50 Movie Details That Most People Didn't Notice

50 Movie Details That Most People Didn't Notice -

1. Interstellar

On the water planet each tick you hear is a whole day passing on Earth.

2. Up

Dug is the only dog to track down the tropical bird because he is a retriever breed.

3. The Truman Show

The moon is illuminated by lightning, hinting that it is closer than it should be.

4. Inside Out

The pizza toppings were changed from broccoli to bell peppers in Japan because kids in Japan don't like bell peppers.

5. How to Train Your Dragon

This animation was modeled after a cat with tape stuck to its tail.

6. Deadpool 2

One of the rednecks talking about toilet paper is Matt Damon in makeup.

7. Deadpool 2

Wade discovers the direction of the shooter by looking at the camera.

8. Ant-Man

Garrett Morris makes a cameo in a scene. He was the first person to ever portray Ant-Man in 1979.

9. Revenge of the Sith

A Battledroid in the background can be seen telling his friend to look at Greivous.

10. The Incredibles 2

The painting in the hotel room is an illustration of her separation from the family.

11. Pulp Fiction

In Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega is constantly on the toilet because one of the side effects of heroin abuse is constipation.

12. The Greatest Showman

There is a wolverine Easter egg in the border of the opening credits. Hugh Jackman played in both movies.

13. Home Alone

You ever wonder what happened to Kevin's ticket?

14. Osmosis Jones

A sperm statue can be seen with the label "our founder."

15. Zootopia

In ‘Zootopia’ (2016), there is a brief shot of a conspiracy wall and one of the pictures is of a Sad Keanu wolf.

16. Saving Private Ryan

When a medic gets shot in the canteen water pours out then blood.

17 The Avengers

In ‘The Avengers’ (2012), there is a small screen showing the heat signature in the room where Loki is being held which shows that he has a cold body temperature. That’s because he is a frost giant.

18 John Wick

In John Wick (2014), before the action starts, John wears his wristwatch normally. But when he goes into the "battle mode", he wears them face inside the wrist, which is the way soldiers usually do it so that they could see the time while holding a rifle and to avoid reflections off the glass.

19 Split

In “Split”, James McAvoy was frustrated with filming a scene with the multiple personalities talking amongst each other, and he punched a door that broke his knuckle. McAvoy filmed for three days without telling anyone about his injury and his swollen hand can be seen in one scene.

20 Deathly Hallows - Part 2

In the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, during the battle of Hogwarts, one of the giants uses a broken Quidditch goal hoop as a weapon.

21 Watchmen

In the Watchmen, the Comedian's funeral has the flag draped over his coffin for service in Vietnam. There are 51 stars on the flag, because, in Watchmen's 1985, Vietnam is a state, thanks to Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian's involvement.

22 Toy Story 2

In Toy Story 2 (1999), when Al is about to hang up with the Japanese Toy museum for buying Woody, he says “Don’t touch my mustache.” This is him mispronouncing. “どういたしまして” (Dōitashimashite) which means “You’re Welcome” in Japanese.

23 The Pursuit of Happyness

In The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), at the end of the movie, Will Smith, who plays Chris Gardner, walks past the actual Chris Gardner whose life the movie is based on.

24 Lord of the Rings

In the Lord of the Rings, you can see that Gandalf carries his pipe in his staff.

25 Her

In "Her", Theodore uses a safety pin to hold Samantha up in his pocket so she can see while out on a date.

26 Rampage

In Rampage (2018), when Dwayne The Rock Johnson's character signs "it's me" to the gorilla, he uses the American Sign Language symbol for “rock.”

27 Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

In 'Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse' the month written on Miles's test paper is Decembruary.

28 Flushed Away

In Flushed Away, the main character Roddy (played by Hugh Jackman) pulls out Wolverine's suit while deciding what to wear.

29 The Lion King

In The Lion King, unlike the other lions, Scar's claws are always displayed throughout the movie.

30 Deadpool 2

In Deadpool 2, there is a drawing of Wolverine tagged “Prisoner 24601.” That's Jean Valjean's prisoner number in Les Miserables, which was also played by Hugh Jackman.

31 Cars

In “Cars” the canyons were designed by the animators to resemble old cars and hood ornaments.

32 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Gwen's origin story shows subtle, blue traces of scales on the body of her universe's Peter. This is a reference to the comics, in which Peter turned himself into the Lizard.

33Baby Driver

In Baby Driver (2017), Baby flips through the channels at one point and later repeats all of the dialogue he hears from the TV.

34 Up

In "Up" (2009), Ellie's things are rounded while Carl's things are square, matching their respective character designs.

35 SpongeBob Squarepants Movie

In the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2004), there is a fish in the Thug Tug eating a bowl of nails without any milk.

36 Toy Story

In Toy Story, Woody is trapped in a crate which is stuck under a ‘Binford’ tool-box. Binford is the fictional tool company in the TV show Home Improvement which starred Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear.

37 Inside Out

In Inside Out (2015) two of the memory orbs on the shelves contain scenes from Up (2009). One features Carl & Ellie's wedding, while the other shows their house.

38 Indiana Jones

While escaping Nazi Germany on a blimp, Indiana Jones's father reads a German newspaper to appear inconspicuous. The newspaper is upside down.

39 The Wizard of Oz

The famous shot from The Wizard of Oz (1939) where "sepia-tone" Dorothy opens the door and walks out into Technicolor Oz was done by having an extra wearing the same costume but painted brown. The extra opens the door, and then Judy Garland (in her colorful costume) walks into frame and out the door.

40 Captain America: Civil War

At the end of Captain America: Civil War, the only marks on Cap's shield are from Black Panther's claws since both are made of Vibranium.

41 Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson cameos his children in each of the movies of the Lord of the Rings.

42 Osmosis Jones

In Osmosis Jones (2001), there is a Pikachu held by a germ in the bladder.

43 Black Panther

In Black Panther, Angela Bassett knows Shuri did something offensive behind her because of T'Challa's horrified expression.

44 The Road To El Dorado

In The Road To El Dorado, when Tzekel-Khan is flipping through his ritual book, an Aztec/Mayan version of the Dreamworks logo can be seen on one of the pages.

45 Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park wearing similar outfits to characters in The Goonies. Kathleen Kennedy was the producer on both.

46 Avengers: Infinity War

In Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora tells Thanos she always hated his chair. Thanos then sits on the step leading to the chair to show that he really does care for Gamora.

47 Fight Club

In Fight Club (1999), Tyler Durden lives on Paper Street. A "paper street" is defined as a road or street that appears on maps but does not exist in reality.

48 Iron Man

In Iron Man (2008) the music that plays in the casino is actually the opening music of the original 1966 Iron Man cartoon.

49 The Little Mermaid

In The Little Mermaid (1998) when King Triton is introduced, you can see Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Kermit the Frog in the crowd, underwater.

50 Young Guns

Tom Cruise has a cameo in Young Guns as some random cowboy who gets shot. Apparently, he was just visiting the set the day they were filming this scene and Christopher Cain decided Cruise should have a role in the film.












19 Informative Tips That Could End Up Saving Your Life

19 Informative Tips That Could End Up Saving Your Life






9 Unpleasant Moments The Actors of “Game of Thrones” Went Through

9 Unpleasant Moments The Actors of “Game of Thrones” Went Through -



The HBO television network called Game of Thrones their most successful project — each episode gained almost 20 million views. It’s not just the twisted plot, where even the main characters tend to unexpectedly die that helped the series to succeed, but also the impeccable acting. The actors did their best on set, even if they had to do unpleasant things for the sake of their characters.

We at Bright Side tried to look at this story from a different angle and understand what kind of sacrifice the filming process required from the actors. Spoiler — the bonuses at the end will definitely boost your mood.

Kit Harington spilled the beans about Jon Snow’s fate to avoid a speeding ticket.

Jon Snow’s actor blabbed about the fate of his character to a policeman who wanted to give the actor a ticket for speeding. The officer stopped Harington’s car and said, “You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones.” The actor had to tell the truth, “I am alive next season.” After that, the policeman answered, “On your way, Lord Commander.”

Sophie Turner didn’t wash her hair for 2 years.

The actress who played Sansa Stark had to sacrifice her personal hygiene for the sake of her character. Together with many male actors, she had to significantly decrease her usage of shampoo. All because she was supposed to look naturally disheveled in the episodes where she escapes from King’s Landing.

In one of her interviews, the actress confessed, " Toward season 5 they started asking me to not wash my hair and it was really disgusting. Now I wear a wig so I can wash my hair whenever I want, which is nice. But yes, for a couple of years I was living with pretty greasy hair."

Maisie Williams fell off a horse.

The actress playing Arya Stark recalls one of the first episodes of horse riding with laughs. The actors were training on Icelandic horses that were the size of ponies. Nevertheless, that didn’t prevent the actors from having some collisions.

Once, Williams unsuccessfully got off her horse, getting tangled in the reins. “It was really funny, actually. My leg was, like, caught up by my ear, and I was like, “Oh, brilliant.” It seems the actress and her character have something in common.

