13 Siblings Held Captive Could Shower Once A Year

13 Siblings Held Captive Could Shower Once A Year

  • Hestrin described escalating abuse that began years ago with the children being tied with ropes as a form of punishment. After one child allegedly freed him or herself from the ropes, the parents moved on to chains and padlocks, he said.


  • More, from ABC News: The parents' punishments could last weeks or months, said Hestrin, and the chains wouldn't be removed even to allow for a trip to the bathroom.


  • As for the escape, Hestrin said the 17-year-old who broke out—and, based on her size, was initially thought to be 10—had been plotting an escape for at least two years. Another sibling broke out with her, but ended up getting scared and heading back.

  • In advance of their court appearance, NBC News talked to a law enforcement source who provided another grim detail about what allegedly went on in the urine-filled home: The official says the siblings were given a single "rationed" meal a day.


  • Some neighbors have said they were unaware children even lived in the home, but others tell ABC News the only times they saw the siblings was when they departed and returned to the house in the family van, which always happened at night. Mike Clifford, a neighbor when they lived at their previous home in Murrieta, California, who works nights, said he would observe the children through the second-floor windows marching in a line, from room to room, for hours. That syncs with what Hestrin said: That the family was generally up all night and went to bed around 4am or 5am.


  • The children's paternal grandparents, who hail from West Virginia, say they last visited the siblings in California six years ago and saw nothing amiss. "They were just like any ordinary family," said Betty Turpin, who noted how they kids referred to each other as "sweetie." Adds husband James, per the AP, they "all looked to me well-adjusted. They weren't skinny or nothing. They were joyous to see us."




The Germans were tough in the 1970s, although the last one might have had a death wish



A bridge over the Vitim River in eastern Siberia is certainly one of the scariest and most dangerous crossings on the planet. This 20m (66 feet) high, 500m (1,640 feet) long bridge is barely wide enough to fit a vehicle on it and comes without any safety railing. Despite its below-par condition and old decaying wooden flooring, the bridge is actively used daily by some 1,500 people at their own risk. Drone footage shot in autumn 2016 shows a vehicle making the perilous journey.

The bridge was built around 30 years ago but was never officially put into operation.

Check Out This Crazy Windstorm In The Netherlands

Check Out This Crazy Windstorm In The Netherlands

 The Netherlands wasn't ready, wasn't built for this kind of wind.


13 People Share Their High School Reunion Horror Stories

13 People Share Their High School Reunion Horror Stories

There's a reason like, 90% of people never show up to these things.

1. feralturtles -- You can just feel the cringe.

Someone made a speech along the lines of, "...to all of those that felt picked on or bullied, I have something to say to you." She then started to sing"Let it go" from Frozen.


2. CynicalChild -- The more people, the less you can just be a fly on the wall.

Nothing. And by nothing, I mean the awkward feeling at being one of the twelve who showed up.

3. Gonzostewie -- Ha, shitty.

I play in a band. We got booked by a restaurant "for some class reunion". I show up to set up for the gig & it's my fucking class. I wasn't even invited.

4. smanbot -- Wait, teachers go to these things too?

When my lady teacher came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me. She was very drunk. I felt very awkward.

Edit: no she wasn't hot. She was old, once spell corrected a Christmas card I gave her. And the night of the formal, smelt strongly of booze.

5. jacksake1 -- The ultimate revenge.

Not me but my BIL's highschool reunion. A guy that was severely bullied in highschool started a Facebook group to get the ball rolling on planning a highschool reunion, he planned the venue, food, drinks and asked everyone pay a ticket price to cover it all.

He organised the money go into a provided bank account, received 200+ peoples HS reunion dollarydoos and fucked off. Never to be heard of again.

Ive never laughed so hard in my life.


6. weedful_things -- Stalkers always ruin all the fun.

I went to my wife's last reunion a few months ago. The day of the reunion she got a call that it was cancelled. Apparently, five years earlier a classmate got creepy and stalkery with another classmate. The people organizing the reunion invited him not to show up. Then the guy posted on facebook some vague threats. They did actually change the venue and have the reunion, but there were many people that couldn't be contacted with the updated info.

7. JustaReverseFridge -- Unwanted kisses usually don't turn out well.

My friend said her cousin's high school reunion was really awkward because this guy ran up and kissed his high school girlfriend without her asking and then got in a fist fight with her husband, did not turn out well from what I hear.

8. honey579badger -- Oh no. 30 years later and showing up in their prom dress. Red flag alert.

When i was like 6 i went to my dad small town 30(?) yr reunion. His ex fiancé (not my mom) was dressed in her prom dress. And kept talking to me saying she should have been my mommy. Even then i knew that was weird. Keep your crazy in lady

9. Food-Oh_Koon -- "Ms. Oldass, will you marry me!"

Proposal to an 70+ aged teacher

EDIT: He had a crush on the teacher a long time back.He knew that her husband divorced her while we were in college.So, he took the chance.Apparently, the teacher was not so happy about it.

10. Gooftrooptrue -- I dunno, sounds kinda fun.

I heard that a classmate set the venue on fire. Glad I didn't go.

11. FROCKbFINE -- The beautiful cheerleader twins, still doin' their thing.

Oh, MY time to shine! The beautiful cheerleader twins got SO wasted at our 20th reunion one of them puked on the table and the other got so drunk she fell out of the photo booth. Their daughters had to carry them out.

12. Reapr -- "Oh yeah? Let me see your wallet? Show me your credit cards."

The whole thing was just awkward, people were trying to show how much more 'successful' they are than everybody else, some even going so far as asking people what their salaries were.

I skipped out early and never went to the following ones.

13. averagejanecitizen -- And now she's dead to you.

My 25 year reunion was last year. They did all the planning via a Facebook group. I did not join the group but could see the activity.

I was scrolling through and a few months prior they had done a memorial post where they listed all the dead classmates.

Someone I haven't seen or spoken to in 25 years (and didn't know well anyway) ... reported me as dead.

The kicker: someone I was friends with on Facebook liked the post. I unfriended her.

closeup of the feet of a dead body covered with a sheet, with a blank tag tied on the big toe of his left foot, in monochrome, with a vignette added




18 Haunted Attraction Workers Discuss Creepy Things They've Witnessed On The Job

18 Haunted Attraction Workers Discuss Creepy Things They've Witnessed On The Job

Attending a haunted house is one of the most popular activities during the month leading up to Halloween. Unlike real ghost-filled houses that come complete with paranormal phenomena, this type of haunted attraction is filled with costumed workers and things designed to scare you. A spook house brings with it a number of interesting situations, all witnessed by the employees whose sole job is to make visitors pee their pants with fright.

But what happens when even the employees themselves see strange things? The stories here, all from Reddit, encompass real dead people, unusual events, and even a real haunting, among other things.

California Parents Shackled Their 13 Kids, Ages 2 To 29

California Parents Shackled Their 13 Kids, Ages 2 To 29

An ordinary house in a California subdivision concealed a bizarre and disturbing case of torture and child abuse, police say. In a press release, the Riverside County Sheriff's Office says a 17-year-old girl called 911 early Sunday morning after escaping a home in Perris and told police her 12 siblings were being held captive by their parents. Police say that inside the residence, they found several malnourished and dirty children "shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings"—and parents David and Louise Turpin were "unable to provide a logical reason" why they were restrained. Investigators initially thought the couple's 13 children were all juveniles, but they were shocked to discover that seven were adults and the oldest was 29.

David Turpin, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, were arrested on charges of torture and child endangerment and are being held on a $9 million bond each, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 13 victims—the youngest just 2 years old—were hospitalized. Police say they gave them food after they said they were starving. Horrified neighbors tell the Press-Enterprise that they had no idea what was going on. Some didn't even know there were children in the house. A joint Facebook page shows the Turpins, accompanied by their children, renewing their wedding vows in Las Vegas. A 2011 bankruptcy filing seen by CNN states that David Turpin made $140,000 per year working as an engineer at Northrup Grumman. He is listed as principal of the Sandcastle Day School, a private school with just six students, at his Perris address, KTLA reports.

15 People Share Secrets That Could Literally Ruin Their Lives

15 People Share Secrets That Could Literally Ruin Their Lives

We all live with a secret or two, but none of ours probably compare to these bohemoths. These secrets could send these peoples lives into crumbles if word got out.

1. picksandchooses -- Angry cousin sex, yes I could see how that could ruin your life.

Cousin Sue and I both got divorces about the same time, we were both far, FAR more torn up by it than we let on, everyone in the family got tired of hearing us whine about our problems and basically told us to shut up, so we spent about 6 months getting shitfaced drunk together almost every night, getting pissed off at the whole world, and having angry sex.

2. thudly -- Dr. Seuss gettin' FREAKY.

Sales of my children's book would plummet if the porn novels I've written (under a pen name) ever got connected back to me.

3. lyinglighter69 -- How in the world do you get into this line of work being colorblind?

I work in Advertising as a 3D Lighter for very high profile clients like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.. my job is to ensure that every bit of Computer Generated Imagery is textured and lit in a way that matches how it would look in real life.

Funny thing is I'm severely red green colorblind. The only way I can tell what color something is supposed to be is by sampling a pixel on the screen and reading out the Red Green and Blue values. I've nearly memorized the hue numbers from 0-360 and where things fall in the rainbow chart. I've had shots come back to my inbox telling me that something that's supposed to be red looks too brownish green or something that's supposed to be dark green looks purple. I always say I accidentally had a hue shift on it at render time or make up some funny excuse like the lighting info from the shoot had a weird tinge to it. I've been doing this for seven years now and the only people who know are my girlfriend and best friend and family.

4. SloppyFloppyFlapjack -- Luckily he went under the pseudonym SloppyFloppyFlapjack.

I made about 50 grand filming porn. Paid for college and haven't gone back to it. Would almost consider it as a fallback, but if it got out it would royally fuck up my current career. Thankfully this was from a day and age when pseudonyms actually kept people anonymous.

5. Yepthatsbad -- This one is nuts.

Throwaway because my co-workers know my reddit

A few years ago I worked in a huge warehouse of about 105 people. The warehouse supplied the local "china town" in a large city in the U.K. The Chinatown businesses were mostly all owned by one billionaire (ironically from Japan) who gave each one of these businesses to one of his sons.

He had 6 sons and (IIRC) there was only 8 restaurants/fast food's in the china town district.

Our warehouse supplied for 7/8 of those restaurants

I handled frozen food for some of the inbound trucks. I usually unloaded 300 boxes a day from trucks into the warehouse.

So one day I'm unloading boxes of shrimp when I come across a small unmarked box which was a different size to all the others. I set it aside until the end of the day and continued unloading.

So.. when the end of the day came I cut it open to see where it should go.

And all I found was pills, about 2,000 pills, small greeny/blue pills with "I5X" printed on them.

I knew straight away that these weren't flavour enhancing tablets or anything to do with the restaurants.

I got paranoid and didn't know what the fuck to do. So I took about 20 pictures on my phone of the box, and the pills and took 2 pills and hid them in my boot. And re/sealed the box and left it in the truck

A few days later (massively coincidental) police come snooping around the warehouse after someone was poisoned in one of the restaurants. They came asking about where we ordered our stock from.

Me: being scared shitless of having drugs in my boot crumbled and confessed what I had found

They informed me that they already had an open investigation into a drug trade in Chinatown, but after a few months they had nowhere else to look.

They took the pills as evidence and said they'd contact me in a few days. Weeks roll by and I've forgotten it. Out of the blue one day; about 30 officers show up and started cuffing people, taking documents out of the offices and seizing computers. A young officer pulls me outside to a van and tells me that the pill I had found was the "missing" key linking one of the billionaires son's business and a drug market coming in from Asia

After being questioned not much happened. Except that 33 people got arrested 17 got jail time and 4 got deported.

Not sure what was going on but apparently a bunch of Asian men and women were trafficking drugs through the warehouse and into restaurants. In which they would be sold to customers.

So what's the secret? Death threats to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the warehouse. Most of them said things like:

WHEN we find out who did this, we will kill you and your family

Needless to say I quit my job and moved

6. AuditorOfTheNight -- I think we've all been there.

What I have fantasized about while masturbating.

7. throwitinthegarbage3 -- Fake it til you make it.

Everyone (including my family) thinks I went to a top 20 college. In reality, I failed out of community college. I work in Silicon Valley, managed to work my way up to a Director of Operations position. No idea what would happen if it ever came out.

Edit: I posted this below, but for those curious as to how this happened:

During a summer break from "college," a friend's father who owned a small (30ish employees) business gave me a job. I worked there during "college" and the year after I "graduated," gaining experience. I learned a lot, and became really great at what I do. Between my experience, my "degree," and glowing recommendations from my bosses, I was able to get a job at a start-up. From there, I worked my ass off, and got promoted internally twice; eventually, another start-up recruited me. That company grew to about 75 employees, and at that point, I was leading my own team of 10 people. Our COO left abruptly, and I wound up taking over his job duties. After about a month, they gave me the full promotion to Director.

8. TastyDuck -- You were very productive in your hatred of the company.

More seriously, I worked at a giant company as a picker. I discovered that through an easy exploit, I could pick 2-3 items an hour and still hit 'curve'. Because everyone there is an idiot, they never questioned it and I was eventually promoted.

The position after that had me training hundreds of people in the warehouses. I discovered that my predecssor did shit all and didn't do paperwork for anyone. I made the mistake of telling my boss so the job of fixing 7 years of missing paperwork fell on me. Discovering it was a project destined to fail and hating the company, I made up hundreds of fake paperwork and filed them/entered them into the system.

Again, because where I worked everyone is an idiot, no one noticed for the 3 years I worked at the company despite much of it not making any sense (some of the names are signed "HAHAHA FUCK YOU I HATE THIS PLACE". I got further promotions for my 'productivity and did the same thing across multiple facilities.

By my estimate, roughly 30-40% of the company's Canadian records are obvious BS, yet I was never fired or found out.

9. ortarossa -- "Strokebooks"

I paid off my student loans writing smut -- and I mean real smut. Kinky, fetishy, no-plot strokebooks. I loved every last second of it.

Then I switched to writing mostly-wholesome romances under a new pen name. I doubt very much that my readers would enjoy the crossover, although who knows?

10. derawin07 -- I'm telling your teacher.

I cheated on a spelling test in grade 4 of primary school, and was awarded the Grade's Best Speller Award at the end of year assembly.

11. GeminisBadTwin -- Escort on the tax papers, but sugar baby at heart.

Was basically an escort. Technically a sugar baby but in reality it is just glorified escort. Only difference is that we would go eat dinner before fucking. Made $500 per date.

12. Flameswordd -- How do people get away with this?

I lied on resumes and handed them to several places. If it came out I'd be back to flipping burgers for $10/ hour.

13. yungthew -- Sounds like a TV show.

I've been telling my parents I've been going to college for the past 2 years but I'm actually just harvesting and selling large quantities of weed with my ex-girlfriends dad and putting all the profits into a savings fund.

14. Fauxlicious -- What.

I was bored and drunk, so I peed in my own mouth to see what it was like.

15. Penya23 -- Yeah, definitely could.

I am heavily into the BDSM scene. I am a high school teacher.

This coming out would ruin me.


Long Island Man Arrested For Harassing Ex, Posting Her Info On Prostitution Websites

Long Island Man Arrested For Harassing Ex, Posting Her Info On Prostitution Websites

A 23-year-old man named Thomas Traficante was not very happy that he and his girlfriend broke up. So what did this dude do? Well he completely terrorized her and even her sorority — so much so that the police got involved.

It all kicked off when Traficante sent his ex-girlfriend and 12 of her Sigma Kappa sorority sisters a threatening message. “It’s [sic] not safe out there tonight kappas [sic],” the message read. Traficante wasn’t done as he then sent this message the next day:

“Glad [sic] you all mostly took my advice last night, but moving it forward one night doesn’t make kappas [sic] or their dates any safer. I mean no harm, im [sic] not the threat, but harm is coming.”

