Guy Helps Firefighters Open Gate In Kind Gesture (WAIT FOR IT)


Guy Helps Firefighters Open Gate In Kind Gesture (WAIT FOR IT)

It’s the thought that counts.

This Might Be The Best High School Football Play We've Seen All Year

This Might Be The Best High School Football Play We've Seen All Year

The high school football season is winding down, but there's still time for some late theatrics, and Allen High School's matchup with Trinity ​in the Texas Class 6A Division I state quarterfinals provided.

As the clocked tick down towards half-time, Allen QB Grant Tisdale broke several tackles before flipping the ball to receiver Andrew Magee for a touchdown:




Allen went on to win 41-20.



There is incredible footage of a band of brothers saving the homes of complete strangers. Dramatic video and photos show embers raining down as buddies from high school armed only with hoses risk their lives to fight an inferno in Ventura, California. The 5 guys even climb onto the roof to spray down a flaming palm tree on that is dangerously close to igniting the building...AND a man that risks his own life to save a wild bunny.



She went off with the dance moves.

Amazing Video Of A Dutch Airforce F-35 Fly-Over During Photo Shoot In Death Valley

Amazing Video Of A Dutch Airforce F-35 Fly-Over During Photo Shoot In Death Valley

Photographer Dafydd Phillips recently got some badass coverage of The Royal Netherlands Airforce flying directly over his head in Death Valley National Park in California.

10 Pics That Will Blow Your Puny Mind Away

10 Pics That Will Blow Your Puny Mind Away -



Be prepared to have your whole grasp of reality ROCKED.

Or at the very least, view a pic that'll that make you be like "ah, that's kinda cool."

1. This aerial view of Manhattan.


2. This video of a hummingbird with the framerate synced with its wings.





3. A mosquito's foot at 800X magnification.


4. This trippy gif.


5. This photo of Jupiter taken by a robot flying 130,000 mph & sent back to us 601 million miles away.


6. This pic that was drawn with colored pencils.


7. What it's like flying through the clouds as a pilot.

Pilot's POV - landing a plane through clouds 



8. The shadow of this dodecahedron.





9. This cool example of inertia.


10. This patent on toilet paper, PROVING the correct way to hang the paper.


Amazon Driver Caught On Camera Taking Dump In Driveway

Amazon Driver Caught On Camera Taking Dump In Driveway

She was dropping off more than just a package…

When Nemy Bautista arrived to his Sacramento home on Tuesday, he found what appeared to be dog poop at the bottom of his driveway. When he looked at the footage in his security camera, however, he found a dissatisfying surprise. Bautista told Fox News on Friday that instead of a puppy relieving itself, he watched a woman who was delivering a package for Amazon driving a U-Haul doing the deed. He said he was “shocked” by what he saw and immediately contacted Amazon and filed a complaint.

“I wanted Amazon to come clean it up,” Bautista said, adding he missed the delivery by minutes.

The homeowner said the representatives for Amazon were “shocked and thoroughly apologized” and told him they had contracted a third-party company to do those deliveries. A supervisor for the driver arrived at Bautista’s home about five hours later, unprepared to deal with the “package.”

“He didn’t have any gloves, nothing,” Bautista said. “He grabbed a plastic bag to scoop it up and I told him he couldn’t put it my [trash] can. I didn’t want it stinking up my can.”

The man asked Bautista if he could leave it beside the trash can, which he did. Bautista eventually put it in the trash can after the man left.



Human beings who are capable of doing impossible things with their mind and body.

Top 10 Amazing Hidden Places That You Can Visit

 Top 10 Amazing Hidden Places That You Can Visit

Want to check out more incredible images taken around the world?


Guy Sneaks Onto Plane And Hides In Toilet After Missing His Previous Flight

Guy Sneaks Onto Plane And Hides In Toilet After Missing His Previous Flight

A guy who missed his easyJet flight at Gatwick airport in London was able to actually slip by airlines workers and still get on that flight to Geneva, Switzerland. The only thing the 25-year-old man did was hide in the toilet.

It all kicked off when the guy loss track of time in the departure lounge and missed his flight. But instead of waiting for the next plane, he simply got past crew, noticed there were no available seats and just hid in the toilet. Crew members were able to spot him moments before the plane took off and he was removed and then detained by police.


Passengers were forced to move onto another flight after the man was discovered by shocked crew members moments before take off.

A witness told local media: “Everyone was shocked, we just don’t understand how security can let this man through in the first place. The plane was completely checked, but some people were pretty scared and they simply refused to get back on board.”

An investigation has now been launched by easyJet into how the stowaway managed to get on board the flight.

As for easyJet, here’s what a spokeswoman had to say:

“easyJet can confirm that on November 12 a flight from London Gatwick to Geneva was met by the police due to a passenger who incorrectly boarded the aircraft. ‘The crew correctly identified the passenger should not be on board and immediately reported it to the police. We have taken this up with our ground staff and an investigation has been launched. ‘easyJet works closely with all of our airports to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and staff. The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is always easyJet’s number one priority.”

But hey, hiding in a toilet on a plane is still a better experience than anything United Airlines has to offer.

13 Life Pro Tips That Actually Changed Peoples Lives

13 Life Pro Tips That Actually Changed Peoples Lives

A lot of life pro tips are silly & can be passed off as jokes, but this handful of tips genuinely changed the way these people lived their lives. They might be worth writing down. No seriously, get off your lazy ass and write these down. Life pro tip #1.

1. Mynxs -- You don't wanna miss an important meeting cuz you gotta turd.

Take a poop before anything important so you don't need to poop during something important

2. my_Favorite_post -- Offices like this are so great, but so evil at the same time.

"Do I actually want this, or am I being impulsive since it is in front of me?"

I've lost a bunch of weight this year, and this has helped a lot with willpower. My office has donuts, candy and free food all over the place. I have to stop and think "Did I actually want a cookie, or do I just want it because I saw it?"

Sometimes the answer is that I want a cookie. But usually it is just because I saw it and grabbed it before I could practice willpower.

3. iPeeLavaLampGoo -- Petrified egg paste is a nightmare.

A little bit of effort now saves a lot of effort later. Immediately rinse out your scrambled eggs pan to save yourself from having to scrub the petrified egg paste later. If you've got a few items of clothing laying on the floor, pick them up. It stops the slow descent into a full on mess that will take a few hours to properly clean up. Double and triple check to make sure you are writing down addresses, phone numbers, instructions, or something pertaining to work correctly. An extra ten seconds at most will save you a ton of stress and heartache later.

4. zazzlekdazzle -- Very good comparison.

Staying in a relationship where the person just isn't all that into it is actually way worse than being single and keeps you from finding better people to be with. It's like living with a lazy vampire who only musters the effort to drain your energies slowly in little nibbles.

5. pmurthy20 -- Best tip here.

Embarrassing memory? Just add Seinfeld music overtop

6. Pigeon_Asshole -- Yeah, mustering the energy to do extra things in the morning is way harder.

Sorting my packed lunch out the night before. If I don't, theres no way im bringing lunch to work.

7. flooshtollen -- Very true.

When you eat past the point you enjoy it nobody wins

8. Star_amazon -- Well, you tried.

I was walking through the mall with a friend and he was self conscious about what he was wearing. I said 'did you see that lady that just walked by?' And he said yeah and I asked him what color her shirt was and he couldn't tell me. I said 'cause you don't care. So what makes you think she cares about what you're wearing?'

Didn't make him any more comfortable, but whatever.

9. Anytimeisteatime -- Ooh, I like this one.

Pretend to be a spy.

This is a really stupid one, but totally works for me.

I always feel nervous going to parties/big social events where I don't know many people- probably most people do. Then I started deciding I would just go and pretend I was the sort of person who doesn't get nervous going to parties where they don't know anyone. For some reason, for me, that person is epitomised by James Bond. He must go to loads of parties where he doesn't know anyone, after all. So now when I start dreading that moment walking into the room, not knowing anyone, awkward small talk, etc, I just decide I'll pretend I'm James Bond and then it will be fine.

For some reason, it really helps. I still have to make awkward small talk and stuff, but hanging around on my own people-watching for a bit feels more comfortable when I'm in this headspace and I chat to people more confidently, which makes conversations happen more, which minimises nervous not-sure-what-to-do time.

Important note: only pretend to be a spy in your head; do not actually act like a spy. That may make things more weird and awkward rather than less.

10. mherman39 -- Noted.

Strengthening your stomach muscles and core is the best way to heal a bad back.

11. ibthefudge -- Also start going to the gym and on hikes.

Wear compression shorts when you go to the gym or for a hike.

Help prevent swamp ass and wedgies.

12. 20draws10 -- That's...actually a good one.

If you're having trouble making a decision, flip a coin. If your disappointed with the result then you have your answer.

I know it sounds stupid but try it one day. As someone who's about as indecisive as they come this has been a life changer.

13. RileyW2k -- Or get a toaster oven. Those things work magic on old pizza.

Pro Tip: When re-heating Pizza in the microwave, put a small glass of water on the plate with it. Tastes normal! Completely changed my life


16 Of The Most Shocking Cheating Revenge Stories EVER!

16 Of The Most Shocking Cheating Revenge Stories EVER!

What would you do if you found out your partner was unfaithful? Discovering you’ve been cheated on by someone you love is a horrible, painful, experience and the process of getting over the betrayal can be just as bad. But what if you chose to get your own back?

Well, that’s what these people did and the results are both shocking, and at times, hilarious! You know what they say, don’t get mad, get even…

The girl who posted her feelings in a Facebook review…

When wife of Southhampton player Charlie Austin found out that he was playing away, she made her feelings on the matter very clear… On Facebook. After tracking down the woman he had an affair with, she then wrote her a scathing ‘review’…

The husband who wouldn’t take his wife’s infidelity things lying down! When Duston Holloway from Emory, Texas, walked in on his girlfriend with another man, rather than lose his cool, he reached straight for his camera.

Posting a series of pictures of the adulterous pair on Facebook he wrote:

“When you come home to find another man in bed with the woman you loved. Good men deserve good women.”

Facebook users came out in full force to support the scorned boyfriend.

Adela Conde wrote: ‘You got back at her with dignity. You are the better person.  I’m the type that would’ve gotten a bat and beaten the help
Out of both scumbags. Kudos to you for your maturity.  You’re too good for her!’

While Devon Vermillion added: ‘You handled it so much better than I would have. I learned from yours and others situations and hope if it ever happened to me, knock on wood, that Id handle it better based off of learning from others. You have a lot to be proud of yourself for and glad to see karma is working.’