Jerome Flynn almost got poisoned by diesel oil vapor.

The actor who plays Bronn almost got harmed during the battle scene with the dragons. Robert McLachlan, the director of photography, used diesel oil for creating a natural looking black smoke. Jerome Flynn had to stay at the epicenter of the fire for a long time. While other actors could wear smoke protective masks, Jerome didn’t have this opportunity. Maybe that’s the reason why the actor managed to convey his disgust so well — he almost got severely poisoned.

Moreover, the actor confessed that his postman now hates him since he shot Daenerys’s dragon.

Gwendoline Christie was filmed with a real bear.

The episode where Brienne of Tarth meets a bear is not a result of computer graphics. Accordingto the actress, the bear, whose name is Bart Junior, is an experienced actor. He had already acted in several other projects before playing in Game of Thrones.

While filming the episode, the actress was protected from the bear by a low electric fence. During breaks, the bear was fed cream from a pan with a long handle so that it “didn’t eat the actress” (that’s how the set team would joke around). “Why do you think I look so scared?” Christie says, recalling her experience.

Lena Headey struggled with the audience’s hatred.

According to the woman who plays Cersei Lannister, the audience hated her character so much that they started to transmit their negative feelings to her as well. For example, the nurse who was helping her with breastfeeding her second kid would say, “Shame on you!” when recalling the episode of public denudation. However, Headey takes it as a compliment to her acting skills.

Iwan Rheon got his face punched several times.

The actor playing Ramsay Snow (later Bolton) got punched in the face by Kit Harington several times. During the fight scene between bastards, Jon Snow got a bit carried away and hit his set partner’s face pretty hard. According to Harington, Rheon took it quite professionally. Anyway, it’s unlikely that he was actually happy to be on the receiving end of those punches.

Emilia Clarke was feeling nauseated during the heart eating scene.

The actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen confessed that this scene was pretty hard for her. During shooting, she had to eat 28 “horse hearts” made of berry jam. According to Emilia Clarke, the mixture was made of dry pasta and tasted like bleach. That’s why she always had a basket nearby in case she wasn’t able to hold back her vomit reflex.

Castle Black was really disgusting.

The set decorator, Richard Roberts, did his best when creating the residence of the Night’s Watch. According to his idea, the castle was supposed to look “dirty, grungy, cold, and as disgusting as possible.” In order to create this atmosphere, he asked to hang raw meat and bring in real pigs. The actors say that not only did the castle look greasy, but it was actually greasy in real life. “It smelled foul and looked foul but that’s how it should be, so we’re happy,” Roberts concluded. However, we are not aware of whether the actors had the same opinion.

Bonus 1: Sean Bean played football with his own head.

The actor who played the role of Ned Stark is very used to death scenes. And he relates to every scene with a good sense of humor. That’s why he found a good use for the model of his own head — he used it to play football with the set team. This kind of attitude inspires viewers to not worry so much about another death of their beloved character.

Bonus 2: Sophie Turner adopted the dog who played Lady.

Of course, during the shooting of Game of Thrones, the actors recall many kind stories as well. For example, the dog named Zunni who played Lady and who was viciously killed on Lannister’s whim got a loving family off set. Sophie Turner, whose character owned Lady in the series, adopted the dog in real life. She shared her joy with the creator of the book George R.R. Martin and he told the whole world.

Bonus: The casts thoughts on season 8!


Peter, blink twice if you’re in danger.










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THE CODECBS (Premiere April 9)A look at the professional and personal lives of some of the military’s brightest legal minds in the courtroom, where each attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator – and a Marine.


THE VICTIMBBC (Premiered April 8)A grieving mother is accused of identifying online the man who she believes is her son’s killer. Is he really a notorious child murderer, or a tragic victim of mistaken identity?


HANNAAmazon Prime (Full first season available now)Hanna follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is.


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CHERNOBYLHBO (Episodes 1 & 2 available now)Brave men and women act heroically to mitigate catastrophic damage when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant suffers a nuclear accident on April 26, 1986.








1. Chocolate rabbit you can build.

2. They paved over a boot in the street.

3. So many dogs run around this bush that they are excavating it.

4. Pumpkin grown in a mold.

5. Indoor waterfall.

6. Container for a single egg.

7. Tiny toad.

8. How the pills were when the bottle was opened.

9. Toilets before the stalls are put in.

10. A very long cactus.

11. A hot tub turned into a garden.

12. Massive book shelf.

13. Coffee grounds look like a crowd.

14. Fossilized sand dollar.

15. Cat with two different colored eyes.

16. Calories burnt with each step.

17. Pennywise on a penny.

18. A one number license plate.

19. Old vs new work boots.

20. Hitler cat.

21. Double wrapped chocolate bar.

22. Sky billboard.

23. That "S" doughnut.

24. Plane drew a smiley face in the sky.


47 Tattoos That Are Actually Amazing

47 Tattoos That Are Actually Amazing -






1. Burnt waffle found in a bag of charcoal.

2. A hot mug was left upside down on a plastic cover.

3. Kitten has thumbs.

4. The reflection makes the bike look new again.

5. Caterpillar stitched the fabric of this chair together before going into a cocoon.

6. An egg inside an egg.

7. Bird changes its colors from black to pink.

8. A pearl found in an oyster they were eating.

9. The London Eye fits perfectly in this bathroom window.

10. Log looks like a surreal painting.

11. Perfect concentric petals.

12. Building that blends in with the sky.

13. Tree swallowed a traffic sign.

14. Tangerine growing inside a tangerine.

15. Only one banana in the bunch has ripened.

16. Transparent leaf.

17. A grilled onion started to sprout after a rain storm.

18. Frog in the coffee.

19. These stones aren't levitating.

20. Rainbow pepper.

21. A cool shot.

22. Monkey looks like he's using the phone.

23. Building looks like it's 2-D.

24. House looks like it's sinking.

25. He found a way to be upside down.

26. Just a chandelier floating in the sky.

27. Dog looks like he's floating.

28. Icicle looks like a tornado.

29. Invasion of the insects.

30. The flying Dutchman.

31. Lightning strike caused this neat illusion.

32. Dogs seemed to have merged.






20 Of The Greatest Movie Scenes Ever Created According To Reddit

20 Of The Greatest Movie Scenes Ever Created According To Reddit -

“The inferno scene in Toy Story 3 is the best depiction of hell I’ve ever seen on screen. And when salvation comes, it’s the payoff of a joke 15 years in the making. Absolute perfection.”-GoodLordChokeAnABomb

“The first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.”-BShapirosDingDong

“The extended scene with Willy Wonka limping his way to the factory gates to meet the kids- then the forward roll. Sublime filmmaking.”-baabamaal

“Opening scene to Inglorious Basterds.The movie is excellent, but that scene sets the bar almost too high for the rest of the film.-Murdathon3000

“It’s still one of the most memorable scenes for me – when the jeeps stop in the very first Jurassic Park movie and you see the huge ass dinosaurs eating, and Alan Grant is just speechless.”-jessdb16

“The opening drill sergeant scene in Full Metal Jacket.”-disgruntled_joe

“Quentin Tarantino believes that the greatest movie scene ever filmed was the final shootout in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” I have a hard time disagreeing with that.”-CisSiberianOrchestra

“Interstellar – Cooper returns to the ship and it is revealed that several years have passed but his son continued to keep sending videos. He proceeds to watch the videos and breaks down into tears as he watches their lives pass before him.”-DaddyWaddles

“The shower scene in Psycho.It remains one of the most quintessential moments in film history for what it showed (a woman showering on camera in 1960), the shock of the main character dying 40 minutes into the movie and for making people scared to take a shower in their own home.”-RhodyChief

“Good Will Hunting – It’s not your fault. God that hit me hard”-TheBPDBeluga

“Hannibal Lecter’s escape scene in ‘The Silence of the Lambs.'”-Guzzzler

“The scene when the T-rex trashes the jeep in Jurassic Park.'”-Guzzzler

“Apocalypse Now – The Ride of the Valkerie/Napalm in the morning scene”-SpunkiMonki

Life is Beautiful – “Mama! We won!”-snorkleforkle

“The sword-fight between Inigo Montoya and the six-fingered man, beginning with ‘Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.’And then everything from there until, ‘I want my father back you son of a bitch.'”-Oziebloke777

“The drinking scene from Jaws.”-yawningdogge

“‘Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it.’2001: A Space Odyssey”-NotImmanualKant

“The scene where the soldiers and refugees stop shooting for a minute in Children of Men. Very powerful.”-BabysCrumbBuffet

“The ending scene from The Usual Suspects. It’s just so memorable and well executed.”-Snoruen

“The first baptism scene at the end of ‘The Godfather’ gives me chills every time.”-Yinvado


9 Perpetual Motion Machine Gifs That Just Keep Going...

9 Perpetual Motion Machine Gifs That Just Keep Going... -

Just imagine what it would be like if we could generate free energy. No need to worry about pollution, or fuel, or effort, or anything. It's no wonder so many people have tried their hands at building perpetual motion machines. And thanks to the magic of GIFs, none of them ever has to fail.

