Man Happy After Finally Having His 3-Foot-Long Penis Reduced (NSFW)

Here at Chaostrophic we want to let you all know the important news out there. And while there are a lot of things happening in the world, we want to focus on this groundbreaking bit of news: a man in Kenya can finally enjoy life after having his three-foot-long penis reduced. Amen.

Horace Owiti Opiyo, known as Forence, has been living a life of hell after he first noticed a cyst on his genitals way back in 2006, but he got it removed. Although that wasn’t the end of his nightmare as the cyst returned one year later, and this time it did quite the number downstairs. And what we mean by that is Forence ended up with a three-foot penis and an 11 pound testicle.

This can actually occur from a mosquito bite, as a mosquito can inject larvae into the bloodstream, which can develop into parasitic worms that block the body’s drainage system and causes swelling.

The string of awful bad luck continued as the 20-year-old was forced to drop out of school and didn’t have money to pay for surgery.

“I told my grandmother that I have been infected by a disease, but I’m not sure what it is. It could be a curse. I knew this was not God’s work, but the devil’s,” Forence said.

Thankfully, Forence’s neighbor put his story on social media and it caught the attention of a local governor’s wife, who ordered a doctor to help him. Forence was given two operations to reduce the size of his testicles and to rebuild his penis. That’s right, rebuild. Here’s what Forence had to say post-surgery.

“When I got up I was surprised that my body was so light. All the heaviness had gone… I’m swimming now. I couldn’t go anywhere near the water because of the heaviness of that thing. Now I can run and I can play football…I’m free!… Who knows what will happen in the future?”

Hard not to feel utter joy for this dude who can finally go off to live a happy life now that he doesn’t have a giant boulder in his shorts.

And now, if you want to see what this thing looked like you can watch the extremely, and we mean very, very extremely, NSFW video below. We warned you. No, we’re serious, it’s graphic.