Replying in gratitude, he posted on his Facebook page:

The woman who went public with her partner’s affair, in the most outrageous way! We’ve all heard of the saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. For Linda of Warwickshire this phrase took the leap from saying to scandal, when she outed her philandering partner with a no holds barred poster for all to see.

Dotted around Warwick town centre Linda reveals the details of how she exacted her revenge before wishing the cheating pair a ‘Happy New Year’.

The image – which originally appeared on Facebook – was retweeted several times, with women the length and breadth of the country not sure whether to chuckle or cringe at the unusual move.

Linda – wherever you are – we only have one thing to say – onwards and upwards!

This groom took revenge on his cheating wife – just hours after they got married! Sean from Donegal, Ireland, appeared on The Graham Norton Show and took part in the infamous ‘red chair’ section of the show. The salesman, who lives in London, shocked Graham and his celebrity guests with a story about a groom who took revenge on his cheating wife – on their wedding day! You will never guess how he chose to do it! Listen to Sean tell the story by playing the video below…

This man found out his wife had run off with her personal trainer, so he sold her car and all of her clothes on ebay! In the description, the jilted husband says of the car, “only selling as my wife has left me” before going on to say, “I hate this car nearly as much as I hate my ex who I bought it for”.


This girl decided to dump her cheating ex on live television whilst he was watching one of his favourite teams play sport – fair game!

This man decided he wasn’t going to feel humiliated by his wife’s betrayal, instead, he went out of his way to make sure EVERYBODY knew who his ex’s lover was with these informative flyers…


During a segment on This Morning recently, these tales from people who took revenge on their cheating partners initially left Holly & Phil shocked and stunned, before they dissolved into laughter!


These cheating revenge stories from Whisper prove you should never mess with a scorned woman… (or man!!)


This is one way to get revenge on a cheating ex…take the money and run!

Having an affair is a dangerous game, especially if you’re in the public eye! In the USA, one of President Obama’s top economic advisors had an affair with a woman called YaVaughnie Wilkins. The affair lasted for eight years, but after Charles Phillips told YaVaughnie that he wanted to stay with his wife, she spent $250,000 on billboards around New York’s infamous Times Square revealing their secret relationship to the world! The photo shows one of the massive posters, with a photo of the pair with their names and a quote that reads ‘You are my soulmate forever.’ The expensive ploy by the spurned mistress meant Charles had to make a public and deeply humiliating statement apologising and admitting his misdemeanours.

Someone had a reason to object to this marriage! In this video, a man’s mistress crashes his WEDDING day when she discovers that he had a fiancée all along! She can be heard storming in with the words “So this is what you left my house for this morning??” See the video here…

To get real revenge on your partner takes time, and planning! Like this fella. This man took things to a whole new level, by setting up an elaborate fake proposal to out his cheating partner – and then he films it! If you want to see her reaction, take a look at the carefully planned cheating revenge plot here…

Have you ever exacted revenged on a cheating partner? Would you ever? Do you think that the people above took things a little too far? Tell us your thoughts by posting them in the comments below. And, don’t forget – we wouldn’t recommend trying any of these at home!











6 Terrible CGI Costumes That Ruined Movies (And 9 That Are Amazing)

6 Terrible CGI Costumes That Ruined Movies (And 9 That Are Amazing)

When it comes to costume design in movies, it used to be the case that filmmakers were limited by what could be achieved using real-world fabrics and prosthetics. Basically, if a design couldn’t be made using existing materials – and even if it could be made, if it was too unwieldy to actually wear – it was back to the drawing board!

Following the advent of computer generated imagery, however, all of that changed. Now, whatever costume designers can dream up can theoretically be made a reality, thanks to the magic of visual effects. Indeed, in a post-CGI world, actors regularly find themselves attired in the most otherworldly clothing imaginable, especially those starring in fantasy and sci-fi outings.

However, while the current trend towards CGI costumes has yielded some truly breathtaking results – bringing to life characters we never expected to see in a live-action film – more than a few have fallen flat.

Typically, this is because either the digital “tailoring” and “make-up” involved failed to convincingly portray whatever it was intended to mimic, or it’s because the end product wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Either way, this usually suggests that the filmmakers might have been better off going down a more traditional route!

Here are 6 Terrible CGI Costumes That Ruined Movies (And 9 That Are Amazing).


Where better to start than with the infamous all-digital superhero togs worn by Ryan Reynolds in the disastrous Green Lantern flick – arguable the poster child for bad CGI costumes! Up front, we should say that costume designer Ngila Dickson is something of a creative genius – she’s the Oscar-winning seamstress behind many of the costumes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – and the logic underpinning her Green Lantern suit is unsurprisingly solid.

After all, if Hal Jordan’s outfit is meant to be a construct generated by his power ring (rather than a physical cloth spandex), it stands to reason that it shouldn’t appear to be fabricated out of anything originating on Earth. Even so, while this is a nifty idea on paper, the visual effects artists weren’t able to accurately realize Dickson’s vision, and the end result was painfully unconvincing and cartoonish – especially the mask, which doesn’t even adhere to our hero’s face believably.

Fan backlash against this suit was severe, and they weren’t alone, either. Reynolds would later publicly denounce his CGI costume, going so far as to famously mock it in his next superhero flick, Deadpool!


Even in this brave new world of visual effects-heavy filmmaking, there will always be a place for talented make-up and prosthetics artists and designers. Think about it: these gifted guys and gals practice a craft that’s been continually evolving pretty much since film itself began in order to create fantastical beings as in-camera effects!

That said, even the proudest make-up artist would concede that there are some things that CGI can achieve that would be extremely difficult, if not downright impossible to do with silicone and latex. Such is the case with Pirates of the Caribbean baddie Davy Jones, whose marine-based physiology could only ever have been created in a computer.

Sure, the filmmakers could have glued a beard of tentacles to Bill Nighy’s face and fitted various sea life-inspired appendages over the actor’s arms and legs. But the finished product would have been far less realistic and dynamic than the Oscar-winning, fully digital costume (minus the eyes) developed by legendary effects house ILM.


The Star Wars prequels come in for a lot of flack. For a perfect example of this, look no further than the clone troopers in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The forerunners of the original trilogy’s stormtroopers, the clones could easily have been portrayed by stuntmen clad in plastic armor as in those films. Instead, Lucas opted to go down an entirely digital route.

Now, by and large, these guys actually look fine – we’re sure the average viewer barely noticed they weren’t watching an actual performer on screen. The CGI costuming decision also makes sense from both a financial standpoint (less kit to make) and as an exercise in continuity – as clones, these guys should all be the same height and weight, to be fair.

Yet this ignores the shots of helmet-less troopers, which look unspeakably awkward due to the unwise decision to attach Temuera Morrison’s real head to an obviously fake body. Jeez, George: couldn’t you have built at least one costume?


When Captain America: Civil War arrived in cinemas back in 2016, everyone was blown away by Chadwick Boseman’s turn as Black Panther. Fast forward a few weeks after the film’s release, and everyone was knocked off their feet a second time, when Marvel revealed that the Black Panther costume was entirely digitally rendered!

Whilst Boseman did indeed wear an already awesome-looking costume on set, according to the filmmakers this was replaced with a CGI version in pretty much every single frame it appears in. The reason for this ostensibly needless use of visual effects wizardry? It was the best way to incorporate the subtle, shimmering effect of the vibranium mesh weave specified by costume designer Judianna Makovsky.

Despite representing a relatively minor aesthetic enhancement, the all-digital Black Panther outfit was worth the effort. It’s unique texture allows it to stand apart from the regular MCU superhero jumpsuit, ranking as the finest of the several CGI costumes seen in Civil War.


As the past few entries have illustrated, more often than not, the most successful CGI costumes are those that achieve a unique, memorable look, yet don’t call attention to their artificial nature. So it was with Ex Machina’s robotic female lead Ava, whose striking look is the perfect example of using extensive digital effects augmentation to create an impossible outfit.

Using cutting edge filmmaking technology, visual effects artists were able to replace large sections of actress Alicia Vikander’s body with cybernetic components, the most notable of which being a translucent torso.

Maybe the most impressive accomplishment of all was that the techniques used ensured that Vikander’s on-set performance was captured exactly the same way as any other live-action film – nothing was sacrificed for the sake of the effects!


When the casting of Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok was first announced, most fans no doubt assumed that the Goddess of Death was unlikely to appear an outfit closely resembling her comic book clobber. While Marvel had done an admirable job of faithfully translating the outlandish kit of Asgardians like Thor and Loki onto the big screen, Hela’s ensemble – and its outrageous headdress – seemed a Bifrost bridge too far.

And yet, thanks to digital effects, that’s exactly what we got: a comics-accurate Hela, right down to her crazy headgear in all its gravity-defying glory!

However, there’s more to Hela’s CGI attire than just her ungainly bonnet – an understated, pulsating, toxic-green energy courses the length of Blanchett’s body as well, adding to her sinister air. That said, if this digital costume has a shortcoming, it’s the CG cape, which occasionally looks more than a little fake, but this is ultimately a minor quibble in the larger scheme of things.


At this point in the list, it’s worth acknowledging just how far CGI-enhanced costumes have come. Back in the ’90s, studios were just starting to experiment with the cool new toy that was digital effects, and this extended to actors’ outfits. Whilst these efforts were commendably ahead of their time, the technology just wasn’t there yet to believably craft artificial clothing.

Just take the digital cape featured in Spawn, which – unlike the superhero’s practical bodysuit – has aged terribly! As with the costume in Green Lantern, the rationale behind Spawn’s CGI cloak – which attempts to ape the distinctive artistic sensibilities of his creator, Todd McFarlane, and ties into the suit’s demonic roots – holds up. What doesn’t hold up is the actual execution of the cape, which screamed “fake” at the time, and looks laughably cartoonish by modern standards.


2013 Best Picture nominee Gravity seamlessly integrated visual effects into a whopping 80% of the film’s screentime – and yes, this definitely included CGI costumes!

True, as Doctor Ryan Stone, Sandra Bullock did wear a practical spacesuit, manufactured by costume designer Jany Temime, in several scenes. At the same time, a hefty number of shots feature a totally digital digital replacement of Bullock’s entire body from the neck down (costume included), although we’d bet hardly anyone could tell.

As an interesting side note, while Gravity has generally been praised by critics and academics alike for its overall scientific accuracy, one area where the filmmakers took considerable liberty was in the costume department. As Temime explained in an interview, real spacesuits don’t open at the front, however as this was something the story required, Bullock’s real and artificial suits do.


We hinted at it earlier, but Black Panther wasn’t the only character in Civil War sporting digital duds – MCU newcomer Spider-Man was, too!

