17 Hilarious Cases of Boredom Making People Creative

17 Hilarious Cases of Boredom Making People Creative



Some might think that being bored is not exciting and does no good. Research has shown that being bored actually stimulates creativity and pushes one to search for deeper meaning and satisfaction. But not everything creative should be useful — funny is enough.





26 MORE Pornstars You Should Be Following On Snapchat

26 MORE Pornstars You Should Be Following On Snapchat


We gave you 37 pornstars the first time on 37 PORNSTARS YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING ON SNAPCHAT. It was so popular we decided to give you 26 more!

Following just your friends can be boring on Snapchat. And following just hot chicks can only get you so far. If you are following girls who have sex for a living, you are bound to see some pretty incredible stuff. (Yes, again you could just watch porn, but Snapchat is more personal)

But Snapchat keeps changing and now it is easier to follow these girls with just snapcodes. We also did some research to make the list better with more active stars.


Bree Olson



Dani Daniels



Heather Vahn



Keisha Grey



Lexi Belle



Nikki Benz

Nikki-Benz[1] nikki-benz[1]

Samantha Bentley

Samantha-Bentley[1] samantha-bentley[1]

Selma Sins

Selma-Sins-300x296[1] selma-sins[1]

Skin Diamond

Skin-Diamond-300x295[1] skin-diamond[1]

Tori Black

Tori-Black-298x300[1] tori-black[1]

Jenna Sativa Jennasativa

jenna[1] jenna-sativa-758x505[1]

Janice Griffith thejanicesnap


Eva Angelina evaangelina


Cherie Deville cheriedevillexx

deville-237x300[1] Cherie-Deville[1]

Daisy Marie

daisymarie-300x300[1] daisy-marie[1]

Carter Cruise Cartercruise

cruise-237x300[1] Carter-Cruise-758x488[1]

Asa Akira Asaholeakira

asa-1-237x300[1] Asa-Akira[1]

Alix Lynx alixlynx


Alektra Blue msbadgirlblue

msblue[1] Alektra-Blue[1]

Madison Ivy madisonivyy

ivvy-237x300[1] Madison-Ivy-758x1137[1]

Jessa Rhodes missjessarhodes


Raven Bay ravenbayxxx


We also did some research to make the list better with more active stars.


20 Crazy Things People SWEAR They've Seen, But Can't Prove It

20 Crazy Things People SWEAR They've Seen, But Can't Prove It

Have you ever witnessed something magical/insane only to find that no one else did and that you have no proof?

Trying to explain the event to a friend kinda makes you look like a liar sporting a pair of pants on fire.

It may be frustrating, but we're here to say, WE believe you, internet friend. Even if your story does sound like a fantasy novel.



20 Of The Pettiest Reasons Someone Didn't Go On A Second Date

20 Of The Pettiest Reasons Someone Didn't Go On A Second Date

If you go on a date and you just don't hit if off, that's completely understandable.

But if you on a date and the person's pinky toe is just slightly longer than it should be and you just can't handle that for another date, then you're probably petty.

But no worries, so are all the people over on /r/AskReddit!

10 Infamous Onstage Lunatics

10 Infamous Onstage Lunatics

GG allin took it to a whole new level of lunacy.

Jerry Seinfeld Has No Freaking Clue Who Kesha Is, Wants Her To Get The Hell Away From Him

Jerry Seinfeld Has No Freaking Clue Who Kesha Is, Wants Her To Get The Hell Away From Him

At the National Night Of Laughter And Song event held at the John F. Kennedy Center on Monday Night Kesha tried to give Jerry Seinfeld a big hug after telling him what a big fan she was. His reaction was that of pure unadulterated terror.

Watch as Seinfeld damn near flees for his life while repeatedly telling Kesha, “no thanks,” as she tries to give him a hug, then admits after she walks away disappointed that he has no idea who she is. It’s somehow both brutal and hilarious at the same time.

LAST NIGHT @KeshaRose found out @JerrySeinfeld is not a #Hugger -- Is it hard to be a non-hugger in 2017? pic.twitter.com/92OoMFCNkd

That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

Wow…not sure which snub was worse, that or this…

I wonder if Seinfeld was at all surprised when this happened later on during the night’s festivities…

No idea why Seinfeld wouldn’t give Kesha a hug, even if he had no idea who she is. Is he like a germophobe or something? Did she thinks she was just some random fan walking the red carpet? She certainly looked very nice last night. I would have hugged her.




Oh well, his loss I guess.



Don't Cut Off Gravel Trucks

Don't Cut Off Gravel Trucks

Last Friday an SUV forced a truck to swerve and lose control, leading to it tipping over in Kunming city, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. The truck’s load of gravel poured out and buried the SUV before the truck finally fell on top of it. A surveillance camera shot the whole incident, as passers-by rescued the SUV driver immediately by shoveling sand away and smashing the vehicle’s windows. The driver was sent to hospital, as an investigation into the accident got underway.

Woman Pulls Extremely Careless U-Turn

Woman Pulls Extremely Careless U-Turn

We're skeptical that she couldn't come up with *any* other way to go about doing this.

American 'Lingerie' Football Girl Celebrates Touchdown The Sexiest Way Ever

American 'Lingerie' Football Girl Celebrates Touchdown The Sexiest Way Ever


A scantily-clad sports star found a unique way to celebrate a touchdown – sticking her face into a fan’s cleavage.

Shea Norton plays in the Legends Football League (LFL), originally called the Lingerie Football League, which sees teams of seven women playing the contact sport while dressed in very skimpy shorts and bra tops.

Blonde Norton plays for Seattle Mist and had just scored a nine-yard touchdown during her team’s incredible 106-0 victory over the Denver Dream when she decided to go for the unique celebration.



In video footage she is seen sprinting over to her cheering fans who reach out to slap her on the shoulder and congratulate her.

Just when it looks as though the celebration has finished and fans start to sit back down, Norton walks over to a busty blonde woman wearing a low-cut top.



She reaches towards the woman and they briefly hold hands before Norton places one hand on each of the fan’s boobs and forces her face between her breasts. She then runs away leaving the woman smiling.




These MIGHT trick you



Mafia Boss’s Son Kills Pal For Liking His Girlfriend’s Facebook Photo

Mafia Boss’s Son Kills Pal For Liking His Girlfriend’s Facebook Photo

Something tells me this kid is a tad insecure.

If your friend likes a photo of your girlfriend on Facebook, just feel good that you’re dating a looker — don’t go out of your way to shoot the person. Well, that’s exactly what one kid did to his friend.

A 15-year-old boy named Alex Pititto shot his friend Francesco Prestia Lamberti twice in the chest and left him for dead in an olive field in Italy after asking him to meet him there. And why did he do this? Because apparently Lamberti liked a picture on Facebook of Pittito’s girlfriend, and Pittito had long believed that Lamberti had feelings for his girlfriend.

But Pititto isn’t just any 15-year-old kid, he’s actually the song of Ndrangheta mafia boss Salvatore Pititto, who is also known as El Tio or the Uncle.

So clearly this dude’s dad had some sort of influence on him. Oh, and Pititto’s family were already arrested earlier in the year as his mom, dad, brother and cousin were arrested during a police crackdown on mafia operations. Nice family.

The teen already turned himself in for the crime.

The Ndrangheta mafia group have been around for a while, as they became one of the most powerful crime syndicates in Italy in the 1990s and 2000s. So this kid was just going to follow in his dad’s footsteps, and now he’s going to be behind bars because he was jealous.

