting for?

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