Traficante even sent a message that read, “I’m in the house.” Police were informed and Traficante was arrested and charged with cyberstalking and threats.


But Traficante did a lot more than just send creepy messages. He also sent his ex-girlfriend some cocaine and then alerted campus police at the State University College at Geneseo in hopes of getting her arrested. This creep also posted his ex’s info on a bunch of prostitution websites, and because of that she received dozens of calls from dudes looking for sex.

After he was arrested, the FBI found a semiautomatic AR-15 during a search of his home, and now federal prosecutors will try to make the case in court that Traficante is both dangerous and likely to flee if released on bail.


20 Really Bizarre Ways People Died

20 Really Bizarre Ways People Died







Authorities arrested numerous ATV and dirt bike riders during the illegal “Bikes Up, Guns Down” ride. Florida Highway Patrol officers could be seen at the entrances to numerous highways, trying to stop the riders before they made it on the highways. Riders were spotted by Sky 10 popping wheelies, disobeying traffic lights and taunting cops. The riders were involved in at least one serious crash.


Bus VS Car In Road Rage Showdown

Bus VS Car In Road Rage Showdown

Legend says that to this very day, on a still, clear evening, you can still hear that bus chasing him..





The Learning Channel, TLC, started in 1970. It was sponsored by NASA and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in 1972. The 1990’s led to a lot of home improvement shows as learning documentaries. In the 2000’s TLC decided to get rid of the educational programming, besides its home improvement shows, and decided to air dramas and reality shows.

TLC has become very well known for some of its show’s causing controversy, from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s GoGo Juice (part Red Bull, part Mountain Dew) to Jon and Kate Plus 8’s Kate spanking one of their daughters on camera. But how do you tell which reality show is real and which ones are fake?

A reality tv show is a television program in which ordinary people are continuously filmed. It’s designed to be entertaining rather than informative. The magic word in that sentence is entertaining. In order for TV to make things “entertaining” to some audiences, they will use ‘TV magic’ such as editing and scripting.

This list is going to look at the 8 Most Fake TLC Shows. When I say fake, I do not mean scripted or edited. I mean fully fake. They have lied about the main element of the show.

16. Some Truth: Cake Boss

In Hoboken, New Jersey there is a shop called “Carlo’s Bakery,” that first opened in 1910 by Carlo Guastaffero. Cake Boss first aired in 2009, showing the bakery making its now-famous cakes. According to Market Watch, the most expensive cake they have made to date was a $30 million cake for Devorah Rose for a 2011 Gala. It had diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies studded all over the cake! Buddy says in one interview that his favorite cake was a 12-foot tall 7,000-pound Transformers cake.

The family works 8-10 hours a day. Although their cakes are internationally known, most visitors leave with Lobster Tail pastries and Pignoli Nut Cookies!

Buddy Valastro brought some controversy when he was arrested for a DUI in November 2014. He told the cop “You can’t arrest me, I’m the Cake Boss!” Buddy apologized and pleaded guilty getting his license suspended for 90 days and had to pay a $300 fine.

15. Most Fake: Ghost Brothers

Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey make up the best friend trio that are the first ever all-black paranormal investigators of Ghost Brothers. Like any ghost haunting show, this one uses TV magic and the gear the Ghost Brothers use is a bit lower tech than we are used to. They use a laser grid pen, IR cameras, and their own smartphones.

The quality that separates the Ghost Brothers from other paranormal shows is how they talk to the “undead.” Other shows have a tendency to try to upset or anger spirits to get them to say something on their EVP- electronic voice phenomena. However, the Ghost Brothers talk to the “ghost” with more empathy and warmth.

“I feel like we’re the most polite ghost hunters out there. We go in with a sense of reverence and deference. We have respect for those who came and went before us.” Dalen said in an interview.

Although this show uses TV magic, like any paranormal show, I fully enjoy the freshness of how the three friends interact and bring comedy to the show.

14. Some Truth: 90 Day Fiancé

90 Day Fiancé started January 12, 2014. It is still airing on TLC along with its spin-off: 90 Day Fiancé What Now.

In an interview with Anfisa Arkhipchenko, from season 4, she reports that couples have been together for a long time and already have met at least once prior to them putting in an application for the K-1 Visa. The K-1 Visa requires that couples to have met at least once prior to moving to the United States. 90 Day Fiancé also has no say in or help with getting the participants Visas. The show starts filming once the international participant lands in the U.S. They continue to film until the wedding. Participants also have 90 days to get married, but they do not have to wait the full 90 days to get married, they just need to be married by the 90th day.

Some of the participants that are not still together are Cassia and Jason from Season 2, Chelsea and Yamir from Season 2, and Danielle and Mohomed from Season 2. Couples that are still married range from Season 1 participants Aziza and Mike, Louis and Aya, Paola and Russ, and Kirlyam and Alan. From Season 2: Amy and Danny, Daya and Brett, and Evelin and Justin. From Season 3: Carolina and Fernando, Loren and Alexei, Melanie and Devar, Noon and Kylie, Mark and Nikki, and Aleksandra and Josh. From Season 4: Alla and Matt, Nicole and Azan, and Jorge and Anfisa.

13. Most Fake: Jon and Kate Plus 8

Julie Gosselin, sister of Jon Gosselin, stated in one of her blogs that everything is fake. According to Julie, Kate made a wish list of things she wanted (a carpet, hair plugs, teeth whitening) and they would trade for free advertisement or it would come out of the budget from the show. To make themselves more relatable they wanted to look like a struggling family.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight aired April 2007. The show was about how Jon and Kate raised twins and sextuplets.

The show started off great until Kate would belittle Jon on TV and then in Dec 2009, we find out that Jon was having a three-month affair with Deana Hummell. The show made it look like Jon and Kate were living together for months until Kate’s brother opened up about how Jon was sleeping in the apartment above the garage. The show then had an episode about them splitting and the title of the show changed to Kate Plus Eight, showing her as a single mom. However, the rantings decreased and the show ended not too long after the change.

12. Some Truth: Unexpected

Unexpected follows three teenagers, McKayla Adkins (17) and her boyfriend Caelan, Lexus Scheller (16) and her ex-boyfriend Shayden (17), and Lilly Bennett (17) with her boyfriend James, as they get help from their families as they get ready for the baby to be born.

The mothers of the girls also were teenage mothers themselves. Lilly’s Mom, Kim, was 16 when she had Lilly. McKayla’s mom, Shannon, was 19 when she had McKayla. Lexus’ mom, Kelsey, had Lexus at 16. Lexus’ grandmother was also a teenage mother. The show is really good at showing how naive the girls are at the beginning. In one episode of Unexpected, Lilly states that her baby is the size of a zucchini, and later admits she has no idea what a zucchini even is. MaKayla gets a Prom Dress for $150 even though she knows her boyfriend Caelan has never had a job.

Lilly ends up dropping out of high school during the show due to being bullied. Her Boyfriend, James, also ends up drops out of high school so he could work more hours at Target to support the baby.

11. Most Fake: Honey Boo Boo

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo started in 2012 introducing us to child beauty queen Alana Thompson, Mama June Shannon, and other redneck family members. Honey Boo Boo, Alan Thompson, uses the catch phrase “A dollar make me holla.”

The family enjoys redneck events like mud sliding and bobbing for pigs’ feet at the Redneck Games.

The reason this goes on the fake list is that The National Enquirer reported that Anna “Chickadee” was left at her grandmother’s (Sandra Hale) house while June moved in with her then-boyfriend. Child Welfare jumped in to grant sole custody to Sandra Hale. Anna lived with Sandra until June bribed her with $500 a month. June thought that Anna’s illegitimate teenage pregnancy would bring good story lines for the show.

Of course, the editing of the show reminds us there isn’t just an economic but moral difference and that they’re loosely reality shows.

10. Some Truth: My 600lb Life

My 600lb Life follows morbidly obese participants for a year while they are seeing Dr. Younan Nowzaeadan (or Dr. Now, for short) in Houston Texas. Dr. Now performs general and vascular surgeries including gastric bypasses on patients that most doctors are not able to. Most X-Ray machines do not go over 450lbs. Most house scales and scales at doctor offices do not go over 300lbs. Dr. Now has specialized equipment that can accommodate the minimum weight for the show, 600lbs.

My 600lb Life just follows the participants on their journey. No one forces them or watches them like they are watched on shows like Biggest Loser. So, many people look at gastric bypass as a magical weight fixture, but in reality, they either do not lose that much weight or they gain more weight.

Also, many of the participants have food addiction due to something terrible that happened in their childhood. It could range from sexual abuse to mental or physical abuse. Dr. Now suggests therapy for these participants.

9. Most Fake: Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddlers and Tiaras aired from December 2008 until October 2013. It launched the careers of Honey Boo Boo and Eden Wood. Each kid competes in three different categories.

In an interview with Radaronline.com, Devin’s mother, Darci McHenry states that Devin had to retake a scene of her “Singing a song spontaneously” six times. She goes on to say how some things are completely recreated while some things are real.

“You’re mic’d the whole time. You can be addressing one person and editors can come in and splice it to make it look like you’re addressing someone else with those comments because it makes for better television.” Darci McHenry continued.

Staging half-dozen pageants for Toddlers and Tiaras, Maxine Tinnel says much of the drama is manufactured and manipulated. In August 2016 a sequel to Toddlers and Tiaras, called Another Toddlers and Tiaras, aired August 2016.

8. Some Truth: Little People, Big World

This was a tough one to judge, but I ultimately decided to place it on the ‘some truth’ side. Little People, Big World is a documentary about the Roloff family from 2006 and is still a show today. Matt and Amy stand at 4 feet tall. They were raising their four children when the show first started, Jeremy and Zach (twins), Molly, and Jacob.

They owned and operate a 34-acre plot of land in Oregon. They used to have tours of the property until a woman fell over the picnic pavilion and claimed to have had several injuries. She sued for $1 million dollars. Her lawyers stated that she sustained injuries as a direct result of the negligence of the Roloff couple.

One of the reasons this was hard to decide where to put was because TLC had used a cliffhanger at the end of season 5, where Matt had collapsed on the floor. Fans were so worried that they went to social media trying to figure out what had happened to him. Some had speculated he had died. Matt ended up going to Twitter and showing he was fine. When the next episode aired, he had been months free of having any passing out issues that were caused by his Vertigo.

7. Most Fake: Breaking Amish

Breaking Amish is a reality TV show that follows one Mennonite and four Amish as they experience the outside world (New York City) for the first time. This show has a spin-off called Return to Amish. However, one of the 30-year-old members, Jeremiah Raber, stated he needed to figure out who he was by leaving his family’s farm for the first time at the age of 18; however, there is proof that he left several years before that. He was married Naomi Stutzman for 6 years with three children. She filed for divorce for “Gross Neglect of Duty” and “Extreme Cruelty.” She stayed in a shelter for victims of domestic violence and got a restraining order.

Another issue was when Jessica and Abe met. They said they had never met before, yet there is proof that not only had they met prior to the show, but also they were in a relationship! They also have a child together.

Since 2011, Andrew Schmucker has been in and out of probation and jail. He recently was sent to prison for seven years because he violated his parole.

6. Some Truth: Dr. Pimple Popper

In 2015, Dr. Sandra Lee, a board-certified dermatologist, started an Instagram account because she wanted to explain her world of dermatology in visual ways. She would show pictures from consults, surgeries, and in-office procedures. Procedures range from Mohs surgery, Botox, keloid removals, ear surgeries, blackhead extractions, and dissections of lipomas and cysts.

She now has a following of 2.6 million fans on Instagram and 3.2 million fans on Youtube. On her Youtube channel, it states she does her videos to “educate you about different diseases of the skin, hair, and nails, and give you some skin care advice.” She even uses tools like the comedone extractor and curved blackhead tweezers to get blackheads. This show started January 3, 2018.

5. Most Fake: Sister Wives

Polygamy is when one man marries multiple women at one time. Polygamy is illegal in the United States, but some states don’t pursue these families, like Nevada.

Sister Wives was first started in September 2010. Kody Brown was married to Meri and had three “Spiritual Wives” Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. However, in February 2015, Kody announced he was divorcing Meri, whom he had been married to for over 20 years. He wanted to marry Robyn so he could adopt her three children for health benefits and stability.

Prior to the first season ending, Utah’s police had started an investigation into the Brown family because of their bigamy laws. The Brown family made it appear that due to the police investigation they were forced to move. Or were they? Radar Online interviewed Christine’s Aunt, Kristyn Decker, who stated they had been talking about moving long before the investigation. They used the drama with the state to get ratings.

4. Some Truth: Say Yes To The Dress

In 2006, filming began for Say Yes To The Dress with TLC. This show is real. There are also spin-offs, like Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta, that is filmed in the Atlanta location of the dress shop. However, I do have to warn you, due to the popularity of this show, if you go to the store during non-production days and do not have a 90-minute appointment with them, you will have to fight 20+ other brides to be looking for dresses, platforms, and mirror space. Also, with camera magic, the storefront looks bigger than it actually is.

However, if you do get a 90-minute appointment, you can inform them of a budget, get a personalized consultant, the owners will give you their personal numbers in case of issues, and you are not obligated to get any of the 4 dresses you try on.

3. Most Fake: Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium follows the business of Theresa Caputo. With the help of TV magic, she can make anything happen.

During her live shows, she uses obvious cold readings. When a “reader” (like a psychic or medium) uses a person’s body language, age, clothing, hairstyle, gender, religion, race, level of education, and manner of speech to assume a lot of information about a person.

However, Theresa took it a step further. According to magician and skeptical investigator Mark Edward, who did an expose on her in 2012, says “At one point Theresa asked a woman, ‘Why am I picking up baby clothes?’ To which the woman replied, ‘Oh that’s weird. I just put up a bunch of pictures of baby clothes on my Facebook Page.’ Not weird at all, really.” Why isn’t this weird? Well, Edward goes on to explain that Theresa uses credit cards from Ticketmaster, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and whatever other social media she can find. Our society overshares, which means you can find anything out on a person.

2. Most Fake: Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing started in December 2010 and ended in December 2012. It followed extreme couponers as they collected and used coupons to get a large number of groceries for close to nothing, if not free. The reason this is on the fake side is that the scenarios were scripted, stores’ coupon policies were fixed for the show, and some conducted unethical coupon procedures.

In real life, extreme couponing is made into a full-time job. 40+ hours a week. Collecting coupons and matching them to sales and to the stores’ coupon policies. Many will also go to the store first thing in the morning so they do not miss out on any of the items that were advertised.

One episode had a store in Arizona that allowed one of the couponers to double up on all of their coupons. However, that store at that time had a policy that you could only double up on your first three coupons.

1. Some Truth: My First Home

My First Home is a half-hour reality show that follows families, couples, singles, or even best friends as they go from searching for their dream home to owning their dream home.

Not only do you have to learn new lingo, such as contingencies are when a home seller receives an offer from a buyer, but the buyer needs to meet conditions before finalizing. Or, Escrow, which means after the seller accepts the offer, escrow can start depositing monies, documents, and instructions into an account until all sale is verified and complete. You get to see a large variety of homes from a two-bedroom condo in LA to a two-story colonial in Tennessee.

Some of the stages are searching for a home, making a bid on that home, and getting an inspector, who may find things like faulty wiring. After that, and if the Escrow doesn’t fall through, you receive a lot more paperwork prior to receiving those dream keys.



Florida Man Jumps Off Bridge To Get Away From His Crazy, Drunk Girlfriend

Florida Man Jumps Off Bridge To Get Away From His Crazy, Drunk Girlfriend

Usually when you’re riding around in your car with your girlfriend and the phrase “jerked it” is involved, it means it was probably one of the best rides of your life.

Unfortunately for one Florida man, that was not the case Tuesday. In fact, pretty much the exact opposite happened to the poor bastard.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the man and his girlfriend were driving across a bridge spanning the Intracoastal Waterway in Jupiter when she suddenly began “striking him” repeatedly. She then “grabbed hold of the steering wheel and jerked it, causing the car to slam into the concrete barrier separating traffic and come to a stop.”


