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PSA... Look both ways before crossing the road!


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Dutch Partiers Ring In The New Year With A Large Bomb

Dutch Partiers Ring In The New Year With A Large Bomb

...Cause no one knows how to party like the Netherlands.

Montreal Couple Returns From Night Out To Find Dozen Strangers Partying In Their Home


Montreal Couple Returns From Night Out To Find Dozen Strangers Partying In Their Home

A Montreal couple returned home after a recent evening out to discover their apartment filled with strangers having a party — drinking their alcohol, eating their food and trashing their place.

The couple's apartment, not far from the Jarry Metro station in the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough, had also been thoroughly rummaged through and thousands of dollars in valuables were stolen.

"When I stepped in, there were about 12 people partying in my place. Total strangers. Nobody who I had ever seen before," Adam Mongrain told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

"It was completely surreal to step into my home and find people I don't know there. I didn't know what to do."

He asked the first person he locked eyes with for an explanation. Mongrain was told the group had reserved the apartment through Booking.com, a website that allows users to find deals on hotels and short-term rentals.

While an apartment on the building's lower level is available for short-term rental and managed by the landlord, Mongrain's is not. He explained this to the unwanted guests and told them to leave.

They didn't argue or question the order to get out. They simply gathered their coats and began leaving in an unhurried, orderly fashion, he said.

Now two weeks later, Mongrain and his wife are still trying to understand what happened. ​He doesn't know how the strangers got into his place and is worried it could happen again.

CBC Montrealspoke with his landlord. She confirmed details of his story, but said she never provided a key to Mongrain's apartment to the Booking.com clients.

The landlord declined an on-air interview.



Coming home to unwelcome party

Mongrain said he and his wife returned home around 2 a.m. on Nov. 10 when they found their apartment filled not just with people, but with marijuana and tobacco smoke in a usually smoke-free home.

There was also the smell of cooking food in the air as a man was busy at the stove.

"It's been two weeks and it still doesn't make sense whenever I think about it because they had ordered pizza that they didn't touch," Mongrain said. "It was still intact when we walked in and one of the men was cooking macaroni."

The people were hanging out, laughing and joking, enjoying all the snacks and alcohol they could find in Mongrain's place — all laid out on the living room table.

"It's hard to convey the extent to which the place was trashed," he said.

Laptops, babysitting money, passports stolen

In total, two laptops, two passports and jewellery were stolen, according to Mongrain, as was clothing, perfume, watches and booze.

They even stole his wife's daughter's cash — money she had saved up from presents and babysitting.

"We keep finding things that are missing," he said, estimating the total taken to be worth about $6,000.

As soon as they returned home on Nov. 10, they noticed one of their laptops wasn't on the table where they had left it.

The couple asked the unwelcome guests to return the missing device as they were leaving the apartment, but it was not returned.

Feeling outnumbered, they opted to call their landlord rather than pick a fight. They asked her to forward all the information about her most recent short-term renters and then they called the police to file a report.

Montreal police aren't providing any details at this point, but they told CBC that the case is under investigation.

"Thank God we were insured," said Mongrain, noting the insurance company even helped with the cleaning — a process, he explained, that was too emotionally difficult to do himself.

The professional cleaning bill came out to $3,500 as stains on the couch and splashed soda on the walls needed to be removed. There were cigarette butts and ash everywhere, he said.

In a statement provided to CBC Montreal on Wednesday, Booking.com said it encourages people to make official complaints to police in cases where unlawful behaviour has taken place.

"We support our accommodation partners fully and will co-operate with law enforcement in all official investigations as necessary," the statement said.


21 Shocking Office Party Confessions

21 Shocking Office Party Confessions

Philadelphia Tells Residents "Don't Swim In Dumpster Pools"

Philadelphia Tells Residents "Don't Swim In Dumpster Pools"



Philadelphia is urging residents not to swim in dumpsters after a rented trash bin was filled with fire hydrant water and transformed into a pool.

The online news site Billy Penn first reported the shenanigans at a weekend block party. The party's organizers told the site they power-washed the dumpster, lined the bottom with plywood and tarps and cushioned the corners with pool noodles.

However, filling it with hydrant water caused the biggest issue with city officials.

The Department of Licenses and Inspections issued a statement saying the city won't issue permits for block party dumpster pools.

Agency spokeswoman Karen Guss said, "you would think this decision would not require an explanation."

Among the reasons: It takes water that should be available in the event of a fire; the strong water pressure could push someone into harm's way; and the huge amount of water released could cause a main break.

"We are not screwing around, Philly," Guss' statement reads. "The city strongly recommends that residents opt for recreational options that are safer, more sanitary and less likely to deplete the resources firefighters need in an emergency."

Bartender Flips Out When She Gets Groped By Party Chick

Bartender Flips Out When She Gets Groped By Party Chick

This is how they do fireball shots New Orleans style.

24 Hours At Burning Man

24 Hours At Burning Man

As he’s done in previous years, San Francisco filmmaker Mark Day created a fascinating video featuring 24 hours on the dusty playa during Burning Man 2017, just weeks before the 2018 event.

An intentionally-overlong trip through one man’s Burning Man. Your mileage, and your Burning Man may vary. …This starts as a solo project and ends as a patchwork quilt of contributions from a number of talented videographers and photographers.

13 Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Workers Share The Worst Things They've Seen

13 Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Workers Share The Worst Things They've Seen

Most bachelor and bachelorette parties are fun get-togethers with friends or family. There's usually some drinking, some debauchery, but nothing too life-altering or notable. Some others though, well...get seeeeeriously out of hand. These people were involved with some insane ones and share the crazy tales.

1. All the best parties involve piss & pizza.

Bride passing out at dinner face first in to a pizza with white sauce and mushrooms. Bridesmaid woke her up and she lifts her face half covered in cream sauce with a couple mushrooms. She's cleaned up by her friends and I send a bus boy to the table because it looks like they spilt water and it's on the floor. Seems the bride relieved herself in her chair but she finished the rest of her pizza.

chachachub / Reddit.com

2. I'm sitting here in sheer terror just reading what happened.

Had a few strippers to the house for a buddies party in oceanside. We paid a hefty fare for special perks. They brought a variety of dildos/strapons/beads/etc. What turned out to be the most amusing prop they brought was the Drildo. Long story short, the bachelor was drildoing one of the strippers in the ass. He sat in a chair, she bent over in front of him. He made the mistake of ripping it out of her too fast. She shot a nice mixture of shit and lube all over his lap. He then proceeded to puke on himself. The rest of us about died laughing while my buddy sat in sheer terror at the thought and sight of what just happened.

a_little_too_late / Reddit.com

3. Goddamn.

Didn't work at one but have a contribution. Went to Vegas for a bachelor party and his mother decided to tag along (she was financing it all anyways). She convinced the groom to sleep with a porn star we later found out she paid to exclusively come sleep with him so she could guilt him into telling the bride thus stopping the wedding. It worked.

InitialJeep / Reddit.com

4. A strangely feel good story?

I was a stripper for about seven years. I've seen my fair share of bachelor parties, with quite a few that were absolute shitshows. But one sticks out for reasons that sort of differ from the others posts here.

Scene: Dive titty bar on a Wednesday night. It's kind of early for us, around 10-ish. We have a decent number of customers, but it's still pretty calm.

I am sitting at the bar with one of my regular customers, just doing the stripper thing. The door opens and this young guy walks in by himself. The door man gets his ID, takes his cover charge, and dude sits down at the bar not far from me. One of the dancers sits next to him to start her hustle, and the guy is not very talkative. He's clearly bummed about something. The dancer tries to use it as an opening for her hustle, turns on her charm, and asks him what's bothering him. He gestures to the empty space behind him. "This is my bachelor party."

