A Dirty Card Game Fail Traumatizes This Hyper Religious Family

A Dirty Card Game Fail Traumatizes This Hyper Religious Family -



5 Darkest Apple Secrets & Rumors

5 Darkest Apple Secrets & Rumors

Are old iPhones purposely slowed down? Dark5 examines 5 reported Apple secrets and rumors that might be true...

9 Internet Hacks That Can Simplify Your Life

9 Internet Hacks That Can Simplify Your Life



These days the majority of the world’s population uses the internet and if you are reading this article, you are certainly one of them. But even if you browse the net on a daily basis and think that you know how to do it the most efficient way, there are lots of little tricks that can make it easier and quicker that you don’t know yet. We already mentioned a few of them, but as one of the greatest minds in the past, Albert Einstein, said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

1. Move the text cursor (first trick)

There are times when you need to add just a word or a letter in the middle of a message and this trick will save you so much time.

  • Click and hold the space bar;
  • Now you can move the cursor to the right, left, up, or down.

So simple and so brilliant.

2. Move the text cursor (second trick)

Another way to move the text cursor is the magnifying glass trick.

  • Click on the text and hold until a magnifying glass appears;
  • Move it in any direction to place the cursor on any place in the text.

3. Creating a strong password

These days we use the internet for social communication, shopping, banking, and many other things, and creating a safe password is highly important. Instead of using just simple letters and numbers, use accented characters in your passwords. Hold your finger on a letter and the available accented characters will pop up.

4. How to know if a particular website is safe to browse

There are gazillions of sites available on the net, but it’s better to avoid some of them. Just copy and paste http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=example.com into the address bar—in front of the address.

Replace example.com with the name of the website that you want to check.

5. Logging out of Facebook remotely

If you used somebody’s smartphone or computer to check your Facebook and are not sure if you logged off properly, this can be easily fixed.

  • Click on “Settings” on your Facebook account;
  • Select “Security”;
  • Click on “Where You’re Logged In”;
  • Find the session that you want to end;
  • Click “Log Out.”

6. Google search for synonyms

We have so many synonyms in our language and Google came up with a very useful trick to do a search when you don’t know a particular word. Just put the symbol “~” before the text.

7. Search for words in a text

If you need to search for specific words within your larger search, Google has also made this easy.

  • Type allintext before the word or words that you are looking for, if you want to find pages that include all the words you’re looking for;
  • Type “intext” before the text that you are looking for, if you want to find pages where one word appears in the text, and others appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the title.

8. Search for words in titles

If you need to find pages with a certain title, this also won’t take long.

  • Type “allintitle” before the text that you are looking for if you want to find pages that include all your search words;
  • Type “intitle” before the text that you are looking for if you want to find pages where the one word appears in the title, and others can appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the text.

9. Google search for location

If you are looking for something in a particular location, just add “location:place after your search text.

Did you find this useful? Tell us in the comments below if you know some tricks that we haven’t mentioned and share this article with your friends.

18 Cringeworthy Text Messages People Actually Sent Their Bosses

18 Cringeworthy Text Messages People Actually Sent Their Bosses -



Cell phones make our lives easier in a lot of ways — but they also make it way easier to send the wrong message to the wrong person.

These 18 people probably wished they could go back to the days of landlines and answering machines after these text conversations.


















Missouri Police Officer That Hits Cyclist Head-on Admits He Was On His Phone

Missouri Police Officer That Hits Cyclist Head-on Admits He Was On His Phone

Troopers say distracted driving was a possible cause for a Raymore bicyclist being struck by a Peculiar police officer Thursday evening.

Google Says It Will Stop Android Phones From Suggesting "My Face" When Users Type "Sit On"

Google Says It Will Stop Android Phones From Suggesting "My Face" When Users Type "Sit On"

Some people are reporting that when they type "sit on" while texting on their Android phones, the devices suggest "my face and" may be the next thing they want to type. The phrase prediction comes from the operating system's autocomplete feature, which recommends words or phrases based on what you type. While there are more than 1,000 words banned from Android's prediction algorithm, including "coitus" and "intercourse," the phrase "sit on my face" — which refers to a sexual act — is not suppressed.

After reaching Google for comment, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that a fix to remove the phrase is coming: "We’ve started rolling out a fix for this prediction behavior in Gboard so that users will no longer see this suggestion."

The spokesperson added, "Gboard is designed to avoid such predictions in its generic models, but human language is complex, and as with any sort of system that filters sensitive phrases, sometimes inappropriate suggestions make it through into the machine learning models. When we learn of an inappropriate suggestion we work quickly to remove it."



In a test after typing "Hey, are you free to sit on," two Google Pixel devices suggested "my face and," while a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone did not. However, if "sit" is typed (rather than "sit on"), autocomplete does not suggest "my face and."

After "my face and," Android autocomplete suggested the following words: "then... we... can... talk... about... it... later..."

Meanwhile, iOS devices do not suggest "my face" after typing "sit on."

Google said that its keyboard, called Gboard, uses both a general language model for everyone and a personalized algorithm that learns from its users' typing history.

Android users can remove specific suggested words by tapping the word and dragging it to the trash icon. In Keyboard settings (at the top of the keyboard, tap > then More > the Settings gear icon > Text Correction), users can also turn off the suggestion strip, block offensive words, and opt out of personalized suggestions.

The idea behind Google's keyboard suggestions and swipe input features is to speed up typing on mobile devices, which is 35% slower than it is on a physical keyboard.






Mass. Man Stopped On Maine Highway Driving Scooter And Using Cell Phone As Headlight

Mass. Man Stopped On Maine Highway Driving Scooter And Using Cell Phone As Headlight

A Massachusetts man was stopped on a Maine highway Friday after a trooper saw him driving a scooter using only his cell phone as a highlight.

Maine State Police posted a photograph of the scooter on Instagram Sunday.

Maine State Police Trooper Scott Harakles stopped the man riding the motorized scooter on the Maine Turnpike in Kittery, Maine around 1:30 a.m. on Friday.

The 26-year-old man from Massachusetts said he made it all the way up to Kittery from New Bedford, Massachusetts using only his cell phone as a headlight. The driver, who was not identified in the Instagram post, did not have a valid drivers' license and the scooter was not registered.

Authorities did not say if the man was arrested or issued citations.

Maine State Police said mopeds and motorized scooters are not allowed on the turnpike.

15 People Share The Deal Breakers That Made Them Immediately Lose Their Crushes On Someone

15 People Share The Deal Breakers That Made Them Immediately Lose Their Crushes On Someone


Crushes are—cue "Bohemian Rhapsody" voice—easy come easy go. As easy it is to get enamored with some, the crush can evaporate real quick. In the Reddit thread "What immediately made you lose a crush on someone?" people shared, well, what made them lose their crushes on someone.