Wanting no more of the “There is no Dana, only Zuul” treatment, the dude…wait for it…jumped off the bridge and swam to a nearby park to escape her wrath. Police arrived on the scene a short while later and backed up the notion that the man’s girlfriend was a fucking nut job, so she was taken into custody and hauled off to jail.

No word as to what the guy has been doing since his girlfriend has been in the clink, but our guess is that he’s been on an epic bender ever since to celebrate his newfound freedom.




Dashcam footage from on I-95 in Florida shows a gray car attempting to change lanes begin swerving and suddenly spinning wildly out of control across three lanes. The driver of the car, however, stayed calm and skillfully recovered within moments and without incident.

15 Celebrities That Threw Tantrums On Set And Almost Got Fired

15 Celebrities That Threw Tantrums On Set And Almost Got Fired

Everyone loves watching videos of people freaking out in public. It’s just one of those things that’s amazing to witness as long as you’re not the one getting yelled at. While everyone has days where they’re feeling ‘off’ or are acting rude to strangers, celebrities need to avoid those days as much as possible. After all, they’re one public breakdown away from ruining their entire careers — just ask Mel Gibson. To be honest, it’s surprised that there aren’t more celebrity fits on the sets of movies.

Making a movie is hard work. The hours are long, the job is stressful, and you can find yourself stuck in remote areas of the world for months at a time. Things can get heated on set, but everyone tries their best to remain level headed. Often times, when there is a clash on set, it’s a sign that the movie is going to turn out horribly. After all, if the actors and directors don’t agree creatively, how does the audience know that the right choices are being made?

By reading through this list, you’ll see how even the most respected, down to Earth actors can lose it on set every now and then. That’s not to say they’re bad people, they just couldn’t control their emotions. Then again, some of these fits are absolutely ridiculous. When is it ever acceptable to tell your boss that you’re going to kill them with your bare hands?

15. Christian Bale — ‘Out Of Order Beyond Belief’

Christian Bale had, quite possibly, the biggest (and most public) breakdown while filming Terminator Salvation. It all happened when the director of photography, Shane Hurlbut, made the mistake of walking behind the camera while in Bale’s eye-line. Bale was distracted by Hurlbut’s movement and ended up fumbling over his lines during a take. Frustrated, Bale went on a rant screaming at crew members and saying that he would never work with Shane Hurlbut ever again.

Normally, these outbursts remain private but one of the crew members recorded Bale’s rant and leaked it to the media. Shortly after, Bale went on a Los Angeles radio station to apologize for his foul-mouthed tirade. Bale said, “I was out of order beyond belief. I make no excuses for it. There is nobody who has heard that tape who has been hit harder than me. The one thing that disturbs me so much is that I’ve heard a lot of people saying that I seem to think I’m better than anybody else. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am a lucky man.” Bale also went on to say that just a few hours after his rant, him and Hurlbut had made amends.

14. David O. Russell — ‘Remember Your Lines For Once’

David O. Russell is a highly respected director in Hollywood like Joy, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and of course, Three KingsThree Kings is praised as one of the best war movies to come out of the 1990s. It was nominated for multiple Oscars and holds a 94 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, David O. Russell is notorious for getting into arguments with the actors in his movies.

For example, when filming Three Kings, David O. Russell got into an argument with some of the extras on set for continuously messing up takes. George Clooney, who was already frustrated by the entire production, yelled at the director and essentially said to aim his frustration at Clooney, instead. In his exact words, Clooney said “I told you, if you’re going to pick on somebody, pick on me.” David O. Russel responded by turning to Clooney and yelling “Why don’t you just remember your lines for once?” The two then grabbed each other and were tussling before crew members stepped in and pulled them apart.

13. Gene Hackman — ‘Pull Up Your Pants And Act Like A Man’

The Royal Tenenbaums was Wes Anderson’s big break into Hollywood. Though he had directed two movies before, The Royal Tenenbaums was the movie that really tested him as a director and as a person. He was given a star-studded cast that included Bill Murray, Ben Stiller, Danny Glover, and unfortunately, Gene Hackman, who had no interest in being involved in the production. He was begged by his agent to take the role, despite Hackman only receiving a fraction of his normal pay rate.

According to reports, Hackman was nearly impossible to work with and put Anderson through hell. He verbally abused the young director so much that other actors would step in to defend Anderson from the verbal onslaught that he was receiving. Hackman called Anderson every foul name in the book, and even said that Anderson needed to “pull up his pants and act like a man.” In later interviews, Anderson and Gwenyth Paltrow admitted that they were terrified of Hackman while on set.

12. Marilyn Monroe — ‘It Was Like Kissing…’

Since her death, Marilyn Monroe’s status has become larger than anyone could have ever imagined. But, let’s be honest, she’s not really deserving of her fame. Yes, she is an absolutely gorgeous actress who starred in so many major movies, but she was also someone who struggled to deal with their problems. And, if reports are to believe, she was also an absolute nightmare to work with on set.

After leaving the movie business for a few years, Marilyn Monroe decided to make her comeback with the movie Some Like It Hot. By this point in her career, Monroe was a household name and had grown tired of always playing a blonde bimbo on the big screen. But that’s who her character was in Some Like It Hot. She was so displeased with her role that she was frequently late, ruined scenes, and was a difficult person to be around. Her co-star, Tony Curtis said that when he kissed her it was like kissing Hitler. She was such a monster on the set that she wasn’t invited to the wrap party when production ended!

11. Nicolas Cage — Trashing His Trailers

Nicolas Cage has become somewhat of a meme these days, but he was once a respected actor. To some extent, he still is a respect actor — it’s just that people think he’s a really weird guy. However, if you had asked someone what they thought of him thirty years ago, they would probably tell you that he was an immensely talented man with a very short temper.

In his own words, Cage said that his anger as a young actor should have landed him in jail. In recent interviews, Cage revealed that he would destroy his trailers on set, insult anyone around him, and trash his hotel rooms. Cage felt that this was the best way for him to get into his characters, who were often villains in movies. In the years following his destructive tendencies, Cage said that he regretted his behavior on set and was lucky that he didn’t end up behind bars. He also said that Richard Gere was the one to convince him to change his behavior and to act more like a professional.

10. Chevy Chase — The Diva That Ruined Community

Any fan of the show Community will tell you that Chevy Chase single-handedly destroyed the show. While he’s a great comedic acting talent, Chase was nothing but a miserable succubus during production. To start, Chase would berate cast and crew members while on set and tell them that he hated the show and say things like how he thought it was the least funny show he’s ever seen. Furthermore, Chase had been arguing with the show runner, Dan Harmon, since production began.

Their feud peaked when Harmon leaked a very profane voicemail that Chevy left him. The voicemail brought to light what was really happening with Chevy Chase behind the scenes of Community. After the message was leaked, people began to look into Chase’s background and found that this wasn’t the first time his co-workers hated him. In fact, Chase was hated by just about everyone he worked with on Saturday Night Live and even fought with Bill Murray backstage during a taping.

9. Megan Fox — Complained About Having To Visit The Pyramids

To anyone who was a fan of the Transformers movies starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, the behind this behind the scenes drama shouldn’t come as a surprise. Back when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was being filmed, there were many reports coming out saying that Megan Fox was being a nuisance on set. These claims were mostly unverified until Fox said that Michael Bay “was like Hitler” on set. That’s when some of the crew members that worked with her wrote a letter to the press, outlining what a nightmare Megan Fox was to work with.

According to the letter, Fox bailed on a dinner prepared by the Royal Prince of Jordan, but that’s not even the worst part. Production was halted in Egypt for a day due to unforeseen circumstances. Michael Bay thought it would be fun to take the cast and crew to see the Pyramids of Giza, and Megan Fox responded to the news by saying ““I can’t believe Michael is forcing us to go to the pyramids!”

Fox was replaced by another actress in the third Transformers movie, probably due to her behavior. When reflecting on that time in her life, Fox said that it was a definite low point. Her beef with Michael Bay is in the past, though, as she starred in his two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.

8. Tom Hardy — Got Knocked Out By Shia LaBeouf

Tom Hardy is seen as a very talented actor whereas Shia LaBeouf is somewhat of a crazy diva as of lately. When the two were working on Lawless back in 2012, there were rumors that the actors had gotten into a fight. The movie studio tried to hush these rumors, but the director came out and said that the two did in fact get into a physical altercation. However, he added that the details of the altercation were exaggerated by the press. As the story goes, the two actors got into a fight and LaBeouf allegedly knocked out Tom Hardy. Even tough guy Tom Hardy said that LaBeouf knocked him out, though many people believe that he said it sarcastically to poke fun at the very idea that LaBeouf was capable of such a thing.

Though we all love Tom Hardy, he might actually be difficult to work with. According to reports, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron couldn’t stand to be around each other while on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road. One of the cast members said that this wasn’t because they didn’t like each other, but it was because they were stuck in a desert together for six months.

7. Dustin Hoffman — Wouldn’t Stop Yelling At The Director

Recently, Dustin Hoffman has been at the center of some very serious assault allegations. While on a panel promoting his new movie, Hoffman was confronted by John Oliver, who was supposed to be moderating the Q&A. Oliver berated Hoffman about the accusations and while his intentions were good, Oliver ended up looking worse than the guy he was accusing of sexual assault. Then again, Hoffman has been accused multiple times through his career — but we’ll save that for another article!

Back in the 1980s, Hoffman starred in the critically acclaimed movie, Tootsie. Though Hoffman was praised for his performance on screen, he was also criticized for his behavior off screen. For example, Hoffman would regularly have shouting matches with the director Sydney Pollack over minor disagreements. Hoffman said that he doesn’t normally yell at people, but when he does it’s only because they yell at him.

6. Russell Crowe — ‘With My Bare Hands’

Gladiator was an instant classic. It won five Oscars and it was nominated for countless others. The movie stars Russell Crowe, who, as it turns out, was pretty miserable to work with. For example, Crowe refused to say his iconic line “And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next” because he thought it was a bad line. Eventually, he was persuaded to say it and after he did, he told the director “It was terrible, but I’m the greatest actor in the world and I can make even that sound good.” Yikes!

However, the worse thing that Russell Crowe did during Gladiator involves a phone call he made. At 3 a.m., Crowe called the movie’s producer, Branko Lustig, and said he was going to kill him with his bare hands. Crowe made the call after discovering that Lustig refused to pay some of the assistants on the movie what Crowe thought was a fair wage. Lustig was so shook up by the phone call that after Crowe hung up, he immediately tried to quit production!

5. Julia Roberts — “Tinkerhell”

Filming in front of a green screen can be an absolute nightmare for some actors. Ian McKellen, for example, started to cry while filming The Hobbit because he was so depressed that he was being forced to act in front of a green screen by himself. Julia Roberts experienced a similar feeling of loneliness when she was working on Steven Spielberg’s movie, Hook.

Apparently, a number of factors in Roberts’ life caused her to be somewhat of a nightmare on set. She had just gone through a rough breakup and was bummed out that she had to film the majority of her lines alone in front of a green screen. This lead her to act out off camera and she was just a miserable person to be around. Roberts, who played Tinkerbell, was often referred to as “Tinkerhell” by some of her co-workers. When asked if he would ever work with Roberts again, Spielberg confidently said no. Roberts, on the other hand, says that a lot of the rumors about her are not true. “Hand to God: not a thing I read about that was truthful and it really hurt my feelings. Because not only did it make me sound mean, but it was a situation where people who knew the truth talked about it in a way that wasn’t untruthful.”

4. Tom Cruise And Rob Lowe — ‘We Beat Each Other’

The Outsiders is the movie that launched the careers of Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe. Though they have vastly different careers now, they were once co-stars in a movie about troubled teenage boys from low-income families. The movie is a little corny by today’s standards, but it’s still worth watching for anyone who wants to see some of the biggest stars from the 1980s in one movie together.

There’s one particular scene in The Outsiders where Rob Lowe punches Tom Cruise. When filming, Lowe accidentally hit Cruise for real, and apparently Cruise retaliated with such force that the two immediately starting to fight each other. Rob Lowe recalled the event in an interview and said, “We all beat the living s***t out of one another. We really did. I got one clean shot on Tom, and Tom is such a competitive lunatic — which is what I love about him — but the next thing you know he’s ready to kill me.” The two were quickly pulled apart and production continued onward.

3. Bill Murray — Picked Arguments With Lucy Liu

Bill Murray is loved by everyone on the internet, and to be honest, I don’t really know why. As someone who isn’t a fan, the mythology of Murray is too ridiculous to be true. For example, people often cite a story where Murray went into a bar and just jumped behind the counter and started serving everyone tequila. That’s hilarious for everyone except the bar owner. And if you look at what Murray’s former co-stars are saying about him, it’s never good.

For example, when filming Charlie’s Angels, Murray had quite a massive feud with Lucy Liu. According to reports, the two would have non-stop arguments with each other. Here’s how Murray said one argument started, “We began rehearsing this scene, and I asked, ‘Lucy, how can you want to say these lines? These are so crazy.’ She got furious with me because she thought that it was a personal assault, but the reality is that she hated these lines as much as I did. But for twenty minutes there, we went to our separate corners and threw hand-grenades and sky rockets at each other.”

2. Bill O’Reilly — We’ll Do It Live

Bill O’Reilly is more than likely only going to be remembered because of his massive breakdown on television. Though he isn’t on the air anymore due to some allegations of sexual assault, his relentless rant will go down in history as the biggest news goof of all time. And if someone from from his show hadn’t leaked it, the Internet would have no idea it even happened.

While taping his show Inside Edition, O’Reilly became frustrated with the teleprompter. It was having some issue and it was making it difficult for him to do his job. He stopped reading it altogether and began yelling at someone off screen. As his frustration grows, O’Reilly screams “We’ll do it live! Do it live! I’ll write it and we’ll do it live!” The Internet isn’t a very forgiving place, and the very brief clip instantly became a meme around the world that is still used to this day. The only thing that would have made this clip better is if O’Reilly actually stumbled like this live on TV!

1. Bette Davis And Joan Crawford — Childish Feud On And Off Set

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford had a rivalry that can only be described as childish. Where the rivalry began is unknown, but it probably stems from the fact that the two stars were always competing against each other for movie roles. But, when both were cast as the stars of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane they took their rivalry to the next level.

To start, Joan Crawford was married to the CEO of Pepsi during production, so Bette Davis insisted on having a Coca Cola machine in her dressing room. Later, when Bette had to drag Joan across the floor as part of a scene, Joan filled her pockets with rocks to make it harder for Bette. When Bette was nominated for an Oscar and Joan wasn’t, Joan insisted on presenting the award for Best Director. Furthermore, she called up all of her actor friends to say that she could collect the award on their behalf should they choose to stay home. As it turns out, Bette didn’t win the Oscar that year, Anne Bancraft did, but she wasn’t at the ceremony so Joan went on stage to collect the award!

Drunk Florida Woman Crashes Car, Urinates Roadside While Her Kid Plays In Traffic

Drunk Florida Woman Crashes Car, Urinates Roadside While Her Kid Plays In Traffic

Strong “Mother of the Year” candidate.

According to the Daily Mail, a 28-year-old Florida woman is in deep shit after she reportedly crashed into several cars along Interstate 4 outside of Tampa Tuesday afternoon, but it’s what happened next that really cements Brianna Dee Knox’s in the “Florida Woman Hall of Fame.”

Police said that shortly after Knox crashed her red 2001 Honda into four vehicles along the interstate, the crap heap of a car broke down under an overpass, and that’s when shit really got weird, as Knox got out of her vehicle and started acting “erratically and disturbed.”


And by “erratically and disturbed,” we mean that she let her two-year-old son wander through interstate traffic while she dropped her drawers and took a piss along the side of the road. Charming.

