15 Vintage Comics That Will Fill You With Existential Dread

15 Vintage Comics That Will Fill You With Existential Dread

Finally, vintage comics we actually relate to.

27 DIY Christmas Trees That Don’t Suck Because… Christmas

27 DIY Christmas Trees That Don’t Suck Because… Christmas



7 Things That Made Us Laugh This Week


7 Things That Made Us Laugh This Week

This has been another long week (just like every week). Net neutrality has been repealed and Roy Moore, the loser in the Alabama Senate race, refuses to concede, even at the urging of President Trump. But hey, it's not all bad — the internet is still funny. Enjoy these seven things that truly made us laugh out loud this week.

7. This store in Japan that thought the word "fuckin'" meant "excellent."


Holy fucking shit, check out that fuckin' sale.

Twenty percent off everything?! That is quite a fuckin' sale!

It would be so great to see signs like these in America. Some possibilities: "Goddamn BIG ASS Sale" or "Black Fucking Friday Sale Bitches." Just a thought.

6. This note that someone received from his mother while watching his parent's farm.

She's no William Carlos Williams, but it's not bad.

The note reads,

If a chicken dies

Throw in woods

Across street when

No one is looking

The way it's written, it could be a poem. A lovely poem about throwing chicken corpses into the woods, which is, of course, the legal, responsible way to dispose of them. I wonder what these folks do when a family member dies. Probably just toss the body off a cliff when no one's around. Seems fine.

5. This drone that got destroyed when it flew over a Renaissance Faire.


Anachronism! DRONE DOWN, m'lord!

Imagine how excited that dude was that he got to use his weapon! You know he's secretly been hoping for an opportunity like this ever since he got it.

4. This couple who responded to a picture of their niece in their own special way.




The sister of the person who tweeted this sent a sweet picture of her baby, celebrating one month of being alive. Her family hilariously responded by recreating the picture with their own ages. The bottle of wine is a particularly nice touch.

3. This exit that is not an exit.

Caught in an existential loop.

This was posted on Reddit, along with the caption "Schrödinger's Exit." This is an allusion to "Schrödinger's Cat," which is a very complicated concept about a possibly dead cat in a box. Trust us, this one involves less poison and is much funnier.

2. This savage burn on Reddit. DANG!

Rectum? I barely know 'im!

In case that picture is too hard for you to see, here's what's going on. A screengrab of a conversation was posted to Reddit with the words, "She really rectum," and goddammit, she did.

The picture shows a woman who grew up being bullied for her illness (which apparently requires a colostomy bag) who was brave enough to post a beautiful picture of her body on Reddit. She said that she always thought she was ugly, but now she's happy with how she looks. Great!

But, since Reddit is Reddit, someone replied to her post, "Sooo does that mean anal's out of the question?" He added that it was a just a joke.

But the original poster got him back good, writing back, "I still have two inches of my rectum left, so you'll fit." OUCH! He's going to need some ice for that burn. But she added a happy face and wrote "also just a joke," so no harm, no foul.

1. This kid's kindergarten picture from 20 years ago that his parents still keep framed in the house.

Perfection. Sheer perfection.

Reddit user posted this picture along with the caption, "My friend's boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later."

This is easily the best kindergarten portrait I have ever seen. The scowl, the folded arms, all of it just screams "childhood tantrum." This picture could be a movie poster.

The fact that this guy's parents won't take down the framed picture is even better. Who can you annoy if not the ones you love most?













10 Needle-Sharp Roasts That Deserve Your Respect

10 Needle-Sharp Roasts That Deserve Your Respect

1. Just like your life, so close, yet so far away

via Btp2000

2. Sing the song! Sing the song!

via Ummmmmm_Ok

3. Practice what you preach!

via cvmphotos

4. Also I know it's not, but top left shelf looks like Campbell's soup

via kazoolhu

5. This picture roasts itself

via Artistically-Complex

6. But hey c'mon don't they are national treasures

via Meekswel

7. It's like if the two kids inside a trenchcoat were a real person!

via bdog7171

8. Yo bro can I play Goldeneye on your nose real quick

via Nevermore1221

9. You're not allowed into Starbucks without one

via Hangytangy

10. If only she could express to us an answer






15 Photos Of Horrible People From History Being Their Horrible Selves

15 Photos Of Horrible People From History Being Their Horrible Selves

While certain evil entities like vampires cannot be photographed, human monsters can be captured in their full, foul, inglorious selves. The villains here, ranging from assassins to war criminals to lousy kids, all found themselves caught on camera, in some cases belying their own horrible selves by partaking in normal behavior. Just because something looks okay doesn't mean it is, and these people are the exact opposite of okay. If anything, the photos below show that human monsters are the scariest, most unassuming monsters of all.

Melissa Reeves Wants Too Be Your Dream Girl

Melissa Reeves Wants Too Be Your Dream Girl


15 People Shamelessly Describe Their Vices In Four Words


15 People Shamelessly Describe Their Vices In Four Words

The reality is that all of us are a bit helpless to not end up relating to AT LEAST one of these. The willpower can only stay so strong, for so long, before it caves in under the weight of a world of maddening temptations.
















Hailey Baldwin shows us her amazing balancing skills on the incredibly difficult Bosu Ball at the Dog Pound. Decked out in white Agent Provocateur lingerie, pigtails, socks and trainers she doesn’t put a foot wrong.




12 Super Crazy Ideas That Just Need To Happen Already

12 Super Crazy Ideas That Just Need To Happen Already









25 Santas Who Forgot How To Santa

25 Santas Who Forgot How To Santa












10 People Who Got Rejected So So Brutally

10 People Who Got Rejected So So Brutally


These people have our sympathies. These are some rough rejections.




This person was rejected by the dating site, itself. Rejected before he could even be rejected.

This person applied for a job and got rejected. 5 times. Not cool, Wells Fargo.