Find out just how many of these dealbreakers you're guilty of!

1. I hope you're not reading this in front of _cluelessDev_.

Whenever we meet she would be constantly glued to her phone, which is kinda annoying considering she would often take a day or more to reply back to any messages.

So I try to keep my distance, but she would just randomly drop a text just to talk about the drama in her life and just generally complain about anything.

2. Highest_Cactus can't wait.

Very recently, we made plans and she had to reschedule last minute. Three times. Within a week and a half.

3. Don't litter in front of littlexclaws.

Threw his trash to the ground instead of waiting to find a trash can.


4. tatateemo is not a fan of when his porn comes to life.

She had sex with my sister.

5. mmhan91has been personally victimized by Regina George.

Found out she’s a drama queen and talks shit about her best friends behind their backs and act like the closest realest friends whenever they hangout together.


6. No denying Cpt_Incorrect made the right call.

She said she didn't believe in the holocaust.

When I asked her why she didn't believe it happened she responded with, "someone told me a really good reason once, but I don't remember." I am still dumbfounded to this day.

7. frenchbulldog22, is that you?

After several dates, he started to call me the wrong name.

8. Did BickNlinko date a Trump?

She insisted that rich people get to act like shitheads and treat other people like shit because they were rich. She was not a rich girl(she waited tables at the time). I asked her if she ever had rude customers and how that made her feel...she said it didn't bother her as long as the people belittling her were rich...blew my mind.

9. Oh, no, anya_darling. Call the police.

Me, 18: "Are you sure I’m not too young for you?"

Him, 29: "Don’t worry about that. I’ve dated younger."

10. r0manholiday is no backup.

When we hooked up and I told him I had no idea he liked me too, and he responded by telling me he thought my friend was a bit too out of his league.


11. lateralmoves made their decision for them.

When they couldn't "decide" between me and someone else. Duces!

12. mrTALKINGDUCK with the right usage of "f**k."

She was horrible to the bartender because she felt her drink was a little watered down. After she loudly berated the poor girl, she had the balls to turn to me and whine that the bartender seemed frustrated by her. Fuck that girl (not literally). I bailed after the first drink and left the bartender an apology note and a large tip for the trouble.

13. A gang of kids actually killed his entire family, pegem.

Dude was super mean about kids. He just couldn't keep in a nasty comment whenever he saw one in public. I'm talking very uncomfortable, sometimes violent comments, then he'd look at me like he was expecting me to laugh at what he's said.

I think he was just being edgy but it creeped me out. Like I get not liking kids just fine but holy hell, did one kill your father or something?

14. Better off a cat lady, not-a-tapir.

He said he hated cats. Not just disliked them, hated them. He said he sped up when he saw them crossing the road.

15. I_like_tangos also likes showers.

Crush 1: I realized that her voice sounded like my mother's;

Crush 2: gorgeous, green eyed blonde, but as we went out sometimes, she lied too much and was far from bright;

Crush 3: hid a kid from me;

Crush 4: I found out that she didn't shower very often. This one is by far the hardest turn-off of all.

15 people Who got hilariously shamed by a notification



The world is a heavy place to navigate right now (and technically always). The news cycle feels like an endless barrage of scary political decisions and frightening cultural loss, and it doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon.

However, amidst all of this there are still lot of truly ridiculous stories that will hopefully make you crack a smile or snort out some of your beverage.

Since I can safely assume most of you reading this have a mobile phone of sorts, it's likely you're familiar with the potential humiliation that comes with phone notification.

Whether it's the bizarre leading sentence from a friend's text, the subject line to a raunchy email, or a secret online dating notification, there are several ways our notifications can act as snitches. Even if you've magically (or intelligently) been able to prevent such embarrassment, it's likely you know someone with a story.

So, in hopes of giving you a healing laughter antidote to the pains of existence, here are 15 people from Reddit who got completely screwed by their phone notifications.

My best friend in high school was in the process of being grounded and having his phone taken away and as he was handing over his phone to his mom he got a text from me that said "Hey I found your mom's dildo" accompanied with a picture of a medieval battering ram. He told me that they both saw it, right as the transaction was taking place, then held each others gaze silently for what he described as an eternity.




I got subscribed to Yandy Lingerie texts after I ordered something from there. Really annoying as they don’t tell you how to unsubscribe.

I was at work and a parent was looking at some of the pictures I had taken of the field trip we took the kids on and a message pops up “SEXY CROTCHLESS PANTIES ON SALE!”

I was mortified.




My bf has a friend that I have always suspected is in love with him. Once she was showing me something on her phone and a text from her mom popped up saying “I still don’t understand why you can’t get with [bf’s name].” We pretended it didn’t happen.



"I'll fuck you like the little cum-slut you are". I'm a guy, and my male friend sent me this as a joke response to something I sent him. My dad was looking at the phone when the message arrived.




One of my classes in high school had a facebook messenger group chat to talk about homework and stuff and when the nickname function got introduced a lot of people ended up with exactly the type of nicknames you would expect from high schoolers. I was showing my dad a picture or something when the little messenger bubble popped into the screen saying "horny harddick sent a message". My dad just like, awkwardly coughed and then got up and walked away before I could explain. He never brought it up again and I never got in trouble for it so it could have been worse for me I guess. I'm sure my dad was mildly traumatized seeing that on his teenage daughter's phone though.




I was showing my friend this dream dictionary app and how it worked. I clicked on a random day to show him it keeps a history for you and he yelled, "YOU DREAMT ABOUT DIARRHEA?!"



My ex's tinder notification popped up on her phone while she was showing me her pics on holiday. That was funny haha it hurts




Happened to my BFF, she is a very organized person and has everything mapped out. We were both senior RAs in college, and were watching movies in a common room with all of her freshman (male) residents. Halfway through the movie, this app pops up and says "Mary, you are ovulating today! Now is a great time to get pregnant!" They made fun of her for ages... *name was changed.




I communicate with my doctor through an app, so he can message me whenever he needs to — it's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I'm a new patient of his and he had me do all the standard tests just to get up to speed on my health.

So I'm showing a meme to my gf and suddenly a notification pops up on my phone saying, "We have your HIV test results."

