A man in Sweden is currently on trial for killing his lover, drinking his blood, and using it to draw a pentagram on the wall.

According to TheLocal.se, a 23-year-old Swede identified only as “Olle” (not pictured) flipped out and murdered his 32-year-old male lover by cutting his throat with a knife at his apartment in Stockholm back in June. Once the blood was flowing, he figured he shouldn’t let it go to waste, so he drank some and used the rest for interior decorating:

According to the man, who reported himself to police shortly after the incident, he then drank the victim’s blood and painted the gory pentagram in his living room.

“When I saw the blood I had a vision that I had to drink it,” said the accused in court as the trial into one of Sweden’s most gruesome deaths began this week.

He said he heard voices that told him to commit the murder.

Citing the psychological problems he suffers, Olle’s defense lawyer is arguing that it was not murder, but manslaughter. Given the facts of the case it seems fairly plausible that Olle was not in his right mind at the time of the murder.

The prosecution, however, believes “the vampire” (as news outlets are calling him) carefully planned this brutal slaying to cover up the fact that he was gay:

According to prosecutor Pär Andersson, the killing had been planned in advance, with Google searches for ‘cut throat’ and ‘sentry killing’ found on the man’s computer…

“I believe that it is a fairly common argument in cases like this that you hear voices of various kinds. A more likely motive may have been to hide this sexual relationship they had. A relationship which he, in several police interrogations, denied they had had before he confirmed it and said he was ashamed of it,” said Andersson.


Feeling ashamed of having a gay lover in such a progressive country as Sweden just seems to me like further proof the guy had serious issues. If you are fucked up to the point of murdering someone and drinking his blood, does it really matter if you planned it ahead of time?

A third option, of course, is that the guy is in fact a vampire, which seems unlikely given how sloppy the whole thing was, but then again, you never know. And just when you thought you were safe from supernatural creatures.



Swedish Man On Trial For Killing Lover, Drinking His Blood

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