Weird Foods From The '50s, '60s And '70s

Weird Foods From The '50s, '60s And '70s

Flickr is a treasure trove of vintage ads, including vintage food ads with recipes that are fun to flip through. There's a lot of entertainment value in these ads, especially now in the age of perfect food photos on blogs and Instagram.

Take a look at these weird foods through the decades, and the food manufacturers that thought they were a good idea.


A nightmare of a dinner. (Photo: genibee/Flickr)

Could the Monterey Souffle Salad have been the inspiration for the movie "The Blob?" Seriously, look at this fright of lemon gelatin, mayonnaise, vegetables, tuna and what could definitely be confused with an eyeball sitting on top. This is the food of nightmares. And, last I checked, a souffle is baked, not "fast frosted." (1955)

Recipes for people who don't know you can dunk you sandwich in your soup. (Photo: Classic Film/Flickr)

Soup and sandwiches are usually a safe bet for lunch or a light dinner — unless the soup is being poured all over the sandwich! Did someone think that dunking a sandwich into the soup was too much work, so they created these "easy" Campbell's Soup slathered sandwiches? I think it's more work to use a knife and fork than eat with your hands, don't you? (1958)


All your holiday candy dreams come true with candles on a square Christmas tree. (Photo: Classic Film/Flickr)

Karo Syrup wanted to make holiday candy fantasies come true with a Peppermint Popcorn Tree made from squares of popcorn glued together with Karo. I'm cracking up at the real candles with their cherry candle holders. They should have stuck with only gum drop ornaments. And, look at that "basic candy recipe" in the beginning of the ad: Karo, confectioners' sugar and margarine! But the kicker is the bottom paragraph that makes Karo sound like a health food. It's "a sugar your body uses directly for quick energy!" (1962)

A food partnership doomed to fail. (Photo: Jamie/Flickr)

The two separate recipes in this Mazola Corn Oil Patio Partners recipe are only slightly weird, but it's the presentation that makes this truly strange. What's going to happen when someone removes one of the drumsticks that are holding up a bowl of 1960s-inspired cole slaw complete with chunks of jellied cranberry sauce and a big dollop of extra mayo on top for good measure? This partnership is doomed.


This bargain 25-cent recipe book suggests putting fish sticks where fish sticks don't belong. (Photo: Jamie/Flickr)

Is there any dish that Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks can't improve? That seems to be the idea behind this 1970s ad for Mrs. Paul's Meal Makers recipe book. Fish stick tacos, fish stick mushroom caps, fish stick open-faced sandwiches ... the sky is the limit. Look at the front cover of the actual recipe book. These dishes apparently pair well with Champagne! (To be fair, almost everything pairs well with Champagne.) All you had to do to get the recipes was stick a quarter in an envelope and in 4 to 6 weeks, this recipe book arrived on your doorstep. (I know it doesn't say 4 to 6 weeks, but in the '70s, everything took 4 to 6 weeks.) Sadly, that recipe book rings a bell. There may have been a copy in my home when I was a kid. (1972)

Weird EggNests! from the 1970s have reemerged as the Cloud Eggs of today. (Photo: Jamie/Flickr)

Here's an example of a weird food from the past that is once again hip. Egg Nests, now known as Cloud Eggs, swept through Instagram earlier this year. What's fun about this vintage ad recipe is that it's titled the 42 Cent Lunch, but once you add the salad, milk and fruit you need to complete the lunch, it's not really 42 cents. (1977)

There are no apples in this apple pie. (Photo: Eliza Adams/Shutterstock)

A super weird recipe that I remember from the 1970s when I was a kid was Mock Apple Pie. I don't know if it was created in the 1970s, but it was a huge deal with my mom and her friends because it tasted just like apple pie but replaced apples with Ritz Crackers. The weirdest part of the whole thing is why I never asked my mom, "Why not just use real apples?"

I wonder what people will look back on decades from now and think was weird about today's foods (besides our obsessive desire to document every bite of them). I'm going to take a guess and say rainbow foods may show up in a Weird Foods of the New Millennium piece to be written in 2067.





QUIZ: Can you pick the cooking-related terms that fit each category?



14 Extremely Stupid Dieting Fads From History

14 Extremely Stupid Dieting Fads From History


There's no shortage of weird diet trends. Whether you want to eat like a caveman, only eat super foods, or cleanse yourself within an inch of godliness, there's some diet out there for you - along with, of course, some annoying friend who has nothing else to talk about besides their latest all-juice fast. But it's not just a modern problem. Although the most common fad diets you've heard about may have been Atkins and gluten-free, you may be surprised to hear what came before. These crazy diets aren't new - and neither is the idea of celebrity trend setters influencing what people eat. There have been plenty of weird diet fads for centuries, some so disgusting they make a maple syrup, lemon, and cayenne pepper drink look downright scrumptious.

Don't get any ideas, because some of the crazy diets on this list are also downright dangerous. What these diets demonstrate is just how far (and how illogical) people will go in order to lose a few pounds. Most of these will make you grateful for Weight Watchers, because counting points is way better than poisoning yourself to speed up your metabolism. (Yup, that really happened.) The search for the miracle diet has been going on for centuries, and it continues. Until it's discovered, we'll all just have to keep suffering through brick-flavored gluten free bread.

8 Grossest Items Found In Food

8 Grossest Items Found In Food

You know, sometimes it’s just better not to know what goes into your food.

If there’s one thing that can scare the cholesterol out of people it’s finding a vile item in their food. And let’s be honest: if you find something in your food that should in no way, shape or form be there, it’s vile. Ordered a hamburger without mayo and it’s on there? That’s okay — it’s a mistake. Ordered a hamburger and you spot a syringe? That’s definitely NOT okay and somebody somewhere really dropped the ball (most likely in a biohazard bin).

Discovering bizarre, unsanitary and altogether disgusting things in your food is as surefire a way to turn your stomach as picturing your parents doing it (you just cringed, didn’t you?).

With that in mind, here are 8 gross things found in food that you can only hope never show up at your dinner table.

It Was a Condom-ent

Do you know what’s worse than finding a condom in your food? Choking on a condom in your food. A woman took a bite of her French toast that she ordered at an IHOP in Homewood, Ala. when she bit into the prophylactic. The popular breakfast chain denied the charge, but the woman stands by the allegation.

