16 Bizarre Fetishes That Will Either Freak You Out Or Make you Want To Get Freaky

16 Bizarre Fetishes That Will Either Freak You Out Or Make you Want To Get Freaky -


Balloon Fetish / Looners

People with a balloon fetish (aka “looners”) find balloons sexually attractive and incorporate them into their sex lives. While some find creative ways to have sex with balloons, others simply enjoy the sight of their partner sitting on a balloon and popping it.



Omarashi, or “omo” for short, falls within the urolagnia family of sexual fetishes, which are related to urine. Those who identify as omo become aroused when they have a full bladder and wet themselves, or observe their partner wetting themselves. Other phrases used to describe this particular fetish are “bladder desperation” and “panty wetting.” The word omarashi is Japanese for “to wet oneself.”

Coprophilia / Scatophilia

Coprophiila / Scatophilia (otherwise known as “scat sex) is a sexual fetish rooted in a fixation with feces and defecation. People who gravitate towards poop play experience sexual pleasure through the act of crapping on another person or being crapped on, for instance.

Bug Chasers

The HIV fetish involves trying to sleep with someone infected with AIDS in an effort to contract the disease. Although there are some straight men and women who fall into this group, the majority are bi or gay men. While some self-proclaimed bug chasers actually do, this as a misguided attempt to become a bigger part of the gay community, others do it in order to get free government benefits, and many do it for the sexual thrill. Most of these people are sex addicts who cannot get turned on through other, less risky behaviors. To the fetishist bug chasers, the thrill of risk is sexy and the ultimate taboo is being HIV positive.


If you’ve ever said someone was so cute you could eat them, and meant it literally, you may be a vorarephile. You also qualify if you have ever gotten hot thinking about being roasted on a spit before someone eats your ooey gooey flesh. These fetishists fantasize about either eating someone or being eaten, but because the process is rather permanent, the majority satiate their desires by looking at pictures and videos of people roasting on fires and other cannibal-related imagery.

The most famous vorarephile is Armin Meiwes, who is now serving a life sentence in Germany after he killed and ate a willing victim that he met over the internet. The case brought a lot of attention as people debated whether it was truly murder given the victim’s conscious consent to the act.


Believe it or not, you probably already know the names of some of history’s most notorious erotophonophiles. Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, who are just a few that have made it into the history books. If you couldn’t tell already, erotophonophiles are those that are sexually stimulated by murder. This often involves the rape of the victim and/or the mutilation of their genitals. Although many of these fetishists are able to keep their lusts under control and just role play murder and necrophilia with their partners, those that can’t are serious dangers to society as they can easily become serial killers.

Crush Fetish

The crush fetish involves arousal from watching an animal or insect be crushed by a human, in most cases, an attractive young girl. Fetishists can range from those that enjoy seeing bugs stepped on to those who like watching a tiny kitten be murdered with a stiletto heel. Unsurprisingly, this is one fetish that is not too popular with legislative bodies. Crush films depicting anything besides insects are banned in the U.S. and U.K., although internet access to crushing sites makes these laws difficult to enforce.

Acrotomophilia and Apotemnophilia

If you fantasize about rubbing nubs, you probably have an amputee fetish. There are two types of these fantasies, acrotomphilia, the sexual attraction to amputees, and apotemnophilia, the sexual drive to become an amputee.

While both of these lusts may seem odd, it is easy to see that apotemnophiles are the more disturbed of the two, as they find the removal of their own healthy limbs to be sexy. Most acrotomphiles lust after people who already are amputees, rather than wanting to amputate the limbs from a partner without a disability. Although most apotemnophiles only pretend to lose a limb for the sake of sexual pleasure, there are a handful of people that have been known to have their limbs permanently removed in order to better suit their fetish.


Most men find vaginal bleeding to be revolting and utterly unsexy, but there are a few on the other end of the spectrum. These blood lovers just might be the closest things we have to real vampires, as they love to suck on tampons and lick maxi pads. While there are a handful of women who have this fetish, the majority of menstruation lovers are men, since they don’t make their own vaginal blood. There isn’t much more to say about these guys other than yes, they really do exist (despite a limited amount of credible research on the paraphilia), and no, that’s not sanitary.


A lot of people want to vomit when someone around them throws up; emetophiles want to get it on when they see regurgitation. To these fetishists, there is no such thing as an overactive gag reflex because things don’t really get hot for them until someone looses their lunch. A common slang term for the act of vomiting on one’s partner is a Roman shower -not to be confused with the more common and equally gross, golden shower, which occurs when someone urinates on their partner.


You may have heard the urban legend about people who could only get turned on during a car crash and of course die during intercourse. While this rumor started after J.G. Ballard released the novel Crash in 1973, accident fetishism is a real phenomenon. Symphorophiles get sexually aroused only by serious accidents, although the danger doesn’t necessarily need to be related to car crashes, fires, explosions, collapsing buildings and more can all excite these fetishists.

Extreme Feeding / Feederism

Feeders or “encouragers” take pleasure in funneling excessive quantities of food into the mouths of “gainers.” Some extreme feeders enjoy the sensation of inserting their penis between a gainer’s fat folds.


It sounds like part of a joke, but there really are people who find an incapacitated person’s inability to get around exceptionally arousing. When an abasiophile sees a wheelchair, leg brace or crutch, they feel the same as most men do while looking at a pair of lacy underwear. While some of these fetishists just like to look at people trying to get around in their orthopaedic appliances, some of them like to see a disabled person struggle without these devices. In these types of videos, a quadriplegic woman might be found trying to wriggle up the stairs, never quite making it to the top.

Macrophilia / Giantess Sex

Macrophilia or giantess sex is an abnormal sexual condition that involves being attracted to and aroused by someone who is much larger than you are physically. In short, it’s a phenomenon in which people are turned on by giants and fantasies involving giants.


If you’re afraid of bugs, then you may want to skip past this disturbing fantasy. Formicophiles are not just turned on by insects, but the idea of insects biting them or climbing all over their body. The tickling or stinging of said bug action is considered incredibly erotic by these fetishists, which is why it is not surprising that most people who have this obsession grew up in poverty, in a home that had plenty of creepy crawlies.

Pedal Pumping / Revving

Pedal pumping or “revving” is a subset of foot fetishism that involves watching someone, often a woman wearing high heels, push a gas pedal with masturbatory rhythm.






Bizarre Things That Happen On The Dark Web

Bizarre Things That Happen On The Dark Web

It is made up of encrypted networks that can only be accessed with special browsers such as Tor. This encryption allows users to have an anonymity that keeps their identities mostly but not completely in the dark. And then there is its dark content. While the Dark Web contains harmless and helpful websites, it is better known as a black market for illegal items and a breeding ground for other criminal and inhumane activities. We will present five strange stories from this part of the Internet in today’s episode of The Infographics Show, “Most Bizarre Dark Web Stories.”





Kevin Spacey Charged With Felony Sexual Assault, Releases Bizarre Video As Frank Underwood

Kevin Spacey charged with felony sexual assault, releases bizarre video as Frank Underwood

If you were planning on spending this holiday taking a break from the madness that has been 2018 well ... Merry Christmas? I guess?

Earlier today, Kevin Spacey, the disgraced star of Netflix’s House of Cards, posted the bizarre video above, tweeting out the YouTube link with the phrase “Let Me Be Frank.” Bear in mind, this is on Christmas Eve. It takes some real chutzpah to try to upstage Jesus on his birthday.

The video, which runs a little over three minutes, features Spacey alluding to the scandal that got him fired from House of Cards — where his character, President Frank Underwood, was killed off, despite appearances to the contrary today. He warns people that “we’re not done no matter what anyone says,” and claims he knows what we want: ”You want me back.” Uh, okay.

Spacey lost his gig on House of Cards (and co-starring in the film All the Money in the World, where he was replaced by Christopher Plummer) after numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct came to light, starting with one from actor Anthony Rapp claiming that Spacey had attempted to sexually assault him when he was only 14 years old. In this video, Spacey is defiant, claiming it would be easy if “it was all so simple,” while also defensively suggesting that “in life and art nothing should be off the table” — whatever that is supposed to mean. And he decries his “impeachment without a trial.”

I genuinely have no idea what Spacey was going for here: Not with the video, not with the message, not with the old timey music cue at the end, and certainly not with the timing of this release. But hey, if you need something to talk about around the holiday table, fire up the old YouTube and let this one rip!






14 Bizarre Bits Of Trivia You Never Knew You Needed

14 Bizarre Bits Of Trivia You Never Knew You Needed -













16 Strange Historical Photos From The Past

16 Strange Historical Photos From The Past


18 Of The Strangest Things That Should Not Exist

18 Of The Strangest Things That Should Not Exist


“This house I’m in has a water fountain.”

“My banana is straight.”

This Walgreens inside of an old bank.

These ginormous grapes.

What's At The Bottom Of The Deepest Lake In The World?