12 Times Twitter Delivered Pure Comedic Gold

12 Times Twitter Delivered Pure Comedic Gold













15 Cosplayers Hotter Than Jessica Nigri

15 Cosplayers Hotter Than Jessica Nigri


What is a professional cosplayer? It’s what we all wish our girlfriends or wives would do on a regular basis. Professional cosplayers are girls who dress up as your favorite characters from animes, video games, cartoons, and movies. Yes, this means women dress up and get paid for their “art.” And yes, it is art. More often than not, the cosplayers are seriously hot! Jessica Nigri is one of the best, and she has been for years. In fact, finding cosplayers hotter or more popular than Jessica Nigri can prove to be a difficult task, although not impossible.

Jessica Nigri has been at the top of the professional cosplayer game for some time now. She began cosplaying in 2009, when she showed up at San Diego Comic Con in her “Sexy Pikachu” cosplay that went viral. Her popularity just skyrocketed from there. She gained most of her recognition, following her portrayal of Juliet Starling from the video game Lollipop Chainsaw. Nigri’s cosplays are original, creative, and seriously hot. She is gorgeous and has the perfect build for any sexy anime or video game seductress. Jessica is also the voice behind Sonico in Super Sonico: The Animation. She’s been called the Queen of Cosplay by Heavy. Hell, she’s practically been booted out of Penny Arcade Expo because her Juliet Starling cosplay was too sexy. Of course, this only boosted her cosplay popularity.

Jessica Nigri has gained 636k followers on Twitter, 2.4 million likes on Instagram, and 4.3 million followers on Facebook. It’s obvious that she’s still a fan favorite, despite up-and-coming cosplayers that are hotter. We’re not here to dethrone her. That’s entirely up to you. Here are 15 Cosplayers Hotter Than Jessica Nigri…

15. Anna Faith Carlson

Talk about hot! This young lady is hotter than Jessica Nigri at her best! Her name is Anna Faith. You might have seen her dressed up as Queen Elsa from Frozen. Now, she’s got her Harley Quinn cosplay down perfect. She’s only 21 but she’s moving up fast as an Instagram model and cosplayer. She has shown up in several articles as one of the sexiest cosplayers for 2015 and 2016. Plus, her Wonder Woman cosplay got her recognized as one of the top cosplays at Chicago Entertainment and Comic Expo.

Anna has already racked up over 700k followers on Instagram, but Snapchat is her forte. She shares videos that jiggle and of her getting her first tattoo! She’s done cosplays of characters from Maleficent, Harry Potter, and as Wonder Woman. She first gained attention after a photo of her alongside a Queen Elsa cutout showed a shocking resemblance to the Disney character. Anna’s come a long way in cosplay to be so young. You can be sure that we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

14. Adrianne Curry

Do we have any Mortal Kombat fans in the building? It’s quite obvious that Adrianne Curry has managed to pull off an amazing Mileena cosplay here! You don’t have to be a fan of cosplay to recognize who this is either. Adrianne Curry was the first winner of America’s Next-Top Model. She was well-known as one of the best cosplayers, but she retired in 2015. This left a gaping hole in the world of cosplay.

There is no way that anyone could say that Adrianne isn’t hotter than Jessica Nigri. She appeared nude on the cover of Playboy not just once, but twice. Plus, she was included in Playboy’s Top 25 Sexiest Women in 2008. That Mileena cosplay was less shocking than some of her other cosplays. I know it’s probably hard to picture anything more revealing, but her version of Freddy Kruger will leave you in a confused state of mind. Do I run or just stare?

13. Linda Le (Vampy)

Linda Le, also known as Vampy Bit Me or Vampy, has been heating up the internet for some time now. In fact, she’s been cosplaying as Anime characters since she was only 12. She became famous after being featured in a 2009 book called Otacool 2. It wasn’t long before she had become a hired cosplayer for Kotobukiya, which is a Japanese toy company. In 2011, IGN called her work “off the charts” and she has since been referred to as a cosplay machine. Vampy is super hot and her cosplays are nothing short of magnificent.

What you see above is Linda Le’s hot cosplay of Psylocke from X-Men. Speaking of her hotness, Vampy posed and did a Q&A for the non-nude version of Playboy. They called her “Femme on Fire.” They discussed her fame and how she created the Vampy Bit Me name to disguise that she is a cosplayer from her family back in Asia. This didn’t work, of course. How could it work when she’s hotter than Jessica Nigri, the Queen of Cosplay?

12. Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano has been cosplaying for at least as long as Jessica Nigri, if not longer. In fact, she has been noted as one of the first professional cosplayers. She’s totally hot and knows her cosplay well. Crystal’s artistic abilities go beyond just cosplaying. She makes costumes for herself, others, and sells artwork. Plus, she claims to be a slight gamer girl too. Her favorites are Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders. What could be hotter than that?

In 2011, she was approached about a sponsorship by Red 5 studios, the developer behind the video game Firefall. They paid for Crystal for all her work for the entire year. She got to work with Steve Wang, the special effects artist that made the original Predator, to cosplay Morningstar, who is one of the characters from Firefall. She also has over 19 thousand followers on both Instagram and Twitter. That’s a snippet of Crystal’s work with Red 5 that you see above.

11. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Jessica Nigri might be considered the Queen of Cosplay in the US, but Marie-Claude Bourbonnais sits on that throne in Canada. She is a glamour/cosplay model. Marie-Claude is another cosplayer who isn’t afraid to spice things up! This cosplay of Susan Storm from The Fantastic Four happens to be one of her milder ones. She has done a cosplay of Frost from Mortal Kombat that’ll knock your socks off!

Marie-Claude has the rockin’ body to pull off anything Jessica Nigri has. Plus, she knows a little bit more about what she’s doing when it comes to high quality cosplays. Don’t get me wrong. Jessica can pull off a full cosplay, with face paint and all. Although, going the full distance is an area that Marie-Claude has excelled better at. Just take a look at her Frost cosplay when you get a chance. Not only will you see that she’s hotter than Jessica Nigri, but she’ll probably leave you asking, “Jessica who?”

10. Riki LeCotey (Riddle)

If you want hot and mediocre fame, then Jessica Nigri’s your girl. However, this little lady is so much hotter. Plus, she is known for her worldwide fame. Her name is Riki LeCotey, aka Riddle. She’s another Canadian cosplayer who has the creative sense and artistic ability to outdo our “Sexy Pikachu” Cosplay Queen! What you’re seeing now is her rendition of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, from the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros.

You might recognize her from Heroes of Cosplay and Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity. As if Riddle’s resume wasn’t full enough, she has worked behind the scenes as a specialty costumer for X-Men: First Class and Captain America: Civil War. Her other cosplays get steamier than the one seen here. Can you imagine Elmer Fudd from Looney Toons as hot? I didn’t. At least not until I saw her dressed as good ol’ Fudd for myself. You might want to check it out! Not just yet, though. There are hotter cosplayers ahead.

9. Yaya Han

It’s not hard to believe that Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han could be cosplay enemies. They are both recognized as top cosplayers in just about any article you can find. They’re both gorgeous, have ample assets, and huge fanbases. This was why it was so easy for SyFy to push that there was indeed a fierce rivalry between the popular cosplayers, when Yaya was featured on the reality show Heroes of Cosplay. 

It turned out that the rivalry was manufactured in order to boost the show’s ratings. Yaya and Jessica are actually friends, but this doesn’t mean that Yaya isn’t hotter than Jessica Nigri. Just look at her Arcade Miss Fortune cosplay! In case you don’t know, Miss Fortune is from League of Legends. Yaya has over 2 million followers on Facebook herself, and she was called the internet’s most famous cosplayer by Business Insider just last year. Can you imagine Jessica and Yaya posing together? Brace yourself, because it’s happened. Try deciding who’s hotter with the two of them side by side. Now that’s what you could call a complicated task.

8. Meg Turney

Meg Turney has been into cosplaying for conventions since 2002. She’s also an internet personality, model, and vlogger. You can catch her vlog once a week on YouTube. Meg, who’s also known for her work with online media outlets like The Know, also has a Twitch account which she “wasn’t” banned from. It was circulating that she had actually been banned, but Meg was quick to clear things up. You see, she kinda opened that account before the new guidelines regarding lingerie were released. She explained that she had “never done any sexy” broadcasts.