Long story short, his friends were traveling in on Friday as scheduled for his bachelor party. However, his fiancée informed him that he wasn't having his bachelor party on Friday, and he could have it on Wednesday or not at all. (His fiancée sounded very much like a controlling, abusive shitbag, but that was not our business) His friends were not able to come in early at last minute, so he went on his own, just to have a beer and go home. But he was clearly hurt by being robbed of this one-time experience.

A customer who overheard ordered the kid a beer. The dancer who initially came to hustle him sat with him for a little while, not pushing for drinks or dances and generally just keeping him company. After the first beer was finished, another customer bought him one. Word of this poor guy's plight has spread by the dancers, and as the night went on, customers and a few dancers bought him drinks, lap dances, and so on. The kid had an absolute blast with his makeshift bachelor party, getting good and sloshed with plenty of stripper tits in his face, courtesy of the kindness of strangers. After a good while, someone poured him in a cab and sent him home.

I hope he woke up the next day and sent his woman packing.

mokutou  / Reddit.com

5. Rumor has it he's still wearing it to this day.

A guy I worked with.... decades ago.... made a legit ball and chain to lock onto the grooms ankle. This was back when the bachelor party was the right before the wedding. They all got blotto drunk and lost the key. The groom walked down the aisle with that ball and chain on his ankle because they couldn't find a solution in time.

soccerplaya71  / Reddit.com

6. The only way to stop him is with a silver bullet vibrator :p

At a bachelor party and the stripper, while giving a lap dance to the groom, leaned over and bit my friend, who wasn't even paying attention.

Now we say he's a ware-stripper, and every full moon he loses control and hits the red light district, looking for ones...

TheCSKlepto / Reddit.com

7. Damn. So is the guy...alive?

Obligatory, don't work at bachelor parties..... but. I'm an attorney in Detroit and split my office space with a couple of accountants. One of the accountants went on a weekend bachelor party to Put In Bay, Ohio an island in Lake Erie near Cedar Point. So on the Monday after the party he comes into my office and tells me the Bachelor is looking for an attorney. I initially thought it was for some kind of Drunk and Disorderly kind of charge. Oh no, it was so much more. Apparently their crew took a ferry over to the Island and had rented a group of cabins. They arrived early on Friday and spent the day drinking. Friday night they go to a restaurant for dinner and end up going on a bar crawl afterwards and everyone was extremely drunk. As sometimes happens the groom got separated from the rest of the group and ended up partying with some people he didn't know. At closing time the group he was with couldn't figure out where he was staying and while trying to get him back to the general area of his cabin, he took off and ran away from them. He apparently stumbled into another party and had even more to drink with this third group of people. He then staggered away from that party and got about half way to his cabin and passed out on a trail. Around dawn some people found him and thought he was dead and called the Island cops who went out and investigated. The cops found he had a pulse but was otherwise non responsive so they did what one would expect, they called for a Life Flight to the mainland. Apparently taking a life flight and spending about thirty six hours in the hospital including eight on a ventilator costs about Fifty K. And when you don't have health insurance that's a lot. The legal question was whether or not the medical bill would be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Edit: because so many people asked about whether the medical bills are dischargeable, I'm not a bankruptcy attorney, but I referred him to a bankruptcy attorney. According to that attorney the bills are in general dischargeable (or at least were dischargeable at that time).

8MileAllstars / Reddit.com

8. Some things should not be turned into flamethrowers.

I would say this had to have been someone's bachelor party and I just happened to witness, but it very well may be normal occurrence with this girl when she's working.

I have to preface this with the type of strip club this is, because it's pretty unique as far as I know(at least in the States). It's a full-nude, BYOB strip club where you're encouraged to "fluff that ass" when you're tipping a girl dancing. Things can get pretty weird before there's a problem, but this night takes the cake.

I was there with a group of my friends celebrating a birthday. We'd been there a while, had had most of the girls come over to our table to chat and ask if we wanted dances, the usual, when a girl I hadn't seen that night came out from the back room. We learned that nearly everything we can see on this girl is fake; tits, ass, hair, lips, probably some other stuff. She's next up on stage and gets right into her routine and she's gettin' it on the pole. Whereas most girls got their top off sometime in the first song(two song sets) and their bottoms off sometime in the second song, this girl had everything off a quarter of the way into song 1. Song 1 ends and she's already made good money, she walks to the back of the stage to put her clothes into a pile and gets back to work when the next song starts to play. She ends up at the front of the stage with this group of guys just throwing ones her way, when suddenly she's got a candle in her hand and she's teasing the people at the front of the stage. They start getting rowdy which catches more people's attention and then she inserts the candle, now it's getting wild as more and more people gather what's just happened. In her opposite hand it turns out she had a lighter and she logically takes the next step to light the aforementioned candle; the whole place is now silent as we're all in awe of the fact that this woman has a flame between her legs. Next thing she produces is a small aerosol can, from where I have no idea, and proceeds to turn her pussy into a goddamn flamethrower and furthermore causing an uproar from the crowd and a monsoon of dollar bills to rain down like I've never seen.

My friend who wanted to go for his birthday had taken his glasses off to get a lapdance and missed the entire thing.

ManBearPig1865 / Reddit.com

9. Probably not the best idea to drink and dance on tall objects.

Was a working as a bartender at a Bachelorette party. The bride and one of the bridemaids were dancing on top of the bar. Both slipped and i caught the bridemaid before hitting the ground but the bride hit her head and had a bad gash on her forehead and was bleeding pretty bad. Wrapped her head in a towel and rushed her to the hospital. The bride was fine however had a bad scar on her head before the wedding. Drunken bridemaid that i saved yelled at me that i should have saved her oddly enough (got a apology text a couple of days later though as i gave them my number if i need to be contacted for anything)

killkrazy  / Reddit.com

10. Do not trust a friend that blindfolds you.

They tied the bachelor to a chair and had two girls start giving him a lap dance. After the girls tops were off they blindfolded him. The girls swapped out with two guys there and the guys kept dancing on him. After about a minute the girls pulled the blindfold.

The bachelor squeezed one of the guys nuts hard enough to drop him and shoulder threw the other guy. Mind you, he is still tied (biceps, forearms, calves, and waist) to the chair. The chair broke and part of the leg pierced the male dancer's abdoman.

Party kept going while a couple people took him to the ER.

Edit: Damn this thread blew up.

The guys that swapped out with the girls were in pants, (khakis, slacks, or jeans, don't remember it was 10+ years ago). They were grinding on the bachelor's legs, arms, and ultimately his hands right before the mask was removed.

None of us took him as being overly aggressive. It was more of a "haha, you got pranked." "Holy shit he just threw that guy." "Haha you got thrown." "Holy shit, you're bleeding."

The injured guy came back a few hours later and him and the bachelor seemed cool with each other.

TheEliteSpectre / Reddit.com

11. DAaaaAaaaAd

I organized the BP for my buddy, he is a cop so there were lots of cops that got invited. His dad and my dad came for the first half of the night which was a poker tournament in a large hotel suite.

The Dads leave when the poker is done and the girls arrive about an hour later.

They tell us that there were two really drunk guys getting arrested in the lobby and two women with them that looked to be in trouble.

Me (lawyer) and a few of the cops run down to see what is happening.

Yep - the Dads met some women in the elevator, picked them up, were trying to book another room and the manager wouldn't rent to them because they were all loaded. They started causing a fuss and the manager called the police.