What's At The Bottom Of The Deepest Lake In The World?

Besides being the deepest lake on Earth, Lake Baikal supports a bizarre collection of species that are found nowhere else!

Tara Reid Is Clearly Wasted In Bizarre Local News Appearance

Tara Reid Is Clearly Wasted In Bizarre Local News Appearance

Tara appeared to promote the newest Sharknado film on an Australian news program.

19 Of The Most Bizarre And WTF Deaths In History

19 Of The Most Bizarre And WTF Deaths In History

Saint Lawrence

The deacon Saint Lawrence was roasted alive on a giant grill during the persecution of Valerian. Onlookers said that he joked with his tormentors by yelling out, “Turn me over -— I’m done on this side!” He is now the patron saint of cooks, chefs, and comedians.

Truls Hellevik

After being exposed to an eight-atmosphere change in air pressure, scuba diver Truls Hellevik exploded into many small parts and had his body forced through a 24-inch opening.

John of Bohemia

Despite being completely blind, John of Bohemia was convinced by his companions to let them tie his horse’s reigns to their own and lead him into battle. He was subsequently slaughtered in the ensuing fight.

Gareth Jones

British actor Gareth Jones died of a heart attack in between scenes of a live television play. Curiously enough, the show was named ‘Underground,’ and Jones was supposed to die of a heart attack in a later scene of the play.

Empedocles of Akragas

Believing he was a divine being and extremely willing to prove that point, Empedocles died after jumping into a volcano to prove he was an immortal god.

Eleazar Avaran

During the heat of battle, Eleazar thrust his spear into the belly of an enemy king’s war elephant. The elephant subsequently fell on top of him, killing him instantly.

Phillip Quinn

Kent, Washington native Phillip Quinn was killed by his lava lamp when it heated up to an unsustainable level and exploded. A shard of the glass hit his neck and he promptly bled out.

George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence

George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, was allegedly executed by drowning in a barrel of Malmsey wine… at his own request.

George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon

George Herbert died after a mosquito bite he cut while shaving became infected. While dying from an infected cut isn’t that bizarre, Herbert’s death-by-mosquito becomes curiously ominous when you learn he was a primary backer for Howard Carter’s search for Tutankhamun — a ‘cursed’ excavation which had many members affiliated die under mysterious circumstances.

David Grundman

While visiting Lake Pleasent, Arizona, David Grundman shot a large cactus with a shotgun and was crushed to death when a large piece fell on him.


During the fifth century lived a Sicilian lawmaker by the name of Charondas. Of the many laws he issued into effect, one of them stated that anyone caught with a weapon inside the Assembly would be punished with death. All was fine until one day, Charondas came back from hunting on the countryside and left a knife attached to his belt. Once caught, he promptly committed suicide.

Carl Beaford Terry and Linda Keath

Flight instructor Carl Terry and his female student Linda Keath were killed in an airplane crash that was believed to be caused by them having sex in the cockpit. The erratic plane movement suggests that the stick was forced and held down, resulting in the right wing breaking.


The Greek philosopher Heraclitus met his maker after he was eaten by a pack of ravenous dogs. To make matters just a tad less enjoyable, he was also covered in cow manure during the attack, believing it would cure his dropsy.

Chrysippus of Soli

After watching a drunk donkey eat all of his figs, Chrysippus died from having laughed too much.

Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Carl Wilhelm Scheele was a brilliant Swedish chemist who had an unwise habit of tasting all the chemicals he discovered. He died in 1786 as a result of his exposure to lead, hydrofluoric acid, arsenic and various other poisons.

Agathocles of Syracuse

Agathocles, a Greek tyrant of Syracuse, was murdered by a poisoned toothpick.

Sigurd the Mighty of Orkney

After defeating a foe by the name of Máel Brigte the Bucktoothed, Sigurd the Mighty beheaded the man and strapped his head to his horse. At some point during the ride home, Brigte’s bucktooth punctured Sigurd’s leg and caused a fatal infection.

Queen Sunanda Kumariratana of Siam

After issuing a decree that no subjects dare could touch her, Queen Sunanda died while drowning. There were many witnesses present, but no one knew what to do and ultimately didn’t act on saving her.

Brandon Lee

Actor and son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, was fatally shot in the heart when a prop-gun on set was improperly loaded.

The Most Bizarre World Records

The Most Bizarre World Records

10. Heavy Twins
9. Wealthy Kitty
8. Longest Eyelash
7. The Famous Bog Snorkeller
6. Chocolate Shake
5. Big Bubbles
4. Toilet Seats Smashed Over The Head
3. Longest Nails
2. Toothpaste Collector
1. Twerking Record

36 Bizarre Help Wanted Signs

36 Bizarre Help Wanted Signs




15 BIZARRE Laws From Around The World

15 BIZARRE Laws From Around The World

Everyone is familiar with everyday laws that most of us obey. These can be your everyday things from speeding to just general behavior towards each other, and of course not robbing banks. But aside from these well-known laws, there are some laws so bizarre that you’ll wonder what happened that the law needed to be passed in the first place. Check out these 15 BIZARRE Laws From Around The World.

25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History




FASCINATING FACTS: 44 Bizarre Facts About The English Language

FASCINATING FACTS: 44 Bizarre Facts About The English Language


A pangram is a sentence that contains every letter in the language. For example, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

The shortest and oldest word in the English language is "I."

An ambigram is a word that looks the same from various orientations. For example, the word "swims" will be the same even when turned upside down.

English is the official language for maritime and aeronautical communications.

English is the third most spoken native language in the world. Standard Chinese and Spanish are first and second, respectively.

If you wrote out all the numbers (e.g. one, two, three . . . ), you would not use the letter "b" until the word "billion."



The longest word in the English language is not "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

The longest word in the English language is 45 letters long: "Pneumonoultramicroscopic-silicovolcanoconiosis." It is the scientific name for a type of lung disease.

Almost all of the 100 most frequently used words in English come from Old English. These words include, "a," "the," "and," pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions (from, with, when), and the various forms of the verbs "to have" and "to be."

The Oxford English Corpus contains over 2.5 billion words. The Oxford English Corpus is a collection of 21st-century texts and is used to track the way English changes over time.

Most average adult English speakers know between 20,000–35,000 words.

Words have a lifespan of anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 years. More commonly used words tend to last longer.

Those who read fiction have a larger vocabulary than those who do not. Fiction usually contains a wider range of vocabulary than nonfiction does.

More people in the world have learned English as a second language than there are native English speakers.

The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.

- Derek Walcott

Shakespeare added 1,700 words to the English language during his lifetime.

A new word is created every 98 minutes, which is about 14.7 words a day.

In 2018, approximately 1.53 billion people speak English as a primary, auxiliary, or business language. This is about 1 in 7 people on Earth.

The letter "e" is the most commonly used letter in the English language.

Only one word in all of English has the letters X, Y, and Z in order: Hydroxyzine. This unique word is a type of medicine that prevents sneezing and anxiety.

Though not commonly used, the day after tomorrow is called "overmorrow."

English is the most commonly used language in the sciences.

The 1066 Norman Conquest drastically changed the English language. When the Normans (French) conquered England, they brought with them thousands of French words associated with the church, court systems, and government, such as baron, noble, parliament, governor, banquet.



The Norman Conquest changed the English language forever

English is not the official language of the United States.

An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters in a word or phrase to form a different word or phrase. For example, the word "stifle" is an anagram of "itself."

The most complex word in the English language is "set." This small word has over 430 definitions and requires a 60,000 word definition that covers 24 pages in the Oxford English Dictionary.

There are only five words in the English language that consist of all vowels (aa, ae, ai, oe, and eau).

The word "queue" sounds the same even if the last four letters are removed. Before it meant "line," a queue meant the tail of a beast in medieval pictures and designs.

The longest common word with all the letters in alphabetical order is "almost."

More English words begin with the letter "s" than any other letter.



It has been estimated that the vocabulary of English includes roughly 1 million words, but this is a very rough estimate.

The word "synonym" is one of the few words in the English language that doesn't have a synonym.

The word "good" has the most synonyms of any other word in the English language, at 380.

Yes, there is a word in English meaning "shapely buttocks." That word is "callipygian." It is from the Greek "kallipygos," meaning kallos (beauty) + pyge (buttocks).

The longest common word with no vowels is "rhythms."

The most commonly misused word in the English language is "ironic." Irony is often confused with sarcasm, coincidence, or paradox.

"Rhinorrhea" is the medical term for "runny nose."

The first number spelled out that contains an "a" is one thousand.

China has more English speakers than the United States.

The English words "moose," opossum," "pecan," "raccoon," "skunk," and "squash" originated from the now-extinct language of the Algonquian people. They were a native tribe that lived at the site of the earliest English colony on what is now Roanoke Island in the United States.

The opposite of "sparkle" is "darkle."

The word “whatever” consistently ranks as the most annoying English word.