Meanwhile, she did make her thoughts known on the subject by saying, “If someone has a big push-up bra and a low-cut shirt while they play League of Legends, or a guy streams shirtless, who cares?” Meanwhile, Meg has been known for her “saucy lingerie photos,” according to Gamer Headlines. That’s her rendition of Black Widow from The Avengers that you’re leering at above. She’s also been listed at number 10 on Playboy’s “25 Hottest YouTube Stars.” Any more questions?

7. Candy Keane

Candy Keane was inspired to do cosplay because of her love for Halloween. What started off as a passion to dress up, quickly became a career. Not only does she make her own costumes and attend conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, but she also has her own boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s called Three Muses Inspired Clothing. Some of her costumes have been featured in movies like Fan Boys. That Princess Leia costume, for instance. Yep, that was hers!

However, Candy can’t just leave it at making those costumes. What she really enjoys is wearing them too. That’s her wearing the Princess Leia one herself. You might recognize her from the cover of Jedi Junkies. I guess it’s a documentary about Star Wars fans. Anyways, Jessica Nigri might be hot, but she has nothing on this beauty. Candy has also done cosplays of Dazzle from X-Men, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, just to name a few.

6. LeeAnna Vamp

It appears that we do indeed have another queen in the building. This queen is named LeeAnna Vamp! She calls herself Queen of the Nerds and Ghoul of Your Dreams. Her featured cosplay is Freddy Kruger so we’re not going to question her titles. She can be the ghoul of my dreams. How ’bout yours? She’s just the right blend of spooky meets sexy. Her cosplays are nothing short of spectacular. You should check out her Princess Leia, Boba Fett, and a Female Trooper. All of which are seriously hot.

Did I mention that she is a Star Wars fan, too? I guess you could say that it’s at least implied. LeeAnna makes every costume look stunning. This brunette bombshell easily counts as being hotter than Jessica Nigri. She’s been featured on IGN for her cosplay of Selene from Underworld: Blood Wars. Aside from that, this stunning lady is a judge on SyFy‘s latest shot at a cosplay competition show called Cosplay Melee! It just aired for six episodes this past March & April. Here’s hoping it’s renewed because LeeAnna gives us the perfect excuse to stay tuned.

5. Elise Laurenne

This cosplay chick is awesome! I mean how hot can Gwenom get? Seriously! Just in case you don’t know, Gwenom is Gwen Stacy. She was Spiderman’s girlfriend. But in the Alternate Universe, she was bitten instead of Peter Parker. This made Spider-Woman, aka Gwenom. What’s so remarkable about this Gwenom costume is that the cosplayer took things an extra step and made herself up to be Anti-Gwenom. Her name is Elise Laurenne and cosplay is just one of her niches. In fact, Elise is a Suicide Girl, she does cosplay, and she has a Twitch channel for gaming.

BTW, she’s smokin’ hot, just in case you didn’t notice this tiny detail yourself. She has also done just a plain cosplay of Spider-Woman. Elise Laurenne is one of the hottest cosplayers ever. This same cosplay has been featured on Movie Pilot, only that version had a mask. The above version was the one she used for Toronto Comic Con. Look out, Jessica Nigri! This one’s coming for a crown.

4. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao has her hands full. Not only is she a Filipina cosplayer, but she’s also model, TV presenter, actress, and singer. She is mostly recognized in the Philippines, but she’s also known internationally for her cosplays. Alodia has traveled the across the world to different events as a performer, judge, and to participate in conventions. She has been featured in a documentary based on the San Diego Comic Con. Plus, she’s been featured on a couple of US websites that are based around the subject of cosplays. One of the sites is called Kotaku.

Alodia has cosplayed as more than 40 characters from Anime, action movies, and video games. The cosplay above is Baroness from G.I. Joe. She couldn’t be any hotter! Just her work ethic is stunning in itself. All that hard work pays off well. Alodia and her sister got to play zombies in the final film installment of Resident Evil. They were flown out to Africa to play the roles and their names were featured in the ending credits!

3. Katyuska Moonfox

Katyuska Moonfox is picking followers fast, and it’s no wonder as to why that is so. Her cosplays are always on point. Plus, Moonfox knows how to spice things up a lot. In fact, much of her work is considered NSFW. She’s incredibly hot. Seriously. I’m surprised that she hasn’t already passed up Jessica Nigri! Have you ever seen Sucker Punch? The cosplay above is of Babydoll, the movie’s main character.

Katyuska’s version of her is perfect. The only difference is that she’s hotter than the actual character. The story is seriously heartbreaking and borderline perverted. Katyuska has done several other cosplays ranging from Anime characters like Lust, from Full Metal Alchemist to Tifa from Final Fantasy. All of her work is on point. Be sure to check out her art. But just remember not to pull it up at the wrong time. Her images get hot upon loading. NSFW! Danger ahead.

2. Eve Beauregard

If you ever want to see a seriously hot version of Velma from Scooby Doo, then Eve Beauregard is your cosplay girl! She has done cosplays from movies, animes, video games, and cartoons. Eve is the hottest of the hot, and she is another NS zone. Just saying. She’s got dark eyes, a beautiful face, and plenty of curves. Eve’s got dark eyes, black sometimes dark lavender-looking hair, and curves for days.

In fact, Eve’s everything Jessica Nigri is, only with a more exotic look. The above cosplay is Eve’s Cat Woman. She’s dark, sexy, and mysterious, just like any great Cat Woman should be. It’s impressive to say the least, but not her best by a long shot. She’s also done Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Harley Quinn, and even Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. Some of her best cosplays would knock Jessica Nigri down at least a notch.

1. Megan Coffey

Megan Coffey. Cosplay couldn’t possibly get any hotter than this! Megan is a little newer to cosplay, but her resume speaks for itself. Just last year, she was graduating college with a Masters degree in Biology. According to Kotaku, she has already made over 50 costumes since she began her venture. Her plan isn’t to be a professional cosplayer. In fact, she just enjoys doing it and claims to become enamored with the work once she gets started and finds herself unable to stop until it’s done. She finishes most costumes in one day.

What you see above is her rendition of Raven from DC Comics. Megan’s cosplay is right on point. Plus, she makes for a stunning dreamy version of Raven that Jessica Nigri wouldn’t be able to pull off. This young lady has her whole future mapped out, but just loves cosplay. Hopefully, she’ll keep the cosplay up along with her career in biology. She’d definitely be missed if she didn’t. Meanwhile, she might just be the one to grab the Queen of Cosplay’s title.

So, what do you think? Is Jessica Nigri still the Queen of Cosplay?

11 Expectations Vs. Reality Pics That Speak The Cold, Hard Truth

11 Expectations Vs. Reality Pics That Speak The Cold, Hard Truth

We either need to lower our expectations or start being less shitty at everything.






I have no idea why people would try and fake something like strength and speed. I get the whole fake butt thing and fake boobs but something as simple as “can you lift that a lot” is just setting you up for failure. What if this Instagram model is walking in the street and a small Fiat 500 is trapping a little kid on the sidewalk. Everyone has seen her squat 500 pounds. THIS SHOULD BE EASY! Until she blows her back out trying to be a hero.

A YouTuber who goes by the name Nick’s Strength and Power has a few of these videos where he is busting the balls of people who fake lift.

The strength coach wrote: Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian instagram “model”/ dancer recently posted a video of herself squatting 500lbs for almost 10 reps. I don’t believe she’s really squatting that much, and I think the plates are fake/less than 45lbs each. I believe she is a fan of Brad Castleberry, what do you guys think?

I will tell you one thing. This girl has the look and the followers already. 5.2 million of them!


I will also throw the word allegedly in here before you watch the video just because there is only a few people that can confirm it really happened.

