How Much “Game of Thrones” Characters Changed Through 8 Seasons

How Much “Game of Thrones” Characters Changed Through 8 Seasons -



During the summer of 2019, the final season of Game of Thrones aired. The show had gone on for almost 10 years which is a long time not only for the characters but also for the actors who portrayed them.

1. Cersei Lannister

2. Jon Snow

3. Tyrion Lannister

4. Daenerys Targaryen

5. Sansa Stark

6. Arya Stark

7. Jorah Mormont

8. Varys

9. Jaime Lannister

10. Sandor Clegane

11. Brienne of Tarth

12. Samwell Tarly

13. Davos Seaworth

14. Theon Greyjoy

15. Brandon Stark

35 Avengers: Endgame Facts Most People Don't Know

35 Avengers: Endgame Facts Most People Don't Know



1 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. was the only cast member who was entrusted with the entire film's script of Avengers: Endgame.

2 Opening sequence

During the Marvel Studios opening sequence in Avengers: Endgame, all of the characters that were affected by the events of the halving from Avengers: Infinity War (2018) were removed.

3 Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd were filming Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) and Avengers: Endgame at the same time.

4 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's appearance in the Avengers: Endgame was created with leftover footage from Thor: The Dark World (2013), and she also did voice-over work for a scene when she is talking in the distance. Although Portman didn't shoot any new scenes, she attended the film's premiere.

5 Paul Rudd

In a brief scene where the members of the Avengers are flashed on a holographic screen in Avengers: Endgame, the headshot used for Scott Lang was pulled straight from Paul Rudd's IMDB profile photo.

6 Captain Marvel

Even though Captain Marvel (2019) was released one month before Avengers: Endgame, Brie Larson shot her scenes for Avengers: Endgame first.

7 Hunka Hulka Burnin' Fudge

In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony Stark said he swore off dairy before Ben & Jerry's made an ice cream flavor out of him, Stark Raving Hazelnuts. One was made for the Hulk as well, Hunka Hulka Burnin' Fudge. Bruce Banner can be seen eating his own flavor of Ben & Jerry's while the Avengers are discussing time travel in Avengers: Endgame.

8 Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame (2019) became the biggest pre-sale title ever on Fandango and Atom Tickets sites, causing them to crash minutes after the sales were announced. It accomplished this feat in only 6 hours. Some theaters across the world had so many sold-out showtimes on the opening weekend that Cinemark, Regal, and AMC theaters chose to add new overnight screenings so that they would be working around the clock to accommodate extra shows.

9 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. officially surpassed Hugh Jackman's record for most appearances in the film as the same superhero, with ten with Avengers: Infinity War. He set this record in only 11 years, whereas Jackman did it in 17.

10 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. once told Anthony Russo and Joe Russo about how one of his children said “I love you 3000” to him. The directors liked the phrase so much that they decided to include it in Avengers: Endgame.



Avengers: Endgame (2019) and its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War (2018), was filmed entirely on digital IMAX cameras, making them the first Hollywood films shot entirely on IMAX cameras, in an exclusive open-matte aspect ratio of 1.9:1.

12 Joe Russo's daughters

Director Joe Russo's daughters Ava Russo and Lia Mariella Russo respectively portray Clint Barton/Hawkeye's daughter Lila and a Hulk superfan wanting autographs and selfies in Avengers: Endgame.

13 Scott Lang

Scott Lang's storage unit number in Avengers: Endgame is 616, which is the same number used for the primary continuity (Earth-616) of the Marvel Comics Universe.

14 Clint Barton

The line “Clint, son of Edith” in Avengers: Endgame is a Marvel Comics reference. In the comics, Clint Barton and his brother Barney were the sons of Harold and Edith Barton. The boys loved their mother but hated their father, who was a physically and verbally abusive alcoholic. Harold eventually killed both himself and Edith in a DUI car accident, after which Clint and Barney were sent to an orphanage.

15 Russo Brothers

In September 2018, the Russo Brothers posted a picture on social media of the Avengers: Endgame set, with the caption “Look Hard.” This led many to speculate and believe the title of this film was hidden (which at that time hadn’t yet been revealed) somewhere inside the photo. In fact, the film's subtitle, “Endgame,” can be made out by the shapes and layout of the objects in the image.

16 Clint Barton

In the early Avengers comics, Clint Barton sheds his Hawkeye identity to become the original Goliath. As Goliath, he used Pym Particles to grow in size. In “Endgame”, he is the first Avenger to test the Pym Particles - a nod to his comics history. Bill Foster (featured in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)) later became the second Goliath.

17 Doctor Strange

The name “Endgame” for the movie Avengers: Endgame was foreshadowed in Avengers: Infinity War by Doctor Strange: “We're in the endgame now.”

18 Hank Pym

When we see Hank Pym in his lab in the past in Avengers: Endgame, we can clearly see a large, rounded, metal helmet with eye holes and antennae. This helmet resembles the Hank Pym Ant-Man's helmet out of the original Ant-Man comics and Avengers comics.

19 Ken Jeong

In Avengers: Endgame actors Ken Jeong appears as a security guard of the storage unit which stored Scott’s van. In his scene, he is shown reading “Terminal Beach”, a collection by J.G. Ballard which includes a story titled “Endgame.”

20 Barton's homestead

The 573 area code shown for Laura Barton's phone number in Avengers: Endgame suggests that the Barton family farm is located in central/eastern Missouri, as this is the area code for most of the eastern half of the state outside of the St. Louis metro area. This is confirmed when we see a truck at the Barton farm with a Missouri license plate.


21 Captain Marvel

Carol's new look after the time skip in Avengers: Endgame is inspired by the comics on two counts. Her short hair has been carried over from her modern design, as has the red sash she wears as a belt. Her new red costume with black shoulder-pads is lifted directly from Captain Mar-Vell's, Carol's predecessor. Additionally, it's subtle, but Carol showing concern for Rhodey and telling him to be safe is a reference to their recent romantic relationship in the comics.

22 Captain America

When asked how 'Captain' was worthy to lift Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame, according to Anthony Russo, he's always been worthy, and during that moment in Age of Ultron, he stopped himself from lifting the hammer fully out of deference to Thor: “In our heads he was able to wield it, and he didn't know that until that moment Ultron when he tried to pick it up. But Cap’s sense of character and his sense of humility, sort of out of deference to Thor's ego, you know Cap in that moment realizing he can move the hammer decides not to.”

23 Namor

At the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, Natasha gets a report from Okoye about an earthquake under the Atlantic Ocean. In the Marvel comics, the Atlantic is the home of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, ruled by the Marvel hero Namor the Sub-Mariner. So this may be a nod to the future introduction of the character and the kingdom of Atlantis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

24 Iron Man

In the original Iron Man (2008), the soundtrack used a short excerpt from the classic rock song “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. In Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man fulfills the line of the song, “when he traveled time, for the future of mankind.”

25 Thor

In Avengers: Endgame, Thor was supposed to confront his 2012 self, but the idea was ultimately scrapped as revealed by directors Joe and Anthony Russo. While it was Captain America (Chris Evans) who had a direct entanglement with himself from the events of The Avengers' Battle of New York from 2012 and Nebula (Karen Gillan) with her evil counterpart from 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, apparently, Thor was supposed to have his own similar moment in Endgame. Speaking with MTV's podcast, the Russos said that the initial plan was to have a Thor vs. Thor confrontation in Asgard. However, they felt like "it overly complicated [the plot]," adding that they also liked the “Cap vs Cap better” so they gave up the bit. Instead, they gave Thor a different experience when he went back in time - another chance to talk to his mom and properly say goodbye to her commenting: “I think there, we also deferred to the storyline between Thor and his mother. [It] was so resonant, that we really wanted to run... That was really more a part of Thor's journey and repair than confronting his former self. So that's really what happened there, why we went with that.”

26 Nano gauntlet

Thanos' infinity gauntlet was worn on the left hand. When Tony Stark creates a new gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame, it was worn on the right hand. Swapping hands symbolizes the reversal of Thanos' snap, for which the new gauntlet was created.

27 Harley Keener

At Tony Stark's funeral in Avengers: Endgame, a teenage boy is seen standing behind Scarlet Witch and Bucky. This is Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins), the boy from Iron Man 3 (2013) who let Tony use his shed when he needed to repair his Iron Man suit.

28 Avengers Assemble

In Avengers Assemble (2012), Captain America tells Iron Man, "You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play," and Iron Man tells Captain America, "Everything special about you came out of a bottle." In Avengers: Endgame, each proves the other wrong. Iron Man sacrifices himself to defeat Thanos, while Captain America proves himself worthy by being able to wield Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

29 Avengers: Age of Ultron

In the Avengers: Endgame’s final battle, Thanos breaks Captain America's shield in half, fulfilling the prophecy which was shown to Tony in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Also shown in the vision is Hulk injured and unable to fight, similar to Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Black Widow dead in the same position as she dies in “Endgame”, and Thor appearing to be dead in the same position as when Thanos wounds him with Stormbreaker in the final battle.

30 Tony Stark

Avengers: Endgame is the first Marvel film to not have a post-credits scene. Many theatergoers would stay behind in anticipation of the continued tradition, but instead, there is a blank screen and a brief clanging sound. The sound heard is Tony Stark's hammer from the first film (Iron Man (2008)). This is an indicator from Marvel that the events are final and marks the official end of the decade-long Infinity Saga.

31 Black Widow

In the scene where Black Widow coordinates the remaining Avengers in Avengers: Endgame, on her chair is a pair of ballerina shoes. This is a nod to Natasha's past in the Red Room where she was trained (Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)).

32 Howard the Duck

When all the heroes are shown coming back through Doctor Strange's portals in Avengers: Endgame, the Wasp is seen coming back. To the right of her, you can see Howard the Duck walking amongst the army.

33 Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

The song Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter dance to in Avengers: Endgame is the same song that Nick Fury is listening to in Steve Rogers's apartment after he is attacked in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

34 New Asgard

“New Asgard” is actually a village in the southern borders region of Scotland, called St Abbs. Thor can be seen drinking Innis and Gunn, a beer brewed in Scotland. Other hints to Scotland in this scene are the bottle of Irn Bru on the windowsill, and the golf club behind Thor's head. (In the comics, after its Ragnarok destruction, Asgard was rebuilt on Earth, outside of Broxton, Oklahoma.)

35 Falcon

Anthony Mackie was surprised to learn about his character's ending as Falcon in Avengers: Endgame and, as if by fate, he learned this info from none other than, Chris Evans himself. He stated in an interview: "We were at his house and Chris goes, 'You excited?' And I go, 'What are you talking about?'" Mackie told IMDB in a recent interview. "He goes, 'You don't know?!' And he jumps up, runs out of the room, and comes back in with the script, We cried. We drank. We laughed," Mackie said. "I am very happy I got that moment with Chris, for him to not only pass me the shield, but to tell me it was happening."




In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, before Jack Sparrow says, "Bring me that horizon," you can see a member of the crew chilling with a hat and some sunglasses on the left of the screen.


In Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Pee-Wee chains up his bike and you can clearly see the chain coming out of the bottom of the container that's supposed to be holding it.


In Gladiator, a tank and some wiring are both visible on the chariot during the Battle of Carthage.


During the Battle of New York in The Avengers, if you look closely at the silver car in this scene, you can see the pull rope attached to it while it flips.


In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, while they're running from the bikers, there is a crew member wearing a black shirt hiding with some equipment in the bamboo.


In Titanic, when Jack and Rose are running from Cal, there is a camera and set light visible through the window on the left-hand side of the screen.


There is a big ol' camera lens poking out through a sheet reflected in the door to the oracle's house in The Matrix.


In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Indy and his father escape from Castle Brunwald, you can see an arm with a black shirt on reach out from under the green tarp to steer the rudder of the boat.


In Troy, there is rigging above the wall right after the soldiers leave the Trojan horse. I've lightened the shot so you can see it a little better.


In the bathroom scene of The Goonies, you can see the lift and seat that are helping to create the exploding effect.


In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the seat cushion on Harry's broom stick when Snape puts a spell on it is partly visible.


In Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, during the scene where the cops and the weasels collide in the alley, stunt mats are visible when the cops hit the ground.


In Men in Black 3, you can see cameras, rigging, and especially electrical cords in the reflection of the door to Cosmic Lanes.


In Bruce Almighty, there is the hand of a crew member on the right-hand side of the picture giving the dog instructions.


When Batman crashes through the roof of the museum to save Vicki from the Joker in Batman, the safety line he's wearing is visible.


During the chase scene at the airport in Casino Royale, James Bond tries to follow a bad guy into a restricted area. You can see a member of the crew close the door shut so Bond can't open it.


In Napoleon Dynamite, as soon as Napoleon throws an orange at Uncle Rico's van, the reflection of the camera is shown in the van's mirror.


In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, during Clark's rant, you can see someone accidentally gets in the way of the shot on the bottom left corner.


And in Gremlins, there's a dude in a red shirt and glasses through the window who you can see pushes the Christmas tree onto Lynn.








It’s easy for us to assume that Harry Potter was the first movie that Daniel Radcliffe ever starred in. But in actuality, Daniel made his first acting debut in 1999 playing a young David Copperfield. You can test whether you’re a real fan of an actor or not based on how much you know about all their roles. All you have to do is read the article to the end and count how many times you said, “Wow, I never knew that!”

To write this article, Bright Side tracked down some of the first movies these 15 celebrities ever showed up in. As a bonus, we want to demonstrate some of the latest movies these actors have starred in. Just look how amazingly cool they’ve all become!

15. Jason Momoa has been good about staying fit throughout the years.

14. Natalie Portman is charming in any role.

13. If you still think that Daniel Radcliffe merely played “The Boy Who Lived”, check out his filmography!

12. Time goes by but Amy Adams’ talent is something that never changes.

11. Ryan Gosling deserves the special “Mr. Hot Stuff” award.

10. Nicole Kidman gets a thumbs up too!

9. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Tom Hanks, and it doesn’t matter what role he’s playing!

8. Reese Witherspoon has shown us an ocean of amazing stories.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just like a fine wine — he gets better and better with age.

6. There’s nothing that can go wrong if you start your career as a princess.

5. We can observe how Robert Downey Jr. made his way from a sweet boy to a gorgeous man.

4. Jennifer Aniston has probably dealt with evil forces because we can’t find another explanation for how she’s stayed so graceful over the years.

3. Charisma is the only word we’d use to describe Woody Harrelson.

2. Tilda Swinton looks like a goddess in any movie.

1. We believe that Johnny Depp could play anything and still be amazing.

It’s time to sum up the results: how many times were you surprised to see these actors’ first roles? Tell us about it down below!




The night is dark and full of spoilers










ye have been warned


9 Unpleasant Moments The Actors of “Game of Thrones” Went Through

9 Unpleasant Moments The Actors of “Game of Thrones” Went Through -



The HBO television network called Game of Thrones their most successful project — each episode gained almost 20 million views. It’s not just the twisted plot, where even the main characters tend to unexpectedly die that helped the series to succeed, but also the impeccable acting. The actors did their best on set, even if they had to do unpleasant things for the sake of their characters.

We at Bright Side tried to look at this story from a different angle and understand what kind of sacrifice the filming process required from the actors. Spoiler — the bonuses at the end will definitely boost your mood.

Kit Harington spilled the beans about Jon Snow’s fate to avoid a speeding ticket.

Jon Snow’s actor blabbed about the fate of his character to a policeman who wanted to give the actor a ticket for speeding. The officer stopped Harington’s car and said, “You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones.” The actor had to tell the truth, “I am alive next season.” After that, the policeman answered, “On your way, Lord Commander.”

Sophie Turner didn’t wash her hair for 2 years.

The actress who played Sansa Stark had to sacrifice her personal hygiene for the sake of her character. Together with many male actors, she had to significantly decrease her usage of shampoo. All because she was supposed to look naturally disheveled in the episodes where she escapes from King’s Landing.

In one of her interviews, the actress confessed, " Toward season 5 they started asking me to not wash my hair and it was really disgusting. Now I wear a wig so I can wash my hair whenever I want, which is nice. But yes, for a couple of years I was living with pretty greasy hair."

Maisie Williams fell off a horse.

The actress playing Arya Stark recalls one of the first episodes of horse riding with laughs. The actors were training on Icelandic horses that were the size of ponies. Nevertheless, that didn’t prevent the actors from having some collisions.

Once, Williams unsuccessfully got off her horse, getting tangled in the reins. “It was really funny, actually. My leg was, like, caught up by my ear, and I was like, “Oh, brilliant.” It seems the actress and her character have something in common.

Jerome Flynn almost got poisoned by diesel oil vapor.

The actor who plays Bronn almost got harmed during the battle scene with the dragons. Robert McLachlan, the director of photography, used diesel oil for creating a natural looking black smoke. Jerome Flynn had to stay at the epicenter of the fire for a long time. While other actors could wear smoke protective masks, Jerome didn’t have this opportunity. Maybe that’s the reason why the actor managed to convey his disgust so well — he almost got severely poisoned.

Moreover, the actor confessed that his postman now hates him since he shot Daenerys’s dragon.

Gwendoline Christie was filmed with a real bear.

The episode where Brienne of Tarth meets a bear is not a result of computer graphics. Accordingto the actress, the bear, whose name is Bart Junior, is an experienced actor. He had already acted in several other projects before playing in Game of Thrones.

While filming the episode, the actress was protected from the bear by a low electric fence. During breaks, the bear was fed cream from a pan with a long handle so that it “didn’t eat the actress” (that’s how the set team would joke around). “Why do you think I look so scared?” Christie says, recalling her experience.

Lena Headey struggled with the audience’s hatred.

According to the woman who plays Cersei Lannister, the audience hated her character so much that they started to transmit their negative feelings to her as well. For example, the nurse who was helping her with breastfeeding her second kid would say, “Shame on you!” when recalling the episode of public denudation. However, Headey takes it as a compliment to her acting skills.

Iwan Rheon got his face punched several times.

The actor playing Ramsay Snow (later Bolton) got punched in the face by Kit Harington several times. During the fight scene between bastards, Jon Snow got a bit carried away and hit his set partner’s face pretty hard. According to Harington, Rheon took it quite professionally. Anyway, it’s unlikely that he was actually happy to be on the receiving end of those punches.

Emilia Clarke was feeling nauseated during the heart eating scene.

The actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen confessed that this scene was pretty hard for her. During shooting, she had to eat 28 “horse hearts” made of berry jam. According to Emilia Clarke, the mixture was made of dry pasta and tasted like bleach. That’s why she always had a basket nearby in case she wasn’t able to hold back her vomit reflex.

Castle Black was really disgusting.

The set decorator, Richard Roberts, did his best when creating the residence of the Night’s Watch. According to his idea, the castle was supposed to look “dirty, grungy, cold, and as disgusting as possible.” In order to create this atmosphere, he asked to hang raw meat and bring in real pigs. The actors say that not only did the castle look greasy, but it was actually greasy in real life. “It smelled foul and looked foul but that’s how it should be, so we’re happy,” Roberts concluded. However, we are not aware of whether the actors had the same opinion.

Bonus 1: Sean Bean played football with his own head.

The actor who played the role of Ned Stark is very used to death scenes. And he relates to every scene with a good sense of humor. That’s why he found a good use for the model of his own head — he used it to play football with the set team. This kind of attitude inspires viewers to not worry so much about another death of their beloved character.

Bonus 2: Sophie Turner adopted the dog who played Lady.

Of course, during the shooting of Game of Thrones, the actors recall many kind stories as well. For example, the dog named Zunni who played Lady and who was viciously killed on Lannister’s whim got a loving family off set. Sophie Turner, whose character owned Lady in the series, adopted the dog in real life. She shared her joy with the creator of the book George R.R. Martin and he told the whole world.

Bonus: The casts thoughts on season 8!


Peter, blink twice if you’re in danger.



30. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011)The World of Reel surveyed 250 critics and movie makers to find their favorite films from the past 10 years. Many of the results were expected, but the number one movie definitely was not.

29. Melancholia (2011)

28. Ida (2013)

27. Amour (2012)

26. The Florida Project (2017)

25. Certified Copy (2010)

24. 12 Years a Slave (2013)

23. La La Land (2016)

22. Holy Motors (2012)

21. Inception (2010)

20. The Act of Killing (2012)

19. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

18. Her (2013)

17. Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

16. Uncle Boonmee (2010)

15. Toni Erdmann (2016)

14. Margaret (2011)

13. Carol (2015)

12. Under the Skin (2013)

11. Get Out (2017)

10. Inside Llewyn Davis (2014)

9. A Separation (2011)

8. Phantom Thread (2017)

7. Roma (2018)

6. The Master (2012)

5. The Social Network (2010)


4. Boyhood (2014)

3. Moonlight (2017)

2. The Tree of Life (2011)

1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)It’s a little unusual to see a blockbuster at the top of a list of truly dramatic movies. But, it definitely deserves its place: 1/4 of the people who took part in the poll thought it was the best film of the decade. Fury Road is great in all departments, from the heart-pounding action scenes, down to the supporting characters.