Although the initial plan was for incoming wall-crawler Tom Holland to wear a proper superhero spandex, apparently it turned out to be much easier to craft Spidey’s costume from digital threads. A big part of this decision came down to Spider-Man only appearing in costume during the airport showdown action set piece, meaning our hero was going to wind up being mostly a visual effects creation anyway!

Fortunately, the end results are very convincing – especially the eye-pieces, which brilliantly capture webhead’s iconic lenses from the comics – and once again, we’re confident not many viewers cottoned on to this being a CGI costume. That said, despite this being another well-executed digital outfit, we’re still glad that Marvel went with a predominantly real outfit for Holland’s first full outing as the character in Spider-Man: Homecoming!


This might seem a little bit harsh – after all, you’d expect the furry star of a live-action Beauty and the Beast film to be realized with visual effects, wouldn’t you? Well, we’re not taking Disney to task for opting to go down the computerized route on this occasion, merely pointing out the end result is less than wonderful. Granted, some of the shots of Beast look better than others, and even the least impressive looking shots aren’t absolutely awful.

Yet all the same, the CGI used to transform Dan Stevens into the Beast are rarely all that convincing, and a strong argument could be made in favor of using prosthetics – or possibly just less rushed digital effects – instead. Oh, and for what it’s worth, if you haven’t already checked out the hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of poor Stevens on set in a super-sized mocap suit, go and do it now!


Man of Steel proved to be highly divisive take on the Superman mythos, but one aspect of the movie nobody seemed to mind was would-be tyrant General Zod’s CGI battledress. Eschewing the simple black jumpsuit worn by Terence Stamp’s Zod in Superman II, costume designers James Acheson and Michael Wilkinson instead devised an imposing suit of armor in keeping with film’s grounded vision for Superman’s homeworld of Krypton.

By constructing the costume digitally, Acheson and Wilkinson avoided weighing actor Michael Shannon down with a heavy wardrobe, and together with the visual effects team, they achieved a result that looks utterly authentic, without restricting the star’s movement. Paradoxically alien yet familiar, Zod’s armor never once gives us reason to question its realness, so kudos to all involved!


When Iron Man first flew onto the big screen back in 2008, the superhero’s high-tech outfit was brought to life via a combination of practical and CGI costuming.

As you’d expect, the scenes featuring Robert Downey Jr. in a full-scale or even partial suit of armor were relatively few in number, given the amount of fighting and flying his character was required to do. Luckily, digital effects had reached a point were an incredibly realistic digital version of Iron Man’s suit could be superimposed over top of Downey without ever calling attention to itself.

In fact, in subsequent Iron Man and Avengers outings, the CGI costume has grown sosophisticated, the actor rarely (if ever) has to wear any of the cumbersome practical outfit at all.


If there’s a recurring theme running through this list, it’s that CGI costumes should only really be employed when a real-world solution would be impossible. This was especially the case back in the ’90s, since (as we’ve discussed previously) the fledgling technology really wasn’t yet up to the challenge.

Nowhere was this more apparent than in slasher flick Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, where villain Michael Myers’ iconic “Shape” mask was rendered via digital effects in close up scenes that couldn’t be re-shot for whatever reason. It turns out that there were issues with the on-set masks used during filming – the studio demanded the design be changed – so this was arguably a necessary fix.

But frankly, the CGI mask looks creepy (and not for the right reasons), and the filmmakers might have been better off leaving the existing physical version in place!


Yet another suit of superhero armor, the protective gear worn by the Dark Knight for his face-off against the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was built almost entirely with a computer. Admittedly, a practical version was fabricated and seems to have been used for at least a few scenes, presumably when Batman isn’t moving around too much.

However, for the vast majority of sequences in which it appears, Batman’s armor was actually a highly convincing CGI costume, which deserves particular praise for its metallic textures. This makes sense, as the real-world equivalent of this kit would be unspeakably heavy and physically restrictive, whereas realizing it digitally allowed star Ben Affleck and the stunt team to perform Batman’s fighting moves with ease.


As with the Star Wars prequels, Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth with the Hobbittrilogy came under fire for being overly reliant on visual effects technology. One of the biggest complaints was lobbied against The Battle of the Five Armies – specifically, the seemingly inexplicable decision to replace Billy Connolly’s Dain Ironfoot with a completely digital duplicate!

Whilst the dwarvish warrior was always going to be animated with CGI for the film’s battle sequences, fans and critics alike were baffled by the choice to paint over a veteran performer like Connolly. This was even more the case when it came to light that the Scottish comedian had filmed his scenes in costume, and that the results were more than serviceable!

In the end, it appears it was Connolly’s ill-health that motivated this creative choice, as he was unavailable for necessary re-shoots, meaning his digital double was promoted to the big time! The Dain CGI rendering isn’t the worst out there by any means. Yet it still falls within the “uncanny valley” that plagues unconvincing digital characters, and – along with the CGI orcs that replaced prosthetic-clad actors used previously – adds to the sense of “effects overload” in this newer trilogy.


High School Football Team Pulls Off The Greatest Comeback Ever Seen

High School Football Team Pulls Off The Greatest Comeback Ever Seen

The Patriots' Super Bowl comeback against ​the Falcons may be the stuff of legend, but Maple Grove's comeback against Saint-Michael Albertville in the Minnesota Class 6A state semifinal makes it look quaint by comparison.

To set the scene: Maple Grove, down 27-10 with 59 seconds left, has a 4th and 17 and needs to get the ball into the endzone to at least keep hope alive. Things just get better from there:






 Lars Andersen has rediscovered the art of making arrows bend in mid-air. It is almost magical the way he is able to shoot blind around corners and objects, only to nail his intended target!


34 Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks

34 Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks

Duct tape is one of those miracle products that can do and fix pretty much everything (except for the gaping hole in your heart), but most of us use it sparingly and only know how to make a duct tape wallet. The reality is that almost anything can be remedied with a little silver tape. If you've ever seen The Red Green Show, you're probably pretty familiar with the crazy, somewhat ridiculous projects duct tape is used in.

These aim to be a bit more helpful. Whether you're stuck in the forest with nothing but a knife and a roll of tape or you're at home just struggling with everyday life, you're in luck.

Check out these amazing uses for the most underrated hardware tool of all.

1. Use it to open tough jars.

2. Add grip to slippery shoes.

Apply a layer of duct tape and score with scissors to make your shoes a little safer.

3. Create custom stencils for DIY shirts!

Instructables | craft within reach

4. Remove warts by covering them with duct tape.

carl.myhill | Instructables

5. Plug up a hole 'til you can get to the garage!

6. Use duct tape to maintain your seat position.

If someone else moves the seat, that's ok! Just slide it back until the pieces line up.

7. Craft a duct tape canoe.

Sure, it's a lot of work, but they actually float!

It really works!

Instructables | ineverfinishanyth

8. Pick up stubborn pet hair with duct tape and a paint roller.

9. Construct a homemade sled!

10. Put together a pair of waterproof emergency shoes!

saxophones | Instructables

11. Make a custom dress form on the cheap!

12. Take care of a broken bone in an emergency.

This isn't a long-term solution, but it works in a pinch!

cloudifornia | Instructables

13. Put together a stretcher in an emergency.

cloudifornia | Instructables

14. Or a hammock for less stressful situations.

Dadzilla | Instructables

15. Put up a temporary clothesline.

16. Use it to make a watertight cup!

17. Use it to patch a leaky tent and save your vacation!

18. Create a custom messenger bag in any colors or patterns you can get your hands on.

19. Or make waterproof faux-quilted pillows for the patio!

Instructables | annahowardshaw

20. DIY a butterfly bandage.

Cut small strips and space them out along the wound to keep it closed, then see a doctor ASAP.

21. Make a pouch for your charging station!

22. Protect blisters.

Just put some gauze on first!

23. Tag Your Luggage.

Never lose your luggage in a sea of bags and suitcases on the carousel again with this trick! Add a noticeable tag to your handle using brightly-colored duct tape.

24. While the rest of us were trying to figure out the style, color, and fabric we wanted for our prom dresses, these teens were calculating how many duct tape rolls they needed.

25. Some people got very original in their designs.

26. While others coordinated just perfectly.

27. With Halloween just around the corner, duct tape can come in handy.

Just check out this Boba Fett Helmet, for example.

Imgur | CabooseFett

28. You can also put your artistic skills to the test.

There's something wonderfully appropriate about the duct tape Walter White.

Reddit | 1armedfreak

29. If you're short on seating, duct tape will always come to the rescue.

Reddit | Padauk

30. Sun protection is important, and duct tape has your back.

31. Duct tape lunch bags are the way of the future.

How cool are these? Dollar stores tend to carry a wide variety of colored and patterned rolls of duct tape, so you could easily whip up an amazing collection of lunch bags for everyone in your family.

32. How cute is this Ziploc pencil case?

Duct tape and plastic freezer bags actually make super durable pencil cases that anyone can use.

33. Seal And Store Caulking.

Prevent caulking products from drying up and going to waste by using duct tape to seal and hang them.

34. Duct tape is also a very solid investment because it can be used in situations when you can't afford a replacement.

12 Ridiculously Dumb Knockoffs That'll Make You Laugh

12 Ridiculously Dumb Knockoffs That'll Make You Laugh

Each one of these products probably faced a lawsuit shortly after their dumb creation.

1. FONY. This knockoff is self-aware.


2. Y'know, everybody's favorite DJ.


3. You cannot go outdoors with this one.


4. And let's not forget everybody's favorite: Connect Somewhere Between Three & Five


5. Golvin Kloins. Honestly, this one is fun to say so therefore I approve.


6. I love playing Tortris on my one button Game Child.


7. To be fair, that was the working title.


8. Eh, I'd be down with paying 80% less for an L instead of an N.


9. You'll never guess what this game is about.


10. I love the SPORTS brand SPORTS bag.


11. Got to capture everybody!


12. Aaand a green Sonic on a jar of pickles. Your guess is as good as ours.

23 People Who Realized They’re Dating Idiots

23 People Who Realized They’re Dating Idiots

Dating idiots must be pretty common, or else why would the phrase “Lovable Idiot” be a thing? And why not? There are some perks to dating idiots. For example, you’ll always feel like you’re some kind of genius next to them. Another thing you can do is make up facts. Like that George Washington lived in a cave and was also the guy to discover fire. And most important of all: you can make funny posts about dating idiots, and supply us with great content.




 Ian Manuel was just 13 when he shot Debbie Baigrie. A year into his life sentence, he called her to apologize. That eventually led to her forgiveness, an unlikely friendship and a mission to help free him.


Facts About The Human Body

Facts About The Human Body

You can never blow out all of the air in your lungs, your stomach is never empty, and human bodies will never not be crazy.