If you look at some of the comments though, the internet has been quick to jump on the FAKE train. One thing we all know about the internet, they had fake stuff! Booties and people who fake their way to booty fame.

Faker than a Kardashians ass

Those fake ass weights don’t even match the ones that are on the racks LOL !!!!!!!

Its just funny to me that she shows herself squatting 500lb+ then uses 5lb weights for arms

LMAO. “Just some Instagram butt model ”

495 bouncer squats and the bar doesn’t even start jiggling
So obvious this is fake weights.
Usaly bars start to jiggle at 315 when bouncing.


What about the fact she really has no quad muscles to handle that kind of weight? Her leg just goes relatively flat from her vagina to her knee. Not built up enough to handle this load, but I may have a different kind of load she is probably used to

500 pound squat with no clips on the bar. Hilarious.

Check out the full video below. You might want to skip ahead 1 min where this guy is talking about the YouTube boycott and how it screwed up his videos.

Attorney Goes On The Lam, Surprising Few Who Know Him

Attorney Goes On The Lam, Surprising Few Who Know Him

An eastern Kentucky disability lawyer scheduled to be sentenced next month for defrauding the government of nearly $600 million has disappeared, reports the AP. Eric Conn pleaded guilty in March to stealing from the federal government and bribing a judge. He was scheduled to be sentenced next month and had been ordered to pay the government tens of millions of dollars. But Saturday, the FBI said Conn removed his electronic monitoring device, violating the conditions of his bond and prompting the US District Court to issue a warrant for his arrest. David Habich, general counsel for the FBI's Louisville office, said Conn's "whereabouts are currently unknown."

Conn started his law practice in a trailer in 1993 and built it into one of the most lucrative disability law firms in the country. He created a persona for himself as "Mr. Social Security," fueled by outlandish TV commercials and small-scale replicas of the Statute of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial at his office in rural eastern Kentucky. But Conn's empire crumbled when federal investigators uncovered he had been bribing a doctor and a judge to approve disability claims based on fake medical evidence. "It was totally predictable that he would flee," said attorney Ned Pillersdorf, who represents Conn's former clients. "And there has been a betting pool going on in Prestonsburg on not if he would flee, but when."





Police in London have arrested 12 people so far in connection to the terror attack Saturday. But officials have said they believe there are no other direct attackers at large. A police officer also shot and wounded a member of the general public while trying to stop the 3 terrorists.Dashcam video of the London Bridge provides a glimpse into the terror when 3 men mowed down scores of people on the famous landmark.

People on the bridge scrambled for safety as London police told them to run as fast as they could.

7 people were killed and at least 48 other people were injured when the 3 men drove the van onto the bridge and then ran to the nearby Borough Market and stabbed a number of people. Police shot and killed the suspects.


Patrons at a nearby pub were told by cops to get down after the initial attacks. That inevitably led to more scrambling and panic as they heeded police orders.





Even though most of us have never seen what goes down behind-the-scenes at an exotic dancer club, it’s not hard to imagine that tensions might get a little high now and then. Luckily, even though we may never see it first hand, the beautiful invention that is Facebook Live has brought it directly into our hands.

Careful, this video gets all kind of weird when it shows two strippers who have had enough of each other and aren’t afraid to start catching hands.

Source: Youtube @Papa Bear

Porn Star Urges Parents To Have The Talk Early

Porn Star Urges Parents To Have The Talk Early

Parents may find it awkward to talk to their pre-adolescent kids about sex, but nowadays, those who don't are letting porn do the talking. That's the message behind a new minute-long (and somewhat NSFW) PSA called "Give the Talk" developed by ad agency Mistress, which hired porn star Monique Alexander to urge parents to be the ones to tell their kids about sex, reports Adweek. "Our mission is that every parent see this initiative and feel empowered and equipped to talk to their child," one of the ad creators says. Another adds, "It's disturbing when you think about hardcore online porn being a 9-year-old's first exposure to sex. A lot of parents don't realize we need to start the conversation that young."

Roughly nine in 10 males in the US have seen hardcore porn by the time they are 18, according to research conducted by Novus Report, and of that 90%, the average age at which they were "sexualized" by it was between 8 and 11. And if you don't think your kid is one of those nine, porn star Alexander says, "Yes, your child." She adds: "Yes, it's going to be uncomfortable. Awkward. But if you don't, we'll be their only lesson." The ad's launch coincided with International Children's Day (June 1) and points to givethetalk.com, which in turn links to amaze.org, a nonprofit that works to make sex ed more engaging and "less weird" for young adolescents who might not know that porn is about fantasy, more like a video game than real life.

Nosy Snoopers Confess The Things They Wish They Hadn't Found Out

Nosy Snoopers Confess The Things They Wish They Hadn't Found Out

Humans are curious creatures—we just want to know each other's secrets. Because not everybody overshares on Facebook, sometimes you just have to do the work, and do some snooping.

snooping like snoopy!

Snooping like Snoopy.

A recent Reddit thread asked people what they discovered snooping that they really wish they hadn't.

We're all nosy snoopers on these nosy snoopers, but at least they're sharing these stories on purpose.

1. ts151 was Nicholson'd.

I was around 7 or 8, snooping in my mom and dad's closet. I found a file with some papers, including my birth certificate. It had my sister's name as my mom and for dad it said "unknown". So that was my first indication I was being raised by my grandparents. Yeah, that was a pretty crappy day.

2. MyCatIsAZombie stumbled on a double tragedy.

My mom lost her phone, so while at their house, I fished out my dad's old iPhone 4 and charged it up so she could activate it and use it while waiting for her replacement. The phone was a few years old, so I decided to look through the pictures for fun/I'm a fucking snoop. I stumbled upon a very naked photo of my dad (a fucking mirror selfie, jfc dad) and immediately threw the phone to my mom in disgust.

My mom's face turned white and said "this picture was definitely not for me."

And that's how I accidentally exposed my dad's affair.

3. RunningAwayInMyMind is still running away from this in their mind.

About 11/12, staying at my uncle and aunts. They went out for the day and I stayed back as I was feeling ill. Looked in their closet, found a suspicious video. Popped it in. Lady in greenhouse spreading herself. Nice. Started fapping. Realised it was my aunt.

4. BeardedBitch learned their lesson.

Yesterday. My room mate ditched out of state right before rent is due, so naturally I am curious how he left his room and what not. Got more than I bargained for. Room is a disaster, beer bottles and food all over, but the thing that got me most was his anal vibrator, and a huge pile of fuck wads. If I ever see him again, I may just go to prison.

5. Probablydrunkrightnow's tale is an indie rom-com coming to a Sundance Film Festival near you.

Reading my husbands(at the time room mates) facebook messages when we were just room mates. Many of them were about the crazy girl he lived with and how much he hated her. Broke my heart honestly. But it was my fault for looking.

I was the crazy girl.

Medicated and happily married now

6. Huliann got her just desserts.

I found my parents' Chocolate Body Frosting in our fridge in the garage. I was in high school when I found it, and still haven't told them that I know it was out there.

7. 19eighty8 got warning about her baby's sibling.

While pregnant, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go through my SO's phone. Come to find out I wasn't the only one carrying his child. Yikes!

8. IamFrankFrank deserves a real message.

When I was a kid I found my mom's back massager. I went on to use it as a back massager. In hindsight, I regret this.

9. There's some grandparents' wisdom you don't want to reap, AncientVigil knows.

Fixing my grandmother's laptop, and found what I though would be the answer. Restarted the laptop but needed to find the page again so, without thinking, I opened the history.

Now, I'm pretty hard to shake, but nobody is ready to suddenly discover their grandma's taste in porn.

Can You Pick The Set Of Songs From Each Rock Band?

Can You Pick The Set Of Songs From Each Rock Band?


