10 Big Mac Facts McDonalds Always Secretly Knew About

10 Big Mac Facts McDonalds Always Secretly Knew About

Here's a list of 10 Big Mac Facts McDonald's Always Secretly Knew About. McDonald's Big Mac is an all-time classic, but these are 10 secrets you didn't know about McDonald's Big Mac.
The Big Mac turned 50 last year, and this beefy tower has had quite a life, surviving many changes and controversies, always maintaining its title as everyone’s favorite McDonald’s burger. Although it is now world famous, some facts about the Big Mac may still shock and surprise you to learn about. So here are 10 Big Mac facts McDonald’s always secretly knew about.






The Real Reason Why McDonald's SuperSized Menu Disappeared

The Real Reason Why McDonald's SuperSized Menu Disappeared

McDonald's announced it was phasing out its Supersized fries and drinks back in 2004. But the concept of "Supersizing" is so firmly associated with McDonald's and American fast food culture that people still use the term more than a decade later. So why did the Supersize menu disappear, anyway?

What You Should Absolutely Never Order At McDonald's

What You Should Absolutely Never Order At McDonald's

We all know that McDonald's food is full of fat and laced with sugar. But some options are better than others. There are some menu choices that won't break the calorie bank, and some that will completely wreck your diet. Here are the ones you should absolutely never order.

FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s

FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s

Just about everyone reading this has likely had a McDonald’s cheeseburger in their time or at least recognizes the restaurant’s famed Golden Arches. And you may have read countless articles on the negative effects of the fast food giant and seen countless stories in the news of food safety-related issues.

But that’s not what we’re here for today. Here, I want to focus you on some facts about McDonald’s that are positive, amazing, and just plain interesting. Here are ten things about McDonald’s that you probably never knew.

10.  McDonald’s Started Out Selling Hot Dogs

Photo credit: Cogart Strangehill

In the 1930s, brothers Richard “Dick” and Maurice “Mac” McDonald took out a $5,000 loan and started the worldwide corporation which we know today as McDonald’s. Originally, their restaurant in Monrovia, California, was called the Airdrome, and the menu mainly focused on hot dogs. In 1940, they moved their operation to San Bernardino and changed its name to McDonald’s Barbecue, but over the next several years, it still didn’t have the success that the boys were hoping for.

In 1948, the restaurant was temporarily shut down while they regrouped ideas and money and was reopened as the McDonald’s we know today. The menu was simplified and focused on the burgers, fries, and milkshakes that are still familiar today. The assembly line process still used today was adopted from car manufacturers and was called the “Speedee System.” This was the beginning of the restaurant chain that set the standard for the fast food industry.[1]

9.  The Hamburger Is Healthier Than The Caesar Salad

This may make you think again before ordering that salad from McDonald’s while the kids gorge on greasy burgers and fries! The McDonald’s Caesar salad was created to tackle society’s worries over obesity levels, but it was all smoke and mirrors. A full Caesar salad from McDonald’s (including the standard dressing and croutons) contains 425 calories and 21.4 grams of fat. This compares to the hamburger, which has only 253 calories and 7.7 grams of fat. Quite a big difference!

Furthermore, even McDonald’s classic chicken nuggets, which have been frowned upon for years by health critics, have been proven to hold fewer calories and fat than some of the “healthy options.”[2] “But what about the fries?” you might ask. Including a side of fries, the hamburger meal comes to 459 calories and 16.7 grams of fat. Although the calorie count is higher, it still contains less fat than the salad. On a more positive note for the health freaks out there, without the croutons and the creamy dressing, the fat and calorie levels of the Caesar salad drop dramatically. But hey, why not treat yourself?


8.  The Queen Of England Owns A McDonald’s Franchise

The queen of England herself is in on the McDonald’s franchise! The particular franchise in discussion is that of Banbury Gateway Shopping Park, approximately 130 kilometers (80 mi) outside of London. With its leather couches, modern computerized menu boards, free Samsung tablets, and table service, the restaurant is clearly a step above the rest.[3] Technically speaking, the franchise is not owned personally by the queen. However, it sits on land owned by the Crown Estate.

As a further surprise, this is not the first time a McDonald’s franchise has been on land owned by the Crown Estate. In 2008, the Bath Road Retail Park was purchased for £92 million. In addition to a McDonald’s, it also included a B&Q superstore, Comet, JJB Sports, and Mothercare. This property was sold in 2016.

7.  McDonald’s Employees Will Not Serve A Customer On Horseback In The Drive-Thru

Photo credit: @JasonDigital/Twitter

In 2013, a woman was fined after she took her horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru in Manchester. She was allegedly in the saddle when she was turned away by McDonald’s employees. As a result, the woman led her horse into the restaurant, where it left feces on the floor. She was accompanied by a younger girl riding a pony, but only the adult was charged.

The fast food chain’s response was to take the lady to court after claiming that she had caused distress to customers and crew members. Furthermore, she was fined for the added health and safety risks associated with her behavior. McDonald’s then released a statement saying that for the health and safety of customers and employees, they are unable to serve pedestrians on foot, bicycle, or horseback through the drive-thru.[4]

Another incident has since occurred, in 2018, when a man attempted to take his horse through a drive-thru in Suffolk (pictured above). Witnesses stated that a lady had to come out of the fast food restaurant to refuse service to the man and to help him tie up his horse so that he could order his coffee inside. Now that’s customer service!

6.  Approximately 80,000 People Have A Bachelor’s Degree In Hamburgerology

In 1961, Fred Turner, eventual McDonald’s chairman, opened the “Hamburger University” in the basement of a McDonald’s in Illinois.[5] The Hamburger University focused on creating consistency among restaurants’ procedures, service, quality, and cleanliness. Back in the 1960s, McDonald’s employees were required to obtain a diploma from the Hamburger University before they were allowed to flip hamburgers in restaurants. Statistics say that because of this, over 80,000 people have a bachelor’s degree in Hamburgerology.

Today, there are several universities globally, and they act as a base for the fast food chain’s main operations training and development. Do you think they offer a masters program?


5.  Seven Percent Of Potatoes Grown In The US Are Turned Into McDonald’s French Fries

French fries are a universal food in this era. We might call them chips, fries, frites, or fried potatoes, but essentially, they are a universal junk food. There is a running debate between the French, Spanish, and Belgians regarding who invented the widely popular greasy snack. However, what has been established is that Thomas Jefferson introduced them to the United States, and potato farmers all over the nation should be thanking him. In 1802, Jefferson served the first French-fried potatoes at a White House dinner.

Today, around seven percent of all potatoes grown in the US are made into McDonald’s French fries.[6] Yes, the fries are made from real potatoes, cut and fried like any other chip. Furthermore, the chain sells more than a third of all fries sold in restaurants across the US. How’s that for potato dominance?

4.  Justin Timberlake Made $6 Million For Singing The ‘Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Bah’ Jingle

The jingle for the “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign will forever be a tune that gets stuck in our heads at the most inconvenient times, making our mouths water for that greasy goodness. It was the longest-lasting McDonald’s campaign and was created by the German Agency Heye & Partner. Since its release in Germany in 2003 (known as “Ich Liebe Es”), it has aired in 120 countries in at least 20 languages! This was McDonald’s first-ever attempt at creating a worldwide marketing campaign and led the way in marketing for future fast food restaurants.

For the US release, McDonald’s paid Justine Timberlake a whopping $6 million just to sing the tune. They also sponsored a 35-city European tour for the international pop star.[7] All this when he didn’t even physically appear in the original commercial! Then again, although this seems like a lot, knowing today how much revenue the jingle has generated, he probably should have been paid more!

Fun Fact: In November 2003, Pharrell Williams produced an “I’m Lovin’ It” EP, which included an instrumental version of the jingle and went to the top of the charts in Belgium.

