16 Movie Stunts That Went Horribly Wrong

16 Movie Stunts That Went Horribly Wrong -


A huge explosion goes off after an epic fight sequence and in the foreground, through a cloud of clearing smoke, you see the hero, walking away relatively unscathed while dusting his/her shoulders off. It’s the cliche action star shot. But as great as they look on film, these shots don’t always play out that smoothly behind the scenes.Here are some movie stunts gone horribly wrong that you probably never even knew about.


Via Lionsgate Films/Now You See Me

Isla Fisher – Now You See MeThe actress was “trapped” in an underwater tank, and the script called for her to panic and bang desperately on the glass. What the people on set didn’t notice was that Fisher had become entangled in her chains, and was actually panicking. She spent two and a half minutes struggling underwater before she was finally able to free herself and get to safety.


Via Sony Pictures/Premium Rush

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Premium RushBeing a New York City bike messenger is one job you couldn’t pay me enough to do. Hell, I live in Toronto and I wouldn’t ride a bike downtown. Those guys are fucking crazy. And apparently, faking it for a movie is just as dangerous. Just ask Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who ended up with 30 stitches in his arm after slamming into a cab while filming a scene for 2012’s Premium Rush.Turns out Levitt has some bad luck with bikes. In 2018, on the set of Power, he flipped over the handlebars of a bike and landed in urgent care. Maybe just stick to movies with no bikes pal, or at least let the stunt guys handle it for you.


Via Paramount Pictures/Æon Flux

Charlize Theron – Æon FluxRemember Charlize Theron in Æon Flux? Ya probably not, unless you’re one of the four people who actually watched it. Unfortunately for her, she’ll probably never forget it after she fell during a stunt and seriously injured her neck. Theron was nearly paralyzed and spent eight weeks in the hospital. The damage caused by the fall even forced her to have neck fusion surgery years later.



Aaron Paul – Breaking BadAaron Paul was almost crushed on the set of the hit TV series Breaking Bad. The actor was asked to stand underneath a large boulder for a specific shot. No problem, and it went off without a hitch. It wasn’t until he stepped away that the boulder came crashing down, landing in the exact same spot where he had just been standing.


Via Universal Pictures/Back to the Future Part III

Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future Part IIIIn his autobiography Lucky Man, Michael J. Fox described the time he almost died while making Back to the Future Part III. For the scene when Mad Dog tries to lynch Marty Mcfly, he was supposed to act like he was struggling, but what the crew didn’t realize was that Fox wasn’t just giving a truly breathtaking performance, he was actually being hung. By the time they cut him down, he was unconscious, but thankfully he ended up being okay.To top it off, the shot turned out so good, they used it. So what we see in the movie is basically real.


Via Warner Bros. Pictures/Syriana

George Clooney – SyrianaWhile shooting a torture scene for his 2005 movie Syriana, Clooney cracked open his skull and suffered some severe spinal injuries. The pain was so bad, the actor revealed that he contemplated taking his own life. He eventually recovered and went on to say, “I went to a pain-management guy whose idea was, ‘You can’t mourn for how you used to feel, because you’re never going to feel that way again.'”



Sylvester Stallone – Rocky IVI think it’s safe to say that we all know Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago weren’t actually pounding each other’s faces in. The fight scenes were all heavily choreographed, and no matter how amazing they looked the first time you saw Rocky IV, they’re fake. Except for that one time…After watching the historic 1985 match between middleweight boxers Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns, Stallone was inspired and decided to ask co-star Dolph Lundgren, who he admittedly had a hate-hate relationship with at the time, to really try and knock him out during one of their fight scenes. That bright idea landed Sly in the ICU for nearly a week after his heart swelled up from banging into his ribs so hard, an injury that normally occurs in car accidents.


Via Gilligan's Island Wiki

Bob Denver – Gilligan’s IslandAs highly trained as they are, having wild animals on set always increases the risk factor. Especially when said animal is a damn lion. Unfortunately, Bob Denver learned that the hard way during a scene for Gilligan’s Island when he was nearly mauled by one. Luckily though, the lion slipped attempting to jump at the actor, which gave the trainer enough time to intervene.


Via Universal Pictures/Inglourious Basterds

Diane Kruger – Inglourious BasterdsDiane Kruger’s character Bridget von Hammersmark suffers a pretty gruesome death in Inglourious Basterds. The actress was supposed to be choked by an offscreen actor, but when director Quentin Tarantino decided to do the honours he got a little carried away and squeezed too tightly, accidentally causing Kruger to pass out.



Halle Berry – Die Another DayIf you sign up to be a Bond girl, one thing’s a guarantee, 007’s getting you under the sheets. But Halle Berry got more than she bargained for while filming Die Another Day. During her steamy sex scene with Pierce Brosnan, Berry was supposed to seductively slice and eat a fig, which she did, and it was hot… right up until she started choking.Brosnan recalled the freak accident, saying, “Suddenly there was no sound coming out. She was waving her arms and I was banging her on the back. I was about to put my arms around her and start doing the Heimlich manoeuvre, but the both of us were kind of naked. Somehow she expelled the fruit, which was a good thing.” He playfully added, “I was certainly in no position to give the Heimlich to Halle at that moment.”I don’t know Pierce. If you ask me, you were in the perfect position.