Nobody was arrested, Dads were loaded into a cab and sent home.

TLDR/ Father of the Groom and my dad tried to pick up randoms in the hotel lobby and got kicked out of the hotel.

d_rickards / Reddit.com

12. Sorry mam, my junk is now defunct.

A top client of mine got blasted and gave me a rundown of his bachelor party.

It started by drinking at a Vegas day club, where he met a few girls and hooked up with one of them. After that and dinner with more drinks, his friends and him went to a strip club where they in total spent over $10k. This allowed them access to money guns and bricks of fake money. Towards the end, they just started throwing bricks at girls, which alarmed security. Also, when he paid they forced him to sign the receipt the same was as his ID.

Shockingly, according to this guy, nothing happened at the stripclub but lap dances. Feeling let down, they drove to a brothel over an hour away and banged a few prostitutes there.

It's now 3am so they drove back to Vegas, found a 24 hour "massage parlor" where he attempted to get a happy ending before thy kicked him out. Apparently by then his junk was defunct. A few hours later he was at his wedding.

They lasted a little over a year and split.

Edit: oh yeah... earlier in the day he got caught with molly in a club, but was able to convince the guard to let him go after showing his rewards card with the hotel.

W8sB4D8s / Reddit.com

13. Imagine the horror of accidentally biting a nipple off.

In the long long ago I was a (male) stripper. The last gig I ever did was a bachelorette party where one of the girls bit my right nipple so hard she did some kind of nerve damage to it, I have almost no sensation in it to this day. Honestly I'm lucky she didn't bite it off.

Ingram2525 / Reddit.com




I’ve never seen such sloppy boxing in my entire fucking life. Swinging like a couple of $2 hookers. I think a complete novice with an hour of training focused solely on the jab would probably ruin these guys. But hey, it was entertaining, I’ll give them that.

15 People Share The Craziest Things They've Seen At A Party

15 People Share The Craziest Things They've Seen At A Party

We've all been to an insane party a time or two in our lives. The best thing that can come of these situations is a great story. The worst thing that can come of them is being the main person in said stories. It's definitely better  to be an observer when the horribly weird shit goes down. These 15 people were the lucky ones who left with a great but shitty story.

1. I like that they immediately saw a tail butt plug get shoved in an ass and were like 'Let's still give this a chance.'

Invited to a party by a Furry. We did know that she was a Furry. We didn't know that it was a party for Furries. We get there and there's a guy getting a tail butt plug put in to his ass in the middle of the floor, inches from people who aren't paying attention to it at all. Those people were playing Magic the Gathering. The people in the back yard were playing with a high power lazer identifying stars. We didn't stay long.

ihrie82 / Reddit.com

2. I mean most people hate that acoustic guitar guy, but this is a bit extreme.

Shortly after arriving at a party, the "sensitive guy with the acoustic guitar" shows up. 15 minutes later someone took the guitar and smashed him over the head with it, creating a large gash that bled profusely. The attacker then proceeded to run off into the night with the guitar and was never apprehended. It wasn't a good night for the musician.

mc_squared_03 / Reddit.com

3. You thought your party sucked cuz someone stole your old iPod? This is lvl 100 thievery.

I've seen someone uninstall the sink of a bathroom at a house party back in high school. They brought their own tools and took the time doing so.


4. Everyone wants their first time to be memorable, but not THIS memorable.

Guy starts hooking up with a girl. He asks his roommate for condoms. This guy's about to lose his virginity to this girl. Everyone's happy for him. He goes into a room and starts going at it. One of his friends busts open the door and asks the girl if she wants a third. First guy's screaming no. Girl says yes. So this guy's first time, he's having to share with another guy. At some point, a third guy enters. The entire party stops and everyone's just watching these guys rail this girl. Eventually the first guy drops out and just sits down and watches while the other two guys bang the first girl he's ever had sex with. Felt bad for him.

WasabiAndLime / Reddit.com

5. I'm not even sure how this would be played, but I commend you on your perverted creativity.

You've heard of strip poker? We were playing strip Red Rover. We were all in our 30's. Sent one poor girl to the hospital with a busted knee.

fenterbug / Reddit.com

6. Wow OP delivered.

Saw a guy in a chippendales outfit attempt a backflip into a keg stand. Ended up cracking his back on the side of the keg and getting his thong stuck on the tap. All the ice water then started pouring into his exposed crotch...I still have a video if anyone wants a laugh

Made an Imgur just for you guys

XDarkSoraX / Reddit.com

7. Well this seems questionable.

3 guys tag teaming a 40 year old overweight woman who was married with children. And she was the manager at the local Domino's.

DJHJR86 / Reddit.com

8. Your deck is now my deck.

Arrived late to a HS party. Walk up the driveway, to a chair being thrown out an upper floor window.

Walk in to a split entry, dudes are upstairs holding potted plants, dropping them onto the heads of anyone going downstairs.

Girl whose parents owned the house is passed out.

I go up, friend hands me a beer. Don't even get a sip before cops are everywhere.

Ran out back, buddy hid the beer in a pile of firewood.

Walk around front, cop checks me out, but I am sober and had no booze on me. I drove my buddy's car, we went for pancakes.

After we ate, we went back to get the beer. Someone had taken an axe and cut the deck off of the house.

We found our beer and hauled ass.

Monday morning, there was a huge investigation into who was at the party, trying to figure out who did the damage. 1990 was a simpler time.

AMMJ / Reddit.com

9. Damn not a single Scoob in the bunch.

A friend of mine did a scooby doo themed party where he dm'd people their costumes that they should wear. I got Shaggy. Simple enough, just a green shirt and brown pants. I walk in the door to the party, and am welcomed by the sight of 40 people, all dressed as Shaggy. It was glorious.


Nonstopbaseball826 / Reddit.com

10. Well this sounds positive.

I went with my girlfriend and her friends to what was later revealed to me as a gay frat house. My girlfriend went to the bathroom for a while and a bunch of dudes hit on me. I felt special. Nice guys.

bbddbdb / Reddit.com 

11. That's a true friend that lets you barf in your face.

I once saw a friend attempt to chug a huge glass of beer and subsequently projectile vomit halfway through it directly into the face of another person. I saw the whole thing in profile view and to this day it is one of the highlights of my life. The vomitee didn't even get mad. He was so drunk that he thought it was amazing too.

His__Dudeness_ / Reddit.com

12. Goddamn, kids are stupid.

Kids smoking a catnip joint.

The house owner was also selling rolls of toilet paper to the guests if they had to use the bathroom.

Copious-GTea / Reddit.com

13. At least he learned his lesson.

I was sitting on the roof and a guy said he wanted to dive through the window to get back into the house so he would look like james bond... He ran to the window, and dove... Right into a closed window. Cut his arm pretty bad and he just said "oh shit, i thought it was open. I should stop doing cocaine."

SpectrumOfDeeznuts / Reddit.com

14. Butt chugging is no joke. It's a way of life.

I thought butt chugging was just a joke from some Frat Bro Movie I'd never seen.

Nope, people do it. Voluntarily. Who aren't pledges or rookies or in any way being hazed.

AppealToReason16 / Reddit.com

15. It will in fact be added to her tombstone one day.

Probably the girl with the four year old son who still breastfed him. She said she could squirt milk across the room, then proceeded to show us. I will forever know her as "Lactating Tracy".



Beachgoers along the Jersey Shore were greeted with an unpleasant surprise on Saturday when a social media post about a party went viral and thousands of revelers showed up, leading to fights on the boardwalk.