“While consuming her meal the Plaintiff felt something become lodged in her throat, which caused her to have difficulty breathing,” reads a lawsuit filed by the woman that gives some gritty and vidid play-by-play of what took place. “As a result, she ran to the women’s bathroom along with her minor grandson. While in the women’s bathroom the Plaintiff attempted to dislodge the material in her throat by vomiting.” When that didn’t work, she “proceeded to place her fingers in the back of her throat in an attempt to pull out the material.”

Well, that’ll teach ya to order French toast at an IHOP, right?

Oh-So-Delicious Dead Mouse

Source: Jayme Sowers

Dead mouse: popular DJ and, apparently, a surprise ingredient. A woman who stopped into the 7 Bar and Grill in Amarillo, Tex. came across a dead mouse in her salad. Lettuce? Check. Cucumbers? Check? The corpse of Mickey? Uh…check.

To be fair, the eatery acted swiftly in apologizing to the woman, although we can’t imagine any number of gift cards are going to persuade her to come back.

A manager for the restaurant contacted the health department, which did an inspection it passed, while the salad went to a lab to find out what went wrong, as if no one realizes “dead mouse in a salad” is what went wrong.

The manager, meanwhile, stayed in a total spin zone while encouraging the public to come on out. “I just want to let you know, it is completely a safe, clean environment to come bring your family, eat dinner, watch a football game, and enjoy the atmosphere,” he said. How could anyone not believe that?

Taking the Bait

Unless you’re a fish or still a really big fan of “Fear Factor,” chowing down on worms is not appetizing.

A woman in Detroit bought some cod at Whole Foods only to notice a worm on it while she seasoned the fish. She didn’t know if it was dead or alive (does that even matter?), but she did see parts of it spread throughout the cod.

Whole Foods said the creature is a nematode, adding, “Nematodes are naturally occurring parasitic roundworms that affect small percentages of fish. They are not harmful when the fish is cooked property to an internal temperature of 140 degrees.” Safe or not, Whole Foods refunded the money.

You can’t really blame the woman for getting upset, either. Who’d want to swallow something called a “nematode?” Heck, it’s got the word “toad” in it.

The Ultimate Finger Food

Okay, cue up the “finger food” jokes. A 14-year-old boy in Jackson, Mich. took a bite of his roast beef sandwich from Arby’s only to discover he had bitten into a human finger. Perhaps not so coincidentally, an employee had cut her finger on a meat slicer and was replaced by some co-workers who were not aware there was an accident and that a finger may have been on the loose.

One witness said “The piece appeared to be the back of a finger, including the pad and extending beyond the first knuckle.”

The Arby’s in question later cleaned the establishment top to bottom, while the boy was “traumatized” over the unusual topping. And no, we don’t know what finger it was, not that it matters because you can bet the boy didn’t give the sandwich a thumbs up.

This Will Really Bug Ya

Insect larva? Um, no thank you.

A family in Omaha, Neb. got more than just chocolatey goodness when it opened a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball purchased at Walmart and bit into it, only for worms to come pouring out of it like gasoline from an unattended pump.

It turns out the little critters were Indian Meal caterpillars, so, if you want to be literal about the whole thing, they should’ve probably been better suited in a pot roast or casserole.

Ferrero Rocher addressed the snafu in a statement, which said, in part, “Rare occurrences of infestation have occurred in Ferrero Rocher, similar to other chocolate and food products whose packaging makes them more vulnerable to infestation. Pests can penetrate nearly any type of confectionery packaging on the market today, except glass or metal.”

Lesson learned: only get chocolate sold in Coke cans.


We’ve all heard that candy is bad for your teeth, buy who knew it was for this reason?

A woman in Brownsboro, Tex. bit into a tooth that was lodged in a Milky Way bar she was eating. It’s unclear if it was a human or animal tooth.

None of her teeth were damaged and she elected not to mail it back to Mars, which owns Milky Way, out of concern the company would hold onto the evidence.

Mars did the next best thing, if that’s actually possible, when it offered her coupons for free candy bars, as well as a letter of apology. Still, she probably didn’t break into a whole box of Fun Size bars come Halloween. “Every time I think about it, I kind of get sick to my stomach because I don’t know what kind of mouth it come out of,” she said.

Mars released a statement, which said, in part, “All Mars products are manufactured and tested through a series of strict processes, based on recognized international standards.  We remain confident in the quality and safety of our products.”

An Un-Lung-ly Customer

Fried chicken is awful for you, but it’s okay because it’s so good. Except when, you know, you find a lung in it. An Australian man who ordered three pieces from KFC got a bonus part: a lung. He took a bite of some bird and spotted something not quite right. When he told employees, they said it may be a lung. What’s more surprising — the fact a lung was in some fried chicken or employees at a KFC are smart enough to know what a lung even looks like?

The restaurant didn’t offer a refund, electing instead to tell the man to contact customer service. We’re guessing he would’ve had to bite into a spleen or an intestine for him to get his money back.

In the end, KFC said it most likely was a chicken lung or kidney that was never removed. The man, meanwhile, said he’ll never eat there again. So, score one for Bojangles.

Black (Spider) Grapes


Maybe organic isn’t the way to go. A woman who bought organic grapes at a grocery store in Epping, N.H. may be thinking just that after she claims a black widow spider was mixed in with the fruit.

“As I washing some of the grapes in bunches, I noticed there were some cobwebs,” she said. “I started getting a little paranoid since I’ve heard stories about spiders in grapes, so I picked up the bin and there it was: a big, huge black widow spider at the bottom of the container.”

The woman’s husband played the part of gallant hero by killing the arachnid. No one was hurt.

The woman has no interest in cashing in on the incident. The store offered a refund, but she declined, saying she merely wants to make sure nothing like this happens to another family.

That’s pretty nice, but we’re betting it’s a totally different response than the one she’d have if the spider had managed to bite someone in the house.


This Is The Explosive Reason Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Hard-Boiled Eggs

This Is The Explosive Reason Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Hard-Boiled Eggs

 This Is The Explosive Reason Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Hard-Boiled Eggs

In response to a recent lawsuit involving a restaurant and an exploding egg, scientists from all over the world set out to research this phenomenon. They tested whether hard-boiled eggs with turn explosive when put in a microwave for too long.

Of the nearly 100 eggs they tested, 28 exploded after being poked with a meat thermometer. That’s why you should probably just eat your leftover eggs cold from now on.