Can you pick the set of songs from each rock band?

Here’s A Woman Who Went From Buddhist Nun To Fetish Club-Goer

Here’s A Woman Who Went From Buddhist Nun To Fetish Club-Goer

A woman wearing a leather thong and laddered fish net tights, UK, 1980's


Have you ever met someone who was super conservative and never seemed to get in any trouble at all? Did that person then do a total 180-degree turn on their personality and become a completely free spirit with a knack for getting into trouble? It doesn’t happen often. But it does, in fact, happen.

Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for why people do a complete flip and begin to live a polar opposite life. Other times, there are reasons that completely make sense, but aren’t obvious on the surface.

For a woman in London, a stark change in lifestyle happened for her and she couldn’t be happier about it.



According to a story from the New York Post, a woman named Damcho spent a decade as a Buddhist nun and then one day decided to get into the fetish community, which I’m assuming was a hell of a transition.

Damcho, born Michelle Dyson, was working long days for a monastery in France. She even took a vow not to eat after midday. For those of you who don’t even eat until midday, this vow of hers might be a little hard to swallow.

Thanks to a secret trip she took to India, Damcho realized the nun life was burning her out. Deciding that she didn’t want to be about that life anymore, she booked it to London where she met a designer who was into making latex clothing. Believe it or not, Damcho felt a connection between the garments she wore as a nun and those meant for the fetish community. Soon after, she and a friend strapped on some leather and hit up a club where people were tied up and being spanked because, you know, some folks are into that kind of thing.

It was like a sense of comfort for her. After years of making her body suffer with long days, little nourishment and (deep breath) celibacy, Damcho found a safe space of sorts.

“It’s really community-based,” she explained to The Post. “I felt much safer in that environment than I would if I walked into a normal bar.”

Damcho also rediscovered a passion she had before becoming a nun — art. She’s into expressing her fetish side into her art projects, one of which includes “mixing liquid latex with menstrual blood as a medium.” Hey, that’s cool, you do you. It’s not exactly Picasso, but art is art.




British Man Unwilling To Spill His Beer Amid Terror Attack Becomes Symbol Of ‘London Spirit’

British Man Unwilling To Spill His Beer Amid Terror Attack Becomes Symbol Of ‘London Spirit’


The UK was hit with their second terrorist attack in less than two weeks when three masked men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before leaping out and launching a stabbing spree in nearby bars and restaurants. As of now seven people have died and 48 injured according to reports.

During the attack, one man photographed unwilling to spill his beer became an unlikely symbol of defiance for many Brits and was said exemplify the “London Spirit”.













15 Dark Secrets Behind Dungeons & Dragons

15 Dark Secrets Behind Dungeons & Dragons 

Dungeons & Dragons is a name that almost everyone knows. To many people, Dungeons & Dragons is an awesome game that can be enjoyed with a group of friends, as team up every week to outfight or outsmart the monstrous residents of a fantasy world. These games can involve detailed roleplaying, where you become your character through method acting, to simple tactical games where you kill monsters and steal their stuff. Dungeons & Dragons also has a flip side to its reputation, as there are people in the world who believe a simple game can be responsible for unholy teachings and inspiring murder. This is to say nothing of the numerous lawsuits that have been filed against the game since its creation.

We are here today to look into the bizarre and often controversial history of the most famous tabletop RPG of all time. From stealing ideas from the creator of Game of Thrones to the worst movie ever put to video tape.

Here are the 15 Things You Didn’t About Dungeons & Dragons!


In 1981, TSR released a book of material for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons called the Fiend Folio. This was a tome that was filled with information on new monsters for the DM to use in their game. One of the new races introduced in this book was the Githyanki. These are a race of yellow-skinned humanoids that live throughout the multiverse.

The Githyanki were created by Charles Stross. He submitted them for publication in White Dwarf magazine and they were well-received by the fans. They were so popular that they were added into the Fiend Folio and have been a part of every single edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Charles Stross never told anyone that he took the name Githyanki from the novel Dying of the Light, which was written by George R. R. Martin, the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. Martin was not aware of the name being used until long after the Fiend Folio was published. He has never sought legal action of any kind, so he must be fine with the use of the Githyanki name.


There are many famous celebrities that admit to being fans of Dungeons & Dragons and still play the game when they can. This list includes the likes of Will Wheaton, Felicia Day, Kevin Smith, and Mike Myers. Robin Williams was also a huge fan of roleplaying, wargaming, and video games, which is why he named his daughter after Princess Zelda.

One of the biggest advocates of Dungeons & Dragons is Vin Diesel. He has spoken about the game in numerous interviews over the years. Vin Diesel took his fandom to another level when he managed to make a movie about one of his D&D characters.

Vin Diesel was working with screenwriter Cory Goodman when they started talking about D&D. Diesel talked about a character he played called Melkor who was a Witch Hunter (a Ranger/spell caster hybrid). This character was worked into the star of a movie called The Last Witch Hunter. The movie follows an immortal Witch Hunter who must stop a magical plague from destroying New York City. The film received poor reviews, though it did make a profit at the box office.


There was a Dungeons & Dragons movie released in the year 2000. It was terrible. We aren’t going to go into the reasons why here, as it would take all day. Rest assured, the Dungeons & Dragons movie was savaged by critics, was a financial failure at the box office, and was forgotten in the wake of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movie franchises.

The most interesting part of the story of the Dungeons & Dragons movie was what was going on behind the scenes. According to Courtney Solomon, the director of the film, the whole project was dominated by the owners of the game. The people at TSR held the project back, due to numerous unreasonable demands, which forced the script to be rewritten several times. When Wizards of the Coast bought the rights to Dungeons & Dragons, they immediately sued the production of the film in order to get it stopped. The suit was settled out of court, with the caveat that it had to be filmed straight away, otherwise the producers would lose the rights to make the film.


The creators of Dungeons & Dragons have released numerous pre-written adventures over the years. One of the earliest Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules was called Palace of the Silver Princess. This module is notable for the fact that is was recalled almost immediately. The content of the adventure wasn’t anything special: it was just another romp through an abandoned palace. What caused the recall was an illustration on page nine of the book, which depicted a woman who was hung from the ceiling by her hair. She is trapped in a torture dungeon and surrounded by small monsters, who are tearing pieces of her clothes off from her body. This picture caused the book to be pulled and reissued with new illustrations.

This image was considered far too risque for a Dungeons & Dragons book, as they were moving towards making their publications available to all ages. The earlier books did contain some topless nudity, which was phased out over time.


One book that has been recreated across the various editions of Dungeons & Dragons is Deities & Demigods. This is a book that details the strength of the gods, should you wish to include them into your game.

The first ever version of Deities & Demigods turned out to be a legal nightmare for TSR. This was due to the inclusion of two different pantheons that TSR thought they could use. The first was the gods of the Cthulhu Mythos from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. TSR believed these fictional deities were public domain (as Lovecraft died a long time ago). They didn’t realize that a company called Chaosium owned the rights to the Cthulhu Mythos at that time. The second problem was the gods of Michael Moorcock’s Elric series. Moorcock actually gave TSR permission to use them, without realizing that Chaosium also owned publication rights for those gods to appear in their books. TSR was forced to include a reference to Chaosium (one of their chief competitors) in the second printing of the book. The later printings removed the offending gods entirely.


One of the most underrated aspects of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise is the animated series that ran in the ’80s. The series followed a group of kids who were trapped in the world of the game. They were given a set of magical items by the enigmatic Dungeon Master, in order to help them find a way back to their home world. Throughout their adventures, they were pursued by an evil wizard named Venger, who wanted to steal their magical items for himself.