Via 20th Century Fox/Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Uma Thurman – Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefUma Thurman had a close call on set when a parked van positioned behind her started rolling downhill. The actress would have been crushed by the vehicle if it wasn’t for the quick actions of her co-star and apparent real-life superhero Pierce Brosnan, who jumped into the van and stopped it.Good guy Pierce, at it again.


Via 20th Century Fox/Chasing Mavericks

Gerard Butler – Chasing MavericksGerard Butler nearly drowned while shooting a surfing scene for 2011’s Chasing Mavericks. After a massive wave crashed into him, he was caught in what’s known as a two-wave hold down, when one wave takes a person too deep to surface before another wave hits. He suffered some major injuries, which unfortunately led to a painkiller addiction and a brief stint in rehab, but Butler has since turned his life around.


Via ABC/Lost

Matthew Fox – Lost This one is so crazy, it’s actually hard to believe. For the finale of Lost, Matthew Fox was shooting a fight scene with fellow cast member Terry O’Quinn. In the scene, Fox’s character gets stabbed in the abdomen with what was supposed to be a collapsable stunt knife, but somehow it got mixed up with a real one, which they were using to film other shots with. It’s a good thing the actor had on protective kevlar padding and only suffered some bruising, because he could’ve easily been seriously injured or killed.



Jackie Chan – Pretty much all of his moviesJackie Chan’s calling card has always been that he does his own stunts, and with that comes a slew of expected injuries. I still remember when I found out that he broke his foot halfway through the filming of his first breakout movie in North America, Rumble in the Bronx. Instead of delaying the shooting schedule, they just painted up his cast to look like his other shoe, and he carried on. Crazy.But perhaps his most severe injury happened on the set of Armour of God II: Operation Condor, when Chan fell and suffered a serious brain injury that required surgery and a metal plate, which he still has in his head today.


Via Lionsgate Films/The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: MockingjayJennifer is no stranger to stunt accidents. While making The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she seriously injured her ear during an underwater sequence and was partially deaf for months. But it was a mishap on the set of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay that really caused a scare.During the filming of a tunnel scene, one of the smoke machines broke and began spewing dense smoke at the actress, nearly suffocating her. It took several minutes before crew members could rescue her, and filming had to be put on halt while she recovered from nausea and vertigo.

17 Via Warner Bros. Pictures/Troy

Brad Pitt – TroyThis movie turned out to be pretty good, but making it was anything but that. Brad Pitt, who played the ancient warrior Achilles, was filming a combat sequence and ended up rupturing his, umm, Achilles. Oh, the irony.





1. Trees after Hurricane Xavier hit Germany.

2. A mountain lit on fire in Tucson, Arizona.

3. Before and after Hurricane Irma, British Virgin Islands.

4. A hurricane bent this boardwalk.

5. A tornado broke everything except this cabinet.

6. The power of a storm.

7. This flood didn't stop him from chilling on his roof.

8. Lightning in the sky after a stormy night in Texas.

9. A toilet after a flood.

10. A storm took the water away.

11. A comic found in a burnt house.

12. A house burnt down in a flood.

13. Scared sloth during Hurricane Otto.

14. Lucky no one was on the john when this came through.

15. Hurricane Irma eroded the base of this tree.

16. Hurricane Ophelia took all the apples down from the trees.

17. Sharing a beer with a friend during the nightmare.

18. A front yard before and after a hurricane.

19. Dog carrying food after Hurricane Harvey.

20. A tower after a snow storm.

21. Ice taken from a leaf after an ice storm in St. Louis.





1 Geoffrey Tandy

During World War 2, a military recruiter in U.K. mistook “cryptogamist” (algae expert) for “cryptogramist” and sent Geoffrey Tandy to join the code breakers. He wasn't so useful until captured German papers arrived water-logged. With his expertise, the allies were able to salvage them, crack the code, and hasten the victory.

2. In 2003, during a soccer match between Iran and Denmark, an Iranian player mistook a whistle from the crowd as being the referee's half-time signal and picked the ball up with his hands in the penalty area. Danish player Morten Wieghorst missed the resultant penalty on purpose, and Denmark lost 1–0.

3. In 2013, a deaf 45-year-old man named Terrance Ervin Daniels in North Carolina was repeatedly stabbed to death when he was walking down the street, signing to his friend. A gang member mistook their signing conversation for gang signs.

4. In 2012, a father in New Zealand was arrested and taken away from his children for over 8 months after people at a park mistook him kissing his daughter as indecent assault.

5. In 2013, a medical receptionist mistook the line “shooting some b-ball outside of the school” for “shooting people outside of the school” on a teen patient's voicemail message, prompting county-wide school lockdowns.

6 Yvette Cloete

A pediatrician named Yvette Cloete in Britain was once forced to flee her home after some local residents mistook her job title to mean she was a pedophile and vandalized her home.

7. During the Falklands war, the British Navy mistook whales for submarines and torpedoed them.

8. The battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War was lost, due to Tootsie Rolls. A code reader mistook the code for mortar shells (“snacks”, they were called), and literally sent hundreds of crates of Tootsie Rolls to the marines who were out of mortar rounds.