Seattle Cop Gives Man His Weed Back After He Dropped It

Seattle Cop Gives Man His Weed Back After He Dropped It

There are a growing number of states in the US that marijuana has become legal, so now interactions with normal people who want to smoke pot and police are becoming much more civil!


Man Wins 'Jeopardy!' With $1 Simply By Being The Least Dumb

Man Wins 'Jeopardy!' With $1 Simply By Being The Least Dumb

"Jeopardy!" is a great game, but sometimes even the best games reward poor play. Take a look at this ridiculous Final Jeopardy question that probably shouldn't have had any winners at all:

Of course, there's a method to this madness. Carlos and Fran were both tied at $12,300, so it made sense for them both to bet it all to go for the win. Meanwhile, with only $1,000, Manny wasn't going to have a shot at outscoring his opponents if all three were to get the question right, so he left himself the thinnest safety net in the world, and it caught him.

To commemorate this rare event, the show posted an explainer on the one-dollar-winner phenomenon to its website, along with a video of the last (and only other) time it occurred in 1993:


Don't feel bad for Manny, by the way. He came into this game with $42,798. He'll be fine.

How China Built Earthquake-Proof Palaces

How China Built Earthquake-Proof Palaces

     A big hat tip goes out to Draculya for this submission

Watch how this structure built in the Forbidden City style of architecture holds up to a simulated earthquake!

Stare In Awe As This Skimboarder Gets Incredible Air

Stare In Awe As This Skimboarder Gets Incredible Air

This is Austin Keen, a world champion skimboarder based in Laguna Beach, California. He recently posted a video in which he sprints straight at a wave, hops on his skimboard and launches off of said wave, catches about 10 feet of air, then lands back on his board. We had no idea this was possible, and apparently neither did Keen. “I’m not sure what this is called, but it was fun,” he wrote. Photo via: @lagunasocal

So why did my board dig in and send me face first into shards of broken shells?



Reporter Goes Viral As He Appears To Claim A Cat Is Dangerously On The Loose

Reporter Goes Viral As He Appears To Claim A Cat Is Dangerously On The Loose

Ever since the first live television broadcast, it's been the gift that keeps on giving.

Anything can happen, which means that anything can go wrong and more often than not it does.

A recent example came on Fox 13 news, during a report about a 'large cat' that had been spotted in Hernando, Mississippi, believed to be a cougar or a panther.

Reporter Scott Madaus was sent to the scene, where he turns around to do the big reveal...


So, it seems like there's one of four things that has happened here.

The fella claiming to have seen a jungle cat on the loose is off his face on LSD and has mistaken a common house cat for a beast. On the other hand he could just be trolling local news, which he has done successfully.

The third possibility is that the wise domestic cat has heard the reports and rushed to the scene to troll the station. It's possible.

The final, and most likely (in fact this is 100 percent what happened) scenario, is that it's just a coincidence that the cat turned up at the exact moment a reporter warned a town to be on the look out.

Look at the menacing bastard. Credit

Scott Madaus thankfully came away without a scratch on him and managed to see the funny side of the incident.

He shared the clip on Facebook, saying: "The cat that stole the show. Not really sure how my live tease made social media, let alone international social media. But here you go if you didn't catch it."

As funny as it is, if you are in the Hernando, Mississippi area don't be deterred away from the fact there's apparently a dangerous beast on the loose.

A wildlife expert told WMC Action News 5 told people they shouldn't attempt to approach it, feed it or corner it.

If you're currently thinking: "Ah, right. Best not to go out and try and tame this beast," then have a word with yourself, pal.

13 Hilarious Tweets From Not The Brightest People

13 Hilarious Tweets From Not The Brightest People

17 Little Things That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren't

17 Little Things That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren't

1. If you're losing a lot of weight for no reason, go see a doctor ASAP.

Not to be all Web MD, but an unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more is often the first sign of cancer. Unexplained weight loss can also be an indicator of diabetes or an autoimmune disease.

2. The tops of most stoves lift for easy cleaning.

3. The average color of the universe is this shade of beige, which astronomers have dubbed "Cosmic Latte."

That's right, the average shade of all the light in the universe, as studied by Johns Hopkins University astronomers, can be summed up in hexadecimal code FFF8E7. It's kind of like if Monday were a color.

4. The sun is actually WHITE.

We think of the sun as yellow, but it's actually every color mixed together, which appears as white to our eyes. You can see this in photos of the sun from space. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the sun has recently been spotted complaining at Whole Foods about the organic kale supply.

5. When meeting new people, you can use the FORD acronym to come up with things to talk about.


F = Family (Talk about their spouse, kids, and in-laws)

O = Occupation (Ask what they do, and/or how they got there)

R = Recreation (What do you do for fun? or When was the last time you...?)

D = Dreams (What have you always wanted to do? Where have you wanted to go?)

Awkwardness foiled!

6. Don't clean with ammonia and bleach at the same time.

Mixing the two common cleaning chemicals forms poisonous gases called chloramines,which can be harmful to your health at best and create explosions at worst.

7. You can type any doctor's name into this database and see what types of kickbacks or payments they've received from drug companies.

For example, if your doctor is very pushy about you trying Lipitor over other statins, and you see that he or she has received a large payment or gift from Pfizer, you might want to inquire further on their reasoning.

8. The abbreviation "Xmas" doesn't originate from a plan to "take Christ out of Christmas."

In Greek, Christ is spelled Χριστός. The X in "Xmas" represents the first letter of the term — the Greek chi — and serves as an abbreviation for Christ.

9. It's not healthy for your cat to eat or drink dairy products.

Cats, like many animals, have some degree of lactose intolerance and can get sick from large quantities of milk.

10. This is what all those laundry symbols mean on your clothing tags.

11. One 18" pizza is more pizza than two 12" pizzas.

You literally use pi to solve this. Here's the math. Always order the larger pizza!!

12. Light roast coffee actually has more caffeine per bean than dark roast.

13. If you're buying a used car, the orange "check engine" light, and all warning lights, should temporarily come on when you start the vehicle.

Flickr: [email protected]

If it doesn't, the dash may have been tampered with to hide a potential issue.

14. Bales of hay can spontaneously combust due to moisture.

Excessive moisture builds up inside a hay bale, attracting bacteria, which contributes to internal heat that can eventually cause the hay to smolder on the inside.

15. Fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin refused to give up her bus seat nine months before Rosa Parks did.

Colvin refused a bus driver's orders to relinquish her seat. Two police officers arrested her. She says that civil rights leaders didn't think a teen, especially one with a very dark complexion, would be a good poster child for their movement. Read more of her story here.

16. The proper contraction for "could have" is "could've," not "could of."


Please pass this on! Thanks. —The Universe

17. Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexico's independence day. It's the celebration of the Mexican army's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Chinese Chef Performs Amazing Tricks With An Egg And A Spatula

24thry posted a video of a Chinese chef performing incredible tricks with an egg and a metal spatula. After bouncing a fragile egg up into the air numerous times and catching it on his spatula, he turns the spatula on its side, chops into the egg, and creates a beautiful heart and arrow design on his cooking surface.


This Guy's Footwork Is So Fast You Won't Believe It

This Guy's Footwork Is So Fast You Won't Believe It

​Luis Badillo Jr. has nearly 350,000 followers on Instagram, and they come for good reason: Badillo has some of the fastest feet we've ever seen. Seriously, watch this:

There are a lot more where that came from.

Badillo talked to Stack about how he trains and how he made the transition from a social media sensation to a trainer for pro athletes:

The most crazy thing about it is that I'm pretty much self-taught. I taught myself everything that I know about the game of football. I taught myself how to understand defenses, how to run a route, how to run a slant, how to catch a football, basically everything. I'm the type of person, this is what I do. Footwork is basically my life.




Are You Basic?

 Are you basic?



The Opening Credits For 'Star Trek: Discovery' Are Absolutely Jawdropping


 Move aside "American Gods" and "True Detective." The Opening Credits For 'Star Trek: Discovery' Are Absolutely Jawdropping



12 Insane Solutions To Problems That Shouldn't Have Worked

Here are: 12 Insane Solutions To Problems That Shouldn't Have Worked

Sometimes it takes a special kind of person to look outside the box and figure out creative solutions to problems. These are not those people. AskReddit asked people to share the dumbest solutions to problems that ACTUALLY worked. Their answers aren't so much shows of ingenuity as they are examples of dumb look. Have a look for youself.



You can store and transport a pair of shoes very easily using a shower cap.

A magnet will help you keep all your small metallic things in one place.

You can easily open a tight jar lid with a tablespoon.

If you need to carry dirty clothes in your suitcase, use a bar of soap to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

To easily find the end of a roll of tape, just stick a paper clip to it.

An egg carton can become a great home for Christmas ornaments when they’re not hanging on the tree.

You can easily do a French manicure using an elastic band.

Use a file holder to store cans and save space in the kitchen.

To quickly sharpen your scissors, make a few cuts in some aluminum foil.

You can polish your car headlights with toothpaste.

Use towel hooks to fix your tablet to the wall. Now you can wash the dishes and watch your favorite shows at the same time!

Cut off the top of a package, and use it as a tie to keep the bag closed.

An ordinary cheese grater is a great solution for storing jewelry.


You can remove small stains from suede shoes using a simple nail file.

Use aluminum foil to cover things while painting and also to clean glassware.

Use a LEGO piece as a cable or key holder.

Use your car spoiler as a picnic table.

Use a pencil as a stylus.

The pencil "lead" is made mostly of conductive graphite and can conduct the small amounts of electricity required to activate the capacitive sensors in the touch screen. When you place your finger in the groove you made, the electricity from your body is conducted through the exposed graphite and activates the touch screen.

If you’re still not convinced or if you’re having trouble getting it to work, take these points into consideration:

Make sure the pencil is free from oil. There may be a thin layer of glue on the lead that prevents contact, so just scribble on a piece of paper to get rid of that.

Make sure your pencil is made from graphite and not another composite or recycled material (green/eco pencils).
Make the groove closer to the tip to improve contact.
A shower cap will protect a bicycle seat from rain

A common situation: you left your bike outside and went on your business, then all of a sudden the rain started, and the seat got all wet. To avoid this, take a shower cap with you on a bike ride, and cover the seat with it. And here are a couple of other tricks.


Preserve a watermelon

We rarely eat a whole watermelon at once, so it goes into the fridge. And there seems to be nothing more convenient than a shower cap to cover and preserve it. Find other uses for it here.


Keep the hallway clean

Put shower caps on the wheels of a kid’s bike or stroller before entering the house, and there’ll be much less mess inside.


Micellar water can rejuvenate old canvas shoes

The dark and grimy soles of your canvas shoes, as well as the shoes themselves, are easily cleaned with micellar water. And here are other shoe care tips.