The language that is most closely related to English is Frisian, a West Germanic language spoken in parts of the Netherlands and Germany.

The longest word you can make using only four letters is "senseless."

The word "good-bye" is a contraction of "God be with ye."

The most commonly used noun in the English language is the word "time."

The word "the" is the most commonly used English word overall, followed by "be," "to," "of," "and," "a," "in," "that," "have," and "I."


15 Animals Born With The Most Bizarre Mutations You'll Ever See [GRAPHIC]

15 Animals Born With The Most Bizarre Mutations You'll Ever See [GRAPHIC]

Nature is one powerfully weird force. This fact can be readily exemplified by observing genetic mutations. While color mutations such as albinism are a far more mild sampling of this realm, sometimes nature can produce some truly bizarre genetic mutations. These mutations often make for crazy scary animals - and if not completely scary, they're at least astonishing.

If you're interested in seeing a variety of animals with unbelievable genetic mutations, definitely continue reading.



10 Bizarre And Brazen Costumed Street Characters And Performers

10 Bizarre And Brazen Costumed Street Characters And Performers

Street performers, who work for gratuities, have been around since antiquity and are seen all around the world to this day. Although many have gone unrecognized, it’s true that some of the greatest talents got their start in the streets.

Others have taken to the profession in a shameful manner. The following 10 stories focus on a bunch of unscrupulous, panhandling characters and individuals who have landed in predicaments too absurd to imagine.


10.Trio Shakedown

In 2016, spectators got their share of free entertainment after witnessing three crazy costumed characters arrested in New York’s Times Square. The incident began when a tourist posed for a photograph with Minnie Mouse, Cookie Monster, and Olaf from the film Frozen. When all was said and done, the man walked away without tipping, causing the joyful colorful characters to go to the dark side.

Before the man knew it, Minnie, Olaf, and the Cookie Monster were in pursuit. After blocking the cheap sightseer’s path, they insisted that he fork over $20. After several minutes of being berated by the wayward Disney and Sesame Street characters, the frightened tourist handed over $10.

As luck would have it, New York’s finest witnessed the forced transaction, prompting an officer to step in. The multicolored trio were placed in handcuffs and arrested for harassment.[1]

Given the escalating problem with rambunctious street performers in Times Square, plainclothes NYPD officers have been patrolling the area to “combat aggressive characters.” According to Lisette Gill, a Manhattan resident who has been pressured by characters in the past, “They wanted $5 each, and he was like, ‘Come on, give me more.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t have any more, sorry.’ ”

The saga continues.

9.‘Logy On Fire’ Is On Fire

Photo credit: belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Steven Logan, who performs under the name “Logy on Fire,” is no stranger to standing in harm’s way. He sports a conspicuous, chest-length beard, and his acts have been billed as “full of danger.”

From juggling razor-sharp objects to breathing fire, the 29-year-old seemed to run out of luck in late 2017 while performing outside the Wickerman gift shop in Belfast. While attempting “the most dangerous act you can do,” Logan accidentally turned his iconic beard into an inferno, engulfing his head in flames.

From children to the elderly, a terrified audience gasped in horror as a confused and blazing “Logy” lived up to his name. In an attempt to bring an end to the unfortunate act, onlookers began dousing the performer with their drinks.

When his beard was eventually extinguished, a smoldering Logy was placed in an ambulance and rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital. There, the staff was astonished to find that his injuries were not as serious as they appeared to be at first. He had suffered only superficial burns to his face and hands.[2]

Although he had momentarily turned himself into a human fireball, Logan swore that he would return to his act once his face had healed.


8.Hands Where I Can See Them

Photo credit: nydailynews.com

In 2012, the mustachioed Italian known as Mario from the video game Super Mario earned quite the reputation in Times Square. Damon Torres, 34, found himself in hot water after groping a 58-year-old woman as she walked past. “He walked up to her and touched her private parts,” explained a Times Square Alliance security guard.[3]

Torres was arrested and charged with forcible touching and unlawful possession of marijuana. In addition to his crazy antics, Torres began to panic when he noticed the media’s presence at the police station. Cameras flashed as he made his “perp walk” with fellow chain gang members. While still dressed in the infamous Mario getup, Torres stated, “They’re here for me.”

Yes, they were, Mario. Yes, they were.

A similar incident occurred in 2008, albeit with a different bubbly character and a much younger victim. In Ocean City, Maryland, 21-year-old Andrii Mokrishchev of Ukraine was charged with fondling a 16-year-old girl during a photo session on the city’s Boardwalk. Mokrishchev was dressed as Patrick Star, a character from the children’s cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Police charged Mokrishchev with second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense.

7.The Cookie Monster’s A Monster

Photo credit: nydailynews.com

When asked if he liked the Cookie Monster, two-year-old Samay Kurada’s response was frank: “No. Not anymore. I like Elmo. [ . . . ] [Cookie Monster] gave me boo boo.”

The child’s affection for the blue fuzzy character came to an end in 2013 when his parents did not have $2—Cookie’s going rate—for a picture they had taken together in Times Square. Despite knowing that the father had gone to an ATM to get cash, Cookie Monster became impatient, leading to an expletive-laced tirade directed at two children and their mother, Bollywood actress Parmita Kurada.

The tense situation escalated when the irate, cookie-gorging beast, 33-year-old Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, pushed the child’s stroller, shoving Samay away. “You are a bitch, your son is a bastard, and your stuff is trash,” he allegedly told Kurada, according to court papers.

Quiroz-Lopez denied the allegations, claiming that everything reported was false.”I was takin’ a picture with her son. I told her to stop wasting my time. I told her I get two dollars a picture and she should have money on her and she was wasting my time.”[4]

Fortunately for the children, justice was temporarily served when their former idol was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, and aggressive begging in a public place. In the end, Quiroz-Lopez avoided jail by taking a plea deal to successfully complete mandatory community service.

6.Superheroes Gone Wild

Photo credit: nypost.com

As we have seen, things can get quite hectic in Times Square. However, one panhandler dressed as Spider-Man took bizarre to a whole new level. In July 2014, Junior Bishop thought it was a bright idea to punch a cop in the face after the officer asked the aspiring superhero to stop harassing tourists for money.

Although Bishop was indicted on felony assault, the charges were later dropped by Manhattan’s DA. That decision led to future headaches for the NYPD. One year later, Spider-Man was back in action. After cursing at cops and giving them the world-renowned middle finger, Bishop was swiftly arrested yet again.

Four months later, the web-swinging menace grew irate while asking for tips, sparking his infamous rage. After throwing several metal folding chairs into a large crowd near Broadway and West 43rd Street, Bishop revisited his home away from home, a jail cell.[5]

Surprisingly, it’s not unusual to see costumed characters lose their cool. On the other side of the country, a man dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants was detained after starting a street fight on Hollywood Boulevard. Prior to channeling his inner Rocky Balboa, SpongeBob was reported to have been acting like a “perv” toward two female pedestrians.

Although costumed panhandlers were banned from the boulevard, an LA judge ruled that their presence was protected by the First Amendment.


5.Troubles Don’t Melt Like Lemon Drops

Photo credit: wtvm.com

While responding to reports of a suspicious vehicle in a Kentucky McDonald’s parking lot in 2017, officers discovered a devious character passed out behind the wheel with the engine still running. Police attempted to awaken the man, who eerily resembled the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz with his face caked in silver paint.

At first glance, it appeared that the inebriated man had been huffing paint. This suspicion was reinforced when the silver suspect, 46-year-old John Casey III, was rudely awakened from his midday siesta. After failing to maintain his balance and stand on one leg, Casey was booked into the Bullitt County jail on charges of driving under the influence and possession of an open bottle of Heaven Hill vodka.

After Casey smiled for his mug shot with his face still glistening silver, his history began to emerge. “It appears he may have been a performer, a statue street performer, who had been up at Derby,” Shepherdsville Police Major Michael O’Donnell said. “It was not from huffing paint. He was just intoxicated.”[6]

It’s safe to assume that Casey did not have a good day at the office. In fact, he hadn’t in some years. In 2015, the “Silver Man” was charged with sexual battery while on the job after groping a woman who was standing on a ladder in front of a downtown store. After pleading guilty, Casey was sentenced to 13 months in prison and had to register as a sex offender.

4.Booty Shaking In Children’s Faces

Photo credit: nypost.com

Some of the more unforgettable characters roaming Times Square are not just perverts or obstreperous fools with anger problems but painted topless ladies known as the “desnudas.” A single unit of girls who once stood in solidarity for tips has morphed into a bitter rivalry between the good and the bad.

On one side of the battle lines are the foulmouthed, bird-flipping “des-RUDE-as” who feel animosity to their once sisterly partners known as the “des-GOOD-as.” The rift began in 2015 when the des-GOOD-as, who adhere to the police-designated zones, voiced their distaste of the ladies who have defied all the rules and partake in vulgar antics.