9. Wrestling legend Davey Boy Smith, also known as ‘The British Bulldog’ was given his middle name, “Boy”, when his parents mistook ‘middle name’ for ‘gender’ on his birth certificate.

10. During the filming of Leon: The Professional, a robber mistook a scene for actual cops and "gave himself up" to a bunch of paid extras.

11 Bill Murray

Bill Murray only agreed to do "Garfield" because he mistook the movie's writer--Joel Coen--to be that of the Coen Brothers.

12. The Tollund Man, a 2000-year-old corpse found in a Danish bog was so well preserved that those who found it mistook it for a murder victim and called the police.

13. Greek playwright Aeschylus was killed when an eagle mistook his bald head for a rock, and dropped a tortoise on him, thinking its shell would break.

14. Samuel L. Jackson was supposed to have an afro in Pulp Fiction. He was losing his hair so he needed a wig. A PA went to get an Afro-style wig. The PA didn’t know the different between Afro and Jheri curls and bought Jheri curls. Before they were able to return it, Jackson convinced Tarantino to keep it so he ended up wearing Jheri Curls.

15. Halle Berry attended a Star Trek screening and mistook an audience member for Trek's Klingon attorney Michael Dorn. When the man refused to say he was Dorn, Berry became angry, stood up during the movie, screamed and stomped out.

16 Paul McCartney

To promote his newest single, Paul McCartney painted "Hey Jude" on the window of a closed boutique store. A Jewish passerby mistook this as anti-Semitic graffiti ("Jude" meaning "Jew" in German) and smashed the window.

17. When Canada minted coins with poppies for Remembrance Day, visiting US contractors mistook them for suspicious nanotechnology and filed espionage reports about them.

18. When Adolf Hitler shot himself, Helmut Christian Goebbels (son of Joseph Goebbels, a German Nazi politician), mistook the sound of the shot for that of a mortar landing nearby, and screamed: "That was a bullseye!"

19. Green Day joined the lineups of both the Lollapalooza festival and Woodstock '94, where the group started an infamous mud fight. During the concert, a security guard mistook bassist Mike Dirnt for a stage-invading fan and punched out some of his teeth.

20. While the Breaking Bad episode "Half Measures" was being shot, filming was interrupted when a man mistook the character Wendy for a real prostitute and attempted to pick her up.

21 Kris Tait

In 1987, a British tourist named Kris Tait in Tibet nearly had her shirt ripped off by a Chinese policeman because the cop mistook her Phil Silvers 'Sergeant Bilko' t-shirt for an image of the Dalai Lama.

22. In 2012, police tasered a blind man named Colin Farmer because they mistook his guide stick for a samurai sword.

23. In 1902 the congregation at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Alabama mistook a cry of "FIGHT!" for "FIRE!" and stampeded to the exits. 115 people died.

24. When the president of Botswana (Quett Masire) was traveling to Angola for a meeting of African heads of state, the Angolan Air Force mistook his plane for an enemy aircraft and shot it down.

25. When Canada converted to the metric system, Air Canada mistook pounds for kilograms and filled a Boeing 767 with half the fuel needed. The jet was then forced to make a 'dead stick' emergency landing after it ran out fuel mid-air.








AK-47 Gets Stuck On Full Auto And Things Nearly Turn Disastrous

AK-47 Gets Stuck On Full Auto And Things Nearly Turn Disastrous

It's unclear how the gun shifts from semi-automatic to full auto, but this situation nearly got out of control.

Woman's Horrific Twerking Accident Nearly Costs Her Life

Woman's Horrific Twerking Accident Nearly Costs Her Life

Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised.
Not only did she survive, she went on to win $25,000 dollars.






Two Women Share A Joke Then Get Swallowed Up By The Earth

Two Women Share A Joke Then Get Swallowed Up By The Earth

You never know what lurks beneath.

Russian Acrobat Plummets 15ft To The Ground During Daring Circus Act

Russian Acrobat Plummets 15ft To The Ground During Daring Circus Act

This is the heart-stopping moment an aerial acrobat suddenly fell to the ground during a daring circus act.

39 'You Cant Park There' Pics That Are Sure To Cause Face Palms And Possibly Seizures

39 'You Cant Park There' Pics That Are Sure To Cause Face Palms And Possibly Seizures -




Woman Taking A Selfie On 27th Floor Balcony Loses Her Balance

Woman Taking A Selfie On 27th Floor Balcony Loses Her Balance


This is the shocking moment a woman falls to her death from the 27th floor of a high-rise block as she loses her balance while taking a selfie.

The 27-year-old, named locally as Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo, went over a balcony railing she was leaning against as she took the snap.

Man With Bionic Penis Goes Into Coma After Having Sex

Man With Bionic Penis Goes Into Coma After Having Sex

A man who was born without a penis has spent five days in a coma when he collapsed a week after having sex for the first time since getting a bionic penis.

Andrew Wardle, 45, underwent an intensive 10-hour operation to fit the £50,000 bionic penis which he has described as ‘ridiculously big’.