The Perfect Online Guide For Picking Up Girls

The Perfect Online Guide For Picking Up Girls







30 Cosplayers Who Got Really Into The Holiday Spirit


30 Cosplayers Who Got Really Into The Holiday Spirit

1. Sheik, the Sage of Yuletide by Sisa Cosplay


2. Santa of Rivia (Witcher III) by Taryn Cosplay


3. Jason the No-Nosed Ranger by Kojima San Cosplay


4. Levi "Santachou" Ackerman by ErikarnayaCosplay


5. Joker's Eggnog by One Bad Day Cosplay


6. Christmas Cammy by Megan Coffey


7. The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who by Twinzik Cosplay


8. Ruby Rose Gets a Present by Labinnak & Mangoloo


9. Tinkerbell by Tink-Ichigo


10. Cozy Xenomorph Queen by Giulietta Zawadzki


11. Christmas Harley Quinn by KiriChan


12. Merrill (Dragon Age) by Lucky Strike Cosplay


13. Persona 5 Group via @b0nge2


14. Santa the Hedgehog by Sonic the Cosplayer


15. Noel Nier 2B by Pastel Jellies


16. Festive Princess Leia by Sheikahchica


17. Christmas in Mirkwood by Team Satisfaction Cosplay


18. Supergirl by chiquitita-cosplay


19. Candy Cane Jinx by Horo Von Kaida


20. Sombra Winter Wonderland "Peppermint" by Hane Cosplay


21. Santa Squirrel Girl by Meg Galacticat


22. Jewverine (Jewish Wolverine)


23. Santa Doom by CaptCash


24. Scrooge Cersei Lannister by @ladykatrina_of_housegibson


25. Negan for the Holidays by the-wasteland-roamer


26. League of Legends Gals by MaruSinastriSeviria CosplayNyao-chan CosplayKasplay


27. Mei by Highwinded Cosplay


28. A Mushroom Kingdom Christmas by Lunar Maiden and Muggleborn Cosplay


29. Velma by Gina B. Cosplay


30. Batman Under the Miseltoe via Gotham Sirens Cosplay


25 Unexplained And Creepy Broadcast And Sound Recordings

25 Unexplained And Creepy Broadcast And Sound Recordings


14 Names I Betcha Didn't Know Where Short For Something

14 Names I Betcha Didn't Know Where Short For Something

How could I be so foolish. All this time, not even knowing the true meaning of the words I've been saying. Truly now I have seen the light.























12 Insanely Clever Movie Details That Definitely Slipped Past You


12 Insanely Clever Movie Details That Definitely Slipped Past You


1.  When Jasmine is confronted by the apple vendor for stealing in Aladdin, kids at the time probably didn't notice all the notches in the wood that tells a grim story about all the previous thieves who were caught shoplifting...



2. The famous statue of Mercury atop Grand Central station is destroyed in The Avengers, but by Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's been replaced by a sculpture honoring first responders



3. In Tim Burton's Beetlejuice,  Jeffrey Jones' goofy sweater becomes a pretty badass pair of impromptu pants for Catherine O'Hara one scene later...



4. You can tell when The Coen Bros' Fargo has only a half-hour left in its runtime when Steve Buscemi delivers this warning to William H Macy over the phone...



5. The T-800 flips his bandolier behind his back before walking towards the SWAT team, in subtle attempt to make sure the LIVE GRENADE ROUNDS he was holding don't get shot and explode in Terminator 2: Judgement Day



6. In Jurassic Park, it's very VERY likely that Dennis Nedry's outfits were chosen in reference to producer Kathleen Kennedy's previous film The Goonies



7. In the live-action Beauty and the Beast Sir Ian McKellan's moustache is uneven like the minute and hour hands of a clock, a funny reference to the years Cogsworth spent under the enchantment.


8. This probably slipped past you in the low-rez VHS era, but you can see how the news readers in Batman (1989) stop using makeup after the Joker sabotages the beauty products in Gotham City



9. In Spider-Man: Homecoming Bruce Banner's face is alongside the other "famous scientists" on the wall of Peter Parker's physics class.



10. Seems like there's a new detail from Fight Club every single time we share these, and wouldn't you know it...



11. Squint carefully in Captain America: Civil War and you can see where Steve ripped off the little "A" patch that denoted his team allegiance...


12. In 2017's It, among the photos that Ben is searching through at the library, you can see a heavily-obscured Pennywise lurking in the background.






This Photographer Uses Action Figures To Show The Hilarious Secret Life Of Superheroes

This Photographer Uses Action Figures To Show The Hilarious Secret Life Of Superheroes

Photographer Edy Hardjo has come up with a super cool way of creating superhero images. He takes figures and creates realistic-looking scenes with them, oftentimes in humorous scenarios. If you've ever wondered what superheroes do during their off hours, this is the photo collection for you! There are a ton of more amazing pics on his Facebook or Instagram, including some amazing behind-the-scenes looks at how he sets up the photos, but for now, check out some of our faves!


12 Zuckerberg Memes That Are Completely Normal and Human, Just Like You

12 Zuckerberg Memes That Are Completely Normal and Human, Just Like You

Ah yes, memes. How funny memes are to look at and share with friends on Facebook.com, the website I, normal and alive human man Mark Zuckerberg, created. Please enjoy these memes of me partaking in your standard human customs.








FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Facts, Claims, And Theories About The Great Sphinx Of Giza


FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Facts, Claims, And Theories About The Great Sphinx Of Giza

Sometimes touted as the eighth wonder of the ancient world, the Great Sphinx of Giza is about as iconic of a symbol of ancient Egypt as you can get. The structure offers us an invaluable glimpse into the past. Many hope that one day, it might also offer us an insight into the true purpose of the pyramids it sits near.

However, despite all we know—or think we know—about the Sphinx, there are still a plethora of questions to be answered. And as we will see as we move down our list, it would appear there are some who might prefer the secrets of the Sphinx remain exactly that.