The most highly rated episode of the show’s run is also the one that got the producers into trouble with Broadcast Standards & Practises. It was called the “Dragon’s Graveyard” and the episode focused on the cast’s decision to lead Venger into a trap and murder him! In order to do so, they travel to the Dragon’s Graveyard, as their magic items were stronger there. They defeated Venger and almost killed him, before deciding to spare him at the last second. The idea of the cast of a Saturday morning cartoon plotting to slay their enemy almost got the episode shelved. Luckily, the producers fought for the episode and it made it to air, where it became one of the most highly regarded stories of the series.


There has always been a division among the Dungeons & Dragons community over which edition is the best. This is simply a matter of taste and has no definitive answer. What is clear is that there is a huge difference between the first two editions of the game and the three that have followed. The differences between the second and third editions of the game are many, with the two games being almost unrecognizable from each other.

One of the most amusing aspects of the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons is a rules disparity between the strength of cats and the weakness of humans. In D&D, all lethal attacks must deal at least one point of damage (unless resisted). A house cat can perform several attacks per turn, which means it can potentially deal a few hit points worth of damage. By comparison, a regular human commoner has one to four hit points. This means that it is possible for a regular cat to kill a person with low hit points in Dungeons & Dragons. 


One of the least popular character classes in the Dungeons & Dragons series is the bard. The reason for this is because they are a jack of all trades style of character. They can do a lot of different things at once, without being especially great at any of them. Bards can fight, cast spells, sneak around, heal, and use their music on the battlefield. The problem with this is that D&D is a group based game, where every player is expected to fill a niche and be great at what they do. It is for this reason that bards are often portrayed less seriously in D&D fiction, such as with Elan from Order of the Stick. 

In the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the bard class required you to have several levels in other classes first. When the bard class became accessible, they were one of the most powerful classes in the game. This is due to the fact that they were as strong as fighters or thieves of the same level and possessed the spellcasting ability of druids, as well as other unique abilities. The original bards were badasses and would wreck anyone who tried to cross them.


In the multiverse of the Dungeons & Dragons setting, there are two warring factions of evil beings that live in hellish domains. They were originally referred to as Demons and Devils. These two races referenced real world mythology concerning evil supernatural creatures (such as the Succubus) and their home plane was the destination for the souls of evil mortals.

It is no secret that Dungeons & Dragons was highly scrutinized by religious groups during the early days of the game’s release. The game was also blamed for several murders and suicides that have happened (though the influence of the game on the crimes was blown out of proportion by the media). As such, there were many changes made to the second edition of Dungeons & Dragons that were intended to defuse the controversy surrounding the game.

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition, the Demon and Devil races were called Tanar’I and Baatezu respectively. They were portrayed as more of an extraterrestrial threat than as stealers of souls. These changes were reverted in the third edition of the game, where they became Demons and Devils once more.


The creators of Dungeons & Dragons tried to downplay the significance of Lord of the Rings in its inspiration for the game. This was clearly a lie, as the early editions of the game featured several elements from Lord of the Rings that were printed in books and sold at stores. In the early version of Dungeons & Dragons, you could play as a hobbit and go on adventures, where you could befriend Ents and battle against the mighty Balrog.

It didn’t take long for these Lord of the Rings elements to disappear. A man named Saul Zaentz owned the rights to the Tolkien characters usage in fiction and he took TSR to court. The case was settled out of court, with future editions of Dungeons & Dragons changing the hobbits to halflings, the ents to treants, and the balrogs to balors.

Saul Zaentz also tried to claim copyright over words such as dragon, elf, and orc. These were determined to be in the public domain and were not limited to Tolkien’s work.


The owners of Dungeons & Dragons have released numerous books known as Monster Manuals. These books are filled with statistics for various creatures that you can use in your game. The Monster Manuals are filled with beautifully drawn illustrations of each creature, with the intention of inspiring the DM’s descriptions for the player’s benefit. It is advised that people who wish to run a game of Dungeons & Dragons should buy a Monster Manual as one of their first purchases.

One of the most infamous illustrations for a monster was in the Monstrous Manual for the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The creature known as the Invisible Stalker just had a blank space where its artwork should be. This makes sense because it is invisible, but later versions of the Monster Manual managed to create visually interesting interpretations of the Invisible Stalker to show in the book.


In the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons, there is a ruined elven city called Myth Drannor. It was once a beautiful place, where magic was woven into the very air itself and all races were welcome to stay. Myth Drannor would fall to the forces of evil and be overrun by demons and monsters of all description. It is said that the city is cursed, which is certainly true of the game that was based on it.

Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor was released for Windows in 2001. It was poorly received at launch, due to the brutal difficulty of the gameplay and for a large number of glitches. Ruins of Myth Drannor shipped with what may be the most damaging video game glitch of all time.

If you installed Ruins of Myth Drannor straight out of the box without patching it, then you were in for a bad time. When you uninstalled the game, it would delete the system files of your computer. If you wanted to use that computer again, then you would have had to reinstall Windows.


Microsoft Word and similar programs possess the greatest tool ever for the indecisive. Let’s say you wrote a five hundred page novel and the main character is called Dave, what would happen if you wanted to change his name to Jeff? You could manually go through all five hundred pages and make the change yourself, or, you could select the Find/Replace option. This will change all instances of Dave to Jeff in a second.

If you do decide to use the Find/Replace tool, then make sure to put a space before or after the word. The people at TSR learned this the hard way in their 1994 book Advanced Dungeons & Dragons book Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 1.

At some point during the development of Encyclopedia Magica, the decision was made to change all instances of the word “mage” to “wizard”. The problem was that the editor didn’t put a space before the word mage. This meant that all instances of the word damage now became dawizard. A generation of gamers was forced to read their Encyclopedia Magica in a Jamaican accent.


Dungeons & Dragons was often accused of some unsavory stuff during its early years. There were religious organizations that claimed it was teaching witchcraft to kids and lawyers were claiming that the game was convincing unhinged teenagers to go out and murder people, in a manner similar to the controversy over violent video games that would come later. TSR was forced to tone down their product in order to keep the game alive.

When Wizards of the Coast bought the rights to Dungeons & Dragons, they embraced the game’s reputation by releasing a book that needed a warning on its cover due to its objectionable content. This was the Book of Vile Darkness and it detailed the evilest things that the previous editions had been afraid to touch.

The Book of Vile Darkness covered subjects like sexual fetishes (though it lists S&M as something that only evil people can enjoy). It also dealt with the benefits of human sacrifice, the effects of torture, the stats of the incestuous demon lords, and details for classes like the Cancer Mage.


It can be tricky to explain what a game of Dungeons & Dragons is like to someone who has never seen one before. This isn’t so much of a problem now due to YouTube, but in the old days, you had to do your best to explain what your group got up to every week without making them sound like the Manson family.

In 1993, TSR released a simplified version of Dungeons & Dragons as a board game. It was called DragonStrike, and it came with rule books, miniature figures, and a selection of cardboard maps. DragonStrike also came with a VHS tape that contained a thirty-minute movie which was intended to show newcomers what a game of DragonStrike is actually like.

For any Dungeons & Dragons who want to feel embarrassed about enjoying their hobby, the DragonStrike tape is available online. If the intention was to teach people about the game, then they failed miserably. The tape tries to show the world of the game, whilst a group of unseen players is trying to learn the rules. As the audience, we see a troupe of z-list actors chewing the green screen scenery to pieces, as they compete with stuntmen in cardboard monster outfits.

DragonStrike is still better than the Dungeons & Dragons movie though.



Antarctica About To Lose 1 Of Biggest Icebergs Ever

Antarctica About To Lose 1 Of Biggest Icebergs Ever


Experts say one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history—it would be about the size of Delaware—is "very close" to separating from Antarctica, USA Today reports. According to the BBC, a 124-mile-long crack on the Larsen C Ice Shelf grew more than 10 miles over just six days to end the month of May. The crack, which had been running parallel to the edge of the ice shelf, also took a right turn toward the shelf's edge, CNN reports. The crack is now only eight miles from the edge of the shelf, and it appears there's nothing left stopping a major chunk of the shelf from calving free.