“It’s offensive, and I pled with them to stop,” said desgooda leader, Saira Nicole, after several of the women were seen shaking their booties in children’s faces. “They all jumped down my throat. They told me to f—k off and that I can’t tell them what to do.” The rift only worsened when the desrudas began encroaching on the good girls’ territory, stealing their tips, and harassing their tourist “clientele.”[7]

Only one week after Mayor de Blasio denied that there was a “resurgence” of the aggressive, painted nuisances, four rude desnudas were arrested for holding a person’s phone hostage until they received an exceptional tip. According to police, the four rowdy topless women were arrested and charged with grand larceny and aggressive soliciting.

In addition to leaving their designated areas, they persistently threaten passersby.

3.Golden Showers

Photo credit: nydailynews.com

It’s evident that some Americans vehemently despise President Donald Trump. Interestingly enough, one New York street performer has decided to cash in on the hatred in an unusual and obscene way.

Wearing a Trump mask while dressed like the billionaire president, 28-year-old Kalan Sherrard is allowing passersby the opportunity to punch him, stomp on him, or urinate on him for a fee. A punch to the gut will run you $5, a “throttle” goes for $7, and a “trample” costs $10. If one feels the need to relieve themselves on the presidential look-alike, that costs a whopping $300.[8]

It’s not clear whether anyone has taken the lunatic up on his offer. However, Sherrard has had his share of run-ins with the police. In 2014, Mr. Golden Showers was arrested after setting up a nihilist-anarchist puppet show in a subway station that depicted mutilated marionettes on a train platform.

Soon after his release, Sherrard and his partner, Maria Valenzuela, were arrested in Miami for protesting at Art Basel. On that occasion, Sherrard had a black dildo stuffed down his pants, causing the police to forcefully throw him to the ground when they mistook it for a gun.

Sherrard “the artist” cried foul, claiming police brutality, but his laments fell on the deaf ears of the court.

2.‘Elmo Stuff’

Photo credit: timesofisrael.com

Over the years, Sesame Street’s Elmo has gained a bad rap, which was only compounded when a “Jew-Hating Elmo” emerged in New York’s Central Park. When not posing for photographs with children and tourists, Adam Sandler (not the Hollywood movie star) has a penchant for hurling obscene, anti-Semitic epithets while dressed as the bubbly red character.

His charming antics were captured on video by baffled spectators, which made Sandler a viral YouTube sensation. As confused children witnessed the mental breakdown of their beloved pal, Sandler’s expletive rant only became more boisterous and nutty. He claimed that he worked for John Gotti and was unable to make an income because of “international Jews.”

Not surprisingly, Sandler has quite the troubled past. In 1999, he traveled to Cambodia where he launched a pornographic website called “Welcome to the Rape Camp.”

Unfortunately for US citizens, Cambodia deported Sandler to the States where his lunacy took another wacky turn. After getting a job with the Girl Scouts of America, he was indicted for trying to extort $2 million from the youth organization. In October 2013, Sandler was sentenced to one year in jail.

After serving his time, Elmo was back to his Jew-bashing habits. “There’s nothing that says it’s illegal to be crazy, unless he’s posing a danger to people or threatening people with great bodily injury or death. When he’s on his rants, the only thing we can do is make contact with him to see if any crimes have been committed,” said police spokesman Albie Esparza.[9]

Sandler appears to view himself as the victim. He claims that he just wants people to leave him alone and let him do his “Elmo stuff.”

1.Justice Served?

Photo credit: theadvocate.com

For more than 20 years, Johnie Lewis Miller (known as “Uncle Louie”) had been performing in New Orleans’ French Quarter dressed as Uncle Sam. His presence undoubtedly became iconic throughout the years—that is, until he was arrested on murder charges in 2017.

On May 22, 1974, Miller had entered a Jacksonville convenience store demanding money. When the owner, 34-year-old Freddie Farah hesitated, Miller blew his head off.

Miller immediately fled the scene, leaving behind money, merchandise, and his DNA. It was a long and grueling 43 years of unanswered questions and heartache until Project: Cold Case, a nonprofit group that spotlighted the case, brought justice to the family of the slain father of four.

Facing life in prison if convicted of first-degree felony murder, the cowardly “Uncle” made a plea agreement: Confessing his guilt would allow him to plead guilty to the lesser crime of second-degree murder. The 61-year-old Miller was sentenced to time served—344 days—and subsequently released from jail following the hearing.[10]

17 Bizarre Little Habits People Have That'll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

17 Bizarre Little Habits People Have That'll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

10 Most Bizarre Vehicles That Actually Exist

10 Most Bizarre Vehicles That Actually Exist

There are many different types of vehicles out there, and someone is always coming up with a new way for us humans to get around. From some inventions that seem they were made way before their time, to incredible new and ingenious vehicle designs that you won’t believe, we take a look at 10 Most Bizarre Vehicles Of All Time.

22 Hilarious Quora Questions That Are Inconceivably Stupid

22 Hilarious Quora Questions That Are Inconceivably Stupid -



















20 People Share The Most Bizarre Sexual Requests They’ve Received

20 People Share The Most Bizarre Sexual Requests They’ve Received

“A woman I was sleeping with would only get off if I pretended to be her brother.

She had no siblings so I said whatever and went with it.” – LightWithoutLaz

“Girl ran onto the kitchen came back with a cup of ice and stuffed the ice in her…and told me to fuck her. I did. It was cold. I think I’d do it again lol.” – socaTsocaTsocaT

“Was asked to tickle her until she wet herself.

We gave up after like an hour and a half…” – WestBrink


“I’m a girl and my fiance asked me during our first year if I’d dress up as Kurt Cobain and let him fuck my butt because he had/has a crush on Kurt Cobain. Five years later and I THINK he was joking but I’ve never asked.” – Zingeronix


“He asked me to wash my hair in the sink while he watched and jerked off.” – rulerofgummybears

“A woman wanted me to mash her clit with all of my weight once. With my thumb. Other thumb stacked on top. Leaning my full weight on it. No rubbing, no motion, she literally used the word mash. Lo and behold she came buckets. Never seen anything like it before or since. She says push on it. So I put a little pressure. Push harder she says. Harder. She starts to get a little flushed. Mash it. Unnggg. Fucking mash it harddddd. Haaarrrddddd. All the sudden she’s doing the wookie impression.” – kilbus


“Girl told me she was into “orgasm denial.” I wasn’t sure what that was but I knew I would be really good at it.” – body_massage_


“My ex liked it when I would make her hold her piss in until she wet herself. I wasn’t really into it at first, but did it for her.” – darkstarohio

“She wanted to drop a log on my chest. No thanks, I’m not a lumberjack.” – actioncheese

“I’m very late to this, but my boyfriend has asked me multiple times that when we have a house with a backyard, we set up a tarp and cover ourselves in lube and have at it” – calculust_


“I got asked to cum on her feet every time we had sex.” – kotoamatsukamix

“Not me, but my buddy brought a girl home from the bar that was a solid 10. She put newspaper down in her living room and at this point my buddies wondering wtf is going on. She then told him she was going to shit on the newspaper and then wanted to do anal without her wiping her ass. Reluctantly he actually agreed because she was pretty damn hot, shit or no shit lol. Was totally weirded out but never got back together with her when she called him a few times asking to do it again lol.” – ArchMageMagnus


“Had a girl that got off on fresh haircuts. After a couple unplanned haircuts, I noped out of that relationship. The guy who dated her after me looked like he was getting weekly haircuts. He also looked very miserable.” – Pumpkinfish20


“I know a girl who makes all of her exes lifecast their penises so she can turn them into dildos. she keeps all of them.

I am not one of them.” – faceplant34

“Got asked to go down on a girl while wearing a wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and fins. In hindsight, you can spank the hell out of some ass with fins.” – CannibalTuna


“To put on a thong and pull the straps over my shoulders to make a mega camel-toe. Years later when Borat came out, his swimsuit definitely made me chuckle.” – elphie2007


“To properly punch her in the face, it was just the most bizarre request.” – AquaNautautical

“Girl put on her swim goggles and had me jerk off in her face and take photos.” – Thaistyle86


“She wanted me to drown her while fucking her, she had a legit drowning bucket. It was like a mop bucket on wheels, she filled it up half way. She wanted to lay on the bed on her stomach me on top with her head hanging off the bed and to force her head under while she struggled for air.” – Atotallyrandomname

“She wants me to dress up in full all-black motorcycle gear, no skin visible. strap on a fairly large robot themed dildo and fuck her really roughly and make absolutely no noise.” – mouritsen94

22 Totally Bizarre And Insane Stories About Red Hot Chili Peppers Frontman Anthony Kiedis

22 Totally Bizarre And Insane Stories About Red Hot Chili Peppers Frontman Anthony Kiedis

Funky monks rejoice - your high priest has been anointed. Once a weirdo punk-junkie anonymously wandering the streets of Los Angeles, Anthony Kiedis is now at least as famous a drug-addled SoCal "mythic" street poet as Jim Morrison. While some extravagant details of his outlandish life are widely known, rock history, being the lurid mythos that it is, will always welcome dark Anthony Kiedis stories and lurid facts about Anthony Kiedis. As anyone who's read the full Kiedis bio in Scar Tissue can tell you, most of the stories are true, most of the stories are insane, and most of the stories are way more over-the-top than you can imagine.