10.Buried In Sand

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Over the years, some of the finest archaeological minds of the Western world never saw all of the Sphinx. Even Napoleon would only witness the Sphinx’s head when he arrived in Egypt in 1798. The rest was buried in sand. It was due to the persistence of an engineer, Frenchman Emil Baraize, that the full body of the Sphinx was finally revealed to the world for the first time in thousands of years.

Where others had given up, Baraize would spend over a decade clearing the huge amount of desert sand from around the ancient structure, and in 1936, it finally stood in all its glory for the world to witness.[1]

Some of those who had embarked on missions similar to Baraize only to abandon their projects included Giovanni Caviglia (explorer and leading Egyptologist of his time), Auguste Mariette (respected French archaeologist) and Gaston Maspero (respected 1800s Egyptologist).

9.Carved From A Single Piece Of Rock

The ancient monument was carved from one single piece of limestone and measures an impressive 73 meters (240 ft) long and 20 meters (66 ft) high.[2](Its original shape has since been partially resorted with blocks.) The Great Sphinx is the largest known sphinx of the ancient world.

To say it is an amazing accomplishment in construction and architectural history would be an understatement. Of course, although we won’t delve into it here too much, there are those who suspect, even assert, that the construction of the Sphinx, and the pyramids themselves, had more influence than mere human. Whether it was extraterrestrials, or a (now) long-forgotten ancient civilization who were more advanced than we give our ancestors credit for, it is certainly something to be appreciated.

Even the nearby Sphinx Temple was built with pieces of stone in excess of 200 tons, which were quarried around the same time as the Sphinx’s construction.

8.No Inscription As To Who Built It

Despite the obvious importance such a statue must have had to those who constructed it, there are no inscriptions anywhere outside, on, or inside the Sphinx to declare exactly who was responsible for its construction, why, and (perhaps the key question, which we will look at shortly) when.[3]

Many mainstream historians and Egyptologists insist that the pharaoh Khafre was responsible for its development. This is mainly due to references on a stone tablet that resides safely in between the paws of the Sphinx named the Dream Stele as well as the “need” to stay within the boundaries of accepted mainstream history. As we will see a little later on in our list, many mainstream researchers would also state the image of the Sphinx is actually Khafre’s, although counter-research has declared this to be inaccurate.

Although it doesn’t state who built the Sphinx, the Dream Stele does announce who was responsible for its own erecting.

7.It Spoke To Thutmose IV (According To Ancient Writings)

Photo credit: Captmondo

According to what most people ascribe to being simply a legend or ancient Egyptian folklore, before he became pharaoh, Thutmose IV would settle down for the night to sleep underneath the head of the Sphinx, which, according to the tale, was already an ancient structure and buried up to its neck in sand.[4]As he slept, he dreamed of the Sphinx speaking to him. It told him that if he uncovered its structure, he would make him, Thutmose, the new pharaoh. At the time, although he was royalty, he was not in line to be pharaoh.

Upon awakening, he began to dig away at the sands around the neck of the head and continued to do so until he had uncovered the magnificent structure we enjoy today. According to the intertwining of history and legend, the Sphinx made good on its promise, and Thutmose became Thutmose IV.

The story is told on the tablet residing in between the paws of the Sphinx. What is interesting to some is that Thutmose IV is the grandfather of Akhenaten (also known as Amenhotep IV initially)—an intriguing and controversial figure in ancient Egyptian history.

6.A Second Sphinx?

It is accepted that the vast majority of the equally vast deserts in Egypt are still to be searched. There could be hundreds of structures buried under the sands of Egypt. Some researchers even insist there is a real possibility of a second sphinx being discovered.[5]

Authors and researchers Gerry Cannon and Malcolm Hutton certainly believe so, and (at the time of this writing) are in the process of putting together an in-depth book as to their theories. The thrust of it rests simply with the fact that in almost all depictions of sphinxes in ancient Egyptian artwork features the monuments in pairs. This, they assert, must mean another sphinx (possibly destroyed) likely lies near one of the Giza pyramids, opposite to the first sphinx. This, they say, will represent the transformation of the Sun into the Moon.

5.It Has Been There Since ‘The First Time’

Although it doesn’t state who built it, one line in the aforementioned Dream Stele states, “I have been here since the first time.” This first time is known as Zep Tepi. According to ancient Egyptian writings, this was a time when the gods lived and walked alongside the human population. It was, according to ancient records, a golden time. Of course, most mainstream historians insist Zep Tepi is legend only. Others, however, believe the possibility it was real.

One such researcher is Robert Bauval, who has spent decades studying the Sphinx, its origins, and its purpose or meaning. His theory, known as the Orion Correlation Theory, proposes that the Sphinx and the pyramids had a correlation with the belt of the constellation Orion, and furthermore, in 10450 BC, this alignment would have been perfect.[6]

What is interesting is that this would make the Sphinx at least 12,500 years old, much older than mainstream historians state it to be. In our next entry, we look at another respected and serious researcher who also offers evidence that the Sphinx is at least 12,500 years old, independently matching the claims of Bauval.

4.Water Erosion Suggests It Is Much Older Than The Mainstream States

While mainstream scholars insist that the Sphinx was likely built around 2500 BC, there is increasing evidence and continued research that suggests it is far older than that.[7]

One researcher who has carried out extensive investigation into this claim is geologist Robert Schoch, who claims that water erosion around the sides of the Sphinx is testament to its real age. According to Schoch’s research, this corrosion has taken place over thousands of years, which would mean regular and consistent rainfall. This is something that Egypt has not experienced, according to geological records, since somewhere between 7,000 and 12,000 years ago (and probably on the older end of that range).

If this is the case, then the Sphinx would be 12,000 years old, if not older. Some studies, speculative as they are, even date the Sphinx in terms of hundreds of thousands of years.