The sad truth is that thanks to physics—specifically pesky things like friction—none of these perpetual motion attempts will ever be more than clever visual tricks. But in at least GIF form they can go on and on and on, and generate some perpetual joy.

This is one of the most common designs: the overbalanced wheel. Thanks to friction, it doesn't really work. There's a motor in there somewhere.


Another variation on the overbalanced wheel


The overbalanced wheel is very popular.


Very popular.


This perpetual water wheel is hiding a secret pump.


This one only works if you swing the machine and the camera together.


If only it weren't for friction.

This beast is wildly efficient, but it stops eventually.

25 Interesting Facts About Celebrities Before They Found Fame

25 Interesting Facts About Celebrities Before They Found Fame -




1 Bill Hader

Bill Hader once worked as an usher at a movie theater and was fired for spoiling the end of Titanic to noisy patrons.

2. Before he was a famous musician Johnny Cash was a military code breaker for the US Air Force. He worked as a Morse Intercept Operator in Germany, handling the hardest jobs, intercepting Russian intelligence and deciphering code transmissions. He copied the first news of Stalin’s death.

3. Retta, the actress who played Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation, graduated from Duke University, worked as a chemist before doing stand-up and moving to Los Angeles, and is also the niece of former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

4. Hugh Jackman worked as a birthday clown named 'Coco' and made just 50 bucks. Jackman admits that he had no magic tricks and was even told off by a 6-year-old that he is terrible.

5. Adam Jones, the guitarist of the rock band TOOL, worked on makeup and set design for Hollywood blockbuster films such as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Ghostbusters II, and used his background in film to create TOOL's "unique" stop-motion music videos.

6 Colonel Sanders

Before establishing KFC, Colonel Sanders worked at a gas station and once also got into a gunfight with a rival gas station manager.

7. Celebrity chef Alton Brown worked as a cinematographer and video director before he became a food star. He was the director of photography for R.E.M.'s music video "The One I Love" and spent all of his time between takes on the set watching cooking shows, feeling that he could do a better job.

8. Before realizing his true potential in comedy, Will Ferrell worked as a teller at Wells Fargo. Apparently, he lost close to $600 on his first two days on the job.

9. Sir Patrick Stewart used to regularly fabricate fake news in the newspaper he worked for because he was spending his time practicing theatre with a theatre company during times that conflicted with his work schedule as a journalist.

10. Stand-up comedian Demetri Martin worked as a White House intern during the Clinton administration.

11 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein worked as an electrician on the Oktoberfest 1896.

12. Before he was on MTV's Jackass, Steve-O went to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College and worked for several years as a performing clown.

13. Pope Francis worked briefly as a chemical technician and nightclub bouncer before entering the seminary.

14. Ronald Reagan started work as a lifeguard at a park in 1926 and was credited with saving 77 lives during the seven summers he worked there.

15. Science-fiction author Gene Wolfe worked as an engineer on the design of the machine that makes Pringles chips.

16 Bob Marley

Bob Marley worked on an assembly line at a Chrysler plant in Newark, New Jersey under the alias "Donald Marley."

17. As a teen, Christopher Walken answered a help wanted ad and worked as a lion tamer.

18. Chad Stahelski, the director of the John Wick films, had worked as Keanu Reeves’ stunt double for 15 years prior to his directorial debut.

19. Actor Michael Keaton got his start in show business as a production assistant on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. He helped with the puppets and ran the trolley.

20. Henry Ford worked as chief engineer at Edison Illuminating Company before starting his automobile business.

21 Steve Carell

Steve Carell has worked as a mail carrier in Massachusetts. He quit 7 months later because his boss told him he was not very good at being a mail carrier and needed to be faster. He has also performed with Chicago troupe The Second City where Stephen Colbert was his understudy for a time.

22. Ina Garten, known for her cooking show Barefoot Contessa, worked in the White House as a nuclear budget analyst.

23. Tom Morello (the guitar player for Rage Against The Machine) worked as a male stripper with the goal of saving enough money to purchase a hot tub.

24. Kenneth Koe, the inventor of Zoloft worked his way through college washing dishes at a restaurant which was named Hung Far Low.

25. Comedian Michelle Wolf studied kinesiology in college and worked for Bear Stearns from 2007 to 2008 before taking an improv class after the financial collapse.





1. Trees after Hurricane Xavier hit Germany.

2. A mountain lit on fire in Tucson, Arizona.

3. Before and after Hurricane Irma, British Virgin Islands.

4. A hurricane bent this boardwalk.

5. A tornado broke everything except this cabinet.

6. The power of a storm.

7. This flood didn't stop him from chilling on his roof.

8. Lightning in the sky after a stormy night in Texas.

9. A toilet after a flood.

10. A storm took the water away.

11. A comic found in a burnt house.

12. A house burnt down in a flood.

13. Scared sloth during Hurricane Otto.

14. Lucky no one was on the john when this came through.

15. Hurricane Irma eroded the base of this tree.

16. Hurricane Ophelia took all the apples down from the trees.

17. Sharing a beer with a friend during the nightmare.

18. A front yard before and after a hurricane.

19. Dog carrying food after Hurricane Harvey.

20. A tower after a snow storm.

21. Ice taken from a leaf after an ice storm in St. Louis.


10 Weird News Stories You Might Have Missed Last Week

10 Weird News Stories You Might Have Missed Last Week -




Another week has gone by, so it’s time to take a look at some of the weird news stories you may have overlooked. If you missed last week’s adventures, you can get caught up with those offbeat stories here.

It has been quite a notable week for science. We talk about zombie pigs, ancient urine, giant prehistoric lions, and the first molecule in the universe. We have not one but two tales from the world of pornography and the story of the Japanese Walter White.

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to read any potential spoilers about the final season of Game of Thrones, you should skip entry 10 and proceed straight to entry nine.


10 AI Predicts The Survivors Of Game Of Thrones

Photo credit: apnews.com

Last Sunday night, tens of millions of people tuned in to watch the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones. Besides copious amounts of sex and violence, the show is known for introducing a large cast of compelling characters who then get killed off in gruesome ways.

Those who want to enjoy all the twists of the show might want to skip this one, but many fans are concerned that their favorites will die this season. For those who do not like surprises, students from the Technical University of Munich developed an artificial intelligence that studied all the information available about the show to predict which characters are going to die.

According to the algorithm, Daenerys Targaryen has the highest chance of survival of the main characters at 99 percent. At the other end, Bronn only has a 6 percent chance of survival and is deemed a goner.[1]

We have a bit to go to find out if it was right or not, but the school has a good track record. Back in 2016, another group of students programmed a different AI which correctly predicted that Jon Snow would be resurrected.

9 Name A Planet

Photo credit: BBC

Astronomers have reached out to the public for help in christening the largest-known body without a name in the solar system.

The trans-Neptunian object has the official designation of (225088) 2007 OR10. It was discovered back in 2007 by scientists Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown, and David Rabinowitz. They decided that it is time for the cosmic object, most likely a dwarf planet, to get a proper name. Therefore, they want the people to vote on the suggestion which they will officially submit to the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

The proposed monikers must adhere to IAU guidelines which require all minor planets in the Kuiper Belt to be given names associated with mythological creation figures. Therefore, the dwarf planet will not be dubbed Moony McMoonface or anything similar.

In fact, the public has the option of voting on just one of three candidates. They are: Vili, a Norse god; Holle, a Germanic goddess of fertility; and Gonggong, a Chinese water god. The cosmic object has one of the reddest surfaces ever discovered, and all three gods, besides being associated with creation, have a connection with the color red.[2]

Voting will continue until May 10.


8 The Royal Canadian Moose Police

Photo credit: cbc.ca

Canadian police officers trying to contain a wild moose received an unexpected bonus as the animal led them to a stolen car.

Last Saturday, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) in St. John’s received multiple calls from residents that a moose was on the loose in the city. Officers caught up with the animal and tried several times to lead it into the wooded areas up north of St. John’s. For some reason, the moose insisted on going south and evaded police containment efforts.

In the end, the animal gave the RNC a helping hand as it unwittingly led them to a car which had been reported stolen the previous day. The officers stayed behind to handle this new development while the moose was able to head into the Southside Hills as it intended.[3]

7 Porn Stash Gets Plundered

Photo credit: people.com

An Indiana man is suing his parents for getting rid of his vast collection of pornography and sex toys worth almost $30,000.

Back in 2016, the unnamed man moved to Michigan to live with his parents following a divorce. Ten months later, he relocated to Muncie, Indiana. Subsequently, his parents had all of his stuff delivered to his new home, but something was missing: his porn stash.

It had consisted of 12 moving boxes of films and magazines and two additional boxes of sex toys. When the man inquired about their whereabouts, his father revealed to him that they had disposed of them for his own well-being.