Hard-boiled eggs are weapons of mass destruction.

BUYER BEWARE - 15 Chefs Reveal The Biggest Rip-Offs Their Restaurant Sells

BUYER BEWARE - 15 Chefs Reveal The Biggest Rip-Offs Their Restaurant Sells


When you go out for dinner, you expect nothing but the finest cuisine from your local Applebees.

But behind the scenes of your favorite restaurant are some industry secrets that may or may not be a total rip-off. For example, your mashed potatoes are cold in the middle because they're microwaved, dipshit.

If you want to ruin date night, then look no further because these chefs are serving up some hot plates of reality.

1. kmrse95:

We buy tiny wine bottles for $7 and sell for $37. Spaghetti Factories house wine is Franzia box wine.

2. twopacktuesday:

I worked in a fancy country club ($25K initiation fee, then $7K/year in the 90s). A slice of "homemade" cheesecake was $7 each on the menu. One of the sous chefs stopped by the Giant Food grocery store every day on the way to work to pickup a whole cheesecake for about $5.

3. Scamperillium:

Not a chef but a baker.

They're maybe 1 inch by 1 inch (rolled in a ball and dipped in icing) but we sell them for $1.65 each.

We sell a quarter sheet cake (most common size) for $20.

We sell 1 dozen cake balls, which is maybe 1/3rd the cake, for $19.8Cake balls.

via shutterstock

4. Back2Bach:

Not a chef, but our favorite restaurant now charges $16-$19 each for a regular "well" drink (i.e. "gin and tonic") and over $20 each for a standard "call" drink, such as a "Beefeater martini."

At those prices, the drinks often cost as much or more than the entrees.


I have a friend who works at an Italian restaurant, they sell something called a wedge salad. Iceberg lettuce, quartered. Dressing poured on top. Bacon bits. $11.50

6. dudecephus:

Most of our desserts are purchased from the Wal-Mart directly across the street then marked up 500%. For the price of a couple of pieces of cheesecake, you could just go across the street to Wal-Mart after your meal and buy a whole one.

We just drizzle a bit of chocolate or raspberry sauce on it so that it doesn't look exactly like the one from Wal-Mart.

Also, a smoker outside the building doesn't mean your barbecue is fresh. Most of it is frozen. Sometimes we just throw logs on there so it looks and smells like we're barbecuing. Homey, we made that shit two days ago. That's just wood you're smelling.

7. ChizzMiss:

My ex use to work at Applebees. She told me that everything you eat there is pre-packaged and just microwaved once you order it, including the ribs and steak.

8. cde34rfv:

Short-rib flatbread pizza. We take leftover short rib from the previous night, shred it, put it on $0.05 worth of flatbread with a sprinkle of cheese and some diced red onion, and ship it out for $11.45. It's literally $10 profit.

And people love it. We sell easily 20-25 every night as hot apps.

via shutterstock

9. Ronnylicious:


We bought that shit in for €12,50 (that's $15) And we served it in these small cute dish/tray for €0,50.

We could do almost 500 of these servings.

That is €250 ($300) That's 20 times the original value.

Thát is inappropriate and is the reason why I go against the system and eat my fries NO SAUCE

10. Thraell:

My husband used to work in a gastro-pub in a well-to-do area where it was the only option.

The baked Camembert. It was literally the Camembert from Aldi. £1 each. Baked and sold for £15 to share.

Everyone was convinced it was some really posh continental fine cheese with a special Camembert oven or some shit. Nope, they could do the exact same thing at home for a pittance of the price.

11. kwyjibo8:

We serve "hot fresh baked pretzels" for $8.95.

We get em by the case frozen. Roughly $75 per box. 100 per box. We get 33 orders per box and one to eat while figuring out math.

33 orders X $8.95 = 295.35.

So profit is 220.35 (minus the cost).

So with that 220.35 we pay the electric, gas, rent, taxes, staff, equipment, etc. And thats assuming we sell all 33 orders of pretzels. Stan my line cook eats an order. Boom, down to 32. Jose burned an order. Down to 31. Barb sneaks one home in her purse. 30 orders. 3 pretzels are broken in the box. Down to 29. So our 220.35 just went down to 184.55 pretty quickly...and very easily.

12. Maaark_Nuuutt:

Not a chef but, in the UK if your restaurant is licensed to serves alcohol you legally have to provided free drinking water, but what they can do is charge you for the glass.

13. swimbikerunman:

We used to sell a house-made drink with a ton of stuff we could make behind the bar for basically nothing. The cost to us, per pour, was $1.89. We sold it for $12.

Granted, that kind of thing allows us to sell expensive things for far less than other places, which actually pissed off the guys up the street from us who were selling the same products for a good deal more. So usually when you're getting ripped off via a particular item, it's letting you get something good for less. Take salad, for example. Nothing about mixed green should cost $11, but when everyone and their mother eats one, we can sell that ahi tuna steak for $24 instead of $28.

I love doing this with beer. Yes, Peroni on draft is going to cost you $6, even though our pour cost is about $1.25. But that means I can put up that log of Alesmith Speedway Stout and it will also cost you 6 bucks instead of 8 or 9. Basically - the cheap shit should cost a ton so the expensive stuff isn't so bad.

14. AtomicSurf:

Soda Pop. $3 a glass for $0.10 of product.

via shutterstock


I used to work at a local taco shop in a college town. People went ape shit for the food there even after they graduated. The nostalgia was so strong, we shipped DIY boxes of the ingredients around the country to people that wanted it. It was just a box with bulk taco meat, cheese, lettuce, and the (very cheaply) restaurant-made hot sauce and "white sauce" (which people went berserk for, but it was literally just mayo, milk, salt, and pepper). You could also get hoagie buns because grinders were also really popular there.

You could make the same exact same food with grocery store ingredients for cheaper. There was seriously absolutely no reason to order the restaurant's food to ship.


Master Butcher Shows How To Dismantle An Entire Tuna

Master Butcher Shows How To Dismantle An Entire Tuna

 Butcher Yuji Haraguchi shows off the knives and the techniques he uses to get every last bit of edible meat off a huge tuna (and keep it all looking nice for sushi).


21 Food Trends That Will Be A Thing In 2018


21 Food Trends That Will Be A Thing In 2018

As a new year approaches, one of the biggest questions is what we’ll all be eating (and Instagramming) in 2018. Thanks to food analysts and specialists, we already know some of 2018's hottest food trends.