How Much It Costs To Party In 13 Cities Around The World In 2018

How Much It Costs To Party In 13 Cities Around The World In 2018

Looking to get your international party on? Swiss bank UBS calculated cheapest and most expensive cities around the world to get your party on.

If you’re counting your pennies and trying to maximize your humble party funds then you’re going to want to hit up Mexico City where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. For a mere $20.35, you’ll be able to buy a taxi ride, a McDonald’s Big Mac, entry to a club, and two long drinks. While Mexico is dirt cheap, it is also home to four of the top ten most dangerous cities in the world. So maybe upgrade your budget by a few bucks and head to Moscow where you can party it up for only $26.56.

But if you’ve got the cash money, by all means, go for the gusto and let loose in Zurich, Switzerland where it will cost $93.79 to party. The United States was some of the priciest cities to turn up where a night on the town in Miami costs $87.18 and $78.44 in New York City.

UBS also examined the average cost of a date night in these metropolitan areas. Definitely take your sweetheart to Mexico City for Valentine’s Day because dinner, drinks, and a movie only cost $84.82. That’s a straight-up steal compared to being taken to the cleaners in Tokyo, Japan where it will cost $200.17 for date night.

Here are the cheapest and most expensive cities around the world for a night on the town.

13. Zurich, Switzerland — $93.79
12. Miami, USA — $87.18
11. Stockholm, Sweden — $86.97
10. New York, USA — $78.44
9. Barcelona, Spain — $65.01
8. Sydney, Australia — $62.78
7. Hong Kong, China — $62.33
6. Paris, France — $60.84
5. Tokyo, Japan — $58.04
4. Prague, Czech Republic — $46.29
3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — $44.07
2. Moscow, Russia — $26.56
1. Mexico City, Mexico — $20.35

Zurich, why are you so bougie AF?


5 Escape Rooms So Insane It’s Hard To Believe They Actually Exist

5 Escape Rooms So Insane It’s Hard To Believe They Actually Exist

Over the past several years, there’s been a massive boom in the popularity of escape rooms — those flesh-and-blood video games in which you must solve puzzle after puzzle within a set time limit or… well, you walk back to the car pissed off at your friends. But after a while, your standard prison breakout narratives wear thin, and the escape room plots start to get a bit more creative. And so, here are five insane California escape rooms so insane it’s almost unbelievable that they actually exist.



Some weeks are just bad. You oversleep and show up late for work, the milk in the fridge is spoiled, your dog goes to the bathroom in your house and the movie you wanted to see is sold out. You know the drill. But this woman told the story of a week terrible enough to basically top all others. It's almost impressive how absolutely awful the first week of May was for Imgur user onewomanriot.

Here's a rundown of her shitty week, complete with pictures. You will be so happy this isn't you. It's a rough ride, so strap in.

Day 1

Story time! So I was at a conference last weekend, for which I was a coordinator, and on the Saturday at the dinner/dance I had 3 glasses of wine and blacked out (first time since my early 20s). Now, as a seasoned wine drinker, 3 glasses over 3 hours with dinner barely turns my crank, so let me tell you the shock I had when I came to on impact after I face planted and ate a nice helping of concrete. I only have flashbacks of the night, but one thing rings true- something was up.

Day 2

Day 2 - Yep! Turns out my B12s and iron were alarmingly low, and mixed with even a little bit of alcohol, made me drunk beyond belief. Those little red blood cell fuckers of mine weren’t doing their goddamn job of giving my brain oxygen, so down I went. Face first. Had to have emergency oral surgery to remove tooth fragments, my root, and a couple nerves. It was a mess, let me tell you.

Day 3

I couldn’t eat for 3 days, couldn’t brush my teeth, and could barely get water down. I’ll cut the sob story short, but this was also the climax of an incredibly challenging 3 months where work basically took over my life, I had draining obligations almost every evening/weekend, and had been pulling all nighters just to keep myself afloat. My bestie basically said that this happened for a reason to force me to slow down. It was a bad scene for a while, with no end in sight.

Now this is where things get more interesting. The president of the organization I was running the conference for (a volunteer professional association for women in my industry) called me and told me that they were suspending my membership. Now a little back story here: after I fell, I was in hysterics. Luckily the venue staff was around, but outside of that, I got very little support from anyone in the organization. They blamed the entire situation on irresponsible drinking and me being too drunk. Despite having medical proof that pre-existing conditions caused a reaction with alcohol that was completely unexpected, they just chalked it up to me being a lush. Well fuck them. To make matter worse, nobody decided to call an ambulance after the fall and nobody came to check on me in the morning. I was left to my own devices. Good thing it was only a tooth and not a concussion. Thankfully I have an amazing network of friends who were more than willing to step up and care for me over the past week, but really?! Kick me out? I can’t tell you how much time I put into preparing and executing that conference. Assholes.

Day 4

Day 4. As I mentioned above, work has been crazy. I was answering emails two hours after my surgery kinda crazy. Luckily I’ve been able to work from home, but still. I woke up the morning of this picture not to a text from my boss saying “hey, how are you doing?” but rather a “hey, what’s the status of this deliverable?” Silver lining- the pain meds were fun!

Day 5

Day 5: Still smiling!

Day 5 after a shower: so I had my post op appointment this day and the specialist joked that I must have Wolverine blood considering how fast I was healing. Too bad I’m not able to grow back my own tooth, but ????????‍♀️, I’ll take my good fortune where I can get it. Turns out that I have a couple complications from the fall and the tooth will eventually die and I’ll need an implant, but as of right now I can get away with a Cadillac of crowns (bc let me tell you, mama ain’t fucking around. It’s my front tooth!)

Anyway, I was making the most of it. I was catching up on work nicely with the lack of distractions at home, I was killing it with my current knitting project, and I was taking advantage of hiding out like a hermit by spring cleaning. I figured why not make lemonade? Well I woke up one morning with a couple nasty bug bites. Living downtown for over 10 years, in 5 different apartments, I knew this wasn’t just any bug bite...

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a bed bug. So not only am I recovering from an injury, got unfairly ousted from an organization I was proud to be apart of, I now had to deal with this bullshit! For anyone who has ever dealt with bed bugs, you know it’s a pain in the ass. For those who haven’t, let me give you a little run down:

- All articles of clothing must be laundered and sealed, in either bags or airtight bins.

- All furniture must be two feel from the wall

- All closets and under sinks must be emptied and cleaned

- All light switches and electrical covers must be removed

- Boxspring and mattress must be leaned up against the wall

- All pets and persons must be vacated from the unit for 24 hrs.

The list goes on, but you get the jist. Again, thank god I have been able to work from home, giving me the time to get my shit together, but I’ve had to do all of this solo in two days.

Day 8

This is me today. Day 8. I have my second of 4 procedures tomorrow, but at least I get a temporary tooth so I can stop scaring children.

Whew. So that was her week. But wait! There's an update!

New tooth!

Friend made homemade curry for me for dinner last night. She’s super sweet and I love her to death. To both of our surprise however (we clearly have very little experience in this whole fake tooth business), doesn’t the curry stain the tooth fluorescent fucking yellow! I HAD THE TOOTH FOR LESS THAN 4 HOURS AND I ALREADY MESSED IT UP! We both looked at each other, I said “well there’s the gold tooth everyone told me to get”, and we burst out in laughter. So I’m going to rock the budget gangster look until I get my permanent crown in two weeks.

After all of it, this is what she wanted people to know.