3.Is It Actually Anubis?

Photo credit: Ancient Pages

While the face of the Sphinx is claimed by mainstream historians to be that of the aforementioned Khafre, many claim that the original face was not human at all.[8]

Some theories suggest it to have been a lion to represent the star sign Leo. However, there is no mention or artwork of lions holding such “status” within ancient Egyptian society. Also, the stance—a sitting position—does not represent that of a lion. Given the extraordinary amount of effort that went into building the Sphinx, you would imagine that the stance of the animal it was representing would be equally accurate.

The flat back and general body language of the Sphinx has more in line with how a dog would sit when in such a position. The fact that Anubis, a dog god, is also regarded as a “Guardian of the Necropolis ” (if you consider the Giza Plateau to be such a necropolis) perhaps fits the position the statue is in. Might it be that the Sphinx was actually Anubis when it was first built, and then its face was altered later to suit the desires of those behind the alteration?

2.Tomb Of Osiris Nearby

The god Osiris is largely thought to be mere legend as opposed to a real flesh-and-blood being. However, a shaft in one of the buildings in the immediate vicinity of the Sphinx declares itself to be the tomb of the ancient deity.

The are a plethora of theories as to the discovery. Some declare that the tomb is symbolic only, while others attest it to be a genuine resting place for an actual god and that Osiris actually lived in antiquity.[9]

One group that especially subscribes to such a notion is those with an interest in the ancient astronaut theory, who have long attributed extraterrestrial influence in the ancient Egyptian culture, even citing such gods as Osiris as being actual aliens. Taking this theory even further, and given the alleged sighting of a sphinx and pyramids on Mars (in the exact same layout no less), some claims of the more outlandish variety state that the Osiris Shaft is actually a stargate.

1.The Hall Of Records

Although the idea itself is a little outrageous to some, many researchers have spent considerable time investigating the claims of an apparent hall of records that resides under the Sphinx.[10]

Legend states that the Hall of Records contains esoteric knowledge and complete timelines of prehistory, back to the dawn of time. Many people also attribute the keepers of this knowledge as being the survivors of Atlantis, who, when migrating and resettling in Egypt, stored away the invaluable information of a world now ravaged.

The noted and respected mystic Edgar Cayce is said to have channeled the most detailed information about the Hall of Records, and he did this consistently and on several occasions. While many are understandably suspicious of Cayce—and such abilities in general—many others attest to the accuracy of his predictions as well as his ability to correctly diagnose and even cure people of their illnesses. Might he also have been correct about what is sitting under the Sphinx? The only way to tell would be to inspect the site. That leads us on to an extra entry on our list.

+‘Artificial Space’ Detected?

With that last claim in mind, in 1997, Joe Jahoda and Dr. Joseph Schor would conduct seismological studies that appeared to suggest there was indeed an empty space under the Sphinx—exactly where Cayce said it would be.[11]Furthermore, the space appeared to be too precise and accurate in terms of the 90-degree angles that were detected to be something created naturally over the years since the construction. According to the two researchers, they believed the space to be an artificially created one.

They would seek permission from the Egyptian authorities to excavate the area—which was denied. Other research teams have made similar requests to search under the Sphinx as well as in the tunnel systems which appear—from basic external studies—to connect to the Sphinx from the pyramids. All requests, like that of Jahoda and Schor, would be denied.






10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Porn Star Riley Reid On Snapchat

10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Porn Star Riley Reid On Snapchat

If you are a fan of adult films, then you probably already know who Riley Reid is. Right now, she's one of the hottest adult film stars in the circuit—and she's rapidly climbing into the world of mainstream fame world because of oth her looks and awesome personality.

Despite the mainstream attention, the ever-passionate Riley has not dropped out of the porn scene. Rather, she's been scorching up Snapchat with some seriously sexy content.

Sometimes, you might need to know what you're getting into before you scope out an X-rated Snapchat. If you need any reasons why you should follow Riley Reid on Snapchat, check out our list below.

Check out Riley Reid's Snapchat @comeonriley.

First off, it's Riley Reid and she's got an amazingly sexy vibe.

Riley Reid is one of the hottest porn stars on Snapchat for a reason. She's a major name in porn because she knows how to work it—and work it, she does! Few porn stars can flaunt their bodies the way she does, and even fewer do it while looking like the sexy girl next door.

If you love porn stars that own their sexuality in an innocent, flirty, and hot way, Riley Reid is going to be the dreamgirl you've always wanted to see in action. That alone offers plenty of reasons why you should follow Riley Reid on Snapchat, Twitter, or anywhere else she exists on the net.

Her bouncy boobs are two great reasons to follow her, too.

It's no joke! Riley Reid has beautifully perky breasts that are just the right size. If you ask her fans, they'll tell you she's got some of the most spectacular boobs in the adult film industry—and being able to see them in action via Snapchat makes it worth a follow.

Knowing this, why wouldn't you follow Riley Reid on Snapchat? She was actually named one of the most beautiful trending porn stars primarily because of her gorgeous face and her perfect boobies. So, what's not to love?

Her booty is also notoriously good-looking.

Most people will notice Riley Reid's epic ass when they see her photos. It's so petite, cute, and round! She's got a really beautiful behind, and what makes it even better is that she always picks lingerie that flaunts it in the best way possible.

Then there's the fact that you get to see her modeling some seriously cool outfits.

Make no mistake about it—following this porn star doesn't just mean you get to see a ton of boobs and butt. One of the best reasons to follow Riley Reid on Snapchat is because she's got a serious sense of style that she loves to flaunt on camera.

Sure, you will end up seeing a lot of boobs and classically sexy outfits, but that's not all you'll see. She's got a pretty cool wardrobe that would make most NYC fashionistas turn green with envy. And yes, she models them well, too.

When she dresses up in costumes, it's amazing.

