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Swedish Landlords Think They’re Dying After Tenant Feeds Them Weed-Laced Cake

Swedish Landlords Think They’re Dying After Tenant Feeds Them Weed-Laced Cake


A couple of weeks ago, I lent my apartment to some friends who were visiting from out of town. In addition to buying me a nice bottle of chardonnay, they also brought some homemade chocolates, packaged incongruously in a (cleaned) yogurt container. It made sense to me as a travel strategy — a sturdy tub keeps delicate homemade candies from being crushed. It was only after I popped like three of them in my mouth before heading out the door to a job interview that it suddenly, horribly occurred to me: Do these have weed in them?

They did not, thank Christ. But in this age of increasingly available cannabinoids, don’t forget that the possibility of an unwitting high is lurking in every baked good. A pair of Swedish landlords — a couple in their 50s — learned that the hard way when their 26-year-old tenant dosed them with a ginger bread cake spiked with hash. The following excerpt is Google-translated from the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskanand frankly I think the imperfections make it more immersive.

When the woman five minutes later would stand up, she noticed that something was wrong. “I thought I was dying, or having a stroke,” she said in interrogation. She asked his inherent to alert paramedics. But the operator demanded to speak directly to her, and in her condition, the woman managed to not produce complete sentences. Around the same time began her partner hallucinate, and got the idea to leave the apartment to seek help.

That’s just what the man did, leaving his partner at home to fend for herself. A passerby sensed that something was amiss, and took him to the emergency room. Upon investigating, police discovered that indeed, the man and woman had ingested hash. The tenant acknowledged that, yes, he had something to do with it. He has since moved out.

Lesson to be learned: Never eat homemade baked goods unless you are prepared to get really, really high. And never, ever trust your tenants.


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