3.  Their ‘Doors Are Always Open’ Policy Has Led To Homeless People Becoming ‘McRefugees’

Photo credit: Suraj Katra

McDonald’s restaurants in China and Japan are actively buzzing with people during the day, but come nightfall, they turn into temporary hostels for the homeless population. This is especially prominent in Hong Kong. After the death of an elderly lady went unnoticed for seven hours at a McDonald’s in Hong Kong in 2015, the company released a statement saying that they accommodate “all walks of life” and that they had found a balance between being accommodating and caring and ensuring good experiences.

The city of Hong Kong has labeled these people as the “McRefugees.” They come by late at night to sleep, and McDonald’s restaurants across the city lower their lights to be accommodating for the elderly patrons living under the poverty line.[8]

2.  Bill Gates Has A McDonald’s ‘Gold Card’ Offering Him Unlimited Free Fast Food

In complete contrast to the McRefugees situation, the rich and famous seem to be offered free everything, including fast food. (Talk about the rich getting richer.) Other members of high society like Warren Buffet and Rob Lowe also hold Gold Cards, but unlike Bill Gates’s worldwide pass, they are limited to certain states and cities.[9]

Surprisingly, the concept isn’t just limited to McDonald’s. Burger King offers a “Crown Card,” whose members include Jennifer Hudson, George Lucas, and Hugh Laurie, while Nandos offers a “Black Card,” also known as the “High Five.” The only known holder of this is Ed Sheeran, as despite the card rules, he posted a selfie with the card, which has spread globally over the Internet.

Fun Fact: Hugh Laurie attained his Burger King Crown Card by speaking with the company’s PR team and pretending he already had one.

1.  Disney Cut Ties With McDonald’s In 2006 To Stop Supporting Child Obesity

Did you notice how the famous Happy Meals stopped sporting little Disney toys and started sporting other brands? The once-beloved Disney Happy Meal toys came to a rapid halt in 2006, when Disney chose not to renew its contract with the fast food giant. Disney stated that it prides itself on being family-friendly and wanted to distance itself from the predicted onslaught of child obesity.

It was revealed that the agreement with McDonald’s was worth over $1 billion and $100 million in royalties. Furthermore, the partnership promoted Disney films and TV shows, some of which Disney specifically aimed at the McDonald’s target audience. On top of that, Disney had allowed McDonald’s to set up stalls inside its famous theme parks. Those stalls came to an abrupt end.

Scientists have approved of children’s film characters ceasing to be associated with junk food and have instead suggested the promotion of healthy foods. This was displayed in Shrek 3 promotions by McDonald’s, which selectively promoted healthier Happy Meal options like apple slices and salads.[10]

In 2018, Disney and McDonald’s finally renewed their partnership, returning Disney characters to Happy Meals.

Even McDonald's Staff Won't Order These Menu Items

Even McDonald's Staff Won't Order These Menu Items

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False Facts People Surprisingly Believe About McDonald's

False Facts People Surprisingly Believe About McDonald's

We all know by now that not everything you read online is true, especially when it comes to the legendary fast-food chain McDonald's. Here are some false facts about this American staple that you probably always believed.

Racist Guy Ejected From English McDonalds After Rant About Immigrants And Feminist

Racist Guy Ejected From English McDonalds After Rant About Immigrants And Feminist

'White men built the world and you people are parasites'

Middle-class man's racist rant is filmed at Brixton McDonald's as he rages at black diners while blaming 'migrants and feminists for ruining UK' and cursing 'antediluvian' Africans.

McDonald's Recipe Changes The World Never Noticed

McDonald's Recipe Changes The World Never Noticed

Even if you have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything McDonald’s has to offer, you probably had no clue about these McDonald’s recipe changes the world never noticed. For instance, McDonald’s is famous for having some of the best fries in the land, but did you know that they used to be cooked in cottonseed oil and beef tallow? If you were used to that taste, you might be surprised to know that these days, Mickey D’s cooks up their French fries in good, old-fashioned vegetable oil. If you couldn’t taste the difference, then they’re doing their job right. If crispy, salty treats aren’t a part of your daily diet and you prefer dessert instead, it’ll interest you to know that the apple pie was once deep-fried. Nowadays, in the interest of not sending their consumer base to the next life early, McDonald’s has been baking their apple pies.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who likes to start out the day with some breakfast, you’ll be shocked to find out that today’s offerings at McDonald’s are made with real butter. In days of old, your Egg McMuffins and Egg and Cheese Biscuits would have been made with margarine, if you can believe it. Prep your appetite as we take a look through the history of some of McDonald’s most famous treats and how their recipes have changed, for better or worse.

Angry McDonald’s Worker Floors Customer After Brawl Breaks Out

Angry McDonald’s Worker Floors Customer After Brawl Breaks Out

This shocking footage shows the moment a McDonald’s employee floors a customer after a scrap inside the restaurant. The incident is believed to have taken place in the McDonald’s restaurant in Newbury Park, Ilford, east London, over the weekend and has been widely shared on social media.

Woman Chokes McDonald’s Manager Over Missing Ketchup Packets

Woman Chokes McDonald’s Manager Over Missing Ketchup Packets

Police in California have released the surveillance footage of a McDonald’s manager being attacked by a woman who was upset over missing packs of ketchup. According to the Santa Ana Police Department, the suspect entered the restaurant through the back door used by employees and asked for ketchup.

Fast Food Connoisseur Films His First McDonald's McRib Experience

Fast Food Connoisseur Films His First McDonald's McRib Experience

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Here Are The McDonald's Items Employees Say You Really Shouldn't Order

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Huge Scandals To Hit McDonald's

Huge Scandals To Hit McDonald's

The story of McDonald's isn't just one of success, but of crazy court cases, nutritional controversies, outright lies, labor atrocities, and PR disasters. No company as big as McDonald's can survive for long without attracting a scandal, and these are some of the worst they've ever faced...

10 Worst Crimes To Occur In A McDonald’s

10 Worst Crimes To Occur In A McDonald’s

No fast-food chain is more recognizable than McDonald’s. The golden arches of this burger joint can be found everywhere in the world—from Alaska to Singapore. As ubiquitous as its restaurants are, McDonald’s has had its fair share of bad press in the past.

Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me highlighted in graphic detail just how unhealthy the food at McDonald’s is. Numerous doctors and scientists have also published reports about the damage that a simple burger and fries can do to the human stomach, heart, and other organs.

As it is often open very late, McDonald’s has been the scene of several bizarre and horrific crimes. This list shows in 10 different cases just how dangerous fast food can be.

The Attack Of The Tire Iron Gang

In November 2007, a McDonald’s in Memphis, Tennessee, became the site of a grotesque turf war. On one side of the battle were the restaurant’s employees. On the other side were some seriously angry drag queens.

The entire incident started when the three drag queens pulled up at the drive-through window. For some reason, the three-man party felt that the service was subpar. They tapped on the drive-through window angrily to get the manager’s attention. When that failed, they entered the store, each brandishing a tire iron.

The cross-dressing assailants struck the manager, Albert Bolton, with a tire iron. He was also scratched and kicked by the attackers. The blow that sent Bolton to the hospital came when one of the drag queens hit him in the head with a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign. The last act of violence saw the three assailants smash the drive-through window to pieces.[1]

The three angry drag queens were eventually caught by Memphis police. Their names were Danny Mitchell, Lynn Gillespie, and Dacorian Greer. All three were charged with aggravated assault.

The Murder Of Mohammad Robinson

A simple argument at a McDonald’s in North Las Vegas led to the death of a 31-year-old father. In summer 2016, a woman accused 31-year-old Mohammad Robinson of not acting like a gentleman. Robinson apparently failed to hold the door open for the woman, which caused the door to hit the woman in the face.