Of course, not everyone likes to jump on the food trends bandwagon. Eating insects is an example of a trend that just might not be for you even if it is allegedly good for the environment. There have also been some weird diet trends that have come and gone throughout the years, some of which weren’t actually healthy at all. While health seems to be a major concern in 2018, there's also a keen interest in presentation, design, and customizing brand experiences to you as a consumer. You can expect to see a shift toward plant-based products and sustainability being a major interest in 2018, but luckily those comfort foods still make the cut, too!

Below are 20 of 2018’s coming food trends. Which trends are you the most down to try in 2018?


The LA Beast Brute Forcing His Way Through The Butter Eating World Record

The LA Beast Brute Forcing His Way Through The Butter Eating World Record


This is not a world record worth winning, my dude.


Foods You Are NOT Allowed To Eat In the USA

Foods You Are NOT Allowed To Eat In the USA

Whether it’s rotten cheese consumed by maggots, or mysterious brownies that make you really sleepy, here are foods you’re not allowed to eat in the US.

Will It Meatloaf? With Rhett & Link

Will It Meatloaf? With Rhett & Link



In this clip from Monday's episode of their weekly morning comedy series, "Good mythical Morning," comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Charles "Link" Neal conduct a new "Will It?" experiment to find out if ingredients like pizza, the entire Taco Bell menu, sushi, chips, and more, will make a tasty meatloaf.


GAG! This Woman Cooks For Her Guests Using Her Mouth

GAG! This Woman Cooks For Her Guests Using Her Mouth -

Next time you hear some one say it was made with love....this is what they mean.





There is so many Philly Cheesesteaks available all over the city of Philadelphia, but there can be only one king. I should eat more steak with melted cheese on it.

Remembering The Astronaut Who Snuck A Sandwich Into Spaced

Remembering The Astronaut Who Snuck A Sandwich Into Space

On Jan. 6th my favorite astronaut, John Young passed away and I wanted to reflect on his incredible life. From 2 Gemini missions, to two Apollo missions and even 2 space shuttle missions. He was hilarious, smart, witty and well rounded. I hope this video helps you remember why John Young was amazing.






Japanese Canned Food Restaurant

Japanese Canned Food Restaurant

Osaka's Dotonbori area is known for its amazing street food but after trying it all last time, we headed for a wacky canned food themed restaurant nearby. That's right -- it's ALL CANS! Japanese cuisine in a can? You got it -- Only in Japan!


10 Foods You'll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made

10 Foods You'll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made



From Pringles and salad dressing to ready meals, marshmallows, jelly beans, and even Skittles, the food industry is doing a good job at hiding what actually happens behind the process of making these popular foods. Today, we’ll reveal ten foods you’ll never buy again after knowing how they are made!


Top 10 Hottest Food In The World

Top 10 Hottest Food In The World

A survey has suggested that men who eat spicy food are 'alpha males'. If you want to show off your chilli prowess, try one of these fiery dishes.
All over the world, from China to the Caribbean, people have a taste for spicy food. Whether we're eating stir-fries or grilled chicken, chili peppers are as much a staple in our cupboards as pepper and salt. Whether that's true is up for debate - but if you do want to prove your manliness, one of these spicy dishes could be the perfect test.

Chili Klaus Eats The World's Hottest Pepper ON 'Hot Ones'


Chili Klaus Eats The World's Hottest Pepper ON 'Hot Ones'

Sean Evans and Chili Klaus have joined forces to eat the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, not once but twice in their storied history. So you knew that when the Danish thrill-seeker finally stepped into the Hot Ones terror-dome, we couldn't serve him the normal wings of death. Instead, we teamed up with our chili guru Noah Chaimberg to lace the poultry with pure, unadulterated pepper mash from some of the hottest chilies in the world, including the Chocolate Bhutlah (2 million Scoville) and Caramel Reaper. Will the insane duo survive a dab of "Reaper Blood," or will this be the end of the road for Sean and Klaus? Find out in this explosive end-of-year Hot Ones special.


Taste Testing Horse Meat, One Of Japan's Most Popular And Controversial Foods

Taste Testing Horse Meat, One Of Japan's Most Popular And Controversial Foods

YouTuber "Abroad in Japan" heads to Aomori prefecture to try a dish that some treat as a delicacy while others consider it an abomination.

12 Recipes For The New Year

12 Recipes For The New Year

This video has 12 Recipes For The New Year that I hope you will want to try.

18 Inventions That Look Stupid But We Can See What You Were Going For

18 Inventions That Look Stupid But We Can See What You Were Going For -


How Restaurants Use Psychology To Make You Spend More Money

How Restaurants Use Psychology To Make You Spend More Money


Restaurants have a whole bucket-load of tricks up their sleeves to get you to spend more money.


Doughnut Breakfast Hacks

Doughnut Breakfast Hacks

Proof that you should always keep a dozen doughnuts on hand.

Vegetarian Dinner Party

Vegetarian Dinner Party


If a vegan treats a girl "like a piece of meat," he is probably actually quite respectful.







Bugs Cafe Serves Whole Fried Tarantulas

Bugs Cafe Serves Whole Fried Tarantulas


Bugs Cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia, serves whole fried tarantulas. They source the spiders from local hunters and farmers, wash and remove the poisonous parts, and cook the spiders five different ways. YUM YUM!


This Gingerbread House Time-Lapse Is Equal Parts Mindblowing And Mouthwatering

This Gingerbread House Time-Lapse Is Equal Parts Mindblowing And Mouthwatering


This is gorgeous and we don't want to destroy it. On the other hand, we're already out of regular cookies...

Peking Duck From A Christmas Story

Peking Duck From A Christmas Story

In case 785 smelly hound dogs eat your holiday turkey, Binging with Babish has you covered. The chef prepares Peking duck, similar to what Ralphie and his family are served at the Chinese restaurant in the Christmas classic. He wraps the meat up in a homemade Mandarin-style pancake and tops it with thinly sliced cucumbers, scallions, and hoisin sauce.


Better Ingredients. Better CEO. Papa John Steps Down

Better Ingredients. Better CEO. Papa John Steps Down


Pour one out for the Papa. Papa John, that is. And don’t actually waste your beverage on him.