Once I explained it was fine, but it was awkward at the time.



it wasn't me but my professor used to have his laptop hooked up to the projector up front and while he was going through a powerpoint a text popped up on his screen from a woman and all it said was "I have herpes" edit: he stopped connecting his laptop to the projector after that




My best friend and I used to have a code word for situations where we shouldn’t be sending each other inappropriate stuff. So whenever one of us sent the word “crisco” it means someone was looking at our phone and to keep it PG. We picked this word because one time my dad was fixing my phone and she sent, in all caps: “DID YOU KNOW IN ANCIENT TIMES THEY USED ANIMAL FAT AS LUBE SO THEY COULD FUCK EACH OTHER IN THE ASS?”



One of my friends was showing her professor something on her phone and right as she handed her the phone she got a message in our groupchat from our friend that we nicknamed "I want penis pasta".



I was looking at my “Snapchat in review” with my boss around the new year when one of my pictures pops up. It was a nude.

I left the job a few months after because of a variety of reasons, including the above.




I was with a group of friends and this person gave me their number. I save people's names with a detail that reminds me of who they are (ex James From Chicago)

So this person was talking nonstop about their yacht. So I wrote something like "Gary Hasayacht."

He sent a text but it didn't go to my phone for a while because we had a bad signal, but it popped up when my phone was in clear view.

He sees the text, and his name as its listed on my phone, and then goes

you know, it's really not that big of a yacht.

I wanted to sink into the floor, he thought I was hitting on him and/or a gold digger



Showing my brother something on Amazon and get a text from a guy I was talking to at the moment saying: "let me put ranch on them pussy lips pretty mama" (for the record we used to joke like this a lot, making fun of thristy pick up lines). My bro just looked at me and walked away.







Not only is it listening to you, but it's also following you and watching you.

Phone Scammer Accidentally Calls Ohio Police Officer And Realizes He Made A Big Mistake

Phone Scammer Accidentally Calls Ohio Police Officer And Realizes He Made A Big Mistake

A phone scammer made a grave error when he dialed Officer Jeff Bowling and attempted to access his personal information last week. At first, the caller had no clue he was on the line with a cop.

Officer Bowling with the Peebles Police Department in Adams County, Ohio, was actually working on the case when he got a call from a strange number that turned out to be a phone scammer. He quickly began to record the conversation, which lasted for 11 minutes.

A man on the other line claimed he was from Publisher's Clearing House and wanted to inform the "lucky" resident that he won $950,000 and a brand new Mercedes Benz — all he had to do to collect his prize was provide some personal information.

"Oh, that's the one with Ed McMahon," Bowling asked, noting that the game show host has been dead for nearly a decade now.

"Yes, sir," the oblivious scammer replied.

"You've stated that you have a drivers license or state ID right?" the scammer can be overheard asking in a video taken by WXIX.

"Oh I got one," Bowling replied.

"OK, which one of those two identification papers do you have there?" the scammer asked.

"Umm — actually right now I've got my police ID, is that the one you'd like to see?" the officer said.

But that line didn't stop the bold scammer. He continued prodding the cop for more information.

"OK, you're at the police office?" the scammer inquired.

"That's correct," the officer responded.

"OK ... how long it going to take you to be going home?" the scammer then asked.

"Oh, I'm not going to be home. I'm going to be all day here working on this case where you're taking advantage of everybody else," Bowling fired back.

"OK, have a great day Mr. Jeff," the scammer said before quickly hanging up the phone.

The police department warned the public about the scam, which has been circulating the area in the past few weeks.

"If you receive a call from the Publisher's Clearing House, the number would be 876-409-1671, telling you that you have won a sum of money ... do not send any money. This is a scam," the Peebles Police Department wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

According to authorities, these "low life" thieves already scammed an elderly resident out of $1,000.

Why You Shouldn't Force Close Your Apps

Why You Shouldn't Force Close Your Apps

The Verge's Ashley Carman debunks what everyone with a mild neat streak fears about their phone.

The Truth About Wireless Charging

The Truth About Wireless Charging

How about put the phone down and deal with your smartphone addiction problem instead of finding ways to feed it.

High School Student Bodyslams His 62-Year-Old Teacher After Getting His Phone Confiscated

High School Student Bodyslams His 62-Year-Old Teacher After Getting His Phone Confiscated

This goes to show you that even with rules in place about cellphones in the classroom, some students don't want to follow the rules. The boy was suspended for the rest of the year. The teacher suffered from body trauma and was released from the hospital the same day.


Kid Has Melt Down After Mom Finds Porn In His Browser History

Kid Has Melt Down After Mom Finds Porn In His Browser History

This kid is:

1. way younger than he should be to be looking this stuff up.

2. needs to learn what a private browser is

3. hide

Maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe the porn just magically got placed on his phone. Science is crazy these days… I wouldn’t put it passed North Korea.

Poor guy got put on blast by his whole fam. They uploaded this video to Fb where all his aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas got to see him sweat.

X-mas is going to be a little weird this year.

Deputy Sheriff Texting And Driving With Suspect In Cruiser


Deputy Sheriff Texting And Driving With Suspect In Cruiser

 A Fayette County deputy is in trouble after a man under arrest recorded the deputy texting and driving




Police in Ohio say they've arrested a man after receiving random 911 calls for months from his apparently malfunctioning cellphone. According to the Review in Alliance, Sebring police arrested 33-year-old Nathan Hawkins Oct. 5 on a felony charge of disrupting public service.

Dispatchers in the northeast Ohio village say they received at least 20 emergency calls from Hawkins' cellphone from January through August. Police say they told Hawkins that he could have found ways to prevent the calls from continuing. Police say Hawkins told them that he sometimes sleeps with the phone in his pocket and it just calls 911. Police indicate Hawkins was warned previously that he would be arrested if they continued receiving 911 calls for no reason.





I think she could probably tell that he wasn’t impressed with her attitude, and decided to sneak off before he had the chance to reject her for a second date. I think we can all agree he dodged a massive bullet!

Woman Killed On Solo Amazon Trek Days After Ominous Prediction

Woman Killed On Solo Amazon Trek Days After Ominous Prediction

As she traveled through Brazil's northern region on a mission to kayak the 4,000-mile length of the Amazon River, Emma Kelty repeated a warning from a Peruvian guide in tongue-and-cheek fashion. "I will have my boat stolen and I will be killed too," she tweeted. "Nice." It appears the latter part of that warning has come true. On Sept. 13—a day after remarking that she'd come across dozens of men in motor boats armed with arrows and rifles near Coari, an area known to be frequented by river pirates and drug traffickers—Kelty sent out a distress signal and then went silent, reports the Guardian. Authorities now believe the 43-year-old British woman had pitched her tent on the banks of an Amazon tributary near Lauro Sodré when she was approached by men who shot her and threw her body in the river.