Help remove cosmetic stains

Before washing things stained with lipstick, mascara, or concealer, dab the stain with a cotton pad dipped in micellar water — the stain will more likely go away after washing.


A dish sponge can become an ice pack

This is a great way to go on a picnic. Put several wet sponges into separate bags, and seal them the night before the trip. Place the bags into the freezer overnight. In the morning, put the sponges in the cooler bag with the food you’d like to stay cool.


Make pedicures easier

Your toes may touch each other and smudge the polish as it dries, and that’s irritating. To avoid this, cut a sponge into pieces, and place them between your toes.


Keep your veggies fresh for longer

The fruit and vegetable container in your fridge constantly accumulates excess moisture, making its contents spoil faster. Avoid this by putting a new dish sponge inside — it’ll absorb the moisture. Just don’t forget to squeeze and change it.


Make a super thrifty soap dish

Make a soap dish out of a sponge by carving a hollow in it, or just put the soap on a sponge. This way, it’ll be used up much slower. For details, see here.


Elastic bands will help open a tight cap

Wrap an elastic band around the cap and easily open a nail polish bottle or any other vessel.


Keep a book safe in your bag

Paperback books tend to get shabby at the corners when we carry them around in our bag. To save them from such a fate, use an elastic band as shown above.


Fit into your jeans

This trick will come in handy both for pregnant women and those who grew out of their jeans. Hook an elastic band around the button, and feed the other end through the buttonhole. Here are the detailed instructions.


Fabric softener will help unstick old wallpaper

To tear off old wallpaper more easily, dilute a cap of softener in 1 L of water and apply the mix to the walls with a sponge or mop. Let it sit for 20 minutes, and then just unstick the paper.


Remove fur from carpets

Sprinkle the carpet with a 1:1 water and softener solution, and easily remove pet fur from it.


A handy eraser

Do you know that moment when you need to correct a picture with small details but an ordinary eraser is too big for this? Use a glue gun to make a tiny eraser on the pencil lead.



China Develops New Technology That Turns Sand Into Soil

China Develops New Technology That Turns Sand Into Soil


 Drawing a roadmap to combat the spread of deserts worldwide. It’s the mission of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in the Inner Mongolian city of Erdos. The host country, China, was praised for a law it passed in 2002 -- the world's first integrated law dedicated to combating desert expansion. With this goal in mind, China has carried out several projects that have been successful, including at one desert in northern China. CGTN's Frances Kuo reports


After Losing A Bet, It Took Four Months And 297 Agonizing Tries To Build This Rube Goldberg Machine

After Losing A Bet, It Took Four Months And 297 Agonizing Tries To Build This Rube Goldberg Machine


After losing a bet, YouTube’s jackofallspades98 spent four months building one of the most complicated Rube Goldberg machines I’ve ever seen. Spread across two tables, it’s so dense and complex that it took 297 attempts before it worked all the way from start to finish.

It’s hard to imagine trying anything 297 times until you get it right, but it’s especially hard to wrap your head around that idea when you realize that between each attempt, all of the steps in this Rube Goldberg machine had to be rebuilt, reset, and re-assembled before the ball could start rolling again.


Watch This Helicopter Hanger Fill Up Crazy Fast With Fire Suppression Foam And Be Amazed

Watch This Helicopter Hanger Fill Up Crazy Fast With Fire Suppression Foam And Be Amazed

The Fort Indiantown Gap Army Reserves just got a brand new helicopter training facility complete with a hanger to hold 8 new helicopters. Having this many aircraft indoors poses an obvious fire risk, so the building has been outfitted with a state of the art fire suppressions system.

To test out the new emergency fire foam suppression system, someone was allowed to stand on an upper platform inside of the hanger and film as the entire warehouse filled up with foam in a matter of moments:


 I’m sure there’s a kill switch in there somewhere, or multiple kill switches located throughout. Still, I found myself getting a little nervous for the cameraman after that foam really started to engulf the entire hanger.

Sadly, I have no practical use for something like this in my own life. I’d love to be able to watch this shit happen firsthand but I’m neither an Army Reserves member nor do I work in a factory where something like this would be applicable. So, for the time being, I’ll just have to appreciate this technology via YouTube.



Ice Ice Baby vs Game Of Thrones

Ice Ice Baby vs Game Of Thrones


 Commissioned by Sky Atlantic to promote the 7th series of Game of Thrones. It's been re-uploaded a few times, I'm sticking it up here in case any of you lot missed it.


It's Amazing How Much You Can Do With A Stick To Survive The Wild

It's Amazing How Much You Can Do With A Stick To Survive The Wild

A good wooden stick can be many things: A knife whetter. A pair of tongs. Whatever you need it to be, really.

10 Amazing Places Life Has Been Found

10 Amazing Places Life Has Been Found

As Jeff Goldblum would say, “Life . . . uh . . . finds a way.” Wherever we look, it seems that some species or other has adapted to live there. Each time we find an extreme or unexpected location that some life-form calls home, we uncover more about the possibilities of life throughout the universe. If it’s anything like life on Earth, it may be pretty weird. Here are ten amazing places life has been found.

10.In Acid

Photo credit: Rolf Cosar

Species that can survive outside of the cozy warmth that humans enjoy are called extremophiles, and we’ll meet many on this list. Each extremophile often has one hardship that it is particularly good at enduring. Those which do not blink at dipping in corrosive acids are called acidophiles.

Highly acidic places are generally bad news for life. Acids attack organic molecules and break them down. Dissolving tends to be deleterious to health. Acidophile bacteria do their best to keep the acids in their environments outside of their cells, where they can do little harm. To do this, they actively pump out protons, the basis for acidic reactions, and secrete stable sugars to make a protective coat around their membranes.

Danakil in Ethiopia is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. Air temperatures can reach 55 degrees Celsius (131 °F), and there are pools of boiling water that have a pH of 0, incredibly acidic.[1] In one pond of salty, hot, and acidic water, a team of researchers isolated bacteria happily thriving in the hellish landscape.

9.In Caves

Caves can be great places for life to find shelter from the elements. Many species retreat to caves at certain times in their life cycle for warmth and safety. Some species look around their temporary home and wonder why exactly they should leave. Over many generations, they become adapted to their dark, underground life. Animals which have evolved to live in caves are called troglobites.[2]

Lots of species which evolve in caves share similar adaptations. In general, pigments in skin and shells help to protect creatures from the rays of the Sun, something troglobites do not have to worry about, just like the need for camouflage. Because of this, many cave dwellers are an eerie white. Because sight in the dark is an unnecessary sense, many species have only vestigial eyes, which do not function, or have even lost their eyes altogether. Fish, insects, crustaceans, and others have all made this transition to living in the gloom.

Such adaptations can be made relatively quickly in evolutionary terms. The first cave fish documented in Europe had only been living in caves for no more than 20,000 years. Yet it already had many of the classical features of a troglobite. Its skin is pale, its eyes are shrunken, and its other senses have increased to find prey in the dark.

8.In Crystals

At the Naica Mine in Mexico, the hunt for lead and silver turned up something much more interesting. Pumping water out of a cavern revealed a system of crystals up to 12 meters (39 ft) long and weighing many tons. Before you book tickets to this natural wonder, you should know that it is unwelcoming to humans. Temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius (122 °F) and 90 percent humidity. To work in this environment, researchers must wear protective suits and can only stay in the chamber for half an hour at a time.

As the crystals grew in the cave, they trapped bubbles of liquid. Along with the liquid, they also entombed microbes. Researchers estimated that the water had been cut off for between 10,000 and 50,000 years. Despite this, they were able to get the microbes trapped in the crystal to grow in the lab after all that time.[3] The bacteria were unlike any that had previously been observed.

Although the bacteria were not active in their crystal prisons, their ability to survive for such a length of time means that there may be other ancient life-forms waiting to be revived by inquisitive scientists.

7.In Bubbling Oil

Photo credit: Rainer Meckenstock

Bacteria are deceptively simple organisms. Single cells with a relatively small number of genes, they seem like they should be uninteresting. Their simplicity is their secret weapon. Able to reproduce quickly and adapt to challenging new conditions, they are found almost everywhere on Earth. When oil companies drill into petroleum reservoirs, they introduce bacteria, and very quickly, you get bacterial colonies living off the valuable hydrocarbons. This can be harmful to business when the bacteria introduce sulfur to the oil, creating “soured crude oil,” which has to be purified before it can be sold.[4]

Pitch Lake in Trinidad is an open pool of bubbling asphalt. Its black ooze seems an unlikely place for life, as it is filled with toxic hydrocarbons and has relatively little water. Pitch Lake is swimming in microbes, though. The microbes survive in minuscule droplets of water mixed in with the vast amounts of oil. Studies have found they eat the hydrocarbons and respire without the need for oxygen.

6.In Space

Photo credit: Ralph O Schill

No, we haven’t found alien life yet. But some life on Earth is so weird that it looks alien. Tardigrades are tiny creatures that would be very easy to overlook if they didn’t have one amazing talent: These “water bears” are able to hibernate in a way which makes them almost indestructible. When the water in their habitat dries up, tardigrades curl up, expel water from their own body, and become a tiny, dried ball called a tun. As soon as the tun is returned to water, the tardigrade rehydrates and springs to life. While in the tun form, the tardigrade can survive being frozen to near absolute zero, heated to 150 degrees Celsius (302 °F), crushed, exposed to vacuum, and blasted with radiation.

To see just how tough tardigrades are, some (possibly sadistic) scientists attached the creatures to a satellite and blasted them into space. For ten days, the tardigrades were exposed to the vacuum of space and the particles and rays found beyond the atmosphere.[5] While the harsh conditions did kill most of even this hardy species, once returned to Earth and given water, many of the tardigrades were revived, none the worse for their jaunt into outer space.

5.In Rocks

By studying the ratios of carbon isotopes in rocks, it is possible to tell whether it came from inorganic or organic sources. When researchers looked at samples of the mineral aragonite, they found that it had probably been made deep within the Earth by bacteria that were pulled down when two tectonic plates collided. The bacteria continued to live and produce methane under ever the greater pressures and temperatures beneath the ground. The methane was then incorporated into the aragonite.

We are taught in school that the Sun is the source of energy for all life on Earth, but recent findings indicate that this may not be true. In a South African gold mine, 2.8 kilometers (1.7 mi) below the ground, researchers found bacteria. The bacteria seem to survive on energy derived from radioactive decay. They use the hydrogen gas released from water by the breakdown of uranium to power their metabolism.[6]

4.In Boiling Water

One of the simplest ways to sterilize water is to boil it. The temperature destroys the proteins and membranes upon which life depends. If you were looking for life, then you probably wouldn’t search in scalding-hot pools, but even here, life finds a way. Organisms which can live in temperatures of 50 to 70 degrees Celsius (122–158 °F) are called thermophiles; those that can live above 80 degrees Celsius (176 °F) are hyperthermophiles. But there are also those that can survive temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius (212 °F), the boiling point of water.