Months after blaming NFL players for declining pizza sales, CEO John Schnatter has decided to resign from the company. Damn you, kneeling NFL players.

We now take you live to DiGiorno for their reaction:


If you’ll recall, DiGiorno got all in Papa John’s ingredients after the delivery company blamed NFL player protests on their declining sales. It’s tough to kneel and order pizza at the same time, ya’ll.

Following the alienation of minorities, white supremacists decided that Papa John’s was the pizza for them. Papa John decided they didn’t want Nazis eating their pizza.

After pissing off minorities by blaming them for low sales and then condemning white supremacists for wanting to eat their pizza…no one was left to eat their pizza.

NFL players have pretty much stopped kneeling, but I guess them rising off the ground has not led to Papa John’s sales rising. Funny. It’s almost like those two things weren’t connected at all and people just started to realize that Papa John’s is the worst of all the pizza chains. I don’t care about better ingredients. Give me bacon wrapped pizza stuffed with cheese.

Schnatter will remain with the company as the chairman, but Steve Ritchie will take over the day-to-day operations. No word yet on who will appear in their commercials with Peyton Manning. Or if the company will get a makeovers and become Papa Steve’s. I don’t think that would fool a lot of people, but this is America.

What The Sugar Industry Really Knew And When

What The Sugar Industry Really Knew And When


Most of us know that sugar is not good for our health. But wait until you hear about not only what, but when the sugar industry really learned that and what it did next! Also find out more health benefits of a popular beverage that many of us drink!


Why Calzones Deserve More Love

Why Calzones Deserve More Love

Calzones are a staple of the pizza-parlor menu, but too often the dish doesn't get the respect it deserves. That's too bad, because the calzone is a near-perfect food: According to Mathieu Palombino—the owner of Motorino Pizzeria in NYC—these wood-fired pizza pockets allow ingredients to stay ultra-moist and flavorful while cooking inside the oven. Stuffed with a mixture of sweet and spicy sausage, and held together by globs of melted Pecorino Romano cheese, Motorino's calzone is a worthy alternative to a classic pie.


The Latest Viral Food Trend Is Called 'The Cheesebomb'

The Latest Viral Food Trend Is Called 'The Cheesebomb'

Viral food trends tend to be more aesthetic than utilitarian (rainbow bagels, for instance), but the latest kooky food takes things too to the edge. Meet the Cheesebomb, which is a handmade and charred bacon cheeseburger served with a mason jar full of molten cheese which you pour all over the burger. It's over-the-top and people are going crazy over's even messier than eating ribs.

What do you think of this culinary treat?  YUMM!

10 Fascinating Things that Are Actually Created By Animals

10 Fascinating Things that Are Actually Created By Animals

Nature surprises us in many ways. On one hand, we face extreme atrocities like earthquakes and cyclones while on the other hand, nature gives us beautiful creations like the Aurora Borealis. Moreover, birds and animals enhance this beauty of nature. They, in their own unique way, craft some very beautiful and amazing things. Here, we bring you 10 such amazing things created by animals that will just blow your mind.

1. Spider Decoys

A new species of spiders have been discovered in the Amazon that creates fake spiders as decoys from leaves, debris, and dead insects to misdirect predators.

Image Source: Photo taken by Lary Reeves via Wired

In the Peruvian, Amazon rainforest, a spider has been discovered that builds elaborate, fake spiders and hangs them in its web. This new spider is believed to belong to the genus Cyclosa. The spider uses debris, leaves, and dead insects to craft the larger replica of itself. Though Cyclosa consists of other spider species that sculpt structures, this is the first time that scientists have observed a species that builds a replica of itself with numerous long legs.

Scientists suspect that the fake spiders are built as decoys. This might be a part of their defense mechanism in order to confuse or mislead predators.(source)

2. Puffer Fish Circles

Created by the male pufferfish, this 7-foot diameter geometric pattern is designed to attract a mate and have her lay eggs in the center.

Image Source: BBC Earth – Life Story (Unplugged)

In 1995, some divers in Japan discovered strange, circular patterns on the seafloor. They noticed that the patterns came and went mysteriously. For more than a decade, scientists were unable to discover what these patterns stood for.

In 2013, scientists finally discovered the creature responsible for the creation of this amazing underwater pattern – a newly discovered species of pufferfish. They also learned that these ornate circles are made to attract mates.

To create the patterns, the males swim along the seafloor and flap their fins. Such movements lead to the creation of the beautiful circular patterns. Although the fish are only about five inches long, the formations they make measure about 7-feet in diameter.

Once the patterns are made, females come to inspect them. If they are fond of the creations, they reproduce with the male that created the pattern. It is yet to be discovered what exactly the females look for in the patterns or what traits they find desirable in the formation.(source)

3. Bowerbird Nests

Bowerbirds build intricate, brightly colored structures to attract mates. They pick up colorful objects such as green glass and plastic toys to add aesthetics to their structures.

Image Source: Wikimedia CommonsPixabay

The forests of New Guinea and Australia are home to a group of unusual birds. Known as bowerbirds, they are named after the elaborate structures. They build elaborate structures as part of a unique courtship ritual.

There has been an instance where one bird has been found to use colorful objects such as green glass, a plastic toy elephant, and a toy soldier to decorate the structure. Some birds have been known to use colorful fruits and decorate their bowers with blue or green saliva.(source)

4. The Great Barrier Reef

Known as the single greatest structure built by living organisms, the great reef is composed of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands spanning over 1,600 miles.

Image Source: Flickr

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most remarkable creations of nature. It is the largest structure built by a colony of living organisms. It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space. The structure is composed of and built by billions of tiny organisms, known as coral polyps.

The reef supports a diversity of marine life that includes numerous endangered species, some of which may be endemic to the reef system. As of 2006, 30 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises have been recorded in the Great Barrier Reef. These include the dwarf minke whale, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, and the humpback whale. A large variety of fish and sea snakes are found on the reef. The reef also supports numerous animals on land and birds.(source)

5. Termite Mound

These termite shelters can be more than 10 meters high and 15 meters wide at their base. Some of them even have a strong resemblance to Disney castles and skyscrapers.

Image Source: Wikipedia Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

These mound-building termites are nature’s expert architects. They are masters of construction. Their sophisticated and innovative, green-energy designs are an inspiration to architects. An interestingly, they don’t live in these massive structures that they construct.

