Police Pull Over Couple 'Engaged In Sex Act' While Driving 103mph

Police Pull Over Couple 'Engaged In Sex Act' While Driving 103mph

Cops who pulled alongside a driver doing 103mph were shocked to find the couple involved in a sex act.

The incident happened in Eastbourne on Friday 13 - unlucky for some, it seems - and was on shared social media after an unmarked police car made the discovery.

Sussex Roads Police posted the tale over on their Twitter account where they wrote that a 'surprised' officer found the couple 'engaged in an act not mentioned anywhere in the Highway Code'.


They followed it up with a post saying the man driving had been reported for his speed, as well as failing to drive with due care and attention.


Officers then discovered that driver wasn't even insured to drive the car, so that was seized.


The post has been flooded with comments from people who couldn't resist the chance to make a double entendre with many asking if the man's story had a happy ending or not, or if he found the punishment hard to swallow. There's lots of jokes about quickies, too, of course, because us Brits are nothing if not filthy minded.

I think the take-home lesson here, is don't speed, don't drive without insurance and if you're feeling frisky behind the wheel do yourself a favour and just go home, eh? Imagine having to explain any of this to your friends and family.