According to an eyewitness at the scene, Robinson and the woman got into a heated argument. The woman told her male companion about Robinson’s supposedly rude act. The companion pulled out a gun and shot Robinson to death.

Gunman Alonso Perez was arrested for the murder and placed in an interrogation room. He managed to free himself from his handcuffs and quickly fled the scene. Perez then stole a Ford F-250 truck. Police caught up with him several days later and charged him with murder.[2]

Perez, 25, was later charged with two other homicides—the shooting deaths of 50-year-old Jeffrey Johnson and 37-year-old Candelario Duran.


Pregnant Woman Attacked

Sadly, brawls and fisticuffs are fairly common inside McDonald’s restaurants. One such brawl erupted in Houston, Texas, in October 2017. The fight started when customer Carla DeLeon began calling an employee names.

As shown in a video uploaded to the Internet by Dexter Kennedy, the employee fought back against DeLeon by pouring a cup of water on her head. At the time of the incident, DeLeon was with her young daughter and was pregnant with her fifth child.

The two women traded fists until a male employee separated them. According to Kennedy’s post, he felt that DeLeon started the scuffle. However, DeLeon pressed charges against the McDonald’s employee for hitting her and her three-year-old daughter. The employee was eventually charged with assault.[3]

Gang Beatdown In Brooklyn

As they are open so late, McDonald’s restaurants tend to attract the drunk, the rough, and the rowdy after the sun goes down. In March 2015, a cell phone video caught a gang of hooligans in Brooklyn, New York, severely beating a young woman.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, the fight started when two teenage girls began trading insults. Friends of one of the 16-year-olds then punched and kicked the other girl until she wound up on the ground.

The violence did not end once the teenager dropped to the floor. The young assailants kicked and stomped the young girl in the head. Most disgusting of all, absolutely no one came to the injured teenager’s defense.

More than two years later, Aniah Ferguson was sentenced to four years in prison for leading the gang assault.[4]

Shooting In Dorchester


In April 2017, a road rage incident in the Boston area led to police issuing murder charges against 29-year-old Deonarine Ganga. Boston police officials reported that Ganga pulled out a gun and fatally shot 21-year-old Joey DeBarros to death in the parking lot of a McDonald’s located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

The incident first began on Granite Avenue, where the two men engaged in a verbal squabble following a traffic dispute. During the argument, Ganga removed a handgun from inside his car and shot DeBarros, who had already exited his vehicle.

DeBarros later died at Boston Medical Center. As for Ganga, he sped away from the scene in a vehicle owned by a close female associate. Boston police officers managed to track him down thanks to eyewitnesses who provided a description of Ganga and his vehicle’s license plate number.

Ganga was quickly charged with the murder. In May 2017, he was denied bail by the Suffolk County district attorney’s office.[5]

The Murder Of Anna Svidersky

Anna Svidersky was born in Russia. Before age two, Anna had lived in Russia, Kazakhstan, and California. By 2001, when she was 13, Anna’s mother had moved the family to the small city of Vancouver, Washington.

By all accounts, Anna was a very determined young woman. Besides going to school at Fort Vancouver High School, Anna worked three jobs, including one at a McDonald’s restaurant located on Andresen Road in Vancouver. Friends described Anna as physically beautiful, vivacious, and caring. Before her death in 2006, Anna, a high school senior at the time, planned on going to college.

Anna’s young life ended because of one man—28-year-old David Barton Sullivan. He already had two prior convictions for sex crimes, plus he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. On April 20, 2006, Sullivan left his Vancouver home with the intention of “hurting” a female.

At around 8:00 PM, Sullivan entered the McDonald’s on Andresen Road. He was armed with a 15-centimeter (6 in) kitchen knife. Sullivan saw Anna cleaning tables in the dining area, and without warning, he attacked her. Sullivan stabbed Anna to death while a horrified coworker, Michael Block, looked on.

The murder of Anna Svidersky became an international story because thousands of strangers used the relatively novel social media platforms of MySpace and YouTube to mourn her and honor her memory.[6]

Triple Homicide In Nova Scotia

A McDonald’s restaurant in the community of Sydney River, Nova Scotia, became infamous in 1992. This crime is still remembered as one of the worst and most shocking homicides in all of Canadian history.

The incident began when three employees—18-year-old Derek Wood, 18-year-old Darren Muise, and 23-year-old Freeman Daniel MacNeil—hatched a plan to rob the restaurant. The three young men fully expected to steal more than $200,000 from the restaurant’s locked safe. The thieves ultimately pocketed only a little over $2,000.

The crime went bad almost from the start. After midnight on May 7, 1992, the three men entered the restaurant via a back door that Wood had left open earlier in the day. The robbers carried a .22-caliber pistol, several knives, and at least one shovel handle. Muise also wore a Halloween mask during the robbery.

Four employees were still inside the store during the robbery. These four workers—20-year-old Joan “Arleen” MacNeil, 27-year-old Jimmy Fagan, 22-year-old Donna Warren, and 29-year-old Neil Burroughs Jr.—were shot and severely beaten. All but Joan MacNeil died at the scene. However, she was left paralyzed after the event and died in 2018 at age 46.

Freeman Daniel MacNeil was given 25 years with the possibly of parole, Muise received 20 years with the possibility of parole, and Wood was given a life sentence. In 2011, Muise was granted parole from prison due to good behavior.[7]

Cult Murder In China

On May 28, 2014, diners at a McDonald’s in the Chinese city of Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, were interrupted while eating by a bizarre set of self-proclaimed “missionaries.” These religious fanatics belonged to a weird cult consisting of the members of the Zhang family. One of the cult members, Zhang Fan, became infamous at her trial for openly declaring that she was God.

On the day of the murders, six members of the Zhang family entered the McDonald’s restaurant and asked for the cell phone numbers of every customer eating there. Diner Wu Shuoyan, a saleswoman in her mid-thirties, refused to give the cultists her cell phone or her cell phone number.[8]

When this happened, gang leader Zhang Lidong told his followers to kill Wu, which they did. The murder weapons included a chair and a mop that the cult had recently purchased. Videos posted to Chinese social media showed the cult members beating Wu even after the metal mop handle had broken.

Zhang Lidong and Zhang Fan were executed in February 2015. The other four members of the cult were given sentences that ranged from just seven years all the way to life imprisonment.

Mass Shooting In Munich

One of the worst mass shootings in German history began at a Munich McDonald’s located near the Olympia shopping mall. The shooter, 18-year-old Ali “David” Sonboly, opened fire at the restaurant with a Glock 17 pistol near 6:00 PM on June 22, 2016. Then he moved inside the mall and continued his rampage. Over a period of a few minutes, Sonboly shot nine people to death before killing himself.

Given the spate of Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe at that time, many were quick to characterize Sonboly as an extremist and a terrorist. One female eyewitness told CNN that she heard the shooter shout “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) during the attack.

Other reports cast doubt on the theory that religion was Sonboly’s motive. Ethnic Turks seemed to have been singled out by Sonboly as well as other non-German ethnics. Some media outlets suggested that Sonboly, who was born in Germany to Iranian immigrant parents, attacked Turks because he felt that German Turks had picked on him the most in the past.

By July 2016, German police officials painted a fuller picture of Sonboly. He was a fan of first-person shooter video games, read widely about mass shootings, and had purchased the Glock handgun on the “dark web” a full year before carrying out the attack. Sonboly was also known to have some undisclosed mental health problems.[9]

The San Ysidro Massacre

Without question, the worst crime ever committed inside a McDonald’s restaurant took place in San Ysidro, California. At approximately 4:00 PM on July 18, 1984, 41-year-old James Oliver Huberty stormed into a McDonald’s wearing a black T-shirt and military-style pants. His only words were “Freeze!” before he opened fire on the restaurant’s patrons.