The caterer, from Greater Manchester, said he and his girlfriend Fedra Fabian are delighted with the results of his major surgery at London’s University Hospital. However, she found him collapsed on the floor and took him to hospital where he was unconscious for five days.

Publicist Barry Tomes told MailOnline: ‘He had a fever for days and was vomiting. They thought he had a neurovirus. ‘He was supposed to be catching a train down to London to do an interview with This Morning. ‘But Fedra rang to say she had found him unconscious. She was terrified. She has no family here to rely on. ‘They spent the next five days in limbo. He was so ill they couldn’t do any scans. They even tested for pancreatic cancer but thankfully it wasn’t.

‘It’s been quite terrifying. Their biggest worry was that the damage had been caused by having sex. ‘But it was a gall bladder issue. He is having keyhole surgery on his gall bladder this afternoon.’ Andrew was born with bladder exstrophy, a rare birth defect that meant he was born with testicles but no penis. Bladder exstrophy typically affects one in every 40,000 births but Andrew’s case – of having no organ at all – is said to only affect one in around 20 million people. He appeared on This Morning to go public with his condition because he ‘couldn’t keep living a lie’.

‘There was no other road for me to go down, so I thought that instead of telling one person at a time, I’d just tell everyone all at once,’ he said on the ITV show.

Now that he has undergone surgery, he says he is excited for the future with Fedra, 28, including having children. He had to walk around with an erection for 10 days and had to wait six weeks before having sex but Andrew – who uses a button in his groin to inflate the organ – told The Sun his life is now ‘back on track’. Speaking about ‘losing his virginity’, Andrew said: ‘It’s fantastic. After all Fedra and I have been through, it’s the cherry on the cake,’ he said. ‘Fedra had booked a romantic trip to Am­s­t­erdam for my birthday, but I felt that would have been too much pressure. ‘I had to test out the function every morning and night and leave it erect for 20 minutes. So one morning, two days before we went away, it just happened. It was nice and natural — and that’s how I wanted it to be.’ Surgeons used muscle, nerves and skin from Andrew’s arm to create the penis in the pioneering operation.

Andrew thanked surgeon David Ralph for giving him a chance at a future. ‘I’m just looking forward to having a fresh start. It’s like I’ve been through a war and I’m just healing and getting my head straight,’ he said. ‘I owe it to my amazing surgeons to go out and enjoy my life. ‘I want to thank everyone past and present in the NHS who has got me to this point in my life – I would not be here without you today.’

Car Plows Into Cyclist Before Slamming Into A Garage

Car Plows Into Cyclist Before Slamming Into A Garage

This is the shocking moment a cyclist miraculously escaped with his life after a car driven by a 13-year-old joyrider ploughed into him. The cyclist is thrown onto the hood of the vehicle which crashes through a tree in its path and slams into garage doors of a house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Careless ATV Rider Gets Totally Rocked In A Head-On Collision With A Car

Careless ATV Rider Gets Totally Rocked In A Head-On Collision With A Car

We are really having a tough time understanding how this guy walked away from this with “only a few bruises.”






This Is The Wrong Way To Approach A Roundabout – Unless You’re Evel Knievel

This Is The Wrong Way To Approach A Roundabout – Unless You’re Evel Knievel

There’s a reason why a roundabout is referred to as a hazard, and this dashcam footage shows what that reason is.


Miraculously, the driver didn’t suffer any serious injuries in the spectacular accident.

But some people had their own takes on it.









3 Near Misses In 10 seconds


He/she doesn't deserve the license. Not. At. All.
Completely oblivious to their surroundings.



Heart-Stopping Crash Nearly Kills Man Asleep At The Wheel

Heart-Stopping Crash Nearly Kills Man Asleep At The Wheel

On an otherwise quiet Tuesday morning in Ukraine, a man driving a white van fell asleep at the wheel and crashed head-on with a truck. Despite the front of his vehicle becoming a crumpled heap, everyone involved survived the shocking collision.

Dude Flips Out After An Accident That's Not His Fault

Dude Flips Out After An Accident That's Not His Fault

This avoidable accident happened on I-95 in New Hampshire. Note the red truck driving away like he wasn't involved.

7 Ways Scientists Plan To Avert The Apocalypse

7 Ways Scientists Plan To Avert The Apocalypse -


Most of us sleep soundly in our beds at night, not even thinking about the possibility that the world could end in horrible fiery death at any minute.

This is probably a good thing.

Luckily, however, there are people out there who have made it their business to protect us from the apocalypse. These heroes have taken every eventuality into account and are currently figuring out various genius schemes to prevent them. These scientists are nobly sacrificing their sleep and sanity, pondering the ultimate fate of humanity, so that you don't have to.

We all have a zombie apocalypse survival strategy (right?), but as with all things, prevention is usually better than cure as you can't perish in an apocalypse that doesn't happen.

Whether the threat to Earth comes from above in the form of an Idaho sized space rock, from below in the guise of an explosive super volcano, or even from within, in the shape of some explosively virulent disease that will either turn us into a horde of zombies, or dehydrated husks. Regardless of the source of the threat, you can rest safe in the knowledge that there are some very clever people working on it.