Geothermal springs often have complex microbial ecosystems living in them, all of which thrive in temperatures which would kill most organisms. On the Earth’s surface, liquid water can’t exist above 100 degrees Celsius, as it boils. The pressure beneath the ocean, however, allows water to be superheated. Superhot water spurts from deep in the Earth at sites called hydrothermal vents. These vents are oases of life around which bacteria and animals gather in the warmth. Most avoid the hottest parts of the water, but Methanopyrus kandleri can live and reproduce at 122 degrees Celsius (252 °F).[7] It does this by having tightly coiled proteins which do not unfold at high temperature.

3.In The Dead Sea

When searching for life, places with the word “dead” in their name probably rank fairly low on the list. The Dead Sea is famously dead due to the high levels of salt in its waters. Life needs salts, but mostly within a fairly narrow range of concentrations. Too high or too low, and the metabolism of the cell breaks down. Microbes that can survive high salt levels are called halophiles. High salt levels would suck the water out of most cells, but halophiles are able to resist this.

At the bottom of the Dead Sea, there are fissures which allow fresh water to seep into the salty water above. Around these patches of water grow microbial mats.[8] Most organisms are adapted to either fresh water or salt water. Here, the microbes are exposed to both high and low salt concentrations.

2.In The Upper Atmosphere

The atmosphere is a wonderful thing. As well as being the air we breathe, it also provides protection from UV rays and other radiation. The higher you, go the weaker this protection gets. Life, therefore, prefers to live snugly at the bottom of the atmosphere. Unless that life is certain species of microbes.

NASA flew a jet at 10,000 meters (33,000 ft), higher than Mount Everest, and filtered particles from the air. Up in the cold and thin atmosphere, they found that 20 percent of what they captured was living cells. This study found E. coli, a sometimes pathogenic bacterium, in the upper atmosphere, raising the prospect of diseases circling the Earth like a cloud.

An Indian balloon which sampled air between 20 and 41 kilometers (12–25 mi) above the Earth documented three new species of bacteria.[9] All were adapted to survive the high levels of ultraviolet radiation found at high altitudes.

1.In The Chernobyl Reactor

The explosion at the Chernobyl reactor in 1986 was one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Radiation can do direct harm to cells, but it also damages DNA, causing deadly mutations. It is impossible to know how many cancers and deaths were caused by the accident. However, while humans fled the site, other organisms went in the opposite direction.

Black fungi were found growing in the highly radioactive power plant itself, where radiation levels were still, for a human, dangerously high.[10] When these fungi were cultured in labs, it was found that they grew toward sources of radiation as if seeking it out. When exposed to radiation, the fungi grew faster. It seemed that they were using radiation directly as a source of energy.

The fungi were black because of the common pigment melanin. When gamma radiation hits the melanin, the pigment absorbs it and uses the energy to drive metabolic reactions. Humans have the same pigment in their skin to protect from radiation. It is possible that humans may also, in a very limited way, be eating gamma radiation just like the fungi.


Deaf People Teach How To Cuss In Sign Language

Deaf People Teach How To Cuss In Sign Language

In a rather profanity explicit video, a group of deaf and hearing impaired people graciously demonstrated how to curse using sign language for the cameras of WatchCut Video. Of course, the most obvious form of profanity was offered up first, but as the video goes on, the motions became more creative.

How do you swear in sign language? Deaf people teach us!

16 Amazing Movies Coming In 2018 That ARE NOT Remakes Or Sequels

16 Amazing Movies Coming In 2018 That ARE NOT Remakes Or Sequels

For the past few decades, movie fans have continued to complain that Hollywood just seems like it’s out of fresh ideas. Nearly every other movie that comes out is an unoriginal remake, reboot, sequel ,or prequel with plots and storylines that viewers have already seen dozens of times. Sure, many of those franchises prove successful, which is why we keep seeing them, but many leave viewers scratching their heads: do we really need a live-action remake of Aladdin? Do moviegoers really need a sequel to Jumanji? Why is a new Power Rangers movie even a thing?

But not all is lost in the world of original cinematic storytelling. The good news is that there are at least 16 movies coming out in 2018 that do not fall into the “been there, done that” category. These 2018 original movies also fall into a variety of genres with a promise to offer up unique stories in adventure, comedy, horror, science fiction, fantasy, animation and action. There’s something here for everyone, too: movies for children and adults, as well as movies that make you think and movies that make you laugh.

Here are 16 Amazing Movies Coming In 2018 That ARE NOT Remakes Or Sequels.


For those who love a little science fiction, fantasy, and horror, Annihilation is a must-see. It features another stellar all-female cast, including Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The film finds its inspiration from a 2014 novel by Jeff VanderMeer and was adapted and directed by Ex Machina helmer Alex Garland.

The story follows a team of four women (a surveyor, a biologist, a psychologist and an anthropologist) as they set off to explore a mysterious place cut off from civilization, a wild land known only as Area X. But these women are not the first to arrive there: the previous 11 expeditions to Area X ended in suicide, strange fatal illnesses and disappearances. This is a dangerous place where the “laws of nature don’t apply,” where all bets are off and survival becomes the only priority.


The year 2018 is already turning out to be the year that women take over the silver screen, at least when it comes to original stories. In Proud Mary, Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures, Empire) takes on the role of a hit woman whose life changes when she meets a young boy after a hit goes bad. This movie will offer it all: action, drama and a female lead that can kick butt and take names.

The film also stars Neal McDonough, Danny Glover, and Xander Berkeley and is sure to please those viewers that like their thrills with a dramatic twist. Much of the artistic style of the film comes directly from 1970s Blaxploitation movies, giving it a look and feel unique from similar films, such as Atomic Blonde.


When it comes to seeing Liam Neeson on film, his fans just want one thing: to see him go after whatever the bad thing is and utterly destroy it. Because that’s what he does best.

In The Commuter, Neeson portrays a simple businessman who spends his mornings and evenings commuting to and from work on public transportation. But then he gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy, meaning that this is yet another movie starring Liam Neeson where he ends up kicking butt and taking names.

Considering the kind of money that the Taken movies made for Neeson, it’s likely this one will also please audiences who are into his more action-oriented roles. The film also stars Sam Neill, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, and Elizabeth McGovern.


Stop-motion clay animation will make a huge comeback in early 2018 with the film Early Man, which will chronicle the life of a prehistoric man named Dug who must unite his tribe to protect his home against the evil Lord Nooth and the Bronze Age City. This animated comedy feature comes courtesy of Nick Park and Aardman Animations, the braintrust behind Wallace and Gromit.

That makes Early Man a must-see in and of itself, but the cast will also bring in viewers: Eddie Redmayne stars as the voice of Dug with Tom Hiddleston taking on the role of Lord Nooth. Other voices include Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams, The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade, and Harry Potter‘s Timothy Spall – pretty much a Who’s Who of British actors.


The Winchester House holds many mysteries and is often the subject of television shows about the world’s most haunted places. Although it is now a major tourist attraction, it once had a resident: Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate John Winchester. The movie Winchester will explore the eccentric woman’s life and her belief that the people killed by Winchester guns haunted her house.

Starring Helen Mirren, this is a movie based on a true story, where the ghosts haunt a person more so than a place. The film will surely offer up some chills and thrills, but it will also offer some insight into the disturbed mind of the woman who oversaw construction in the house that’s known for its stairs that go nowhere and windows that look into other rooms.

11. ALPHA (MARCH, 2018)

Period pieces have been a part of Hollywood for as long as it’s been around, but it seems there is a new historical trend of movies that depict prehistoric times. Alpha takes place 20,000 years ago in Europe during the last Ice Age. The movie follows the story of a young caveman who must survive the elements and the oncoming storm to find his way home.

Promising an epic adventure, this caveman befriends a lone wolf, who accompanies in on his journey. The two form an unlikely partnership to guarantee that they both survive the deadly cold about to unleash itself on the Earth.

Kodi Smit-McPhee (X-Men: Apocalypse) stars, with Albert Hughes (From Hell, Dead Presidents) directing. Expect a lot of survival drama with this one.

10. ISLE OF DOGS (MARCH, 2018)

It’s not just Early Man that’s bringing stop-motion animation back to movie theaters next year. Isle of Dogs will also feature that style of animation, which many film viewers appreciate just for the sheer amount of work involved in bringing such a movie to life.

Written and directed by Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs is a seemingly classic tale of a boy looking for his dog. That might not seem all that original, but the cast alone should keep movie seats packed for its run. The film features voice acting by Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Courtney B. Vance, Fisher Stevens, Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton, Liev Schreiber, F. Murray Abraham, and even Yoko Ono. And that’s not even the full cast list!


Who doesn’t love a good heist movie loaded with action and thrills? Widows promises all that, as well as an incredible female cast that includes Elizabeth Debicki (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), Carrie Coon (The Leftovers), Michelle Rodriguez (Lost), and Viola Davis (Suicide Squad, The Help). Widows also has some great actors, too, including Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Lukas Haas and Garret Dillahunt. That pretty much makes it a movie that everyone will want to see. 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen heads up the project, penned by Gone Girl scribe Gillian Flynn.

Technically, this movie does have a basis on a 2002 TV mini-series (see the movie poster above), but it’s still an original story on the big screen that follows a group of women who decide to take over a job that killed their criminal spouses.


If it’s a supernatural thriller moviegoers want, A Quiet Place could provide just the kind of fun that viewers crave. John Krasinki both stars and directs in this spooky tale, with wife Emily Blunt as his co-star. But what is the movie about? Well, that’s anyone’s guess, because the plot is under wraps now.

This is the first feature starring the married couple together, and that alone should make it an interesting watch. The mystery about its story, too, should fill some theater seats. The only information given at this point is that the movie is a “semi-contained thriller set on a farm where a family is being terrorized by evil.” That’s about as vague as it gets, so expect to hear more about this one later.


There is a lot of original family fare set for 2018, including the animated feature Duck Duck Goose. This digitally animated film stars Jim Gaffigan as an irresponsible bachelor goose, Peng, who would do anything other than practice for the upcoming migration to the south. Peng gets so wrapped up in showing off and doing his own crazy high-flying stunts that he ends up breaking his wing and grounding himself. This accident also results in him inadvertently separating two ducklings from their family and the rest of the group.