From his unorthodox, drug-infused Hollywood upbringing to his long battle with heroin and cocaine addiction to his famous onstage theatrics, Kiedis is rock n' roll (or funk n' roll, if you will) history personified. While the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a collective lay claim to one of the great, sordid canons in the annals of rock history, Kiedis merits examination of his own, for his truly depraved and outlandish antics.

Slap your bass. Cook your white horse. Get your friends on your aeroplane after a warped trip to the coffee shop as one big mob. There are souls to squeeze, kisses to suck, and higher ground to be achieved. Strap yourself into your sex magik rocket ship with a full supply of mother's milk, because it's time to travel all around the world and into a parallel universe, naked in the rain with the righteous and the wicked. Dig?






Top 10 Bizarre Robots We Have Made

Top 10 Bizarre Robots We Have Made

Robotics and artificial intelligence are the “in thing” these days. We are seeing so much advancement in both fields that it is becoming difficult to keep up.

It is already obvious that we will develop robots to do practically anything, regardless of how weird that thing could be. There are already robots out there with bizarre or controversial characteristics and uses. Here are 10 of the weirdest robots we have made so far.

Featured image credit: armadainternational.com

10.Robots That Eat Plants And Maybe Humans

Photo credit: trucktrend.com

The Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) was created by Cyclone Power Technologies and Robotic Technology Inc. for the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The idea was to create a robot that could go on long-term missions without requiring refueling or recharging.

The result was a robot that fed on vegetation to create its own fuel. It also had a built-in chainsaw . . . you know, in case it needed to cut trees into chunks that could be swallowed.

People started asking questions about the chainsaw, particularly whether it had other undisclosed uses like chopping dead enemy soldiers for fuel. Another question concerned what the robot would do if there were no dead humans around. Would it decide to create its own dead humans? That obviously wouldn’t be difficult since it already had a chainsaw.[1]

Cyclone Power Technologies, Robotic Technology Inc., and DARPA responded to these allegations and clarified that the robot was a strict vegetarian. It did not eat humans, living or dead, and there were no plans to make it do so.

9.Robots That Ride Camels

Camel racing is a popular sport in several Middle Eastern countries. However, there is one condition that has to be met before a camel can be allowed to race: It needs to be controlled by a jockey.

In the 1970s, children were kidnapped from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan to be used as jockeys. This changed in 2005 when UNICEF pressured the UAE to ban child jockeys. Other countries followed suit, and the result was the introduction of small robot jockeys.

Each robot is controlled with a walkie-talkie held by an operator watching from the sidelines. Depending on the configuration of the jockey, the walkie-talkie can be used to issue voice commands or predetermined commands with the press of specific buttons. The commands include whipping the camels. Yes, human operators press buttons to make robots whip their camels.

Some jockeys even deliver electric shocks to urge the camels to increase their pace. This is illegal and carries a punishment of three months imprisonment, but it still happens. Besides receiving orders, the jockey sends back information about the health and location of the camel to the operator.[2]

8.A Robot That Feeds Its Wearer Tomatoes

The Tomatan is one weird robot that feeds its wearer tomatoes as he runs. At this point, some of us must be wondering why anyone would even think of creating a robot that feeds a runner tomatoes. What else do we expect when a company that prides itself on being Japan’s largest producer of tomato juice and ketchup delves into the field of robotics?

Tomatan was a creation of the Japanese company Kagome. It has a tomato head (because how else will people know it’s a tomato-dispensing robot?) and releases tomatoes from its mouth straight into two circular arms that move toward the runner’s mouth. The Tomatan is carried on the runner’s shoulder.

Kagome did not stop at the Tomatan, however. It created a smaller version called the Petit-Tomatan. This one is worn on the back, just like a backpack.

Kagome says that people need to eat tomatoes while running because they contain nutritive agents that help to fight fatigue. Speaking of fatigue, the Tomatan weighs 8 kilograms (18 lbs) while the Petit-Tomatan weighs 3 kilograms (7 lb). Considering that marathon runners always need to be as light as possible, we are wondering whether the weight of the robot will be the thing causing fatigue in wearers.[3]

7.Robot Armed With A Pistol

Dogo is the name of a small, tracked robot built by General Robotics of Israel. The robot is nimble and lightweight. It can go under cars, maneuver around small corners, and even climb stairs. It is fitted with eight cameras, which makes it suitable for reconnaissance and rescue operations. It is also armed with a Glock 26 pistol, which makes it suitable for some other duties.

The pistol is inserted sideways into the robot and is controlled by an operator. It can fire five rounds in two seconds and holds ups to 14 rounds. The weapon is stable and very accurate with little recoil.[4]

6.Robot That Hikes

Photo credit: The Guardian

As its name hints, the hitchBOT hitchhikes through cities and across states alone. Two of the robots were created. In 2014, the first robot hitchhiked over 10,000 kilometers (6,200 mi) from Halifax to Victoria in Canada. The journey took 26 days, during which the robot hitched 19 rides. The following year, it hitchhiked across several cities in Germany and the Netherlands.

The same year, a second robot was launched to hitchhike across the US. The robot started its journey in Salem, Massachusetts, and was supposed to end up in San Francisco. It never got to its destination as it was “murdered” in Philadelphia. Its head was stolen, and the rest of its body was completely destroyed. It was written off as irreparable.[5]

It became evident that something had happened to the robot when it suddenly disappeared from an online map that allowed people to monitor its location. The robot took pictures at 20-minute intervals and could have taken pictures of its assailant. But it seems that whoever destroyed it did so within the 20-minute delay. Another unsolved murder here, people.

5.Robots That Smoke Cigarettes

Photo credit: science20.com

We have two robots that smoke cigarettes here. The first is Elektro, a 213-centimeter-tall (7’0″) robot that was unveiled at the 1939 World’s Fair. Alongside Elektro was his English terrier robot dog, Sparko.

Sparko could sit up and bark like a normal dog, while Elektro could walk, count, and smoke. Today, Elektro remains at the Mansfield Memorial Museum in Ohio, while Sparko has been missing since 1957.

The second smoker robot is the aptly named cigarette-smoking bot. It was created by researchers at Harvard University. The cigarette-smoking bot is a chain smoker capable of smoking up to 12 cigarettes at a go. It puffs its cigarette like a human would, and researchers can even adjust its smoking speed. The cigarette-smoking bot was created to observe how smoking affects humans.[6]

4.Robots That Comfort Dying People

Photo credit: theweek.com

Dying people usually need to be around their loved ones. For those whose loved ones won’t be there, Dan Chen, an artist and designer at the Rhode Island School of Design, can take care of them with his Last Moment Robot. Once around a dying person, the Last Moment Robot holds the person’s forearm and quickly introduces itself and explains what it does. It says:

Hello [person’s name]. I am the Last Moment Robot. I am here to help you and guide you through your last moment on Earth. I am sorry that your family and friends can’t be with you right now, but don’t be afraid. I am here to comfort you.

Whether it is ethical to have a robot comforting a dying person in lieu of a human is one question that will be up for debate. But we don’t know anyone’s reaction yet because the robot has not been used with a dying person. There are no plans to release the robot into the market, either.[7]

3.Robots That Duel

Photo credit: cnbc.com

With the increased interest in robotics, it was only a matter of time before we started using robots to duel, right? Sure! In fact, it has already happened. While smaller robots have been pitted against each other since at least 1994, 2017 became the year when two big robots dueled for the first time.

The contestants were Eagle Prime by MegaBots of the United States and Kurata by Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan. The ground for the battle was laid in 2015 when MegaBots challenged Suidobashi to a giant robot fight. Suidobashi accepted, and both started building and improving their robots for the event.

MegaBots presented two robots for the fight. The first was the smaller and older MK.II that was swiftly defeated in the first round of combat. The other was the $2.5 million, 12-ton, 5-meter-tall (16 ft) Eagle Prime that used a chainsaw to defeat the 6.5-ton, 4-meter-tall (13 ft) Kurata in the second round of combat.[8]

2.The Robot That Always Wins Rock-Paper-Scissors

The Janken robot will always win a rock-paper-scissors game against a human. No human can defeat it because it cheats. It is capable of recognizing the gesture that the human opponent is about to make and quickly delivers a winning gesture.