Now, the 40-year-old man is suing his parents. He is seeking compensation in excess of $86,000, almost triple what he estimated his collection to be worth. He claims that his parents acted “vindictively.” Although neither side has publicly commented on the matter, the father said in an email that he did his son a “big favor” and hoped that he will realize this one day.[4]

6 Extracurricular Activities

Japan has its own version of Walter White in the form of a university professor who admitted to teaching students in his pharmaceutical science class how to make Ecstasy.

Tatsunori Iwamura is a 61-year-old teacher at Matsuyama University in Ehime prefecture. He divulged that he had showed his pupils how to manufacture MDMA and 5F-QUPIC, a cannabis-like designer drug, in 2013. Drug enforcement officers acted on a tip, and while they did not find signs of Ecstasy, their search did uncover traces of the cannabis substance.

Unnamed sources claimed that Iwamura once had a license to manufacture illegal drugs issued by a local government outside Ehime, but it has since expired. The professor said that he taught his students how to make Ecstasy to “further their knowledge.”

Authorities believe that 11 students manufactured drugs under Iwamura’s guidance. He could face up to 10 years in prison for his actions.[5]



5 Exploring Your BeeSexuality

Online pornography giant Pornhub has revealed its latest charitable initiative: the “BeeSexual” campaign. People can visit the site’s latest channel, which is full of “bee porn,” to learn more about the perils that these crucial pollinators are currently facing. Moreover, for each view, Pornhub will donate to Operation Honey Bee and the Center for Honeybee Research.[6]

The BeeSexual channel is mostly SFW. The videos only show the foraging insects getting hot and heavy with some flowers as they drink their sweet nectar. However, they are all voiced by porn stars who give the clips a much more sexual vibe. The videos also have raunchy titles such as “Married Couple’s First Bee-some” and “Mature Natural Gets Plowed By Worker Bee.”

The biggest threat to bees is colony collapse disorder (CCD). This phenomenon occurs when most of the worker bees in a colony disappear, leaving behind the queen and only some nurse bees to care for the immature bees.

Eventually, this causes the hive to die. Last year, up to 40 percent of the hives in the United States fell to CCD and scientists are not even sure what the cause of this disorder is.

4 What Ancient Pee Can Tell Us

Photo credit: The Atlantic

A study published in Science Advances reveals that archaeologists are using an unexpected new resource—ancient urine—to estimate the size of one of the first settlements to practice animal husbandry.

Over 10,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers settled down in Asikli Hoyuk (in modern-day Turkey) and began domesticating sheep and goats. They appeared to be among the first to do so and did it for 1,000 years.

Researchers previously uncovered animal bones and pieces of ancient dung that attested to this fact. But they have come up with a new model that analyzes the chemical signatures of urine in the soil to estimate the size of the population.

Led by Jordan Abell from Columbia University, the team first discovered that the region had unusually high concentrations of salts. They believed that urine could be the source. They took over 110 soil samples from different areas and different layers to cover the 1,000-year span in which people lived in Asikli Hoyuk.

The researchers looked for chemical signatures such as nitrate, chlorine, and sodium. Scientists also had to account for other sources of salts such as rainwater or ash from wood fires. In the end, they estimated that an average of around 1,800 humans and animals were peeing in the village each day.[7]

3 Attack Of The Zom-pigs

According to a study published in Nature, American scientists from Yale University were able to partially revive brain activity in pigs that had been dead for hours.

Researchers started off with 32 pig brains which they received from an abattoir. After a four-hour wait, the brains were pumped with a proprietary synthetic blood concoction which contained oxygen and certain drugs to minimize the death of brain cells.

The brains were treated this way for six hours. Afterward, scientists found working synapses, regular responses to medication, and oxygen usage identical to that of a normal brain.

All of this was happening 10 hours after the animals had been decapitated. However, an electroencephalogram (EEG) showed no signs of brain-wide activity that would indicate awareness. Basically, the brains were still dead.[8]

Is this the first step in a zombie pig apocalypse?

Probably not, but ethicists are already calling for new guidelines for this field of study going forward. They believe that the animals used in these kinds of experiments could end up in a “gray area” where they are not alive but not completely dead, either.

At the very least, this study challenges the things we thought we knew about brain decay following death. It was considered an immediate and irreversible process after the blood supply was cut off.

This shows that it is a more “gradual, stepwise process” where some parts can be postponed and even reversed. The most obvious benefit could be seen in the study of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

2 The Giant Lion Hiding In A Drawer

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Scientists announced the discovery of an animal which was one of the largest mammalian carnivores ever to walk the planet. They realized they had a new species on their hands after analyzing fossils which had been sitting in a desk drawer at the Nairobi National Museum for decades.

The animal is called Simbakubwa kutokaafrika, and it prowled the Kenyan savanna until 23 million years ago. It has been referred to as a “giant lion,” and its name actually means “big African lion” in Swahili. However, there is no close relation between Simbakubwa and any modern predators. It belonged to an order called Hyaenodonta which went extinct.

Although we’ve had fossils of the animal for a while, it wasn’t until 2010 that a team from Ohio University took a closer look at them. They had the lower jaw and teeth which enabled them to calculate that Simbakubwa weighed up to 1,500 kilograms (3,300 lbs). Co–lead researcher Matthew Borths compared it to the fictional “wargs” from Lord of the Rings.[2]

1 Finding The First Molecule

Astronomers have detected helium hydride, the first type of molecule created in the early universe.

Following the big bang, the universe was filled with hydrogen and helium atoms. According to our understanding of chemistry, the conditions were right for those atoms to collide and form helium hydride. Scientists have speculated for decades that the molecule is present in the interstellar medium, but until now, we have only been able to create it in laboratories.

NASA made the discovery using the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) telescope. It was pointed at planetary nebula NGC 7027, which is 3,000 light-years away from us. Scientists have long considered the nebula a great candidate for observation of the primordial molecule, but they simply lacked the proper instruments.[10]

It wasn’t until SOFIA got the German REceiver for Astronomy at Terahertz Frequencies (GREAT) upgrade that it was able to pinpoint helium hydride in the chemical soup that is the nebula.

Just for clarification, the molecule is of the same type but does not actually come from the beginning of the universe. However, confirming its existence was imperative to show that we have a firm understanding of the early evolution of the universe.



1. David Bowie, The Man Who Fell To Earth, 1975

2. Audrey Hepburn, 1967

3. Elton John, The Muppet Show, Elstree Studios, England

4. Tina Turner, Paris, 1984

5. Freddie Mercury & Mick Rock

6. Amy Winehouse, London, 2004

7. Led Zeppelin In Front Of The Starship, 1973

8. Bob Marley, Essex House, NYC, 1980

9. Elizabeth Taylor, Culver City, CA, 2000

10. Paul & Linda Mccartney, Cover Of Life Magazine, 1971

11. Faye Dunaway, Beverly Hills Hotel, CA, 1977

12. Paul Newman, Burbank, CA, 1958

13. Yoko Ono And John Lennon, Butterfly Studios, NYC, 1972

14. Janis Joplin And Tina Turner At Madison Square Garden, November 27, 1969

15. Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac At JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, 1978

16. David Bowie And Elizabeth Taylor, 1975

17. Debbie Harry, Late 1970s

18. Cher, 'I'd Rather Believe In You' Album Cover, 1976

19. David Bowie, “Keep Your ‘Lectric Eye”, 1973

20. David Bowie & Aretha Franklin, Grammy Awards, NYC, 1975

21. Gloria Steinem, Palm Beach, FL, 1971

22. The Jackson 5, Encino, CA, 1974

23. Cyndi Lauper, 1984

24. Stevie Wonder, Dance Theater Of Harlem, NYC, 1976

25. Cher, 1976

26. Brigitte Bardot, Cuautla, Mexico, 1964

27. Frank Sinatra, Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA, 1956

28. Nirvana, 1993

29. Jim Morrison, Fantasy Fair, Mill Valley, CA, 1967

30. Paul McCartney With Anti-Beatles Button, 1964

31. Mick Jagger And John Lennon, Abbey Road Studios, London, 1967

32. Yoko Ono, NYC, 1973

33. Tupac Shakur, New York City, 1993

34. Bob Dylan On Train From Dublin To Belfast, 1966

35. Billy Idol, Max's Kansas City, NYC, 1978

36. Steve Jobs, Woodside, CA, 1984

37. The Supremes, 1965

38. Kate Bush, Late 1970's

39. Robert Mapplethorpe And Patti Smith, New York City, 1969

40. Dolly Parton And Mick Jagger, Bottom Line Concert, May, 1977










1. Seal whiskers covered in ice.

2. Fools gold that grew in a cube.

3. Blood looks green under 30 feet of water.

4. Australian tree frog

5. Teeth of a 50,000 year old human.

6. Weird lemon.

7. All three leaves came from the same branch.

8. Seven point star geode.

9. Helium balloon and non-helium balloon cancel each other out.

10. Rose formed from sand.

11. Halloween lobster.

12. 3,000 year old camphor tree.