In the film, Peng must journey south on foot while leading the young ducklings and protecting them. It will mean he must learn responsibility, as well as to care for someone other than himself. Carl Reiner, Greg Proops, Zendaya ,and Stephen Fry also star.


Chick flicks are a lot different now than they once were. Many now empower women, rather than focusing on topics such as romance, having babies, and failing at dating. I Feel Prettycontinues to buck the trend, but that isn’t much of a surprise when considering the fact that it stars comedian Amy Schumer.

In I Feel Pretty, Schumer is Renee Barrett, a woman who works in the cosmetics industry, someone who feels that she’s mediocre in a sea of beautiful women. After an exercise incident that results in a head injury, Renee suddenly believes herself to be stunningly beautiful, although she looks exactly the same. This leads to a renewed self-confidence that sees Renee becoming more successful at her company, challenging the notion that beauty is only skin-deep.

5. TAG (JUNE, 2018)

Imagine the most epic game of tag that lasts over decades and crosses the world. That’s what Tag is about. It follows a group of extremely competitive friends that have been playing the same game of Tag since grade school. They will do what it takes to not be “it,” including risking their lives, their jobs, and their relationships, all for a children’s game. The movie starts the game at the wedding of their only undefeated player, supposedly an easy target. But he knows they’re coming, and he’s waiting for them.

What’s even crazier about this film is that a true story inspired it. This one should provide some laughs, especially because it stars funny men Ed Helms and Tracy Morgan. Jeremy Renner also stars.


Just the title of The Happytime Murders should intrigue fans of dark comedy. But this one has a lot of weight under its belt, especially considering that it’s the latest project from the Jim Henson Company. Yes, that means that this movie features puppets. But this isn’t Sesame Street. Instead, this is a puppet story with a classic film noir angle.

The story follows an ex-cop, Phil, who is on the trail of the serial killer who murdered his brother. That serial killer is now targeting the stars of a famous puppet TV series called “The Happytime Gang.” Phil must use his detective skills to find the killer. This is an adult puppet movie and, obviously, there just aren’t enough of those in the world.


In the 2010 documentary Marwencol, filmmakers explored the life of artist and photographer Mark Hogancamp. Hogancamp suffered massive brain damage after an attack by five men who nearly beat him to death, losing nearly all memories of his previous life. For therapy, he built his own town, called Marwencol, in his back yard, populated by dolls that represented himself, his friends and his attackers.

In 2018, Steve Carrell plans to star in a fictionalized account of Hogancamp’s story to the screen directed by Robert Zemeckis (the film’s working title is actually Untited Robert Zemeckis Project). Carell will star, along with Leslie Mann, Gwendoline Christie, Diane Kruger, and Janelle Monáe. Expect a funny, yet heartwarming tale, about a man who was a little out there, but also lovable.


Considering the interesting life that he led, it is shocking that there hasn’t yet been a film made about the life and times of Freddie Mercury, the showstopping and flamboyant lead singer of the rock band Queen. However, 2018 will change all that, and offer up the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, which will document the life of the band in the years that led up to their unforgettable performance at Live Aid in 1985.

Although Sacha Baren Cohen was once cast in the part of the iconic singer, sources now state that Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek will step into the role. The movie’s director is Bryan Singer. As of yet, the movie has a 2018 release date, but no other casting details or descriptions are available.


Now is really a good time for fans of science fiction. The genre is represented well nearly everywhere and remains popular with TV fans and moviegoers alike. Extinction should prove a big winner with the sci-fi crowd when it releases next year.

After a father continues to have a dream about losing his family, his worst fears come to life as an alien force invades the planet with only one goal in mind: the destruction of humanity. The movie is about facing his fears and doing what it takes to guarantee his family’s survival.

This movie stars Luke Cage’s Mike Colter, as well as Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan, The Martian’s Michael Peña, and Glitch actress Emma Booth. Ben Young serves as the movie’s director.


20 More Crazy Japanese Inventions

20 More Crazy Japanese Inventions

Diet half-bowl

Gives you the illusion that you eat twice as much as you actually do, helping you stick to your diet.


Cupman lid holder

A little temperature-sensitive figure that lets you know when your noodles are ready.


Bubble wrap keychain

Enjoy a never-ending bubble popping experience with added sound effects.


Napkin pants

Wipe your hands on the back of your pants.


Beauty lift high nose

This apparatus will help you shape your nose to your liking by channeling vibrations into your nasal bones.


Air-conditioned shoes

Keep your feet cool on hot summer days.


Butter stick

Butter your toast with a few slick moves when there is no knife at hand.


Subway sleeper hat

Allows you to fall asleep during long rides without falling to the floor and lets fellow passengers know when to wake you up so you never miss your stop.


Chopper hand

Chop food all you want and never cut a finger.


Sound-catcher pillow

Watch your favorite TV shows, resting your head comfortably all the while.


Umbrella tie

Saves you from getting soaked by unexpected showers.


Ever-ready tissue dispenser

Allergy headset kit available all day to help you out with sneeze attacks.


Thumb extension

Extend the length of your thumb to easily handle smartphones with large screens.


One-click ctrl+alt+del tool

Hit the three-key combo in one quick move.


Chopstick fan

No more burning your lips with scalding food.


Roll-up shoes

A flexible pair of shoes that wraps around your feet without you having to tie anything.


Portable commuter seat

You will never have to worry about finding a seat on a crowded bus or subway anymore.


Multifunctional gloves

A pair of rubber gloves you can do almost anything with.


Back scratch T-shirt

Show your friends exactly where you itch.


Husband-hunting bra

Upon finding the one, the wearer can stop the countdown clock installed in this specialty bra by feeding it an engagement ring.


10 Geniuses No One Believed In

10 Geniuses No One Believed In

It is hard to imagine, but many of the largest corporations, which seem to own half of the world today, were born in small garages of poor neighborhoods.

Chaostrophic decided to find out how the most successful companies were started. Who knows? Maybe after reading the article you too will take a risk to bring your ideas to life.

We’ve also prepared a bonus at the end. Read it if you’re still hesitating!


Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim became friends in 2005 while working for PayPal. One evening, Chad and Steve threw a party. Jawed couldn’t attend, and sharing a video with him turned out to be extremely difficult. This was the first step to YouTube.

  • Today the YouTube audience is about 1 billion users, almost a third of all Internet users.


In 2008, successful programmers Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp went to a conference in Paris and found that it was incredibly difficult to find a taxi there. Running into such a widespread problem made the men think. The following year, UberCab was launched in San Francisco. Celebrities provided good advertisement: Ashton KutcherEdward Norton, and Jay-Z used the service.

  • Today Uber is the number one taxi service in the world. The online service also has numerous daughter applications, including the food delivery service UberEats.


The lack of cheap sneakers in American stores prompted runner Phil Knight to order them in Asia and sell them in the US. In 1965, he named his company Nike (after the goddess of victory) and started his own production. The famous jagged sole was first made with a waffle iron. Nike soon had 50% of the American market. In 1984, Nike Air Jordan shoes were created for Michael Jordan, then largely unknown. The basketball player paid a $5,000 fine before each game, but this first instance of "live advertising" was very successful.

  • Today Nike is the number one company in the sports industry.


He used to sell Christmas cards, mushrooms, and berries, but at the age of 17 a Swedish boy named Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA (the name is the first letters of his name, farm, and village). This revolutionized the furniture world. He came up with the idea of selling goods in disassembled form. He later developed the idea, taking puzzles as an example: the customers were encouraged to assemble not only the furniture but also their homes with the "pieces" in the store. This allowed for millions of combinations.

  • Today IKEA has almost 400 stores around the world. And they aren’t just stores but amusement parks.


Kevin Systrom was fond of photography and obsessed about creating ​​a startup. After his third year at Stanford, he went to Florence to study photography and was given a 1982 Holga. This is a film camera which makes retro square pictures. They look cool with almost no effort from the photographer. This inspired Systrom to create a service that could create masterpieces from bad photographs. October 6, 2010, when Instagram appeared in the App Store, began the era of mobile photography. In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

  • Today... we don’t even have to tell you! Just ask yourself: can you imagine the world without Instagram?


In 1918, 4 American guys fond of cinema — brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner — created Warner Bros. Harry and Albert took care of the finances, and Sam and Jack handled the filmmaking. It was this studio which released the first sound film (The Jazz Singer, 1927), the first horror sound film (The Terror, 1928), and the first all-color film (On with the Show! 1929).

  • Today the company’s logo excites the minds of all movie lovers as soon as they see it on the screen.


In 1932, Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen went bankrupt, became widowed, and was left alone with 4 children in his arms. To somehow maintain their spirit, he began to make toys for them, and he soon started selling some too. He came up with a name for his toys: “LEGO,“ from the Danish ”leg godt" (“to play well”). He then opened a store. Worldwide success came to him in 1954, when a system was thought up: in 1954 the blocks appeared, and the connecting parts arrived in 1961.

  • Today there are toys...and then there is LEGO. By the way, Ole and the story of creating the brand was depicted in a great cartoon: The LEGO Story.


In 1975, Spanish tailor Amancio Ortega was taking a walk with a girlfriend. They passed by a shop where Ortega saw a beautiful peignoir. It was incredibly expensive, which made Ortega think about making his own exquisite but inexpensive underwear. Today the secret of Zara’s success lies in fast fashion and using tons of data to predict trends. Interestingly, even the scandal between King Juan Carlos I of Spain and Hugo Chávez in 2007 was helpful to the business: Zara printed a million T-shirts with the famous "Why don’t you shut up?" by the King.

  • Today Amancio Ortega is number 4 on the Forbes list of richest people.


In 1940, Pietro Ferrero began making sweets in a small bakery. Through his experiments, he became known throughout Italy and soon all over the world. In 1965, the reins were taken by his brother Giovanni, and then his nephew Michele, who invented the "Kinder Surprise," inspired by the Italian Easter tradition to bake sweets with a surprise inside. The first shipment of the eggs in 1972 sold out in an hour!

  • Today Ferrero is run by the new Pietro and Giovanni: Michele’s sons. Our favorite Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello, Tic Tac, and many other products are produced by the company.


The first Apple computer saw daylight on April Fool’s Day, 1976, priced at $666.66. What happened to its creators, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, a bit later is known to the majority of the world’s population. We will just mention 2007, a revolutionary year for Apple, when the first iPhone was released, forever changing the world of smartphones. At the launch, Steve Jobs said that 1% of the market would be good. But he wouldn’t stop there, of course.

  • Today the iPhone occupies 15% of the cell phone market. Don’t get us started on MacBooks.


No road to success is easy. However, it is worth it at least for the adrenaline you get from doing something you love. So if you have an idea for how to change the world even just a bit, why not give it a go?