When the iceberg does split off, it will take 10% of the Larsen C Ice Shelf with it. The iceberg will be more than 1,900 square miles in size and 1,150 feet thick, Gizmodo reports. The loss will make Larsen C less stable, and one researcher says the entire shelf could fall apart "in a day or two." The Larsen A and Larsen B ice shelves already broke up after similar events in past years. The loss of the ice shelf can increase the speed of glaciers flowing from the land to the ocean and therefore the speed of rising sea levels. Researchers are also concerned that larger and larger ice shelves appear to be breaking up.

Epic Craigslist Ad Seeks Father Figure For Grilling

Epic Craigslist Ad Seeks Father Figure For Grilling

'BBQ Dad' Needed

A group of men in their 20s in Washington state has posted a Craigslist ad seeking a generic dad to grill burgers and hotdogs for a gathering set for the Saturday of Father's Day weekend in mid-June, the AP reports. Qualifications include a minimum of 18 years of experience as a dad and 10 years of grilling experience. The successful dad must bring his own grill, but burgers and hotdogs will be provided.

Dane Anderson tells KHQ-TV that the young men in Spokane don't live with their fathers and, the ad says, none are prepared to fill the role of barbecue dad. Additional requirements are included below...

Girl Gets Put In Her Place After Relentlessly Attacking Man Outside Club

Girl Gets Put In Her Place After Relentlessly Attacking Man Outside Club

If there is anyone crazy enough to count the punches she delivered to the guy, let me know if I got it right. I counted 47. Also, notice how the victim didn’t actually try to hurt her by resorting to excessive force. He just delivered a warning shot, which is quite clear from the fact that he didn’t throw the punch until after she hit him in the face more than 40 times.

Girl Gets Put In Her Place After Relentlessly... by catastrophic1



This Minor League Strikeout May Be The Most Bizarre You’ll Ever See

This Minor League Strikeout May Be The Most Bizarre You’ll Ever See

Sports have their rules are in place for a good reason, but sometimes the most bizarre things happen that are actually bound by these rules.

Case in point: This utterly weird situation where a player at-bat managed to strike out without even trying to hit the ball in this minor league game between the AA Hatford Yard Goats and the Binghamton Rumple Ponies.

Josh Fuentes of the Goats was at the bat when Ponies hurler Cory Burns slipped in his delivery, but throws the ball anyway. It went about 15 feet before bouncing and rolling towards the first base line as Fuentes casually swung at the rolling ball. This was when he got called on a the bizarre strikeout by the home plate umpire.

The Goats eventually lost the game, 5 – 4.






Yes, That's a Tornado in This Lawnmowing Photo

Listen, that lawn isn't going to mow itself, tornado or no tornado. A photo of a man in Alberta, Canada, taking care of his lawn chores with a twister in the background has gone viral, reports UPI. Cecelia Wessels posted it to Facebook with the caption, "My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair," referring to her husband, Theunis.

The tornado touched down in the Three Hills area of Alberta, Canada
The twister did not injure or kill anyone, though some property was damaged, I guess the tornado was too busy looking spectacular.

Check out the video and pics below... and how brave is the guy in red watching the twister towards the end? I would still be running... and running... and running.


Watch The Evolution Of Bill Burr’s Stand-Up Comedy From 1995-2017

Watch The Evolution Of Bill Burr’s Stand-Up Comedy From 1995-2017

Bill Burr is one of the great comedians of our time. In an age of people afraid to say what’s on their mind for fear of backlash, Burr’s refreshing honesty has made him a national treasure. Ole freckle tits started his stand-up comedy career in 1992 and has since done five rollicking hour-long specials. This awesome video shows you that the one and only Bill Burr has been hilarious for over two decades.

The funny video starts with footage from 1995, when Billy Coppercrotch had much more hair and the video was so old that it actually is from a VHS recording (For the younger readers, VHS AKA Video Home System, was an analog video recording platform that utilized magnetic tape that started in the late 1970s until the late 1990s). The video moves to 1996 where Billy Redface was dressed in his best grunge attire and the video finishes up in 2017 with his latest special “Walk Your Way Out” on Netflix. From the video of Bill Burr’s stand-up comedy, you will notice that during his illustrious career Billy Twinkletoes has always pushed the boundaries and delved into topics that will make people cringe. Now watch the video and go fuck yourself.




Bartenders Shared The Smoothest Pick Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard And They Are Amazing

Bartenders Shared The Smoothest Pick Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard And They Are Amazing


Bartenders are *typically* sober while the patrons are drinking themselves into a stupor. This means that bartenders get to overhear all of the drunken chatter that the drunkards themselves are likely to forget. I envy bartenders for getting to remember this stuff because I forget half the stuff that comes out of my mouth after I’ve been hitting the bottle. Below, a bunch of bartenders shared stories of the best pick up lines they’ve ever heard, and some of them are fan-fucking-tastic (via AskReddit):

We were talking about cooking for one, and she wrote out a recipe on a napkin. I took it and thanked her. I then asked her “Who should I call if I have any questions when making this?” Then she flipped it over and wrote her number on the other side.
We were married three years later. I still have that napkin.

Homeless man who’d wander in on occasion: “hey miss, could you spare a couple quarters? …so I can call you later?”

I work in a bar. This is the opposite of a smooth pick up line, but it still worked. I overheard a guy mess up asking a girl out once by asking her is she “Wanted to go eat a movie sometime?”. Her response was, “Sure! I always watch what I eat.” I laughed and there was merriment and a good time was had by all….

I am a bartender. I met my husband at work, he was a patron. The night of our first date, he said: “do you wanna come over and watch half a movie?”

A regular would start a conversation with a girl, wait for the second laugh out of her and then drop the magic…
“When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?”
Cue the third laugh and him getting her number.

I was a bartender in a college town. The best one I heard was when a guy approached a girl at the bar;
guy: “hey, looks like you dropped something!”
girl: ” really? What?”
guy “your standards, hi I’m Mike”
Girl laughed so hard she spilled her drink and he bought her a new one.

I work at a bar in Long Beach NY (male)
A female customer was giving me advice on how to hit on my bartender co worker (female) who is a very close friend of mine. She kept feeding me “adorable” things to say to my friend because she thought we looked cute together. I thanked her and took one step toward my friend then turned back to her and repeated it all back. She took the bait and it landed me back at her place.

My first month of bartending I had a girl quickly finish 2 cosmos. I came up and asked her how she was doing.
“I’d have another one, but you’d have to take me home”
Her group of friends got a nice laugh when I blushed.

I saw a drinking guy sit next to a woman at the bar and say, “you mind if I sit here and hit on you for a while.”
That’s my go to pick up line other than Taco Bell hot sauce sayings.

I once saw a girl go up to a fellow in a goth club and ask him if he washed his clothes in Windex. He was supposed to say no so she could say, “That’s weird, cause I sure can see myself in your pants!”
Trouble was, he was wearing patent leather pants, and excitedly answered “Yes! Aren’t they shiny?” Her line was ruined, but they left together anyway.

“Do you want the best sex of your life tonight?”
“Then I’m the guy for you”

I am not a bartender but i saw this happen at a bar. I was sitting at a table with two of my friends, one girl, one guy. Some guy i have never seen before comes over, places three beers, one in front of each of us and proceeds to start talking to my female friend. I assumed it was just one of her friends i had never met. It took me a solid five minutes to figure out this guy was a stranger and then i was blown away with how smooth of a move that was.

Way late to the party but heard this one while closing down a couple weeks back.
“Come on, lets go back to my place, I’ll make you a quesadilla.”
This girl had been swatting guys away like flies all night but that one worked out.