A man and two 17-year-olds are in custody while police search for four other suspects who may have tried to sell Kelty's tech devices. A search for Kelty's body is also underway. A statement from Kelty's siblings note they're "extremely proud" of their sister, who sought "to prove that challenges were achievable." (She had quit her job as a school principal in 2014 to travel solo.) Back in February, Kelty—who became the sixth woman to ski solo to the South Pole in January—told the BBC that surviving encounters with "people who organ-harvest and rob and fire guns" was "half the challenge" of her Amazon adventure. "But it's about minimizing the risk," she said. "I'm going to a self-defense course which is going to be tailored to de-arming people, so if I do come across that situation at least I'm prepared for it."


Guy Drops His Phone While Filming Himself On The Roller Coaster, Somehow It Survives

Guy Drops His Phone While Filming Himself On The Roller Coaster, Somehow It Survives


Next time you're thinking about filming yourself while you're going through the twists and turns of a roller coaster, maybe just don't.




Gotta put that selfie stick to good use.

Guy Drops Phone Out Of Plane While Recording And Somehow It Survives The Fall

Guy Drops Phone Out Of Plane While Recording And Somehow It Survives The Fall


 If you drop a phone from a thousand feet up, it's usually toast. Not this time.


Ole Miss Coach Quits After School Checks Phone Records And Finds Calls To Escort Service

Ole Miss Coach Quits After School Checks Phone Records And Finds Calls To Escort Service


Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze's five years with the team ended abruptly Thursday after he faced a choice: Resign, or be fired for "moral turpitude." Freeze resigned from the Rebels effective immediately after the University of Mississippi discovered that he had used his school-issued phone to make a call to an escort service last year, USA Todayreports. Athletics director Ross Bjork says the brief call was initially thought to be a misdial, but the university then looked into the rest of Freeze's phone records and "discovered a pattern of conduct that is not consistent with our expectations as the leader of our football program."

Bjork says Freeze is leaving without a buyout or settlement, and if he hadn't quit, the university would have exercised the termination clause in his contract for moral turpitude, the Clarion-Ledger reports. NBC reports that Freeze was 39-25 in his time with the team and led Ole Miss to a Sugar Bowl victory last year. But he was dealing with multiple issues even before the escort call surfaced, including lawsuits relating to an NCAA probe that accused the program of 21 rules violations under his leadership. Ole Miss says offensive line coach Matt Luke will be interim head coach for the 2017 season.

NYPD Is Knocking Cellphones Out Of People's Hands

NYPD Is Knocking Cellphones Out Of People's Hands

A civilian review panel tasked with investigating complaints against New York City cops has spotted a trend: NYPD officers knocking cellphones and other video recording devices out of the hands of concerned citizens. In a three-year analysis of complaints against city officers starting in 2014, the Civilian Complaint Review Board discovered 257 complaints that contained 346 allegations of officer interference with civilian recordings of police actions, LawNewz reports, citing a CCRB report. In addition to knocking devices out of civilians' hands, those acts of interference included verbal directions to stop recording, obstructing sightlines, and threatening to arrest or detain civilians for recording police actions. All told, 46% of the complaints alleged physical interference.

Although the CCRB was only able to substantiate 28% of the misconduct allegations, the board recommends adding new language to the NYPD Patrol Guide that makes clear that civilians generally have the right to record police actions, defines what police actions constitute interference with that right, and reiterates that searches and seizures of recording devices usually require search warrants. Doing so will not only help protect peoples' rights but also increase the amount of video taken of police actions, improving the "board's ability to determine if an allegation of misconduct happened, didn't happen, or happened but was lawful," said CCRB Executive Director Jonathan Darche in a press release accompanying the board report.




 Woman hit by tram while talking on cell phone
image: https://cdn.liveleak.com/80281E/ll_a_u/misc/ll2/hd_video_icon.jpg

*no sound*


T-Mobile Employee Arrested After Stealing Sex Video From Customer’s Phone

T-Mobile Employee Arrested After Stealing Sex Video From Customer’s Phone

I’m not exactly sure that was the service she was looking for.

A T-Mobile employee who worked at a T-Mobile store in…you guessed it, Florida, has been arrested after he was busted e-mailing himself a sexually explicit video that he found on a female customer’s phone while working on her phone.

It all kicked off, according to police, when the customer brought her phone to the T-Mobile store in Pinellas Park so that someone there could “reboot and reactivate the service on the phone.” Well, the person who handled her phone was Roberto Sanchez Ramos. And Ramos did much more than “reboot” her phone.

The customer eventually “noticed her email had been accessed and her sexually explicit video was sent to” an email that belong to Ramos himself. You idiot.

That idiot above was of course arrested on felony offenses against users of electronic devices charge. The 25-year-old also faces a probation violation charge related to a prior T-Mobile-related felony conviction. And what was that all about? Well last year Ramos pleaded guilty to a scheme to defraud charge related to attempts to artificially inflate his sales commission figures.

So this dude is clearly just an a-hole.

But there’s more. Ramos was also charged with grand theft a few years back. So it seems like this dude probably shouldn’t be hired by anyone. Although United Airlines may take a chance on him.

h/t The Smoking Gun



Dude Terrorizes Best Buddy By Constantly Catching Him Off Guard And Throwing His Expensive Phone At Him

Dude Terrorizes Best Buddy By Constantly Catching Him Off Guard And Throwing His Expensive Phone At Him

A man hilariously stressed out his best buddy when he chucked his smartphone and let him catch it when he least expected it.



Woody of YouTube duo Woody and Kleiny chose random times and took Kleiny’s smartphone before either throwing it towards him or just up in the air with the sole purpose of trolling the heck out of him. Fortunately, Kleiny managed to catch his phone every single time, except when he was chilling in the tub.

Hope that was a waterproof iPhone 7.

Owning an expensive smartphone can cause a considerable amount of stress whenever we drop it, giving this man the brilliant idea of trolling his friend with it.

Make Private Phone Calls While Looking Like A Sadomasochist With Latest Invention

Make Private Phone Calls While Looking Like A Sadomasochist With Latest Invention


Tired of having to leave the room to take private phone calls while at work, the coffee shop, or various other public establishments you frequent? Well, too bad. That’s what makes them private conversations, idiot.