Expertly put-together Halloween costumes are a good number of reasons why you should follow Riley Reid on Snapchat. Her Harley Quinn cosplay pictures and naughty schoolgirl uniforms are heavenly—just saying.

Did we mention that she posts X-rated things, too?

Seriously, this will still be one of the best reasons to follow Riley Reid on Snapchat. If you like X-rated content and love this porn star, you're going to adore having access to her content on Snapchat.

It takes porn to a brand new level of fun, and you get to see clips you won't be seeing anywhere else. So, it's almost like having a friend who's an A-list porn star.

Also, she's fun to watch on Snapchat.

Just because Riley is one of the hottest porn stars on the scene doesn't mean she doesn't have a personality of her own. Though she definitely has X-rated moments (and plenty of them), she also has moments where she's just the cute, funny, and goofy girl next door.

One of the coolest reasons to follow Riley Reid on Snapchat is because you get to see Riley being herself. She's not just a fantasy—she's a reality, and she's awesome.

Another good reason to follow her Snapchat is for the guest appearances.

If you think that Riley Reid is the only porn star you'll see on her Snapchat account, you're pretty heavily mistaken. Like many other adult film stars, Riley Reid has a bevy of beautiful women she's friends with—and yes, you will see them in lingerie (or possibly nude) on her Snap.

We'll include every hottie she's friends with among the reasons why you should follow Riley Reid on Snapchat. Trust us when we say there are many of them!

Tons of others will agree that she's worth following.

True story—Riley Reid is one of the most followed porn stars on Snapchat. All of her followers can't be wrong when they followed her and continue to follow her on social media. If you want to see why she's one of the hottest porn stars to follow on Snapchat, or why she makes the hottest Snapchat stories, you need to check her stuff out.

The more you see of her, the more you'll realize why she's got so many fans who adore her. Speaking of which...

Riley often will post content just for her fans, and regularly thanks them for supporting her.

Here's the thing that many people don't realize about porn stars like Riley Reid: they actually appreciate their fans. Riley Reid regularly shows her love to fans and interacts with them, too.

We all love porn stars; and believe it or not, porn stars actually can show us some love back. If you want to see Riley Reid showing her appreciation for fans, following her Snap is a good way to do it.

Lastly, following Riley is a good way to show your support.

It's true! Pornstars need love, too, and the fact is that one of the best reasons why you should follow Riley Reid on Snapchat is because it shows that you support a performer doing what she loves to do. It's why you also should follow porn stars on Twitter, too.

Great porn can't happen without fans like you; so if you enjoy what Riley Reid does on film, make a point to check out her Snapchat. It's a win-win situation, and a gift that keeps on giving for both parties involved.

The Top 10 Sexiest Pillow Fight Scenes

The Top 10 Sexiest Pillow Fight Scenes

What kind of images cross your mind when you hear someone says "Pillow Fights?" The funny kind, the enthusiastic kind, the power-hitting kind, or the feathery snowflakes kind...? You may imagine these sorts of pillow fights if you are under ten years of age. However, it is no surprise that the quintessential adolescent or adult will start dreaming about the sexy, bouncy, furry pillow fights that spark sensual desire among viewers (or participants). This list of pillow fight scenes fuels the imaginations of the second category of people, bringing fun and games to a newer, sexier level.

Scary Movie 4

A shoe-in for one of the sexiest pillow fight scenes, the pillow fight in Scary Movie 4 is the only scene worth watching in the entire film. The direction is below average and the acting is sub-par. But each of the women has got an attractive physique. All of them are alluring—to say the least. You don't need to just imagine former Playboy bunnies Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson, and Holly Madison jumping on the bed, wearing matching bra and panty sets as they gently strike each other with soft, satin cushions. All you need to do is snap out of your fantasy and watch them enjoy themselves in the movie! There is a very strong reason why this particular scene is given a place right at the top of our list.

Shanghai Knights

When two of the funniest actors in Hollywood cinema are brought together in one movie, then you can certainly expect a bagful of absolute hilarity. Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are two marvelous characters who will make you roar out in laughter during every scene. The pillow fight scene in particular is not only positively comical, but also exquisitely sexy. In the shot, the two protagonists are casually hit with pillows by a throng of seductive women in the initial stages, which later balls up into a thoroughly entertaining fight. We are sure that you will rewind the scene several times over before moving on to the next one.


This is an inspiring story of a young lad portrayed by Don Dixon, who goes out of his way to create a musical play at a camp for adolescents. While the pillow fight scene is admittedly quite small, it is not bereft of the "oomph" factor. This time around, it is between three young girls whose assets are accentuated by the use of a table-fan—not that they need it, but it certainly ups the sensuality of the scene. This is, without doubt, one of the best pillow fight movie scenes we have ever set eyes upon. It underlines the heartiness of youth (with a touch of passion).

Flash Gordon

Based on the epic comic strip of the same name, this movie was a box office hit with both fans and critics alike. Flash and Dale embark on an adventure to the planet Mongo, where they encounter several obstacles that test their skills and mental strength. The pillow fight is staged between two of the hottest actresses ever to grace the silver screen—Ornella Muti and Melody Anderson. Though both of them are fully covered in satin cloaks, it doesn’t mitigate the sexiness of the scene. You will simply love how they fall on each other by the end of the pillow fight.

Bud Light Commercial

These commercials are well known for their wacky content. However, the one commercial that I am referring to is "whacky" with an "H"—and brutally so! Initially, four exceptionally attractive women dressed in tempting nightgowns are seen gingerly hitting one another with pillows. You can’t help but admire their well-toned physiques and enchanting beauty. In comes the brawny chick—who is apparently high on Bud Light—and whack! One woman topples on the floor. Whack! The second woman hits the hardwood. Whack! The third one goes flying over the bedside cabinet. And last but not least... whack! The fourth one flies out of frame.