7. Asteroid Impact


Until quite recently, most people were inexplicably chill about the idea of an asteroid screaming out of the sky and obliterating life on Earth. That was until an asteroid 300 metres across unexpectedly passed by the Earth at a distance of less than half a million miles back in 1989.

We were never in danger of being hit that time, but it definitely made the powers that be sit up and pay a bit more attention to the space rocks of death, just floating around out there in the solar system.

An impact from the kind of asteroid that passed by the Earth in the 80s would likely result in a continent-wide firestorm as the skies above the Earth ignited, and a catastrophic effect on global temperatures, and we didn't even see it coming.

Since then, NASA has formed a network of observatories loosely dubbed as "Spaceguard" to keep an eye on the skies and document all of the shifty-looking Near Earth Objects (NEOs). They continue to track apocalypse-causing rocks, but what would happen if one was actually heading for us?

Despite the risk of simply creating lots of smaller asteroids, many still consider nukes to be a viable option. Others think that a slightly less dramatic tactic of nudging it off-course with a projectile would do the trick. A slightly less orthodox solution would be to paint it. Giving it a different shade would change the way it reflects sunlight. Long story short, this would mean that it receives a different amount of "push" from solar radiation, knocking it off course.

6. Antibiotic Resistance


It might seem like one of those boring headlines buried in the middle of a broadsheet newspaper, but the antibiotic apocalypse is very real, very gruesome and very deadly.

If it happens then we basically knock ourselves back to the Dark Ages, where an infected cut or bad chesty cough could mean curtains for you. Some experts predict that, by 2050, up to 10 million people could be dying per year from currently treatable diseases. Think epidemics, quarantines, hazmat suits - the works.

A bit of background: Antibiotic resistance comes about when people take antibiotics too often and/or incorrectly. Broadly speaking what happens is that, by so regularly killing off the weaker strains of the bacteria, we are artificially selecting the stronger ones to survive and multiply, eventually creating super strains that can't be controlled using current drugs.

Part of the problem is in the fact that, in the past 30 years, only one new antibiotic has been developed, so pumping money into that kind of research is an obvious choice. There's also the statistic that 70% of antibiotics are prescribed to animals, to compensate for the fact that we tend to keep them in grimy hellholes before shooting and eating them.

So, unless you want to live in a dystopian future of virulent infection and explosive diarrhea, stop trying to treat your flu with penicillin.

5. Zombie Apocalypse

Universal Pictures

People love discussing the ins and outs of the zombie apocalypse. We like to muse on our survival plans over a couple of beers and ponder the various ways it might be feasible, safe in the knowledge that it'll probably never actually happen.

Then the Pentagon went and published a paper on how it would deal with the eventuality of a zombie outbreak and now we're all, frankly, a bit unnerved. The document was not published on April Fools day and, as is noted in its disclaimer section, "this plan was not actually designed as a joke." Well then.

The strategy takes all kinds of zombie variations into account, including symbiant zombies, space zombies, evil magic zombies (seriously) and even vegetarian zombies.

You can read the document for yourself here.

Perhaps spurred on by this official action on zombies, a team of statisticians from Cornell University modelled the apocalypse to figure out where the safest place to hide out would be.

After using differential equations to model a fully connected population, then moving on to lattice-based models, and ending with a full US-scale simulation of an outbreak across the continental US they came to the groundbreaking conclusion that you should probably head for the mountains.

4. Population Boom

Flickr/James Cridland

People often talk about "needing a new plague/war/apocalypse" to sort out the sticky problem of the booming human population, but it turns out that not even this would solve our problems.

Using a computer model based on real population and demographic data, researchers found that under current conditional, the global population is likely to grow to 10.4 billion by 2100. When they factored in a World War III scenario, with the same proportion of people killed in both the first and second world wars combined, it barely even registered as a blip on the graph.

Even with policies to restrict childbirth, it is thought that the pace of population growth is now too far gone to control in this way and, unless we find a way to offload a few billion people to another planet, our resources are going to be dwindling pretty sharpish.

In the meantime, experts are proposing techniques to reduce our impact as opposed to our numbers such as reduced reliance on fossil fuels and alternative food sources that don't require vast swathes of land to grow crops and cows.

Ultimately, however, if the population reaches an unsustainable level, then people are going to die. So, in a broadly utilitarian way, overpopulation is one of the few apocalypse scenarios that actually sorts itself out in the end.

3. Global Warming


It's getting hot in here, but rather than simply taking off all our clothes, there are those who think we should probably do something about the environment.

Seeing as the tactic of not-burning-all-the-fossil-fuels-we-can-get-our-mitts-on seems like an unexpectedly tricky concept for people to grasp, some scientists are working on ways to bring the temperature down in spite of ourselves.

As well as the hope that one of the three popular clean energy sources - wind, solar and nuclear - will eventually replace fossil fuels, offsetting the temperature spike will hopefully buy us more time to make the transition.

The controversial field of geoengineering involves artificially altering the environment to change the Earth's climate. It's controversial because that's kinda how we got into this mess in the first place. Some proposals include: putting space mirrors into orbit to reflect some of the sun's radiation, spraying sulfur dioxide particles into the atmosphere, or even recycling the carbon already in the atmosphere and turning it back into fuel.