The Janken’s recognition capability is so fast that it delivers the winning gesture at the same time as its opponent. The robot is actually an improvement on an earlier version released in June 2012. The first version also cheated but was slower, delivering its gesture about 20 milliseconds after its human opponent. Both were made by researchers at the University of Tokyo.[9]

1.Robot That Pretends To Have The Swine Flu

Photo credit: lolwot.com

Created by an unnamed Japanese company, the swine flu robot exhibits the symptoms of swine flu (also called the H1N1 virus) and will even die if not properly treated. The human-sized robot was built to train healthcare workers to treat swine flu victims. It looks like a human and is even covered in a material that replicates the features of human skin.[10]

The robot will sweat, moan, cry, and convulse, just like someone who has swine flu. Its condition can improve or worsen depending on the quality of treatment. When treated improperly, it will die. While simulator robots mimicking human sicknesses are not new, the swine flu robot is believed to be the first specifically made to imitate the symptoms of just one ailment.







15 Bizarre Family Quirks People Thought Were Normal Until They Left Home

15 Bizarre Family Quirks People Thought Were Normal Until They Left Home

Practically everyone thinks their family is strange to some extent, but sometimes it takes getting out of the house to really understand how strange they are. Podcast Host Georgia Hardstark asked people on Twitter about the odd things their families did, and this is what they had to say...



20 Bizarre Things People Found At The Beach

20 Bizarre Things People Found At The Beach -

1. Biggest sea turtle

2. P-38 on Welsh Beach

3. Debris of a spaceship from Space X

4. An old, rusted pistol in Discovery Park, Seattle

FASCINATING FACTS: 19 Facts About Our World That Can Puzzle Anyone

FASCINATING FACTS: 19 Facts About Our World That Can Puzzle Anyone

How do cats purr? What was the real speed of the Tyrannosaurus? What was Caligula’s real name? Lots of interesting facts are omitted during school lessons, but it’s never too late to expand your knowledge.

We found the answers to the most perplexing questions and we’re ready to share this information with you.

19. Cats are right-handed and left-handed.

Scientists from Queen’s University Belfast conducted research that showed that in most cases cats use the same paw to play or take food. In contrast to people, the amount of right- and left-handed cats are almost the same, though most of female cats are right-handed.

18. 500 years ago watermelons looked different.

If we look at Giovanni Stanchi’s painting from the 17th century, we can hardly recognize the watermelon. This fruit came to Europe from Africa and it looked completely different 500 years ago. Watermelons of today look the way they do because of selection processes and their level of lycopene (the substance that gives the red color).

17. You’re more likely to meet a spider if you’re afraid of them.

If you don’t like these creatures, you’re more likely to be the one that finds one in your bed. This is because our attention is drawn in order of priority, where the most important things are noticed first. If you have a fear of spiders, this automatically puts the spider near the top of your priorities which means if one is in the room you’ll be first one to find it.

16. The sun is white.

Though the sun is known as a yellow dwarf star, its color is quite different. In fact, the Sun is actually white, but it looks yellow because we see it through the filter of our blue atmosphere. This thick layer of atmosphere at sunrise and sunset make the sun seem more orange or red. And when we’re looking at it through the thinnest layer of air at midday, the sun appears almost white, but still has a yellow tinge.

15. Cashew nuts grow on “apples.”

These nuts grow on a “cashew apple” which is just a yellow or red 2 to 4-inch-long stem. In botanical terms, the cashew apple is an accessory fruit that grows on the cashew seed which we call the nut.

14. Cats purr with the help of their vocal cords.

The latest studies show that the “purring mechanism” is a small group of thin bones. It’s located between the base of the skull and the root of the tongue. During pleasant moments, muscles contract and cause the vibration of the vocal folds.

13. Pure sapphires are more expensive than diamonds.

The myth about a diamond’s high value appeared only recently in the 20th century thanks to the De Beers company’s marketing specialists. The slogan “A diamond is forever” was introduced in 1947, and Marilyn Monroe became its face. The high price of diamonds is connected with absolutely nothing. But sapphires were cherished even in ancient Persia, they’re still very rare and precious stones, and their price can be way higher than the price for a diamond.

12. 10% of a cat’s bones are in its tail.

There are approximately 240 bones in a cat’s body, and 23 of them are in the tail (that means 10%). Cats with short tails are the exception to this rule.

11. Modern bug repellents don’t frighten off insects, they hide the human being.

Chemicals in repellents influence mosquito olfaction, meaning they block the receptors that help the insects find their victims. So with the repellant, a human being technically becomes “invisible” to mosquitoes.

10. In contrast to other planets, Venus and Uranus spin in a counterclockwise direction.

All of our Solar System’s planets spin clockwise except Venus and Uranus. This phenomenon is called retrograde rotation. Venus rotates from East to West and the axis of Uranus’ rotation is tilted more relative to the pole of its orbit so it rotates almost “on its side.”

9. The $ sign is older than a banknote itself.

One of the most trustworthy versions of its story says that the Spanish peso used in colonial America was marked with the $ sign. The peso was abbreviated PS and it’s said that as time went on, the abbreviation was often written so that the S was on top of the P, producing an approximation of the $ symbol. This symbol is written near a sum in pesos in Oliver Pollock’s letter from 1778 (above) and the modern banknote wasn’t put into circulation until 1861.

8. French was the official language of England for over 600 years.

After the Norman conquest of England, the French language became the language of the nobles. Law French was the offical language of justice and the court right up to the 18th century. The motto on the coat of arms of Great Britain, God and my right (Dieu et mon droit), is written in French and some phrases are still in use in the Parliament of Great Britain today.

7. Aviator sunglasses were developed for military men.

The name of these sunglasses is pretty logical. They were created in 1938 for American pilots and were available exclusively for them. The glasses’ popularity took off after World War II when ordinary Americans tried to copy war veterans who returned back home.

6. Clouds can move at 95+ mph speed.

People might think that clouds travel very slowly but in fact they can move faster than cars. High cirrus clouds are 4-8 miles above the earth and their speed depends on the wind speed in this layer of the atmosphere. These cloud’s can reach speeds of up to 125 mph. This is equal to the speed of a train.

5. People can’t really sneeze during sleep.

Sneezing happens because of nasal cavity irritation. When we sleep our sensitivity is way lower and the impulses are not that strong. But if there is a really strong incentive (like smoke, for example) then the human being’s body will wake up. In fact, if irritation is too strong, a human being is able to sneeze and wake up simultaneously.

4. In Australia, the amount of people who die from bee stings are equal to the amount of people who die from snake and spider bites.

Though Australia is famous for poisonous spiders and snakes, its bees and wasps are extremely dangerous as well. According to national studies, the death rates are almost the same. Their bee and wasp poison can cause a severe allergic reaction, and many people underestimate the danger of it and don’t see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Liechtenstein and Haiti have similar flags.

Historically, both Liechtenstein and Haiti chose a flag with 2 horizontal stripes, one blue and one red. This remained unnoticed for a long period of time and a really awkward situation happened during the Olympic Games in 1936. In 1937, Liechtenstein decided to add a crown to their flag.

2. Tyrannosaurus rex couldn’t run.

Scientists from the University of Manchester constructed a computer model and it showed that this dinosaur couldn’t run, but could only walk fast. Its weight was more than 7 tons and research confirmed that running was bad for its skeleton. All in all, the tyrannosaurus’ maximum speed was only 16 mph. As a result of this research, palentologists are now discussing its feeding behavior because there is a new assumption that the tyrannosaurus may have been a scavenger.

1. Caligula’s real name was Gaius Caesar.

The future emperor got his nickname Caligula (meaning “little soldier’s boot”) in his childhood because he used to wear the Legionnaire uniform. The real name of the man who is well-known as an insane tyrant is Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. But it was Caligula that descendants remembered best.

The world should know about these amazing discoveries! Share some other facts that have impressed you.



A selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.



19 Bizarre Pictures To Make You Go 'Huh'

19 Bizarre Pictures To Make You Go 'Huh'

In philosophy, "the Absurd" refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek meaning in life and the human inability to find any. And boy is the internet ever full of that. If you’ve ever wanted to waste time by looking at weird pictures on the Internet, we have a nice list to get you started.















A selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.



10 Truly Bizarre And Chilling Cases Of Mass Disappearances

10 Truly Bizarre And Chilling Cases Of Mass Disappearances

When someone goes missing, however unexpectedly, it is often quickly forgotten by all except those closest to the person who vanished. However, when multiple people disappear at the same time, especially a large group, it is obvious that something bizarre and potentially dark has taken place.

Even more interesting, these mass disappearance events are on record going back hundreds or thousands of years. What’s more, they continue today. In the age of the Internet and “eyes” everywhere, perhaps the mystery of such disappearances will soon be solved. Until then, however, the morbid intrigue and theories about these bizarre events will continue.

10.The Anjikuni Lake Incident

Photo credit: Nicolas Perrault II

While seeking somewhere to rest for the night in November 1930, fur trapper Joe Labelle came across an Inuit settlement near Anjikuni Lake in Nunavut, Canada. Although a fire was burning beneath a pot with scorched food inside, there was no trace of the 30-strong community.

