A Bunch of Grapes Sells for $11K

A Bunch of Grapes Sells for $11K


The Ruby Roman grape is like the bluefin tuna of vineyards: The first auction of the year in Japan tends to result in ridiculous prices as buyers compete for prestige. This year, a new record was set when a bunch of around 30 grapes sold for close to $11,000, which works out to around $366 per grape, theGuardian reports.


The Ruby Roman, a variety of red grape, made its debut in Honshu's Ishikawa prefecture in 2008. The sugar content is supposed to be at least 18% and each grape is required to weigh at least 20 grams. The $11,000 grapes were bought by a supermarket in western Japan, which plans to put them on display before handing them out to customers for free, the Japan Times reports.