These techniques are a short term solution to put off having our coastal cities slide into the sea, but we will ultimately have to come to terms with the fact that the oil is running out about as fast as our luck.

2. Robot Uprising

Boston Dynamics/Youtube

This has been the domain of sci-fi up until now, but as our technology advances, some people are beginning to get a bit edgy about the robot uprising.

We're not talking about people from the more paranoid corners of the internet either, as the likes of Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have all expressed their concerns. They, and others like them, see AI as the biggest technological threat to society in this century.

Musk has even taken matters into his own hands.The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has donated $7 million to Artificial Intelligence research teams around the world, with the proviso that they should dedicate some of their efforts to not only developing more and more sophisticated AI, but also ways for us to retain control of it when it begins thinking for itself.

Two of the major fields that have to be tightly controlled are banking and the military and the UN is already considering a blanket ban on AI weapons.

Whilst it's unlikely that we'll ever have to deal with robots travelling back from the future to murder us all, creating an artificial intelligence that is both capable of upgrading its own software and understanding when it is being exploited is surely a recipe for disaster.

1. Supervolcanic Eruption


Volcanic eruptions sound scary, but not quite as scary as getting turned into planet soup by a giant space rock.

The thing is, though, that if a supervolcano like the one beneath Yellowstone National Park decides to go all doomsday on us, there's nothing we can do about it.

Yup, the scientists don't have a plan for this one.

The blast from this uncontrollable, unpredictable event would be strong enough to fire at least 1,000 cubic kilometres of material into the upper atmosphere. The scalding plume of superheated gases would reach the edge of space before spreading out across the globe.

This would have a dramatic cooling effect on the planet as the aerosols suspended in the upper atmosphere block the sun's heat and light for many years, possibly kick starting an ice age. The effects on agriculture would be catastrophic and famine would become widespread.

Luckily, these super-eruption only occur every 25 millennia or so. Unluckily, Yellowstone looks set to blow its top any day now.


45 Pics That Prove Cars Should Come With Training Wheels

45 Pics That Prove Cars Should Come With Training Wheels




Passenger's Footage From The Aeromexico Plane Crash On Tuesday

Passenger's Footage From The Aeromexico Plane Crash On Tuesday

Amazingly, none of the 103 people on the plane died when the plane crashed just after takeoff, but this footage is terrifying.

Woman Ejected After Her SUV Rolls Over During Intense Police Chase

Woman Ejected After Her SUV Rolls Over During Intense Police Chase

Dash cam footage released Thursday by the Florence County Sheriff’s Office reportedly shows a woman’s attempt to flee from deputies who were attempting a traffic stop. The woman’s SUV makes contact with several cruisers before she loses control of the car, rolling it over multiple times before being ejected. The incident occurred on July 12 when deputies attempted to stop the driver, identified as 22-year-old Brittany Nicole Jeffords, for a traffic violation on North Cashua Street, but she refused to stop, according to information from Deputy Chief Glenn Kirby with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. At one point, the suspect stopped the vehicle in a parking lot where a man exited the car and was arrested by deputies before she sped off, officials say. The chase continued onto Black Creek Road and the TV Road area where it ended when Jeffords flipped the SUV and was ejected from the car. She was transported by Florence County EMS to a local hospital. Jeffords appeared in court on Tuesday. Online records show she is charged with two counts of failure to appear, driving under suspension and failure to stop for a blue light. She is being held at the Florence County Detention Center on $3,650.50 bond.

Woman Accidentally Sent Nude Snapchat To Her Boss... He Responded

Woman Accidentally Sent Nude Snapchat To Her Boss... He Responded

Snapchat is confusing as hell to anyone over the age of 24. We don't know how old this woman is, but she has a young-looking boob (and a job, so at least there's that). She should probably be up on her direct messages settings for when sending the snapsexts. Oops!

"Ur missing ONE boob!"

Everyone in this office, and presumably others, prays that if they accidentally send our boss a boob pic, he or she never mentions it again. Let's all just go on with our lives like nothing happened, okay? That's not how this lady's boss responded:



Okay, so this whole thing is probably made up. Like, is this a post-it? Where did it get posted? If it's a Snapchat reply, there should be way more filters and goofy text boxes. Though the authenticity of this post has been called into question, the moral stays the same: please, boss, if you get a boob pic, say nothing. Fire us instead. It would be less embarrassing.



“I work in a kitchen. You have no idea how many people say ’You look like the guy from Ratatouille.’ ”

Every single universe deserves a real man.

“Mona Lisa? Is that you?”

“My friend had ear surgery and decided to make the best of it.”

When you suddenly realize that you’re a minion:

Khal Drogo is a teacher in a parallel universe.

It’s Moana!

“Found my doppelgänger.”

“A friend of mine looks like the mailman from Rick and Morty.”

“Dyed my hair blue and realized I’m dressed just like Sadness from Insideout.”

“My nephew is baby Dustin.”

“Realized I look like Mary Katherine from Epic.”

“So I just went to pick up a few groceries and I couldn’t figure out why everyone was smiling at me. I was just leaving and I saw a little child pointing at me and I realized I’m dressed exactly like Winnie the Pooh.”


Even characters from ads have prototypes.

Animals have doppelgängers too.