18 Movies Scenes That Are Almost Too Embarrassing To Watch

18 Movies Scenes That Are Almost Too Embarrassing To Watch -

Some movie scenes are made to be awkward as hell to get reactions from audiences. I’ll always laugh at the scene in ‘There’s Something About Mary’ when Cameron Diaz uses the WRONG liquid as hair gel. But some scenes are just so incredibly embarrassing and awkward that it makes you want to look away. These are those movie moments that really embrace the cringe.

Superbad:Evan is trying to talk to his crush Becca and accidentally punches her in the boob.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High:Brad is rubbing one out while thinking about his sister’s hot friend Linda, who then walks in on him.

The Shining:Wendy suddenly discovers a business man getting a blowjob from a guy in a bear suit.

Spider-Man 3:Peter Parker trying to be a badass in front of all the ladies as he struts down the street.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin:Andy tries to act like he knows about sex during a guys poker game and fails miserably.

Wedding Crashers:When Jeremy gets an under-the-table hand job from the crazy chick Gloria at her parent’s house.

Knocked Up:When the camera cuts to the baby crowning.

Mean Girls:When the teacher (Tina Fey) introduces the wrong student she thinks is from Africa.

Young Adult:Mavis goes to Beth and Buddy’s party and has the worst drunken meltdown in front of all the guests. She then finds out Buddy didn’t even want to invite her.

Grease:When Rizzo throws her milkshake at Kenickie and yells, ‘To you from me, Pinky Lee!’

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:Hermione cries into Ron’s chest and Harry awkwardly third wheels the hug.

50 Shades of Grey:When Christian says ‘I’m 50 shades of fucked up.’

I Love You, Man:Peter is making drinks for the girls and hears them talking about how he has no friends.

Bridesmaids:The incredibly awkward war of the bridesmaid toasts at the engagement party.

Little Miss Sunshine:Olive does an incredibly sexual dance to ‘Super Freak’ and makes even audiences feel like they can’t watch the little girl dancing.

Ghostbusters:Ray ‘dreams’ of a beautiful ghost woman who goes down on him. Basically, it’s ghost blowjob scene with a horrifying orgasm face to wrap it up.

Carrie:Carrie gets her first period in the gym shower and think she’s dying because her religious mother never taught her about the birds and the bees.

Kingsman: The Secret Service-The end of the movie involves Princess of Sweden having anal sex with Eggsy in exchange for him saving the world.

We’re just scratching the surface here, what are some of your most cringeworthy movie scenes to endure?




THE HOT ZONENational Geographic (Premiered May 27)Based on the international best-seller, The Hot Zone is inspired by a true story about the origins of Ebola, a highly infectious virus from the central African rainforest and its arrival on US soil in 1989.


THE ENEMY WITHINNBC (Premiered February 25)Erica Shepherd, a brilliant former CIA operative, is serving a life sentence in prison. But she will get her chance to get out when FBI agent Will Keaton turns to her to help track down a dangerous and elusive criminal she knows all too well.


THE CODECBS (Premiere April 9)A look at the professional and personal lives of some of the military’s brightest legal minds in the courtroom, where each attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator – and a Marine.


THE VICTIMBBC (Premiered April 8)A grieving mother is accused of identifying online the man who she believes is her son’s killer. Is he really a notorious child murderer, or a tragic victim of mistaken identity?


HANNAAmazon Prime (Full first season available now)Hanna follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is.


GOOD OMENSAmazon Prime (Episodes 1 & 2 available now)An angel and a demon must join forces to find a way to save the world as the end of time grows near with the approaching Armageddon.


THE ACTHulu (Full series available now)This stranger-than-fiction true-crime series follows Gypsy, who is trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her mother.


THE TWILIGHT ZONECBS All Access (Full first season available now)Jordan Peele hosts and narrates tales of science fiction, fantasy and the occult, exploring humanity’s hopes, despairs, prides and prejudices in metaphoric ways.


THE WIDOWAmazon Prime (Full first season available now)A woman’s search to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her husband leads her to the Congo, where she’s forced to seek the truth about what happened to the man she loved.


BLACK SUMMERNetflix (Full first season available now)Set in the “Z Nation” universe, this series follows a crack team of special forces as it fights for hope in the darkest hours of the zombie apocalypse.


WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWSFX (Premiered March 27)A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of three vampires who’ve lived together for over 100 years, in Staten Island.


CHAMBERSNetflix (Full first season available now)Haunted by eerie visions and sinister impulses after a heart transplant, a teenager tries to unmask the truth behind her donor’s mysterious death.


CATCH-22Hulu (Episode 1 & 2 available May 17)The comedy follows a U.S. Air Force bombardier in World War II, trying to avoid his military assignment, but stuck with a Catch-22.


CHERNOBYLHBO (Episodes 1 & 2 available now)Brave men and women act heroically to mitigate catastrophic damage when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant suffers a nuclear accident on April 26, 1986.



Starbucks is popping off in the Seven Kingdoms right now.

Never forget that time Patagonia Bro made an appearance.

How about Season 1, Episode 10 breaking out a George Bush mask for a gnarly scene?



Let us never forget Tyrion Lannister's smooth movin napkin magic routine.

Some technical difficulties.

How about the whip suddenly transforming into a dagger? Didn't see that one coming.



So Dany was immune to the toxic effects of the very contagious greyscale disease then?



Well that body count via Barristan Selmy and Greyworm shrunk out of nowhere.

Jon Snow's scars are the real mystery of Game of Thrones.

What ya'll know about that Valyrian Rubber? Strongest battle material in the Seven Kingdoms!



One does not simply assume that Sean Bean dies the most of all actors who’ve acted in films. That’d be absurd. And yet, we all think it. In fact, if we ever found ourselves on Jeopardy or at the local bar’s trivia night, we’d make this claim without a second thought.Sorry, old Bean, you’re not even in the top ten of actors who’ve died the most on screen. You’ve got a ways to go.

New Line Cinema

Sean Bean- 25 Deaths

Let’s start with the man of the hour, though.

Notable deaths: Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, GoldenEye, Patriot Games, The Hitcher

New Line Cinema

Christopher Lee – 70 Deaths

The winner of most deaths goes to Sir Lee. Keep in mind though, he’s got over 200+ acting credits to his name.Notable deaths: Star Wars Episode III, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Airport ’77, The Curse of Frankenstein, & Horror of Dracula

20th Century Fox

Vincent Price – 48 Deaths

Notable deaths: Edward Scissorhands, Tower of London, The Ten Commandments & Theatre of Blood

Universal Pictures

Dennis Hopper – 48 Deaths

Notable deaths: Waterworld, Speed, 24, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Easy Rider and Blue Velvet

Columbia Pictures

John Hurt – 43 Deaths

Notable deaths: Alien, V for Vendetta, Hellboy, Spaceballs, & Snowpiercer

Universal Pictures

Boris Karloff – 42 Deaths

Notable deaths: Frankenstein, The Man of Fu Manchu, The Black Cat, The Raven, & The Mummy

20th Century Fox

Lance Henriksen – 41 Deaths

Notable deaths: Terminator, Alien 3, Scream 3, Pumpkinhead & Hard Target

20th Century Fox

Danny Trejo – 41 Deaths

Notable deaths: Desperado, From Dusk ’til Dawn, Breaking Bad, Heat, Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Warner Bros

Eric Roberts – 38 Deaths

Notable deaths: The Dark Knight, The Expendables, The Cable Guy, Miss Lonelyhearts, & National Security

Universal Pictures

Bela Lugosi – 36 Deaths

Notable deaths: Dracula, White Zombie, The Raven & Plan 9 from Outer Space


Mark Hamill – 30 Deaths

Notable deaths: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Village of the Damned, Batman: Arkham City, & Gen 13

20th Century Fox

Michael Biehn – 29 Deaths

Notable deaths:Terminator, Alien 3, Tombstone, The Abyss, The Rock, & Stiletto

Fox Searchlight

Mickey Rourke –
28 Deaths

Notable deaths:Angelheart, Sin City, Iron Man 2, Body Heat, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Immortals, among others.

Warner Bros,

Jack Palance – 28 Deaths

Notable deaths: Young Guns, Batman, Tango & Cash, City Slickers, & Cyborg 2

Universal Pictures

Sven-Ole Thorsen
– 27 Deaths

Notable deaths: Predator, Conan The Barbarian, Conan The Destroyer, Lethal Weapon, Red Sonja, & Hard Target

Warner Bros.

Max von Sydow – 26 Deaths

Notable deaths: The Seventh Seal, The Exorcist, Flash Gordon, Dune, Ghostbusters II & Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Paramount Pictures

Christopher Plummer – 26 Deaths

Notable deaths: Hamlet, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Dracula 2000, National Treasure, & Up

British Lion Films

Donald Sutherland – 26 Deaths

Notable deaths:Don’t Look Now, The Italian Job, The Mechanic, Horrible Bosses, & The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Warner Bros.

Rutger Hauer – 25 Deaths

Notable deaths: Blade Runner, The Hitcher, Hobo With a Shotgun, Sin City, & Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Looks like you’re gonna have to die a couple more times, Sean.

Via Imdb

16 Small Movie Details You Might Have Missed

16 Small Movie Details You Might Have Missed -

1. Interstellar - On the water planet each tick you hear is a whole day passing on Earth.

2. Up - Dug is the only dog to track down the tropical bird because he is a retriever breed.

3. The Truman Show - The moon is illuminated by lightning, hinting that it is closer than it should be.

4. Inside Out - The pizza toppings were changed from broccoli to bell peppers in Japan because kids in Japan don't like bell peppers.

5. How to Train Your Dragon - This animation was modeled after a cat with tape stuck to its tail.

6. Deadpool 2 - One of the rednecks talking about toilet paper is Matt Damon in makeup.

7. Deadpool 2 - Wade discovers the direction of the shooter by looking at the camera.

8. Ant-Man - Garrett Morris makes a cameo in a scene. He was the first person to ever portray Ant-Man in 1979.

9. Revenge of the Sith - A Battledroid in the background can be seen telling his friend to look at Greivous.

10. The Incredibles 2 - The painting in the hotel room is an illustration of her separation from the family.

11. Pulp Fiction - Vincent Vega is constantly on the toilet. A side effect of heroin abuse is constipation.

12. The Greatest Showman - There is a wolverine Easter egg in the border of the opening credits. Hugh Jackman played in both movies.

13. Home Alone - You ever wonder what happened to Kevin's ticket?

14. Osmosis Jones - A sperm statue can be seen with the label "our founder."

15. Zootopia - There is a brief shot referencing Sad Keanu.

16. Saving Private Ryan - When a medic gets shot in the canteen water pours out then blood.

23 Messed Up Movie Scenes That Will Mess You Up [Graphic]

23 Messed Up Movie Scenes That Will Mess You Up [Graphic] -

🚨 WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Also, some of the images in here are kinda gruesome, but keep in mind that none of them are real: they're just from movies, y'all. 🚨

1. In Hereditary, when Charlie had an allergic reaction and stuck her head out the window to get some fresh air, but she was instantly decapitated by a road sign.


2. In Misery, when Annie smashed Paul's feet with a sledgehammer so he couldn't escape, and his bones literally bent the wrong way.

Columbia Pictures

3. In Evil Dead, when Eric pulled a hypodermic needle from his face, just below the eye.

TriStar Pictures

4. In Final Destination 3, when Ashley and Ashlyn got trapped in the tanning bed and were literally burned alive.

New Line Cinema

5. In I Am Legend, when Will Smith's character had to kill his dog – his only living friend in the entire world – after it got infected.

Warner Bros. Pictures

6. In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo Baggins saw the ring around Frodo's neck and was momentarily possessed.

New Line Cinema

7. In Buried, when Ryan Reynolds' character was trapped underground in a coffin, and it slowly started to fill with sand and suffocate him.


8. In It, when Eddie was forced to take a shower in the school locker room, and Pennywise came out of the shower drain and started haunting him.

Warner Bros.

9. In The Sixth Sense, when Cole thought he saw his mom in the kitchen, but it turned out to be a ghost who committed suicide, and she started screaming at him.

Buena Vista Pictures

10. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, when Nancy fell asleep in the bathtub and Freddy Krueger tried to drown her.

New Line Cinema

11. In Poltergeist, when Marty hallucinated that he was actually peeling off the layers of his face.

United Artists

12. In Jaws, when Hooper discovered the partial, floating corpse of Ben Gardner in the submerged hull.

Universal Pictures

13. In Mother!, when Jennifer Lawrence's character gave birth, and the crowd took her baby, started ripping it apart, and then ate it.

Paramount Pictures

14. In The Shining, when Jack kissed the beautiful woman in room 237, and then she turned into the old corpse and started chasing him.

Warner Bros.

15. In Requiem for a Dream, when Jared Leto's character stuck the needle into his already extremely infected arm.

Artisan Entertainment

16. In Signs, when Merill was watching the news report and saw the alien walk across the street.

Buena Vista Pictures

17. In The Mist, when David had to kill everyone (including his son) so they could avoid painful deaths, but moments later he was saved by the US Army.

Dimension Films

18. In Cabin Fever, when Marcy shaved her legs and her skin started to peel off, meaning she got infected by the flesh-eating virus.

Lioinsgate Films

19. In Saw, when the "dead" body on the ground revealed himself to be Jigsaw.

Lionsgate Films

20. In Oldboy, when Dae-su ate a whole, live octopus in one bite.

Tartan Films

21. In Black Swan, when Nina washed her hands and started peeling back a little piece of skin, but it ripped all the way down her finger.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

22. In 127 Hours, when Aron had to use a pocket knife to amputate his own arm.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

23. And basically the entire ending of Get Out, when Chris smashed in Jeremy's head with a croquet ball, rammed a deer's head into Dean's torso, and was stabbed through the hand with a letter opener by Missy.

Blumhouse Productions




Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark)

He acted in the movie ‘Pound’ when he was 5 years old.


Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa/Black Panther)

Boseman appeared on an ABC Family show called ‘Lincoln Heights’.


Chris Evans (Captain America)

Evans starred as Jake Wyler in ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ back in 1999.


Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)

One of her very first roles was in the 1998 film ‘Home Alone 3’.


Josh Brolan (Thanos)

The actor first appeared in the 1998 classic ‘The Goonies’.


Dave Bautista (Drax)

Before he joined the MCU, Dave Bautista was a WWE champion.


Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury)

Jackson has been acting since the 1970s. Here he appears in ‘Goodfellas’.


Danai Gurira (Okoye)

Fans of’ The Walking Dead’ likely recognize the actress for her role as Michonne.


Don Cheadle (James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine)

Back in the day, Cheadle was on an episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.


Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Falcon)

His first role was in the 2002 film ‘8 Mile’.


Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Before he was the god of thunder, Hemsworth starred in several Australian shows. Here he is in ‘The Saddle Club’ in 2003.


Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts)

The actress first appeared in the 1991 movie ‘Shout’.


Tom Hiddleston (Loki)

Hiddleston played a lord in the British TV Movie ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’.


Vin Diesel (Voice of teenage Groot)

Vin Diesel’s first big role was in the 1998 movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’.


Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier )

One of his earliest roles was on an episode of ‘Law & Order’ as a teenage sniper.


Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch)

Olsen acted in the 1994 TV movie ‘How the West Was Fun’ with her twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.


Paul Bettany (Vision)

Bettany starred in ‘Sharpe’s Waterloo’ in 1997.


Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange)

The actor was in the movie ‘Heartbeat’ in 2000.


Bradley Cooper (Voice of Rocket)

His first role ever was on the show ‘Sex and the City’.


Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)

Holland was a theater kid growing up, and his feature film debut was in ‘The Impossible’.


Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord)

The actor played Bright Abbott on the TV show ‘Everwood’.


Zoe Saldana (Gamora)

Saldana’s acting career took off in the early 2000’s. This is her in the film ‘Get Over It’.


Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner aka The Hulk)

The actor starred in ‘You Can Count on Me’ back in 2000.




23 Movie Endings So Bad, They Almost Ruined The Entire Movie (According To Fans)

23 Movie Endings So Bad, They Almost Ruined The Entire Movie (According To Fans) -





1. In The Devil Wears Prada, when Andy decided to move to Boston with her loser boyfriend and get back together with him after he treated her like actual crap.

Fox 2000 Pictures







2. In Crazy, Stupid, Love, when the babysitter gave nudes to an eighth grader as his graduation present.

Carousel Productions







3. In Grease, when Sandy literally changed everything about herself to be with Danny, and then they drove away in a flying car.

Paramount Pictures







4. In Gone Girl, when Amy faked her death, framed Nick, and murdered Desi, yet she got away with everything so easily because people were happy she was back.

20th Century Fox







5. In La La Land, when the dreamy montage showed Mia and Sebastian living happily ever after, but then it cut back to reality, and Mia was with a different guy.

Summit Entertainment







6. In A League of Their Own, when Dottie purposefully dropped the ball, just so her sister's team could win the World Series.

Columbia Pictures







7. In Rat Race, when everyone ended up at a Smash Mouth concert and agreed to give away the money they so desperately wanted to win, and then they all sang All Starand crowd-surfed.

Paramount Pictures







8. In Seven, when John Doe got what he wanted all along, and Mills played right into his hands.

New Line Cinema







9. In Boyhood, when the camera literally followed Mason's life for 12 whole years, yet it ended with him on a rock with nothing in particular happening.

IFC Films







10. In Atonement, when Briony tricked everyone into thinking Robbie and Cecilia lived happily ever after, only to reveal that her lies actually led to their deaths.

Focus Features







11. In Cast Away, when Tom Hanks's character was literally at a fork in the road, and it wasn't clear if he followed the woman who owned the FedEx package or not.

20th Century Fox







12. In Everything, Everything, when Maddy found out that her mom had lied to her about having a deadly disease for the last, like, 18 years.

Warner Bros. Pictures







13. In 500 Days of Summer, when Tom learned nothing after his painful, shallow fixation with Summer and was ready to repeat the same exact thing with Autumn.

Fox Searchlight Pictures







14. In The Mist, when David agreed to put everyone out of their misery and kill them, but moments later he was saved by the US Army.

Dimension Films







15. In You've Got Mail, when Joe basically destroyed Kathleen's business, hopes, and dreams, yet she still fell for him anyway.

Warner Bros. Pictures







16. In Prisoners, when Keller was trapped under the car, and it was unclear if Detective Loki saved him.

Warner Bros. Pictures







17. In Inception, when the camera cut away too quickly, so it was unclear if Cobb was stuck in a dream or if it was reality.

Warner Bros. Pictures







18. In Murder on the Orient Express, when everyone turned out to be the murderer, and the detective who was right next door to the crime didn't hear a thing and decided to let everyone off the hook.

EMI Films







19. In My Sister's Keeper, when the movie wasn't faithful to the book and they ended up killing the wrong sister.

New Line Cinema







20. In Kingsman: The Secret Service, when the Swedish princess randomly offered Eggsy extreme sexual favors in exchange for her safety.

20th Century Fox







21. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, when Harry snapped the Elder Wand in two and threw it off the bridge before using it to fix his own wand.

Warner Bros.







22. In Wonder Woman, when Ares turned out to be real, which undermined everything Diana had learned about the folly of man and how war can't be solved by killing one person.