They, in fact, build their nests in the ground below the mound. These structures are meant for protection from invading ant armies and other threats.

Scientists also had a theory that the mounds are designed primarily to control nest temperatures. But in a recent study, it has been found that one of the primary functions of the mound is to facilitate the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

In 2015, scientists discovered an abandoned termite mound that is more than 2,200 years old. Another mound they studied was at least 750 years old. This suggests that termites used the same structures for millennia.(1,2)

6. Gossamer Trees

In 2010, flooding in Pakistan caused millions of spiders to climb up on trees for refuge and cover them in cocoons of their web.

Image Source: Wikimedia CommonsFlickr

In 2010, unprecedented monsoons brought down massive rainfall leading to flooding in Pakistan. The water was slow to recede and it created vast pools of stagnant water across the countryside.

During this time, the flood drove millions of spiders and other insects into the trees that were above the water level of the flood. This led the spiders to spin their webs, possibly combined with other insects, covering the trees with ghostly cocoons.

Although the cocoons led to the death of many trees as they were blocking sunlight from reaching the leaves, they also seemed to help trap more mosquitoes in the region, thereby reducing the risk of malaria.(source)

7. Weaver Bird Nests

The nesting colonies of weaver birds may contain up to 300 chambers (one per pair) and span up to 25 feet in width and five feet in height.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons

Weaver birds are known for their intricately woven nests. The males build the homes to attract females. Depending on the type of bird and the available building materials, nests may be constructed with plant fibers or twigs. Once they assemble the building materials, they start weaving. The ideal design has a long tube that connects to a chamber which probably serves as the nursery.

Once the nest is completed, the males declare an “open house” by fluttering their wings. If a female likes what she sees, eggs appear on the nests in just a few days.

Although the majority of the species build individual love nests, there are others who weave aggregate nests in communities with hundreds of other weaver bird pairs.(1,2)

8. Beaver Dams

Beavers build dams as protection against predators. The world’s biggest beaver dam, at 2,790 feet long, is around twice the length of the Hoover Dam and is visible from space.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons , Wikimedia Commons

Beavers are known as the engineers of the rodent world. They use the branches of trees to dam streams. The dam then creates a pond in the middle upon which the beaver family then constructs an island. The dams act as a shield of protection against vicious predators like bears, coyotes, and wolves. It also helps them to have easy access to food during the winters.

The dams typically range in length from a few feet to about 1,500 feet. But there is a dam that has surprised biologists because of its length. Located in Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada, this dam measures 2,790 feet in length. As per photos released by NASA World Wind, the dam did not exist in 1975 but can be seen in subsequent images.(1,2)

9. Mud Dauber Prisons

Mud Dauber wasps design their nests from mud in the form of prisons where they capture spiders for consumption.

Image Source: Wikipedia,  Wikimedia Commons

The mud daubers build nests in the shape of cylindrical tubes. Some resemble an urn. They then stock their nests with spiders which serve as food for their children. Instead of stocking a nest cell with one or two large spiders, they cram around two dozen small spiders into it.

To capture a prey like a spider, the wasp stings it. The poison from the sting only paralyzes the spider and doesn’t kill it. They then preserve and store their prey in the nest cell. Next, they lay their eggs on the paralyzed spiders inside the nest cell and seal the nests with a mud cap. The larva survives on these paralyzed spiders and also spend the winters inside the nests.(source)

10. Flower Sandwiches

These are floral contraptions created by the rare Osmia avosetta bees. Made into a three-tiered chamber, the outside consists of a thin layer of petals, a layer of mud, and an additional layer of petals.

Image Source: Photo taken by J G Rozen from the American Museum of Natural History

The picture above depicts the nest of a rare species of a solitary bee named the Osmia avosetta. The nests are three-tiered, with mud sandwiched between thin layers of petals. At the core of the sandwich, the bee’s larva is located. The larva survives on the nectar and pollen that is deposited inside the chamber by its parent. All this happens before the egg is laid. Lastly, they seal the nest for the egg to develop.

Each structure has room for just one larva. These structures were discovered on the same day by two teams in Turkey and Iran. They further noticed regional variations between the nests. Bees in Turkey tend to pick yellow, pink, blue, and purple petals, while Iranian bees make their nests with just purple flowers.

These structures look like unique works of art.(1,2)


Gordon Ramsay Brings His Savageness To A Korean Cooking Competition

Gordon Ramsay Brings His Savageness To A Korean Cooking Competition


I can't wait for the competition in England.


Girl Tries To Cook A Holiday Recipe Generated By An AI Bot Trained On The Food Network

Girl Tries To Cook A Holiday Recipe Generated By An AI Bot Trained On The Food Network

This goes about as miserably as you'd expect.





Everyone loves the top part of a cake, but what if a cake was made up entirely of top section. Yes I know this video is going to make you hate your lunch, and yes I am leave to buy cake right now. Peace.


These Are The 13 Weirdest Dating Apps We've Ever Seen

These Are The 13 Weirdest Dating Apps We've Ever Seen


For worse or for better, dating apps have become an integral part of our popular culture.

This was only made more clear when Match Group, the parent company of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid, went public in November. Today, Match Group's market cap is $3.3 billion.

We're already shown you the most popular dating apps — like The League, Tinder, OkCupid, and Coffee Meets Bagel.

But now we're rounding up the more niche dating apps.

From dating apps for farmers to websites that cater to the 1%, these dating apps prove there's something for everyone.


Bristlr is for bearded men and the people who want to date them.


Do you have a beard? Do you want to date someone who has a beard? Look no further than Bristlr, a dating app and website for bearded men and the people who prefer facial hair. It started as a joke website, but now Bristle founder John Kershaw says the app has 100,000 registered users, and he claims even with the press, 90% of users have heard of the app through word-of-mouth.



Farmers Only is online dating for farmers and ranch hands.


Farmers Only is an online dating site boasting the tagline, "City folks just don't get it!" As such, it pairs up livestock owners, ranch hands, farmers, agriculture students, and other people who prefer the country life. If testimonials on its website are to be believed, Farmers Only has led to at least 100 marriages.



3nder is Tinder for threesomes.


As its name suggests, 3nder markets itself as the Tinder for threesomes. Pronounced "thrinder," 3nder is a Facebook-authenticated dating app that's more open-minded than the average dating app. It provides a wealth of options for gender identity and sexual orientation. As of October, 3nder had about a million downloads.