Huberty told the diners to lie on the floor. Whether they did this or not didn’t matter. Huberty shot them anyway. The gunman—who was armed with a shotgun, an Uzi carbine, and a handgun—also shot and killed two young boys who rode their bicycles too close to the store. All told, Huberty killed 21 people during a siege that lasted over one hour. Five of the dead were younger than 11 years old, with one victim being a four-month-old infant.

The 77-minute massacre (some sources say 78) was captured by live television cameras and streamed into the homes of millions of horrified Americans, thus making it one of the first mass shooting spectacles. It was later discovered that Huberty, a native of Canton, Ohio, was a father who was anything but normal.

Huberty had studied mortuary science as a young man, had a history of domestic violence, and was known to be paranoid about suspected government plans to bankrupt the United States. Prior to carrying out the murders, Huberty had moved his family to Tijuana, Mexico. Then they rented an apartment just a few blocks away from the targeted McDonald’s.[10]

Can McDonald's Become Fine Dining?

Can McDonald's Become Fine Dining?

Try Guy Keith takes on the challenge of creating a gourmet dish out of a McDonald’s Happy meal. Will the Judges think it is gourmet, or will Keith just create garbage?

Two Friends Put Up A Poster Of Themselves At A McDonalds And Nobody's Noticed

Two Friends Put Up A Poster Of Themselves At A McDonalds And Nobody's Noticed


Get ready for some wholesome chuckles from two nice dudes who one simple dream: to become a couple of McDonald's Poster Models.

Buddies Jevh and Christian were muchin' some Snack Wraps at McDonald's one day when they realized that every poster of happy, smiling, Big Mac goblins were mainly white people, with absolutely no Asians represented at all. As two Asian burger boys, they could not let this stand. So, obviously, they decided to take a picture of themselves, (of course photoshopped to look like the other posters hung around the establishment) slap the famous golden arches in the corner, get it printed on a giant, professional poster board and hang it up on a blank wall at their local McD's.

But, HOW DID THEY DO IT without getting caught? Ever heard of a little something called Master of Disguise?


And NO ONE NOTICED. Now, these guys can sit under a poster of themselves enjoying fries and a burger WHILE THEY EAT FRIES AND BURGERS. It's a totally innocent, beautiful prank that gave our dead, cold hearts the little defibrillation we needed.

Interested in the full story? Then watch the video!

And remember, there's nothing funnier than someone pulling off a subtle, yet totally ridiculous stunt that remains unnoticed for far too long.



"Day five, they still haven't noticed."

What Ever Happened To Ronald McDonald?

What Ever Happened To Ronald McDonald?


According to official company statements, Ronald McDonald is “second only to Santa in terms of recognition”. While this may or may not have been true at one point in time, you might have noticed of late that the formerly prominent fast-food mascot has almost completely disappeared from the lime-light. So how did Ronald McDonald come about in the first place and where has he disappeared to in recent years?

Drive Thru Oops

 Drive Thru Oops


 Drive Thur worker has a hot mic


Receipt Inside McDonald's Bag Brought Down Corrupt Cop

Receipt Inside McDonald's Bag Brought Down Corrupt Cop


Kyle Willett, then a detective on the Louisville Metro Police's drug task force, got some food at a McDonald's drive-thru before heading back to work one day back in 2016—and it was the receipt from that fast food stop that led to his downfall, the Courier-Journal reports. While still in his car outside the UPS global shipping hub where he intercepted drug shipments, he opened a box believed to be heading from local drug dealers to large-scale distributors in California and stole around $40,000 in cash from it. But before re-sealing it and sending it on its way, he crumpled up his McDonald's bag—including the receipt—and tossed it inside. He had paid with a credit card, and when another drug task force in California intercepted and opened the package, expecting to find evidence, they instead found the cash missing. But investigators were able to trace the credit card digits on the receipt to Willett.

They also found surveillance footage of his car, purchased by the police department, in the drive-thru on the time and date the receipt read. Surveillance cameras were placed inside the SUV, and when Willett stole cash from another package, it was captured on video. Willett, who had previously been considered one of the most accomplished detectives on the force and had been featured on the true crime TV show The First 48, ended up leaving the force and pleading guilty to felony theft. But the probe into his crimes also ended up uncovering a questionable practice undertaken by other members of the task force, dubbed the "sneak-n-peek," in which officers would take packages into their cars and open them before obtaining a search warrant. The task force ended up losing federal funding and was shut down for 19 months before being restarted with all new members.


McDonald’s Ditches Plastic Straws In UK And Is Preparing To Bring Paper Straws To The US

McDonald’s Ditches Plastic Straws In UK And Is Preparing To Bring Paper Straws To The US


London, United Kingdom, May 27, 2012 : McDonald's yellow and red drive-thru logo advertising sign placed on a pole with a clear blue sky

Paper or plastic? You may soon not have a choice in what your straw you use to sip you McDonald’s milkshake. McDonald’s has plans to replace plastic straws with paper straws in the U.K. and Ireland very soon and the move could be coming to the U.S. as well. On Thursday, McDonald’s announced that they are making the switch to more environmentally friendly paper straws in the U.K. starting in September of this year.

“Reflecting the broader public debate, our customers told us they wanted to see a move on straws but to do so without compromising their overall experience when visiting our restaurants,” said McDonald’s U.K. and Ireland CEO Paul Pomroy. “Over the past few months we’ve been working closely with supplier partners to find a solution that works both for our customers, and that the supply is there given the size of our business.”

The move by the fast-food giant comes weeks after the European Union proposed a law that would ban one-time use utensils such as plastic forks, spoons knives, straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds. Under the proposed law it bans all of these plastic utensils across Europe by 2019.


“The government’s ambitious plans, combined with strong customer opinion, has helped to accelerate the move away from plastic and I’m proud that we’ve been able to play our part in helping to achieve this societal change,” Pomroy said. McDonald’s is said to use 1.8 million straws a day in the U.K. alone.

The complete switch to paper straws is only happening in the 1,361 McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland for now, but McDonald’s is testing non-plastic straw alternatives in Belgium. Later this year, McDonald’s will begin trials of more environmentally friendly drinking straws in France, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. It is estimated that the U.S. uses 500 million plastic straws every day.

Though plastic straws are recyclable, they are often not recycled because they are too small and get into the environment. Straws can get into the ocean where marine animals eat them because they they think it is food. It is estimated that each year 100,000 marine animals and over 1 million seabirds die from ingesting plastic. Most straws are made from plastics that take hundreds of years to decompose. McDonald’s said the new straws will use paper from sustainable sources.

In 2015, an 8-minute cringe-worthy video of a plastic straw being removed from a sea turtle’s nose in Costa Rica went viral, and now has over 27 million views on YouTube.

Man Throws Hot Coffee On McDonald’s Manager

Man Throws Hot Coffee On McDonald’s Manager

A man was caught on camera throwing scalding hot coffee on a McDonald’s manager. According to police, a man entered the McDonald’s in Lacey, Washington, just before 6am on Friday, and ordered a cup of coffee.

Tom Arnold Jokes Around About Working At McDonald's

Tom Arnold Jokes Around About Working At McDonald's

Working at McDonald's gave Tom Arnold and his friends plenty of opportunities to steal food -- until they took things too far.




$120 McGriddle Taste Test

$120 McGriddle Taste Test

Is our $120 McGriddle a McMasterpiece or a McDisaster?