13. Perfect ice on this chain fence.

14. A Water Feature That Looks Like An Ice whirlpool

15. Croton leaf.

16. Beach rock.

17. A tree swallowed a traffic sign.

18. Virgin islands gecko.

19. Dual color flower.

20. Roots growing along the lines.

21. A door found on a curbside.

22. Watermelon art.

23. Tiny mushroom.

24. 30 minutes after watering.

25. Vents made out of rocks.

26. Slug eating a spaghettio.







1. Fortune cookies predict the gender of their unborn baby.

2. She met a guy who had this exact same tattoo.

3. Found 50 dollars while cleaning the beach.

4. He forgot his wallet in the handle of his luggage and it was still there at the baggage claim.

5. These keys were misplaced on the bumper and didn't fall off during the ride.

6. What's more lucky the shot or no broken window?

7. 15 dollars found in a new pair of shorts.

8. Best friends randomly found out they were all pregnant at the same time.

9. What a lucky shot.

10. A stranger found this crashed drone and was able to recover information from the SD drive then ship it back to the owner.

11. This guy had his Honda Accord die on him, then he spotted an ad for a "free Honda Accord" posted online.

12. Lucky guy got a 100% discount when he went to buy a new microwave.

13. A Domino's driver bought a new car and found a wad of delivery tags in it. The previous owner was also a Domino's driver.

14. When this guy was 12 years old he accidentally caught a huge halibut that broke a record.

15. A man with a metal detector found a woman's lost anniversary ring in the ocean.







21 Ingenious Inventions That Prove We Are Living In The Future

21 Ingenious Inventions That Prove We Are Living In The Future -

1. Urinals that will protect you from splashback.

2. Elevator buttons you can press with your feet.

3. Pull out hooks and shelves.

4. A wall with removable seats.

5. A urinal you can flush with your feet.

6. You can open this door with your feet.

7. A thoughtful message on the bottom of this box.

8. Winter simulator for testing clothing.

9. Pedal powered chargers.

10. Open this door with your arm.

11. Wave to open this door.

12. You can control the type of light in this dressing room.

13. People in these seats are expected to move for others.

14. A water fountain that will allow dogs to drink.

15. A bathroom that offers two different kinds of soaps.

16. You get a different elevator depending on which floor you're going to.

17. You can walk and work simultaneously.

18. This pen tells you how many pages of ink it has left.

19. A socket that fits three plugs.

20. Desks with pedals.

21. This spoon wont slip into the bowl.













1. Letter opener made from grenade shrapnel.

2. Barbershop chairs used as a waiting room.

3. Brownies labeled where they were cooked in the pan.

4. Weird looking lemon.

5. Smoking cigar through a pipe.

6. A hole to turn the shower on.

7. A droplet that looks like a guitar.

8. Giraffe on a grape.

9. A stop sign with serifs.

10. A pen that tells you how many pages of ink it has left.

11. Calcified scissors.

12. Giant pepper grinder.

13. Medical inhaler to administer ether for anesthesia from 1840.

14. Wooden bumper with a padlock.

15. This flower looks like a painting.

16. This machine can hold multiple documents at once.

17. Real life Lucy's psychiatric help booth.

18. Cool stripe on an apple.

19. Ceiling fans operated by pulleys.

20. An odd speed limit.

21. Bike rack that looks like microphone cord.

22. Fully used pen.

23. Cool looking moth.

24. Ball made from the insides of tires.

25. Trash can wearing boots.

25 Wedding Photographers Share The Signs That Marriages Were Doomed/Blessed

25 Wedding Photographers Share The Signs That Marriages Were Doomed/Blessed -

24 3-D Tattoos That Are Actually Amazing

24 3-D Tattoos That Are Actually Amazing -









1. A shirt that motivates you as you workout by displaying a message revealed by your sweat.

2. Tissues that have been previously sneezed on to help "boost" your immune system.

3. Scarf to ruin paparazzi photos.

4. Powder to make dirty water drinkable.

5. Ben and Jerry's have a discontinued flavor graveyard.

6. Adhesive soles to go barefoot anywhere.

7. Books that can't be judged by their cover.

8. Useless flavor guide on this package.

9. Strange sign for opening a door.

10. Phone attachment for a dog selfie.

11. Hands free Oreo dispenser.

12. Black toilet paper.

13. Remote controlled mop.

14. A screen to see ahead of a truck.

15. A plant grown out of this tennis ball.

16. Bus powered by human waste.

17. Facebook flavored ice cream.

18. Reminders for pill bottles.

19. This movie theater has a screen in the bathroom.

20. This book needs to be burnt to be read.


Game Of Thrones: 22 Burning Questions Season 8 MUST Answer

Game Of Thrones: 22 Burning Questions Season 8 MUST Answer -


It’s only a mere few days until April 14th when the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones begins. Six episodes later, it’ll all be over. But will we leave satisfied?I don’t envy the producers of a dense show like this one. There have been 7 seasons already, with so many dangling plot threads, prophesies, a shit-ton of incest, and other strange things, that there’s no way that everyone can leave satisfied with all plot lines resolved. I’m hoping they can try to tackle these before the inevitable end.I know that this isn’t all of them, so if there’s a plot thread I missed, toss ’em in the comments.



Is Tyrion a Targaryen?What if he’s not a Lannister at all? There have been some suspicious clues about his dragon blood.



Will Brienne finish her Got journey with Jaime or Tormund?It’s been one hell of a love triangle, so we wanna know who she’s gonna end up with, if anyone at all.



Will Gendry pursue his claim to the crown?As Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, he could. He’s also an ally for Jon and Dany now, but is he gonna branch out on his own?



Will Maggy’s prophesy keep on shaping Cersei’s fate?Who is the Valonquar and will he really choke the life out of Cersei?



Will Daario come back to Dany?He’s been maintaining things in Meereen, is he at least gonna to reunite with her before the end?



Will we ever find out why Illyrio helped Daenerys in season 1?What does he expect in return for this generosity, now that she’s close to the throne?



What is the Golden Company, and will they swing the tide of the war?Are they gonna be enough?



Will Dany’s visions at the House of the Undying come back to haunt her?Does what she sees, come into play at all?



Are the children of the forest still alive?Are they gonna do anything against the White Walkers?



Are any more of Old Nan’s stories going to come true?I mean, she was right about Bran and Walder Frey.



Are we ever gonna learn who built the wall?It’s a thousand years old, and stretches for 300 miles. Who put it there and why?



Is Tyrion actually in love with Daenerys?That look he gave her at the end of Season 7 was heavy. Does he want more?



What’s the deal with the red comet in season 2? Is it gonna pan out into something?There are plenty of theories, but what does it actually mean?



Will we finally see the long-hyped Cleganebowl?I mean, c’mon. The Hound and The Mountain have been dancing around for 7 seasons. It’s time to end things.



Will Theon ever redeem himself?He’s made apologies, did some heroic things, and tried to save Yara. Most likely, his arc will come to a redemptive close, but we want to know for sure.



Is anything ever gonna happen in Sothoryos?What’s the point of it? We’ve spent time in Westeros, Essos, but have yet to learn anything about Uthos and Sothoryos. Apparently, the inhabitants are half man, half animal.



Will Jaime switch his allegiance from Cersei to Dany?I think he’s had enough of his sister. Plus, I think he might be one that chokes her to death, probably with his metal hand.



Is Hot PIe a harbinger for death and destruction?He’s like oranges in The Godfather. Bad things happen.



Will we find out that Bran is the Night King?He’s influenced the past before. Maybe he goes into the past to prevent the creation of the Night King, and somehow becomes him. Google the theories, they’re insane.



Who was Quaithe and what did she want?Is she ever gonna come back?


Who is the Azor Ahai?Who’s gonna be the mysterious promised prince or princess? Jon Snow? Dany? Jaime Lannister? They better tell us.

26 Photo-Bombers Who Actually Improved The Picture

26 Photo-Bombers Who Actually Improved The Picture -













Afghanistan, 1970 vs. 2000s.


Saddam Hussein in a romantic pic with his wife



Back to the Future, 34 years later



A cheetah concentrates on eating as much as possible, knowing that his meal may be interrupted at any moment



Dr Pimple Popper Removes Grapefruit Sized Growth


Transgender woman Lea Membrey, 20, froze her sperm while still a man so she can have her own children after transition.




People are now getting the inside of their ears removed in a new body modification trend. The procedure is called a conch removal



Some yearbook photos of a few Rock and Metal Icons


A huge bag of ecstasy, estimated worth $1,500,000


A rather “rural” patient came in with new-onset seizures. CT reveals small metal pellets in head. Patient states his wife accidentally shot him several years ago while trying to get a raccoon off their property


Being a male nursing major



Mako Shark eaten by something HUGE whilst being reeled in, head alone weighed 100kg



Banksy’s latest piece on Brexit


An experiment of “Word of Mouth” and the effects of when false information spreads

via Gfycat




1. 5-pound lobster claw next to a hand.