Oh right, someone actually took this obviously not-that-big-of-a-deal concept and ran with it. Thanks to the latest invention the Hushme, a “personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments,” holding a private conversation is now as simple as staying where you are and clamping a device to your face that would make Hannibal Lecter do a double-take. But don’t take our convincing pitch’s word for it. Let the Ukrainian engineers who came up with the idea tell you all about it in a way that only someone with a heavy accent can:

Yep, nothing awkward about this device at all. Especially its other feature — which isn’t talked about in the video above — that allows you to “pick one of several recordings to drown out any remaining sound leakage.” Those recordings include such unobtrusive sounds such as monkey noises, Minions soundbites (totally not annoying at all), and Darth Vader’s heavy breathing. The latter option will go perfect for the “guy sitting in his cubicle with a ball gag in his mouth” vibe you’re trying to pull off. If we do say so, you nailed it.

People Share The Most Embarrassing Things They've Found On Someone Else's Phone

People Share The Most Embarrassing Things They've Found On Someone Else's Phone

Someone hands you their phone to show you a picture, do you look at it and then hand it back, or do you swipe to see what else is on that sucker? The following are 7 of the best stories from people who accidentally found insanely embarrassing content on other people's devices.

 omg animated GIF

1. Chris Potter, who pulled someone's content out of the closet.

I was in college, living in a duplex next door to 3 attractive college girls.

Well, one had received a used laptop from her boyfriend, but it was terribly slow and she was hoping I could figure out a way to speed it up. I ran malware scans, checked the registry, and then realized the OS drive was fairly overloaded with data. I asked her if she minded that I delete some files to free up space for virtual memory, and she agreed, but wanted to make sure I didn't delete anything important, so she sat with me and we went through various folders.

One was filled with video files with random alphanumeric titles. This was back before computers would show a preview icon, so I double clicked on one to see what it was.

Apparently her BF had a thing for hardcore gay male porn.

I don't know what happened between them thereafter, but oh to be a fly on the wall during that conversation…

2. Asha Tampa, who gives a good reason to never pal around with your co-workers.

A few years ago a bunch of colleagues went out on a team outing and ended up taking a lot of pictures. The next day, back in office, we were all swapping pictures taken from our phones when my friend decided to plug the phones into his office computer so we could see the photos on a bigger screen. One colleague had taken a LOT of pictures and she willingly gave us her phone to transfer the pics (maybe she forgot what she had in there?). We plugged the phone into the computer and started going through the pictures one by one, in slideshow mode. The quality was good and we got so engrossed that we had inched closer to the screen, when suddenly, almost like a scream, her boyfriend’s picture was splashed on the 21-inch monitor in all his hairy glory. That wasn’t all - he had decided to send her a picture in the Superman pose.

Without any clothes on. The girls broke down into fits of laughter while our guy friend stared at the screen in shock. We immediately disconnected her phone and gave it back to her before she found out what we had found out.

To this day I can’t see a Superman poster without remembering that incident.

3. Robert Hollander whose phone hid a butt-load of medical data.

About six months ago, I was having a lot of problems with gas and constipation for no apparent reason. By the time I went to the doctor about it, I knew I had the problem for a long time but I really didn't remember when it began. Was it a month or did it just seem like a month? The answers are important because something long-term could indicate the need to see a specialist and undergo a series of expensive and uncomfortable tests.

I decided that it would be wise to document the “situation” to make sure I was getting consistently better and that it wasn’t just hopeful thinking on my part. Such information would be of particular value if the need arose to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

The way I did this was to use my cell phone and take a photograph of every bowel movement before I cluttered the toilet with toilet paper. I did this for close to two weeks before I concluded that I no longer had a problem and decided to stop taking photos.

Without getting into any more detail, let me summarized by saying that I had collected something in the neighborhood of 30 or 40 photos before I concluded that everything was back to normal. Like a lot of the photos on my cell phone, I forgot about them.

About a month later, I was hanging out with a friend of mine. I was telling him about a female friend I had met who I thought was very attractive. He asked me if I had any photos of her. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I found one on my phone and handed my phone to him so he could see it better.

I had forgotten that a lot of people have the habit of swiping across a photo so that they can see other photos on the phone. He did exactly that and after a few swipes, before I realized what he was doing, he came across my collection of bowel movements.

Trying to explain to him why I had those photos on my phone was a bit embarrassing. Needless to say, as soon as I got back to my PC, I removed all of those photos and put them in a file folder on my PC in my main “MEDICAL” file folder.


4. Mehak Nayak, who accidentally embarrassed her uncle in front of all her elders in India.

This happened when I was 10, around 7 years ago. I was dumb and naïve.

One day my uncle (chacha) came to our home from village and his marriage was due in a month or so. There was a happy ambiance and the elders were talking about the arrangements.

I was getting bored so I asked him for his phone, I wanted to play, of course. He gave it to me. But soon I realised that he didn't have anything even remotely interesting in his phone so I started scrolling through his gallery. Sure enough, all I found was stupid mirror selfies and pictures of bikes.

But then at the end of it, there was a folder named X, I opened it. Another folder. I opened that. Another folder! This went for around 10 folders and finally what this 10 year old girl saw, shocked her. Hundreds of pictures of naked women! Not secretly taken though, these women were posing. (He probably got em from the internet?)

But in all honesty, I was more amused than shocked. I had seen naked women before (horrible memory, lol) but never thought that they let themselves get photographed! So after going through all the pictures I went to the room where all of the elders were seated and showed the images to each one of them as I laughed hysterically.

I vividly remember, at first my uncle didn't realise what I was showing to the others. When my mother's turn came to see the pictures, she looked at the phone, then at me, then at uncle, then back at the phone, and calmly said, “I don't understand what you're showing, give the phone back to him.

This was the moment his eyes widened and he realised what I'd done.

Needless to say, a very awkward silence followed and my mom doesn't like him any longer. He is infamously tagged the black sheep of the family.

5. Ross Trittipo, who really knows how to cleanse the palate before dessert.

Gross out story coming. You’ve been warned.

My wife’s sister and her husband were at another couple’s house eating dinner and hanging out.

After dinner, the four of them were sitting in the living room relaxing and talking. Just to have something to look at, the wife grabbed her husband’s phone and screencast it to the television using their Apple TV setup.

As the screencast cycled through the images on the guy’s phone, they were all shocked to see a couple photos of his big, hairy, spread-cheeked butt, with a particular emphasis right on his B-hole.

Yeah, I know it’s gross. I’m sorry.

They all start screaming and laughing and dry-heaving, and the guy was so thoroughly embarrassed he was turning beet red and almost crying in shame.

His wife was like, “WHAT THE HECK?”

But all he could do was stutter and mutter and murmur. The poor guy was absolutely mortified.

It turns out, he had suspected he might have a hemorrhoid, but was too embarrassed to ask his wife to look. And since he couldn’t see very well when he had tried using mirrors, he’d decided to take a couple photos with his iPhone.