Man Has A Strange Encounter At A McDonald's Drive Through

Man Has A Strange Encounter At A McDonald's Drive Through

What a f*cking ride, man

Young Boy Accidentally Wears Very Rude T-Shirt To School

Young Boy Accidentally Wears Very Rude T-Shirt To School


Every bought a t-shirt and thought 'I don't really know what that means, but it looks cool'? We all have. But in this case it led to a mishap of epic proportions, and we're lovin' it.

Shelly McCullar took to Facebook to apologise to staff at her little lad's school after embarrassingly letting him turn up in this.


Nightmare, right?

Her post read:

"Once again, my sincere apologies to the teachers and staff at Travis Elementary. I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing! I had no idea Anthony wore this to school!!

Just to clarify, I would never let my kid wear something like this. A friend had given me some hand me down clothes for Anthony. I haven't had the chance to completely go through them. I will tonight though!!

It's been viewed 7million times at the time of writing, and has had over 80,000 shares.

The t-shirt is red with a yellow logo on that represents a pair of open legs and then the slogan below reads 'I'm lovin' it' - the famous McDonald's saying.

Little kid is never gonna live this one down.

HANGRY Customer Yells At McDonald's Employee In Viral Video

HANGRY Customer Yells At McDonald's Employee In Viral Video

A video showing a customer yelling at McDonald’s employees while buying ice cream has gone viral, amassing over 1.1 million views and 15,000 shares.

In the minute and a half long video, a man is seen standing at the cash register and shouting at two McDonald’s employees at the Hougang Mall outlet in Singapore over being asked to pay before he has finished ordering.

"What service is this, you tell me. Is the McDonald's service like that?" he says in the video.

"Don't tell me sorry. I very angry," the man yells. "What! I haven't order finish, money money money, what is this?"

WARNING: Video contains strong language


 The McDonald’s employee repeatedly apologizes to the man and attempts to defend her actions, calling the situation a “miscommunication.”

“Miscommunication? And keep on asking, money where? Money where,” retorts the man.

The man then demands to talk to the manager before reportedly yelling vulgarities and slamming money on the counter.

Caren Choo, 39, was the one who recorded the video. Choo said she was sitting in the restaurant when the man started yelling at the employee.

"The woman he was shouting at was an old lady. I felt, even if she did something wrong, he should just let it go after he scolded her," said Choo to The Straits Times.

Choo said she was unsure of the cause of the dispute, but she suspected it was over payment. She said the man left with an ice cream cone eventually, but returned with it half-eaten, the Straits Times reports.

"He said it was not the flavor he ordered," said Choo. "The manager was very accommodating and said she would change the flavor, but he didn't take a new cone and just left."

 The McDonald’s employee repeatedly apologizes to the man and attempts to defend her actions, calling the situation a “miscommunication.”

“Miscommunication? And keep on asking, money where? Money where,” retorts the man.

The man then demands to talk to the manager before reportedly yelling vulgarities and slamming money on the counter.

Caren Choo, 39, was the one who recorded the video. Choo said she was sitting in the restaurant when the man started yelling at the employee.

"The woman he was shouting at was an old lady. I felt, even if she did something wrong, he should just let it go after he scolded her," said Choo to The Straits Times.

Choo said she was unsure of the cause of the dispute, but she suspected it was over payment. She said the man left with an ice cream cone eventually, but returned with it half-eaten, the Straits Times reports.

"He said it was not the flavor he ordered," said Choo. "The manager was very accommodating and said she would change the flavor, but he didn't take a new cone and just left."

Teacher Charged With ‘Luring Boy With McDonald’s And Sex’

Teacher Charged With ‘Luring Boy With McDonald’s And Sex’ -


A teacher from Florida has been charged with having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy.

26-year-old Stephanie Peterson is alleged to have sent inappropriate pictures of herself to the American eighth grader, with the relationship beginning last November.

The teenager claims the teacher would come round to his home at night, before taking him elsewhere to have sex – either in a barn or Peterson’s car.

After these incidents, Peterson – who is currently going through a divorce – would take the student back to his residence at around 1-2am.


A statement from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office explained how Peterson pressured the teenager into keeping the secret:

The victim reported that Peterson told him they couldn’t tell anyone about their relationship or they’d get in trouble.

He also said she bought him marijuana and bowls for smoking it, and his grades suffered after their relationship started.

Peterson was taken into custody and was being interviewed this morning before transport to the Volusia County Branch Jail, where her charges carry $25,000 (£18,111) bond. She resigned her teaching position on Monday, according to the School District.

Detectives are asking parents to talk to their kids, and anyone with information about any additional potential victims is asked to contact the VCSO Child Exploitation Unit at 386-323-3574.


According to The Sun, Peterson took his virginity after luring him with McDonalds food.

The pupil – whose grades had dropped from As to Fs as a result of the relationship – later told his parents how he would visit the teacher’s classroom each day and she would purchase McDonalds for him.

The abuse was uncovered after a separate teacher made contact with the pupil’s parents to check if he would like mentoring.

After joking about whether the boy was being groomed, the parents became worried when their son cried and stated: ‘Anyone could molest you.’


South Carolina Cops Tells Homeless Man To Leave McDonald's After Stranger Paid For His Meal

South Carolina Cops Tells Homeless Man To Leave McDonald's After Stranger Paid For His Meal


How we treat the less fortunate is a reflection of the state of our society as a whole. To think police officers who are sworn to uphold the law, a symbol of justice, truth and whatever else they peddle to us have sunk so low they can no longer empathize with those who have nothing left at all.

How Good Is McDonald's New Szechuan Sauce?

How Good Is McDonald's New Szechuan Sauce?

Trying out the new Szechuan Sauce from McDonald's! Wearing a 1990s brown suit, white dress shirt and a 90s necktie.

Dude Cause A Scene At Mcdonald's For Messing Up His Order

Dude Cause A Scene At Mcdonald's For Messing Up His Order

Really...eat your biscuit and go home.

Big Boy Fights Skinny Kid Near Mcdonalds But Ends Up Getting Shut Down Completely

Big Boy Fights Skinny Kid Near Mcdonalds But Ends Up Getting Shut Down Completely

I've said this all along. Speed dominates power! Muscular dudes are typically slower fighters except for Mike Tyson of course. But, in general most will resort to pussy wrestling tactics like body slamming, head locking. In street combat there are no rules for sure!

But, using speed combined with some swift power shots to the right pressure points can take these punks down in a hot minute! If you stay in control mentally it's easy to defeat, and confidently dominate your opponent! This kid has either been trained, or is a great student of game! Nice work here!

14 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys You Threw Away That Are Worth An Insane Amount Of Money Today

14 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys You Threw Away That Are Worth An Insane Amount Of Money Today


Growing up, a well-placed McDonald's happy meal toy could make an otherwise mundane meal feel considerably more memorable. A good happy meal toy was all that any kid could ask for, even if the novelty often wore off within a few hours. However, when viewed with more mature eyes, the toys quickly lose their magic; what was once essential is now just worthless plastic meant to bait children into eating the unhealthiest food imaginable. Well, perhaps worthless isn't the right word, as there are some happy meal toys that are worth a lot of money.

Ebay users have gone mad bidding on the most valuable McDonald's happy meal toys. While it might seem absurd to drop over $50 on something that was once given out for free, this isn't the first time seemingly worthless objects have garnered a high price on the website; Pokémon cards routinely sell for more money than any piece of cardboard ever should. The farther back one looks, the rarer the toys become, and happy meal prizes from the '80s and '90s tend to fetch the highest prices.

If you ever frequented the restaurant, you'll probably remember a lot of these toys from your childhood. In that case, get ready to feel happy, then sad, because you're about to be reminded of a lot of McDonald's toys you'll wish you still had.