Anyway, there you have it guys. Thanks for listening to my rant. To be honest, even though this has been my worst injury to date, it actually hasn’t been the worst experience. I’ve had a lot of support and I’m lucky to have the tenacity to power through. There’s been some tears, but mostly just laughs at how fucking ridiculous this all has been. Like bed bugs?! Seriously universe? Timing is just bloody impeccable.

Now you've got some perspective next time you think you're having a bad week!


Woman Called The Police On Black Family For Having A Barbecue - SO THEY THROW A HUGE PARTY INSTEAD

Woman Called The Police On Black Family For Having A Barbecue - SO THEY THROW A HUGE PARTY INSTEAD

What's the best response to someone calling the police because you're having a dreaded barbecue? Invite the entire community for a huge party is probably a good one.

Groups of Oakland residents gathered at Lake Merritt Park to celebrate each other on Thursday where they listened to music and enjoyed grilled food.

This was in response to the woman who called the police, yes the actual police, because a family were trying to have a barbecue - on land designated for barbecues.

The unidentified woman claims that the family were using a charcoal grill instead of a non-charcoal grill. Well lock them up and throw away the key before they commit anymore of these ghastly crimes.

In the video, which was recorded by Michelle Snider who was a bystander that noticed the commotion, the woman is asked: "Why are you so bent out of shape over them being here?"

The woman replied: "Because it causes extra money from our city to do things when children get injured because of improperly disposed coals."

Then a fortnight after the incident, the residents in Oakland, California, gathered for a party at the same spot where the woman made the emergency call.

Videos show people dancing and enjoying grilled food at the Lake Merritt Park in direct response to the video of the woman 'harassing' the family on April 25.



One resident, Michael Swanson Jr, took to Facebook saying: "This how we feel about mad ass Oakland gentrifiers," alongside a video of the celebration.

The MailOnline reported that someone sharing videos of the impromptu event said: "An alleged woman, with entitlement issues and privilege and part of the wave of gentrification sweeping Oakland called the police on a Black Family and then cried tears of fake fear and then THIS HAPPENED:bangbang: thank you for the hate. #CookingOutWhileBlack".

Although no action was taken, authorities questioned the family for one hour, according to Oakland Council member Lynette Gibson McElhaney.

Lynette told the Huffington Post: "In a city that needs significant policing services, we can't have those precious expensive resources squandered in a frivolous way.

"Police are not a private security for any white person that's offended by the presence of black folks in our public spaces."


Just days ago Bob Marley's granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast and her two mates were leaving an Airbnb residence in San Bernadino, California when they were suddenly surrounded by a bunch of police officers.

According to the MailOnline, a neighbour called 911 when they didn't recognise the three women or the car that was parked outside the property.

They were eventually released when police realised they had done nothing wrong, however Prendergast said it highlights racial bias.

These 8 Drug-Fueled Sex Stories Will Make You Get Sober And find Jesus

These 8 Drug-Fueled Sex Stories Will Make You Get Sober And find Jesus

We all know about sex, drugs and rock and roll. I mean, I hate the way guitars sound and I'm a sober virgin (right Mom?), but I'm like… aware of them. But a lot of girls mix hooking up and getting high, and it's not always pretty.



One time, my boyfriend and I bought weed laced with PCP and then we had sex. It was totally an accident — we didn't realize what his friend meant by the name of whatever it was and afterwards he told us when we said it was weird and we were like…oh fuck. I hallucinated in bed and thought I was a cat when we were hooking up. But was I wrong?

Boys Don't Cry

I take Adderall pretty regularly (ok, fine, I take it twice a day, every day) but it's usually tapered off by the time I get home to the apartment I share with my boyfriend. Of course, it makes me crazy-psycho-focused and I'm usually talking a mile a minute and doing a thousand things at once. One day, I missed my phone alarm to take my second pill and wound up taking at like, 5 pm. I was fucking WIRED.

My boyfriend and I tried to have sex but I was focused on everything but. I completely zoned out while he was on top of me because I was in full galaxy-brain mode thinking about how I could reorganize the Pinterest account I've had since college. Suddenly my BF stopped because he said it was like fucking a mannequin. Then he accused me of fantasizing about other guys while he was fucking me so I said "No, sorry, I was thinking about Pinterest." Lol WRONG ANSWER. He started legit crying and internalizing like "Is our sex life really that bad???" He got over it after a few hours but I was so turned off by his almost-cry that I broke up with him a few weeks later. He cried then too.

This hairy situation

So the first night me and my boyfriend smoked together (weed) I ended up getting super high, and we were sitting on the couch and I went to kiss him and ended up kissing his armpit. He starts laughing so I look up and realize what I was doing…he’s got a mustache and small beard so I literally thought I was kissing his face. Guess not!

Hey, I'm tired too

I was fuuuuucked up! I was smoking weed laced with tobacco and then had a Xanax. As I was giving him head during foreplay, this bitch falls asleep on me with his limp dick in my mouth. I didn't know he'd fallen asleep and I'm over here with numb lips wondering why this dude isn't getting hard…and then I heard the snoring. The fuck???

Your #1 fan

My ex and I got reeeally high and started having sex in the room he shared with his roommate. It was pitch black and we were on the floor because we were making too much noise on the bed. We decided to move it back to the bed and he walks into a floor fan with his dick. ? He starts screaming and he made me take him to the hospital because it was so bloody!

Literal drool-face emoji

The first time my ex smoked, we were outside and he was being too obvious so I made him go inside — he’s a major giggler. Well, I was smoking too and it always makes me horny so I stripped him down and threw him on the bed. As soon as I hopped on, his eyes just rolled to the back of his head and he sat there with his mouth open, practically drooling.

Is this what 'Risky Business' is about?

I was drinking on a half-bar of Xanax one night and ended up making the bad decision to go home from a frat party with one of my guy friends. We ended up getting busy and the lights were off. I was blackout, mind you. We were both going in to kiss each other at the same time and we whacked heads so hard. My nose started bleeding everywhere and I got a concussion from it. Rocked the shit out of my sunglasses at our joint (lol) Greek homecoming event the next day — plus, it made for a funny story.

Lemme whisper in your ear

The first time I did molly for a concert, and I tried to hook up with my ex after. He couldn't get it up, so we got in a super deep philosophical conversation — bad idea when a high school boy is involved. It basically ended with me asking him if he loved me as much as I loved him, him saying no, and me crying in the back of his mom's van. Also, it was a Ying Yang Twins concert :-/////////

17 Party Fails That Are One-Part Booze, And Three-Parts Regret

17 Party Fails That Are One-Part Booze, And Three-Parts Regret -




21 Insane Office Party Confessions From People Who Went Wild

21 Insane Office Party Confessions From People Who Went Wild








So this is the new wave going around clubs. Is this NASTY or is it just me?

Neighbors Say Wild Sex Parties Disturb Upscale Castle Rock Colorado Community

Neighbors Say Wild Sex Parties Disturb Upscale Castle Rock Colorado Community

Sex parties hosted in one of the metro area's nicest communities are angering neighbors who say it's time to take action.

Residents on Avery Way in Castle Rock say organized sex parties at one home are causing parking problems and noise, but they are most concerned with the sexual nature of the events and any exposure to children.

One neighbor, who declined to provide her full identity, said she received a copy of a party invitation from an anonymous person who is concerned about the events.

It shows 400 guests were invited with 87 people, including 35 couples, sending a yes RSVP.

"I think it is disgusting," she said.

The invitation references the "Thunderstorm Play Palace" and boasts a 7,500-square-foot dwelling with every amenity, including alcohol, food (complete with a vegetarian menu) and chocolate fountain.

The risque invitation also advises guests to bring their own condoms and show respect for the "new furniture."