The Hot Chick

As a character in the movie, Rachel McAdams might be the unluckiest woman alive. However, Rob Schneider is certainly the luckiest bloke to step into this world. Rob plays the part of a transfigured woman who has many hot girl friends. And guess what—he even gets to play pillow fight with those friends— each of whom hardly wears any clothes. Imagine his good fortune before one of those chicks whacks him hard on the face and at the back of his head. This is one of the few pillow fight movie scenes which are as hilarious as they are sexy. We would give anything to be in Rob’s shoes!

College Humor Video

This is one pillow fight which is actually packed with lots of action. Both women are wearing minis and sleeveless tops. One of them jumps from the bed onto the other, aiming her pillow bang at the second one’s head. The second woman lashes out with a bloodcurdling scream, striking the first hard across the face. When the first one aims her hit, the second one does a kind of half back-flip to dodge it, and immediately retaliates with a heavy strike to the first one’s head. This girl blocks it, followed by a smack over the second one’s face. All this while two perverts are zooming in on the window from the top of a nearby tree. Oh, how we love Michelle Rodriguez!

Not Another Teen Movie

Before Chris Evans became a household name as the great American superhero, he enacted the lead role in a fairly bad feature as the quintessential college boy. Again, the pillow fight scene is probably the only reviving factor of the movie. Two insanely gorgeous actresses indulge in a mellow fight with the feathery pillows—both women are covered with tight, hot bikinis, hitting each others' cushions with laughter etched upon their faces. The movie may not have worked at the box office, but this particular scene certainly caught our eyes. We were about to let this one slip through our fingers.

National Lampoon's Animal House

One of the most hilarious flicks of the bygone era, Animal House is an absolute laugh riot. You will find yourself smiling throughout the movie and overtaken by a spontaneous chuckle every minute. There is a small moment when the protagonist, John Belushi, is peeking through the window of the girls' dormitory. He catches the scantily clad women smacking each other softly with pillows. It will certainly bring about a tingling sensation—followed by a mirthless laugh. At the moment, we can only wish that there were an uncut version of the scene... we would have rewound it several times over.

That '70s Show

That intricate yet beatific phase of adolescence could never be captured better than it was in this particular series. While the series did end on a satisfactory note, we could not help but wish that it would have continued to the present day. This is one of those magical phenomena of television ingenuity, which entraps you in its fresh content and vivid imagery. While the pillow scene may not be the best in the market, it is certainly worth a mention. Three alluring girls in their nightgowns are seen playing the milder version of the game, hardly flicking each others' hair. They do keep jumping on the bed, however!


15 Anti-Bucket List Items People Will Never Do Again

15 Anti-Bucket List Items People Will Never Do Again

A wise man has a list of things he wants to do before he dies. A wiser man has a list of things he will never do again.

1. This is why I always shudder when in Game of Thrones characters are in like a carriage to somewhere, shit's gotta take like months, ApplesPeaches

Be in a car for 22 hrs straight. I will murder someone if I get stuck in a car for that long again.

2. WesSnipes you have just ensured I chug a fuckton of water today

Pass a kidney stone.

Started in my side / back, felt like I was struck by lightning. After about 3 hours of that, I called 911 thinking I might pass out from the pain, still having no clue what was going on. I think I lost 2 gallons of sweat, crew arrived and found me balled up on the carpet, drenched, and called it immediately - "kidney stone".

Had a female doc at the hospital who told me she's had kids and had kidney stones and that stones were more painful.

And mine was small.

3. InterdepartmentalEmu, there are literally so many other things you could've done

Dump a spoonful of instant coffee down my throat. I had a paper that I REALLY needed to do and thought it would wake me up. It turned to mud in my throat and I couldn't breathe for a minute. Quite the wake up call.

4. Hey, at least now you know egoburger

Put an ecstasy pill up my butt

5. Didn't even know mouth sharts were something I had to worry about in life. Thanks a lot, nanna_mouse

I went to cough yesterday and threw up in my hand. It was like the oral equivalent of a shart.

So... that.

6. TheSexyMicrowave

I had a shot of bacon vodka, it was possibly the most disgusting thing I ever tasted.

7. Why can't we just be put under for literally everything I'm too big of a baby for anything like this. From Travix1516

Six injections underneath my toe nail to numb it in preparation for getting an in grown toenail removed.

8. Sure they are, lizzyb187. Sure they are

I don't want to eat beets or have anal sex again. the two are unrelated.

9. Lynch31337 I hope you never get things pumped into your ass again. Unless you want them in of course.

Have a barium enema. It is uncomfortable both physically and mentally.

It didn't help that the nurse who put the nozzle into my rear was incredibly good looking.

The entire experience of having my colon filled with barium while people (including hottie) watched on an X-ray, followed by having the table shifted around so the barium would coat every last internal crevice, and then finally having the hottie remove the nozzle while a few liters of barium tried to escape me is not one I ever wish to experience again.

I subsequently evacuated so violently it broke their toilet and flooded the bathroom and part of a hallway with my ass barium. I'll pass on doing that again too.

10. 10/10 would not climb into, roncoobi3

Climb in my septic tank to clean a block to my drain field.

11. Sunaeli, you can always poop and pee in caves c'mon now. That's what caves are for

Caving. It was horrific. I'm not a super claustrophobic person (just your average hmm that's a tight space joe) but caving was genuinely terrible. Add in knowing you can't use the bathroom for several hours and that if the whole thing collapses you're dead, and it made for a terrible experience

12. You had my curiosity, ckthorp. But now you have my attention

Carbonated milk from a soda siphon/sodastream. Never ever again.

13. Beware, beware the hellish nightmare. From shitpost-scrub

Work another retail job

14. lydzhere dropping some more career advice on you clowns

Accept a position solely for the salary. Money isn't everything, folks. If you spend 40+ hours a week at your job, finding a career/position that makes you happy is worth far more.