Police arrived on the scene a short while later, but Knox wasn’t done adding to the list of charges that were about to be levied against her, as she allegedly “kicked one of the troopers in the chest while being handcuffed.” In the end, Knox was booked on a plethora of charges that included DUI, child neglect, leaving the scene of a crash and battery on a law enforcement officer.


Guy Goes Full Psycho After Getting Rejected By Girl Through Text

Guy Goes Full Psycho After Getting Rejected By Girl Through Text


FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Real Facts That Sound Like Bullshit But Are Actually True

FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Real Facts That Sound Like Bullshit But Are Actually True

Real life is often far stranger than fiction. While fiction is limited by our ability to imagine, reality has infinite possibilities and hence can produce infinitely unexpected situations. We have learned to control so many aspects of our life that when we see accidents, coincidences, or anything unexpected, we find ourselves in denial because they were not what we have imagined. Here are some such facts that sound like bullshit but are actually true.

1. The killer whale is a natural predator of the moose.

Image Source: Ryan HagertyMinette Layne

The natural habitats of moose are the forests of the Northern Hemisphere with temperate and subarctic climates. At present, they are mostly found in Canada, Alaska, New England, Russia, Fennoscandia, and the Baltic states. They are the largest species in the deer family, but unlike deer, they also feed on aquatic vegetation such as lilies and pondweed. They are unique in their ability to dive underwater and often reach lake bottoms to feed on plants. Moose have special fatty pads in their nose that help close the nostrils preventing water from entering.

Being a large animal, a fully grown moose has few enemies except Siberian tigers. Packs of grey wolves and brown bears are known to prey on vulnerable moose, especially females with calves. As moose often dive for food, they are also preyed on by killer whales when swimming between islands near North America’s northwest coast. There are also instances of moose being attacked by Greenland sharks.(source)

2. Tumors can have hair, teeth, bone, and even complex organs such as eyes and brain matter. In rare cases, they can also contain structures resembling a fetus. 

Image Source: wikipediaNisreen M Khalifa et al

Named after the Greek words for “monster” and “tumor”, teratomas are tumors that result from abnormal development of germ cells and embryonic stem cells. Both these types of cells are pluripotent, that is, they are a type of stem cell that can develop into several types of tissues including those of intestines, lungs, nervous system, bones, teeth, and the tissues of various organs. Tumors of these cells often result in the development of abnormal structures having even skin and cysts which may have abundant hair. Rarely, they could also develop into a malformed fetus which may even have a few complete body parts.

Teratomas develop in people of all ages and typically form in the ovaries, testis, or tailbone. They usually are harmless, unless they grow quite large, divert blood flow from vital organs, or result in autoimmune illnesses. Over a quarter of ovarian tumors and almost half of testicular cancers are teratomas.(source)

3. It takes a week to 10 days to make a jellybean.

Image Source: Brandon Dilbeck

During the first phase, the syrup is made by boiling sugar and other ingredients to the right consistency. Flavor and color are then added to the syrup which is then piped to the starch casting area. The casts are made using cornstarch, and the heated syrup is squirted into the tiny molds. Each tray contains several hundred to over a thousand molds. When everything is cooled down, the candy centers are dumped out and the cornstarch is recycled.

The candy centers are then added to a stainless steel, hollow sphere which rotates several hundred times per minute. To these rotating spheres, more sugar, flavor, and syrup is added, all of which forms the hard shell around the previously made candy centers. A glaze of confectioner’s sugar is also added to give them their glossy coat. This whole process takes between six to 10 days.(source)

4. Wasps get aggressive towards the end of summer because they get drunk on fermenting fruit hanging from the trees. 

Image Source: JB aus Siegen

Once they are finished with providing for their queen, the worker wasps have nothing left to do before they die than to enjoy themselves. Wasps have a surprisingly diverse taste for food. Though they mainly feed on nectar, they also forage for food. They are known to feed on decaying flesh, live arthropods, honeydew, the food humans eat, and even prey on honeybees and spiders. They also feed on ripe and fermenting fruits which gets them drunk. This makes them bolder and more prone to attack.(source)

5. In 1919, a large tank storing 2.3 million gallons of molasses burst during a heat wave flooding the streets of Boston at 35 mph with molasses killing 21 and injuring 150. 

Image Source: Boston Public Library

The molasses tank belonged to Purity Distilling Company, and the molasses was to be transferred to another plant in Cambridge. The tank was 50 feet (15 meters) tall and 90 feet (27 meters) in diameter containing 2.3 million US gallons (8,700 cubic meters) of molasses. On January 15, 1919, the temperature had risen from 2F to above 40F (-17C to 4C), and around half-past midday, the tank collapsed shooting rivets like bullets.

The molasses wave was 25 feet (8 meters) high and flooded several blocks two to three feet deep. It was strong enough to damage nearby railway girders and momentarily tip a railroad car off its tracks. A truck was also hurled into Boston Harbor. Buildings were swept off their foundations, and being a very sticky liquid, it was as nearly impossible for those caught in the wave to survive. Rescue efforts were hampered as reaching the victims was made difficult because of the syrup. Several of the dead were so thickly coated that they were hard to spot.(source)

6. The pistol shrimp clasps its claws so fast that it creates a bubble that reaches 5,000 K (4,700C), almost the surface temperature of the sun. The bubble’s implosion causes a shockwave “shot” that stuns its prey. 

The pistol shrimp is one of the loudest creatures in the ocean world, the others being beluga whales and sperm whales. When the pistol shrimp’s claw snaps, the pressure generated is enough to stun or even kill small fish. Though it does have two claws, only one of the claws works as the snapping claw which snaps so fast that the water evaporates creating a vapor or cavitation bubble. At a distance of four centimeters, the snap generates an acoustic pressure of 80 kilopascals. The cavitation bubble has a velocity of an amazing 100 kilometers per hour and the sound reaches 218 decibels. As it collapses, the cavitation bubble produces sonoluminescence, that is it emits short bursts of light and reaches a temperature of 5,000 K (4,700C). For comparison, the sun’s surface temperature is about 5,800 K (5,500C).(source)

7.  The platypus has no nipples. The female instead “sweats” milk for its babies. 

Image Source: wikimedia

Platypus, also known as the “duck-billed platypus,” belong to one of the three types of mammals known as monotremes, that is mammals that lay eggs rather than giving birth to a baby. It wasn’t until 1884 that the naturalists could confirm that the female platypus laid eggs. Each female lays around one to three leathery-shelled eggs, and the hatchlings are initially blind and hairless. Being a mammal, the platypus has mammary glands but no nipples. Instead, the milk is released through the skin pores and gets collected in the grooves in her abdomen from where the babies lap it up.

Another interesting fact about platypuses is that they have a sense known as electroreception. Instead of sensing other animals using their eyes or ears, they sense them by detecting electric fields generated by muscular contractions. Monotremes are the only mammals with electroreception, and platypuses are the most sensitive.(source)

8. In the 1960s, the CIA spent $20 million on creating spy cats by implanting microphones in the cats and dropping them off in the Kremlin and near Soviet embassies. 

The project named Acoustic Kitty was launched by the CIA’s Directorate of Science & Technology. The implantation surgery took an hour during which the veterinarian implanted a microphone in the cat’s ear canal. The microphone is connected via a wire to a small radio transmitter located at the base of its skull. The first Acoustic Kitty was released in a park near the Soviet embassy in Washington, DC to innocuously record and transmit a conversation between two men. It is alleged that the spy cat died almost immediately after being hit by a taxi. According to CIA’s former director Robert Wallace, the cat didn’t die. The equipment was taken out, the cat was re-sewn up, and went on to live a long life. But, the project had to be abandoned because, to the CIA’s consternation, the cats were difficult to train and got easily distracted by food when hungry.(source)

9. The fax machine was patented in 1843.

Image Source: wikipediawikimedia

Scottish inventor and engineer Alexander Bain,  known for his invention of the electric clock, worked on developing the early versions of the fax machine between 1843 and 1946. Bain created an apparatus that contained a clock and two pendulums and an electronic probe that scanned metal pins arranged on a cylinder made of insulating material for scanning and transmission. The received message was then reproduced on an electrochemically sensitive paper. He patented the mechanism on May 27, 1843.

In 1848, an English physicist named Frederick Bakewell patented a superior “image telegraph.” However, both Bain’s and Bakewell’s mechanisms were not practically viable as they produced a poor quality image and the transmitter and the receiver were never truly synchronized. In 1961, Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli invented the first practical telefax machine called the Pantelegraph. He also introduced the first commercial telefax service 11 years before the invention of practical, workable telephones.(source)

10. There were 50% fewer people in the world when John F. Kennedy was the president of the United States. 

Image Source: wikipedia

According to the United Nations estimates, the world’s population between 1960 and 1965 was over three billion. The world population reached seven billion on October 31, 2011, and as of December 2017 is 7.6 billion. It took more than 70,000 years for the population to rise from less than 0.015 million in 70,000 BCE to one billion in early 1800s CE. In around 100 years, the population doubled and grew to 2.5 billion in the 1950s. In just 50 years, the population was 6.1 billion and is estimated to reach 8 billion by 2025.(source)

Crazy Footage Shows Rocket Booster Falling Out Of The Sky Next To Chinese Town And Exploding


Crazy Footage Shows Rocket Booster Falling Out Of The Sky Next To Chinese Town And Exploding

Early on Friday, China launched a Long March 3B rocket to send satellites to space. The launch was successful, however, one of the boosters nearly crashed directly into a town.


Crazy-Ass Dude Is Somehow Mining Bitcoin While Driving


Crazy-Ass Dude Is Somehow Mining Bitcoin While Driving

Some might call this dedication. We're calling this are-you-frigging-kidding-me.

This Timelapse Of A Frozen River Turning Into An Ice Jam Is Frigging Terrifying

This Timelapse Of A Frozen River Turning Into An Ice Jam Is Frigging Terrifying


Thanks to all the rain and cold temperatures in New York, we had the chance to see something as crazy as this.


Don't Be These Guys - 10 Creepy Boyfriends Who Are Walking, Talking Red Flags

Don't Be These Guys - 10 Creepy Boyfriends Who Are Walking, Talking Red Flags



These guys are the reddest of red flags. If your boyfriend is displaying some of this behavior, you might wanna dip outta that relationship. Or at least screenshot some of his insanity and post it on the internet for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Sometimes You Find A Used Thong In The Pocket Of Your New Jeans

Sometimes You Find A Used Thong In The Pocket Of Your New Jeans



It’s not everyday I buy clothes, let alone jeans. But when I do buy jeans one of the few things I ask is that I don’t find someone’s used underwear in the pocket. You know, I think that’s a small thing to ask. But that’s exactly what one New York woman found in a new pair of Nordstrom jeans she recently bought.

Christine Evans took it to her Twitter to let the store (and everyone) know that she actually found a used white thong in the pocket of her brand new Not Your Daughters Jeans. Whatever that is.

Take a look at the tweets below:




And what was Nordstrom’s response?


Evans also reveals she was offered a replacement pair, but also said that wasn’t enough.

“I would imagine that a company such as this one could do more for a loyal, card-holding customer. As a nurse, the numerous amount of health hazards this issue presents is astounding,” Evans adds.

Nordstrom says they are hoping to get to the “root of the problem.”

The problem is that someone clearly bought these jeans, took it home, decided to shove their thong in the pocket and then returned the pair of jeans after they realized they weren’t a fan of it. Although I would like to know the real story. Perhaps some lady soiled herself and decided to take off her underwear and shove them in her pocket.

Hey, I’m just spitballing theories.

Woman Who Claimed She Was Attacked With Acid Admits She Lied & Actually Burned Herself

Woman Who Claimed She Was Attacked With Acid Admits She Lied & Actually Burned Herself

A New York woman who reportedly told police she was the victim of an acid attack has recanted her story, cops said. Lizzie Dunn, 52, told CBS New York she was attacked Monday morning in Staten Island by a stranger who, she claimed, tossed a caustic substance in her face, inflicting serious burns. Dunn told police at the time that she was alone at a bus stop around 11 a.m. when a woman asked her for cigarettes and money.



First they run you over and then they start moving you around to make sure internal injuries will finish you off.

10 Random Shower Thoughts That Are Total Mind F*cks

10 Random Shower Thoughts That Are Total Mind F*cks







10 Insane Crime Fighting Tools You'll See In The Future

10 Insane Crime Fighting Tools You'll See In The Future

The fight against crime is a noble one that makes the world safer for everyone. As police search for violent criminals, they will need to have every tool that they can get.

As a result, governments around the world have been investing money into research firms that can create crime fighting tools that help convict people, stop crime, and even potentially end crime before it happens.

Some of these tools seem like great ideas, while others seem to be a lot more insidious than we'd expect them to be. Either way, you might want to take a look at the newest vanguard of crime fighting tools being bought up by governments around the world.

Brain Fingerprinting

Brain fingerprinting allows police to see your mind's reactions when it comes to a number of images — which in turn can help them glean if you are guilty or not.

Studies have shown that most criminal brains will light up when shown crime-related details on screen. So far, this advanced technology has been able to get confessions from people who initially claimed innocence.

Many people are saying that crime fighting tools like these may be discriminatory, primarily because we can't always base a person's reaction on guilt.

It's possible that brain fingerprinting could also cause false positives. Who's to say that the person who's being interrogated couldn't have PTSD from something else?


IBM has recently developed a number of crime-fighting tools in the form of programs. Blue CRUSH, one of their most powerful developments, uses "predictive analysis" to figure out where a person will most likely commit a crime — and who will be most likely to commit it.

Currently, the city of Memphis has begun using Blue CRUSH with spectacular results. Since the program's start, the city has seen a 31 percent drop in violent crime.

Blue CRUSH is allegedly a "crime prevention" tool, but this has many people concerned about the implications. Can police arrest someone for looking like they're about to commit a crime? At what point does a crime become a crime, if the person didn't commit it yet?

At what point do we stop living in America, and start living in Minority Report?


Every new vehicle seems to be equipped with OnStar, a specialty program that helps you get police assistance in the event of a major accident. Most of us are acquainted with it — at least in passing.

However, most people don't know that OnStar is actually one of the newest crime fighting tools in police arsenals, too. The newest OnStar-compatible machines have a mechanism that forces vehicles that are reported stolen to slow down.

The end result? No car chases for police, and a more easily recovered car.


Gunshot wounds are deadly. That is, after all, why guns are still used in war, and why many violent criminals love guns. They are powerful weapons that can kill a person with one blow.

The time that a police officer has to respond to a call about a gunshot fire is priceless. Every little second counts. The problem is that most people can't figure out where gunshots have come from, which in turn means that police often lose precious minutes trying to trace the shot.

ShotSpotter is technology that allows sensors to pinpoint where the gunshot comes from. It's been implemented in Washington D.C., and has been seen as a lifesaver for gunshot victims.  Whether or not these crime fighting tools can stop a shootout from continuing remains to be seen.


No, not the overpriced electrolyte-filled water. That's Smart Water.

SmartWater is becoming an increasingly popular way to deter thieves in the United Kingdom. This water-based spray has a unique chemical code that looks invisible under daylight but glows when it's exposed to a specialized light signature.

Should a thief steal a prized possession that has been sprayed with SmartWater, it'll become very apparent that it's been stolen when police scan the item for its signature.

As a result, more people get their items back and thieves are getting caught with increasing ease. Crime fighting tools have never been so easy for civilians to use.

Noise-Related Crowd Control

Marketed under a number of different names, police departments across the world are now using tools that create noise that is literally too painful to be around. The end result is that protests get scattered and that any criminals who would be running amok end up having to stop what they're doing.

This is one of those crime fighting tools that really doesn't sit well with most people. It's nonviolent, but it also could be used to silence people who are trying to peacefully protest against things they don't agree with.

Microwave Active Denial Systems

Active Denial Systems, also known as ADS, are currently being developed as a way to control large crowds and also keep people from becoming high-risk threats. ADS weapons work by sending high-frequency microwaves in the direction of people.

The microwaves cause the water and fat inside people to boil, which in turn causes serious, crippling pain. It could potentially be lethal, which is why many people are worried about ADS-based crime fighting tools actually making it to the streets.