DC Comics







23. And in Titanic, when Rose let Jack freeze to death in the water instead of taking turns on the floating door.



20 Of The Greatest Movie Scenes Ever Created According To Reddit

20 Of The Greatest Movie Scenes Ever Created According To Reddit -

“The inferno scene in Toy Story 3 is the best depiction of hell I’ve ever seen on screen. And when salvation comes, it’s the payoff of a joke 15 years in the making. Absolute perfection.”-GoodLordChokeAnABomb

“The first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.”-BShapirosDingDong

“The extended scene with Willy Wonka limping his way to the factory gates to meet the kids- then the forward roll. Sublime filmmaking.”-baabamaal

“Opening scene to Inglorious Basterds.The movie is excellent, but that scene sets the bar almost too high for the rest of the film.-Murdathon3000

“It’s still one of the most memorable scenes for me – when the jeeps stop in the very first Jurassic Park movie and you see the huge ass dinosaurs eating, and Alan Grant is just speechless.”-jessdb16

“The opening drill sergeant scene in Full Metal Jacket.”-disgruntled_joe

“Quentin Tarantino believes that the greatest movie scene ever filmed was the final shootout in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” I have a hard time disagreeing with that.”-CisSiberianOrchestra

“Interstellar – Cooper returns to the ship and it is revealed that several years have passed but his son continued to keep sending videos. He proceeds to watch the videos and breaks down into tears as he watches their lives pass before him.”-DaddyWaddles

“The shower scene in Psycho.It remains one of the most quintessential moments in film history for what it showed (a woman showering on camera in 1960), the shock of the main character dying 40 minutes into the movie and for making people scared to take a shower in their own home.”-RhodyChief

“Good Will Hunting – It’s not your fault. God that hit me hard”-TheBPDBeluga

“Hannibal Lecter’s escape scene in ‘The Silence of the Lambs.'”-Guzzzler

“The scene when the T-rex trashes the jeep in Jurassic Park.'”-Guzzzler

“Apocalypse Now – The Ride of the Valkerie/Napalm in the morning scene”-SpunkiMonki

Life is Beautiful – “Mama! We won!”-snorkleforkle

“The sword-fight between Inigo Montoya and the six-fingered man, beginning with ‘Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.’And then everything from there until, ‘I want my father back you son of a bitch.'”-Oziebloke777

“The drinking scene from Jaws.”-yawningdogge

“‘Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it.’2001: A Space Odyssey”-NotImmanualKant

“The scene where the soldiers and refugees stop shooting for a minute in Children of Men. Very powerful.”-BabysCrumbBuffet

“The ending scene from The Usual Suspects. It’s just so memorable and well executed.”-Snoruen

“The first baptism scene at the end of ‘The Godfather’ gives me chills every time.”-Yinvado


How to Be a Cop According to TV and Movies

How to Be a Cop According to TV and Movies -

Your father was a cop, his father was a cop, HIS father was a cop, and his father was...a janitor. But when you think about it, janitors are kinda like cops? Both cleaning up the a little more literally than the other, but still.

Your father and/or wife was tragically gunned down in an unsolved murder case...that still haunts you to this day.

You've solved every case...except the one that REALLY matters to you. Honestly, everyone probably suspects you're the one who did it - after all, you solved EVERY single case except this one? What gives? Also, in 90% of murders, it's a close family member who did it, typically the spouse. Just sayin'.

You don't have the time NOR the inclination to get your tie properly tightened to your collar. Not only are you not metaphorically buttoned up like those other squares in the department, you're LITERALLY not buttoning that top button of your shirt. How else will everyone know that you're married to the job, that you push yourself harder than anyone, and that tying it all the way hurts your neck a little bit and makes it hard to breathe?

Be known as a loose cannon maverick who plays by his own rules, to the degree that even your captain refers to you in that way, despite having promoted you to the rank of detective

Kinda strange that a police captain would continuously promote someone known to flaunt the rules and not follow procedure - sorta sends a message to the other officers that breaking protocol is what gets you ahead in the department, even though playing fast and loose with the rules typically leads to failed prosecutions and more criminals being able to walk free thanks to technicalities on warrants and chain-of-custody for evidence. You'd think a reputation for that kind of behavior would never be enabled at all, let alone rewarded - yet here we are!


Sure - pretty much every case you work ends with endless amounts of bullet-ridden cars and walls, not to mention all of the explosions (and the resulting civil lawsuits from the local natural gas company that resulted from the gas line shutdowns that were necessitated to prevent the entire city from being engulfed in flames). But in the end - you get results. Sure, the brass up top may not like your methods, but in the end, you always get your man.

...except, ya know, they've been riddled by 90 bullets and you have to go to the FBI for dental record analysis to confirm it was them you shot.

When you inevitably get suspended for going too far in the big case (that you're so close to solving), slam your badge and gun down on the chief's desk and storm out.

Sure, you'd THINK there would be a more formal process for all of that - filling out a bunch of paperwork, turning your gun in to the firearm specialist (since every bullet a cop uses is serialized and tracked), having some kind of review process, etc. But you'd be wrong - a dramatic slamming down of your badge and gun is basically all you need to do to tell your captain that you may not LIKE their decision, but - dammit - you gotta respect the call.

Sure, you didn't check to see if you live in a state with two party consent or not, and there's no way any evidence you gather would ever be admissible in a court of law, and you are definitely committing numerous felonies in attempting to arrest the leader of a major drug cartel, but other than closed!

Somehow this doesn't turn into an enormous media scandal about a suspended cop with a history of using excessive force enacting vigilante justice

The media is more active than ever in covering dirty cops and detectives that refuse to obey the law, but somehow they take no interest in your particular case, despite the abundance of red flags surrounding every action you've taken.

You're a regular here, because - let's face it - you're a barely-functioning alcoholic. It seems nice that you're on a first name basis with the bartender (who is always named Sully, no exceptions) and he warily asks you if you want "the regular", but even the mildest bit of examination would lead anyone to the conclusion that you drink way too much. C'mon - it's a Tuesday.


History Channel's Top 20 Worst Shows - Ranked By IMDB

History Channel's Top 20 Worst Shows - Ranked By IMDB


Remember when the History Channel actually used to be about HISTORY? We can't quite put our finger on when it happened... Maybe it was around the Ancient Aliens era... But at a certain point, the History Channel completely switched directions... The focus stopped being about education and history, and instead there was an almost frantic rush to entertain the masses. We started to see a huge number of shows that seemingly had nothing to do with history. And when the shows DID touch on historical matters, they often strayed into the territory of pseudo-science and bizarre conspiracy theories. Generally, the reputation of History Channel started to take a blow.

To understand our point, you only need look at some of the lowest-rated shows on this network. Almost everyone agrees that they were mediocre at best... Completely unwatchable at the very worst. We're talking about gems like Swamp People, Search For The Lost Giants, Big Shrimpin', and many others. Sure, these shows are entertaining. And if you love them, who are we to argue? But at the end of the day, the critics have spoken. These are the lowest-rated shows in the history of the History Channel, and to be honest, they probably deserve their low IMDB scores...


Ice Road Truckers is actually quite popular. Some would even consider it to be one of History Channel's best shows... But the ratings don't lie... Critics aren't exactly fond of this program. The average TV watcher isn't a huge fan either. Some people have described this show in less than ideal terms, stating that "it's about as exciting as watching someone drive to the supermarket." And that's what Ice Road Truckers is all about.

This show is about people driving trucks, and that's pretty much it. Yes, it's shot in Canada where there are some pretty icy roads. But for the most part, you shouldn't expect to witness anything too spectacular when you watch this show.


The History Channel is definitely no stranger to reality shows these days. But for whatever reason, their reality shows just keep getting stranger and stranger. Case and point: Swamp People. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like - a show about people who live in swamps. The show focuses on a few families and follows their activities, which frequently involve roping and shooting alligators.

This show is probably popular because people are interested in the so-called "hillbilly" culture and lifestyle. With a rating of 6.5 on IMDB, it's not exactly a complete disaster. But many people have started to grow tired of this show, especially as the seasons drag on and on. It's been going since 2010, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.


Treasures Decoded was a show that obviously took inspiration from the success of Ancient Aliens. Although the shows are slightly different, they appeal to the same audience - those that want to explore different possibilities of humanity's history and origins. Airing in 2012, Treasures Decoded took full advantage of the "Nibiru," "Annunaki" and Mayan Doomsday obsessions that were rampant at that time.

It's exactly what you would expect from a History Channel show these days. A little bit of historical fact sprinkled with ample conspiracy theories and strange myths for good measure. Honestly, it's not a particularly bad show, but it does have one of the lowest IMDB ratings, with 6.6.


Brothers In Arms is a relatively new addition to History Channel's lineup, and it focuses on military history from the perspective of two military experts. The show follows Rocco and Eli as they try to start up their own store for military enthusiasts. Even though it just started in 2018, it's already getting some pretty negative feedback - at least on IMBD.

The score of 6.2 is explained by a number of disappointed critics. Many people have pointed out that 20 years combined between two people doesn't really count as "expert" knowledge. They're also not happy with the number of inaccuracies within this show, such as referring to an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) as a tank. At the end of the day, this show was obviously intended to appeal to gun enthusiasts... The problem is that most gun enthusiasts seem to know more than these guys.


If you've seen Swamp People and you crave even more swampy goodness, there's always The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man to keep you entertained. This show actually gets pretty positive reviews on IMDB. For whatever reason, some people absolutely love this guy and his life, and they're not afraid to share it. That would explain why Shelby gets a pretty mediocre score overall on IMDB.

But there are definitely those who absolutely hate The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man. They point out that he's one of the worst role models imaginable, and that no child should ever watch this show. They also state that Shelby's lifestyle is a "disaster waiting to happen," referencing his frightening lack of gun safety or proper boating protocol.


Did giants ever really exist? A normal person would look at the evidence, consider the possibility for a moment, and then immediately dismiss the entire idea. Not these guys. Jim and Bill Viera are on a quest to find real, concrete evidence of giant bones which are apparently scattered around the globe. Do they ever find any bones? Of course not. But hey, it makes for great television.

Or does it? Search For Lost Giants is definitely one of the lowest rated shows on the History Channel - at least according to IMDB. The disappointment stemming from user reviews was always inevitable. After all, these guys were clearly never going to find real giant bones. If they had, it would have been all over the news.

14 BIG SHRIMPIN' (6.1)

With a name like Big Shrimpin', it was hard to take this one seriously from the very beginning. And with a rating of 6.1 on IMDB, it seems like this show never really won too many people over. One of the most common complaints about this show is the fact that the Cajun dialect is extremely hard to understand. Even with the added subtitles, it's hard to keep track of what's going on.

Luckily, there actually isn't a whole lot going on in this show, with many describing it as a "snooze festival." So while it's easy to follow along, it's not exactly thrilling television. We're talking about shrimp fishing, after all.

13 MARKED - 6.0

Marked is another interesting addition to the History Channel - although we're not quite sure why it's on this network. It's a show about tattoos, which will definitely interest a lot of people out there. Some of the most negative reviews point out the fact that the subject matter is not suitable for children - especially the episodes which focus on gang-related tattoos. For example, there's an entire episode focuses on the admittedly beautiful tattoo culture of the Yakuza.

Once again, this isn't necessarily a bad show. It just didn't really blow too many people away, and there was only ever a few episodes published in this mini-series.


Now we're getting into the territory of five out of ten ratings, and these shows definitely show a notable dip in quality. We're The Fugawis left a lot of people confused. What was this show intended to be? The premise is simple - it's a reality show focused on a completely obscure motorcycle club. And the show definitely tried to be comedic in nature.

But at the end of the day, people weren't really sure how to react. The jokes weren't actually that funny, according to many critics. Others used stronger language, describing this entire show as "tasteless." The whole thing seems to be some kind of parody, and many people were left unimpressed.

11 MEGA MOVERS (5.7)

In theory, Mega Movers sounds like a really cool show. Tune in, and you'll see massive superstructures being transported across land, sea, and air with impossibly advanced technology. But in reality, the show never really excited us. After all, watching large structures being moved around isn't actually as thrilling as you might think. Often, these structures are being moved incredibly slowly.

In the end, we're forced to ask ourselves, "Why make a show about this?" Many of the reviews simply describe the show as "Okay." And in many ways, that one simple word completely sums up Mega Movers. In the end, the rating of 5.7 is probably well-deserved.

10 AX MEN (5.5)

Ax Men is actually one of the more high profile shows on History Channel. It still has nothing to do with history, but a lot of people tuned in, and a lot of people have their own opinions about this show. Some people love it - but judging by the IMDB rating of 5.5, it's safe to say that these people are in the minority.

Many people complain that the show seems rehearsed or choreographed. Experienced loggers state that it's incredibly unrealistic, and that "none of these guys would last a day on a real logging site." And of course, there are those who criticize its glorification of natural destruction. This show stopped airing back in 2016.


As the Huffington Post notes, this show seems to be the Australian equivalent of Swamp People. It's a bunch of random people shooting and harpooning giant crocodiles. Same premise, different side of the globe. Not many people are crazy about this show, and that should be obvious judging by its rather low score of 5.3 on IMDB.

Many critics point out the complete lack of safety in the show, and the fact that it's the "same old croc stuff." It only went for one season, back in 2012. But hey, if you're still not bored of wild swamp mayhem, then this show might just be for you.

SLICED (5.2)

There's no denying that human beings are obsessed with seeing things destroyed. Well, the History Channel decided to make that entire concept into a show. It's called Sliced. The premise is simple - the host of the show spends his time destroying various objects - usually by slicing them in half. Why would he destroy objects in this manner? The vague excuse offered is that he's "trying to figure out how they work."

One example is when he sliced a car in half. One critic pointed out that he could have experienced the same thing by merely opening the car's doors. Other critics point out there's something wrong when we're slicing apart perfectly good cars and other objects for entertainment. There are plenty of people in this world who do not have access to cars.


Right from the get go, it's clear that this particular show was intended to follow in the mold of Mythbusters and related programs. You've got all the necessary ingredients. Slightly punk looking scientists and engineering experts, the general feel of a reality show, and tons of inventions to talk about.

But with a rating of 5.2 on IMDB, something clearly went wrong. It's actually hard to find any reviews on this show - which is generally a bad sign. No reviews means that no one is watching it, and those that DID leave a review didn't even bother to explain their reasoning. Invention USA only lasted for a couple seasons, and we're not sure anyone even noticed it was gone.


The mystery of the Knights Templar? The search for missing treasure? Pirates?! Sign us up. At least, that's what the majority of History Channel fans thought before they saw this thing. According to its IMDB rating, this show was a bit of flop when all was said and done. With a score of just 5.2, it's one of the lowest-rated shows in the network's history.

So why the negative reception? According to most of the user reviews, this one was absolutely filled with fake history and pseudo science. In many cases, they didn't even run tests on the artifacts they had found. According to critics, they failed to run these tests because they wanted to "invent" their own version of history.


Nothing like a bit of fire and brimstone to stir up the masses. People have been obsessed with doomsday prophecies for thousands of years, and it seems like History Channel is pushing this trend hard. Or at least they tried with shows like Revelation: The End Of Days. It's described as a "combination" of a documentary and a fictional account of biblical rapture. With a rating of 5.1, audiences weren't exactly thrilled. So what did they have to say about this show? Many people compared this show to series like Ancient Aliens and other famously inaccurate shows from History Channel. But at the end of the day, most critics just thought it was a bad mini-series.


Nor' Easter Men is basically another fishing show like Deadliest Catch. But this show never reached the fame and glory of its inspiration, and it now has a low score of 4.8 on IMDB. So what's this show about? Basically, we follow groups of fishermen based out of Gloucester, New Bedford, and Portland. The critics accuse this show of the obvious - cashing in on the success of Deadliest Catch. But in all honesty, the show never really got very far, and with just three episodes, there was hardly enough time to write a check - let alone cash it. All in all, this show probably received such a negative reception because it got canceled, and it just wasn't very interesting.


Zahi Hawass is a massive name in the world of Egyptology, and somewhere along the line History Channel decided to give him his own show. Was this a good idea? Maybe. But the fact remains - Chasing Mummies is one of History Channel's lowest rated shows of all time, with a score of just 4.6. Once again, it seems like the History Channel focused on creating a fun reality show rather than educating people about history.

Some people might enjoy the scripted nature of this reality show. The majority of critics obviously didn't see it that way. They accuse the show of focusing on Hawass' life, rather than the actual process of Egyptology itself.


A shipwreck filled with treasure should be lots of fun. It should be engrossing, captivating and awe-inspiring. History Channel's Billion Dollar Wreck seems to be none of those things, and that's why it fails. With a score of 4.6, it's almost rock-bottom in terms of IMDB's rating system. This show is about a guy who is searching for hidden treasure in sunken shipwreck.

The reviews make it painfully clear why this show is rated so poorly. In the words of one critic, "Nothing ever happens." You tune in hoping that someone will eventually find treasure, but it just seems to drag on and on. It's a shame, because the premise has so much promise.


We don't really know why Blood Money is rated so low... But it's definitely one of the lowest scores we've ever seen on IMDB, at just 4.1. It seems like this show didn't last very long - and there were only a few episodes for the first season. After that, the show was presumably canceled. As we mentioned before, having NO reviews is almost worse than having bad reviews... And it's very hard to find any kind of feedback about this show. If no one's watchingBlood Money, it's probably not very good. This show is apparently about young kids inheriting their parent's businesses, and trying to make it all work out.

15 Spoiler Free Avengers: Endgame Reviews: ARE YOU PREPARED?!

15 Spoiler Free Avengers: Endgame Reviews: ARE YOU PREPARED?! -



I was lucky enough to catch a press screening of Endgame earlier today with fellow editor Ben G. and my heart is full. No spoilers here but I have to say, after leaving that incredible experience my body feels like I just went a few rounds with Mike Tyson. The edge of your seat saga fulfilled every storyline I have invested in over the years with laughs, tears and holding it until after the movie. Hope y’all enjoy the film!There’s no after credit scene, so there’s no need to hang around for 10 minutes after the movie ended like we did.











The 2018 summer movie season was huge for the global box office as movies like "Avengers: Infinity War," "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," and "Mission: Impossible — Fallout" were just some of the big earners. They led to the season having an 11% spike in business compared to the year before.

And 2019 is set up to be even bigger.

The summer season gets an early start thanks to Disney moving "Avengers: Endgame" to this weekend, and declaring that summer begins on April 26.

And then the hits just keep coming throughout the next few months with "The Lion King," "Men in Black: International," "Toy Story 4," "Spider-Man: Homecoming," "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw," and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." On paper, this could be the makings of a record-breaking slate.

Here are the 36 movies coming out this summer that will be worth your time:

“Avengers: Endgame” — April 26

It's the movie that will probably break all the opening weekend box-office records (well, until "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" comes out at the end of the year). The end of the current MCU era is upon us with this movie. See you on the other side.

“Knock Down the House” (Netflix) — May 1

After winning the audience award at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Netflix nabbed the documentary for a reported $10 million, the biggest buy ever for a doc at the fest. The movie follows four progressive candidates during the 2018 midterm elections, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile” (Netflix) — May 3

Zac Efron embodies the cold-blooded serial killer Ted Bundy for this drama on Bundy's life through the eyes of his longtime girlfriend (played by Lily Collins), who for years refused to believe he was a murderer.

“Long Shot” — May 3

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron together in a romantic comedy. Who would ever believe that? Well, that's exactly some of the draw to seeing this movie. Thankfully, the odd-couple vibe really works. Rogen plays a hipster Brooklyn journalist turned speech writer for his first crush, Charlotte (Theron), who is a political big wig running for president.

“UglyDolls” — May 3

The latest toy to get the movie treatment is this plush favorite. Featuring characters voiced by Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, Pitbull, and Janelle Monáe, expect a lot of song and dance with a cute story.

“Detective Pikachu” — May 10

Ryan Reynolds voices the lovable Pokémon character in what is being hyped as a must-see this summer. The funny trailers certainly are a good sign.

“Poms” — May 10

Mix "Book Club" with "Bring It On" and you basically get this movie. Diane Keaton leads an ensemble cast that includes Pam Grier, Jacki Weaver, and Rhea Pearlman in this comedy about a group of women who start a cheer leading squad at their retirement community.

"John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum" — May 17

Keanu Reeves returns for the continuing saga of the assassin John Wick. Now with a price on his head following the events of the second movie, Wick teams with old friend Sofia (Halle Berry) and her angry dogs to survive.

"The Souvenir" — May 17

This drama wowed audiences at Sundance thanks in large part to the breakout performance by Honor Swinton Byrne (daughter of Tilda Swinton), who plays a film student who gets involved with a shady guy.

"Aladdin" — May 24

Everyone in Hollywood is wondering how this movie will perform this summer. It's a live-action remake of one of the most beloved Disney animated movies of all time, but can a blue Will Smith really work?

"Ad Astra" — May 24

James Gray follows up his epic "The Lost City of Z" with a story set in the outer reaches of the universe. Brad Pitt plays an astronaut who sets out to find his missing father and discovers a lot more. And don't be shocked if this release date changes. Now that Fox is owned by Disney, it probably doesn't want this to go up against "Aladdin."

"Booksmart" — May 24

Olivia Wilde's latest directing effort looks at two high-school friends who are killing it with the grades but not so much on the social scene. They decide to change all of that for one night. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein are getting a lot of attention for their performances as two girls who just want to have fun.

"Godzilla: King of the Monsters" — May 31

Godzilla versus Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah while Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga, Bradley Whitford, Kyle Chandler, and Sally Hawkins run around filled with fear? Should be a good time.

"Ma" — May 31

In this latest twisted tale from Blumhouse Productions ("Us"), Octavia Spencer plays a lonely woman who opens up her basement to local teens to get drunk and party. And boy do things go south from there.