Sizzl connects you with other bacon lovers.


Have you always wanted to meet a romantic prospect who shares your love of crispy bacon?Sizzl is the answer to your dating app prayers. Owned by Oscar-Mayer, the not-entirely-serious dating app uses your preferences for bacon to find you a match. Instead of asking how you feel about politics or religion, Sizzl asks if you prefer turkey or pork bacon, and how crispy you like your bacon.



Gluten-Free Singles matches you up with other people who also don't eat bread.


Don't let your Celiac's disease keep you from being in a healthy relationship. That's the premise behind Gluten-Free Singles, a dating website for people who don't eat gluten. Gluten-Free Singles also offers an online community for people who don't eat gluten, so it's not just about romance. "Our website is a welcoming place where people can find gluten-free dating partners, friends, and activity groups," its website says.




Tindog lets your dog meet others in the area.


This summer saw the launch of Tindog, an app that connects dog lovers and their dogs based on location. It's not really clear who this app is for — you're swiping through cute pictures of dogs, but you know nothing about their owners, so maybe it's best for using if you think your dog could stand some canine companionship, or if you're a dog breeder.



Seeking Arrangement is the notorious "sugar daddy" dating site.

Jaysin Trevino/Flickr

SeekingArrangement is a "sugar daddy" dating website that helps older, wealthy men meet younger women. Its users largely seem to agree on one thing: what they're doing on SeekingArrangement — meeting up and exchanging money and gifts for sex and companionship, primarily — is just another kind of relationship. Some critics have compared its services to prostitution.

"SeekingArrangement is like a sociology project that touches on anthropology," SeekingArrangement CEO Brandon Wade, who started the site in 2006, told Business Insider a few years ago.



Wingman is an app for joining the mile-high club.


Think of Wingman as Tinder at high altitude. Wingman was designed to help you get lucky while flying or otherwise meet people while you're traveling. Here's how it works: You create a profile with your picture, first name, age, occupation, flight number, and airline. Of course, you specify whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. The app then shows you a list of travelers on the same flight that you can potentially start a conversation with. Just make sure you pair up before you have to put your phone on airplane mode.



Luxy matchmakes for the 1%.


There's now a dating app geared toward millionaires, supermodels, celebs, CEOs, and others in the 1%. It's called Luxy, and it once referred to itself as "Tinder, minus the poor people."

New users to Luxy will be prompted to select their favorite high-end brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Cartier. Your favorites show up at the bottom of your profile so that when you're shopping for a date, you can bond over your preferred brands.




SaladMatch wants you to meet your salad soulmate.


You only get a few minutes to dash out from your office in the middle of the day to grab lunch, so maximize that time by grabbing lunch at the Just Salad near your office with another salad-eater. New York-based fast-casual restaurant chain Just Salad made the SaladMatch app in 2013, and its Tinder-like interface lets you swipe left or right on other salad-loving singles based on their salad preferences, their Just Salad location, and what time of day they usually go to Just Salad.



Trek Passions connects sci-fi fans.

Star Trek's original series.NBC

If you're looking for a lover who shares your interest in Star Trek, and you can't find what you're looking for in person, Trek Passions might be able to help. "Whether you are just looking for like-minded friends, someone fun to attend a Sci Fi convention with, or maybe something more, Trek Passions is here for you," its website says.



Tall Friends finds other tall people for you to date.

Tall Friends

Tired of going on dates with short people? Meet other tall individuals on Tall Friends, a website for tall people. “Welcome to the best, largest and most effective tall dating site in the world," its website boasts. "This is the best place for looking for tall dating relationship or marriage. We bring together tall-dating minded singles from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and more."



Equestrian Cupid is like OkCupid, but for people who love horses.

You live in the city, but you love horseback riding, and you're itching to get back to the country and meet the cowboy of your dreams. Look no further than Equestrian Cupid. "Keep away from the city — enjoy rural & country life," Equestrian Cupid boasts on its dating site. The dating service refers to itself as an "exclusive community for cowboys & cowgirls and equestrian singles to meet horseback riding enthusiasts, discover uncharted trails, pursue the country lifestyle, and locate the best riding areas."


A University Group Has Sparked An Intense Twitter Debate Over The Proper Way To Cut Toast

A University Group Has Sparked An Intense Twitter Debate Over The Proper Way To Cut Toast


Move over, Kim Kardashian - it looks like a Sheffield Hallam University's student union is poised to re-break the internet. The group, Hallamnation, is known for serving students toast after club nights to sober them up. This past Saturday, the student union took to twitter to ask how the reveling undergrads would like their toast cut - and they got more than the bargained for.




Enjoy FRESH ingredients from Red Apron.

Five Weirdest Foods You'll Start Eating In 2018

Five Weirdest Foods You'll Start Eating In 2018

You may find yourself sipping some surprising beverages in 2018, if Whole Foods’ predictions for the hottest food trends next year come true. Floral influences, such as elderflower and lavender, will increasingly come to teas and sodas, while a growing number of people will incorporate wellness powders — and even ground-up mushrooms — into smoothies and other drinks, according to the grocery chain. In the solid food world, creative veggie options will be the highlight. Here are five of Whole Foods’ predicted food trends for 2018:


15 MoonPie Tweets That Prove Hey, Brands Can Be Funny Too Guys

15 MoonPie Tweets That Prove Hey, Brands Can Be Funny Too Guys -

MoonPie's Twitter launched onto the scene earlier this year during the ol' solar eclipse on August 21st, when they tweeted some appropriate shade at competitors Hostess, who had claimed their Golden Cupcakes would be the official snack cake of the eclipse.


Since then, the beautiful soul behind MoonPie's Twitter has rattled off tweet after tweet of genuinely funny, self-aware content that hey, I'll say it, makes me want to try a MoonPie. Come on in guys, the MoonPie's fine.

How To Make A Fucking Omelette, For Dumbasses

How To Make A Fucking Omelette, For Dumbasses


It shouldn't be hard. It's just a fucking omelette. Yet, here we are...

This Holiday-Inspired Pizza Looks Awful And Twitter Can’t Handle It

This Holiday-Inspired Pizza Looks Awful And Twitter Can’t Handle It

It’s the holiday season and folks everywhere are eating sugar cookies, drinking eggnog, eating candy canes and any other food that gets them in the holiday spirit. One thing that will not be getting anyone in the holiday spirit anytime soon? This horrible holiday-inspired pizza.