Girl Freaks The F*ck Out On McDonalds Workers For Not Giving Her Nuggets

Girl Freaks The F*ck Out On McDonalds Workers For Not Giving Her Nuggets

McDonalds just can't win these days. Even when the lower prices for the customers and do their jobs they still get bashed by hot heads like this. All over some damn Nugs! Come on!

This man has been here before. ” “Not again. You did this two days ago and got us banned from the McDonald’s closer to us.” He has broken up some fast food fights with his girl before!

McDonald's Fries Could Cure Baldness According To New Study

McDonald's Fries Could Cure Baldness According To New Study

A cure for baldness may have just been found in the most unlikely of places, according to scientists in Japan - who think the answer could lie in your McDonald's meal.

Yep, believe it or not you read that right. According to the Daily Record, there's a chemical used in McDonald's fries that could help hair regrowth.

The scientists managed to regrow hair on mice using what they've referred to as a 'simple method' using human stem cells, which generated fresh follicles capable of sprouting new hairs.

Within days the mice had furry backs and scalps, and after these preliminary experiments it's thought that the same technique could work in people.

The Japanese team first had a breakthrough after they managed to produce 'hair follicle germs' in their lab for the first time. These are the cells that fuel follicle development, and because they've never been regenerated before are considered the 'Holy Grail' of hair loss research.

Turns out the secret was to use dimethylpolysiloxane, the same chemical that's found in McDonald's fries - which is added for safety reasons to prevent cooking oil from foaming.

Professor Junji Fukuda of Yokohama National University, said: "The key for the mass production of HFGs was a choice of substrate materials for the culture vessel.

"We used oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane (PDMS) at the bottom of culture vessel, and it worked very well."

Billons of pounds are spent on hair loss treatment each year, but hair follicles have never been created in this way before.

Fukuda said: "This simple method is very robust and promising.

"We hope this technique will improve human hair regenerative therapy to treat hair loss such as androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

"In fact, we have preliminary data that suggests human HFG formation using human keratinocytes and dermal papilla cells."

He continued: "These self-sorted hair follicle germs (ssHFGs) were shown to be capable of efficient hair-follicle and shaft generation upon injection into the backs of nude mice.

"This finding facilitated the large-scale preparation of approximately 5,000 ssHFGs in a microwell-array chip made of oxygen-permeable silicone.

"We demonstrated that the integrity of the oxygen supply through the bottom of the silicone chip was crucial to enabling both ssHFG formation and subsequent hair shaft generation.

"Finally, spatially aligned ssHFGs on the chip were encapsulated into a hydrogel and simultaneously transplanted into the back skin of nude mice to preserve their intervening spaces, resulting in spatially aligned hair follicle generation.

"This simple ssHFG preparation approach is a promising strategy for improving current hair-regenerative medicine techniques."

We'll leave the science to the experts, but ultimately if eating fried potatoes could benefit our health after all - well, we're all in.


Mom Puts McDonald's On Blast After Daughter's Horrifically 'Inappropriate' Interview

Mom Puts McDonald's On Blast After Daughter's Horrifically 'Inappropriate' Interview

After hearing about her 16-year-old daughter's inappropriate McDonald's job interview, Rita Pryce from Queensland, Australia immediately aired her frustrations on Facebook.

According to Pryce's Facebook post, the manager of the McDonalds allegedly prodded her teen daughter with inappropriate questions, including "do you think you're beautiful?"

Pryce's daughter felt so uncomfortable she answered "Uh, I guess ya." The manager then followed up by adding 'Well that's what YOU make of it'. This is just one of many inappropriate exchanges that took place during the course of the interview.

When the staff member found out Pryce's daughter was from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, he revealed his stereotypes by asking "What is two plus two?" After receiving the answer "four," he then answered, "Yep, that's four in our country too."

The haranguing continued with him asking her "Sixteen and still no job?"


Pryce's daughter couldn't hold back the tears after the man asked how she'd describe herself and he roasted her answer of "bubbly."

"Bubbly? Should I just stop you there and end this interview?" he said.

Understandably angered by how badly her daughter was treated, Pryce followed up with the McDonalds to file a complaint.

"Those inappropriate questions left my daughter feeling sexually harassed and racially vilified," Pryce said.


Since Pryce's call-out, that McDonalds now requires two staff members to be present at interviews. The manager is currently on leave.

Mcdonald's Employee Pulls A Gun On Someone For Jumping Behind The Counter

Mcdonald's Employee Pulls A Gun On Someone For Jumping Behind The Counter

You should always stay behind the white line or risk getting shot.

Florida Woman Arrested For Attacking Lady Over Fresh Bacon At McDonald's

Florida Woman Arrested For Attacking Lady Over Fresh Bacon At McDonald's

This just in: nothing is “fresh” at McDonald’s.

Widna St. Jean (what a name) was recently arrested after getting into a physical altercation with another woman over fresh bacon at a McDonald’s in Golden Gate, Florida.

It all kicked off when a woman came in from the drive-thru into the fast food joint to complain that the bacon on her sandwich was not fresh. The woman claimed that she was a former McDonald’s employee and knew the bacon was not fresh, but the staff informed her that the bacon was fresh. And that’s when Jean, 24, interjected because she did not like the way the woman was talking to her friend who was working.

The pair argued, but eventually the woman was given her fresh bacon and left the McDonald’s. But Jean wasn’t finished as she followed the woman and hit her in the side of the head in the name of fresh bacon. And a fight broke out and police was called.

Jean was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

No word yet if the woman still got to enjoy her sandwich.

Here's Why You Should Double Up On Burgers At McDonald's

Here's Why You Should Double Up On Burgers At McDonald's -


Of all the things McDonald’s food is known for, “positive nutritional value” probably misses the top 100 list. In fact, there’s an entire documentary out there called Super Size Me (and now a sequel as well) about how not good for you the stuff is, and it’s likely you’ve already seen it or at least heard about it. Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably been told a million times that fast food is not something that should ever become a staple in your diet lest you become an overweight American stereotype. Because of this, it might come as something of a surprise to hear that nutritionists recommend getting not one, but two burgers from the fast food joint if you find yourself needing to stop there at all- which is totally fine, of course. No judgement here.

The reason for this odd bit of health advice boils down to the fact that McDonald’s fries are absolutely awful for you. They taste good, sure, but they’re pretty much nothing but empty carbs with salt and oil added to them. But mostly empty carbs. The burgers are also heart disease on a bun, but they at least contain some degree of protein and that’s something rather than nothing.

Once you realize this, swapping the fries for a second burger becomes common sense. You get more protein and less fat and carbohydrates. It’s simple math, really. Don’t take it from us, though. The real expert on this subject who came up with this ingenious idea is Emily Field, who has this to say:

“By swapping the fries for a second burger, then, you’re nearly doubling your protein intake while reducing the amount of fat and carbs you’re eating. Since fast food is already high in fat and carbs and pretty low in protein, the simple switch could help steady your blood sugar levels.”

So yeah, not to brag, but the professional dietitian is backing us up on this one. Figuring out what’s good for you is kind of what she does.

Presumably, this isn’t limited to just McDonald’s. This also goes for Burger King, Wendy’s, Jack-In-The-Box, Hardee’s, Sonic, and whatever other wacky fast food chains you have in your area. It’s quite unfortunate, but that stuff is never going to give you the fuel you really need to live a healthy life. In fact, it’s more likely to slowly kill you than anything, and you’re going to have to work it off at the gym if you don’t want it to destroy your insides.

It’s not recommended to eat that mystery meat, ever. Still, the stuff is pretty tasty every now and then, so if you find yourself craving some crud, go with a double serving of blob burger and skip the fatty fry empty carb bombs.

Your body won’t thank you for it, since you’re still feeding it the culinary equivalent of manure, but at least it won’t be as upset with you as it would be if you also got fries on the side. So that’s something, right?