2. Right handed and left handed people using these doors.

3. Lights from different eras.

4. Mount St. Helens before and after its 1980 eruption.

5. Maine Coon to an American Shorthair

6. Before and after an ice storm

7. Sweatshirt dress on a model and in reality.

8. 100 dollar bills from 3 different generations

9. Norway Stryn in winter and in summer

10. With and without makeup.

11. Shanghai after 20 years

12. Women’s basketball players and their cheerleaders

13. 2 tanks were set up with water from a Virginia stream for 24 hours. The one on the right had mussels in it, the one on the left didn’t.

14. The same place in summer and in winter

15. Same model village 25 years apart

16. 100 years of American invention.



23 Eye-Opening Historical Photos

23 Eye-Opening Historical Photos -

We get acquainted with the past through black-and-white photos that often turn out to be more distinctive than we were expecting. Beds inside closets, parades of computers, playing ball on cars, and special masks for fighting depression — it turns out that our ancestors were well aware of what real fun was.

1. Diving suit weighing 440 lbs, 1911

2. The attitude toward safety on planes was a little different in the 1960s.

3. A California teacher demonstrates the physics of surfing during his lecture, late 70s/early 80s

4. On the set of the horror movie Creature From The Black Lagoon, 1954

5. Honorable ladies on a roller coaster

6. Long before the appearance of Photoshop, Angus McBean was making these postcards.

7. A historical prototype of a popular meme today

8. People’s reluctance to participate in casual social conversations manifested long before the invention of smartphones.

9. Trolley bus driver, 1975

10. Apart from social events and movie sets, Marilyn Monroe could also be seen in the kitchen.

11. A bed placed inside a special closet was popular in France at the end of the 19th century. This construction allowed them to maintain warmth in cold climate conditions.

12. Computers on parade, Eastern Germany, 1987

13. The residents of California knew what real fun was all about, 1980

14. A toothbrush imitating real teeth, 1941

15. A commercial for washing powder, the 1950s

16. Monocycle, Los-Angeles, 1938

17. These men are playing pushball while driving special cars, Canada, 1925

18. Prohibition Times: a woman is demonstrating a cane that hides a flask inside for alcoholic drinks, Chicago, 1922

19. A woman wearing a special mask for fighting depression, Budapest, 1937

20. Athletic clothes weren’t always as comfortable as they are now. Here’s how women at the beginning of the 20th century dressed while playing sports.

21. One of the first limos, France, 1910

22. An experimental device created for treating ADD, 1925

23. A policeman judges an ankle competition in Hounslow, London, 1930

17 Messed Up Movies Everyone Should Watch At Least Once

17 Messed Up Movies Everyone Should Watch At Least Once -



Reddit user mit004 asked people "what's a fucked up movie everybody should watch at least once?" Here are 17 of the best ones:

1. Prisoners

"When the movie concluded, I just sat there and thought, 'Whoa. What. The. Fuck.' It is an incredible movie that grips you immediately and doesn't let you go. The movie itself isn't fucked up, but the events in the movie certainly are."

— meatywood

2. Requiem For A Dream

"I saw this, now I don’t do hard drugs."

3. Grave of the Fireflies

"My 10th grade english teacher decided to show this to our class. It was his first time ever doing it, and basically, he wound up with like, a class full of sobbing teenagers on his hands.

However, looking back on it, he really got his point across."

— Dravvie

4. Once Were Warriors

"My English teacher took us to see this movie. She gave us notes to take home to our parents, explaining the themes in it and why she wanted us to see it. I think everyone was cool with it, I don't recall anyone in the class missing out. We went into that theater like a bunch of dumb fourteen year olds, laughing and horsing around and shit. We came out changed."

5. Come and See

"War is hell, and this movie shows it like no other."

— Solarom

6. Trainspotting

"When I first saw Trainspotting I thought it was a stoner/slacker film like Clerks or Mallrats. I was not expecting a somewhat comical story about the lives of addicts in Scotland. It's still one of my favorite films though."

— super_ag

7. A Clockwork Orange

"The movie is a good amount of fucked up, but not to the point where it was unwatchable."

8. Schindler's List

"Ralph Fiennes is fantastically terrifying in this."

9. The Road

"This movie fucked me up. I'd like to think Cormac McCarthy is wrong in his assertion that humanity would devolve like this after a super volcano."

10. Seven


"Whats in the box?!"

11. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

"It's an ugly cry."

12. Watership Down

"This animated film with music by Garfunkel is based on a beloved children's book? This will be fi—OH GOD WHY MAKE IT STOP!"

13. Bad Boy Bubby

"Yes, I never cling wrapped a sandwich the same way after watching that."

— Pixilight

14. Jacob's Ladder

"The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of life, your memories, and attachments. They burn them all away. But they're not punishing you, he said. They're freeing your soul."

15. We Need To Talk About Kevin

"I have not stopped thinking about this movie since I've seen it."

16. Hard Candy

"One of my favorites. Such a brilliant film with only three real characters. So dark and smart and really Ellen Page’s best performance of her career."

— queenmeme

17. Pan's Labyrinth


"It's a beautiful fairy tale for adults. Too bad it only works once."

— balkenbrij

30 Tattoos That Are Actually Amazing

30 Tattoos That Are Actually Amazing -




Gear Up For The Game of Thrones With These 21 Memorable Moments

Gear Up For The Game of Thrones With These 21 Memorable Moments -

I spent the last few weeks rewatching all of Game of Thrones to get ready for the final season (only two more weeks!), and I was blown away by how much crazy shit happens in this show.

Season 1, Episode 1 “Winter is Coming”The first episode does a lot to set the tone of this show. We’re executing people, there are monsters out there, and also the queen fucks her brother and will do anything to keep it going. That includes attempting to kill a 7-year-old by pushing him out of a tower.

Season 1, Episode 6 “A Golden Crown”We first meet Daenerys Targaryen as a 15-year-old being sold off to a savage tribe by her brother. It doesn’t take her long to become quite the badass, cemented in the scene where we watch her eat an entire horse heart, throw it up a little, but choke down that puke and prove herself as worthy of the title Khaleesi.

Season 1, Episode 7 “You Win or You Die”Our first real lesson in “you can’t trust anyone” came from Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish. Lifelong friend of Catelyn Stark and thought to be ally to Eddard Stark, we learn what a true piece of shit he is when he betrays Ned as he tries to (rightfully) claim the throne.

Season 2, Episode 4 “Garden of Bones”The Red Woman, Melisandre, is full of ‘what the fuck’ moments throughout the show, but the first and still probably craziest is watching her give birth to a smoke demon in some cave, proving that there is some claim to her ‘powers’.

Season 2, Episode 9 “Blackwater”Wildfire. I feel like that’s all I really have to say, because no one would have expected the medieval version of an atomic bomb to be set off by Tyrion and Bronn to defend King’s Landing. I can see why the Mad King was so obsessed with this stuff.

Season 2, Episode 10 “Valar Morghulis”Even though this is the first episode we see the army of the wights and get a good luck at a White Walker, I’m still giving this one to Daenerys’s vision of the Iron Throne while trapped in the House of the Undying.Why? Because Winter has come, the Night King has his own dragon, and this vision of a destroyed throne room covered in snow could really happen in this next season. It’s also eery that Dany has never seen the Red Keep or the Iron Throne before, so I’m counting this as a vision of the future.

Season 3, Episode 3 “Walk of Punishment”Season 3 is all about loss, starting off with the Kingslayer losing his sword hand. Holy shit that shocked me when I first saw it, and it shocked me every time I see it.

Season 3, Episode 10 “Mhysa”Ramsay Snow/Bolton is a weird and sick fuck, honestly rivaling Joffery for the evilest character in the entire show for me. So when he chopped off Theon’s penis and decided to eat a sausage while telling Theon, I honestly thought he was crazy enough to cook and eat someone’s penis in front of them. Maybe GoT has ruined me…

Season 3, Episode 9 “The Rains of Castamere”I said I was trying to avoid deaths, but really you can’t skip past the Red Wedding. The Starks lost everything: Rob, his future wife/children, Catelyn, the war, the North, Grey Wind. And then Arya watching as they brought out Rob’s body with Grey Wind’s head sewed/skewered on top? It’s hard to beat something this rough.

Season 4, Episode 10 “The Children”Arya leaving The Hound to die instead of ending his suffering stood out to me. Those two grow extremely close to each other over the past season and a half, despite how much Arya hated him for killing her friend and The Hound hated everyone and everything.But Arya choosing not to kill him to cross him off her list was a turning point, it was when Arya learned that maybe killing was too good, that she was willing to let people suffer. This is where “tomboy Arya” turned into “sadistic Arya”.