A girl once bet that if she could fit an entire one of the cupcakes we sold in her mouth without using her hands, I would have to give it to her for free. She did and I did. I was so impressed, I got her a free drink too. 6 years later, we’re still together eating cupcakes and shit.

Not myself but my bartender relief, One night her friends come in with this guy and they get introduced but not in the “hey this is blah blah” and try to hook them up way, I guess they were just out with him. Anyways, they all closed down the bar (as her friends normally do) and they start to leave while she cleans up the bar. She see’s he left his phone so she runs out and gives it to him. Fast forward a few weeks and they come in and same thing happens. Well apparently he does it a 3rd time and she goes out and says something like “why do you keep forgetting your phone?!” And he said something along the lines of “well this is really the only alone time I get with you” A few dates and about a year later they’re happily married!

I saw two people hook up without even saying anything to each other. They were looking at each other from across the bar, he raised an eyebrow, she half smiled and nodded. They met in the middle and it was on. They didn’t even buy another drink. I know they did not know each other as the bloke is my cousin.

I bartend in a pub next to a college campus. I watched a guy say “that’s interesting” or “Oh, man, that’s crazy!” for a full hour and a half before leaving with a girl way out of his league.
Fake it till you make it, ladies and gentleman

Not a bartender but I was sitting alone at a bar and heard a guy say this to the girl next to me “You look like a night of disappointment and week of dodged phone calls” I didnt hear the rest of the conversation but they left together.

Not a bartender but hooked up with one once. It was closing time and she said, “if you don’t work here or banging the staff, time to leave!” I leaned over and said, “I guess I’m staying.” With the confidence only a recently divorced man could have.
It worked, oddly enough

Not a pick up line, but the smoothest thing I’ve seen from behind the mahogany. This guy was hitting on this girl at the end of the bar. She asked him, “you gonna bring me some roses?” and this man took two straws, a napkin, and a lighter and I shit you not made a rose with it. You bet your ass she left with him. Kudos, sir.

Swing and a miss….

Late response, but a guy sat down next to a woman at the bar. She was obviously not interested. Then he said “I may not be the best looking guy here, but I’m the only one talking to you. You should try lowering your standards. I just did.”
She threw her drink in his face and slapped him.

Bar tended in college. Guy walked up to a girl at the bar, goes “Hi my name is Ben*, and I’m going to buy you drinks until you find me attractive.” Girl smiled and laughed and he asked what she would like to drink. She looked him over (he was already good looking), turned to me and said “In that case, I’ll have a water.” He definitely got it that night.

Last, but not least…

Saw an extremely drunk girl hanging out at the bar once. By hang out I mean she was leaning against the bar just to barely stay up. That’s when a drunk guy stumbles into her. I’d say that’s when their eyes met and they discovered true love, but it’s hard to say since they both had their eyes barely open and glossed over by slight alcohol poisoning. They both then grunted into each other’s general directions and proceeded to make out or eat each other’s faces off, can’t really tell.
TL;DR: True love is real.


Man Fights City Hall by Releasing 100 Live Bedbugs

Man Fights City Hall by Releasing 100 Live Bedbugs


In 40 years of government work, a city manager in Maine says he's "never had anything as yucky as this." The Kennebec Journal reports a "disgruntled" man entered Augusta city hall Friday and promptly shut it down by releasing dozens of bedbugs. “He whipped out a cup [full of live bedbugs] and slammed it on the counter, and bam, off they flew, maybe 100 of them,” city manager William Bridgeo says. At least one of the bugs landed on a city employee, and the assistant city manager was reduced to using Windex in an attempt to stun the bugs while pest control was on its way.

Police were immediately called and found the unnamed man, WGME reports. Bridgeo filed a complaint against the man, but police have yet to decide if he'll be charged with anything. The man, who released the bedbugs in the city's General Assistance office, was apparently upset after requesting a form to get assistance and being told he didn't qualify. The bedbugs were reportedly from his former apartment. Augusta city hall was closed for the rest of the weekend. Bedbug-detecting dogs are expected to check for any remaining bugs Monday after pest control gets through with the building.

You May Have To Wait A Couple Years For The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

You May Have To Wait A Couple Years For The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

There are six weeks, one day, 11 hours, and 17 minutes until the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7. It has felt like an eternity since we last had new episodes of Game of Thrones. Not to sour on the excitement for Season 7, but it sounds like we may not be graced with the epic final season of GoT for a couple of years.

HBO programming president Casey Bloys told Entertainment Weekly that Season 8 of Game of Thrones may not hit TV screens until 2019. The EW interviewer asked Bloys, “So as of now, the final season could air in 2018 and / or in 2019 depending on their needs?” To which Bloys responded, “Yeah. They have to write the episodes and figure out the production schedule. We’ll have a better sense of that once they get further into the writing.”

Waiting until 2019 for the last season of GoT sounds more torturous than a Ramsey Bolton dog kennel. However, the extra time might actually be a blessing for the finale to one of the greatest television series of all-time. Bloys has given showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss the time to make sure that the final season is spectacular and cinematic.

“One of the hallmarks of the show has been how cinematic is it,” Bloys said. “The show has proven that TV is every bit as impressive and in many cases more so, than film. What they’re doing is monumental. When you see these battles in season 7, and what I imagine season 8 will be, it’s a big, big show. We’ve done a lot of great shows, but this one combines the complex characters we love with a huge cinematic scope. I think this is the first show to prove that can be done — and we’re the first people to pay for it.”

So it seems that they are saying that don’t look at the last six episodes to be six TV episodes, but rather six connecting movies with Hollywood-like production values.

As for the spinoff shows that have been talked about, the HBO executive explained why Benioff and Weiss were not involved with those four potential projects.

“By the time the final season airs, Dan and David will have been at this for 12 years. Which is an amazing fact. They didn’t go and do movies in between seasons, they didn’t set anything else up, they put everything — and are putting everything — into this show. They came into HBO with an idea for a show with a beginning, middle, and end, and they want to see it through. In conversations with them, they feel if their name is on the prequels — even in a passive way — it conveys some sort of expectation or responsibility. They want to enjoy the show as fans and don’t want to worry about the scripts or production issues. We were hoping to have their names on it out of respect for them, but we understand why they don’t want that.”

Bloy also emphasized that just because HBO is exploring four different Game of Thrones spinoff possibilities, that doesn’t mean that all four are going to be made into shows.

“In the press at large, everybody said, ‘there are four spinoffs’ and they assume that means each one is happening and we’re going to have a new Game of Thrones show per quarter. That’s not what’s going on. The idea is not to do four shows. The bar set by [Benioff and Weiss] is so high that my hope is to get one show that lives up to it. Also, this is a long-term plan. Our No. 1 goal is the seventh season this summer and getting the eighth season written and aired.”

The penultimate season of Game of Thrones debuts on July, 16 with the premiere episode running 59 minutes.



So that means that you had better enjoy the heck out of the seven episodes of Season 7 of Game of Thrones because it could be a very long time until you get Season 8.

10 Sexiest Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever

10 Sexiest Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever


In this video we showcase 10 of the hottest celebrity wardrobe fails and mishaps.

People Getting Caught In Awkwardly Naughty Situations Prank

People Getting Caught In Awkwardly Naughty Situations Prank

While getting caught in an embarrassing situation has never been appealing, it fares a whole lot better than being caught in one just like these naughty pranks.

Since p0rn sites were not in existence back in the pre-internet days, video rental stores were all the rave and had their own section for adult material tucked away in a special room where the horny and perverted could browse from a wide array of choices. One can only imagine the embarrassment if somebody you know spots you walking out of this section.

This is one of the most mortifying things that could happen to unsuspecting victims as they walk straight into a prank in this hilarious compilation from Just for Laughs, which includes being caught watching p0rn at an internet cafe, getting laughed at by two black dudes at a urinal and sitting on a toilet in public among other things.

You definitely wouldn’t want to be caught dead in these situations.