HD works miracles.



The guy was suffering a medical emergency, but what medical emergency causes you to push through another car in a parking space, and then turn to go careening straight into a storefront?

Audiences Horrified After Trapeze Act On 'America's Got Talent' Goes Terribly Wrong

Audiences Horrified After Trapeze Act On 'America's Got Talent' Goes Terribly Wrong


daring trapeze act on America's Got Talent almost took a fatal turn on Tuesday night when something went horribly wrong for the performers involved.

Mary and Tyce, married trapeze artists, initially impressed the judges with their heart-stopping performance that took place above a fiery stage. Everything was going great until the husband and wife team attempted a risky final stunt that involved Tyce being blindfolded. Amazement turned to horror when Tyce dropped his wife and she ended up crashing onto the stage below.

Check it out:

The audience and judges let out audible screams and gasps when Mary plunged to the stage after falling through her husband's grip.

What's even more horrifying is that the couple's 2-year-old son, Jaxx, was watching from the audience with his grandmother.


Luckily, Mary ended up being fine, and quickly got up after the fall. The only thing that appeared to be bruised was Mary's ego, because the trapeze artist (very understandably) dissolved into tears while receiving feedback from the judges.

The couple wanted to attempt the stunt again, but the judges would not allow it.

“This is not America’s Got Perfection, it’s America’s Got Talent," said guest judge Ken Jeong. "Nobody can do this!"

“You almost got hurt very badly and your first thought was ‘Let me do that again!’ only on America’s Got Talent does that happen,” added Howie Mandel.

Despite the scary slip-up, the judges decided to advance Tyce and Mary to the next stage of the competition.

Elderly Driver Plows Into Cyclists Riding On The Road

Elderly Driver Plows Into Cyclists Riding On The Road

Shocking footage shows an 81-year-old driver ploughing through a group of cyclists and sending them smashing onto the road. The motorist can be seen overtaking the riders on the busy A359 near Yeovil in Somerset, but passes so close that his front bumper clips their wheels.

​Ryanair Flight Plummets From 36,000 Feet For Emergency Landing

​Ryanair Flight Plummets From 36,000 Feet For Emergency Landing -

Ryanair passengers were given quite the fright after their plane was forced to make an emergency landing amid fears that the cabin was depressurising at 36,000 feet.

Flight FR7312 was heading from Dublin to Zadar, but staff had to make a controlled descent 'due to an inflight depressurisation'. Passengers were given oxygen masks, before the flight made its emergency stop in Frankfurt.

German newspaper Tagesspiegel reported that 33 passengers out of the 180 on board were taken to hospital, adding that Federal Police said many people were complaining of 'headache and earache and suffered from nausea'.

One passenger, Miomir Todorovic, explained on Facebook that they experienced decompression 'at 11,000 metres' and had a 'rapid descent to 2,800 metres'.

He also said he could now barely hear from his right ear, but added it was 'important that we survived'.

After the hairy moment, passengers apparently had to wait until Saturday morning for another flight - but to make matters worse there was then a shortage of accommodation, leaving many stranded in Frankfurt-Hahn airport with 'no place to rest'.

Another passenger called Minerva Galvan also tweeted about the terrifying flight, as well as the chaos afterwards, writing:





In a later tweet, she said: "We cannot take a plane, @Ryanair. We had an emergency landing yesterday. We are abandoned at the airport. We need help, we need to rest. This is how you care about your customers?"

A Ryanair spokesman said: "This flight from Dublin to Zadar [July 13] diverted to Frankfurt Hahn due to an inflight depressurisation.

"In line with standard procedure, the crew deployed oxygen masks and initiated a controlled descent.

"The aircraft landed normally and customers disembarked, where a small number received medical attention as a precaution.

"Customers were provided with refreshment vouchers and hotel accommodation was authorised, however there was a shortage of available accommodation.

"Customers will board a replacement aircraft which will depart to Zadar this morning and Ryanair sincerely apologised for any inconvenience."



This unbelievably lucky woman was smoking in front of a store and was barely scratched by an incoming bike and rider, who suffered some injuries but was released from hospital the same day.

Two Semi Truck Tires Destroys An SUV

Two Semi Truck Tires Destroys An SUV

Great truck safety and maintenance program they have there in China.

Racist California Man Goes Off On A Latino Man After Car Accident

Racist California Man Goes Off On A Latino Man After Car Accident

A man in North Fresno is caught on camera going on a racist rant after a car accident in a shopping center parking lot. The latino man pulled out his phone and start recording for his own protection. In the video, the man can be heard saying, "I ought to ship your f--king ass back home where ever you're from." He continues to call Gonzalez's father a "beaner" and "f** Mexican."

Train Derailment Dumps 230,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Into The Rock River In Iowa

Train Derailment Dumps 230,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Into The Rock River In Iowa


An estimated 230,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the floodwaters of the Rock River in Iowa after a freight train carrying the oil derailed on June 22. The company that owned the train, BNSF Railway Co, said that 14 out of the 32 tankers leaked into the surrounding water. Crews were working to clean the mess and by June 23, it was reported that nearly half the spill was contained. Drone footage released by the Sioux County Sheriff’s office shows the extent of the spill. The effects were being felt as far south as Omaha, Nebraska, about 150 miles from the site. An official cause of the derailment has not been released. However, a disaster proclamation released by Gov Kim Reynolds blamed the flooding.