"Rocketman" — May 31

Take the director (Dexter Fletcher) who took over for Bryan Singer after he was fired from "Bohemian Rhapsody," and add an actor (Taron Egerton) who doesn't just look like a young Elton John but can sing like him too, and you got yourself a hit biopic. Hopefully.

"Dark Phoenix" — June 7

Longtime keeper of the "X-Men" franchise, producer-screenwriter Simon Kinberg will take the director reins for the latest chapter. This one focuses on Jean Grey's (Sophie Turner) growing powers.

"Late Night" (Amazon) — June 7

With its $13 million buy for the movie at Sundance this year, Amazon got itself a comedy that it hopes will be as successful as a previous Sundance comedy buy of theirs, "The Big Sick." This time, Mindy Kaling is front and center, as she wrote the screenplay and stars as one of the rare female voices on a late-night talk show.

"The Secret Life of Pets 2" — June 7

After the successful 2016 original, the gang (except for Louis C.K., who has been replaced by Patton Oswalt as the voice of Max) returns to set off on more adventures.

"Men in Black: International" — June 14

Seven years after "Men in Black 3," the franchise has been given a face-lift and is back in the world. This time Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are the agents tasked with saving Earth from the evils of the universe.

"Child’s Play" — June 21

That creepy doll Chucky from the 1980s is back, and Mark Hamill is the voice of the character. Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry also star.

"Toy Story 4" — June 21

The beloved Pixar franchise returns nine years after part three. There's new drama for the toys to deal with, plus a new friend, Forky (voiced by "Veep" star Tony Hale).

"Annabelle Comes Home" — June 28

Chucky isn't the only doll that's going to scare you this summer. The "Annabelle" franchise continues with this new chapter that doesn't just focus on the possessed doll but other cursed items that Ed and Lorriane Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) have in a "safe" room in their house.

"Yesterday" — June 28

What if you stumbled into a reality where the Beatles never existed, but you are a musician who knows all their songs by heart? That's what Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is going through as he becomes hugely famous singing the hits from the Beatles, but everyone (even Ed Sheeran) thinks they are songs he wrote. This is the latest movie from "Trainspotting" and "Steve Jobs" director Danny Boyle.

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" — July 2

Peter Parker goes on a European vacation and helps Nick Fury with some issues — one of which is the appearance of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

"Midsommar" — July 3

Ari Aster follows up his acclaimed horror "Hereditary" with this twisted take about a couple who realizes the Swedish festival they are at is actually some kind of cult ritual.

"21 Bridges" — July 12

Chadwick Boseman ("Black Panther") plays an NYPD detective on the hunt for the men behind a brutal shooting that led to numerous police officers being killed. This one has that not-everything-is-what-it-seems feel.

"Crawl" — July 12

If you're in need of a crazy ride at the movies this summer, this may be it. In this horror, we follow a woman ("Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" star Kaya Scodelario) as she tries to track down her father (Barry Pepper) during a Category 5 hurricane. She finds her dad at his house, but also there are a whole lot of angry alligators. Yes, this movie is about staying alive from alligators while trapped in a flooded house during a hurricane. Take. My. Money.

"The Farewell" — July 12

"Crazy Rich Asians" actor Awkwafina stars in this breakout hit from Sundance that was sold to A24. In the movie, she plays a Chinese-American woman who visits her grandmother in China only to learn her entire family is keeping the grandma in the dark about her terminal illness.

"Stuber" — July 12

Dave Bautista plays a detective forced to bring along his Uber driver (Kumail Nanjiani) during a day of catching bad guys. Hilarity ensues.

"The Lion King" — July 19

While the live-action remake chatter for "Aladdin" is mixed, it's the opposite with "The Lion King." Jon Favreau follows up the almost $1 billion worldwide earning "The Jungle Book" with an almost certain $1 billion grossing retelling of Simba's story.

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" — July 26

Quentin Tarantino's latest movie looks at late 1960s Hollywood through the eyes of TV actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stuntman, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt).

"Dora and the Lost City of Gold" — August 2

"Dora the Explorer" gets the big-screen treatment with this action-adventure family comedy that follows Dora (Isabela Moner) as she tries to adapt to high school while also setting off with friends, including her bestie, Boots (voiced by Danny Trejo), to the jungle to save her parents (played by Michael Peña and Eva Longoria).

"Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" — August 2

The first spin-off from the "Fast & Furious" franchise, Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) and Jason Statham (Shaw) team up to take on "Black Superman" Brixton played by Idris Elba. You should be excited.

"The New Mutants" — August 2

Though the movie has suffered in development for years and has apparently had some reshoots after finally going into production, the movie is still on the Disney slate following the studio's acquisition of Fox. This movie introduces mutants beyond the X-Men gang. The cast is highlighted by "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams (playing Wolfsbane) and "Glass" star Anya Taylor-Joy (Magik).

"The Kitchen" — August 9

In the spirit of Steve McQueen's underappreciated "Widows," this female-focused crime movie follows three wives in 1970s Hell's Kitchen as they take over their husband's rackets after they go to prison. Elisabeth Moss, Melissa McCarthy, and Tiffany Haddish star.

"Good Boys" — August 16

To end your summer, get ready to laugh a lot with this comedy that follows a day in the life of three sixth graders who skip school and are confronted with some hilarious adult-level situations.

Winterfell's Huge Problem... Revealed In Tweets

Winterfell's Huge Problem... Revealed In Tweets -





Animated GIFs Bring Your Favorite Movie Posters To Life

Animated GIFs Bring Your Favorite Movie Posters To Life -


We love staring at posters for our favorite movies for hours and hours. And you know what makes it even better? When those posters move. Some brilliant artists have created animated GIF versions of classic movie posters, and they make everything 100 percent more excellent.

Behind-The-Scenes Of ‘Infinity War’ Without Visual Effects

Behind-The-Scenes Of ‘Infinity War’ Without Visual Effects -


Executive producer Victoria Alonso says there are about 3,000 shots in ‘Infinity War’ and about 2,900 of them are visual effects shots. But, it’s not all blue and green screens; ‘Infinity War’ has more practical sets than you may have expected.


Thanos seems a lot less scary when you know it’s just Josh Brolin by himself in a motion capture suit.


Sometimes, Brolin’s costume included wearing a cardboard cut-out of Thanos’ head in order to give the other actors a point of reference while acting opposite him.


While you saw the Avengers fighting off a group of aliens, it was really approximately 70 extras and stunt people that were expanded to about 500 people digitally.


The Guardians of the Galaxy’s space ship is real, but maybe smaller than you would have imagined, with a blue screen as space.


When Doctor Strange gets tortured, the needles may not have been real, but Cumberbatch really was suspended midair.


The scene with Thanos adopting a young Gamora wasn’t purely CG. Many were in full costumes and makeup on set.


Peter Dinklage filmed alongside mini cutouts of his co-stars to appear as if he was towering over them.


Robert Downey Jr. only wore a piece of his Iron Man costume in some scenes.


When the group heads to the train station, that filming really took place at the Waverley station in Edinburgh, Scotland. Production also built several items, including a coffee shop there at the train station.


Cull Obsidian was really just a man – Terry Notary – in a motion-capture suit. Notary also did the movements for Teen Groot.


The giant battle in Wakanda was filmed outside in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.


When Vision, Scarlet Witch, and members of the Black Order fight on top of a cathedral, it’s really the St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh.


This is what Corvus Glaive really looked like in his motion-action suit on the rooftop.


When Thanos blasts Star-Lord, Drax, and Nebula with the power stone, they were actually falling on set.


Thor really carried around an axe on set of “Infinity War,” but it didn’t light up.


When the actors were going up against Thanos, they were fighting a double on a platform.


Josh Brolin was really wearing a version of the Infinity Gauntlet when he delivered that life-altering snap at the film’s end.



How much Game of Thrones stars make per episode


Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) – $175,000


Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) – $175,000


Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) – $175,000


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) – $500,000


Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) – $500,000


Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) – $500,000


Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) – $500,000


Kit Harington (Jon Snow) – $500,000

20 Hidden Movie Details Most Fans Missed

20 Hidden Movie Details Most Fans Missed -


Captain America: Civil War (2016)The Russo brothers snuck the Bluth family car from ‘Arrested Development’ into the background of the big fight scene. The brothers directed some of the comedy show’s episodes.


The Great Gatsby (2013)When Gatsby and Daisy see each other for the first time in the film, they stay silent for a whole 30 seconds. The director wanted the scene to mirror the moment in Fitzerald’s novel which states, “For half a minute there wasn’t a sound.”


Groundhog Day (1993)A boy with a broken leg appears in the background of a hospital scene. This is the same boy that Phil saves from falling on another day.


Inception (2010)The first letters of the names of the main characters spell ‘dreams’ (Dom, Robert, Eams, Arthur, Mal, and Saito).Then add Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf and it spells ‘dreams pay’ which is how they earn a living.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)Scott is seen wearing a ‘Plumtree’ shirt, which is a Canadian band that released the song ‘Scott Pilgrim’ in 1997. This is the song that inspired Bryan Lee O’Malley to create the Scott Pilgrim comics upon which the movie is based.


The Matrix (1999)In the film, character Neo’s passport expires on September 11, 2001.


The Incredibles 2 (2018)The colored emblems on the pilot’s uniform are abstract color representations of every Pixar film up to that point.


Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)‘Matrix’ is written on the blackboard to the right of Laurence Fishburne’s head as a hat tip to ‘The Matrix’.



Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)When Peter is getting drunk in the bar, he starts quoting ‘Sex and the City’ while holding a fruity drink. The actress who plays Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) walks behind him when he says “What’s up Miranda?”


Black Panther, 2018)In the casino scene, the clothing colors of the three characters are the same colors as the Pan-African flag.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)The books in the library scenes don’t have titles. This is because Jim Carrey’s character Joel couldn’t remember little details.


Spider-Man (2002)During the scene on Thanksgiving Day, Peter Parker is wearing Green Goblin colors and Norman Osborn (aka The Green Goblin) is wearing Spider-Man colors.



Ocean’s Eleven (2001)Brad Pitt’s character Rusty is constantly eating throughout the film. People aren’t exactly sure why, but you can catch him munching during most of his scenes.


Blade Runner 2048 (2017)In the film, a replicant can be recognized by looking closely at their eyes when the person looks up and to the left. When the movie starts, viewers can read the word ‘replicants’ in the top left corner, making their eyes do the same thing.


A Star Is Born (2018)Character Jack Maine loses a lot of weight during his healing process, which is hinted at by how loose his wedding ring gets.


101 Dalmatians (1961)Lady and the Tramp make a quick appearance in this scene of the Disney film.


Thor (2011)Jane hands Thor a t-shirt to wear with a nametag that reads ‘Donald Blake, MD’ attached. Jane identifies this as her ex-boyfriend. Dr. Donald Blake is the human alter ego of Thor in the original comic series.


Young Guns (1988) Tom Cruise briefly appears in the movie as a character who gets killed during one of the shootouts. The actor accidentally stumbled upon the set and was asked to be in the film because he’d never been in a western before.



The Lord of the Rings (2001)Galadriel is the last elf in Middle-earth who saw the light of the Two Trees of Valinor, which is why her eyes reflect the light of the stars. To achieve this effect while filming, the crew had to use special lighting units in all of the scenes with Galadriel.


Avengers: Infinity War (2018)The score playing when Tony Stark speaks to Pepper Potts on the ship in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is the same score that plays when Steve Rogers speaks to Peggy Carter in ‘Captian America: The First Avenger’.

10 Strange Facts About Famous War Films

10 Strange Facts About Famous War Films -

Few films are as gripping as those that attempt to realistically capture the horrors of war. If done right, a war film can become iconic, sweeping awards ceremonies and ingraining their lines, performances, and scenes into popular culture. If done wrong, they’re forgotten inside a decade.

As is true of so many things, there is much more to some war movies than meets the eye, or the screen. The following ten entries look back at some of the most iconic war films in cinematic history, detailing the little-known facts, controversies, and strife that occurred behind the scenes.

Featured image credit: Universal Pictures


10 Downward Spiral

Photo credit: DreamWorks/Paramount

It’s no secret that actor Tom Sizemore has had his share of problems with drugs and alcohol. During the pinnacle of his career in the mid- to late 1990s, Sizemore was in and out of rehab, with his struggles publicized due to his debauchery and run-ins with the law. It was during this time when he received a call from Steven Spielberg, requesting to speak with him about the upcoming World War II drama, Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg insisted that the actor bring his wife to their meeting, where the director blatantly asked her, “Can Tom stay clean and sober?”

Despite promises that more often than not carry no merit, Spielberg agreed to cast Sizemore under one condition: His blood was to be tested on set every day during the production of the film, and if he were to fail the test once, his termination from the project would be immediate. If such an occurrence had befallen the production, his role was to be replaced by Billy Bob Thornton.[1]

In spite of Sizemore successfully completing the movie, his rap sheet continued to grow, with multiple charges including drug abuse and assault and battery against his ex, Heidi Fleiss. In November 2017, Sizemore was fired by his management firm and talent agency, and he was dropped as the male lead in an upcoming psychological thriller The Door after allegations surfaced that he sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl in 2003.

9 Gibson vs. GLAAD

Mel Gibson’s epic 1995 film Braveheart, which depicts the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England, caused quite the stir prior to even being released on the silver screen. Gay activists suspected that the adventure flick was nothing more than a homophobic film that encouraged “gay-bashing.” Such rhetoric stemmed from one particular scene in which King Edward I killed the male lover of his son by throwing him out of a castle window. In addition, GLADD spokeswoman Sandy Boldner contended that Gibson was hostile toward homosexuals and that he had a history of anti-gay sentiment.[2]

The ill will between the two parties only escalated when GLAAD organized protests in nine cities against Gibson’s acting and directing. The movie star fiercely responded to the criticism, stating, “They can f— off” and that he’ll “apologize when hell freezes over.” Despite the colorful language and stern resentment, Braveheart was a box office success and won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.


8 Famous Faces

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Darryl Zanuck was adamant about creating an anti-Hollywood war movie when he signed on to produce and direct The Longest Day, a 1962 film about the Allied invasion of Normandy. By stripping the distinctive glamour of battle that Hollywood often portrayed in films, Zanuck knew a picture detailing the actual dreadfulness of war would be a hard sell for audiences and studio executives. In order to fully immerse viewers, Zanuck cast as many A-list stars as possible. Ironically, the famous faces that were chosen—John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Sean Connery, and Richard Burton—were so familiar that it became a constant distraction on-screen, making it difficult to convince viewers that the actors represented real people.

Interestingly enough, Dwight D. Eisenhower was approached by Zanuck, who offered the former president a starring role in which he would play himself. Eisenhower graciously declined, but he consented to a private screening. Eisenhower made good on his promise, albeit momentarily, storming out only a few minutes into the movie. It is unclear what triggered the former president and veteran, but he was not to be deterred. “Ike, you can’t do that,” his wife Mamie stated, to which he replied, “The hell I can’t!”[3]

7 Ultimatum

Photo credit: AP

Record-setting Hall of Famer Jim Brown was at the peak of his career in 1966, when he stunned the sports world by announcing his retirement from the NFL. The sudden, unforeseen departure for the 29-year-old was one rooted in a harsh ultimatum that accelerated his movement into a life he was already seeking.

While in London filming The Dirty Dozen, a World War II film starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, and Charles Bronson, production ran longer than expected, causing Brown to become embroiled in a public dispute with his team’s owner, Art Modell. Modell informed Brown that he would be fining the athlete $100 for every day that he did not report to camp. According to Brown, he had “no bargaining power,” leaving him no choice but to quit the NFL “with regret but not sorrow.”

On July 14, 1966, Brown held a press conference on the set of the film, clothed in military fatigues and speaking in front of a tank: “My original intention was to try to participate in the 1966 National Football League season. But due to circumstances, this is impossible.” An unexpected end to an astonishing and revered football career.[4]

6 Nixon’s Pastime

Photo credit: Wikimedia

One of the most cherished pastimes of former US president Richard Nixon was his obsession and eagerness to be entertained by the silver screen. In the five years that he served as president, the staunch movie buff watched a total of 538 films in the screening room at the White House. Aside from foreign films, which he despised, Nixon was attracted to all types of genre, including movies that blatantly mocked him.

In all the years, Nixon walked out on only one film, West Side Story, given the fact that he “couldn’t stand the propaganda.” Although he avoided R-rated films for the most part, one of his favorite movies was 1970’s Patton, starring George C. Scott as the revered US General during World War II. In fact, Nixon’s fixation with the film was so ardent that he famously watched it repeatedly prior to announcing his invasion of Cambodia in 1970. Many viewed this act as indicative of a warmongering president who was hell-bent on embracing and perhaps channeling General Patton’s battle tactics and fearlessness during a contentious and volatile time in American history.[5]


5 Wasted Talent

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Considered Hollywood’s first true Method actor, Montgomery Clift immersed himself in every role, creating an exceptional standard never before seen in the industry. The extraordinary gift to lose himself in a character merely shielded him temporarily from the profound unhappiness he was silently battling all his life.

Unable to come to terms with his homosexuality, Clift’s alcoholism, drug abuse, and bizarre behavior began to boil over while working on the 1953 box office smash From Here To Eternity, co-starring Burt Lancaster and Frank Sinatra. During filming, Clift formed a close friendship with Sinatra, whom he talked out of committing suicide when the musician became despondent after being rejected by Ava Gardner. Their friendship would come to an abrupt end when an inebriated Clift was thrown out of a party hosted by Sinatra after the actor made sexual advances to another male.

His drug and alcohol addictions only intensified during the movie’s production and progressively worsened after filming concluded. A near-fatal car crash in 1957 left him physically maimed, tremendously scarring the vain actor psychologically. Clift died at the age of 45 of a heart attack on July 23, 1966.[6]

4 All Quiet On The Western Front

The 1930 film All Quiet On The Western Front is an unflinching adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s anti-war novel about the horrors of the World War I. Not surprisingly, the movie was banned in Germany for being “anti-German” and also in Poland, where it was ironically deemed “pro-German.” Prior to its expulsion in Germany, however, Nazi thugs took to the cinemas, where they released snakes, rats, and stink bombs in protest of the screenings. Hitler was said to be infuriated due to the film’s anti-war, anti-nationalism theme, fearing a wave of pacifism would sweep Germany.[7]

The novel’s author was forced to leave his home country due to the relentless maltreatment he received from the Nazi party. Upon Remarque’s departure, the Nazis confiscated all the money in his bank accounts and held public rallies burning his books. In spite of the harsh treatment he was subjected to, Remarque was undoubtedly fortunate to escape with his life as opposed to the millions who would die in the coming years.

3 A Production From Hell

Photo credit: United Artists

It’s difficult to picture the fact that Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece Apocalypse Now almost never came to fruition, given the legendary struggles that occurred during production. Over a period of 16 months, cast and crew experienced personal hardships that nearly led them to the brink of insanity. On the first day Marlon Brando was scheduled to shoot his scenes, he arrived on set never having read the script and 40 kilograms (88 lb) overweight. Drug use was rampant among the cast, who overindulged, including a 14-year-old Laurence Fishburne, who was supposedly introduced to heroin by his costar Dennis Hopper.

Actor Sam Bottoms confessed that he was high on pot, speed, or LSD during much of the filming of his scenes. If things couldn’t get any more dysfunctional, lead actor Martin Sheen—who was struggling with alcoholism and often filmed while in a chaotic state of immense inebriation—suffered a heart attack, leaving the production in a state of limbo.[8] Believing his film was going to be a $20 million disaster, Coppola admitted to his wife that he was contemplating shooting himself. In the end, what was expected to be a colossal failure became an epic accomplishment in cinematic history, earning around $150 million worldwide.

2 ‘The Lizard King’

Photo credit: Elektra Records

1986 was an emotional year for Oliver Stone. After years of struggling to make a name for himself as a director, Stone was officially accepted among Hollywood’s elite with the release of his nationally acclaimed film Platoon. The low-budget movie about the war in Vietnam starring Charlie Sheen went on to win four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Interestingly enough, Stone wrote the screenplay 17 years prior to its release, focusing heavily on mythology before its adaptation into a more realistic war drama. What’s even more fascinating is who Stone had in mind to play the main character: rock ‘n’ roll superstar and lead singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison. In fact, Stone was so fixated on having his idol star as the lead in his film that he sent the musician an early draft of Platoon, with the hopes of persuading Morrison to sign on.