Season 4, Episode 9 “The Watchers on the Wall”The Battle of Castle Black is a unique episode, one of few that only features a single storyline. And watching the wildlings fight the Night’s Watch was badass. Giant’s and their bows, wooly mammoths, and the kickass final stand of Grenn and his men defending the gate against a giant.

Season 4, Episode 4 “Oathkeeper”We finally see what the White Walkers have been doing to the baby’s that Craster has been sacrificing in the woods, turning them into more White Walkers. That’s messed up.

Season 5, Episode 8 “Hardhome”The Battle of Hardhome blew my mind for showing the true power of the White Walkers and the army of wights. The immense number of them, the control the White Walkers has over all of them, and watching the Night King resurrect all the dead in front of Jon Snow was terrifying.

Season 5, Episode 9 “The Dance of Dragons”One of the few character death’s I’ll include, but Shireen was a lovely girl who lived her life locked away in a dungeon and was still the nicest person in the world. Being burned alive by her mother and father and listening to her scream is a haunting scene that it’s 100% okay to fast-forward through.

Season 5, Episode 10 “Mother’s Mercy”Even though Cersei is a truely evil person, her walk of atonement through the streets of King’s Landing is hard to watch. Only made worse by the scene being over 6 minutes long and it leaves you with a weird feeling of “good, I hate that person” and “what the fuck, this is messed up”.

Season 6, Episode 5 “The Door”Hodor’s death isn’t what shocked me, but Bran not realizing the consequences of his powers and turning young stableboy Willis into the simple giant Hodor we know, changing his life forever.

Season 6, Episode 9 “Battle of the BastardsThe pure scale and masterpiece that the Battle of Winterfell is should be recognized. 25 days of shooting, 600 crew members, 500 extras, and 70 horses were needed to create this amazing battle.

Season 6, Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter”Another “Holy shit, Arya, you’re a twisted little fuck” moment was her revenge against the Frey’s. I mean, feeding Walder Frey his own children before slitting his throat was another nail in the coffin of “this girl would be a serial killer if Ned Stark hadn’t raised her”.

Season 7, Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”All my season 7 moments come from the same episode, but they’re also the biggest things in the show ever.First off, learning that Ned Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow, isn’t Ned’s son or a bastard. He is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen who were wed in a secret marriage. His true name is Aegon Targaryen, and is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Season 7, Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”Not only watching the Night King resurrect the fallen dragon Viserion is batshit crazy (yes, it happened an episode earlier, whatever), but watching him destroy the wall, possibly killing Tormund, and march the army of wights south into Westeros left everyone speechless.

Season 7, Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”The biggest shock for me in all of Game of Thrones was seeing the remaining Stark children reunited after 5 years and working together to protect their home and their family’s legacy.In a show that is always about the worst possible happening, it blew my mind that something so good and happy could happen. Seeing the three of them sitting at the table during Littlefinger’s trial was probably the last happy image we’ll have from this show.








1. Tilly Lockey lost both her arms to meningitis but now is living her best life with bionic arms.

2. Crack pipes are sold as fake flowers in a glass tube at convenience stores.

3. A rare species of white turtle, that is also an albino.

4. A look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in the upcoming standalone movie "Joker".

5. Flash drive donation station.

6. Tracking of an Eagle over a twenty year period.

7. The X-Ray of a 700 pound man.

8. This phonetic map of the human mouth

9. Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Barnett, after a judge ordered her to reopen an unsafe jail with near-lethal carbon monoxide and exposed wiring

10. The most ridiculous rental agreement of all time. 1/4

11. 2/4

12. 3/4

13. 4/4

14. The cost of living in 1976.

15. A map of how much you need to make to afford the average home in different states.

16. A space toilet.

17. This butterfly is both male and female.

18. An Euclidean geometry 3D textbook, 1570

19. The head of a wedge-tailed eagle.

20. An x-ray of a chest with a wireless charging bionic heart.

21. The smallest video game developer.

22. A Hairless squirrel.

23. An excavator working on the side of a mountain.





Pictured below is the first image that pops up when you Google "Generation X." Gen X was also the first to use "Google" as a verb, because Google started in 1997, when Millennials hadn't explored past AOL IM yet. You know you're Generation X if... You have to fight tooth and nail to reclaim your generation's identity before the Boomers and Mill'als piss on it.




1. Inside Of A Cheese Grater Look Like The Backdrop To A P Diddy Music Video

2. This Ice Looks Like An Eye

3. These Coatis Look Like A Hord Of Mini Brachiosaurus Strolling Around

4. The Corrosion On This Water Tap Looks Like A Map

5. The Fog Made The Stadium Look Like An UFO

6. These Flowers Look Like A Group Of Tiny 3D-Rendered Chickens Wearing Glasses And Holding A Cake

7. Busses Carrying Pilgrims In Mecca Look Like Cassette Tapes

8. This view looks like a painting

9. This Boiled Egg That Exploded While Cooking And Looks Like A Snail

10. This Cloud That Looks Like A Feather

11. This Paper, Three Times Printed On By A Malfunctioning Printer, Looks Like It's Full Of Ancient Hieroglyphs

12. Photo taken Of A Lake Through The Lense Of Binoculars Looks Like A Planet

13. Cow Looks Like it's from Outer Space

14. High Definition Photo Of The Blood Vessels In The Human Eye Look Eerily Like A Forest

15. Smoked Cauliflower Looks Like An Explosion

16. This Rock Cross Section Looks Like The Ocean

17. The Snow On Top Of This Mountain That Looks Like A Lizard

18. This Tree Looks Like A Man Waiting To Cross The Road

19. This Rock Looks Like A Iguana Head

20. Finished Cup Of Coffee Looks Like The Moon

21. The Inside Of This Tomato Looks Like A Strawberry

22. A flamingo in a pepper

23. A jellyfish looks like it's in space

24. The Morning Rain Makes It Seem As Though The Guy In This Ad Is Sweating Profusely

25. Processing Blood Oranges Looks Like A B Horror Movie Prop

26. This Tangle Of Cables Looks Like A Treble Clef

27. What Appears To Be A Pile Of Broken Glass Is Actually A Frozen Lake Michigan

28. The Table Cloth Makes It Look Like A Giant Bottle Top

29. The Sun's Reflection Looks Like A Double Helix

30. Stack of beer cans looks like a server room

41 Satisfying Images To Calm Your Nerves

41 Satisfying Images To Calm Your Nerves -




12 Smartphone Life Hacks That Will End Your Phone Struggles

12 Smartphone Life Hacks That Will End Your Phone Struggles -



Regular phones stopped being smart years ago. But today you can do virtually anything with a smartphone, and there are even a few secret hacks we bet you didn’t know about. Even though they have a very friendly interface, which doesn’t require a huge learning curve, there are some things that even tech-savvy people don’t know. Nobody can know about every little trick there is, and that’s where we step in.

12. Disable the “auto-rotate” option

You should keep the screen-rotate function disabled and only use it when necessary. Leaving it turned on uses a special sensor called accelerometer which drains a lot of your battery charge.

11. Avoid using your phone while it’s charging.

These short charging cables aren’t there to annoy you. No, they’re meant to discourage you from using your phone while it’s charging because it’s not good for the battery’s life.

10. Switch your phone to “Airplane Mode” to charge it faster.

Switching your phone to “Airplane mode” prevents it from searching for signal, which makes it charge a lot faster. Even though smartphones nowadays have super-speed charging, it’s still a great hack if you are looking for an even quicker way to charge.

9. Press and hold the shutter button to take continuous shots.

The feature called “continuous shot” allows you to capture up to 20 shots per second, depending on the phone. Not many people are aware of this, but all you have to do is press and hold the shutter button and watch the magic happen!

8. You can use the volume keys as a shutter button.

Trying to take pictures with one hand using the default shutter button could prove to be hard, especially if your phone is bigger. It could make the picture you took look a little shaken or in worse cases, you might even drop the phone. So, if you want to take one-handed pictures, this is the way to go.

7. If you park your car in a new place, take a picture of something that you’ll remember.

We are only human, and we sometimes forget things. Who hasn’t forgotten at least once where they parked their car in a big parking lot? Exactly. So, if you’re in a new place, taking a picture of something like a landmark or something that stands out to remind you of where your car is, is a great idea.

6. How to improve audio while recording a video

You can improve the audio quality of your videos by covering your microphone. The reason this trick works is that it muffles background noise which lets you hear the main audio stream better. Just use a finger to cover the microphone while taking your video.

5. Sunglasses as filters

This one is a little unusual, but try it out — you might be surprised! If the light in your picture is too glaring, then just aim your phone camera through a pair of sunglasses. This way the glare will be reduced, the lighting will be improved, and the picture will look much better.

4. A black wallpaper saves your battery.

Phone brightness is one of the many ways to drain your smartphone’s battery quicker. To reduce this, simply download a dark wallpaper.

3. How to properly clean your phone screen

Studies have shown that your phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat. A lot of dirty surfaces and hands touch your phone on a daily basis. Thankfully, all you need to clean it is a mix of 80% water and 20% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol for example) to get it clean. Put it in a spray bottle, spritz it, and wipe it down.

