Swat Team Completely Destroys Home Chasing Shoplifter – $250,000 In Damage

A man’s home is completely destroyed when police chase a shoplifter inside. Using tanks and paramilitary tactics, they completely destroy the home rather than try smoke or tear gas to remove the man. Multiple tanks drove over multiple neighbor’s fences, and every room in the home is destroyed, most with the walls torn (blown) down. Every room in the house has explosive damage. Over $250000 in damage, all personal property in the home has been destroyed, and the home is condemned. There’s also housing for the home’s renters and rent for the owner the now owed that we, taxpayers, will be paying for.

2 replies on “Swat Team Completely Destroys Home Chasing Shoplifter – $250,000 In Damage”

Go fuck yourself Draculya.

You, most of all, have no right to play the nationalism or moral ground.

Our police problem isn’t the same as herpes, gonorrhea, and the clap…which you HAVE brought (bought and paid for) upon yourself with Taiwanese ladyboys.

This guy did not deserve this by simply being American.


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