So he’d spread his cheeks apart with one hand and taken the pictures with his other hand.

He’d simply forgotten the photos were on his phone, and the rest is history.

6. Asya Grechka's tale is both super sweet and crazy embarrassing.

Several years ago when I was in high school there was this odd foreign exchange Chinese guy who was interested in me. He would sometimes “run into me” after class and walk with me to the bus stop or he gave me chocolates on my birthday although I had never told him when it was.

One day when he was sitting next to me he pulled out his phone and started entering the unlock code. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a familiar set of digits, but wasn't quite sure.

A few weeks later, we were both sitting at the library and he left to go to the bathroom, leaving his phone. I decided to give it a try, and whattya know, my birthday unlocked the phone. Unfortunately he came back very quickly and turned red to see me with his unlocked phone. We shared a small awkward moment but he quickly changed the subject :)


7. And finally, Ike Davis, a certified computer tech who just wanted to help out an elderly lady.

I just wanted to help out an old lady with her cellphone. She needed her pictures backed up because the phone was only turning on intermittently.

I did not ask to see a gig of amateur porn featuring … her.

Worse, she had effectively planted it there for me to find, although she didn’t say this. I could tell by the way she behaved around me. It seems she enjoyed the swinger lifestyle.

One of History's Deadliest Phones Will Be Sold

One of History's Deadliest Phones Will Be Sold


The telephone Adolf Hitler used to bark out orders that led to the deaths of millions is going on the auction block. The chipped red phone, with bits of its original black showing through, is engraved on the backside with the Fuhrer's name and a swastika. It could fetch as much as $300,000 when it goes up for sale Feb. 19. Alexander Historical Auctions in Maryland calls the Bakelite phone made by Siemens "Hitler's mobile device of destruction" and says it was "arguably the most destructive 'weapon' of all time"; he is said to have used it during the war's final two years. Shortly after the Allied victory, a British officer removed the phone from the Fuhrerbunker, his son Ranulf Rayner, 82, tells CNN. "My father didn't see it as a relic of Hitler's glory days, more a battered remnant of his defeat, a sort of war trophy."

The auction house explains that as the Russians gave Rayner's father, Ralph, a tour of the bunker, they offered him the black phone used by Hitler's wife, Eva Braun. He responded that his favorite color was red, and so they handed him Hitler's phone instead. His other souvenir: a porcelain Alsatian "almost certainly personally presented to Hitler by Heinrich Himmler," per the auction house, which says the elder Rayner saw it on Hitler's desk. The dog statue, made at the Dachau concentration camp, could fetch $35,000. "It's a pretty nasty thing, just as sinister as the phone," Ranulf Rayner tells CNN. It's not the only Hitler auction to grab recent headlines: Amid protests by Jewish groups, an Argentine bidder spent more than $650,000 on Hitler's jacket and other memorabilia at a 2016 auction in Munich, per AFP. Braun's things were also recently sold.

This Alsatian statue owned by Hitler is also set to be auctioned. (Alexander Historical Auctions)

If Someone Rings You And Says "Can You Hear Me?", Hang Up Immediately

If Someone Rings You And Says "Can You Hear Me?", Hang Up Immediately

Can you hear me?

Of course not, because you're reading written words. But if you get a phonecall from someone asking this question you best be careful.

Police in the US are currently warning the public about a phone scam in which fraudsters record people answering "Can you hear me?" to assist them demanding huge payments.

Marks will be phoned up by people introducing themselves and their business, before being asked the magic question, which is answered positively, the person on the other end spins the entire conversation into a dark bribe.

Pretending to be from a security company, they will play back your recorded confirmation and threaten legal action if charges are not paid, according to WTKR.

The scam has already hit Florida and Pennsylvania.

Police, who are warning Virginia residents, told people "not to answer the phone from numbers you do not recognise", and in desperate circumstances, hang up and call 911 immediately.

"Anytime you become victim to a crime, you just feel violated," Jo Ann Hughes of the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia, said. "A lot of times, victims do not want to come forward because they are embarrassed. We want people to hear this advice."

[ooyala_video_embed ec=o2eWI2OTE6ckVsEyO2jdAuRx-QWwdsxj][/ooyala_video_embed]


Spoiled Kid Repeatedly Kicks Mother In The Face After She Takes Away Phone

Spoiled kids, right?  When I was a kid I collected bugs. But maybe that's more of a reflection on me as a person than anything else.

Anyway, this nine-year-old kid kicked the fuck OFF after his mom asked him to stop playing games on her phone.

He, his mom and his grandma were all at a hospital in Guangzhou City, South China when the incident took place.

Another patient decided to record the altercation where, to be fair, grandma is the badass hero of the story. She gets in the way of the weirdly-agile child and protects her daughter.

Red Bull bike awesome respect bmx

The video has gone viral on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, with many people criticizing both the boy and the parents for letting him get away with it. Yeesh.

You Should Never Text And Drive - Especially If You Are Riding A Bike

You Should Never Text And Drive - Especially If You Are Riding A Bike

After the crash you see the phone in his hand.

Donald Trump Will Soon Be Able To Text Anyone In America

Donald Trump Will Soon Be Able To Text Anyone In America



In 2006 Congress passed the Warning, Alert and Response Network Act, or WARN Act.

The act allows government authorities to send an unblockable text message to any phone in contact with a cell phone tower in a geographical location in America. Under the law if the message is sent by the president, it is unblockable.

This means that under the law once the president-elect makes it to the White House he will be able to text anybody in America whenever he likes. Which considering early in the primaries, Donald Trump gave out Lindsay Graham's cell phone number to the entire crowd, could mean bad news for US citizens, as there is nothing anybody can do to stop him SMSing them.


Luckily, UPROXX reports that the system is controlled by FEMA, which can vet which alerts go out, and it requires two training courses, which usually the president will let somebody else take charge of.

But seeing as Trump reportedly dictates his tweets to staff instead of writing them himself, it's not entirely out of the question that a late night text will be showing up in the US's collective inbox. Something to look forward when his term begins, I guess.


There Is Now An App To Stop Premature Ejaculation

There Is Now An App To Stop Premature Ejaculation


Photo: Mike Powell (Getty)

Not that you would ever admit it to anyone, but if you do have that issue, no to worry! Because like everything out these days there is an app for it.




Pea was created by a very shameless dude named Brennen Belich, who realized that he wasn’t lasting as long as he wanted to in bed, so he came up with this idea.

“I started this project while trying to solve the issue for myself,” Belich explains. “I had struggled with premature ejaculation since high school and finally at age 23 decided I didn’t want it to ruin my love life anymore. Just think of it like training for a race.”

