Surveillance video from the car dealership Christian Taylor had been trespassing on prior to being shot by a police officer has been released. While it does not show the shooting, it does show Taylor wandering around the dealership lot, smashing the windshield of a mustang, and driving an SUV through the gate of the dealership. It also shows the police arriving on the scene.

The shooting appears to occur inside the actual dealership and so far no video from inside has been released. It also appears that this footage has been edited. If you watch the time stamp in the lower left corner you see it skip a few times, most notably at the 1:21:35 mark. Someone appears to walk into the dealership, and then it suddenly skips to 1:22:32 and two other figures are suddenly running across the lot towards the building.

There is also now leaked police audio from the incident. The audio was obtained by an activist named TK Connor, who says he got it from someone within the loosely defined collective Anonymous.  It’s difficult to tell if this audio has been edited in any way. It’s also worth keeping this bit from the Huffigton Post article in mind:

The Arlington Police Department told The Huffington Post they have not released the audio file and “cannot speak to the validity of this video or source.” They added that “It’s possible that someone obtained portions of the audio from a police scanner website.”

With that in mind, here is the audio:

Towards the end you hear a police officer say they see someone in the dealership. Less than two seconds later they say “woah, we got shots fired.”

If the audio is legit and hasn’t been edited, that makes it difficult to believe the original claims that there was a struggle. The timing doesn’t seem to allow for one.

In what will surely be a futile attempt to explain this concept for the [pick any large number] time to some people, nobody is claiming that Christian Taylor was innocent of any wrongdoing. He is clearly trespassing and clearly destroying private property. None of that means he should have been shot and killed. That is not how the criminal justice system is supposed to work. He should have been arrested and brought to trial.



Surveillance Video And Police Audio From Christian Taylor Incident Released

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