10 Outrageous McDonald’s Scandals

10 Outrageous McDonald’s Scandals

McDonald’s has over 36,000 locations around the globe, which are estimated to serve over 69 million customers daily. That’s the second-highest number of locations for a fast-food chain in the world. (Subway takes the top spot.)

At that scale, it’s no wonder there have been so many controversies and scandals. Most people have heard of the hot coffee incident in which 79-year-old Stella Liebeck was severely burned by the fast-food chain’s scalding coffee. She was hospitalized for eight days and awarded millions by a jury. Ultimately, McDonald’s settled the lawsuit with Liebeck privately.

Although that’s one of the most publicized cases, McDonald’s has faced other outrageous scandals, like the ones detailed below.

10.The McDonald’s Virginia Racism Lawsuit

Photo credit: businessinsurance.com

In 2015, several former McDonald’s employees based in Virginia launched a civil rights lawsuit against the company. They alleged that after Michael Simon had become their boss and owner of three McDonald’s restaurants, he made a conscious decision to reduce the number of ethnic minorities he employed.

It was claimed that supervisors had openly stated that there were “too many black people in the store,” leading to an influx of white people being hired. This was followed two months later by the mass firing of 15 black employees. The fired workers also stated that they had attempted to contact the corporate offices of McDonald’s to complain about their treatment, but they received little to no response.[1]

The lawsuit has broader implications for McDonald’s as the argument is based around how responsible the company should be for the actions of its franchisees. If McDonald’s is classified as a joint employer with its franchisees, then the responsibilities of McDonald’s as the franchisor increase significantly. However, that debate is ongoing.

9.The McLibel Case

Photo credit: BBC

Helen Steel, David Morris, and several accomplices released a McDonald’s fact sheet around London that was deeply negative in tone. In 1990, McDonald’s launched a lawsuit against them, claiming that the document was libelous.

It can be very time-consuming and expensive to defend against a defamation lawsuit in England. Perhaps with this in mind, Steel and Morris’s accomplices decided to take McDonald’s up on their offer to drop the charges under the condition that the accomplices apologize. On the other hand, Steel and Morris flatly refused.

The resulting legal trial became the subject of much media attention, being aggrandized as a modern David versus Goliath clash. It cost the duo nearly £30,000 in legal fees. McDonald’s spent tens of millions.

Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of McDonald’s. Steel and Morris were ordered to pay £60,000 in damages, which was later reduced to £40,000 by the Court of Appeal.[2]

Steel and Morris then filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), criticizing the UK government’s practices for libel cases. The ECHR awarded the duo £57,000 in compensation, to be paid by the government.

8.The McDonald’s Strip Search Scam

Photo credit: courier-journal.com

It’s often important to question authority. An excellent example of the dangers of idle compliance is the McDonald’s strip search scam.

David Stewart had been prank calling fast-food restaurants and grocery stores for around a decade. Every time, his routine was similar. He was a cop, there was a thief in the establishment, and he needed whoever answered the phone to apprehend the thief and conduct a strip search.

His final prank occurred on April 9, 2004, and targeted a McDonald’s in Mount Washington, Kentucky. Donna Summers answered the phone and received a description of a thief that matched employee Louise Ogborn, who was currently working her shift. Summers was ordered by the prank caller to remove Ogborn’s clothes and search her.[3]

The ordeal lasted much longer than any of Stewart’s previous prank phone calls, resulting in Summers having to tell him after an hour that she was needed at the store counter. Stewart then instructed her to get someone she trusted to take over.

Summers phoned her boyfriend, Walter Nix, who followed the prank caller’s directions for two hours. The requests were bizarre and horrific, yet Nix complied. In those two hours, Nix raped Ogborn in a variety of ways at the request of the prank caller. When Summers returned, the prank caller finally gave permission for Nix to leave. At that point, Nix called a friend, stating, “I have done something terribly bad.”

Summers became increasingly suspicious of the whole thing. She finally realized it was a prank when she called her manager, who confirmed that he had not been in contact with any police officer.

In the aftermath, Ogborn was awarded $5 million dollars in punitive damages and $1.1 million in damages and expenses. Summers also received $1.1 million on the grounds that McDonald’s had previous knowledge of similar pranks that had happened at other branches. They had failed to warn their employees of the possibility of receiving a similar phone call.

7.French Fry Controversy Results In $10 Million Payout To Vegetarians

Photo credit: ABC News

The manner in which McDonald’s prepared their french fries resulted in a slew of lawsuits throughout the 1990s. Many vegetarians felt tricked into believing that the fries were an entirely meat-free product.

A 1993 letter from McDonald’s, which was used in one of the lawsuits, reassured a customer that the product was “cooked in 100 per cent vegetable oil.” Indeed, vegetable oil was used. However, beef seasoning had also been used, making the fries nonvegetarian.

The lawsuits were finished up in 2002. McDonald’s issued an apology and agreed to pay $10 million to various vegetarian and religious groups.

There have been a number of other high-profile cases relating to misrepresentations by McDonald’s as to what’s in their food. In one instance, a Muslim family in Alabama alleged that pieces of bacon were deliberately and maliciously placed in their McChicken sandwiches. McDonald’s believes that it was an honest accident. However, it has led to a legal case.[4]

6.Mayor McCheese Is A Rip-Off Of H.R. Pufnstuf

Photo credit: Wikia

You may be familiar with the characters of McDonaldland, such as Grimace, the Hamburglar, Officer Big Mac, and Mayor McCheese. That last character was forcefully discontinued in 1985 following successful legal action taken for copyright infringement.

McCheese was a rip-off of H.R. Pufnstuf, who was also a mayor and bears a striking physical similarity to McCheese. Also, H.R. Pufnstuf had first appeared in his eponymous children’s television show in 1969. McDonald’s had launched the McDonaldland advertising campaign two years later.

The similarities were not limited to Pufnstuf and McCheese, either. The entire concept of McDonaldland was weird and psychedelic, anthropomorphizing normally mundane bits of the environment as if we had a secret peephole into Ronald McDonald’s brain as he experienced an acid trip. That does sound pretty unique, right? Well, that’s a large chunk of why the copyright infringement was so flagrant. It was unique—when done in the H.R. Pufnstuf show.

McDonald’s attempted to argue that minute details, such as clothing differentiation between Pufnstuf and McCheese, made the characters different. The jury in the court case disagreed, specifically stating, “We do not believe that the ordinary reasonable person, let alone a child, viewing these works will even notice that Pufnstuf is wearing a cummerbund while Mayor McCheese is wearing a diplomat’s sash.”

After a relatively paltry initial payout of $50,000, Pufnstuf’s creators took the case to appeals court. There, the amount to be paid was raised to more than $1,000,000.[5]

5.Aggressive Corporate Ownership Of ‘Mc’

Photo credit: thedailymeal.com

McDonald’s is obsessed with eliminating as much use of the “Mc” prefix in other people’s businesses as possible. This stretches as far as people with the legal family name of McDonald, even those that predate McDonald’s emerging as a major global brand.

One rare instance where McDonald’s lost a legal battle was when they took on McDonald’s Family Restaurant in Fairbury, Illinois. It was opened in 1956 by a man called Ronald McDonald. A purely coincidental name and one that Mr. McDonald argued that he had every right to use to promote his business. Although McDonald’s has routinely disagreed, the family restaurant has managed to continue operating.