OK then.


“If you want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight, you wouldn’t train by sprinting for two minutes, getting tired, and giving up,” Belich adds.

So much pretty this app actually has a virtual sexual therapist who guides men through kegel training, arousal control and masturbation training. Yes, folks. A little cartoon man helps you enjoy yourself.

If for some reason you think you suck in bed, well don’t worry, no one knows you’re clicking on this link, so go ahead and get it here.

Good luck


These Texts Show 11 Examples Of The Grim Consequences When You Accidentally Message The Wrong Person

These Texts Show 11 Examples Of The Grim Consequences When You Accidentally Message The Wrong Person


You press send and the realisation dawns on you. The fear and dread floods through your veins and you break out in cold sweats because you’ve just sent that text message to the wrong person.

Whether it’s a workplace rant accidentally sent to your boss or a post-night out debrief with the girls winging its way into your mum’s inbox, mis-messaging is a modern day minefield of embarrassment.

Thankfully, we’ve all been there – and these messages courtesy of Wrong Number Texts prove it. Look upon these embarrassing texts as you would The Jeremy Kyle Show; they may fry your brain with the cringe-factor but you’ll come out of this feeling so much better about your own life.


You think telling your dad you’re about to lose your virginity is bad?

Family forgives and forgets, but this person just lost their job.


I’m betting this was an awkward morning by the water-cooler at work the next day.

Donna is not a happy bunny.


This philandering father just revealed his summer fling with an intern…

To his daughter.


This was either a painfully awkward texting error, or an ingenious ploy to get Kelli to stop posting pictures of her kid…

Nobody got time for that.


The post-date debrief really oughtn’t go straight to the date himself…

Goddammit Jimmy, you’re a beautiful man, braces and all.


Don’t judge a woman for how much she eats on a date and then tell her…

Fuck you, Gary, it was unlimited shrimp night!


A stepdad agreeing to sleep with his ex’s daughter?

Yep, that’ll make you want to smash your phone and pretend those particular pixels never appeared on your screen.


This women accidentally sent a text with this unfortunate autocorrect to a weirdly chill work colleague instead of sending it to her daughter.

Serves her right for texting someone instead of going upstairs to speak to them in person, IMHO.


At least she didn’t accidentally send her daughter a message that was quite clearly not for a child’s eyes.

That ‘inside joke’ excuse fell on deaf ears.


Even worse when the accidental texts involve both your mum and your dad…

Alter ego: ‘Long dong silver’. Eek!


In fact, folks, erase all of these texts from your mind instantly.

Maybe delete your mum as a contact too. Just in case.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Getting Ruthlessly Trolled On Twitter–Here Are The Most Fire Reactions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Getting Ruthlessly Trolled On Twitter–Here Are The Most Fire Reactions



Samsung is in crisis mode after its flagship $850 phone has literally been blowing up on customers. Samsung has permanently stopped production on the Note 7 after faulty lithium-ion batteries were overheating the device and causing it to ignite.

The discontinuation of the phone cost the company an estimated  loss of $1 billion during the first recall. But, the loss could be as much as $17 billion in sales based on lost sales of the 19 million Galaxy Note 7 units Samsung had originally expected to sell during the device’s lifetime.

This is funny for everyone except Samsung. Twitter has been blowing up over the catastrophe. Below are the funniest reactions.













CVS Employee Assaults Customer For Recording Her

CVS Employee Assaults Customer For Recording Her


people are fucking crazy just dont even go outside anymore.

Robot With A Mind Of Its Own Blasts Tunes, Takes Selfies And Destroys You At iPad Games

Robot With A Mind Of Its Own Blasts Tunes, Takes Selfies And Destroys You At iPad Games


This robot's name is Deltu and you better not get Deltu grumpy or it will get saucy and straight up ignore you.

Restaurant Nearly Burned Down Because Woman Was Texting

Restaurant Nearly Burned Down Because Woman Was Texting

R0MGFOKKG711EJ91-370x297[1] texting-fire-1[1]

Don’t know anywhere more dangerous to not watch where you are walking than inside a Chinese restaurant. This woman was too busy texting to notice the gas canister she bumped into causing smoke to spew out from and soon after igniting the whole kitchen in one giant fire ball.

Elderly Couple Called Fire Dept. 1.1K Times

Elderly Couple Called Fire Dept. 1.1K Times


Residents of Virginia Beach, Va., are asking how much is too much after reports that an elderly couple called firefighters 1,100 times in the past three years, WTKR reports. Shirley Niemiec says she has no choice but to call firefighters daily to help her husband George get out of bed. The fire chief estimated that each visit cost about $65, WTKR reports. But the firefighters union puts that total much higher: between $250,000 and half a million dollars, according to WTVR. "We wanted to keep him at home and the only help he needs is getting in and out of bed," Shirley Niemiec told WTVR. She said they thought they found a solution when they bought a lift to help George get out of bed. But, she said, “I thought I could do it myself but I couldn't.”


So she started dialing up the fire station 1.8 miles from her house. The couple can’t afford the $25 an hour to hire a home health care aide, Shirley Niemiec said, and they don’t qualify for free social services. The situation poses a dilemma for fire officials who say more and more elderly call asking for help. Fire Chief Kenneth Pravet said enough is enough. “We are not in the home healthcare business,” he told WTVR. “We are not here to provide non-emergency support.” But City Manager Dave Hansen said the firefighters will keep answering calls like Shirley Niemiec’s until they find another solution.



Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight?

Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight?


Should you leave your phone plugged in while you slumber, or is that bad for your phone battery? Today, the age-old question actually has a definitive answer.



If there's one quick way to really get someone's blood boiling, it is to ask them to find something in a picture -- something that isn't very easy to spot. And then kick back and watch them get frustrated, as they fail to see what's there. And that's exactly what this is.

There is a smart phone in a case lying on this rug, and yet it is quite difficult to spot. Take a look at the picture below thanks to Facebook, and see if you can find the cellphone.

Did you find it? Are you super close to your screen? Are you hating everything now?

Well if you give up, look below for the answer:

Kudos to you if you actually see the phone even after it has been pointed out. Because my eyes are now strained as all hell.



Sometimes you send your parents a selfie with something extremely embarrassing in the background, but sometimes you can totally skip that step because your folks find that humiliating item for you, and then they proceed to text you about it.


Check out what I mean by reading this text that this horrified person received from their dad. And just a heads up, it may be a tad crude if you're at work.


Well, at least he was polite enough to ask before he disposed of it.