Police in favor of it say that they approve of the longer incapacitation time and that it actually would take a while to cook someone from the inside out using ADS. However, it's still really unethical to most of us.


Much of police work involves searching, rescuing, and also chasing after criminals. In some cases, they may end up in serious fights with criminals who do not want to go to jail.

Many cops could do their jobs better if they were stronger, faster, or otherwise more physically capable than the average human being. Exoskeletons would solve that issue almost immediately — and yes, the US government is working to bring them to police forces.

This technology would allow police to lift multiple times their weight, run faster, and also sustain more damage than they normally would. If these crime fighting tools become mainstream, then you can definitely call the police "Robocops."

Cloak And Dagger

Imagine if police would be able to blend in with their surroundings — no matter what their surroundings would be. That's basically what Cloak And Dagger aims to do.

This technology uses thousands upon thousands of miniature holographic discs to blend into the background and bend light around the wearer. If police were to use this in their crime fighting endeavors, they would be way more capable of sneaking up on criminals and doing quick arrests.

This espionage-ready gear might be one of the coolest tools for crimefighters we've seen yet.

The Dazzler

At first glance, the Dazzler looks like a standard flashlight — but it's really anything but! It's actually one of the most interesting nonviolent crimefighting tools to be invented in recent years.

This invention, which has been created by the US Department of Homeland Security, has specialized LED lights that create a psychophysical effect on people.

Those who have the Dazzler turned on them and are unfortunate enough to actually look at the lights will find themselves feeling disoriented, sick, and nauseous. Most people will end up vomiting after exposure to the light.

This incapacitates the person in question and allows officers to apprehend them nonviolently.

An Aggressive Driver Attempted To Cut Off A Trucker Who Had No F*cks To Give

An Aggressive Driver Attempted To Cut Off A Trucker Who Had No F*cks To Give

An aggressive driver immediately realized their mistake when an attempt to cut off a commercial truck didn't go a planned.  Prolly in one of the trucks blind spots.


10 Most Unfiltered Commentary Tracks

10 Most Unfiltered Commentary Tracks



The concept of the commentary track as a special feature for movies and television shows is on its way out. After all, physical media is giving way to streaming. Creators of content primarily meant for streaming haven’t bothered much with recording them since a brief experiment with it for the first season of Netflix’s House of Cards,[1] and in light of relatively recent revelations, it’s unlikely any content providers want to emulate that program.

This is a bit of a pity. Sure, many commentary tracks are unbearably dull, particularly those which are nothing but feature length self-congratulations. But something about being in that booth during the recording session can cause some entertainers, even celebrities, to completely drop their public relations persona and let their anger out in entertaining ways. Podcasts wish they could get such uninhibited sound bytes.


10 ‘The Principal And The Pauper’
Commentators: Ken Keeler, Matt Selman, Etc.

“The Principal and The Pauper,” from Season Nine of The Simpsons, was one of the most derided episodes from the golden era of the show. That’s especially true among people involved in making it, such as show creator Matt Groening and voice actor Harry Shearer.[2] The revelation that fan favorite character Principal Seymour Skinner was actually a completely different veteran pretending to be Seymour Skinner was both made irrelevant by the end of the episode and considered an arbitrary betrayal of what fans felt they knew about the show. All this criticism was front and center when it came time to make special features for the DVD.

The writers and producers directly responsible for the episode start off with a bit where they discuss whose idea it was to ruin the show. Then they yell at the hypothetical fans, “For God’s sake . . . let us try something different!”

Ken Keeler, who pitched the episode and wrote the first draft, then takes over much of the rest of the track. He blames much of the fact that it wasn’t clearer that the theme of the episode was about people who want everything to stay the same on changes from his original script. The subject of the conversation then wanders over to saying “isn’t it strange” about the fact that people care about TV shows and the characters in them. It’s the rare track where a lot of the running time is spent criticizing the listener.

Dead Right
Commentators: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

For the special edition of his 2007 hit Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright pulled out all the stops in terms of filling the DVDs with special features. He not only included a feature-length home movie that he made in 1996 while still going secondary school, but he recorded two commentary tracks.[3] For one, he forced the stars of Hot Fuzz to watch Wright’s home-made police procedural parody, even though neither of them had even met the director when he made it. Dead Right features all the lame jokes, bad pacing, dismal, washed out colors, and bad sound quality you’d expect from a comedic student film shot on video, so naturally Pegg and Frost have resentment to burn.

They start the track off calling the film a “piece of sh—” and riffing on the movie in a MST3K-style, but before long, they lose the will to do even that and start saying things like, “I want to kill myself.” Frost picks up a particularly edgy habit of commenting on the breasts of the various actresses who appear in the movie. The first time, Pegg points out to him that the actress in the video was 15, but Frost brushes it off by saying, “Yeah, but not now.” By the end, they begin breaking down into mocking laughter at the thought that anyone would ever enjoy watching it. It’s likely that no one else watched Dead Right until Edgar Wright forced Pegg and Frost to do so as his sadistic way of coping with being fired from directing Ant Man.


A Million Ways To Die In The West
Commentators: Seth McFarlane, Charlize Theron, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild

Warning: NSFW

Of all the movies featured here, this one by far took the worst beating from film critics, and only one other might have been more attacked by audiences. Many of the criticisms of this 2014 film centered around what was felt to be an indulgent performance and story by auteur Seth McFarlane.[4]

Consequently, much of the commentary track is devoted to salving McFarlane’s bruised ego. He attacks critics for saying that he’s a frat boy comedian, finding the whole idea of such a thing ridiculous since, supposedly, frat boys don’t go for a neurotic field like comedy. The commentators also accuse critics of writing their reviews in advance.

What seems to push the whole conversation over the top is when McFarlane tells his associates about one bad review for Ted, which said he “mercifully” kept himself out of the movie. Charlize Theron then tells those hypothetical critics who might be listening, “I just want to tell you f—ers, you can suck my c—.” So far, there’s no evidence that she’s gone that far in any talk show interviews.

Commentator: Francis Ford Coppola

Even before he became immortalized for directing 1972’s The Godfather, which is still widely believed to be the best movie ever made, Francis Ford Coppola was a wunderkind. His screenplay for the World War II epic Patton won him an Academy Award that blew away the tarnish of such bombs as Finian’s Rainbow,[5] so it would seem only natural to have his perspective for the film’s 40th anniversary release. The problem was that the producers had him alone for three hours, and he wasn’t involved in the production of the film itself, which is where the most interesting stories related to making a movie usually occur.

As a result, Coppola uses up all his interesting anecdotes about the history and storytelling choices that went into the screenplay before the movie is one quarter over and then has to struggle to think of things to say, grumbling about how talking about a movie that he only wrote the screenplay for is “like doing commentary on the Parade of Roses the day after it happened.” He becomes digressive enough that he begins making observations like how the Russians must have hidden all their beautiful women behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. However true that might have been, it’s probably not what all the World War II buffs and film students who would listen to this track were looking for.

6Dazed And Confused
Commentator: Richard Linklater

This 1993 film that vividly recreated a day in the life of some teenagers in Austin, Texas, during the US bicentennial introduced audiences to many of the biggest upcoming stars of the coming era, including Milla Jovovich, Matthew McConaughey, and Ben Affleck. It was also the first studio film for the future director of School of Rock, the Before trilogy, and Boyhood, Richard Linklater. He’d just released one of the pioneer films of the 1990s indie film movement, Slacker, which famously inspired Kevin Smith’s Clerks.[6] Anyone who has seen those movies or heard him in an interview knows that Linklater either is or likes to present himself as a relatively laid-back film director. That’s not the case here at all.

To hear Linklater describe it on this 2006 Criterion Collection release, the studio was not shy about reminding him that he was a neophyte. For example, he claims his request to include a helicopter shot in the end of the film was treated with condescension so cruel that they practically laughed at him. Initial test audiences weren’t much kinder, supposedly responding to being asked what they thought of the ending with, “What ending?” This claim is corroborated by Ben Affleck in the special features, who says he was almost recruited for a test screening audience for his own movie by someone who dismissed the film as being about “teenagers having sex in cars.”

But the scene that most gets under Linklater’s usually pretty thick skin is a shot which features an extra in the background playing foosball and recklessly spinning the paddles. Linklater asserts that because 1976 was a time when foosball players treated it as practically a sport, that extra was a “dipsh—.” Perhaps that’s not an unusual feeling for directors to have about particularly overzealous extras, but it’s not often recorded.


Gone Girl
Commentator: David Fincher

In 2015, it became a minor revelation online just how candid the notoriously meticulous director David Fincher often is on commentary tracks and in interviews, resulting in screencaps with subtitles from his commentary tracks going viral on Tumblr. Yet even by his standards, Fincher’s gloves were off for the 2014 thriller Gone Girl, in between the fascinating insights into his creative process, of course.

Even before the movie starts, Fincher gets a shot in by saying that during editing, they learned that Regency Pictures needs to “get a new logo.” Early on, he describes how his crew spent weeks scouting the shooting location for the movie and settled on Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He happened to tell Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn about this, and she told him that it had been the place that had inspired the story, which left Fincher with a feeling he describes as, “You don’t have to keep it a f—ing secret!” He also finds time to speculate based on how well Ben Affleck could improvise a fake phone call during a scene that he would be very good at covering his affairs. This comment was recorded before it became public that Affleck was doing just that.[7]

But most memorable are Fincher’s thoughts on a scene where Neil Patrick Harris’s character parks his car. Fincher addresses the claims that he is notorious for doing a staggering number of takes for his scenes. He says that a particular shot of the car stopping right in the middle of the frame took him only two takes and concludes “so go f— yourselves.” Surely, this will be an inspirational quoteused in film schools for generations to come.

Bowling For Columbine
Commentators: Various Interns And Production Assistants

When it came time to create special features for this controversial, Academy Award–winning 2002 gun control documentary, Michael Moore must have felt it was a perfectly populist idea to forgo recording a commentary track himself in favor of letting some of the minor crew members do so. After all, these are the people who you never hear on commentary tracks. The problem was that his selection of people happened to be such an obnoxious bunch that if it came to light that the track was secretly recorded by the National Rifle Association to alienate Moore’s fans, it would not be a surprise.

Among the many low points is when they insult a police officer who Michael Moore is trying to interview for turning his head away from the polemicist because “he didn’t understand.” In one scene, Moore asks a spokesperson for Lockheed-Martin whether there’s a connection between the mass shooting at Columbine High School and the fact the that there was a local factory producing missiles. When spokesperson Evan McCollum says he doesn’t see a connection between those two elements, one of the commenters concludes the only reason he wouldn’t is that he’s “brainwashed,” and another puts on a mocking dumb voice to say “because I get paid not to think!” (It was probably actually because the factory was manufacturing rockets to launch television satellites.[8]) About all there is to learn from the commentary is that one of them found a particular statistic in “a book of facts” that she keeps telling everyone is coming. How it ever saw a commercial release is hard to imagine

3‘The Last Episode’
Commentators: Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson

Warning: NSFW

In 2000, Kevin Smith was at the height of his professional clout with his highly successfully “Askewniverse” collection of connected comedies that were very edgy for their time. When ABC adapted his breakout hit Clerks into an animated series, that clout turned out to mean very little in the world of network television at the time. Only six episodes were produced, and of that modest run, only two were aired.[9] You might think problems with the network contributed to the angry tone of this track from a filmmaker who usually records casual, pleasant commentaries. However, it turns out that almost all the real animosity he expresses seems to be directed at one person who had nothing to do with that.

A few minutes into the episode, Smith begins describing how one of the network lawyers sat in on the table read for the final episode (a pastiche of the classic 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon Duck Amuck). Then, in the elevator, while members of the production were present, he very sarcastically said, “Oh, I get it. Jay and Silent are drawing the cartoon. Ha ha ha.”

Apparently, this drove Smith berserk because his insults toward that person range from saying, “I hate that f—ing jerk” to “animal child rapist.” Smith says he wishes he could name the person but never does. When the other commenters try to change the subject, Smith won’t let it go and says, “Let’s go back to that thin-mustached lawyer.” He then recounts when he met that person again at a bar in New York City just before the show premiered and how he wished he’d had the nerve to chew the guy out. Apparently, it’s much easier to become one of Kevin Smith’s bitterest enemies than anyone would have expected.

The Limey
Commentators: Steven Soderbergh, Lem Dobbs

Photo credit: Artisan Entertainment

Steven Soderbergh won over audiences time and again with such hits as Ocean’s ElevenErin BrockovichTraffic, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape.[10] He also won over critics with movies like Logan Lucky and Contagion. Screenwriter Lem Dobbs has such beloved credits as Dark City and his rewrite of Romancing the Stone. When they got together for The Limey, a modest gangster movie from 1999, Dobbs really held nothing back about how he felt the film had been treated, even by the director sitting in the room with him.

From right around the beginning, Dobbs decries a bad review from “that motherf—er from Variety ” that said the screenplay was thin as Soderbergh’s fault. At another point, he decries all of screenwriting as a “hopeless profession” because changes are made to screenplays. When Dobbs complains about a particular scene having been cut, Soderbergh says, “I’ll send it to you.” In his exasperation, Soderbergh also decries Dobbs’s whole profession when he says that of course the writer’s guild goes on strike when “it’s full of people like Lem.” It has to be almost the furthest thing from mutually congratulatory that a commentary track has ever been.

Pan’s Labyrinth
Commentator: Guillermo Del Toro

Warning: NSFW

This 2006 Mexican-Spanish film didn’t just win three Academy Awards along with shelves of international prizes.[11] It was a monster international hit around the world, most impressively in the United States, despite being a Spanish-language film. That doesn’t mean that writer and director Guillermo del Toro doesn’t have some grievances he wants to air for all the home video customers of the world to hear.

While his most in-depth complaints are related to the fact that the Spanish film industry is even worse than the American film industry and general public at typecasting actors, it’s working with animals that draws his ire. Specifically, it was all the scenes where he worked with horses. He has some harsh words for cows, too (he calls them “perverted animals”), but it’s horses that he dubs “nasty motherf—ers.” As he tells the audience, if he ever makes a Western, they should know “that poor fat b—ard suffered.”

Tweets That Prove Logan Paul's Been Pushing The Limits For A Long Time

Tweets That Prove Logan Paul's Been Pushing The Limits For A Long Time

With Logan Paul continuing his radio silence after the massive, widespread fallout from posting the video last week that featured footage of a dead body in Japan's Suicide Forest, we went ahead and pulled together some of the older social media activity from Paul. Turns out the guy's always been on the outer end of the spectrum, with an apparent propensity for stirring up solid controversy...

Some Dudes Are Rubbing Nitroglycerin On Their Penises To Get Erections

Some Dudes Are Rubbing Nitroglycerin On Their Penises To Get Erections


Thanks, but I’ll just stick with spinach or the little yellow guys.

According to Metro, there are some guys on this planet who have turned to a new “anti-impotence” gel instead of the usual Viagra pills when they’re having trouble getting hard-ons. That gel? You guessed it – nitro-fucking-glycerin.



Invented in 1847, Wikipedia says that nitroglycerin is most commonly used as “an active ingredient in the manufacture of explosives, mostly dynamite, and as such it is employed in the construction, demolition, and mining industries.” But in 2018 it’s a whole new ballgame, and guys are rubbing it in gel form on their dicks when they’re having issues with getting it up for the ugly girl at bar time.

Researchers found that the anti-impotence gel worked 12 times faster than Viagra, and 44 percent of men were able to “achieve erections” within five minutes of rubbing it on their hogs.



Naturally, there are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using the nitroglycerin goo.

“Potential advantages include potential for a fast action and ease of use,” consultant urologist David Ralph said. “Their use could be incorporated into sexual foreplay, increasing the level of intimacy between couples.”

Side effects include headaches and of course, the slight chance that you could blow up your dick. Good luck with that one, fellas.