5 Gritty Comic Reimaginings That Actually Worked

5 Gritty Comic Reimaginings That Actually Worked


It's hard to make up new and interesting things. That's why reboots and remakes are so omnipresent. Invariably, the most popular subjects of remakes and redos are characters and franchises people enjoyed as children -- the Smurfs, the Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sometimes though what people decide to do isn't remake them as they were, but remake them as the audience now might (supposedly) like them. Which usually means making them "adult." Or gritty. Or so ridiculously dark it makes vantablack look like the rainbow. Most of the time this approach ends in disaster , but sometimes they're so glorious that they make the original one look like a fake piece of dog poop. Here's what we're talking about:

1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch plunges into demonic horror

The best horror comic running comes to you care of Archie. Nothing on Earth will prepare you for the horrific majesty of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Set around the fifties, this comic tells the tale of a doomed teenage daughter of a witch and a warlock, a girl who is pledged to Satan, whose boyfriend is flayed alive by witches, and whose blood brings back a villain named Madam Satan. This is a comic about blood, sex, and death -- and it portrays it all unflinchingly. And there isn't a single cheesy animatronic cat to be found.

If you took this comic back in time and showed it to Melissa Joan Hart it would melt her brain and most of the cast of TGIF. If you showed this to your parents, they would spontaneously turn into the band KISS.

As you can see, it has this sort of terrible beauty thing going on. These weird, warped images will stick with you for months. Somehow this Archie Comic has managed to be one of the strangest pieces of media out there -- including the show Riverdale (which has full-on incest) and Afterlife with Archie (which is about a zombie outbreak).

Maybe the oddest part of all this? All three of these Archie products mentioned -- Chilling, Afterlife, and Riverdale -- are all written by the same man, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. This guy also happens to be the freaking Chief Creative Officer of Archie Comics, the same one who got his start writing (and being sued for) a play about how Archie was gay. Until Aguirre-Sacasa writes about his own life, there won't be another comic cooler than this.

2. Wacky Races drives into the post-apocalypse

There's not much like it today, but the original Wacky Races was kind of a trip -- even if it was almost definitely inspired by the success of Speed Racer. The rebooted Wacky Raceland comic might be unrecognizable to fans of the Hanna-Barbera original, as it moves from a silly cartoon world into an apocalyptic future. Imagine Mad Max: Fury Road, but with a messed up sense of humor and a ton more BDSM. That's Wacky Raceland.

Familiar characters from the show are back, having been given wasteland makeovers. Penelope Pitstop has donned a pink dominatrix-style jumpsuit, and the giggly dog Muttley is now a cyborg hound from hell. Matching the R-rated tone, blood and violence has also been amped up.

It's horrifying... yet still somehow awesome? It's like we slipped into another Universe where our favorite cartoon characters are themselves but grim, grittier, and sometimes evil (with a dash of sexy added in because why not). It sounds goofy, but the comic embraces the ridiculous, and is all the better for it.

Cthulhu sandworms may not have been featured in the original Wacky Races, but you know, they're taking some liberties here.

3. The future of the new Jetsons is kind of horrifying

You might have heard of the surprisingly excellent Flinstones comic, but The Jetsons have their own book on the way too.

The new series isn't quite out yet, but DC did release a small prologue. The story involves the mother of George Jetson waking up and leaving the family; she's old, frail... too old. She's over, her life is done. She brings her granddaughter, Judy, who tries to talk her out of this procedure she's going to undergo -- heavily implied to be euthanasia. But grandma won't listen.

Back at home, George and the rest of the family realize who is missing and slowly put two and two together. Meanwhile, the Judy has been unable to talk her grandmother out of it and the two say their goodbyes. As the family rushes to her side, the grandmother undergoes the procedure just as her family comes in the room.

But grandma wakes up. And when she does, she's a little... different.

Oh, yes, Rosie the Robot is actually the dead mother of George Jetson who transferred her mind into a robotic body so she could continue living as her physical body failed. She's living the dream of every cyberpunk fan -- minus the part where she cleans up after her family for the rest of eternity.

4. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys go hardboiled noir

This one might actually be the least surprising one to get a reboot -- after all, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are detectives, right? It was only a matter of time until a comic came out in which the Hardy Boys are suspected of murdering their father. It seems perfectly natural that Nancy Drew would play the femme fatale who draws the Hardy Boys into a conspiratorial web as deep and dark as anything Raymond Chandler ever wrote.

Everything about this was inevitable, except for the fact that this is Nancy Drew and the freaking Hardy Boys.

Somehow though, shoving them into the deep end of the noir pool works wonders. Their charecters still shine through -- and even the ridiculous plot seems like something that could actually happen. Reading it, you get the sense that the kids books are actually the made-for-tv movie adaptations of these characters' real adventures.

As far as gritty reboots go, it's less Dawn of Justice and more Batman Begins.

5. Batman teams up with... Elmer Fudd

This is, without a doubt, the single greatest comic book that has ever been printed, made, read, drawn or thought up. We're not exaggerating when we say that The Batman/Elmer Fudd one-shot justifies the art form.

Fudd is our narrator, and his rain-soaked inner-monlogue (compweet wif swurred speech) tells us how he's mourning the loss of his love, Silver St Cloud. He goes into a joint named Porky's and finds Bugs "The Bunny," a bucktoothed (human) scoundrel who has an infatuation with carrots. Throughout the bar are other reprobates including a man with a skunk line down his hair (Pepe Le Pew), a strong man beating the hell out of someone else while screaming (Tasmanian Devil), and a small bald man with a large head talking about a "puddy tat." Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam round out the barflies.

Fudd calmly expwains he's on a mission to kill the murder of St. Cloud. Bugs tells him that he did do the job, but was hired by Bruce Wayne. You can see where this is going.

If that alone doesn't convince you, there's a scene where the Batman and Elmer Fudd team-up and beat the shit out of humanized versions of every Looney Tunes character you can think of.

Words fail. This is what people in heaven get to read.

This Handheld Device Will Tell You The Exact Chemical Composition Of Your Weed

This Handheld Device Will Tell You The Exact Chemical Composition Of Your Weed


 Say goodbye to the days of "guessing" what kind of weed you're carrying — now you can know definitely whether you're dealing with a Maui Wowie or more of a Bruce Banner #3.


5 Scientific Advancements Happening Right Now That Will Change the Future

5 Scientific Advancements Happening Right Now That Will Change the Future

We are living in a fascinating time, stuck somewhere between the industrialized world of the past two centuries and the technological world of the future. We’re facing grave crises, especially related to our changing climate. An increase in global temperature of 4 to 6 degrees will cause much of the Earth to become uninhabitable within the next century unless we stop it. Scientists are currently working on breakthroughs in the fields of renewable energy, consumer technology, and biology that will have such far-reaching effects, it’s hard to know what the world will look like in 20 years. Will we create the greatest inventions ever known to man, or will we destroy ourselves first? We’re probably going to find out within our lifetime. Here are five scientific advancements happening right now that are going to change the future.




CRISPR is basically an edit button for DNA. It uses naturally-occurring processes in bacterial enzymes to permanently modify the DNA of living organisms, and it may soon be the cure to cancer. Two groups developed CRISPR independently four years ago, and human trials are starting for the first time this year. 18 cancer patients will be treated with cells genetically engineered to fight cancer, and hopefully they'll inspire their cells to go find tumors and attack them. So far, CRISPR has a perfect success rate in non-human tests. We will probably see new treatments for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, anemia, and cystic fibrosis within the next five to 10 years. We may, within our lifetimes, see a world where genetic disease is obsolete.


2. In vitro meat


Factory farming is one of the leading causes of global warming and pollution. There’s enough food to feed everyone on earth, but it’s distributed wrong, and a lot of it is being fed to factory farm animals. It’s far less efficient to feed plants to animals and then eat the animals than to just eat the plants ourselves. It takes 16 calories of grain to produce one calorie of beef. So how do we end the environmental scourge that is factory farming when demand for meat is still so high around the world? Scientists have been working for years on in-vitro meat, or meat grown without killing animals. In 2013, Maastricht University researcher Mark Post successfully created in vitro meat… at the cost of $325,000 a burger. The challenge ever since has been to lower the cost of production to rival the cost of factory farmed meat, and that’s tough because our current tax system subsidizes the meat and dairy industries, artificially lowering the price of animal products. But after years of research, we’re finally getting close. By 2015 the price had fallen to about $11 per burger, and a recent taste test put on by company Memphis Meats was a success. They claim their meat requires “less than a tenth of the land and water and less than half of the energy” than conventional (slaughtered) meat. The next challenges involve producing in-vitro meat in high enough quantities, and convincing people to eat it. But in 20 years or so, in-vitro meat may be what GMO vegetables are now — a fact of life that most people don’t even consider. And it may just save our planet.


3. Blockchain


Blockchain is, to put it simply, the thing that will make online currencies truly useful. Blockchain makes hacking online currency basically impossible, eliminating the greatest threat towards currencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain users all have a giant (digital, duh) spreadsheet detailing the numbers of every transaction using Blockchain, so a hacker would need to be able to hack into every single Blockchain user simultaneously, which just isn’t possible. This may finally end the hegemony of the US dollar and move the world towards global digital currencies, and we have little idea what the ramifications will be, positive or negative.


4. The Tesla batteries


Tesla announced last week that they are building the world’s largest battery system to store renewable energy. The first battery will be paired with a wind farm in Australia, and is intended to make renewable energy feasible on a large scale. Storage is the main technical problem keeping the world from changing over from fossil fuels to solar and wind power, and with these giant lithium iron battery systems, we could actually switch over our global power use to renewable energy. South Australia is aiming to generate half of their electricity from renewable sources within the next eight years, and we may see the experiment spread across the world soon. Tesla is also pioneering batteries for the home, which may allow people to exclusively use their own solar panels and disconnect from the power grid completely. Traditional utility companies are terrified, but the future of our planet may rest on solar and wind power’s success.


5. Driverless cars


Driverless cars are going to happen, and sooner than you think. Ford aims to release its first fully self-driving car by 2021. Billions of dollars are currently being put into developing driverless trucks that will likely hit the highways within 10 years. And this is no novelty — it’s technology that will completely reshape our economy, and we have no idea how. Driverless cars will save tens of thousands of lives lost every year in auto accidents due to human failure. Driverless trucks will put millions of truckers out of work. The trucking jobs that remain will become more technology-driven and white collar, and thus shut out the non-college-educated people who currently dominate the truck driving business. What will those truckers do once their jobs become automated? Will industrialized nations start embracing universal basic income? Nobody knows, but we’re all going to find out fairly soon.


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