Just look at that thing. This is why we can’t have nice things. It looks like this monstrosity has candy canes baked into the pizza as well as what looks like Santa Claus gummy bits. Why?

And one look at this pizza and Twitter just wasn’t having it





GROSS OR APPETIZING? These Plates Can Change Shape Adapting To Your Food

GROSS OR APPETIZING? These Plates Can Change Shape Adapting To Your Food -


Ever ambitious chefs are continuously finding different ways to present food to diners…including putting chips in mini buckets and serving steaks on slabs of slate. However, the latest culinary alchemy sees a potentially whole new proposition for restaurants; silicone plates that are so thin, they can be barely be seen. The transparent tableware is designed to add to the theatre of a meal with one particularly clever dish going from concave (a dome) to convex (a bowl) as soon as the person eating it plunges a fork into their food.

The designs are the handiwork of designer Lina Saleh whose ‘living plates’ project aims to wobble, sink and even change into different shapes as the diner tucks in. Made from silicone, they’re cast by hand to ensure they move as freely as possible. Saleh worked with professional chefs to create the plates, which are designed to make ‘a bond between food and diner through movements that extend the gastronomical experience of the taste.’

 The reaction to the designs hasn’t been particularly positive though, with many questioning why plastic plates were needed when re-usable porcelain seems perfectly adequate.

The designs are the handiwork of designer Lina Saleh whose ‘living plates’ project aims to wobble, sink and even change into different shapes as the diner tucks in. Made from silicone, they’re cast by hand to ensure they move as freely as possible.

These awesome plates can change shape


Saleh worked with professional chefs to create the plates, which are designed to make ‘a bond between food and diner through movements that extend the gastronomical experience of the taste.’

These awesome plates can change shape adapting to your food


The reaction to the designs hasn’t been particularly positive though, with many questioning why plastic plates were needed when re-usable porcelain seems perfectly adequate.

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Microwave A Hard-Boiled Egg

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Microwave A Hard-Boiled Egg


Got a cold hard-boiled egg that you want to heat up again? Here's a tip, if you value your safety: don't!


Emily Ratajkowski Takes Her Love Of Pasta To New Heights For Love Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski Takes Her Love Of Pasta To New Heights For Love Magazine



I don't think of pasta when I think about the holidays.  But I'll be thinking about it every time I think about Emily Ratajkowski from now on.

That's because she took her love of pasta to new heights for Love Magazine's Advent Calendar.  I'll never eat pasta the same way again.

Astronauts On The International Space Station Make Pizza In Zero Gravity

Astronauts On The International Space Station Make Pizza In Zero Gravity

The European Space Agency (ESA) posted a wonderful video of the Expedition 53 crew making pizza in zero gravity while on board the International Space Station. The supplies for making the pizza were sent up by the automated Cygnus spacecraft.






Guy Cooks Own Meal After Finding Waffle House Worker Asleep

Guy Cooks Own Meal After Finding Waffle House Worker Asleep


A Waffle House customer in South Carolina decided to get behind the counter and cook his own meal after he couldn't find any employees who were awake. Alex Bowen says he was "pretty inebriated" when he stopped by the West Columbia restaurant at around 3am Thursday, WIS-TV reports. He says after waiting for around 10 minutes for somebody to take his order, he got behind the counter and took care of it himself. "Got hot on the grill with a double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles," says Bowen, who shared selfies taken in the kitchen on Facebook. "When I was done I cleaned the grill, collected my ill-gotten sandwich, and rolled on out."



Bowen says he eventually noticed a worker snoozing in a booth, but decided not to wake him up. He says he went to the restaurant later that day to pay for the meal, ABC reports. "I give all the credit to my old friend vodka," Bowen says. "I wouldn't normally have done that." Waffle House says the worker found sleeping on the job has been suspended for a week. Customers shouldn't get behind the counter, the company said in a statement but "obviously Alex has some cooking skills, and we’d like to talk to him about a job since we may have something for him."




The Extraordinary Origins Of Ordinary Things

The Extraordinary Origins Of Ordinary Things



Investigate the curious beginnings of a few everyday objects. We begin with the WWII origins of instant ramen, learn about the accidental invention of Silly String, and meet the voice behind the Kool-Aid Man.


Texas Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Teen She Met Up With At Chick-fil-A

Texas Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Teen She Met Up With At Chick-fil-A

So while you and I might head on over to Chick-fil-A to try their overpriced, but delicious chicken sandwiches, Michelle Schiffer heads on over to Chick-fil-A to meet up with teen students.

The 23-year-old world history teacher, who teaches at Cypress-Springs High School, was recently arrested and charged with improper relationship with a student and sexual assault of a child after it was discovered that she met up with a then-15-year-old kid in the parking lot of a Chick-fil-A restaurant. From there, Schiffer then drove the teen to a friend’s apartment where they had sex. Schiffer admitted all of this.

The teacher also admitted that she smoked weed with the teen in her car and that she also had more sex with him, in a sexual relationship that lasted a summer. The relationship was revealed after a student reached out to the school’s principal, Cheryl Henry who then reached out to police.

Schiffer was placed on administrative leave but something tells me she will soon be completely out of a job. If convicted, Schiffer can spend two to 20 years in prison, but everyone knows it will be the former.



It's not entirely clear why a vegetarian would subject themselves to being a part of this, but a few of them have. In a new video from the Facts. YouTube Channel -- the people behind the "Irish People Try" series -- vegetarians do their best Big Bad Wolf impression and sit down to eat a little pig.

The video says they eat a whole pig. In reality, they're skipping the parts regularly consumed in the United States. They get right to the parts you don't frequently see on US menus: tongue, trotters, ears, head, and even the heart.

For the most part, the three vegetarians are game. Though, it's clearly hard for them at times. Their difficulties aren't just mental, they're gastrointestinal as well. Eating a bunch of meat after not doing it for years can be rough on the stomach. That's succinctly captured by one taster who says, "My stomach feels like one big giant mistake."


What Is Taurine And Why's It In My Energy Drink?

What Is Taurine And Why's It In My Energy Drink?

Energy drinks- you've had them, or at least you're well aware of their presence in today's culture. But what is actually in these things? Especially the mysterious ingredient TAURINE?