When McDonald’s attempted to open a restaurant in Fairbury in the 1990s, it was ultimately rejected by the locals in favor of the homegrown business. Ronald McDonald’s restaurant had been forced to take the possessive “s” off their stationery in menus when the McDonald’s location was in town. Following its closure, they also regained possession of their “s.”[6]

4.McDonald’s Ripped Off Viz’s Top Tips Nearly Word For Word

Viz is a humorous, adult-themed comic published in England. One of its most popular features is called Top Tips. It offers readers a way to save some money through ingenious thrift. For instance, in the May 1989 issue, Viz suggested, “Save a fortune on laundry bills. Give your dirty shirts to Oxfam. They will wash and iron them, and then you can buy them back for 50p.”

In 1996, McDonald’s launched a new advertising campaign that offered people valuable advice on how to save money. One ad stated, “Save a fortune on laundry bills. Give your dirty shirts to a secondhand shop. They’ll wash and iron them, and then you can buy them back for 50p.” It was almost word for word what was published in Viz seven years earlier. The campaign was littered with other shamefully similar pieces of advice.

Readers of Viz believed that the magazine had licensed their work to McDonald’s. However, Viz’s publisher said, “McDonald’s didn’t ask our permission or approach us at all.”

McDonald’s also denied having contacted Viz. A spokeswoman defensively said, “They are suggesting we have perhaps taken the idea from Top Tips. We say we haven’t. Our campaign is called ‘Money Saving Tips.’ ”[7] Clever stuff.

The creators of Viz launched a legal case against McDonald’s which was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. All damages were reportedly donated to the Comic Relief charity.

3.McDonald’s Drive-Through Intercom Hacks

On December 4, 2016, a McDonald’s restaurant in New Bern, North Carolina, got hacked. More specifically, the hacker targeted the drive-through intercom system of the restaurant to deliver his own messages to customers.

A video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube by one of the drive-through victims. In it, the excited hacker can be heard saying, “You know I’m actually on the toilet right now, and I’m just going to serve you your food. I’m not even going to wash my hands. I’m trying to get some special sauce out right now. You know what, just pull forward because I’m going to give you whatever the f—k I feel like giving you.” At that point, he seemed to run out of things to say and piped through some prototypical porn audio.

The prankster had gained access to the intercom system by somehow figuring out its wireless frequency.[8] Bill Purcell, the owner of the restaurant, stated, “We are taking steps to prevent this isolated incident from happening again. As local owners, our biggest priority is our customers and community, and we want to ensure that every experience at our restaurant is a positive one.”

There have been no further reports of intercom hacks, so we’re guessing Purcell successfully remedied the situation.

2.Blind People Are Refused Service At The Company’s Drive-Throughs

Photo credit: chicagotribune.com

Many McDonald’s restaurants stay open throughout the night. A common practice for these locations is to cut costs by only operating the drive-throughs. This means that nondrivers are excluded from getting their McDonald’s fill.

Scott Magee is legally blind. When he attempted to use the drive-through on foot, he was refused service. According to Magee, he was also laughed at in the process. Magee began legal action against McDonald’s in 2016, claiming that the policy goes against the Americans with Disabilities Act and therefore violates federal equal access requirements.

His lawyer, Roberto Costales, has stated, “This is something simple that can cause a lot of hurt to disabled people, especially if, like Scott, they cannot cook for themselves.” Costales also suggested that the problem could be solved by allowing disabled people to ring the McDonald’s restaurant from outside and have the food brought to them.[9]

McDonald’s has attempted to get the case thrown out. However, in February 2017, a federal judge ruled that Magee had valid grounds to sue.

1.The San Ysidro McDonald’s Massacre

In July 1984, James Huberty was suffering from severe mental health problems. He had called a mental health clinic to request an initial appointment and was told that he should expect a phone call within the next few hours. His wife said that James waited by the phone, but the call never came.

Turns out the receptionist had incorrectly written his name as “Shouberty” and logged the inquiry as “non-crisis,” meaning 48 hours could be taken to respond. The next day, still having received no phone call, Huberty commented to his wife, “Society’s had their chance.”

He left his house on July 18, declaring to his wife that he was “going to hunt humans.” He entered a McDonald’s on San Ysidro Boulevard, San Diego, and opened fire. Twenty-one people were killed and 19 others were injured before Huberty was taken down by a SWAT team sniper. At the time, it was the deadliest mass shooting in the United States.

In the aftermath of the massacre, survivors launched lawsuits against the McDonald’s Corporation, arguing that they had a responsibility for the safety of their customers. The courts found in favor of McDonald’s, expressing a belief that the acts were unforeseeable and therefore largely unpreventable.

Huberty’s widow also unsuccessfully sued McDonald’s and her husband’s former employer, Babcock & Wilcox. James Huberty’s autopsy had found high levels of lead and cadmium in his system, most likely from his career as a welder. His widow argued that James’s job combined with poor diet, consisting of habitual consumption of McDonald’s food, had caused him to act irrationally.[10]

McDonald's Manager Gets Big Reward For Murder Suspect Tip

McDonald's Manager Gets Big Reward For Murder Suspect Tip

 A McDonald's manager will get a $110,000 reward for tipping off police about a man accused of killing four people and terrorizing a Florida neighborhood for 51 days. Tampa police chief Brian Dugan said at a news conference Friday that Delonda Walker will receive "every penny" of the reward money. Her tip to police on Tuesday led to the arrest of 24-year-old Howell Emanuel Donaldson III.


Donaldson is charged with four counts of first-degree murder. His victims were apparently randomly shot during October and November. Donaldson worked at the McDonald's and left his loaded gun in the restaurant. In a statement, Walker said getting a reward never entered her mind. She said she simply "wanted to do the right thing."

Coworkers Teased Suspected Serial Killer About Looking Like A Serial Killer

Coworkers Teased Suspected Serial Killer About Looking Like A Serial Killer


Before Howell Emanuel Donaldson III handed a gun to a McDonald’s coworker and drew four murder charges, his coworkers had teased him about looking like the Seminole Heights killer, one of them said.

"We would tease him and say he was the killer, because he looked like the pictures," Gail Rogers, a four-year employee at the McDonald’s in Ybor City, told the Tampa Bay Times.

"I called him the killer to his face," she said. "He didn’t like that."

Rogers said the restaurant manager wasn’t sure what to do when Donaldson handed over a gun in a bag.

"He handed her the gun," Rogers said. "He said he would text her what to do with it. I told her let’s tell the police officer."

Drunk Driver Arrested After Ordering 200 Hash Browns At McDonald's Drive-Thru

Drunk Driver Arrested After Ordering 200 Hash Browns At McDonald's Drive-Thru


Let’s just get right into this doozy of a story. According to Metro, an Australian man has been arrested for drunk driving after he caused a ruckus at a McDonald’s when he was told he could not order nuggets from the main menu at 4:50am. So what did this man do? He got super pissed off, did four laps around the drive-thru and then ordered 200 hash browns instead, worth a total of $230.


Police was of course called and the 30-year-old was found in his car waiting for his hash browns. After a breath test was done, the man registered a blood alcohol content of 0.175 percent, which is more than triple the legal limit in Sydney.

This bloke had his license suspended and now has a court date at the end of the month. No word yet if he ever received his hash browns. In other news, some people want nuggets at five am so I think it’s time they are provided with some damn nuggets at any hour.




How To Get Free Food From McDonald's

How To Get Free Food From McDonald's

Free food gangsta style!



McDonald's Eyebrows Trend Will Deep Fry Your Faith In Humanity

McDonald's Eyebrows Trend Will Deep Fry Your Faith In Humanity


Eagerly waiting for McDonald's to weigh in on this catastrophe. Just when we were foolishly, optimistically convinced that we couldn't fall any further down the rabbit's hole of humanity gone horribly wrong....we're served this steaming, meticulously prepared pile of WTF. What on earth are these young ladies thinking?



 McDonald's - whether it's their weird mascots, not understanding the drive-thru worker, or more, this is EVERY MCDONALDS EVER!