T-Mobile Worker Finds Woman’s Sex Tape On Phone, Sends It To Himself

T-Mobile Worker Finds Woman’s Sex Tape On Phone, Sends It To Himself –

A woman is suing T-Mobile after one of their employees found a video of her having sex on her phone and sending it to himself.

Keely Hightower, 24, took her phone to a store in Tampa, Florida, but later found worker Roberto Sanchez Ramos had emailed himself a sex video on the phone.

Hightower is now suing Ramos and the Global Innovative Group for negligence and the incident naturally caused her emotional distress and mental anguish, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Her lawyer, Christopher Klemawesch, said:

It’s a question of how you address the really gross invasion of her privacy and the turmoil she’s had to deal with ever since. That’s what we’re trying to address.

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Hightower says she took the phone to the store last May for routine maintenance and realised Ramos, 26, had spent way too much time with it.

Checking her email the very next day, she found an email with the attached video, sent to an address that was quite clearly his.

The video showed Hightower having sex with someone, her face clearly visible in the video.

She told the Tampa Bay Times:

My heart dropped. My first thought was just like, ‘where did the video go?’

I didn’t want the video out there in the public.


Police were immediately called and Ramos was arrested and charged with a computer-related offence.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in prison but was released last October.

T-Mobile had hired Ramos despite his conviction for scheming to defraud another T-Mobile store in 2016. He was still on probation for that charge.

Hightower and her lawyer  now say Ramos shouldn’t have been working at the T-Mobile store to begin with and have looked to shut down any signs of victim-blaming.

The question is not ‘Why did she have this on her phone?’ The question is, ‘Why is this store employing this person and allowing him to access her private materials?’.

This is sick and shouldn’t be allowed at all.


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