15. Yeah...I get that. Via Siriusly_-_Black

Snorting Kool-aid powder (I was 12)



















28 Times ‘Elf on a Shelf’ Made Santa’s Naughty List

28 Times ‘Elf on a Shelf’ Made Santa’s Naughty List



This Doctor Says Smoking Can Make Your Nipples Fall Off

This Doctor Says Smoking Can Make Your Nipples Fall Off

Odds are you’ll best recognize Anthony Youn from the phrase, “Who in the hell is Anthony Youn?”

Well, it turns out Youn is a doctor, and he is offering up the shocking revelation that…wait for it…smoking can make your nipples fall off. That’s right, kids. According to Dr. Anthony Youn’s website, “smokers who undergo breast lifts are at great risk of losing their nipples.”

“The nicotine in cigarettes and the carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke can diminish blood flow to various parts of the body,” Dr. Youn said. “These toxins act as a virtual tourniquet. If the blood flow to a particular body part becomes greatly reduced or halted, that body part dies.”

If you think this is just some theory Dr. Youn has trumped up to scare everyone away from burning heaters, well, think again. He actually had a patient whose nipples damn near fell off.

“In my memoir In Stitches, I told the story of a smoker whose nipples turned purple while undergoing a breast lift surgery,” Dr. Youn said. “Purple is the precursor to black. Black is the precursor to falling off. To save the patient—and her nipples—we turned to the only treatment available. We went medieval. We used leeches.”

So if cancer and shitty lungs aren’t enough to scare you away from a pack of Pall Malls, maybe Dr. Youn’s new warning to smokers who have also had some kind of plastic surgery performed on them will do the trick: “If you are having a breast lift or reduction and you smoke, your nipples could turn black and fall off. If you are having a tummy tuck and you smoke, you may get an infection resulting in a big gross open wound that will take three months to heal. If you are having a facelift and you smoke, the skin of your cheek could turn black and slough off, leaving exposed fat.”

Yeah, no thanks.







'Rick And Morty' Question Starts The Pun Thread To End All Pun Threads

'Rick And Morty' Question Starts The Pun Thread To End All Pun Threads

Rick and Morty is a show that takes its viewers on journeys that no show has dared to take viewers on before. Every episode feels like an exercise in pure genius and imagination, which is why it's become bigger than just a cult hit. One Twitter user recently asked a question about Rick and Morty that no fan has dared to ask before, maybe because it's completely stupid and is probably just a low-key bad joke? Luckily, this open question on Twitter ignited a pun thread to end all pun threads..






































Even Mozart never composed something so perfect, and this thread was created by stranger after stranger. Guys, I'm just gonna say it: Humanity WON today. Don't @ me.











Fascinating Facts: 10 Facts About Ordinary Ancient Egyptians

Fascinating Facts: 10 Facts About Ordinary Ancient Egyptians

The stars of ancient Egypt are undoubtedly the pharaohs, the gold artifacts, and the pyramids. Often overlooked, however, are the common people who reflect the complexity and mystery of their famous culture.

They played sacred games, had a sense of humor, and promoted members of society who were often discriminated against in both the ancient and modern worlds. Not everything was easy. From rampant health problems to murder, civilians also suffered dark times and tempers.

Featured image credit: crystalinks.com

10.They Loved Board Games

After a long day of hauling pyramid blocks, ancient Egyptians needed entertainment. A popular activity was board games. They were made for two people as well as multiple players, and if a board was not available, one was drawn on the ground.

The favorite game was Senet. It had 30 squares in rows of 10, some marked with symbols of good or bad luck. Egyptians being Egyptians, the winner was the one whose pawns entered the afterlife first by escaping bad fortune blocks.

Senet was deeply intertwined with the divine. The victor was said to be protected by the gods, and the boards were often included in tombs to protect the deceased during the transition to the afterlife.

Aseb had 20 squares. To free a piece from the home block required a four or a six from the dice. If the piece landed on a square held by the opponent, the piece was banished back to home.

The rules of Mehen and another game, Hounds and Jackals, are not known. Mehen’s board was a curled-up snake with lion pieces. Hounds and Jackals had 10 stalks, each topped with a canine head, and was likely a racing game.[1]

9.Artists Sneaked In Humor

Photo credit: factsanddetails.com

Egyptian art is not known for its colorful clowns. That does not mean that ancient artists had no sense of humor, even though convention demanded images with poise. The artists could and did poke subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) fun at patrons and foreigners.

In Thebes around 2000 BC, a tomb carver created a wall image of the deceased. Dagi was a pharaoh’s vizier. He was important in life and should perhaps have been portrayed with a noble countenance. But the artist gave him a depressed look with a raised eyebrow as if Dagi was surprised that he had died.

A carving done during the reign of Amenhotep III (1389–1349 BC) shows a scribe and a baboon, the animal associated with Thoth, god of writing. The baboon has comically bushy eyebrows.

Artists did not hold back on the sarcasm when it came to Egypt’s enemies.[2]An ivory plaque shows a captive Assyrian prince moving in a silly way and with bulging eyes. Tensions with the Nubians probably caused one artist to sculpt a relief showing a Nubian with exaggerated and unflattering facial features.

8.Artists With Unusual Arthritis

Photo credit: passion-egyptienne.fr

When researchers recently analyzed the remains of those who forged and decorated the famous Valley of the Kings, they found something odd. Around 3,500 years ago, the village of Deir el-Medina supplied the royal burial ground with carvers and painters.

Usually, years of building and creating art would cause upper body issues. However, osteoarthritis was rife in the men’s ankles and knees. After studying the village’s ancient records, the cause was revealed. Despite the hard labor involved at the necropolis, it was not the men’s jobs that messed up their bones. It was how they traveled to work every day.

During the week, they lived in huts near the royal tombs and used a short steep hill to go to work and to return when the day was done. At the end of the week, they went to Deir el-Medina—a 2-kilometer (1.2 mi) walk over hills. When the week started, they trooped back again.