Two years later, “The Lizard King” would be found dead in a bathtub in his Paris apartment with the screenplay Stone had sent him sitting nearby. Eerily enough, the script was returned to Stone in 1990 when he was making the film The Doors.[9]

1 Russian Roulette

In 1981, psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Radecki wrote to the general manager at WFLD-TV in Chicago, urging the station to edit the Russian roulette scenes in The Deer Hunter, which was scheduled to air the following week. In the 1978 classic, Vietnam POWs, played by Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken, are forced by Vietnamese guards to play the sadistic “game” in a gambling den.

What Dr. Radecki feared was that the infamous scenes would inspire real-life imitators, given that there had been 28 shootings and 25 confirmed Russian roulette deaths in the United States since the release of the film. Dr. Radecki’s pleas fell on deaf ears, leading to the deaths of Ted Tolwinski, 26, and David Radnis, 28 who shot themselves at their tables after seeing the movie.[10]

More than 30 years later, delusional copycats on a suicide mission continue to emerge. In 2015, 20-year-old movie buff Bryan Javier Soto Aguilera saw the film and then blew his head off while reenacting the dangerous game of chance.



23 Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Sunday Night's Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' (SPOILERS)

23 Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Sunday Night's Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' (SPOILERS) -





15 Movie Titles That Blatantly Lied To Everyone

15 Movie Titles That Blatantly Lied To Everyone -



The Room

This legendary bad film is so awesome in it’s awkwardness, but where’s the titular room? What room are they talking about?

There is no room and it’s tearing me apart.


Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

You can’t even tour Manhattan, let alone take it, within 15 mins, but that’s how long Jason is in NY. Of the 100 min running time, he’s on a ship killing high school graduates, until the very end, when he hits a few landmarks and disappears in a sewer.


The Last Exorcism Part II

If it’s the last one, why is there a second part? I thought the original, found-footage film was the very last one? Apparently, it wasn’t.

Even worse, the exorcism is only a tiny part of this film, while the rest of the film is about the demon being in love with his host.



This 1980 erotic thriller should have been about obsession, infidelity, murder and sex. And with a title like this, you could also assume there was a voyeuristic component to it like in Body Double or Peeping Tom. That’s a hard no, though. No peeping.

It’s just a film about an obsessed woman who hires a taxi driver to rape her friend, in order to get sexual gratification. But no one is doing anything with windows.


Another Son of Sam

This Grindhouse-Horror film might paint itself as a film about a serial killer like David Berkowitz, but it has absolutely nothing to do with him.

Originally filmed in 1975, it was about mental patient who took college students as hostages. When released in 1977, they decided to capitalize on the Son of Sam fiasco.

It’s also a sh#t film.


John Dies at the End

It’s spelled out, right there in the title, but guess what? The title’s wrong.

John dies in the middle of the film, but that’s only because it’s a non-linear set up.


The Lone Ranger

Not to be pedantic, but the Lone Ranger’s never really been alone, in any version. He’s always got Tonto to watch his back.



There’s only one scene set in Fargo, North Dakota, where Jerry meets up with the hitmen. The rest of the film in Minnesota. Why not call it Brainerd, MN?


This Film is Not Yet Rated

This documentary takes a look at the political and arbitrary nature of how movies are labelled, and it obviously needed to be rated before it was released. It ended up with an NC-17, before director Kirby Dick appealed.

Still though… it’s all a lie.


Clash of the Titans

You’d think there would be Titans in this film, but you’d be wrong. There aren’t any. Just Greek gods and Sam Worthington, fighting it out over sh#t. Frankly, the 1981 is better. Nothing tops Harry Hamlin and his mechanical owl. At least that one had a Titan or two.


Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

There’s two lies inherent in the title. The first is announcing that Freddy’s dead, as if that’s new information. He’s been dead for all the movies. And he’s not the kind of dead where he stays dead, ya know?

The second was that it was the final nightmare. It wasn’t There were 3 more films after this one.


Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Sure, there’s a curse involved, but it’s not on the Black Pearl. The ship itself is fine, it’s the crew that’s been cursed. Should have called it The Curse of the Crew of the Black Pearl.

Also, very few of those pirates are actually from the Caribbean.


Across the Pacific

This Humphrey Bogart classic was supposed to be about the war in the Pacific, except nothing ever happens there. It’s not seen, crossed, and is barely mentioned.

In it’s defence, it was supposed to be about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, until they actually did. Then the bombing location was changed to Panama (which is in the Caribbean), but the title remained the same.


Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff

This comedy duo does indeed meet Boris Karloff, but despite all signs pointing to him being the killer, he’s not. That honour falls to the hotel manager.

The filmmakers lie again in a the subsequent film Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, because they land on Venus instead of Mars. Where’s the honesty, Bud and Lou?


The Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Surprise, surprise… there is no “Book of Shadows” in this film. There’s a book that they’re researching that has something to do with the Blair Witch and shadows, but they never even use the words.


The Karate Kid

They don’t even do Karate in this film. It’s Kung-Fu. The whole title was just to capitalize on the popularity of the original, and the producers entertained the idea of having a more accurate title, but rejected it.

This entire movie should be crane-kicked out of existence.


Mission: Impossible

Let’s be honest here; Ethan Hunt is still alive and un-maimed. He’s been in 6 films, with two more announced. Are they really impossible? Or just really, really difficult and other agencies just puss out at the idea.


Assault on Precinct 13

This is a fantastic neo-Western, but I can’t get over the fact that the actual police station in question is called Precinct 9, Division 13.

Apparently Precinct 13 sounds cooler, but still… not cool, man.



This film isn’t happy, not at all. It’s a dark comedy about a child rapist, an obscene caller, a self-hating author and a severely old man who cheats on his wife. Sure, the title is meant to be ironic, but it’s also, completely untrue.


Jurassic Park

I’d hate to say anything about this wonderfully amazing film. It still holds up today and is f#cking amazing. But… there are no dinosaurs from the Jurassic period in this movie. They’re all from the Cretaceous period, which was 80 Million years after the Jurassic. Plus, saying “Welcome to, Cretaceous Park” sounds lame.

It’s just a minor quibble, though.


Game of Thrones Baddies: Ranking All the Villains

Game of Thrones Baddies: Ranking All the Villains -


I don’t think there’s any tv show, past or present, that has such a robust cast of villains, as Game of Thrones does. Most shows will aim for one, but this show, man… every episode has got me raging and screaming at the debased Asshole-ery on display. And every single one of them is a bad guy for the most human of reasons.So, going into the final season, I figured I’d rank ’em based on their actions and my feelings toward them. Note, I’m leaving the Night King out, because he’s more of a natural force, rather than a man with an evil plan.


22) Lancel Lannister

The guy’s a traitor to his family, and in his clueless state, decided to join with the Sparrows. Then he goes around, armed with lies and betrayal, just to please his little cult.There’s nothing redeeming in being someone else’s bitch for no good reason.


21) Xaro Xhoan Daxos & Pyat Pree

This annoying duo from Quarth weren’t really a threat anyone, but they still were manipulative as fuck. I’ve got a soft spot for Dany, so anyone with the wrong intentions, gets on my hit list. Oh, and throw in Doreah too, she was a sneaky bitch.At least they all got what what coming to them.


20) Karl Tanner

This guy was a self-centred, douchebag of a rapist and murderer, who led a mutiny against the Night’s Watch.Oh, and he murdered Lord Commander Mormont and then drank wine from his skull. So, there’s that.


19) Ser Janos Slynt

There’s always someone who ends up with a high title, and hides behind it like a suit of armour, even though they haven’t done much to deserve it. This dude was also a coward and a baby killer. He’s also the guy that betrayed Ned Stark and got him arrested and executed. Thankfully, Jon Snow took his head off too.


18) Locke

This guy was a for the TV show, so there’s not a lot of build up or history to him. Despite that, he was still a depraved bastard. He tried to rape Brienne, then feed her to a bear, he crippled Bran, then took the Kingslayer’s sword hand.But what a way to go, when Bran uses Hodor to practically rip his head off.


17) The Waif

An acolyte to the Faceless Men, she could have helped train Arya to be an elite assassin. Instead, she was a relentless bully. Beating her, belittling her, murdering Lady Crane, and finally trying to kill Arya, she got what she deserved.


16) Grand Master Pycelle

This guy’s lasted 6 seasons by keeping his head down, but he’s also cowardly and an annoying brown noser. He’s also lacks any moral credibility, as he claims to serve House Lannister, but testifies against Tyrion in open court.


15) Craster

He might have been a friend to the NIght’s Watch at one point, but he’s also a big piece of shit. He’s a wildling who raped his daughters and fed his incest-born sons to the White Walkers. Definitely not daddy material.


14) Ser Meryl Trant

This guy has no honour. He’s a knight who’ll break his sworn duty to defend the weak and the innocent without hesitation or question, when asked. He also beats and humiliates Sansa, and likes his prostituted a little too young.This guy was disgusting.


13) Viserys Targaryen

This son of the Mad King loved to call himself the Dragon, but he was anything but. He was a whiner and a loser, and thought it’d be cool to molest and sell his sister.His death by Khal Drogo is easily one of the best in the series.


12) Qyburn

This guy’s an insane mad doctor, who’s somehow the Queen’s hand. He does some good things with his knowledge of medicine, but he’s alluded to some sinister activities in the past.Plus, turning the Mountain into a stitched together monster is not cool.


11) Ser Alliser Thorne

This guy was good at running his mouth, but not so good at managing the Night’s Watch. On top of that, he was a sore loser and led the mutiny against Jon. That makes him a huge bastard in my books.


10) Mirri Mai Duur

While she was only in a few episodes, she really got under everyone’s skin for what she did to Dany’s unborn child and partner. It’s a shitty way to repay Daenerys’ kindness. I get doing what she did to Khal Drogo, but an innocent child? That’s a hard no.


9) Roose Bolton

Now we’re getting to the fun part of the list. This Machiavellian menace is ice cold. By killing his king in the heart, and teasing Catelyn about it beforehand, he paved the way for his bastard son to wreck havoc.


8) The Mountain

He’s most notorious for what he did 17 years before the show began, with the murder of Elia Martell’s babies, and his subsequent rape and murder of her. From then on, he’s done some nasty shit.HIs defeat of the Red Viper is as brutal as they come, and now he’s an obedient zombie, with no restraint.


7) The High Sparrow

There’s no greater villain, then the guy who wraps himself up in a cloak of self-righteousness. This guy is a deluded fanatic, and his act of forcing Cersei to be paraded through the streets nude, is a carnal sin of misogyny.There’s nothing worse than a fanatic who thinks he’s got the gods on his side.


6) Ramsay Bolton

I’ve never seen anyone who loves torture as much as this guy. He’s annoying as fuck and made me want to punch my tv every time he showed his face. His most heinous acts, of castrating Theon and raping Sansa, make him the worst of the worst.


5) Walder Frey

While he wasn’t has heavily featured as some other villains, he’s still a colossal douche. He’s changed the kingdom forever, over a petty reason and that whole Red Wedding thing? Yeah, nice guys don’t do that.


4) Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

He might not seem like much at first, but he’s a weasel. He also secretly started the War of the Five Kings, and feasted on the chaos. Plus, he betrayed my man Ned.


3) Tywin Lannister

Granted, he was an endlessly complicated patriarch, full of hypocrisy and double standards, but man, he’s a charming asshole. He cuts a bloody path through the first 4 seasons of the show, placing his family’s name higher than the people in it, and he also ordered the death of his own son.That’s cold.


2) Cersei Lannister

Granted, she hasn’t had a good life – getting married off at a young age, raped nightly, and having her first child stillborn. Still though, she’s as frigid as they come.Starting off slow with the murder of her husband, she’s grown ambitious and foolish. Her rash decisions meant that she’s partnered with the Sparrows, corrupted the Mountain, and blew up a quarter of her capital, killing thousands.Between all the incest and murder, she’s descended into madness, and it’s interesting to see where she’ll go in the last season.


1) Joffrey Baratheon

There is no one worse than this snivelling, petty, and completely ignorant demon spawn. I hated every second that he was on screen, and that’s saying a lot. He was a fucking sociopath, who had the balls to condemn others to death, but also was afraid of his dwarf uncle and those close to him.Plus his knee-jerk reaction to publicly execute Ned Stark, and revoke his offer of mercy, set off ripples that are still being felt, going into the final season. The dude was a brat.

Top 10 Movie Quotes of All Time

Top 10 Movie Quotes of All Time -

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give damn.”

Rhett Butler (Clark Gable)

Gone With The Wind, MGM, 1939


Even after this "damning" line, Scarlett O'Hara clings to the hope that she can win Rhett back

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)

The Godfather, Paramount Pictures, 1972


Threat + Offer= Throffer

“I could'a been a contender!”

Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando)

On the Waterfront, Horizon-American Pictures, Inc., 1954


Before Marlon Brando was a mob boss in The Godfather, he was controlled by the mob in On The Waterfront

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland)

The Wizard of Oz, MGM, 1939


On the day of Judy Garland's death, there was a tornado in Kansas

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart)

Casablanca, Warner Bros., 1943


I'm not crying. You're crying.

“Go ahead, make my day.”

Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood).

Sudden Impact. Warner Bros., 1983


Eastwood's laconic delivery is short, sweet, and quietly rebellious

“Alright, Mr. Deville. I’m ready for my close-up.”

Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson)

Sunset Boulevard, Paramount, 1950


The U.S. Library of Congress declared that Sunset Boulevard  is "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" in 1989

“May the force be with you.”

Han Solo (Harrison Ford)

Star Wars, Twentieth Century Fox, 1977


In other words, "good luck; you're going to need it"

“Buckle your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Margo Channing (Bette Davis)

All About Eve, Twentieth Century Fox, 1950


Davis doesn't just relish drama, she IS drama

  • “You talking to me?”

    Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro)

    Taxi Driver, Columbia, 1976




The Church of Scientology has become one of the most ridiculed religions since its launch in 1952. The religion was founded by American author L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists are known to believe that the Earth is inhabited by alien “thetans,” which walk our world disguised as humans, and that the “auditing” process will clear the body of these thetans and the “mental implants” they impose on us all. It is also stated that humans evolved from clams.[1]

That all sounds pretty nuts, right? Despite the ongoing criticism of Scientology, these following celebrities are all dedicated followers and have spoken out about their true devotion for the church.

10 John Travolta

Photo credit: Georges Biard

Hollywood star John Travolta has been a follower of the Church of Scientology since 1975 and is one of their most high-profile members. Alongside his wife, Kelly Preston, he credits the church for standing beside them when they lost their son after he suffered a seizure at age 16.

Travolta said, “The church never left our sides for two years. I don’t know if I would have made it through without their support.” He added, “The truth is, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Life was no longer interesting to me, so it took a lot to get me better.”

Former Scientology spokesperson Mike Rinder has alleged in an interview that the church has a lot more control over the lives of Travolta and his family than the public knows about. He revealed, “Kelly is a much more dedicated Scientologist than John. Scientology dictates every choice in life and informs every decision a Scientologist makes.”[2]

9 Kirstie Alley

Photo credit: AP

Kirstie Alley has been a devoted follower of Scientology since 1979. She was previously raised as a Methodist. Alley personally admitted to joining the church when she was struggling with cocaine addiction. She went through the Scientology-affiliated drug treatment program known as Narconon and has since ended her dependency.

Following the Las Vegas Strip shooting in 2017, she wrote a series of tweets blaming the actions of the shooter, Stephen Paddock, on psychiatric medications—an assumption, as her statements came before the coroner’s report. The Church of Scientology claims drugs damage a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Instead, they recommend one of their international Narconon drug rehabilitation centers.

Alley has defended the church against those who condemn its practices, claiming that most of the criticisms are not true. In an interview, she stated, “I think all religions sound bizarre to people who are not the practitioners of them. [ . . . ] To me [Scientology] is so normal, and probably 90 percent of the crazy stuff I hear isn’t true.”[3]

8 Beck

Photo credit: Raph_PH

Grammy award-winning singer Beck was born into the Church of Scientology. He first acknowledged his affiliation with Scientology in 2005, when he stated, “It’s just something that I’ve been around. People in my family do it. I’ve read books, and I’ve learned about it.” His estranged wife is also a second-generation Scientologist.

Speaking in an interview about Scientology, Beck explained, “It’s definitely something that’s helped me. [ . . . ] I think the good done speaks for itself.” When asked about criticisms toward the church, he replied, “There’s that kind of intolerance which to me is kind of insidious, you know; you can make a judgment about something you don’t about. [ . . . ] They have one of the highest [drug treatment] success rates [ . . . ] and programs for criminals in prisons—it’s pretty staggering actually.”[4]

Beck is known as a still-active member of the church. However, recent interviewers have since been forbidden to ask him questions regarding his religion.

7 Issac Hayes

Photo credit: William Henderson

Singer Issac Hayes won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the “Theme from Shaft,” but most of his fans know him as the voice of Chef in the popular comedy South Park. After nine years in the role, Hayes quit the show when an episode mocked the Church of Scientology, of which he was a member.

Hayes said in a statement, “There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends, and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins. As a civil rights activist, I cannot support a show that disrespects those beliefs and practices.”

South Park co-creator Matt Stone fired back, “This has nothing to do with intolerance and bigotry and everything to do with the fact that Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist and that we recently featured Scientology in an episode of South Park. In 10 years and more than 150 episodes, Isaac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He got a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured on the show.”[5]

6 Nancy Cartwright

Voice actress Nancy Cartwright—best known for bringing to life Bart Simpson on The Simpsons—is a devoted Scientologist and has been since 1991. In 2007, she was awarded Scientology’s Patron Laureate Award for donating $10 million to the church—twice her annual salary. Following the release of the scathing documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief in 2015, Cartwright went public with her support for the church.

She said, “It was such a lie. That book and that movie, I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s called prejudice. It’s like, very irresponsible reporting. You know, anybody wants to find out about it you should find out about it for yourself. It’s called integrity. And, look at me. Look at who I am, seriously. Look what it is that I am doing. You can’t knock me for what it is that I’m doing. I am helping.” She added, “Shame on them, anyway. And the truth is, find out for yourself.”[6]

5 Elisabeth Moss

Photo credit:

The Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss grew up in the Church of Scientology and has been very guarded about her religion. One fan managed to tempt Moss into a rare debate after commenting on her social media post, “Both Gilead [fictional location in The Handmaid’s Tale] and Scientology both believe that all outside sources (aka news) are wrong or evil. Does it make you think twice about Scientology?” Moss wrote back, “That’s actually not true at all about Scientology. Religious freedom and tolerance and understanding the truth and equal rights for every race, religion and creed are extremely important to me.”

In 2017, when Moss received her Emmy for Best Actress, she startled members of the audience when she dropped a lot of F-bombs throughout her acceptance speech. According to former Scientologist, Tiziano Lugli, this is a technique used by Scientologists to appeal to others. He explained, “Scientologists are urged to communicate with ‘average people,’ and to do so effectively you have to ‘go down the tone scale.’ So they all use ‘f—, f—, f—‘ every time they talk. It’s fascinating.”[7]

4 Juliette Lewis

Photo credit: David Shankbone

Oscar-nominated actress turned rock star Juliette Lewis has been a devoted Scientologist for many years, having grown up in a family steeped in the organization. Her father, actor Geoffrey Lewis, was also a Scientologist. Due to her rebellious nature, it was believed that the actress would leave the church once she reached adulthood. However, she has remained a dedicated member.

In 2017, she tweeted her support for fellow Scientologist and actor Danny Masterson when he was accused of rape. She wrote, “Love you and your beautiful family. It will get better. We know this.”

Defending against criticism of the church, Lewis explained that there can be “trouble” in any religion. She said, “Any religion, you can find trouble in. At the end of the day, I’m into protecting my freedom of choice, freedom of voice, freedom of religion, freedom of expression. And so as long as nothing is inhibiting that . . . But there are misconceptions that are annoying.”[8]

3 Michael Pena

Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Michael Pena is best known for his roles in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Narcos: Mexico. He believes his success as an actor is thanks to programs he became involved in as a Scientologist. Pena joined the church in 2000, when he entered the detox program “Purification Rundown” for his alcoholism. He revealed, “For me, it isn’t a religion like a belief; it’s practical things you do.”

Pena then joined another program called “Study Tech,” which encouraged him to become a better reader. He said, “[Study Tech] made me a better actor because I felt like it helped my understanding of scripts.” Developed by founder Ron L. Hubbard, Study Tech is aimed at raising literacy among the church.

Speaking about criticism of the church, he explained, “I don’t read that stuff. OK, imagine we’re friends, you and me. Buddies. And there’s a tabloid story about you. There’s no way I’m going to read some tabloid story about you. Especially when I know it’s misinformed.”[9]

2 Laura Prepon

Photo credit: AOL

Orange Is The New Black star Lauren Prepon strongly believes that Scientology has rid her of life stresses and relaxes her. She previously revealed that she has worked through many of its programs, including “Personal Values and Integrity” and “Purification Rundown.”