The neighbor described guests as being from all walks of life.

"Some of them are so old that they struggled walking up the stairs," the neighbor said.

She adds the attendees even brought their own festive refreshments.

"(One) had four crockpots showing up like they're going to a Bunko party or something," the neighbor said.

The invitation showed donations are taken at the door, $70 for couples and single men and $20 for women.

The party organizer does not want to reveal his identity but said he is the victim in the controversy.

"There was significant harassment so far I've received from the neighbors," he said.

He said neighbors tried to block his driveway with trash cans and a guest's car was keyed, resulting in expensive damage.

The party organizer, who is a father and husband, said he understands his neighbors' concerns and has made efforts to conceal anything that might be offensive.

"There are no open areas you can see outside to have the children or anyone see what they don't want to see," he said.

He said he has also installed sound-proofing in the home with close attention paid to the basement windows.

Still, neighbors say they can hear disturbing sounds coming from the home, sounds they don't want their children exposed to.

"You can hear people doing what they're doing," one resident said.

The Castle Rock Police Department said it is working with the neighborhood HOA and city officials to investigate the issue, but the party organizer is not breaking the law because he is only taking donations and the events are contained to the privacy of his home.




Wrigleyville St Paddy's Day Fun

Wrigleyville St Paddy's Day Fun

All day fun for the entire family. Expect more of the same for 2018.




Thousands of college students choose Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the first weekend of Spring Break. All kinds of chaos are happening on the beaches, with revelers smoking drugs, drinking alcohol (which is forbidden there), stripping and having sex openly.








Georgia Police Arrest More Than 60 Partygoers For 'Less Than An Ounce' Of Weed

Georgia Police Arrest More Than 60 Partygoers For 'Less Than An Ounce' Of Weed


If this is the way they deal with less than an ounce of pot in Cartersville, Georgia, then it’s safe to say that there is absolutely nothing going on in that town.

According to the New York Daily News, at least 66 people attending a 21st birthday party on New Year’s Eve at a Cartersville house were arrested and charged with possessing less than an ounce of marijuana because nobody fessed up to owning the weed that “was within everyone’s reach.”


Cartersville police said they initially responded to a report of gunfire shortly after 2 a.m. at the house that was being rented through AirBnb. Sure enough, they recovered a semi-automatic handgun when they arrived, but it was the way they handled the tiny amount of herb that was “in plain sight” that has everybody’s panties in a bunch.

“A good majority of these individuals are college students and members of the US military who were visiting home over the holiday break,” Racquel McGee of the Fulton County Public Defender’s Office said. “Others were working citizens who lost their jobs the second they walked into work this morning.”

McGee has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the arrested individuals.

It should be noted that after police obtained a search warrant, they returned to the house and found two more firearms, some snout candy and more pot. It should also be known that the invite to the party advertised “Jell-O shots, beer pong and strip twister,” and that sounds like it would have been one hell of a good time if everybody would have just left their guns at home.


Jamaican Party Had This Dude Going Overboard With His Dance Moves

Jamaican Party Had This Dude Going Overboard With His Dance Moves


Pretty sure she is knocked out.

19 Scandalous New Years Eve Party Confessions

19 Scandalous New Years Eve Party Confessions


The Devil Throws The Best Christmas Parties, According To Satanists

The Devil Throws The Best Christmas Parties, According To Satanists

Christmas is a joyful and triumphant time of year; a time for the whole family to gather around the Christmas tree and bask in its warming glow.

But what are you supposed to do during the holiday season if you've dedicated your life to the servitude of His Infernal Majesty, Satan?

Well, just in case you were curious, one Satanist has given his side of the Christmas story so we can all understand.

Apparently - and, let me just sound the unpopular opinion alarm - it's not about the birth of Jesus at all.

John Wall, who is part of The Church of Rational Satanism, told The Daily Star: "In the Bible it specifically says you're not allowed to take trees into your house. The whole of Christmas is a pagan festival.

"Christmas was timed to coincide with the Saturnalia and the winter solstice. Christmas trees are pagan, cooking and carving the turkey comes from a sacrificial ritual."

This much is pretty well known, but there is still a strong and convincing argument that Christmas is about, well, Christ.

Satanists, to be fair, aren't exactly what you might think they are. The amount of ritual sacrifice and demon-summoning is a lot less than you'd guess. In fact, your average Norwegian metal band probably gets up to weirder stuff on their weekends.

Wall continued: "There are people who go in for more of the ritualistic side of things, wearing robes and chanting spells and drawing pentacles (five-pointed stars) to summon demons."

He says he mostly goes to the pub and visits historical and magical sites.

Satanism largely draws from the book The Satanic Bible, written by Anton Szandor LaVey, an American musician and occultist.

It focuses on the concept of individualism, and the idea that we should not deny ourselves the earthly pleasures we enjoy, a form of individualism.

John Wall says that he is an atheist, so in the end Satanism is not about mythical, evil creatures, but more about not telling yourself you can't have another glass of sherry, or a third helping of Christmas pudding.

Christmas is about indulgence - basically eating and drinking loads then munching your way through an entire selection box.

That's surely a tune we can all dance to. I'm pretty sure that not many people would have thought they would end this article agreeing with a Satanist.

Swinger Ordered To Stay Away From Husband After Trying To Run Him Over With A Minivan

Swinger Ordered To Stay Away From Husband After Trying To Run Him Over With A Minivan

If you’re not into seeing your partner with someone else, my advice to you is to not attend any swingers party with said partner. You know, that’s just common sense. But apparently Amber Schomaker doesn’t get that.

The 28-year-old from Michigan, recently pleaded guilty to domestic violence and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated after she tried to run over her husband and another couple after a swingers party. Her car of choice? You got it, a good old minivan.

Not only did Schomaker get one year of probation for her actions, but she has also been ordered not to contact her husband in person, phone or any other way you can think of. But let’s find out why in the hell Schomaker went psycho on everyone one.

NY Post

Police responded to a Bay City residence on Sept. 21 and found a Dodge Caravan in front of the home. Schomaker was trying to get inside using a screwdriver, while her 33-year-old husband was bleeding from a cut on his forehead.

Deputies then learned that the Schomakers had visited the couple’s residence for a swingers party. Schomaker was downstairs with the female resident’s fiancé as her husband was spending time upstairs with the female resident, authorities said. Schomaker then slapped her husband when the pair came downstairs and walked outside. She then got into her minivan as the three others followed, and began to drive toward them, with the vehicle ultimately going over the curb and onto the sidewalk.

Both men needed to jump out of the way to avoid being struck, a witness later told deputies. Schomaker then told police she used the screwdriver to start the minivan and drank half of a fifth of vodka within the previous two hours.

Schomaker’s husband, meanwhile, had a deep cut on his forehead, as well as bloody scratches on his right should and a bite mark on his left shoulder. He was also bleeding from the mouth, according to deputies.

Schomaker has also been ordered to undergo two drug and alcohol tests per month. Yeah, good call.

Watch The Girl Of Your Dreams Shotgun A Beer Like Nobody's Business

Watch The Girl Of Your Dreams Shotgun A Beer Like Nobody's Business

Beer and boobers.  What more could you ask for?



Family Of Man Who Died During A Beer Pong Game Awarded $15.6 Million

Family Of Man Who Died During A Beer Pong Game Awarded $15.6 Million

The family of a Connecticut man who died during a game of beer pong have actually been rewarded $15.6 million thanks to a lawsuit they filed against the other players in the game.