'Shady' $4 Smartphones Supposedly About to Ship

'Shady' $4 Smartphones Supposedly About to Ship


Smartphones going for about $4 are said to be shipping this week in India, and the manufacturing company's head says he's pleased that they're finally coming out, even though the company will take a loss on each phone, the Guardian reports. Ringing Bells originally said it would ship 2.5 million units of its Freedom 251 phone—a 3G Android with a 4-inch screen, 8GB of storage, an 8MP main camera, and a 3.2MP selfie camera—by the end of June, per Android Authority, but now CEO Mohit Goel tells the Indian Express that's been dropped down to 200,000 shipped out by June 30, with more soon to come. There had been much skepticism over whether the phones actually existed. "We learned from our mistakes and decided to go silent till we [came] out with the product," Goel says. "Now we have a … dual-SIM phone ready for delivery. I feel vindicated."


Talk of the phone has raised disbelieving eyebrows since it was announced: In February, Ars Technica called the whole deal "awfully shady," noting that initial previews of the phone showed an unattractive, cheap-looking unit that appeared to be another company's phone "rebranded" with white correcting fluid. The Guardian notes that Ringing Bells is losing about $2.20 per smartphone, but Goel tells the Express he hopes to recoup profits in volume. "We will have a loss, but I am happy that the dream of connecting rural and poor Indians as part of the 'Digital India' and 'Make in India' initiatives has been fulfilled with Freedom 251," he says. Also reportedly to be released from Ringing Bells within the next month or so: a 32-inch high-def LED TV that retails for less than $150.


The Bean-Flicking-Vagina-Fingering-Female-Orgasm Simulation Game That's Too Hot For Apple To Touch

The Bean-Flicking-Vagina-Fingering-Female-Orgasm Simulation Game That's Too Hot For Apple To Touch


La Petite Mort is a game about touching a pixelated vulva. There is technically no nudity in the game since everything is rather abstracted, but the general gist was still enough to get the game taken down from the app store.

Developers Lovable Hat Cult created La Petite Mort with the intention of creating an erotic experience that encourages players to savor the sensation of pleasuring someone else. The player can’t just rub the screen quickly to make the vagina orgasm as fast as possible. Instead, the player has to take it slow, paying close attention to how the vagina is reacting to the touch:

For a short while, La Petite Mort did indeed make it onto the iOS app store, passing the review test in a couple of countries. Then, the developers had to update the game, which meant undergoing the review process once more—and that’s when the game got shut down on that platform.

The problem? Everything, basically.


Lovable Hat Cult said they spoke to an european Apple representative, who reportedly told them that the app needed to be more family friendly.

“’For me, and for you as Europeans, we don’t find it objectionable,’ he said. ‘We are probably very open-minded. But the application needs to be available for a very wide audience.’”

Apple also allegedly laid out what Loveable Hat Cult would need to do to get La Petite Mort on the app store:

He went on to explain what would be needed to make the application accepted, which was; the name (he was French and understood the meaning of the “La Petite Mort”, “the little death”), the 20x30 pixeled images should be changed, the sounds should be modified, so well, basically the whole game. ‘You are actually touching a sexual organ in the app. It’s not what you show, but it’s what it is. Even if you are not showing it directly. It’s what is simulated, and that is the issue,’ he concluded. So asking us to basically make a different game is what my takeaway was.

The developers didn’t want to compromise the artistic vision at the heart of La Petite Mort, however, so they have not reworked the game to meet Apple’s so-called standards. Instead, the game is only available on Google Play right now.... But you could get sued for using Google play, so there is that.

Loveable Hat Cult of course understands that Apple has a right to choose what is released on the iOS platform, but to them, the situation is not necessarily black and white.


“First and foremost, the touch devices have become such a prevalent force in our life,” the developers said in an email. “More and more of our life is happening through these devices, and more and more culture is also consumed here.

“Right now there is almost exclusively two powers in play, Apple and Google. Two American profit oriented commercial businesses that stand as gatekeepers of our new media culture. This is problematic for multiple reasons, first, why have we given so much power to these capitalist enterprises to be able to censor art and culture, and secondly, what ethics and morals should they, if any, try to enforce upon the whole world? Right now it is (seen from our perspective) typical American viewpoints that are being enforced in each country, where ‘cutesy’ games about killing and bombing Palestinians is accepted, while being able to address sex is a no-go.”


The situation here is not particularly surprising: Apple has a reputation for being skittish about apps that tackle more serious or controversial subjects—earlier this year, for example, Apple rejected The Binding of Isaacdue to violence against children. In this specific case, guidelines for apps on iOS outright tell developers that “If you want to describe sex, write a book or a song, or create a medical app.”

Apple’s stance on sex games still manages to be disappointing however, because La Petite Mort offers something of genuine artistic value in a world that seems to care very little about women’s pleasure. Even talking about it feels a little taboo still: I’ve known people that have never even seen their own vaginas. Hell, I’ve known cis women who have never gotten an orgasm because our sex education is that shitty.





If you're like me, your phone is loaded with a bunch of apps that you downloaded with every intention of using, but then you end up just cycling through the same handful of apps every single day. If only all those apps were given names that more appropriately described your experience while using them. Well your wish has been granted because we gave them all the names they truly deserve.

honest names for iphone apps, funny names for apps

A Dead Woman’s Image Keeps Appearing On This Guy’s Phone And It’s Creeping People The F*ck Out

A Dead Woman’s Image Keeps Appearing On This Guy’s Phone And It’s Creeping People The F*ck Out
Freaky footage of what appears to be a dead woman on an iPhone is going viral because, according to the owner, other than the photo appearing to be a dead woman, there shouldn’t be ANY images on the phone at all.

In the video, the man is shown holding his new phone and turning on the camera function.

The bizarre part occurs when an image appears in the lower left of the screen showing the woman’s face.

Then when he clicks to preview the thumbnail on the photo it says that there are zero images stored on the phone. What?!

The video was originally shared by blogger Julian Cavalero who reported this to The Daily Star

Julian said he was contacted by a woman named Nuvid Odeth who claims to be a friend of the phone’s owner.

Nuvid claims her friend discovered the alarming photo after turning on his new phone and testing the camera function.

She said: “He recently bought an iPhone that had clearly never been used.

“He took a few photos to test the camera but after that he saw a strange image appearing in the corner that he says he never took.

“My friend doesn’t have any social media apps on his phone, like WhatsApp, which could have downloaded archive pictures.”

But wait, it somehow gets even creepier.

The man reportedly also took the phone to a store where they told him to restore the phone to factory settings, removing any and all images.

So he did that. And guess what? The image is still there.

What does this woman want?!