Prepon has also been through the process of auditing within the church, which has been heavily criticized by former members, who believe their traumatic pasts were used against them for reasons of control. The process allows the individual to evaluate tough times that have happened in their life and get rid of any negativity from the past that might be holding them back. Prepon said, “The auditing has stripped away all of this charge, false ideas, decisions and mis-emotions that were affecting me.”

She added, “I spotted this decision I made a long time ago that was affecting me to this day. [ . . . ] At the time of the incident, you make a postulate as a ‘pro-survival’ decision, you know? Then to spot it years and years later, after peeling away these layers and then—boom, there it is—it’s mind-blowing! To think of it just hiding there in my bank, affecting me.”[10]

1 Tom Cruise

Photo credit: Dick Thomas Johnson

Tom Cruise is known as one of the most recognizable members of the Church of Scientology and also the most highly criticized. Cruise himself claims that the “Study Tech” program helped him overcome dyslexia, and he campaigned for Scientology to be recognized as a religion in Europe. In 2004, he famously made a controversial statement, “I think psychiatry should be outlawed.” He also criticized actress Brooke Shields for using antidepressants when she was struggling with postpartum depression.

Former church member Leah Remini said, “He is second to David Miscavige—the saviour of the free world.” Another former member, Bree Mood, said, “[Cruise] was a god in the lower ranks. [ . . . ] Every time a Tom Cruise movie came out they’d buy all his tickets. It could be 500, 1,000, up to 2,500 people. I’m not kidding.”[11]

His ex-wife, actress Nicole Kidman, is believed to have left the church following the end of their marriage. However, their adopted daughter Isabella has since become a member and has been through the auditing process during an internship at Scientology London. It is also strongly believed that Cruise’s religion caused the breakdown of his most recent marriage to actress Katie Holmes.


Game Of Thrones: 22 Burning Questions Season 8 MUST Answer

Game Of Thrones: 22 Burning Questions Season 8 MUST Answer -


It’s only a mere few days until April 14th when the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones begins. Six episodes later, it’ll all be over. But will we leave satisfied?I don’t envy the producers of a dense show like this one. There have been 7 seasons already, with so many dangling plot threads, prophesies, a shit-ton of incest, and other strange things, that there’s no way that everyone can leave satisfied with all plot lines resolved. I’m hoping they can try to tackle these before the inevitable end.I know that this isn’t all of them, so if there’s a plot thread I missed, toss ’em in the comments.



Is Tyrion a Targaryen?What if he’s not a Lannister at all? There have been some suspicious clues about his dragon blood.



Will Brienne finish her Got journey with Jaime or Tormund?It’s been one hell of a love triangle, so we wanna know who she’s gonna end up with, if anyone at all.



Will Gendry pursue his claim to the crown?As Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, he could. He’s also an ally for Jon and Dany now, but is he gonna branch out on his own?



Will Maggy’s prophesy keep on shaping Cersei’s fate?Who is the Valonquar and will he really choke the life out of Cersei?



Will Daario come back to Dany?He’s been maintaining things in Meereen, is he at least gonna to reunite with her before the end?



Will we ever find out why Illyrio helped Daenerys in season 1?What does he expect in return for this generosity, now that she’s close to the throne?



What is the Golden Company, and will they swing the tide of the war?Are they gonna be enough?



Will Dany’s visions at the House of the Undying come back to haunt her?Does what she sees, come into play at all?



Are the children of the forest still alive?Are they gonna do anything against the White Walkers?



Are any more of Old Nan’s stories going to come true?I mean, she was right about Bran and Walder Frey.



Are we ever gonna learn who built the wall?It’s a thousand years old, and stretches for 300 miles. Who put it there and why?



Is Tyrion actually in love with Daenerys?That look he gave her at the end of Season 7 was heavy. Does he want more?



What’s the deal with the red comet in season 2? Is it gonna pan out into something?There are plenty of theories, but what does it actually mean?



Will we finally see the long-hyped Cleganebowl?I mean, c’mon. The Hound and The Mountain have been dancing around for 7 seasons. It’s time to end things.



Will Theon ever redeem himself?He’s made apologies, did some heroic things, and tried to save Yara. Most likely, his arc will come to a redemptive close, but we want to know for sure.



Is anything ever gonna happen in Sothoryos?What’s the point of it? We’ve spent time in Westeros, Essos, but have yet to learn anything about Uthos and Sothoryos. Apparently, the inhabitants are half man, half animal.



Will Jaime switch his allegiance from Cersei to Dany?I think he’s had enough of his sister. Plus, I think he might be one that chokes her to death, probably with his metal hand.



Is Hot PIe a harbinger for death and destruction?He’s like oranges in The Godfather. Bad things happen.



Will we find out that Bran is the Night King?He’s influenced the past before. Maybe he goes into the past to prevent the creation of the Night King, and somehow becomes him. Google the theories, they’re insane.



Who was Quaithe and what did she want?Is she ever gonna come back?


Who is the Azor Ahai?Who’s gonna be the mysterious promised prince or princess? Jon Snow? Dany? Jaime Lannister? They better tell us.



Every director’s got a list of movies that inspired them and shaped their vision. Sure, you can go to a film school to learn the techniques and visual language you need to make a great film, or you can just watch a shit ton of movies and take bits and pieces of each to make your own vision. Quentin Tarantino falls into the latter camp.For him, though, each choice he makes today for his movies, is a deliberate callback to a genre, character, costume or specific scene from the movies that shaped him. He’s had countless of interviews where he’s listed his top films, and that list usually ends up at 12, but it’s never completely consistent in terms of the films and the order. The most common is THIS list of amazing classics, but there’s also a handwritten list (recreated above by Open Culture), that throws some new ones into the mix.So, I’m thinking, we watch them all this weekend? Goovy.


American International Pictures

Rolling Thunder (1977)I might be missing something, but this is a pretty generic revenge thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and William Devane. Devane’s a veteran who seeks revenge against the guys who broke into his house and killed his family. That’s not to say that it isn’t good; there’s a hand vs. garbage compactor scene that’s pretty horrific.The premise has been done a thousand times, and while the action is top notch and it’s incredibly violent, I’m too sure what makes it stand out more than Death Wish orStraw Dogs. Regardless, I’m sure he loves it for reasons we mere mortals cannot understand.



Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971)This mixture of dark comedy and murder mystery is the only writing credit of Gene Roddenberry; the creator of Star Trek. Starring Rock Hudson as a guidance counsellor who’s trying to nail as many beautiful students he can, before they all get murdered.This movie is so pitch black with humor, inappropriate moments and counter-culturalism that it’s perfect for Tarantino.


Universal Pictures

Sorcerer (1977)This road trip thriller from William Friedkin, is about some truckers trying to transport leaky dynamite across South America. This film can either be considered a lost cult-classic from the 70’s that completely underrated, or it’s an overblown travesty of cinema.You pick your side, but I’ll do with Tarantino on this one. I love me some gritty Roy Scheider.


Paramount Pictures

The Bad News Bears (1976)As far as a hilarious comedy goes, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s crude, profane and angry, but genuinely funny. It also feels natural, because we can relate to the characters, their frustrations and their feelings.That’s probably why Tarantino loves it.


Gramercy Pictures

Dazed and Confused (1993)This coming-of-age comedy doesn’t really have a structure to it; it’s more of a series of loosely connected vignettes that tell you all you need to know about the teenage experience.This one is an unconventionally cool, drug-hazed, classic comedy.


United Artists

The Great Escape (1963)This is arguably one of the best and most beloved war movies ever made. The way the director evokes the performances out of his actors, shows where Tarantino learned how to wrangle his ensemble casts into some sort of shape.


Columbia Pictures

His Girl Friday (1940)If there’s any one movie you can thank for the way Tarantino writes dialogue, it’s this Howard Hawks classic. It’s got rapid fire sentences and ahead of it’s time gender-politics.Plus the chemistry in this film is so intense. Even if you’re not into older films, you need to see this one at least once.


United Artists

Carrie (1976)Out of all the other Stephen King adaptations out there, this Brian De Palma classic is the best. It’s tense, suspenseful and raw. That’s probably why Quentin loves it.


Warner Bros

Rio Bravo (1959)This Howard Hawks/John Wayne classic had a stacked cast and featured ‘The Duke’ as a lone cowboy fighting off corrupt ranchers. It’s the long, silent, and sweeping opening shot that attracts Tarantino to this film.



Blow Out (1981)This Brian De Palma film has John Travolta as a movie sound engineer, who accidentally records an assassination. It’s an underrated neo-noir thriller and takes a lot of cues from Alfred Hitchcock.


Shaw Brothers Studio

5 Fingers of Death/King Boxer (1972)You knew there had to be a Kung-Fu movie on here somewhere. As for why this one, I’m not sure. But it is a nice mix of Kung-Fu tropes and Grindhouse elements.



Pandora’s Box (1929)This silent film about a highly sexual woman was ahead of it’s time. There are a lot of twists and turns, murder, seduction, a lesbian subplot and a quiet cameo from Jack the Ripper.It’s a little fucked up for it’s time, and I think that’s the appeal for QT.


20th Century Fox

Unfaithfully Yours (1984)To be honest, there are two films with this title, this one a remake of an earlier screwball comedy from 1948, starring Rex Harrison.In both, a composer suspects his wife is cheating on him, so he hires someone to spy on her, and hijinks occur.


Paramount Pictures

5 Graves to Cairo (1943)This war film was directed by Billy Wilder, and involves the survivor of a British loss to General Rommel in the African Theatre of the war. This one is notable, because it’s both a war film and an adventure/treasure hunt film utilizing the Hitchcockian concept of the McGuffin.There are plenty of elements from this movie that you’ll find in Tarantino’s catalogue.


United Artists

Apocalypse Now (1979)This will always be considered one of the greatest films of all time, and it’s easy to see why. It takes the historic Joseph Conrad story and places it in a visually stunning hellhole.This was one of the worst wars in US history and this film blatantly captures all that nihilism and despair.


Universal Pictures

Jaws (1975)This one is also one of cinema’s greatest, and it’s because you don’t see Bruce the shark all that often. Spielberg lets your imagination go wild with the possibilities of the shark, and it’s brilliant.Add in that haunting monologue about the U.S.S Indianapolis, and you’ve got yourself a perfect film. It’s why everyone loves this classic.


Columbia Pictures

Taxi Driver (1976)This film is truly dark and gritty, and represents the feeling that a lot of vets found after Vietnam; a world they don’t understand anymore. You can tell how the way this film is lit, framed and scored, that it was a huge influence on Tarantino’s look.Scorcese is a master of cinema, so it’s pretty obvious that Quentin would list one of his best, in his list of bests.


United Artists

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1966)While the other films in this list fluctuate based on the interview, this is the only one that’s always #1. Between the Mexican standoffs, the editing, and the camera angles, everything Tarantino learned about filmmaking, came from Sergio Leone.I could watch this movie as the only thing on repeat until I die, it’s that good.




“‘Antfarm Dickhole’Yes, this is a legitimate movie. The plot involves a guy that gets bullied, and ants climb up into his dick, make a nest, and when he gets upset, they come out, attack, and kill the person upsetting him. Things got weird to a whole new level when his gf and him had sex, and the ants ate her from the inside out.Its been a few years since I saw it, but I am still undergoing counseling from the horrors of it.”-SilencerNate


“‘Dragonball Evolution.’ It was like watching a drunk guy vomit all over my childhood.”-RobotPirateGhost


“‘Gotti’ starring John Travolta. I took a girl on a second date as she wanted to see it due to her love for mob/mafia movies. I think I witnessed part of her soul die that night.”-YesterdayWasAwesome


“‘The Peanut Butter Solution.’ It’s about a kid who loses his hair and finds a magic recipe to grow it back. But he wants it faster so he puts more peanut butter in but it grows back super fast. So then some bad guys kidnap little kids and steal their now fast growing hair to make paintbrushes…My mom rented it for me when I was sick as a kid. It was so bad I turned it off. And felt guilty I was going to hurt her feelings.”-Wicked_smaht_guy


“‘Human Centipede 3.’ Not like I thought it would be anything more than a bad horror flick, but man what a load of annoying shit.”-Balla1928Aus


“‘Gigli.’ My girlfriend at the time made me take her to see it. We broke up later that week.”-AlbertFischerIII


“‘Cannibal.’ It was a Ted Bundy movie from the early 2000s. I was sleeping over at my cousins’ house and my uncle went to Blockbuster and asked for a “scary” movie, but I guess he didn’t specify that we were like 12-15. We watched the whole thing. It was so so awful, and not just because it was traumatic.”-pandajungle


“The Star Wars Holiday Special. It deserves all the scorn it gets.”dorvann


“‘Slender Man.’ Fuck that movie.”-circumspectoris


“‘Tiptoes’With Gary Oldman, in the role of a lifetime…”-CaptainBroverdose


“Last year, a friend of mine asked if I had seen ‘Split.’ I had been meaning to watch it basically since it came out. I finally sat down to watch it and I’m like 30 minutes in thinking where the fuck is McAvoy?I hit up my mate and ask if I should have seen him yet. He’s like “yeah obviously”. So I skip to the end and look at the credits and he’s not there. It turns out there are 2 movies from 2016 called ‘Split.’ The one I watched was about some chick finding her sexuality or something. But she’s in a play/theatre group and an old lady just starts getting herself off on stage as a demonstration. It was fucking weird and I’m annoyed I wasted 30 mins watching it.”-ManOfIronAnSteel


“Eragon. I have largely suppressed my memories of that film.”-Jahoan


“‘House of the Dead.’ Worst mesh of game and movie integration I have ever seen. Terrible directing with terrible actors in an incoherent plot.”-ElMoncho


“‘Thankskilling 3.’ Everything that gave ‘Thankskilling’ charm was gone. It got to the point where I felt too invested to stop watching but had a horrible headache afterward.”-Booksarepricey


“That Adam Sandler movie ‘Jack & Jill’. It was terrible.”-_BiggieSmalls


“‘Airplane vs Volcano.’ It’s about an airplane with about 6 passengers that gets stuck inside an emerging ring of volcanos. The pilots die due to… Don’t think about it. And the airplane has an emergency auto-pilot that makes the plane fly in circles. You know! To avoid another 9/11. Now it’s up to Dean Cain and some other passengers to push past the volcanoes’ ash clouds. They have to survive… Meteors? Which always hit the wings of the plane. The Army is there, and they can help, except the general doesn’t want to because reasons. So he waits until the final moment to send a squad of fighter jets, to fight volcanoes mind you, and get all the passengers to safety. Dean Cain decides to sacrifice himself by crashing the plane (which is now filled with bombs) into the Big Boss Volcano. Even though everyone was evacuated and he can be evacuated as well and get medical help, he goes through with it saying “You’re a big bitch” as he crashed into the big volcano.Seriously 0/10 but it’s worth to watch.”-Dudebroman_5000

17 Messed Up Movies Everyone Should Watch At Least Once

17 Messed Up Movies Everyone Should Watch At Least Once -



Reddit user mit004 asked people "what's a fucked up movie everybody should watch at least once?" Here are 17 of the best ones:

1. Prisoners

"When the movie concluded, I just sat there and thought, 'Whoa. What. The. Fuck.' It is an incredible movie that grips you immediately and doesn't let you go. The movie itself isn't fucked up, but the events in the movie certainly are."

— meatywood

2. Requiem For A Dream

"I saw this, now I don’t do hard drugs."

3. Grave of the Fireflies

"My 10th grade english teacher decided to show this to our class. It was his first time ever doing it, and basically, he wound up with like, a class full of sobbing teenagers on his hands.

However, looking back on it, he really got his point across."

— Dravvie

4. Once Were Warriors

"My English teacher took us to see this movie. She gave us notes to take home to our parents, explaining the themes in it and why she wanted us to see it. I think everyone was cool with it, I don't recall anyone in the class missing out. We went into that theater like a bunch of dumb fourteen year olds, laughing and horsing around and shit. We came out changed."

5. Come and See

"War is hell, and this movie shows it like no other."

— Solarom

6. Trainspotting

"When I first saw Trainspotting I thought it was a stoner/slacker film like Clerks or Mallrats. I was not expecting a somewhat comical story about the lives of addicts in Scotland. It's still one of my favorite films though."

— super_ag

7. A Clockwork Orange

"The movie is a good amount of fucked up, but not to the point where it was unwatchable."

8. Schindler's List

"Ralph Fiennes is fantastically terrifying in this."

9. The Road

"This movie fucked me up. I'd like to think Cormac McCarthy is wrong in his assertion that humanity would devolve like this after a super volcano."

10. Seven


"Whats in the box?!"

11. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

"It's an ugly cry."

12. Watership Down

"This animated film with music by Garfunkel is based on a beloved children's book? This will be fi—OH GOD WHY MAKE IT STOP!"

13. Bad Boy Bubby

"Yes, I never cling wrapped a sandwich the same way after watching that."

— Pixilight

14. Jacob's Ladder

"The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of life, your memories, and attachments. They burn them all away. But they're not punishing you, he said. They're freeing your soul."

15. We Need To Talk About Kevin

"I have not stopped thinking about this movie since I've seen it."

16. Hard Candy

"One of my favorites. Such a brilliant film with only three real characters. So dark and smart and really Ellen Page’s best performance of her career."

— queenmeme

17. Pan's Labyrinth


"It's a beautiful fairy tale for adults. Too bad it only works once."

— balkenbrij

Gear Up For The Game of Thrones With These 21 Memorable Moments

Gear Up For The Game of Thrones With These 21 Memorable Moments -

I spent the last few weeks rewatching all of Game of Thrones to get ready for the final season (only two more weeks!), and I was blown away by how much crazy shit happens in this show.

Season 1, Episode 1 “Winter is Coming”The first episode does a lot to set the tone of this show. We’re executing people, there are monsters out there, and also the queen fucks her brother and will do anything to keep it going. That includes attempting to kill a 7-year-old by pushing him out of a tower.

Season 1, Episode 6 “A Golden Crown”We first meet Daenerys Targaryen as a 15-year-old being sold off to a savage tribe by her brother. It doesn’t take her long to become quite the badass, cemented in the scene where we watch her eat an entire horse heart, throw it up a little, but choke down that puke and prove herself as worthy of the title Khaleesi.

Season 1, Episode 7 “You Win or You Die”Our first real lesson in “you can’t trust anyone” came from Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish. Lifelong friend of Catelyn Stark and thought to be ally to Eddard Stark, we learn what a true piece of shit he is when he betrays Ned as he tries to (rightfully) claim the throne.

Season 2, Episode 4 “Garden of Bones”The Red Woman, Melisandre, is full of ‘what the fuck’ moments throughout the show, but the first and still probably craziest is watching her give birth to a smoke demon in some cave, proving that there is some claim to her ‘powers’.

Season 2, Episode 9 “Blackwater”Wildfire. I feel like that’s all I really have to say, because no one would have expected the medieval version of an atomic bomb to be set off by Tyrion and Bronn to defend King’s Landing. I can see why the Mad King was so obsessed with this stuff.

Season 2, Episode 10 “Valar Morghulis”Even though this is the first episode we see the army of the wights and get a good luck at a White Walker, I’m still giving this one to Daenerys’s vision of the Iron Throne while trapped in the House of the Undying.Why? Because Winter has come, the Night King has his own dragon, and this vision of a destroyed throne room covered in snow could really happen in this next season. It’s also eery that Dany has never seen the Red Keep or the Iron Throne before, so I’m counting this as a vision of the future.

Season 3, Episode 3 “Walk of Punishment”Season 3 is all about loss, starting off with the Kingslayer losing his sword hand. Holy shit that shocked me when I first saw it, and it shocked me every time I see it.

Season 3, Episode 10 “Mhysa”Ramsay Snow/Bolton is a weird and sick fuck, honestly rivaling Joffery for the evilest character in the entire show for me. So when he chopped off Theon’s penis and decided to eat a sausage while telling Theon, I honestly thought he was crazy enough to cook and eat someone’s penis in front of them. Maybe GoT has ruined me…

Season 3, Episode 9 “The Rains of Castamere”I said I was trying to avoid deaths, but really you can’t skip past the Red Wedding. The Starks lost everything: Rob, his future wife/children, Catelyn, the war, the North, Grey Wind. And then Arya watching as they brought out Rob’s body with Grey Wind’s head sewed/skewered on top? It’s hard to beat something this rough.

Season 4, Episode 10 “The Children”Arya leaving The Hound to die instead of ending his suffering stood out to me. Those two grow extremely close to each other over the past season and a half, despite how much Arya hated him for killing her friend and The Hound hated everyone and everything.But Arya choosing not to kill him to cross him off her list was a turning point, it was when Arya learned that maybe killing was too good, that she was willing to let people suffer. This is where “tomboy Arya” turned into “sadistic Arya”.