It all kicked off in 2013 when 24-year-old victim, Salomon Martinez, got together in Stratford to play a game of beer pong with Kyle Gonzalez, Matthew Chandler and Stephanie Dwyer. Everyone agreed to a $10 wager, but during the game, a fight erupted after the other players accused Martinez of cheating. The fight led to bottles being thrown, a fish tank being smashed and worst of all, Martinez somehow falling out of a fourth-story window to his death.

The LADbible

As the altercation got more heated, Martinez fled upstairs and locked himself in a child’s bedroom, but Gonzalez broke down the door. One of the men was allegedly brandishing a knife. It is not known how, but in the ensuing fracas Salomon fell from the building and landed on the street below. He suffered broken legs, a fractured skull, and organ damage in the fall.

Police attended the scene but the partygoers had no knowledge of Martinez’s fall. The cops were called back an hour later once the body was discovered.

When Gonzalez was brought from prison to give evidence to the court, he said that even though he broke down the door, Martinez was no longer in the room. However, Salomon’s mother, Yolanda Martinez, cried when detailing the heartbreak her son’s death has caused not only to her, but to his young family as well.

Gonzalez and Chandler were just sentenced as they both plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter, with Gonzalez getting 15 years and Chandler getting ten. The woman, Dwyer, fled the state after the incident and is thought to be living in Florida. Police have yet to locate her.

And a day of deliberation, the jury agreed that his family should be awarded $15.6 million, although that won’t be bringing back Martinez anytime soon.

It is unclear when the family will actually receive the sum.

Wisconsin Man Dressed As Clown Accused Of Groping Women At Haunted House

Wisconsin Man Dressed As Clown Accused Of Groping Women At Haunted House

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, but since it’s not officially Turkey Day yet, let’s take a little trip back to Halloween. Remember your Halloween? Well hopefully you didn’t come across 43-year-old Janesville Brandon Goral. And this is why.

According to The Smoking Gun, Goral has been charged with groping two woman at a holiday haunted house last month. Goral was dressed up as Shakes the Clown when the incident occurred. The victims say that Goral grabbed their boobs after asking them this question: “Do you want me to Donald Trump?” Yeah, he actually said that.

Two women told cops that a “clown with green hair” first approached them and asked, “Do you want me to Donald Trump?” While making this inquiry, the clown “made a hand gesture towards their vaginas and made a squeezing motion,” the complaint alleges.

Both women said that they “were not touched at that time,” but had been “caught off guard by what the clown had said and found it inappropriate.” Following the “Trump” comment, the clown allegedly grabbed and squeezed the breast of one woman, and then did the same thing to her companion. The clown’s actions, the women told police, left them feeling “violated and uncomfortable.” Neither victim, investigators noted, gave “the clown consent to grab her breast.”

During questioning, Goral said that he “does not touch women’s breasts” unless requested to do so, and that he was “asked multiple times by different females to grab their breasts for photos.” Goral did admit to making the “Trump” comment and the hand gesture.

This creep was charged with two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault.

Read more at http://www.craveonline.com/mandatory/1346805-wisconsin-man-dressed-clown-accused-groping-women-haunted-house#bUqK43rOISqmiSlm.99

Meanwhile In North Korea, Kim Jong-un Has Banned Singing And Drinking

Meanwhile In North Korea, Kim Jong-un Has Banned Singing And Drinking

As awful as America may feel like sometimes, and as many idiots as there are in charge of making decisions in this country, thank your lucky stars that you don’t live in the hellhole that is North Korea.

North Korean leader and loose cannon Kim Jong-un has banned gatherings involving drinking and singing in order to increase control over the population. In other words there will be no partying in North Korea. Then again, if you live over there something tells me you’re not in the mood to party. This ban, according to intelligence briefings given to South Korean lawmakers, was also made to stifle the impact of crippling economic sanctions imposed on the country.

Daily Mail

The sanctions are in retaliation for the country’s ongoing development of nuclear devices and ballistic missiles.

(Pyongyang) … has banned any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment and is strengthening control of outside information,’ the South Korean National Intelligence Service is reported as saying.

Travel abroad is curtailed, conversations monitored and harsh punishments are regularly imposed for being in possession of media from outside of the state. The ban comes just a few months after the Pyongyang Beer Festival was cancelled amid reports of a drought.

You have to feel for any person that unfortunately was born in North Korea — it’s not their fault they are in a country that is currently run by  a nut job. And yeah, an idiot is running our country, but he won’t be banning singing and drinking anytime soon. Well, at least I hope not.



University of North Texas homecoming party shows people jumping in the living room of the Denton, Texas apartment early Sunday. Playboi Carti’s ‘What’ was playing and everyone was jumping around the room. That’s when the whole floor caved in!

Not Even A Steel Door Will Stop This Ravers From Partying Their Hearts Out

Not Even A Steel Door Will Stop This Ravers From Partying Their Hearts Out


Eat. Sleep. Rave at the back door. Repeat: Club goers decided to start their own party outside of a nightclub after failing to get in.

These ravers who starter their own party outside a Newcastle nightclub have gone viral after footage of their back-door dancing emerged online. The hilarious duo attracted attention from other ravers who decided to join in on the fun.

A 30-second clip of the ravers outside the nigh club showing off their best dance moves. But this story does have a happy ending, the ravers were later let in by the person running the even inside the club.


11 Walk of Shame Stories That Are Hilariously Shameful

11 Walk of Shame Stories That Are Hilariously Shameful

1. It'sa me, a deep sense of shame. Via batteries69:

Today, i walked through my college campus wearing nothing but overalls cut off mid shin and a mario hat in the rain.

I went out to a Halloween party as Mario, ended up at a friends house throwing up in his sink. Woke up with no idea where the rest of my clothes went but knew I had to get to my dorm, a mile away, to get dressed for class. Unfortunately, I made this walk in between classes so plenty of students saw a defeated mario.

2. Belmer321, the face of a concerned American citizen who wants change

In college, woke up the next day after a party across campus. Walked back to my house. Voting was a thing that day, lots of students out encouraging to vote. I walked into a campus building, interacted with lots of people, voted and left.

Got home to realize a big dick drawn in sharpie on my forehead.

Was wondering why people were looking at me funny.

3. He should be more ashamed than you, Booblubeloo. Go back to sleep like an normal dude, ya freak!

Sitting on the curb looking a hot mess waiting for my uber when the guy I just hooked up with strolled by with his friend to go play an early game of tennis

4. Emily_Starke

Getting the bus back home on a Sunday morning wearing a tiny skirt and a corset top, having lost my nice large coat sometime during the evening. Girl I'd hooked up with didn't even offer me a jumper to wear. And obviously the bus was full of judgey old people

5. Sounds like a stride of pride, bbqkettlechip

Woke up in dude's apartment realized I was 1 hour late for my campus gyno appointment. I walked to the campus clinic and went to appointment in last night's clothes. Nurse gave me a year's worth of birth control in a bag and said, "you need this."

Said, "thanks," and then I walked back to my apartment with my loot.

6. People didn't care who I was until I put on the robe and popcorn, Eslov

I was at a party where everyone dressed up as old people. I had a white wig and everything. At one point I traded my pants for bathrobe because why not.

At the after-party someone had popped a big moving-box worth of popcorn. Because of that I'm never sensible enough to to stop partying I was the last one to go to bed at that party I slept in the box of popcorn.

It looked a little weird the next day on the bus ride home when a guy without pants dressed as a an old man with popcorn everywhere was trying to survive a hangover.

I think it looked like I was a confused old man that had escaped from the old folks home.