Furthermore, each hut still contained each resident’s personal possessions. The community’s food and fish supplies were full and untouched. As unlikely as it was that the entire village had just up and left at a moment’s notice, it was even more unlikely they would do so without taking their clothes, weapons, and community food supply.

Labelle informed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) from the nearest telegraph office. They sent a unit to the isolated settlement. On the way, the Mounties stopped for refreshments at the home of local trapper Armand Laurent. He informed them of a strange gleaming object that had flown over his property several nights earlier. It had headed in the direction of Anjikuni Lake.

Upon arriving at the Inuit village, the RCMP confirmed that it was completely abandoned. In addition, the graves on the edge of the settlement were all broken open and missing their respective bodies. Even more bizarre, the stone markers were neatly placed in two piles on each side of the graves.

The case remains unsolved despite two investigations by the Canadian authorities in the early 1930s.[1]

9.Roanoke Colony

Photo credit: National Geographic

The colony established at Roanoke Island (in modern-day North Carolina) was one of the first by settlers from England. However, upon returning from a supply trip to Europe, John White, the governor of the colony, and his crew discovered that the entire settlement had been deserted.

All that remained was a lone skeleton and the word, “CROATOAN,” etched into a tree. Many theories suggest that the settlers fell victim to the Croatoan tribe who lived just south of the Roanoke colony. The word may have been hastily left as an indication of who was responsible for the mass disappearance.

Other theories suggest that White’s three-year delay in returning (due to a war in Europe) led the remaining settlers to head back to Europe because they thought their governor had abandoned them. According to this idea, the settlers perished in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.[2]

8.Mary Celeste

Photo credit: slate.com

After setting sail from New York to Genoa, Italy, in December 1872, the Mary Celeste was found drifting aimlessly with no crew or any sign of life aboard about 740 kilometers (400 nautical mi) off the coast of the Azores.

At first, it appeared that the ship and her crew had fallen victim to pirates looking to obtain her cargo for themselves. However, the ship’s entire load and the crew’s supplies were still aboard. The captain’s log also remained. Something must have “disturbed” the men suddenly and made them take immediate action because the crew should have taken the log even if they abandoned ship.[3]

While the disappearance remains a mystery, M.K. Jessup argued in his book The Case for the UFO that this strange incident was just one of such mass alien abductions throughout history. Needless to say, not everyone subscribed to Jessup’s theories.

7.USS Cyclops

The United States’ USS Cyclops performed duties on the seas around Europe during World War I. However, its mysterious disappearance didn’t seem to come during battle. Instead, it appeared to be a victim of the now-famous Bermuda Triangle that has claimed ships and planes alike.

In February 1918, the USS Cyclops left its port in Brazil. By March 3, there was confirmation that the ship was off the coast of Barbados. Then communication suddenly ceased, and the vessel simply disappeared with over 300 crew members and passengers.

No distress signal or call for help was received. Furthermore, searches in and around the ship’s last confirmed position revealed no wreckage, ruins, or any type of debris associated with a sudden sinking of such a large boat.[4]

The whereabouts of the USS Cyclops and what caused it to vanish remain unknown. In addition to the Bermuda Triangle aspect of the case, other theories range from the ship being a victim of a “rogue wave” to another claim of alien abduction on a massive scale.

6.The Village Of Hoer Verde

Photo credit: unexplainable.net

In February 1923, the 600 residents of the small Brazilian village of Hoer Verde simply vanished overnight, leaving their possessions and food behind. A small group of visitors made the unsettling discovery as they ventured into the town. As they walked deeper into the small community, it became apparent that no one was there. All around was a chilling silence. No birds singing, no insects buzzing, nothing.

The visitors informed the local police, who investigated further. Again, they found no sign of anyone and no clues as to where the residents might have gone. Upon entering the village school, the police saw this message on a blackboard: “There is no salvation!” A gun discovered nearby had been fired within the previous 24 hours.

Several theories about the fate of the villagers revolve around paranormal or alien activity. Other people point to the changing political landscape of Brazil at the time and speculate that the residents decided to leave the area rather than become caught in the cross fire of guerrilla warfare.

As plausible as that theory may be on the surface, it doesn’t explain why they left so suddenly without taking their clothing and food supplies. Furthermore, there are no records of the villagers emerging in other Brazilian communities, which surely would be the case if they had simply changed locations.[5]

5.Anasazi Tribe
Late 1200s

Photo credit: ancientpages.com

The Anasazi tribe is regarded as one of the most sophisticated civilizations of the North American continent. Possibly as far back as 1500 BC, they occupied the area of the US known today as the Four Corners. There, the modern-day states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet.

In the late 13th century, the Anasazi suddenly abandoned their settlements, which included some buildings of five stories and up to 800 separate rooms. The tribe simply disappeared.

Several Native American tribes today trace their ancestry to the Anasazi, and their legends state that the disappearance was the Anasazi “going home!” The apparent disappearance of this mysterious people is of great interest to those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, not least because of the legends and myths associated with them.

These theorists also point to several strange markings of circular lines like a spiral on the ruins of old Anasazi sites. Mainstream research suggests that the markings represent the Sun. But those who believe the legends of the Anasazi “going home” consider the markings to be representations of portals or stargates, which may explain how the tribe simply vanished.[6]

4.The Lost Civilization Of The Indus Valley
1500 BC

Photo credit: ancient-code.com

It is not so much that the civilization of the Indus Valley vanished as the reason behind their sudden disappearance. Some people believe that a targeted nuclear strike is to blame.

The sites of these attacks center around the ruins of the ancient cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa in what is now modern-day Pakistan. According to such ancient writings as the Mahabharata, these sites were once the home of a great Indus Valley Civilization that rivaled those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Investigation of the site did reveal intricate drainage and sewer systems, brick baths, and systems for drinking water. Over 40 skeletons were scattered there. Testing—as well as the manner in which they were positioned—suggested a sudden end.

British researcher David Davenport researched the sites and studied the ancient writings for over a decade. He found evidence of radiation and the presence of the fusing of materials, all of which suggested a sudden, intense exposure to blistering heat. He concluded that an intentional nuclear strike had caused an explosion that wiped out the cities and, in turn, the Indus Valley Civilization.[7]

3.The Australian Ghost Ship Mystery

Photo credit: magonia.com

In April 2007, the “Australian ghost ship mystery,” as the fate of the catamaran Kaz II became known, unfolded before the world’s eyes. Although this disappearance features only three people, it is worth including here due to the relative newness of the mystery as well as the chilling details surrounding the find.

A helicopter first spotted the 9.8-meter (32 ft) Kaz II drifting a little way off the coast of Queensland. Closer inspection revealed that the vessel had been abandoned. Although there was some damage to the sail, there were no other signs of a struggle. (The sail could have been damaged while the boat was drifting, for example.)

The discovery was particularly strange because the table had been set—as if the crew were just about to sit down to eat. Furthermore, the craft’s engine was still running and a laptop was turned on as though someone had been working on it. In fact, all the crew’s personal possessions were still on board and all life jackets remained undisturbed.[8]

Although the authorities have yet to determine what happened to the three experienced yachtsmen, they did rule out “foul play” or a staged disappearance as part of a hoax.

2.The Nina

When it seemingly vanished into thin air in summer 2013, the Nina was 85 years old. The yacht had a proud and storied history, including winning a “New York to Spain” race only a month after being launched. In 2013, the vessel was owned by David Dyche. He planned to take his prized boat from New Zealand to Newcastle, Australia.

Dyche and his crew began their journey at the end of May 2013. However, Nina did not arrive at its destination. After several days of hoping that the wet and windy weather was responsible for the delay, New Zealand’s authorities launched the largest maritime search in the country’s history. Despite the intense efforts to locate the Nina and her crew, all missions failed. The once-prized boat is still officially missing.[9]

What is perhaps interesting and worth noting is the location of the disappearance. It is within the area known as the Bass Strait Triangle, a stretch of water that has “claimed” several ships since written records of the region began.

1.The Dahlsjo Case

Photo credit: expressen.se

In what is regarded as the only mass disappearance in Swedish history, the events of July 29, 1965, in Gothenburg saw four young men seemingly vanish into thin air.

Gay Karlsson, Jan Olof Dahlsjo, and Kjell Ake Johansson were friends who worked together at the shipyards. On that rainy July morning came the last known sighting of the three men as they drove a blue Volvo out of town.

Reports that the men were missing came at different times from family members. Perhaps because of this, police were a little slow to connect the disappearances of the three men.[10]

None of them had a driver’s license, which meant that at least one of them was driving illegally. Although the young men had occasionally found themselves in trouble for petty crimes (and always seemed to have plenty of money, coincidentally or not), they were generally regarded as “good guys.”

Whether or not there is a connection, a fourth person went missing that day in Gothenburg. Hubner Lundqvist was traveling to Lysekil and went through Gothenburg. There, he sent his family a postcard that read, “All is well, don’t worry!”

