Trump Dumped A Box Of Food On Koi Fish In Japan And Spawned A Hilarious New 'Fake News' Controversy

Trump Dumped A Box Of Food On Koi Fish In Japan And Spawned A Hilarious New 'Fake News' Controversy

Donald Trump is in Japan and there's some wacky shenanigans going down. Out with his buddy Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the two leaders took a break from the North Korea standoff with a little visit to the koi pond, as you do. Amongst the fishies, controversy struck. Eager as ever to make LOLs out of the president's trips abroad, Twitter seized on an objectively hilarious visual that isn't quite what it seems:

If that clip's all you see, you'll definitely think that Trump just got bored and dumped way too much fish food in the water. As anyone who's had a goldfish will assume, the fish would greedily eat it all up, get fat, and die because they have even worse portion control than you do. The visual led to Twitter jokes and Twitter mourning alike:

But then THE TRUTH CAME OUT. #AbeDumpedFirst

It's possible Trump tried to assassinate all those fish by giving them way too much food, but if he did, he was only following orders. When the prime minister and the president come to town, the fish eat like kings. Most likely, that was the allotted amount of food. Prime Minister Abe dumped his fish food in the water before Trump.

The Koi truthers were justified, and they were furious.

After all, the CNN article did wait until the fifth paragraph to reveal the fishy truth, that "Abe... actually appeared to dump out his box of food ahead of Trump."

Therefore, all Russian collusion must be a media lie, right?

Look forward to #KoiGate coming up every time a new Trump official gets indicted. Because if the media can make a mockery of the president's fish-feeding, doesn't that mean special counsel Mueller can also fabricate ironclad evidence of serious wrong-doing by the administration?

Makes sense. Not fishy at all.