Colorado Gunman Livestreams Killing Officer And Shooting 4 Others During 911 Ambush Call

Colorado Gunman Livestreams Killing Officer And Shooting 4 Others During 911 Ambush Call


The Colorado gunman who shot 5 officers killing one last week, Matthew Edward Riehl, actually Periscoped his 911 call setting up the cops. Also, the police have released graphic bodycam footage of the whole incident showing just how crazy and set on killing the men Riehl was.

Riehl was a veteran who had known mental problems, escaping from a facility in 2014. Police say the gunman had a made threats against professors at UW Law previously, where he earned a degree, saying his spiels were confusing rants leaning toward mental illness.

Since the Copper Canyon Apartments Officer-involved shooting, the biggest unanswered question has been, “what happened.”

With permission and support from the Zackari Parrish family, as well as that of the injured deputies and their families, this video is intended to communicate directly with the employees of the Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County and the communities we serve and to you about what happened in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 31.

Using body cam video and audio from deputies who were directly involved in the shooting, the video allows the viewer to hear the compassion with which Zackari Parrish interacted with the citizen, the attempts at helping the citizen, the storm of gunfire that deputies encountered from the citizen, and the attempts at a rescue of our deputy.

In the production of this video, we have removed all images and audio of the suspect, being sensitive to the families involved, our employees and members of our community impacted by this tragedy.

Because the video contains images and sounds from actual Law Enforcement Body Worn Cameras, viewer discretion is advised.

Huge Brawl Erupts At A Memphis Movie Theater

Huge Brawl Erupts At A Memphis Movie Theater

They didn't even order popcorn yet.

Will It Meatloaf? With Rhett & Link

Will It Meatloaf? With Rhett & Link



In this clip from Monday's episode of their weekly morning comedy series, "Good mythical Morning," comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Charles "Link" Neal conduct a new "Will It?" experiment to find out if ingredients like pizza, the entire Taco Bell menu, sushi, chips, and more, will make a tasty meatloaf.


10 Awesome Fan Theories About Extremely Popular TV Series

10 Awesome Fan Theories About Extremely Popular TV Series


Series are the way of the future. Netflix has capitalized on this, and more traditional TV networks such as HBO, Fox, and ABC continue to do so. Many of you reading this have likely spent an evening or ten binge-watching your favorite shows, replete with all their in-depth story arcs and character development that few movies can hope to match.

Other than binging their favorite series, fans have another hobby in the form of thinking up all sorts of theories about their favorite characters. Below are some examples of fan theories about new and old favorites. Please note that there are potential spoilers ahead.

Stranger Things 2

Photo credit: Netflix

As with the first season, there are multiple fan theories about the fantastic second season of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. These include Eleven/Jane’s mother being connected to the Upside Down, Steve becoming a police officer in Season 3, and the Upside Down being in the past.

A theory that tops all of the above, however, is one that says Stranger Things and IT take place in the same universe. There have been references to other Stephen King books, such as The Mist and Firestarter, and then a reference to IT in Season 2. Bob tells Will about a clown that terrorized him as a child and how he eventually got the clown to stop coming to him in his dreams. Therefore, fans are now wondering if an It cameo is possible in future seasons.[1]


Riverdale is one of the best new series to have started in 2017. Based on the Archie characters, it follows the lives of teenagers Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead as they navigate school and relationship issues and battle dark secrets within themselves and the town of Riverdale.[2]

At the end of the first season, Archie’s father, Fred Andrews, is shot at Pop’s diner by a figure in a black hood. He then went on to kill Geraldine Grundy in Season 2 as well as attack other people. It was eventually revealed during the show’s mid-season finale that the killer is the school janitor, Joseph Svenson. A fan theory now has it that this big reveal was simply a fake out. It is believed that the janitor is taking the rap for the real culprit for reasons still unknown or that he is the Black Hood, but he didn’t work alone.


Photo credit: Netflix

Mindhunter, another mind-blowingly good Netflix series based on a true crime book, had audiences glued to their screens in 2017. The series is centered around FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who interview incarcerated serial killers, hoping to learn more about how they operate.

Holden Ford has captured the imagination of fans in a variety of ways, even to the extent of many believing that the show will lead to the FBI agent becoming a serial killer himself.[3] A fan theory on Reddit says that Ford exhibits all the signs of the serial killers he has interviewed. These include being overly sensitive about sexual issues, having had only one real relationship with a woman (that wasn’t working out), mommy issues, and exhibiting sociopathic behavior. At the end of the series, Ford will also be interviewed, if this theory pans out, that is.

The Librarians

The Librarians is currently in its fourth season, and while it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it has a cult following of fans who love adventure and fantasy shows. The show is centered around four people who fight off supernatural enemies, solve mysteries, and recover ancient artifacts.[4] In the series, the Library is a magical building filled with not only mystical books but also artifacts from lore.

Surprisingly enough, there aren’t many fan theories about this show, but in 2015, there was one on Reddit which surmised that King Arthur may have been the very first Librarian and that Avalon was, in fact, the Library. Traveling to a place “in the mists” could have referred to a realm connected to ours, just on a different plane. Also, in many legends, it is stated that when Arthur goes to Avalon, he doesn’t die there. He prepares to return at a future time.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running series on this list. It has delved into some ridiculous plotlines over the years, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from returning to the new seasons.[5]

It is, therefore, not surprising that the fan theories about the show are sometimes beyond crazy and over the top. Some of fans’ ideas about this much-loved medical series include that the characters are actually superheroes, that the whole show is an elaborate dream, that Lexie Grey wasn’t real, and that a tornado will kill everyone in the series finale.

One of the most popular ones is that Clay Jensen from 13 Reasons Why appeared in Grey’s to get new ears from plastic surgeon Mark Sloan so that he could listen to Hannah’s tapes when he got older. Then this would also mean that Addison is actually Hannah’s mom. Sounds right up Grey’s alley, right?

Once Upon A Time

This series has had its ups and downs over the course of its seven seasons. Some fans gave up, while others remain loyal to see if it will get that X-factor back that made it so popular at the beginning. Fairy tales colliding with the real world is a great premise for a series, though, and Once Upon a Time is also no stranger when it comes to fan theories.[6]

Some of these are weirder than others, such as a romance between Ariel and Rumple, rumors that Dr. Who might feature in the series somehow, the belief that Green and Blue will have a epic fight, and the assertion that Emma is actually insane.

A very recent fan theory has it that the latest arrival in Storybrooke will be Moana. This is derived from the fact that Lucy’s mother hasn’t yet been revealed, and a Polynesian mask was hanging on a door during one of the episodes.

Black Mirror

Photo credit: Endemol UK

Black Mirror as an anthology sci-fi series centering on dark and satirical themes. This show went down very well with audiences worldwide and is currently in its fourth season. One of the theories that surrounds this series ties in with a very popular show that debuted in the 1990s: Friends.[7]

The theory is that Ross from Friends predicted the theme of a Black Mirrorepisode. In the episode, two women start a romance at a sea resort by the name of San Junipero. Later on, the resort is revealed to be a simulated reality where old or deceased people can live on in the form of their younger selves.

In a Friends episode, Ross tells Chandler about a book he’s reading in which it stated that by 2030, computers will be as functional as the human brain, and people will be able to download their memories and thoughts into a computerand live forever that way. This is said to be very similar to the aforementioned episode of Black Mirror.

American Horror Story

Much like The LibrariansAmerican Horror Story isn’t for everyone, but the show also has a massive following. Featuring all sorts of ghouls and creepy stories each season, this series is perfect for horror fanatics. And, obviously, fan theories are plentiful.

Fans believe that later seasons of the show contain many references and story lines that mirror earlier seasons. Then they theorized that this trend will continue as a major crossover event in Season 8. The crossover would be between the Murder House characters and the Coven characters. The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, has since revealed that he is planning this, so in this case, a fan theory became a reality.[8]

Game Of Thrones

Photo credit: HBO

Game of Thrones is likely the most watched show on this list. It also very likely has the most fan theories on the Internet. These include theories about mysterious notes and incest, among others.[9]

One of the most epic theories is that Game of Thrones is an analogy for climate change. Much like how in the show, humans are out to get each other while the world crumbles around them, humans in real life do the same while climate change runs rampant.

Also, the story of GoT goes under the “banner” of A Song of Ice and Fire. In the show, the ice is represented by the White Walkers and the fire by the dragons. The wildfire started by Cersei Lannister is also used as evidence for this theory—one that goes into a lot more detail, hoping to convince fans of its validity.

13 Reasons Why

Photo credit: Netflix

This Netflix hit stirred up a lot of controversy over its depiction of rape and suicide. That didn’t stop hordes of fans from binging the show and also coming up with far-out theories about its characters.[10]

Theories include that Alex attempted suicide but will survive, that Alex is hiding the fact that he’s gay from his father, that Alex wasn’t the one in the ambulance, an alternate ending in Season 2, and so on.

The craziest theory, however, has nothing to do with Alex or alternate endings. Instead, there is a rumor that the ever-helpful Tony Padilla is a ghost. Despite being debunked by the actor who plays Tony, the theory is still gaining traction. Fans are convinced that Tony is either a figment of Clay’s imagination or dead and talking to Clay from the other side.


Sleuths Think They've Solved DB Cooper Case

Sleuths Think They've Solved DB Cooper Case


An intriguing twist in the DB Cooper hijacking case: Amateur investigators say a 1971 letter believed to have been sent to authorities by the hijacker has a code that points to his identity, reports Oregon Live. The sleuths, who are preparing a documentary, say they've deciphered a series of numbers at the bottom of the letter that prove a Vietnam vet named Robert Rackstraw of San Diego is the famous bandit. They're not providing precise details on how they arrived at the conclusion just yet, but they say the numbers, including 717171634, refer to Army units that Rackstraw served in during the war, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A former military code-breaker on the investigative team, led by documentary filmmaker Tom Colbert, is behind the apparent discovery.

Rackstraw's name has surfaced before as a suspect, and he's been coy of late on the subject. "They say that I’m him," the 73-year-old told the San Jose Mercury News last year. "If you want to believe it, believe it." Last summer, the FBI formally closed its investigation into the hijacking, in which the man dubbed Cooper parachuted out of a plane over Washington state with $200,000 in cash. Rackstraw is a former Army paratrooper, one of the many reasons Colbert's team has long focused on him. In the 1971 letter, the hijacker says he used face putty to disguise himself, which could explain why Rackstraw, who was in his 20s at the time, could have resembled the middle-aged hijacker depicted in the famous artist's sketch of Cooper.


19 Insane Morons On Facebook Who Can't Stop Their Bullsh*t

19 Insane Morons On Facebook Who Can't Stop Their Bullsh*t



9 Funny, Odd, Bizarre But Totally Real News Headlines

9 Funny, Odd, Bizarre But Totally Real News Headlines -


With all the discussion of "fake news" last year, it's sometimes comforting to see a headline that is unquestioningly true -and these headlines can't be more obvious.

No, NASA is Not Hiding Kidnapped Children on Mars

If ever there was an article to make you depressed about the state of the American public, this might be it. Yes, it really should go without saying that NASA is not kidnapping children to use as slaves on Mars. Sadly, after the idea was introduced by a conspiracy theorist on Alex Jones' radio show, NASA actually had to clarify that it was, in fact, not running a child slave colony on another planet:

“There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars... But there are no humans,” Guy Webster, a spokesperson for Mars exploration at NASA, told The Daily Beast.

What will people believe next? That the world is flat or that lizard people run the government -oh wait...

Concentration Camp Themed Escape Room a Bad Idea

If there's one thing people don't take lightly, it's the Holocaust. So the idea of making a game out of the experience would seem like a terrible idea to most people -but one company in the Czech Republic thought it was a good enough idea to make it into a reality with their Auschwitz-themed escape room. Unsurprisingly, the public at large was not thrilled with the idea and after a lot of outrage from people located across the globe, the room was quickly shut down.

While the company issued a statement claiming they meant the game to be educational, their original marketing made the experience sound like it was meant to be nothing but a simple amusement.

Don't Put Ground-Up Wasp Nests In Your Vagina

Yes, among other things, 2017 was the year that some women on the internet started spouting the benefits of putting ground oak galls, which are wasp larvae that have been laid in tree branches, in their vaginas in order to "tighten the muscles." As you might expect, this isn't something beneficial to vaginal health and doctors, sadly, had to make multiple announcements telling women not to use the galls in their vaginas.

Please Don't Glue Your Vagina Shut During Your Period

Wasps nests weren't the only threat to women's vaginas this year; another strange proposal for woman's health -the idea of gluing a vagina shut to stop the flow of blood from her period.

"Yes, I am a man and you as a woman should have come up with a better solution than diapers and plugs, but you didn’t. Reason being women are focused on and distracted by your period 25% of the time, making them far less productive than they could be. Women tend to be far more creative than men, but their periods that [sic] stifle them and play with their heads." -Now that's exactly the kind of language everyone wants to hear from someone who purports to have invented the next stage of feminine hygiene products.

It should go without saying that gluing a vagina together is not a brilliant idea, no matter what Daniel Dobbs, a chiropractor from Wichita and the inventor of Mensez, tells you. While he explains that his feminine "lipstick" merely needs to be applied to the vagina to seal in the blood, which will be released when the woman urinates, Jen Gunter, a San Francisco OB/GYN, explains that doing so could cause abrasions or possibly even cause the vagina to seal together, which would require surgical separation to repair.

Fortunately for women everywhere, Mensez has not yet been manufactured as Dobbs is seeking investors for the time being -given the blowback, it's unlikely this "lipstick" will hit your local store's shelves any time soon.

Nope, You Probably Shouldn't Seal Your Penis Shut With a Sticker Instead of Using a Condom

2017 was apparently the year for gluing genitals shut for dubious reasons. In fact, men were told to seal their penises shut using a Jiftip sticker when they have sex -their website states the idea "began as a desperate attempt to avoid using condoms;" but the product is not actually approved to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, making us wonder what the point of the Jiftip is other than the satisfaction of feeling a sticker block your semen from coming out.

The problem isn't just the spread of infections and unwanted pregnancies, but also a physical danger related to blocking an ejaculation. "Ejaculating under high-pressure circumstances may back up your system," says Koushik Shaw, MD, of the Austin Urology Institute, who believes this could result in prostate or penile problems over time. He also expressed concern over pain from the removal of the product, which must have a strong seal if it actually manages to seal in the semen.

Please Don’t Eat a Tide Pod, No Matter What the Memes Say

A late addition to the obvious headline game, the last week of 2017 saw media outlets telling the public to please not eat Tide pods in response to a number of memes spreading that promote the cleaning products as a tasty treat. Detergent pods are not only (presumably) gross tasting, they are also incredibly poisonous and have killed plenty of kids and even some adults.

No, Microwave Ovens Cannot Spy on You -For Lots of Reasons

Microwaves are pretty incredible, but they still can't be magically turned into cameras -but don't tell that to Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, who claimed that microwaves are being used to spy on US citizens, including the president. "There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, through their—certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways," Conway said. "And microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera. So we know that that is just a fact of modern life."

Wired actually went through a full, lengthy explanation of why you shouldn't be worried about your microwave spying on you, but the bottom line is that a microwave can never be used as an imaging device or any type of spy device for that matter.

Note to President Trump: Andrew Jackson wasn't alive for the Civil War

US presidents aren't required to pass a US history test before serving their term, but they're still expected to know the basics -like how Andrew Jackson not only would have prevented the Civil War, but that the wasn't even alive when it started. According to President Trump though, "[Jackson] was really angry that-- he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War. He said, 'There's no reason for this."

Trump later went on Twitter to defend himself, explaining "President Andrew Jackson, who died 16 years before the Civil War started, saw it coming and was angry. Would never have let it happen!" Even so, Twitter users and others across the globe were quick to point out that the president's original comments did not indicate this knowledge, just like his previous comments on Fredrick Douglass seemed to indicate that he believed the legendary abolitionist is still alive.