That is the last-known location of Lundqvist, although it is theorized that he likely hitched a ride with the three men in the blue Volvo. Whether the three men were already known to him or the meeting was pure chance is not known. The case remains unsolved.






10 Unbelievable Things That Happened On Airplanes

10 Unbelievable Things That Happened On Airplanes


Anyone who travels often enough will eventually run into a bad experience while they fly. Annoying passengers and grumpy employees are two of the usual suspects. Such hassles are as much a part of flying as pat-downs and those preflight safety demonstrations that few passengers pay any mind to.

However, as the next ten stories will show, putting over 100 people in a confined space for an extended period of time can sometimes lead to some truly strange and awful circumstances. Even as the experience of flying continues to decline, incidents like these stand out from the crowd.


10 More Than A Little Pissed Off

Photo credit: Twitter/SimNico

In 2016, a man was taking a flight from Algiers to Paris, and he tried to smoke a cigarette on board. Despite the fact that smoking on planes has been banned for years, he believed that he was above the rules. He was told by employees that smoking was not allowed and was asked to stop. He wasn’t allowed to have alcohol, either. This made him angry. So . . . how did this man express his anger? He unzipped his pants and urinated on a fellow passenger.

The victim stood up and punched the man, and they began to fight. Passengers took photos on their phones of the man who started all the trouble being held down by employees. For some reason, the unruly passenger also took his shirt off before letting loose, so to speak. The airplane had to land early in Lyon so that the man could be detained by authorities.[1]

9 Raging Hormones

A  20-year-old college student was on a flight from Malaysia in March 2018 when he pulled up his laptop to watch a movie. That’s perfectly normal, except that he was watching porn. Also, he stripped naked. An employee quietly asked him to stop, so he quickly put his clothes back on.

It’s possible that this man felt like he could get away with almost anything on this flight because he didn’t exactly get in trouble for the porn. Later, he tried to hug a stewardess and grope her. She pushed him away, and when he was rejected, he began attacking her. The other employees grabbed him and detained him until they landed. He was handed over to police custody.[2]


8 Emotional Support Peacock

Photo credit: Twitter/Austin Fast

For years, people have been bringing strange animals on airplanes with a doctor’s note, claiming them to be “emotional support animals.” In many cases, these pet owners have very little regard for fellow passengers, and pigs, ducks, turkeys, and other exotic pets on planes have become an issue. In January 2018, United Airlines finally decided to put their foot down when a performance artist tried to bring a peacock on the flight, claiming that she desperately needed the bird sitting next to her for her emotional well-being. She was denied a seat on the flight and asked to leave.

Not even traditional pets are safe to fly without a kennel anymore. In June 2017, a large dog that was brought on a flight as an emotional support animal bit another passenger. Delta Air Lines now requires a 48-hour notice before bringing an animal on board as well as documentation from a licensed medical professional with a true reason for why the animal should be on the flight. The support animal also must be up-to-date with vaccinations and have received training certifications for actual medical issues, like blindness.[3]

7 Tragedy Strikes

In March 2018, employees of United Airlines spotted passengers holding a 10-month-old French bulldog puppy inside a carrying kennel. It’s not against the rules to carry a small dog in a carrier, and nothing has changed about that, even with the new regulations about support animals. However, a United Airlines employee took it upon themselves to insist that they needed to put the kennel in the overhead luggage area so that it was far away from other passengers.

When the flight was over, the dog’s owner stood up to take down the carrier, and the dog was dead. She collapsed on the aisle floor, sobbing. United Airlines issued an apology, saying that they never told their employees that pets should be in overhead bins, and they are just as shocked as everyone else. They also said they will make sure it never happens again.[4]

6 When Nature Calls

Everybody poops, but as was the case on one British Airways flight in 2015, some stink far more than others. Very early into a seven-hour flight from Heathrow to Dubai, a passenger went number two in the airplane toilets. Before long, the pilot made an announcement, asking for the managing employees to come to the cockpit to talk. After a few minutes of discussion, the pilot made the announcement that the smell of someone’s “liquid fecal excrement” was so pungent that it could already be smelled at the front of the plane because of the recycled air.

Considering that they were in the beginning of a seven-hour flight, he felt that for the personal health and safety of the passengers, they needed to turn around and go back to the Heathrow Airport. They’d only been in the air for 30 minutes. Everyone was asked to leave the plane, and the passengers were given free hotel rooms for the night, before boarding a new flight the next day.[5]


5 Questionable Parenting

Photo credit: YouTube/Shane Townley

Almost everyone who travels often enough has had to endure a crying baby or unruly child on an airplane, but this next story takes the cake. In 2017, a passenger filmed a toddler who was climbing on seats, running up and down the aisles, grabbing at the ceiling air vents, and screaming nonstop for almost all of the eight-hour flight.

According to witnesses, who described the child’s screams as “demonic,” the mother quietly asked the boy to be quiet and sit down without being forceful or stern. When the stewardess asked the mother to please control her child, she replied that he had behavioral issues and countered that they should turn the in-flight Wi-Fi on so that he could play games on the iPad to distract him.[6] This incident has sparked a debate over whether families with children should be placed in a separate section of airplanes from other passengers.

4 Everybody Strap In

Photo credit: The Telegraph

When the campy thriller Snakes on a Plane premiered in 2006, Samuel L. Jackson fans loved how funny and over-the-top this idea was, and quotes from the movie are well-known, even to those who never saw it. However, in 2016, that nightmarish scenario became all too real, when passengers on a Mexican flight spotted a green snake dangling from the overhead baggage compartment.[7]

One of the passengers pulled out his phone to capture the moment, though when the snake began to drop, he unbuckled his seat belt and got away from it as quickly as he could. Thankfully, everyone kept their distance from the snake, and no one was bitten. The plane had to make an emergency priority landing in Mexico City. The employees tried to investigate how the snake got on the plane in the first place, but it’s still a bit of a mystery.

3 Money Falling From The Sky

In March 2018, the cargo on a flight taking off from Yakutsk, Russia, was possibly too heavy for the latch of the plane’s door to handle because it suddenly began flying out onto the runway. But this wasn’t just any cargo. It was gold bars, gems, and precious metal. All together, the items that fell off the plane were valued at $368 million. It all belonged to a Canadian mining company which had paid to transport their goods.

An airline employee took a video on his phone, showing an entire runway littered with valuables. Considering that the plane flew a few miles from the airport before landing, it’s possible that some of that money fell onto some random person’s land as they thanked God for their good fortune. Let’s just hope they needed that money more than the mining company did.[8]

2 The Mystery Stink

Photo credit: KWTV-DT

On a JetBlue flight from California to Florida, passengers began to smell an “unknown odor” coming from the cockpit. The smell continued to circulate throughout the plane, to the point where people began coughing and choking.

It was so bad that they had to make an emergency stop in Oklahoma City, where two passengers and three crew members had to be taken to the hospital. Several more people needed to be given oxygen. The rest of the passengers had to wait to be put on a new flight. The source of the odor could not be immediately determined.[9]

1 Shock And Horror

In 2017, United Airlines Flight 3411 needed to make room for four employees who had to make it to Louisville, the plane’s destination. The airline offered reimbursement in the form of vouchers as well as a free hotel room and a seat on a later flight for any who volunteered to get off, but there were no takers. Ultimately, they randomly chose four people to kick off the flight. One of them was Dr. David Dao, a single passenger who was already in his seat. He was told by employees to leave, to make room for someone else. He rightly refused to leave his seat and tried calling United Airlines customer service on the phone.

He told them that he could not leave the flight, saying he was a doctor who had to see patients at his clinic the next morning. Ultimately, three Chicago Department of Aviation security officers approached him, physically yanking him out of his seat. During the altercation, Dao’s head was smashed against the armrest. He screamed, and the employees ignored his cries that he was bleeding. Passengers were outraged, pulling out their phones to capture the moment on film.

Dao was left with a broken nose, two front teeth knocked out, and a concussion. After the incident, the United Airlines stock price plummeted. Dao sued the airline, and they settled for an undisclosed amount of money.[10]

18 Medical Professionals Reveal Their Most Bizarre And Stomach-Churning Encounters With Patients

18 Medical Professionals Reveal Their Most Bizarre And Stomach-Churning Encounters With Patients

No one really likes having to go to the doctor. Most often, doctor visits only arise when something is seriously wrong or that dreaded yearly check-up comes around. Some doctors have even revealed the most bizarre ways patients have tried treating themselves in lieu of going to the doctor. While most patients hope to hear only good news from their doctor, we rarely ask ourselves, What's the craziest thing a doctor has ever seen or heard from a patient?

In the below list, a group of doctors and nurses on Reddit shared both hysterical and horrifying stories about tending to patients in the ER or at standard checkups. The number of people who forget to mention they're on medication or fail to admit they have a diagnosed illness is pretty shocking! This will make you think twice about being dishonest with your doctor, to say the least.



34 Bizarre Moments That Could Only Happen In Russia

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