Sydney Just Had Its Hottest Day In 80 Years

Sydney Just Had Its Hottest Day in 80 Years

 Even as much of the United States remains in a deep freeze, temperatures on the other side of the world are reaching near-record highs. In Sydney, Australia, the thermometer topped out at 117.14 degrees Fahrenheit Sunday, falling just short of the record-setting 118 degrees that struck the city back in 1939, the BBC reports.

About 7,000 properties lost power, and officials of the Sydney international tennis tournament canceled matches as the temperature courtside reached 104. But things are looking up. Temperatures are only expected to rise to a chilly 91.4 on Monday, reports CNN.

WHILE WE FREEZE OUR ASSES OFF, Down Under has a heat wave. If you Aussies want to give us a weather report, it would help to warm us up. (DemstarAus and ArgusTuft)


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