Jet Lag Impairs Performance of Major League Baseball Players

All but the most dedicated fans will admit that even the best baseball players, while great athletes, aren't super human. So it should be no surprise that players, just like the rest of us, are subject to jetlag. Researchers discovered that traveling through two or three time zones is enough to misalign a player's biological clock and make his game suffer as a result.

While this may seems like common sense, the study may help baseball managers plan their team's travel in a way that could give them an edge in the game.



Uber Driver Charges Passengers $150 Cleaning Fee To Pay For His Ticket

Uber Driver Charges Passengers $150 Cleaning Fee To Pay For His Ticket -

What started out as a normal ride slowly turned into an Uber experience from hell. A couple took an Uber while in Las Vegas and were ultimately charged a $150 cleaning fee for a mess they never made. The driver was pulled over for not having a valid license plate and it was discovered that the driver had not one but two warrants out for his arrest. How he wasn't arrested on the spot is beyond us, but what he and Uber did after the fact with enrage you.

The Receipt: A $148 dollar cleaning fee.

The riders conversation with Uber's helpline following the charge.

The 'Damage':

The riders perspective does seem to back up their claim, only maybe they were embellishing about the 2 warrants for his arrest. That's the only detail that doesn't quite add up.

Uber is a master at keeping their hands clean and almost never has to own up to the actions of their drivers and for that we say, shove it Uber, next time I'm walking!








17 9-1-1 Dispatchers Give An Inside Look Into A Day On The Job

17 9-1-1 Dispatchers Give An Inside Look Into A Day On The Job




Poop-Smearing Passenger Redirects Flight To Anchorage

Poop-Smearing Passenger Redirects Flight To Anchorage -


Maybe I need to start lowering my standards for who I hope sits in the seat next to me when I fly.

According to KTVA, some asshole on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Hong Kong Thursday night forced pilots to divert the plane to Anchorage, Alaska after he…wait for it…smeared feces “everywhere.”


Police said the dude smeared his shit in a couple of the bathrooms and then had something extra special up his sleeve for an encore that pretty much ensured nobody else would be able to use the crapper. That’s right, kids. He then took off his shirt and tried to “stuff the toilet” with it.

Thankfully, the flight crew was able to get the guy to stop rubbing his crap on the plane, and he eventually returned to his seat while they called Anchorage to let them know to get a room at a local hospital ready for a psych evaluation.


We’ll go ahead and venture a guess that getting the guy to return to his seat made everybody else on the plane much happier. Well, except for the poor bastards who drew the short straw and were sitting next to him. I mean, a guy like this has “middle seat” written all over him for sure.


It's Funnel-Web Spider Season, So Be Happy You Don't Live In Australia

It's Funnel-Web Spider Season, So Be Happy You Don't Live In Australia


If you are deathly afraid of arachnids, we’d venture to guess you don’t spend a lot of time in The Land Down Under. If you do, we’d have to assume you’ve gotten yourself as used to spiders as humanly possible considering some of the deadliest ones in the world reside and flourish there.

But enough beating around the bush, as time is of the essence in just about every conceivable way. It’s mating season for the venomous funnel-web spider, and with a bite that can kill in 15 minutes without being properly treated, it’s best you prepare yourselves.

news report out of Australia details a startling discovery by local New South Wales woman Bec Sheedy, who recently discovered a deadly funnel-web spider on a wall in her home. Describing it as “probably about 5cm in diameter, so smaller than an open palm,” these jet black nightmares literally have fangs powerful enough to puncture a human fingernail. Sheedy goes on to say that she’s “seen more redbacks this year than in the past but [she hasn’t] seen a funnel-web since [she] was a kid.”


Funnel-web spiders are common on Australia’s east coast and even extend from Queensland to New South Wales. However, due to the fact that it’s presently mating season, the odds have increased slightly that residents will bump into them, especially in the evening hours. According to Paul Hare, Invertebrate Keeper at Taronga Zoo, this is due to male funnel-webs going on the hunt for females. Considering the species thrives on cool, damp environments (often hiding in pools, bathrooms or the household laundry when detected), nighttime is go time.

And just to add an extra layer of anxiety, it should be understood that these ugly buggers can survive submerged underwater for a couple of days. Hence, why you should never reach into a pool filter or garden without a fairly thick pair of gloves on.

Of course, not all is as doom and gloom as it seems. Hare also makes a point to mention that “the reality is [funnel-web spiders are] just not as bad” as they used to be. “These days if you were to die from one, there’s something else going on,” he goes on. That’s because there hasn’t been a fatality since 1981 when Dr. Struan Sutherland created an antivenom.

Bottom line: If you’re bitten by a (mostly defensive) funnel-web spider, get yourself treated immediately and all will be well. Never go out of your way to kill one, either, as they play an important role in the ecosystem by killing more irritating bugs like cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. Plus, as Hare puts it, due to their incredible resilience, they’re “alive until it’s proven otherwise.” So if you’re going to murder one, you’d better do a damn good job of it or they’ll hunt you down in the night.



Guys Spot An RV On The Highway That Is About 2 Seconds From Falling Apart

Guys Spot An RV On The Highway That Is About 2 Seconds From Falling Apart

Looks like Walter and Jesse had a bit of a problem with their last batch of meth

19 People Describe Eerie Gut Feelings That Proved To Be Correct

19 People Describe Eerie Gut Feelings That Proved To Be Correct


Following your instincts can, in some cases, literally save your life or the lives of those around you. In fact, trusting your intuition can be scientifically justified, meaning that you're not on edge, you're just evolved. These stories of people who trusted their intuition further prove gut feelings should never be entirely ignored; they may be a signal of the death of a loved one or the signal that saves their life. Following your instincts could be the difference between life and death.

Stories of people trusting their intuition, collected from Reddit users, demonstrate humanity's inexplicable talent for anticipating the future. The next time you get a creepy gut feeling, take some time to mull it over; you never know when it might save you from an object through a windshield or a predator in the bushes.

14 Insane Behind-The-Scenes Reasons Star Wars Almost Never Got Made

14 Insane Behind-The-Scenes Reasons Star Wars Almost Never Got Made

Star Wars: Episode IV was a nightmare behind the scenes. In the years since the movie's massive success, there have been plenty of Star Wars production stories that show just what kind of miracle George Lucas, his crew, and the film's actors pulled off to bring audiences the movie of the century in 1977.

If you're curious about why Star Wars almost never happened, look no further than the Empire of Dreams making-of documentary, which details Lucas's quest to make the Original Trilogy. The early days, from writing the first film to actually shooting it, were especially rough, both on the cast and the crew. Even Lucas became ill while filming A New Hope.

The film went over budget, suffered several delays, was a bore in its first cut, and missed its original release date. Somehow, we still have the immense pleasure of enjoying this film today. Discover all of the insane reasons why Star Wars almost never happened, and be even more thankful it did.

15 Teachers Reveal the Pettiest Sh*t Parents Have Complained About

15 Teachers Reveal the Pettiest Sh*t Parents Have Complained About

Being a teacher must be exhausting; you have to put up with these little unruly turds for an entire day, teaching them valuable life skills and grading their impossibly stupid tests.

All the while wondering when the parents are gonna show up and chew you out for giving little Susie a C- on her test (uh, well she spelled "apple" "appelle" sorry you're daughter is dumb af, Carol).

At least these educators kept their cool while their student's dad complains about teaching his kid that the moon landing actually happened.

1. ZoidbergBOT uses the wrong colored pen:

The color of red pen I use. Apparently it's too dark of a red to be considered red, and if i cant do my job properly using the correct red, im unqualified to teach

2. Kumquat-May is too quiet:

Back when I used to teach, I had a parent once complain that my classroom was 'too quiet', and as a consequence her daughter and her peers got too much work done, and they felt it was bad for their daughter's brain to be learning so much so quickly.

via shutterstock

3. inpinktights didn't dress her student properly:

I had a parent complain that her kid was wearing a tight spaghetti strap tank top because the kid got hot and took off her sweater. She yelled at me for what she dressed her kid in?

4. cletusvanderbilt didn't follow instructions to a T:

The bottom of a "t". She wanted me to force her daughter to write the letter "t" as it appears in typing. She scheduled a PTA meeting about it.

5. LaurenTheOne gives a brutal lesson plan:

Parents once complained that I let my 7th grade, intermediate ESL students read a story that was a whole 22 pages long, with images for their book report. They had more than a month to read, it was an edited copy for their level.

6. SalemScout just doesn't know how to do their job:

A parent called to complain that I hadn't put her daughter's late homework into the gradebook yet. I told her "I can't put the homework in the gradebook until she actually turns it in."

This parent just kept asking me why I hadn't put it in. I kept replying with "I have nothing to put in! She hasn't given it to me!"

Finally the call ended with "Urg, some people just don't know how to do their jobs!"

Edit: For everyone saying I should just put in a zero, I would have if I had been allowed to. The school did not allow teachers to put in zeros for assignments until the end of the semester. So instead I called parents every time there was an incomplete assignment and reminded them that it would become a zero in a few weeks. Occasionally I would put in a zero for a few days to scare a kid into getting an assignment done, but only if I knew it would work.

7. itssmeagain is a porridge traitor:

When I was a substitute teacher a parent called me to complain how the real teacher didn't do anything about the fact that the parent's ex husband fed their son porridge for breakfast. All I could think wtf, what's wrong with porridge. Not sugary porridge either, a healthy good breakfast. I was there only for two days and she knew it

8. libwitch teaches a college-bound student:

My brother is a high school teacher: He had one kid that was early accepted in to the college of his choice and decided that his entire senior year could then be the F'yall year.

My brother had multiple conversations with the parents throughout the year about the fact that student was failing, as did other teachers. Parents seemed very unconcerned by this.

The day before classes ended, my brother runs into the father out in public and the father says to him "I am very concerened about (the students), really - I think his school performance this year doesn't bode well for how he will do in college."

My brother: Your son is not going to college. He has to repeat at least 5 classes this year in order to get his diploma.

Father: No, he's fine, he is already accepted.

My brother: Its all conditional. Without his high school diploma - which we have been telling you all year he is not going to get - he can't get in.

The father - who has a college degree himself - was apparently shocked by this news, and they promptly went right to the School Board, trying to get his entire senior waived "because he was obviously such a strong student that a school accepted him on early admission." School Board did not agree.

via shutterstock

9. plains59 puts on Mr. Bean:

For silly fun at the end of the term I showed an episode of Mr. Bean. He was washing his clothes and pulled a dress out accidentally and put it on. That is what they were mad at, that I was encouraging cross-dressing. They were seniors in High School...

10. LifeIsShortAndSoAmI teaches kids hygiene:

I have my students wash their hands before lunch. Apparently, I'm being "unrealistic with my expectations." Fuck off, Dawn.

11. ARCoati works for a selfish principal:

My cousin who teaches Kindergarten had a parent complain to the principal that she was "irresponsible" for being "selfish enough" to have a baby and take maternity leave before the end of the school year.

12. NanoAggression doesn't tutor for free anymore:

Helped a friend pass calculus by tutoring him. His mom would come in and pray for him to pass sometimes, and I would just go with it to be polite. She goes to bed, and we go out to have a smoke. We come back inside, and she goes off the rails on me, yelling at me for enabling him and how all he does is waste his life and smoke. Saying he'll never pass because he's lazy and I'm a loser. How it's my fault if he fails calculus for a third time.

Mind you, she asked for my help and I got paid next to nothing for all of this (the occasional dinner, $40 here and there...)

I was so furious that I walked over to the table and handed her a literal ream of calculus problems he had been working on with me from that semester. I skimmed a quarter inch of paper off the top and handed it to her. I dropped the rest on the table, and I calmly said, "all of his hard work is here, you can look through it. I'm not going to stand here and be abused, goodbye".

His final was tomorrow. We had been at it for 5 hours that day, and our sessions would sometimes be longer. The kid was a trooper. I've never seen someone work so hard, and it was the only reason I tutored him for such shit compensation.

My revenge was that he passed. I no longer tutor for free.

13. _queen_frostine is responsible for all lice:

... that her child got lice in Elementary school. Apparently it was all my fault that her child got "infected". This same parent complained to me that I was calling her child by a shortened version of her name (that the child asked me to use) instead of her full name.

I'm sure I have more, but those are just from this year.

Edit: I remember something that goes along with the lice part of the story. After they got the lice out, the mom was adamant that her daughter not be hugged by anyone, or that she shouldn't get "too close" (but never specified what too close actually was for me to attempt to enforce) to the other kids, so that she does not get "infected" again. This is first grade. Trying to keep kids away from each other is like herding cats.

14. bopeepsheep needs to teach more students to have natural talent:

I witnessed a parent complaining at the end of a primary school concert that it "wasn't fair" that their child had no discernable musical talent, and that the school should stop giving instrument lessons to the kids who were keen or talented. I've never seen the music teacher genuinely speechless for so long.

15. varro-reatinus edits a paper:

I had a screaming parent in my office because of a marginal comment I made on an essay that had received a grade of 95%, submitted by a student who was top of the class.

The comment said, and I'm paraphrasing here, 'This argument is unworthy of you. Don't be lazy: find better sources and don't hang your argument on idle assertions.'

The parent claimed I had called her daughter 'lazy, idle, fat, suicidal, and unworthy of being a student at [INSTITUTION].' She actually thought I was threatening to have her expelled, or at least barred from grad school.

The best part: the girl was a second-year undergraduate.

The next best part: it was an open office, and my colleagues were openly mocking her the entire time. I just sat there and said nothing. I miss those guys.

edit: just to be clear because of potential pronoun confusion, the female student had no problem with the comment, was absolutely mortified by what her mother had done, and seriously concerned that the interference would damage her academic career. I just laughed and told her I was even more impressed that she'd emerged intelligent and sane from a home environment like that, then asked if she needed any letters of reference. She did, and she got them. Her mother got a vaguely insulting note and a small tray of milk chocolates.

Guys In Thailand Are All About Getting Their Penises Whitened

Guys In Thailand Are All About Getting Their Penises Whitened

What would you do if you had an extra $650 lying around the house? Personally, I’d book a round-trip ticket to somewhere exotic like Cabo or Ireland or Detroit.

But ain’t nobody got time for that in Thailand, as a new fad is sweeping the country. That fad? You guessed it – guys are getting their dicks bleached.

According to France 24, the Lelux Hospital in Bangkok has more than 100 men a month lining up to get their cocks whitened, a procedure they started offering about six months ago when a male patient complained about “dark spots on his groin.” The men who are looking to brighten up their boom sticks typically range between 22 and 55 years of age, and the procedure is really taking off now that it’s been featured on Thai television.

“These days a lot of people are asking about it,” Lelux’s Bunthita Wattanasiri said. “We get around 100 clients a month, three to four clients a day, but we have to be careful because it’s a sensitive part of the body.”

No shit.

Naturally, some people are perturbed that such a service is being offered, with some of them going as far as calling the procedure “racist.” Our advice for them is to worry about their own dicks.


Soon You'll Be Able To Inject Your Hunger Away

Soon You'll Be Able To Inject Your Hunger Away

Are you a busy worker on the go? Kids driving you crazy and there’s just not enough time to eat? Need a quick boost of energy to keep you alert for a workout? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With Foodjectables, there’s no need to prepare a meal. Just fill the container, inject the food directly into your bloodstream, and that’s it. No messy cooking, no time-consuming prep work- just the satisfaction of a full meal in an instant.

Sound crazy to you? Well, it might not for too much longer. As it turns out, something similar to this might actually be possible in the surprisingly near future. More specifically, a special protein injection is being worked on that can block the sensation of hunger, kill appetites and stop someone from feeling the need to nom.

Unfortunately, this isn’t like that magical Willy Wonka candy that feels like an entire meal being eaten, so the introduction to this article may have been a slight exaggeration. Still, this is a step towards something like that, and more importantly, it’s a big step towards curtailing the obesity epidemic. When the injections are made communication between the belly and the brain is stimulated to trick a person’s mind into thinking that they are feeling plenty full. If people don’t feel hungry, then they don’t need to eat as often, leading to less pounds being packed on, more pounds lost, and healthier lifestyle choices being made.