2. Amplify your morning alarm.

If you are scared that you will sleep through your alarm because it isn’t loud enough, just put your phone in a cup or a mug. That way the sound of the alarm will be even louder.

1. Restart your phone at least 3 times a week

Your phone shouldn’t be running at max capacity all the time. In order for it to run smoothly restart it at least 3 times a week. This way your apps will reset and your smartphone will get a break.

We hope that this article will help you and make your life easier! Do you know of any smartphone tricks that we missed? Please divulge what you know with us and everyone else in the comments!






29 Of The Most Shocking 'Game of Thrones' Deaths - Ranked!

29 Of The Most Shocking 'Game of Thrones' Deaths - Ranked! -

‘Game of Thrones’ is known for killing off its characters. Like most people, my favorite death was that little shit-head Joffrey. But, this ranking is based on how much each loss shocked us, changed the show’s tone, and made us rethink our concept of the series, rather than purely on emotional impact.Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

29: Maester Aemon Targaryen(S5, E7)Aemon proves that a more traditional death from old age can be just as sad and shocking as the violent ends so many characters face. When he finally passed away in bed, at least he had Sam and Gilly at his side.

28. Thoros of Myr(S7, E6)When our gang of favorite Northerners finds themselves surrounded by the Army of the Dead, they’re forced to remain on a small frozen piece of land in the middle of a lake overnight. It is during this time that Thoros freezes to death, devastating Beric.

27. Talisa Stark(S3, E9)Talisa’s death was just the start to the nonstop nightmare of “The Red Wedding.” Compared to other victims like Robb and Catelyn, we didn’t know Talisa that well. But stabbing her unborn baby to death was a horrible way to start things off.

26. Jojen Reed(S4, E10)Apparently, Jojen always knew he was doomed to die, but was still determined to get Bran to where he needed to go. He didn’t deserve to be repeatedly stabbed by a skeleton, but at least he died having fulfilled his duty to Bran.

25. Syrio Forel(S1, E8)What do we say to the God of Death? “Not today.” Maisie Williams recently confirmed that Arya’s “dance instructor” never made it out of King’s Landing, and the news devastated us.

24. Grey Wind(S3, E9)You might think it’s crazy to have a direwolf this high on the list. But, if you still remember Grey Wind’s dying whimper after those Frey bastards shot him full of arrows, you’ll agree.

23. Lady(S1, E2)Arya’s direwolf died at the reluctant hand of Ned Stark after Joffrey, in one of his earliest displays of douchery, said she attacked him.

22. Stannis Baratheon(S5, E10)Watching Stannis get sucked deeper and deeper into Melisandre’s preachings was frustrating, to say the least. Every now and then he still showed a flash of humanity, but by the time Brienne tracks him down and exacts her revenge, Stannis has committed or condoned some truly appalling crimes.

21. Barristan Selmy(S5, E4)Ser Barristan remained a legendary fighter even in his old age, so it seems appropriate that he finally went down in a grand battle against the Sons of the Harpy, and even saved Grey Worm.

20. Shae(S4, E10)Just like Tyrion, we used to love Shae, but then she went and betrayed him at his trial. We’re still mad at her for that, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t sad and rather shocked when Tyrion ended up strangling her to death after being broken out of his jail cell.

19. Viserys Targaryen(S1, E6)Viserys was a sniveling brat who proudly admitted he’d let 40,000 men rape his sister for a shot at the throne. Well, he finally got the gold crown he always wanted when Drogo poured liquid gold over his head. Careful what you wish for!

18. Mance Rayder(S5, E1)Stannis sure does like burning people. Dying at the stake seems like a lame way for the fearsome King Beyond the Wall to go, but at least Jon Snow helped him out with that arrow to the heart.

17. Robert Baratheon(S1, E7)Cause of death? “A wild boar.” But really, his wife Cersei’s scheming (she got him drunk before he went hunting) was really to blame. Still, it all happened off-screen, so it was a bit of a bore. Get it, boar/bore!? I’ll see myself out…

16. Shireen Baratheon(S5, E9)Shireen couldn’t catch a fuckin’ break. Afflicted with greyscale and openly hated by her awful mother, she was still a remarkably sweet girl. Stannis seemed to love his daughter, but still goes along with Melisandre’s plan to sacrifice her to the Lord of Light.

15. Olenna Tyrell(S7, E3)One of our favorite schemers, Olenna went out with a bang. After she drinks Jaime’s poison, she informs him of her involvement in Joffrey’s horrific murder. “Tell Cersei,” she says, smiling at him. “I want her to know it was me.”

14. Walder Frey(S6, E10)Walder Frey had to die, and it had to hurt. The things that didn’t have to happen are what make his death great, specifically: the cold symmetry of Frey’s slit throat and Catelyn Stark’s, baking Frey’s kids into a pie, and best of all Arya doing the deed herself.

13. Khal Drogo(S1, E10)Our sun and stars’ death was a most painful one, mostly because of the tender relationship he came to share with Daenerys by the end of season one. Watching her smother her love to end his suffering was downright painful, but seeing the fire it ignited under the mother of dragons was almost worth it.

12. Ygritte(S4, E9)That kid Olly thought he was doing a good thing by shooting an arrow in Ygritte’s back, but all he did was break Jon Snow’s heart. AND OURS. We’ll never hear her taunt Jon Snow about his head full of nothingness again.

11. Tommen Baratheon(S6, E10)Poor, sweet, Tommen never wanted any of this. The crushing silence of his suicide produced probably the most memorable isolated death in “The Winds of Winter,” an episode with the highest main-cast-member kill count of the whole series since “The Rains of Castamere.”

10. Lord Ramsay Bolton(S6, E9)After seasons of watching the Bastard of Bolton murder, rape, torture, and humiliate characters, we finally go to watch him die. It was disturbing as hell to watch him get devoured by his own dogs – the beasts he starved to terrorize others – but it was satisfying as hell.

9. Viserion(S7, E6)We all knew Daenerys couldn’t keep ALL three of her dragons forever, and if she was gonna lose one, we’re happy that he at least turns into a badass zombie dragon that breathes blue fire.

8. Tywin Lannister(S4, E10)Getting crossbowed on the can is a pretty crappy way to go. (Sorry, I had to.) Tyrion shot Tywin twice in the torso, without even letting arguably the most powerful man in Westeros pull up his pants.

7. Robb Stark(S3, E9)Robb did sort of bring this on himself, but it was for love! Watching his agonizing crawl over to Talisa’s lifeless body was too much to handle.

6. Joffrey Baratheon(S4, E2)Sure, we all screamed “HE’S FINALLY DEAD!” from the mountaintops after Joffrey chocked down poison at his own wedding – but we have to admit we almost miss hating on the little bastard. Almost.

5. Hodor(S6, E5)Three simple words: “Hold the door.” I don’t think any of us were prepared for Hodor’s devastating backstory and death. It was the most I’ve ever cried watching someone die on ‘Game of Thrones.’

4. Littlefinger(S7, E7)Well, it’s about damn time. Petyr Baelish has been playing all our favorite characters for way too long. Watching Arya slit Littlefinger’s throat with the very dagger he tried to have Bran Stark killed with was such poetic justice.

3. Catelyn Stark(S3, E9)How much pain can one mom endure? Her husband is dead, her son Bran was pushed out of a tower, her son Robb was just killed, her unborn grandson was just stabbed…I could go on. It’s almost a relief when another Frey comes up to kill her too.

2. Eddard Stark(S1, E9)Ned’s execution was the first clear warning: don’t get attached to ANYONE. This franchise can and will come for even the most lovable, loyal dads. Seeing Ned’s severed head is a TV moment that still haunts us.

1. Oberyn Martell(S4, E8)Everyone was sporting Team Oberyn t-shirts when it came to his trial by combat battle with The Mountain. And it wasn’t enough to have him murdered. Oh no. They let us believe the Red Viper had won and avenged his sister right before the Mountain popped his head up! Tyrion’s fate was literally in Oberyn’s hands, which made it even more devastating to watch his skull get brutally crushed by the biggest man we’ve ever seen.

A Tattoo Artist That Can’t Draw - And People Love Her

A Tattoo Artist That Can’t Draw - And People Love Her -



In the past, we’ve shown you plenty of awful tattoos. There are lots of ways a bad tattoo can happen, and usually people try to avoid them. But Brazilian tattoo artist Helena Fernandes is changing that, one terrible tattoo at a time. She has no artistic skill to speak of, but that hasn’t stopped her from opening a successful tattoo shop in her hometown of Salvador de Bahia. Scroll down to see her ugly creations.


26 Rare Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Famous Movies.

26 Rare Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Famous Movies.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Harry Potter

Pulp Fiction

Planet of the Apes

Breaking Bad

The Dark Knight Rises

Home Alone

The Wizard of Oz

Alien 3

Game of Thrones

The Avengers


Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope

The Hobbit

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek

New Nightmare

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