7. Hey, maybe they just assumed you were the football mascot, fauxxfoxx

Well there was that one time I dressed as Catwoman for halloween, which was a friday, slept at a friend's, then had to walk of shame back to my dorm on a football saturday. I went to a Big 10 school, so there were a LOT of people out and about.

8. Halloween truly seems to bring out the best in walk-of-shames. From gregdoom:

A couple Halloweens ago, I went out with a lovely lady to a party. I went as Agent Venom from Spider-Man. We hooked up and she let me crash at her place, which actually was not supposed to happen, so morning rolls around and I realize that I have no change of clothes. Fuck. So, I basically say "screw it" put my costume back on (sans the mask) and walk to my car. On the way to my car, I see a dude around my age in a Spider-Man outfit walking towards me. He starts to say something and I just say "can it, Parker! I'm busy!" and we laughed, but I kept walking to my car. Got in, and drove home. The end.

9. Ahhhhh I see what you did there, Makelevi

After a night of drinking at the bar, one of my friends decided that she was gonna make everyone perogies. I was upstairs and had no idea she was cooking until I heard a scream. I ran downstairs and there she was, with a wok on the stove and flames rising from it steadily, licking the ceiling. I yelled for another buddy to open the Juliette balcony we had next to the kitchen. I grabbed the flaming oily mess by the pan handle, trying not to spill the flaming oils as I carried it to the balcony and tossed that fucker right out onto the paved alleyway bellow. I burnt my hand doing so. A few burn marks were formed around our kitchen. Our house had come very close to being a fire scene because of drunken perogies.

Anyway the next morning she want out and collected this misshapen, now-destroyed wok from the alleyway. I always refer to this as her wok of sham

10. John and choadspanker. Bros for eternity.

This happened pre walk of shame

So one time my friend John and I drove a couple hours to Boston for an old friends birthday party that we hadn't seen in awhile. It starts as a house party and after that sort of dies down we decided to go hit some bars. I hit it off with a girl, so we broke off from the group and stayed the night at her place. Next morning I wake up, get dressed, and head out into the kitchen. I almost shit a fuckin brick because who is sitting at the table? Fuckin John. We, completely unknown to each other, went home with girls who happened to be roommates.

11. A nice wholesome walk of shame. Fuck those suits, khitchwitz - you do you

Met a girl on Halloween and her group of friends, she invited me back, we had like five more drinks and she was too drunk to function. Took her home, took care of her while she puked, and we woke up together and cuddled. She thanked me and invited me to stay the day with her. I did, and stayed the night again, and then on November 2nd I had to walk home as a Ninja Turtle through the financial district of our city






Guy Lets Dirty Dancing Get The Best Of Him While Boating


Guy Lets Dirty Dancing Get The Best Of Him While Boating

 Occurred on October 1, 2017 / Presa de la Boca, Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

"Some friends met in a catamaran for some Sunday fun and this happened."


Florida Teacher Fired For Throwing Sex-Themed Party In Classroom

Florida Teacher Fired For Throwing Sex-Themed Party In Classroom

Let’s get right into this because it’s quite the story. A teacher in South Florida has been given the boot after she decided that it would be brilliant idea to throw a sex-themed party for a former student in her classroom.


According to WSVN, the party took place at a charter school called Mater Lakes Academy, a school for grades six through 12. And what kind of decorations were there? Well the dance teacher had dildos, penis candles and even lollipop vaginas. Yes, at a school. Oh, and kids as young as 11-years-old were in attendance. Some parts of the video were even caught on video. Here’s what a student’s mother had to say:

“In the videos, we see how they were preparing for the surprise party. And as the boy walked in, they surprised him with a hat that had a penis attached to the top and a string to be able to pull it so it can get erected.

You can’t even imagine. You know, I’ve raised my daughter the proper way and never taught her anything similar to that.”

According to the mom her daughter is very upset. “She couldn’t sleep last night. She woke up crying,” said the mother. “It hurts that she’s being taught this at the school where I trust she’s gonna be taken care of.”

The teacher has not been identified.

Perhaps that teacher bought all these goodies for her friend’s bachelorette party and just wanted to reuse them. Hey, just a guess.


What Happens In Mexico Stays In Mexico

What Happens In Mexico Stays In Mexico

Act 1: Setup. Dude gets drunk. Act 2: Confrontation. Being drunk forces the dude to face his inner demons. At first, it looks like his demons are going to beat him. Act 3: Resolution. The dude comes to terms with his inner demons, then rejoices. Dance sequence, roll credits. That dude probably woke up the next morning with no memory of the night and a strong feeling of shame and embarrassment. We’ve all been there.


Dude Goes Insane After Girl “Breaks Boyfriend Rule” For His 21st Birthday Party

Dude Goes Insane After Girl “Breaks Boyfriend Rule” For His 21st Birthday Party

I miss college parties. They were easy to set up, everyone coming had one goal in mind (getting as drunk as possible for the least amount of money) and just having an overall good time.

This should have been the night of this guys party life. 21 years old. The bars for the first time and everyone there for him. The only problem, this dude was not like most people. He had some rules…

The girl posted the convo that went down on Reddit with the caption:
Nice guy tried to invite me to his 21st, goes off at me when I say i’m bringing my bf along.

Check out this epic meltdown. He went to the deepened. Jumped. Got out of the pool, went to the high dive and jumped again. Dude is insane. There is no way you are going to impress the ladies if you act like this.

Also, this was the first person you invited! You had plenty of other chances to hit it off with a single girl. Take a chill pill!


Throwing A Flatscreen TV Off The Roof Of A Frat House... What Could Go Wrong?

Throwing A Flatscreen TV Off The Roof Of A Frat House... What Could Go Wrong?

She took that hit like a Boss didn’t even drop her phone


And What Is Your Talent?

And What Is Your Talent?

I like to picture him eagerly hanging around crowds at parties trying to think of casual ways to bring up saxophones





Promotional Videos For This 4-Day Sex And Drug Vacation Fest Were So NSFW They Were Banned

 Promotional Videos For This 4-Day Sex And Drug Vacation Fest Were So NSFW They Were Banned

Don’t really feel like taking that Carnival Cruise to the same old place? Not to worry, because this vacation might just be up your alley if you’re OK with being on hard drugs and OK with the possibility of catching an STD.

For only $5,000 you can take part in a four-day sex and drug vacation called “Sex Island.” This crazy fest will take part on a remote private island off the coast of Catagena in Colombia, which is being advertised as a “sex island experience.” Want to know what this vacation includes? Well Good Girls Company, the company behind all this, is offering 30 people unlimited alcohol, sex, 60 prostitutes and hard drugs (Wolf of Wall Street style probably).

But here’s the bummer: the promotional videos were so NSFW they got banned from YouTube. But hey, at least there’s screengrabs.


One of the videos shows a dude getting on a yacht and dancing around with a flock of prostitutes, and then a massive caption flashes across the screen that reads: “Unlimited sex included.”

The videos also outline the itinerary for the 4-day vacation, and we learn that the first day includes a wild sex session, the second day offers each guest 30 minutes with 16 prostitutes at the same time, and the third and fourth days feature nonstop partying on a luxury yacht with as much alcohol, women, and probably cocaine that your body can handle.

30 minutes with 16 prostitutes? Well, talk about not having down time.

But Good Girls Company is in trouble because while prostitution isn’t illegal in Colombia, pimping is, and the videos are pretty much promoting that.

But hey, if you have $5,000 to spare and you’re in the mood to drown in hookers, this is the vacation for you.


Girl Smashes A Beer On Her Face, Then Downs It

Girl Smashes A Beer On Her Face, Then Downs It

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