Currently, this method of munchie combat is being tested on mice and monkeys, which questionable ethics aside, is actually going quite well, and not just for the scientists involved either. As it turns out, monkeys tested dropped weight faster and became less at risk for Type 2 diabetes. The mice who were tested also benefited, as they actually began choosing to eat better, healthier food choices after receiving their injections. Neither the monkeys nor the mice have been negatively affected by the injections in any visible capacity, and so the tests have been considered a stunning success so far.

If further successes are had in the lab then the testing will move on to human beings. At this point there’s no reason to think that this won’t happen, so really it’s less of a question of if the test will proceed than it is a question of when they will proceed. This is good news for humanity, which needs all the help it can get when it comes to diet control.

Girl On Facebook Live Acts “Gangsta” During An Altercation Until She Gets Shot

Girl On Facebook Live Acts “Gangsta” During An Altercation Until She Gets Shot

Yo! Someone call 9-1-1 I just got SHOT. Has to be one of the worst things you can yell while you are live streaming on Facebook. Because, you know, the whole you are holding a cell phone to film yourself getting shot and all. Maybe end the steam and call?!

According to LiveLeak: A 27-year-old woman was recording on Facebook Live when she was shot in the arm during an argument Tuesday afternoon in Chicago. Police said the victim was walking in Chicago’s Washington Park neighborhood around 3 p.m. when she exchanged heated words with a woman who is believed to be an acquaintance,

The suspect was sitting with at least two others inside a car parked in the 6400 block of South Calumet when the two women traded insults and shots were fired. The victim was hit in the arm.



This is what your mother was talking about when she said “rock bottom, face down in the gutter.” God bless that sewer dwelling weirdo.

Walmart Customer Goes Ape Sh*t After Getting Asked To Show Receipt

Walmart Customer Goes Ape Sh*t After Getting Asked To Show Receipt

We have seen Walmart workers blow up on customers and today a customer blowing his lid off back at them. Recently I have noticed more and more stores checking your receipt and cart when you leave, I didn’t think much of it. This guy, on the other hand, is NOT a fan…

15 Celebrity Scandals That Will Break In 2018

15 Celebrity Scandals That Will Break In 2018



When it comes to celebrity scandals, 2017 will probably go down in the history books for how many crazy, vile, and borderline unbelievable scandals that were blown wide open. But we have begun 2018 and the scandal train shows no signs of slowing down. It honestly seems like with a lot of these scandals we’re only just scratching the surface, and considering the fact that it seems like everyone under the sun feels like it’s the right time to air all of their celebrity dirty laundry I think we can expect this next year to be pretty much as crazy as the last one.

But of course, when these volcanoes usually blow there are rumblings that tell you it’s coming beforehand, and there are quite a few rumblings that make it feel like some of these partially or mostly hidden scandals are ready to come out. So out of all of the celebrity secrets hiding around Hollywood and around the world which ones seem the most likely to be revealed in 2018? Some of them are new scandals that are kind of coming out of nowhere, but some are rumors that have been floating around for years or even decades, and it seems like now is just the right time for them to come out. So as we celebrate the end of the generally terrible year that 2017 has been and the new year ahead of us, let’s take a look at what insane and sometimes awful scandals and secrets might help us start off 2018.

15. Former Smallville Star Is Now A Cult Leader

via: wallpoper.com

Allison Mack is probably best known for her 10 year stint on the long running superhero show Smallville, where she played Clark Kent’s BFF Chloe Sullivan. And the cute as a button blonde came off as a genuinely sweet and loveable girl, so it’s a bit of a shock to learn that she seems to have ditched her acting career in favor of playing second in command in a disturbing and possibly violent cult (and if rumors are to be believed, it was actually Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk who introduced her to said cult). The group, called NXVIM (pronounced Nexium… yes, like the medicine) advertises itself as a kind of self-help and empowerment group, but some descriptions of it make it sound more like some deranged 50 Shades Of Greyimitation. There are rumors that group members are being kept against their will and even branded with the initials of the group’s leader, and actress Catherine Oxenberg actually claims that her daughter is one of the women being held captive.

14. Bryan Singer’s Abuse Against A Minor

via: forbes.com

Rumors of Bryan Singer‘s child abuse problems have been going around for literal decades, but no one has ever been able to really nail him down on anything before. He seems to have a knack for keeping the rumors quiet. Quite a few celebrities have posted something about it on social media only to delete the posts later (presumably due to the threat of a lawsuit), and Singer was actually sued by a young boy for abuse before but the suit was mysteriously withdrawn. But it looks like things might finally be hitting the fan where Singer is concerned, as he just abruptly quit working on the Freddy Mercury biopic he’s been doing for the past few months, and while he claims it’s due to a parent’s illness, many are speculating that he might be the next domino to fall in this massive Hollywood scandal. If there were ever a time to blow the lid off of this continuous problem, now would be the time, and I think even Singer knows it and is trying to get out of dodge beforehand.

13. Did NBC Already Know About Their Matt Lauer Problem?

via: nbc.com

Matt Lauer’s super abrupt firing from his longtime gig at The Today Show was an enormous shock to a lot of people. As far as rumored Hollywood sleazebags go, Matt Lauer isn’t the first person you’d think of, and you’d also think that getting rid of their morning show anchor who had been around for decades wouldn’t have happened quite that quickly. But it did, and you have to wonder why. I mean, it would be great if NBC investigated the claims so seriously and so quickly, but again, he was one of NBC’s most recognizable faces. And there is also the fact that almost every woman he harassed was an employee of NBC, and some of the women coming forward have claims going back years. Is it really believable that NBC heard absolutely nothing about his serial predatory behavior that have been going on for decades? I mean, hell, he had a button to lock his door in his office. They fired Ann Curry specifically because of him. Their explanation doesn’t make much sense, and they could have ditched Lauer so quickly to avoid blowback on the network for covering for him for so long.

12. Nickelodeon Covering For Abusers

via: nickelodeon.wikia.com

I think that most of us would like to believe that the sections of the entertainment industry that deal with children take abuse allegations more seriously and are more protective of their talent than a normal company, especially since they’re pretty much legally required to be more vigilant on behalf of their child employees. However that doesn’t seem to be the case with kid’s TV network Nickelodeon. Nick recently fired the creator of their hit show The Loud House, Chris Savino, after he was accused of harassment by multiple female coworkers. However they still haven’t dealt with or even addressed the incredibly serious rumors that have been swirling around one of their longtime employees, Dan Schneider, who is the creator of some of the network’s most successful shows like All ThatZoey 101, and Drake & Josh. The rumors of his child abuse go back decades, and there was even an exceptionally horrifying rumor that he is the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ first child.

11. Tom Sizemore Committed A Terrible Crime Against A Minor On Set

via: pbs

Eternally troubled actor Tom Sizemore has categorically denied these allegations, but a recent report surfaced that in 2003 the actor was accused of assaulting a child on the set of a movie. The incident had never been revealed publicly until this last November, but apparently an 11-year-old girl who was acting in a film with Sizemore told her mother that the actor had inappropriately touched her, and as a result Sizemore was asked to leave the production. The girl’s mother didn’t press charges against the actor, so he returned to the project for reshoots a few months later, but some of the cast and crew members who worked on the production decided to come forward about the incident during this new outing of badly behaving people in the entertainment industry. And while Sizemore did deny the claims when they were initially levelled, cast and crew members who were working during the alleged incident make some pretty convincing claims themselves, and Sizemore’s management and talent agencies both dropped him soon after the incident.

10. Harassment Claims Against Mariah Carey

via: mirror.co.uk

This accusation has surprisingly gotten a bit lost in the whole overload of bad behavior accusations against famous people, but it seems like it should only be a matter of time before it gets more serious attention. Pop diva Mariah Carey has been accused of some wildly inappropriate behavior in a lawsuit filed by her former head of security, Michael Anello. According to his filing Anello says that Carey referred to him as a Nazi, white supremacist, and a KKK member, as well as indecently exposing herself to him on one occasion and failing to pay him more than $200,000 that he was owed for services. The lawsuit has now been paused, presumably because Mariah wants to settle, and if she does decide to settle it seems very likely that she’ll include a non-disclosure agreement in the settlement. However, given the hubbub about whether or not NDA’s should even be legal considering how much horrible stuff they’ve been used to cover for, it seems like trying to keep this quiet might wind up bringing even more attention to it.

9. Dustin Hoffman’s Serial Abuse Problem

via vulture.com

Among the plethora of abuse allegations and “#metoo” experiences that have been pouring out of every corner of the world, there were initially a few allegations that legendary actor Dustin Hoffman had behaved inappropriately with women in the past. Things got super awkward when, during a panel with John Oliver, Oliver confronted Hoffman on his alleged behavior and Dustin reacted pretty badly. He also claimed that he was already being judged as guilty instead of presumed innocent until proven guilty. The incident itself made a decent amount of headlines, but sadly and unsurprisingly there are more accusations and accusers coming out of the woodwork. And the more women who come out and claim me too when it comes to Dustin Hoffman, the more likely it seems that the accusations have merit. And considering Dustin’s reaction when he was called out the first time, it seems likely that he might draw even more attention to these issues as more women come forward.

8. Johnny Depp’s Serious Addiction Issues

It seems like actor Johnny Depp has been going through a pretty long and public spiral for a while now, but it seems like those issues might really come to a head in 2018. While Depp’s appearance and demeanor changed in public he managed to keep the reason for the changes private for quite a long time, but slowly and surely these stories seem to be coming out or be harder and harder to cover up. After his breakup with Amber Heard his violent side was exposed, and after his falling out with his accountant the staggering amount of money he was spending on alcohol was exposed, and suddenly the picture seemed to be a lot clearer. The video of his violent drunken rampage only cemented what was becoming more obvious, because it looked like the textbook example of out of control alcoholic behavior. And if his behavior is already impacting his work like it did with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film it seems like it must only be a matter of time before it becomes even more public.

7. Gal Gadot’s Controversial History

via: popsugar.co.uk

It seems like Israeli actress Gal Gadot kind of came out of nowhere and hit it out of the park with Wonder Woman, so much so that she might wind up being the savior of the struggling DC film franchise. And it’s no secret that Gal is from Israel nor that she proudly served in the Israeli Defence Force, but given the global opinions about the situation in Israel it seems like it must only be a matter of time before this becomes a bigger story. Service in the Israeli military is compulsory for all Israeli citizens so Gal was legally obligated to serve, and she apparently served as a fitness instructor, which is a relatively innocuous position, but Gal is obviously a very pro-Israel woman and given the general state of Israel-Palestine relations as well as the sudden amplification of the attention paid to the situation it seems like Israel’s new superstar is bound to get caught in the political crossfire.


6. Robert Downey Jr.’s Big Secret

via: usweekly.com

This little gossip tidbit actually goes back years, but it suddenly seems super relevant again now that so many Hollywood scandals are truly seeing the light of day for the first time. As most of us know by now, even though this is the first time these scandals have been brought to light and fully acknowledged as truth, they are rumors that have been floating around Hollywood gossip hubs for years and sometimes even decades. But a while back there was a user called “Himmmm” who was posting some pretty horrifying unconfirmed rumors on the gossip site Crazy Days and Nights, and he seemed to have a lot of insider knowledge that now appears to be for the most part true. And based on what the user has said about himself and a lot of the good and bad people he’s worked with a lot of people have speculated that the whistleblower is actually RDJ. Of course, Robert Downey Jr. has never addressed the rumor, but if Robert was trying to expose Hollywood creeps for years, then hats off to him.

5. Who Really Knew What Regarding The Massive Current Hollywood Scandal?

via: ABC News

Obviously, the massive abuse scandals that have been erupting out of every corner of Hollywood are collectively the biggest news story to hit the entertainment industry in a very long time. And it is long past time that people who use their work and positions of power to abuse people were exposed and cast out of their jobs. However, given what a massive and widespread problem this appears to be, the only logical question that would follow next is how exactly did something this awful and on such a large scale happen for so long without interruption? If hundreds and thousands of people in the industry were being damaged by these serial abusers, why did it take so long for it to come out into the open like this? And sadly the only explanation is that in many ways the industry must have been set up to cover for its abusers and criminals, and quite a few people working in the industry must have known what was going on and either helped hide it or just ignored it. There have already been some accusations levelled against people for knowing and not doing anything, and as the abuse accusations stack up I can only imagine the accusations of hiding it will stack up as well.

4. Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

via: justjared.com

The world has pretty much come to accept the fact that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. However, the 20-year-old cosmetics mogul and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hasn’t actually come out and said that she’s expecting yet. She has certainly been teasing and alluding to it, but she has yet to come out and say that she’s pregnant and she has even managed to avoid being photographed looking very clearly pregnant. One can assume that she’s holding off on the announcement because both she and momager Kris know how much money they can make off of a new baby, but at this point it’s feeling a little ridiculous. I mean, Kylie has to be nearing full term by now if the speculations about when she got pregnant are correct, and she can’t be planning on completely hiding the existence of a baby, right? I know this makes for an amazing KUWTK story line, but come on, at least fess up to what everyone pretty much already knows at this point.

3. Exposing “Yacht Girls”

via: mercurynews.com

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “yacht girls,” they’re essentially women who are paid dates for outrageously rich men. A lot of them are familiar Instagram models, and some of them are actually legitimate celebrities, and a lot of them travel all over the globe to accompany men on vacations. So basically, if you see a young and hot woman who seems to constantly travel and live outside of her means who is also often in the company of older men, chances are she’s a yacht girl. The term yacht girl developed because these young women were getting photographed with much older men on yachts so often that people’s BS radar started pinging, because it seemed absurd that these girls could travel so much and afford such lavish lifestyles without actually appearing to do much work. But then gossip hounds started putting two and two together, and it made some sense that these girls were actually working girls during these trips and events. And while some of the names you might not know, there are quite a few women who may possibly be “yachting” as their main source of income. For instance, Lindsay Lohan, who seems to travel quite a lot and can afford quite a bit despite the fact that she hasn’t done any work in the actual entertainment industry for a while.

2. Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes’ Relationship

via: The Daily Mail

It has long been rumored that when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced that Tom put a caveat in the divorce agreement that Katie couldn’t date another man publicly for a specific amount of time. And seeing as Katie has supposedly been dating Jamie Foxx for years and now they’re finally being spotted in public together occasionally it seems like that rumor might have been pretty legit. But the fact that their relationship seems to be finally quasi-confirmed after years of mystery also seems to indicate that the statute of limitations on Katie’s secret boyfriends might finally be expiring. I’m sure after the insanity of TomKat Katie is more than fine with having a low key relationship, but I also imagine it must be a relief to not have to sneak around with a man who has been your boyfriend for literal years. And Tom Cruise might have been a pretty powerful name in Hollywood around the time of their divorce, but I doubt he could prevent Katie from ever publicly dating anyone again.

1. A Whole Lot Of Celebs Blowing Up Their Own Spots To Try To Cover Their Bad Behavior

via theguardian.com

It wasn’t a massive news story because he’s not a huge name, but a pretty interesting story came out in the last few days about documentarian and producer Morgan Spurlock. What made it particularly interesting was not the incident itself, but that Spurlock himself was the one to release the story in his own words. In his explanation Spurlock essentially admits to criminal abusive behavior that he says he didn’t realize was abusive at the time, and says that he is a part of Hollywood’s abuse problem. While on the surface the admission seems commendable, it also seems like the kind of thing someone might do in order to get ahead of a story that they know might come out about them soon enough anyway. And if the trickle of stories that have followed Spurlock’s admission are true, it really does seem like that might be the case. Some of his employees have reported a long history of bad behavior at his company and some pretty outrageously sexist behavior. Given Spurlock’s reputation it makes sense that he’d want to get ahead of it, and I don’t think anyone should be surprised if a lot of other people admit their own wrongdoings in an attempt to make themselves look like people who didn’t understand what they were doing instead of regular abusers.