Season 4, Episode 9 “The Watchers on the Wall”The Battle of Castle Black is a unique episode, one of few that only features a single storyline. And watching the wildlings fight the Night’s Watch was badass. Giant’s and their bows, wooly mammoths, and the kickass final stand of Grenn and his men defending the gate against a giant.

Season 4, Episode 4 “Oathkeeper”We finally see what the White Walkers have been doing to the baby’s that Craster has been sacrificing in the woods, turning them into more White Walkers. That’s messed up.

Season 5, Episode 8 “Hardhome”The Battle of Hardhome blew my mind for showing the true power of the White Walkers and the army of wights. The immense number of them, the control the White Walkers has over all of them, and watching the Night King resurrect all the dead in front of Jon Snow was terrifying.

Season 5, Episode 9 “The Dance of Dragons”One of the few character death’s I’ll include, but Shireen was a lovely girl who lived her life locked away in a dungeon and was still the nicest person in the world. Being burned alive by her mother and father and listening to her scream is a haunting scene that it’s 100% okay to fast-forward through.

Season 5, Episode 10 “Mother’s Mercy”Even though Cersei is a truely evil person, her walk of atonement through the streets of King’s Landing is hard to watch. Only made worse by the scene being over 6 minutes long and it leaves you with a weird feeling of “good, I hate that person” and “what the fuck, this is messed up”.

Season 6, Episode 5 “The Door”Hodor’s death isn’t what shocked me, but Bran not realizing the consequences of his powers and turning young stableboy Willis into the simple giant Hodor we know, changing his life forever.

Season 6, Episode 9 “Battle of the BastardsThe pure scale and masterpiece that the Battle of Winterfell is should be recognized. 25 days of shooting, 600 crew members, 500 extras, and 70 horses were needed to create this amazing battle.

Season 6, Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter”Another “Holy shit, Arya, you’re a twisted little fuck” moment was her revenge against the Frey’s. I mean, feeding Walder Frey his own children before slitting his throat was another nail in the coffin of “this girl would be a serial killer if Ned Stark hadn’t raised her”.

Season 7, Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”All my season 7 moments come from the same episode, but they’re also the biggest things in the show ever.First off, learning that Ned Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow, isn’t Ned’s son or a bastard. He is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen who were wed in a secret marriage. His true name is Aegon Targaryen, and is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Season 7, Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”Not only watching the Night King resurrect the fallen dragon Viserion is batshit crazy (yes, it happened an episode earlier, whatever), but watching him destroy the wall, possibly killing Tormund, and march the army of wights south into Westeros left everyone speechless.

Season 7, Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”The biggest shock for me in all of Game of Thrones was seeing the remaining Stark children reunited after 5 years and working together to protect their home and their family’s legacy.In a show that is always about the worst possible happening, it blew my mind that something so good and happy could happen. Seeing the three of them sitting at the table during Littlefinger’s trial was probably the last happy image we’ll have from this show.

23 Of The Worst Movie Characters, Chosen By Fans

23 Of The Worst Movie Characters, Chosen By Fans

The Internet told us their least favorite main movie characters of all time. Here are the polarizing results.

1. Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series

Warner Bros.

Harry was pretty dumb and wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds without Hermione. He mostly learned from trial and error and made a bunch of deadly mistakes, while Hermione spent the whole time methodically saving him and everyone else.


2. Annie from Bridesmaids

Apatow Productions

All she does the ENTIRE movie is whine and complain about her extremely fixable problems instead of, I don’t know, FIXING THEM. She just bitches about them. Yeah, the movie has its funny parts and Melissa McCarthy’s character is incredible, but I cannot watch Bridesmaids because of how horrendous Kristen Wiig’s character is.


3. Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengersseries


He's annoying in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he's ESPECIALLY the worst in Infinity War. Screw him, tbh. They were SO close to getting the gauntlet off of Thanos' hand, and Star-Lord ruined it. He let his emotions get the better of him. It’s all his fault.


4. Julianne Potter from My Best Friend's Wedding

TriStar Pictures

She’s so selfish! In my opinion, she just wants Michael because she can’t have him! Even if she really did love him, she should have just told him instead of trying to ruin his wedding (and why would that make him want her?!). I’m so glad they didn’t end up together!


5. Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson from Lady Bird


This is probably an unpopular opinion, but watching Lady Bird was almost unbearable for me because of the main character. Lady Bird herself was a character with NO likable qualities. I understand her character arc and so-called "growth," but her qualities didn't appeal to any kind of viewer. She was just a bitch, PERIOD.


6. Pauline from Everything, Everything

Warner Bros.

She legit lied to her kid about her having a deadly disease for, like, 18 years. What the hell???


7. Mark from Love Actually

Universal Pictures

I know he was supposed to be sweet, but I found him stalker-ish, and he totally handled his crush badly. He was a bad friend for going after his best friend’s wife and did not deserve the praise he received.


8. Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries

Walt Disney Pictures

She was selfish, rude, and way too hard on her friend. She even told Mia she should be over her dad's death after just two months. She also made fun of Mia's new hair and constantly brought her down.


9. Elsa from Frozen


I understood that she was terrified of her powers, but come on, girl... She froze the kingdom into an eternal winter and when her little sister wanted to help, she was like, "Sorry, not my problem!" Then she nearly killed her sister and somehow was a hero because she decided that love was more important??? What the hell...


10. Frodo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings series

New Line Cinema

He did little to nothing on his own, didn't contribute to his own journey in any way, shape, or form, and would literally be dead if it weren't his best friend. Nothing he did was even remotely helpful, and he tried to have this savior quality about it but it just ended up hurting the people who were trying to help him (i.e leaving the Fellowship and sparing Gollum’s life).


11. Summer from 500 Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures


The fact that they talked for so long and caught up on that cute little sunset train scene, but she never mentioned that she was in a serious relationship... it pissed me off. She just did what she wanted. Part of being in a relationship means recognizing and responding to someone else’s needs and taking care of yourself. She still irks me.


12. Briony Tallis from Atonement

Focus Features

She destroyed two lives because of her jealousy and then tried to make you think she did the right thing at the end of it all, but she didn't.


13. P. T. Barnum from The Greatest Showman

20th Century Fox

He exploited people's disabilities and insecurities to make money, and then he left them all behind when he found Jenny Lind and realized she'd make him more money. His character was just a sad, poor boy who was jealous of other peoples' success, and he wanted it for himself. When he didn't get it, he used others to get it for him.


14. Gabriella from the High School Musical series

Disney Channel

Sharpay was always labeled the bad guy, just because she liked Troy and wanted the main role in the plays, but all Gabriella did was cause drama. She was so annoying.


15. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series

Lionsgate Films

The reluctant hero bit is exhausting and overdone. Gale and Peeta both deserved better.


16. Ariel from The Little Mermaid


She was naive, idealistic to the point of stupidity, and not at all good at taking advice. Yes, Triton shouldn't have destroyed her little alcove of human wonders, but giving up your entire life/everything you've ever known for a MAN? That you've never spoken to? Nope. It was LIKE at first sight, not love.


17. Beca Mitchell from Pitch Perfect

Universal Pictures

I absolutely HATED Anna Kendrick's character in the first Pitch Perfect movie. She was such a whiny, stuck-up person who acted like she was too good for everyone.


18. Noah from The Notebook

New Line Cinema

He basically blackmailed Allie into going on a date with him. He also never got over their summer fling, and then he slept with her even though she was already taken! That doesn’t sound so romantic, does it?


19. Troy from Fences

Paramount Pictures

Troy cheated on Rose and got another woman pregnant. Then, when Rose confronted him and asked if he was going to stop seeing her, he literally said to her face that he was still going to. And then he had the audacity to try to make himself the victim. He can choke.


20. Edward from Twilight

Summit Entertainment

He was a stalker who was emotionally abusive and was such an arrogant prick. He led Bella into a toxic relationship and was super controlling.


21. Tony Stark from the Iron Man and Avengers series


He's horribly egotistical and has no real moral compass. He just does whatever feels good at the moment, so one minute he's completely against any rules that apply to him, and the next he's trying to force authoritarianism on everyone else.


22. Sandy from Grease

Paramount Pictures

She was the worst because she literally changed herself for a man. And not just for a man, but for an asshole.


23. And Nate from The Devil Wears Prada

Fox 2000 Pictures

Instead of being supportive, he made Andy feel guilty. She got an incredible job right out of college, and he spent all of his time making her feel awful about it. He also thought his birthday was more important than her career. Boy, bye.


13 Erotic Thrillers That Followed Basic Instinct’s Success

13 Erotic Thrillers That Followed Basic Instinct’s Success -


Warner Bros.

There’s a lot that goes into making a quality erotic thriller. It’s not just about cramming in some gratuitous nudity and acrobatic sex. There needs to be tension, heat, mystery, and some yearning. That’s the recipe. And no decade did it better than the 90’s.There were some decent ones prior to the decade, but something happened in 1992 that aroused moviegoers – Basic Instinct. Damn, that movie is hot, in a 90’s way.Not every film after was as successful or as sexy, but dammit, they tried.


TriStar Pictures

Basic Instinct (1992)This is the OG of 90’s erotic thrillers. It was steamy, sexy and incredibly twisted in a sensual way. People couldn’t get enough of it, and Hollywood spent the next decade trying to recreate the sexual magic.And you know, that interrogation scene…


Hollywood Pictures

Consenting Adults (1992)This movie isn’t as sexy as Basic Instinct and takes some dark twists, but it’s still kinda erotic. Sex and partner-swapping is the inciting incident, and it just goes really intense from there, in a very 90’s way.


New Line Cinema

Damage (1992)This is a British/French film, so it didn’t really get the traction here, but it should have. A cast of Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche tell the story of a politician who carries on a secret affair with his son’s fiancee. As far as nudity goes, it’s not something to watch for the boobs, but for the simmering sexual tension between a man and his secret young lover.



Body of Evidence (1993)I remember when this film came out; the combination of Willem Dafoe, Madonna and candle wax was a huge box office draw. For average filmgoers, it was simply about seeing Madonna do dirty things, but otherwise, the plot was confusing and and the dialogue was far too hammy to be taken seriously.It’s kind of hilarious to watch today, though.


Paramount Pictures

Sliver (1993)This was the reunion of Sharon Stone and the screenwriter of Basic Instinct and was supposed to be the sexy spiritual sequel to that film. While it’s a very sexy murder mystery, it’s also overwrought, over acted and Sharon Stone’s orgasm face makes it look like she’s smelling what her dog shat for breakfast.It still made money at the box office, because that’s what the sexy people wanted.


Warner Bros.

Disclosure (1994)This movie was considered the most 90’s movie of the 90’s. It’s got Michael Douglas as a man who’s been harassed by his boss, played by Demi Moore. Based on a Michael Crichton book, this was both a film about sexual power, gender dynamics, but also about the booming computer industry during that decade.It’s seriously the most erotic movie about computers, stock options and the burgeoning internet.


October Films

The Last Seduction (1994)When you combine a devious sexpot, who steals her husband’s drug money and hides in a small town, you know sexy times are afoot.As far as erotic neo-noir thrillers go, this film was very well received and holds a decently fresh score on RT. And it’s actually a great glimpse into what counted as sexy in the 90’s.


Buena Vista Pictures

Color of Night (1994)If you’ve ever wanted to see Bruce Willis in an erotic thriller, this is the one. Considering that Michael Douglas has done a few of these as an erotic male lead, Willis figured he could sell it too. Feelings are mixed on that one. It bombed at the box office, killed it on VHS sales. According to the critics, what sold this film, wasn’t the acting or the whodunit plot, but the the sheer gratuitous nudity by Bruce and his co-star Jane March. In fact, it makes a few “Best sex scenes in movie history” lists.


Paramount Pictures

Jade (1995)What do you get when you mix the lead from NYPD Blue, the director of The Exorcist, and the screenwriter of Basic Instinct?. This. You get this. The film was a failure, but not because there wasn’t enough eroticism and sex. There as a fair amount, but no one though David Caruso was sexy enough. Kudos though to Linda Fiorentino’s prostitute character. That really worked for me.


MGM/UA Distribution Co.

Showgirls (1995)This was supposed to be the greatest erotic thriller of all time. You had the reunion of the director and screenwriter of Basic Instinct going for it, but it just didn’t work. Granted, when it came to gratuitous sex scenes and erotic depravity, it really went for it. Plus, casting Jessie from Saved by the Bell definitely drew in the curious, but the story was shit. Today, it’s a cult hit and can be viewed as an ironic exploitation film and satire, but it did tank Elizabeth Berkley’s career for a long time.


Columbia Pictures

Striptease (1996)Seeing how Showgirls was a bit of a steamer, Hollywood took a risk on green lighting this one. Thankfully, the story was relatively engaging, and Demi Moore’s $12 Million payday meant we got to see her nude. On the downside, there was Burt Reynolds covered in Vaseline. Overall though, it’s a decent watch to get your blood pumping.


Alliance Communications

Crash (1996)This is an erotic thriller that only David Cronenberg could make. You wouldn’t think that people who get turned on by car crashes, scars, and amputations would be rawly sexual, but here you go.


Columbia Pictures

Wild Things (1998)This was probably one of the first adult-ish films I snuck into, and it was totally worth it. This film really pushed the boundaries of what was allowable for a mainstream Hollywood film, in terms of nudity and sex scenes. Plus, Denise Richards and Neve Campbell were boyhood crushes of mine, so, there ya go. The story sucked, but that’s not why we wanted to see it.


Warner Bros.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)This the ultimate erotic thriller for the decade. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, and starring Tom and Nicole, this is fraught with sex and nudity, mystery and erotic tension, in a way that only Kubrick could pull off.This movie is so psychological and sexy that it ended up being the last film he ever directed. Take that under advisement when you watch.

29 Of The Most Shocking 'Game of Thrones' Deaths - Ranked!

29 Of The Most Shocking 'Game of Thrones' Deaths - Ranked! -

‘Game of Thrones’ is known for killing off its characters. Like most people, my favorite death was that little shit-head Joffrey. But, this ranking is based on how much each loss shocked us, changed the show’s tone, and made us rethink our concept of the series, rather than purely on emotional impact.Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

29: Maester Aemon Targaryen(S5, E7)Aemon proves that a more traditional death from old age can be just as sad and shocking as the violent ends so many characters face. When he finally passed away in bed, at least he had Sam and Gilly at his side.

28. Thoros of Myr(S7, E6)When our gang of favorite Northerners finds themselves surrounded by the Army of the Dead, they’re forced to remain on a small frozen piece of land in the middle of a lake overnight. It is during this time that Thoros freezes to death, devastating Beric.

27. Talisa Stark(S3, E9)Talisa’s death was just the start to the nonstop nightmare of “The Red Wedding.” Compared to other victims like Robb and Catelyn, we didn’t know Talisa that well. But stabbing her unborn baby to death was a horrible way to start things off.

26. Jojen Reed(S4, E10)Apparently, Jojen always knew he was doomed to die, but was still determined to get Bran to where he needed to go. He didn’t deserve to be repeatedly stabbed by a skeleton, but at least he died having fulfilled his duty to Bran.

25. Syrio Forel(S1, E8)What do we say to the God of Death? “Not today.” Maisie Williams recently confirmed that Arya’s “dance instructor” never made it out of King’s Landing, and the news devastated us.

24. Grey Wind(S3, E9)You might think it’s crazy to have a direwolf this high on the list. But, if you still remember Grey Wind’s dying whimper after those Frey bastards shot him full of arrows, you’ll agree.

23. Lady(S1, E2)Arya’s direwolf died at the reluctant hand of Ned Stark after Joffrey, in one of his earliest displays of douchery, said she attacked him.

22. Stannis Baratheon(S5, E10)Watching Stannis get sucked deeper and deeper into Melisandre’s preachings was frustrating, to say the least. Every now and then he still showed a flash of humanity, but by the time Brienne tracks him down and exacts her revenge, Stannis has committed or condoned some truly appalling crimes.

21. Barristan Selmy(S5, E4)Ser Barristan remained a legendary fighter even in his old age, so it seems appropriate that he finally went down in a grand battle against the Sons of the Harpy, and even saved Grey Worm.

20. Shae(S4, E10)Just like Tyrion, we used to love Shae, but then she went and betrayed him at his trial. We’re still mad at her for that, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t sad and rather shocked when Tyrion ended up strangling her to death after being broken out of his jail cell.

19. Viserys Targaryen(S1, E6)Viserys was a sniveling brat who proudly admitted he’d let 40,000 men rape his sister for a shot at the throne. Well, he finally got the gold crown he always wanted when Drogo poured liquid gold over his head. Careful what you wish for!

18. Mance Rayder(S5, E1)Stannis sure does like burning people. Dying at the stake seems like a lame way for the fearsome King Beyond the Wall to go, but at least Jon Snow helped him out with that arrow to the heart.

17. Robert Baratheon(S1, E7)Cause of death? “A wild boar.” But really, his wife Cersei’s scheming (she got him drunk before he went hunting) was really to blame. Still, it all happened off-screen, so it was a bit of a bore. Get it, boar/bore!? I’ll see myself out…

16. Shireen Baratheon(S5, E9)Shireen couldn’t catch a fuckin’ break. Afflicted with greyscale and openly hated by her awful mother, she was still a remarkably sweet girl. Stannis seemed to love his daughter, but still goes along with Melisandre’s plan to sacrifice her to the Lord of Light.

15. Olenna Tyrell(S7, E3)One of our favorite schemers, Olenna went out with a bang. After she drinks Jaime’s poison, she informs him of her involvement in Joffrey’s horrific murder. “Tell Cersei,” she says, smiling at him. “I want her to know it was me.”

14. Walder Frey(S6, E10)Walder Frey had to die, and it had to hurt. The things that didn’t have to happen are what make his death great, specifically: the cold symmetry of Frey’s slit throat and Catelyn Stark’s, baking Frey’s kids into a pie, and best of all Arya doing the deed herself.

13. Khal Drogo(S1, E10)Our sun and stars’ death was a most painful one, mostly because of the tender relationship he came to share with Daenerys by the end of season one. Watching her smother her love to end his suffering was downright painful, but seeing the fire it ignited under the mother of dragons was almost worth it.

12. Ygritte(S4, E9)That kid Olly thought he was doing a good thing by shooting an arrow in Ygritte’s back, but all he did was break Jon Snow’s heart. AND OURS. We’ll never hear her taunt Jon Snow about his head full of nothingness again.

11. Tommen Baratheon(S6, E10)Poor, sweet, Tommen never wanted any of this. The crushing silence of his suicide produced probably the most memorable isolated death in “The Winds of Winter,” an episode with the highest main-cast-member kill count of the whole series since “The Rains of Castamere.”

10. Lord Ramsay Bolton(S6, E9)After seasons of watching the Bastard of Bolton murder, rape, torture, and humiliate characters, we finally go to watch him die. It was disturbing as hell to watch him get devoured by his own dogs – the beasts he starved to terrorize others – but it was satisfying as hell.

9. Viserion(S7, E6)We all knew Daenerys couldn’t keep ALL three of her dragons forever, and if she was gonna lose one, we’re happy that he at least turns into a badass zombie dragon that breathes blue fire.

8. Tywin Lannister(S4, E10)Getting crossbowed on the can is a pretty crappy way to go. (Sorry, I had to.) Tyrion shot Tywin twice in the torso, without even letting arguably the most powerful man in Westeros pull up his pants.

7. Robb Stark(S3, E9)Robb did sort of bring this on himself, but it was for love! Watching his agonizing crawl over to Talisa’s lifeless body was too much to handle.

6. Joffrey Baratheon(S4, E2)Sure, we all screamed “HE’S FINALLY DEAD!” from the mountaintops after Joffrey chocked down poison at his own wedding – but we have to admit we almost miss hating on the little bastard. Almost.

5. Hodor(S6, E5)Three simple words: “Hold the door.” I don’t think any of us were prepared for Hodor’s devastating backstory and death. It was the most I’ve ever cried watching someone die on ‘Game of Thrones.’

4. Littlefinger(S7, E7)Well, it’s about damn time. Petyr Baelish has been playing all our favorite characters for way too long. Watching Arya slit Littlefinger’s throat with the very dagger he tried to have Bran Stark killed with was such poetic justice.

3. Catelyn Stark(S3, E9)How much pain can one mom endure? Her husband is dead, her son Bran was pushed out of a tower, her son Robb was just killed, her unborn grandson was just stabbed…I could go on. It’s almost a relief when another Frey comes up to kill her too.