Dirt Biker's Very Bad Attempt At Pulling A Wheelie In The Street

Dirt Biker's Very Bad Attempt At Pulling A Wheelie In The Street

A brazen motorcyclist has been caught on camera attempting to perform a stunt – before it painfully backfires on him. He was out on a busy stretch of road when he decided to carry out a wheelie.



Guy's bike hits a quad and gets some air.



A drunk driver in Auburn, Washington swerved into a donut shop and likely would have killed several people if not for some steel and concrete barriers in front of the store.



Footage of this crash at Clearwater Airpark in Florida was just released, and somehow the passengers of both aircraft walked away without serious injury.

GM Exec Crashes Corvette Pace Car Into Wall At Belle Isle IndyCar Race

GM Exec Crashes Corvette Pace Car Into Wall At Belle Isle IndyCar Race

Listen. Driving a pace car can be stressful. You have to successfully lead a bunch of really fast cars around a race track behind the wheel of your own very fast car. Any number of things can go wrong, but they usually don’t. That is, unless you’re General Motors product development head Mark Reuss.

Reuss was behind the wheel of the 2019 Corvette ZR1, leading the cars around the Belle Isle road course ahead of Sunday’s second round of the Detroit Grand Prix. It’s not his first rodeo; he’s been driving the pace car for the Detroit GP for years.

But today, he hit a bump. Quite literally. He ran right over a bump on a course notorious for how ragged it is. And lost control. And whacked right into the wall. Ouch.




It’s okay, Mark. We feel ya. Belle Isle is a hell of a track. It’s taken plenty of victims over the years, and honestly, it’s kinda surprising nothing like this has happened yet.

Reuss is totally fine, but he’s not going to drive the pace car around the next start of the race (Oriol Servia is about to take over). But we can’t really say anything about the state of his pride.

Update: In a statement released yesterday, GM also blamed “weather” and “track conditions”:








Rowing Team Has A Close Call During Collision

Rowing Team Has A Close Call During Collision

A close call during a rowing race that almost ended very badly!

19 Awkward Cases Of Accidental Racism

19 Awkward Cases Of Accidental Racism -



Tesla Crash Leave Cops With One Big Question

Tesla Crash Leave Cops With One Big Question



A Tesla sedan with a semi-autonomous autopilot feature rear-ended a fire department truck at 60mph apparently without braking before impact, but police say it's unknown if the autopilot feature was engaged. The cause of the Friday evening crash, involving a Tesla Model S and a fire department mechanic truck stopped at a red light, was under investigation, said police in South Jordan, a suburb of Salt Lake City. The crash, in which the Tesla driver was injured, comes as federal safety agencies investigate the performance of Tesla's semi-autonomous driving system. The Tesla's air bags were activated in the crash, South Jordan police Sgt. Samuel Winkler said Saturday. The Tesla's driver suffered a broken right ankle, and the driver of the Unified Fire Authority mechanic truck didn't require treatment, Winkler said.

There was no indication the Tesla's driver was under the influence of any substance, Winkler said by telephone. There was light rain falling and roads were wet when the crash occurred, police said in a statement. "Witnesses indicated the Tesla Model S did not brake prior to impact," the statement said. Tesla's Autopilot system uses cameras, radar, and computers to keep speed, change lanes and automatically stop vehicles. The company, which is based in Palo Alto, California, and has a huge battery factory in the Reno, Nevada, area, tells drivers the system requires them to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel so they can take control to avoid accidents.



Out-Of-Control Pickup Truck Takes Out Light Poles

Out-Of-Control Pickup Truck Takes Out Light Poles

Out-of-control pickup truck caught on traffic cameras taking out a couple of light poles on a Wisconsin highway. Thankfully, no one was injured. The video shows deputies arrive on the scene and give the driver a field sobriety test before leading him away in handcuffs.



Rich Kid Wrecks His Brand New McLaren 720s

Rich Kid Wrecks His Brand New McLaren 720s

This dip shit crashes his new car in one of the worst ways possible... into an Audi R8.




Keep your eyes on the road and watch out for the fails. We've got crazy dashcam fails, a few rollovers and a car that wanted to skateboard too! Enjoy the rest of these driving fails and let us know your favorite below!

Distracted Semi Truck Driver Runs A Red Light And Motorcyclist Gets Hit

Distracted Semi Truck Driver Runs A Red Light And Motorcyclist Gets Hit

The driver was on his phone at the time of the accident and apparently did not see the light or the motorcyclist.

10 Apocalyptic Natural Disasters That Are Waiting To Happen

10 Apocalyptic Natural Disasters That Are Waiting To Happen

You may think they're the stuff of Hollywood, but real disaster on a cinematic scale is just waiting to spring upon unsuspecting populations all over the world. Here are natural disasters that are just waiting to happen...

10 Accidental Scientific Breakthroughs

10 Accidental Scientific Breakthroughs

Some of the most amazing scientific discoveries happened by pure chance. Pretty crazy right?