2. Eddard Stark(S1, E9)Ned’s execution was the first clear warning: don’t get attached to ANYONE. This franchise can and will come for even the most lovable, loyal dads. Seeing Ned’s severed head is a TV moment that still haunts us.

1. Oberyn Martell(S4, E8)Everyone was sporting Team Oberyn t-shirts when it came to his trial by combat battle with The Mountain. And it wasn’t enough to have him murdered. Oh no. They let us believe the Red Viper had won and avenged his sister right before the Mountain popped his head up! Tyrion’s fate was literally in Oberyn’s hands, which made it even more devastating to watch his skull get brutally crushed by the biggest man we’ve ever seen.

26 Rare Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Famous Movies.

26 Rare Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Famous Movies.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Harry Potter

Pulp Fiction

Planet of the Apes

Breaking Bad

The Dark Knight Rises

Home Alone

The Wizard of Oz

Alien 3

Game of Thrones

The Avengers


Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope

The Hobbit

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek

New Nightmare

25 Of The Best Movies Of All Time

25 Of The Best Movies Of All Time -



Trying to decide which movies are the best movies ever made is difficult. Because, let’s face it, film is one of the most glorious entertainment and art mediums ever happen to the human race. And, there’s just so much awesome to choose from. In the realm of movies, no one is excluded. Whether it’s a child who’s imagination is limitless, the hopeless romantic, epic tales from history, or documentaries about the real world around us, there’s something for literally everyone.

Films have a way of uniting us, of giving us an outlet for emotions we didn’t even know we needed to express, and giving us a simple and enjoyable escape for a few hours. They broaden our horizons, deepen our imaginations, relieve stress, and at their best, give us a glimpse into our true selves, as we see them reflected in some part on screen.

The movies on this list may not be your favorite, but they all have had an impact on culture and filmmaking—from the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, the first film to give an Oscar to an African American, become a “must see” classic,  or moving the industry forward in terms of special effects and storytelling. With input from critics, history, and a love of the medium, here are our 25 Best Movies Ever Made.


Silence of the Lambs

Based on the 1988 novel of the same name, this film centers around FBI agent Clarice hunting down a serial killer and enlisting the help of Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer and former psychologist who is currently in jail for his crimes. The movie gradually gained notoriety and success, making it a sleeper hit, and became the third film to win Academy Awards in all top five categories. It was nominated for 7 Oscars in total, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Oh, young Harrison Ford, how we love thee. Directed by Steven Spielberg with a story by George Lucas and a score from John Williams, how could this movie be anything other than magical? Released in 1981, the first in the Indiana Jones trilogy (nope, the Shia LaBeouf one doesn’t count), “Raiders” contains a sexy adventuring professor, the answer to why you should never bring a knife to a gunfight, and melting Nazis.

Fun Fact! According to a Reddit Ask Me Anything answer from Ford himself, originally the iconic sword and gun scene was supposed to be much longer, but Ford had dysentery at the time and had to take frequent (very frequent) filming breaks. Because of this, he and Spielberg decided that it would be better if he just shot the guy. We agree; it was better.



Rear Window

No, “Birds” is not the iconic Hitchcock film, “Rear Window” is (though one could also make an argument for “Rope”). It’s hard to tell which is the bigger draw here – Hitchcock’s unique storytelling style on a single set, or Jimmy Stewart’s performance. Grace Kelly wearing costumes from Edith Head alone also make it a movie worth watching, even if mystery suspense isn’t your thing. The basic storyline is that a newspaper photographer is stuck at home mending from a broken leg with nothing to occupy his time save his neighbors in the apartment complex. The photographer witnesses what he believes to be a murder, which he decides to solve from his window.


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


For those who don’t know, the genre of Spaghetti Western is so named because they were mostly made by Italian directors in the ’60s and ’70s (spaghetti instead of espresso, really?). The director that defined the genre was Sergio Leone and “Dollars Trilogy” (“A Fistfull Of Dollars,” “A Few Dollars More,” and “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”), which starred Clint Eastwood. Leone hadn’t originally intended the movies to be a trilogy. So if you haven’t seen the first two, it won’t impact your enjoyment of “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.” If you’re a fan of cinema in general, Leone’s work stands out for it’s well thought out close-ups, his use of silence and dramatic scores. This is a great example of the genre at its zenith.





Just the name of this movie brings up that bullet scene. While “The Matrix” wasn’t the first movie to use that specific effects technology, it was the first movie that made “bullet time” stick in people’s minds. It also demanded more from its fight choreography than any other movies being made at the time, with actors and stunt doubles spending six months to train before shooting. When it went to DVD in 1999, VHS was still king. The Matrix helped facilitate the industry shift from VHS to DVD by being the first movie to sell over 1 million DVD copies.




“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.” Possibly the best movie ever made where the guy (spoiler alert) doesn’t get the girl. Its release was rushed to coincide with the Allied invasion of North Africa a few weeks earlier, filmmakers didn’t expect “Casablanca” to do well in the box office, much less become the classic it has. It went on to win Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Writing.

Fun Fact! Humphrey Bogart was only 5’ 8” tall, where Ingrid Bergman was almost 5’10” tall. Director Michael Curtiz had Bogart stand on a box to fix the height issue, which is still what they do with short actors like Tom Cruise.


Jurassic Park


Not only did Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic bring to life the dreams of millions of “Dinosaur Kids,” it changed the way movies were marketed and fundamentally changed special effects for the film industry. A combination of never before used CGI from George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, combined with models from the legendary Sam Winston, brought a level of realism to the film that had not been seen before.



White Christmas


The costumes! The dancing! The music! The sound of Rosemary Clooney’s voice whenever she speaks! Not only is White Christmas one of the very best Christmas movies ever made (with strong independent female leads in charge of their own career – in 1954) , it’s a perfect example of the Musical genre and idealized post-WWII Americana.



Directed by Martin Scorsese, “Goodfellas” is often considered to be one of the greatest mob movies ever and was the inspiration behind David Chase’s popular HBO series “The Sopranos.”



Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring


Despite the glaring exclusion of Tom Bombadil, “Fellowship of the Ring” is considered by many to have stayed the closest to the book. The film makers didn’t hesitate to go “all in” at a time when epic high fantasy on this scale wasn’t a sure box office hit. For this reason, it accomplished a rare feat, receiving praise from old fans as well as new.


Seven Samurai


Seven Samurai chronicles the story of a village that hires seven rogue samurai to protect them from bandits (it would later be reborn in Western Culture as “The Magnificent Seven”). It is the highest grossing Japanese movie ever and one of only a few Japanese films to ever make it into western cinema to any significant extent. Despite being in Japanese, the movie is filmed and acted in such a way that you could understand what’s going on even without the subtitles, and despite being three and a half hours long, doesn’t suffer from pacing problems that many modern, shorter movies do. Also, yes, the sword fights are amazing.


Beauty and the Beast (1991)


Arguably the best from Disney’s renaissance period, the tale as old as time was not only groundbreaking because of the CGI in the ballroom sequence (The chandelier. You know what I’m talking about), but because it was the first full length animated feature to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Yes, it’s that good. And yes, it holds up. The characters are well developed, the humor is timeless, and the music…well, it won the Academy Award for Best Original Music Score. Just ignore the live action remake, it loses all the charm and magic of the animated version.



Fight Club

As one of the most controversial and talked about films of the 1990’s, “Fight Club” had an incredible impact on popular culture, and almost overnight Tyler Durden’s line, “The first rule of Fight Club is – you do not talk about Fight Club,” became one of the most popular quotes of the decade.


Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back


While “I am your Father” is a pretty common pop culture reference, it’s hard to remember that, before Empire was released in 1980, fans had no idea that Luke and Leia were twins, much less that Darth Vader was their father. This is Star Wars at it’s very best, paternity, heartbreak, cocky declarations of love, and limb loss.



One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Only the second film to win all five major Academy Awards, it wasn’t until almost twenty years later that “Silence of the Lambs” followed suit. “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” was actually regarded as being so good that in some Swedish movie theaters it was shown for a mind blowing 11 years straight. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the top movies of all time!



First things first, I want to put this caveat up front: This is for films that actually made it out the door. There are many films that literally fell apart while filming to never be completed (like how Peter Jackson was supposed to make King Kong in the late 1990s, that kind of thing).These are absolutely insane behind the scenes stories about movies that somehow actually got out there into the world. We’re going to start a bit mild, but work our way towards arguably the craziest one in the history of Hollywood.

Alien 3 (1992)

This movie never had a chance in hell of turning out the “right way.” I actually like this movie a lot (particularly the “Assembly Cut”), but it was hated by fans of the series at release, especially after waiting six years for the sequel after Aliens (1986).And those six years were a fucking nightmare.

Just for some context, there was a full seven-year gap between Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986). However, in the seven years between those movies, 20th Century Fox wasn’t trying that hard to make a sequel. In fact, no one really wanted to even try, but James Cameron’s script for Aliens was so impressive, he got a green light.That was around 1984, so that means Aliens wasn’t seriously being developed for most of those seven years.On the other hand, the six years leading up to Alien 3 were DESPERATELY spent trying to make it happen.

(This GIF is test footage where they tried to put a real dog into an alien costume. It didn’t work out very well.)Countless drafts of scripts were written and are almost completely different from one another. One was written by legendary cyberpunk author William Gibson. One was written by David Twohy, who went on to create the character of Riddick. The weirdest one was written by Vincent Ward and involved a literal planet made out of wood by space monks.And in a desperate move to save time, elements from all of these scripts (and others we don’t have time to mention) were smashed together, creating the religious prison planet mash-up we ended up with.

It also led to a completely chaotic set where rewrites happened constantly and the new young director was constantly shoved around by producers and totally fucked over.That young director was David Fincher, who hated his experience so much that when he made Fight Club for 20th Century Fox in 1999, the studio executives had to specifically meet with him and assure they wouldn’t fuck with him like that ever again.Oh! One last thing. When they were trying to record the music, no one could oversee the recording due to the L.A. Riots of 1992, so Fincher didn’t even get to hear most of it until the film was finished. Basically, everything that could go wrong went wrong, and there’s even more, but we need to move on.

The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

Poor poor Richard Stanley. The Australian born filmmaker had one dream: Take his favorite novel by H.G. Wells, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and adapt it to the screen. In fact, he’d been developing the film for over four years.And it literally couldn’t have gone worse for Richard Stanley unless he was murdered on set. He was fired from the film literally four days into filming, and Stanley resorted to sneaking onto the set as one of the film’s extras to watch his dream project totally crumble.

He was fired for two primary reasons. One, the studio didn’t like the direction the film was moving in. Two, he didn’t get along well with Val Kilmer, the film’s biggest name actor besides Marlon Brando as the titular Dr. Moreau. Val Kilmer is known for being a dick on set, but he actually had an excuse. Kilmer found out he was getting divorced by watching TV news on the first day of shooting. To make matters even worse, Marlon Brando was still recovering from his daughter’s suicide.

Combined with the fact that the new director, John Frankenheimer, didn’t really get along with the leads either and that’s how a six-week film shoot ends up turning into a six-month film shoot. The set was so miserable and disastrous that one of the film’s stars, David Thewlis, skipped the film’s premiere.If all of this sounds unbelievable, this is only a fraction of the story. If you’re interested in learning more, track down the excellent documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau (2014). It’s available on Amazon Prime goes into way more detail than I ever could.

Fitzcarraldo (1982)

Just like The Island of Dr. Moreau, there is an excellent documentary about the horror-show that was the production of Fitzcarraldo called Burden of Dreams (1982). If you watch Fitzcarraldo, you have to watch Burden of Dreams. You know a film set has gone wrong when one of the locals walks up to the director and offers to murder the lead actor for a nominal fee.

I could go through the laundry list of everything that went wrong here from the set literally being attacked by bows and arrows (because the set was the actual fucking Amazon rainforest) to the prostitutes that were hired to keep people happy, but what you really need to know is this:Fitzcarraldo is based on a real story about a rubber baron who wanted to move his boat over the Amazon rainforest land to get it into inland waters.Except the real Fitzcarraldo achieved this by taking the boat apart, because dragging an actual steamboat through the middle of the Amazon is something no sane individual would attempt.

Except for director Werner Herzog, who not only literally dragged a steamboat through the real Amazon, but they used a boat that was ten times the size of the actual steamboat from the story. The end result was total fucking mayhem that literally injured countless people. Again, just watch Burden of Dreams, there’s some unbelievable shit. It’s possibly the craziest behind the scenes film documentary of all time, except for the documentary about…

Apocalypse Now (1979)

One of the most infamous behind the scenes documentaries of all time is Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse (1991), even more infamous than Burden of Dreams. That’s probably because the documentary is basically watching director Francis Ford Copolla go completely insane while losing massive amounts of weight.Hell, the documentary is basically the go-to for “fucked up movie productions,” parodied on the DVD release of Tropic Thunder (it’s also the reason that the behind the scenes for Trailer Park Boys was called “Hearts of Dartmouth: Life of a Trailer Park Girl”).

And dear God does Apocalypse Now earn its spot on here. There’s a funny story before the filming of Apocalypse Now where Coppola tried to convince Al Pacino to sign on to the film. Al Pacino said:“I know what this is going to be like. You’re going to be up there in a helicopter telling me what to do, and I’m gonna be down there in a swamp for five months.”Al Pacino was clearly skeptical of the planned six-week shooting schedule and turned Coppola down. But his joking overestimate of five months turned out to be lowballing it.It lasted sixteen months.

Coppola shot over 200 hours of film (about a million feet of film, a number that’s going to be important later) which took nearly three years to edit down into a movie. Whole scenes had to have the sound completely dubbed back in, Coppola mortgaged a house to help finance his movie, and that’s without getting into the unbelievable sixteen-month shoot. Martin Sheen almost died from a heart attack. Coppola threatened to commit suicide multiple times. A young Laurence Fishburne got addicted to heroin.There’s way more that went wrong, but what’s amazing is that the final film actually turned out well, so well it won two Academy Awards and made a lot of money. Which was great for Coppola, vindicating his madness.Unfortunately, his madness directly inspired the final film here…

Heaven’s Gate (1980)Unlike the last three movies, there is no definitive documentary about Heaven’s Gate. That’s probably because nobody involved with the project really wants to talk about it anymore (for reasons that will become abundantly clear).This disaster happened because of the success of The Deer Hunter (1978), which was written and directed by Michael Cimino. It was a critical darling and a financial success, so United Artists, one of the oldest studios in Hollywood, backed him completely for Heaven’s Gate, a decision that United Artists went on to completely regret.

You see, Michael Cimino was “inspired” by the filming of Apocalypse Now. Remember how I said that Coppola shot a million feet of film for Apocalypse Now? Well, Heaven’s Gate shot 1.3 million feet, and it is heavily rumored that Cimino did this specifically to beat Coppola’s “record.”Needless to say, a director that was determined to pull that kind of shit should never have been in charge of an $11.6 million film. Keep in mind, this is 1980s money unadjusted for inflation, this was a lot of money back then, but not as much as the final budget that got up to $44 million.

The production was an epic-scale clusterfuck, and unlike Apocalypse Now which got great reviews and made a lot of money, Heaven’s Gate didn’t even flop. It straight up died at the box office, making literally $1.3 million and completely scorned by critics at the time, mostly because of its three and a half hour runtime. They cut it down to two and a half hours, but this version got even worse reviews because it didn’t make any goddamn sense (and I’ll use this opportunity to mention that Cimino’s original cut ran for five hours).

In the years since, critics have reassessed the three and a half hour version as something worth seeing (you know, if you’re into three and a half hour long westerns), but the reason Heaven’s Gate tops all of this is because it completely destroyed United Artists as a company. The company was purchased in 1981 by MGM, ending a company that had co-produced James Bond, Rocky, and The Pink Panther films.It’s a failure that literally represents the end of an era in Hollywood filmmaking. There aren’t many films you can say that about without exaggerating, but Heaven’s Gate is the unfortunate exception.





A lot of the blame for these tragedies can rest on Photoshop, which is often the blessing and curse of movie posters. The days of hand-drawn artwork or even photo stills have given way to relying on technology to attempt to pack everything into one image or just being plain lazy and/or cheap.



If you’re already stressed over the final two episodes of The Walking Dead season nine, fear not, for we are here to, well, make you feel a little worse. This Sunday night’s episode, titled “The Calm Before,” will be followed by the season finale next week, aptly titled “The Storm,” and fans should expect a little gore and trauma in the way only The Walking Dead can deliver.


The penultimate episode of the season is showing signs of a huge escalation between the communities and The Whisperers. The events in this Sunday’s episode will set up an epic season-ender for this season’s showrunner, Angela Kang. Before all hell breaks loose, we’re sharing our nine predictions for The Walking Dead season nine finale airing on March 31 on AMC.


The Whisperer War

A few members of our group have had a number of run-ins with the terrifying new threat, but expect The Whisperer War to exponentially escalate by the finale. After years of relative peace -- save for a murderous child here and there -- the new war is about to get even more bloody and heartbreaking.

Communities Reuniting

The fair we've heard about since the mid-season premiere on top of the deadly Whisperers will inevitably bring Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom back together. Even reunited, though, can the collective communities take on such a formidable group led by the sociopathic Alpha?

Rallying Speech

Communities reuniting and old grievances being pushed aside can only be complete with some inspiring words. Whoever gives the speech might not come close to Rick Grimes' famous call to arms of the past, but we'll be surprised if one of our leaders -- or perhaps young Judith Grimes -- don't take the opportunity to rally the troops before battle.

Major Deaths

The promo for this Sunday's episode is already teasing potential character deaths as a few favorites have found themselves in a no-win situation. Even if someone does bite it in the penultimate episode, it doesn't mean anyone will be safe in the season nine finale. Gird your loins, people. There could be multiple heads rolling by the end of this one.

Ally Negan

Negan probably deserves to stay locked up forever after all of the brains he bashed in while leader of the Saviors. But after a few years in jail stuck with his thoughts and alleged guilt, it might be time to break the bat-wielding guy free to help take on those who walk with the dead. A character like Negan can't stay locked up in a cage forever.

Dog Dies Saving Daryl

We're definitely on team If Dog Dies We Riot, but ever since Shiva was killed while attempting to save her human Ezekiel, we're concerned our new fluffy, loyal friend might meet a similar fate.

Beta vs. Daryl Rematch

Daryl and Beta might come face-to-face again before the finale, but there's potential for these two warriors to have a little rematch before the end of the final hour of the season, especially if someone Daryl cares about dies in the next episode. Revenge always works out pretty well, right?

A Shocking Cliffhanger

A stressful cliffhanger is usually a given, but with The Whisperer War promising even more pain and death, season nine could be gearing up to be one of the most memorable finales to date.

Alpha Kills Lydia

With the help of new beau Henry, Lydia has turned her back on her abusive mother and rotting flesh-covered crew. Alpha may have come for her daughter once before, but the cruel leader has already earned the award for most ruthless and heartless Walking Dead villain ever. It's difficult to imagine Alpha would be willing to take back her daughter this time around, and killing her only child would certainly be a jaw-dropping finale moment.










18 Movie Scene Accidents That Were Not Supposed To Be In The Film But Made The Final Cut

18 Movie Scene Accidents That Were Not Supposed To Be In The Film But Made The Final Cut



1. The 40 Year Old Virgin - The hair removal scene was real, and so was Steve Carell's reaction.

2. Forrest Gump - Forrest's reply to Bubba, "My name's Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump," was actually Hanks misspeaking, but it was left in the film.

3. The Burbs - Tom Hanks carrying the stretcher into the ambulance was made up on the spot.

4. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - Nick the Greek breaking the glass table wasn't planned.

5. Full Metal Jacket - Sergeant Hartman yelling at his recruits was all improvised.

6. Scent of a Woman - Al Pacino falling over the trash can was unplanned.

7. Whiplash - Simmons actually slapped Teller.

8. American Beauty - Kevin Spacey throwing the plate against the wall was improvised.

9. The Revenant - Leonardo DiCaprio actually ate a slab of bison liver.

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Kate Winslet disappearing suddenly was unplanned and surprised Jim Carrey.

11. Lucky Number Slevin - Lucy Liu wasn't informed Josh Hartnett would be naked when she entered the room.

12. Alien - The cast had no prior knowledge about the chest burst scene.

13. The Other Guys - Will Farrel's response to Mark Wahlberg about a lion swimming was made up.

14. Mrs. Doubtfire - When the icing face mask started to melt, Robin Williams improvised all the jokes.

15. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Barty Crouch Junior imitating a snake's tongue was not in the script.

16. Scream - Mathew Lillard saying, "Ah... Houston, we have a problem," was ad libbed.

17. Dirty Dancing - Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey crawling on the floor was not originally a part of the film.