This continued for years and for some individuals, decades. The excessive hiking is most likely why this group of artists developed a condition not usually seen in their profession.[3]

7.Class Determined The Menu

Photo credit: ducksters.com

The complete book on what ancient Egyptians ate will probably never be written. No recipes have ever been found, but an idea can be gleaned from their art and history. Some ingredients were enjoyed by all classes, but commoners were not allowed to handle certain preparations. Fish curing was strictly the domain of priests.

Every day, regardless of breeding, everybody consumed the nation’s staples—beer and bread. Then there was beer bread, which was fermented in water to produce a cloudy brew that aided the nutrition of the lower classes. In addition to grain-made meals, such as porridge, there was also game meat, honey, dates, fruits, and wild vegetables.[4]

Workers only ate twice a day. Breakfast included bread, beer, and sometimes onions. The workers could look forward to a better dinner. In addition to the staples, they could expect cooked vegetables and meat.

Nobles had veggies, meat, grains, wine, and dairy products with every meal. But the priests and royalty got the best culinary fare. Tomb images depict banquets packed with flowing wine, honey-smeared gazelle, roasted fowl, fruits, and desserts such as honey cakes.

6.They Had Serious Dental Disease

Photo credit: nature.com

The Egyptians did not suffer from enamel failure because they lived before the invention of A-grade floss. It was because they could not keep the sand out of their food. The problem was immense.

A study done on 4,800 teeth showed that 90 percent were worn down. Many suffered such abrasion that the living center, or pulpal tissue, was exposed. This led to other conditions such as cysts, multiple abscesses, and osteoarthritis of the jaw.

Needless to say, chronic dental pain must have been a fact of life in ancient Egypt. A diet filled with fibrous foods did not help, but the main problem was sand. It blew in with the wind and was collected with the grain during harvest. Sandstone grinding tools also contaminated the flour. Most of it ended up in the bread, which was eaten every day.[5]

As a result, ancient Egyptians chewed on quartz, mica, feldspar, and hornblende among other rock particles. Despite the Egyptians’ known adherence to cleanliness, there is no evidence that the complex society practiced oral hygiene. Nothing among their plentiful toiletries resembles a dental tool.

5.Salaries Of Grain

Photo credit: nbbmuseum.be

The monetary system of ancient Egypt is not fully understood. In the past, it was believed that the system was based on barter without any form of currency. But this deduction was made solely by looking at paintings which showed the exchange of goods.

While trade certainly existed, it could not uphold the commercial system of a kingdom so vast. Among its wealth commodities was grain, which was grown on a mass scale. Surplus cereal was stored in a network of silos across Egypt and used to pay laborers who worked on major public projects.[6]

But what if somebody wanted to buy a house? A bag of grain just would not do.

Ancient Egyptians worked with a unit of worth called “shat.” Experts still do not know exactly what it was, but a house could be bought with items, such as cloth and furniture, as long as they held the equivalent of the selling price in shat. This currency standard existed as far back as the Ancient Empire (2750–2150 BC). One shat was said to be worth 7.5 grams (0.24 oz t) of gold.

4.Family Expectations

Photo credit: historyextra.com

Boys were encouraged to marry and have lots of little Egyptians. Girls usually married in their early teens. While love matches did happen, marriage was primarily a viable support unit for everybody involved. There was no welfare for the old or poor, and family provided the only safety net. A man was seen as incomplete until he took a wife, after which he was expected to be the provider.

Murals traditionally depict men as dark from working outside and the ladies as paler from running the household. Egyptian wives had the highest birth rate in ancient times and thus constantly faced the dangers of childbirth. There was no effective contraception, and midwives could do nothing during a disastrous delivery.[7]

Even so, babies were cherished and breastfed for up to three years. Boys would learn a trade while their sisters were trained in childcare, cooking, and making clothes. Both genders were instructed by their parents in matters of the world, religion, and ethics. The oldest son (in some cases, a daughter) was expected to take care of his elderly parents and also see to their funerals.

3.Women Were Legal Equals

Photo credit: ancient.eu

Egyptian women were not destined to exist as housebound wives. They handled the domestic duties but were free to work elsewhere and own property. Unlike ancient Greek women (who were not even regarded as Greek citizens), ancient Egyptian women could live without a male guardian.

They initiated divorce, went to court, and served as members of juries. They were not forced into arranged marriages, but they could draw up legal documents and pursue careers. This horrified Greek visitors, who incorrectly assumed that the roles were reversed in Egypt.[8]

Still, the majority of higher professions were dominated by men. A small percentage of women broke through this glass ceiling and became honored priests, scribes, and pharaohs.

Female doctors were also respected. One named Peseshet held the title of the “overseer of doctors.” The oldest record of a woman practicing medicine mentions Merit Ptah, who lived in Egypt 5,000 years ago. In essence, ancient Egypt was the first region to empower women, not the West as so many assume.

2.Handicapped Egyptians

Photo credit: Olaf Tausch

In the ancient world, people with handicaps were often treated worse than women. Mental illness was viewed with such shame that Chinese families hid such members from view. In Greece, they were abandoned to wander the streets.

Ancient Egypt no doubt had its haters, but the populace and physicians generally had a very accepting attitude toward people with disabilities. Their moral writings taught respect for those facing physical challenges. Individuals born with dwarfism were not viewed as handicapped. They had no fear of unemployment and worked as attendants, overseers, caretakers, artists, and entertainers.

Among the skeletons of Deir el-Medina (the village of the arthritic artists of the Valley of the Kings) was a young man. He was born with a useless leg, a serious disability for a group that hiked great distances. Instead of being an outcast, his otherwise healthy remains showed that he lived well and was employed in a manner that accommodated his situation.[9]

As far as mental illness was concerned, Egyptians came the closest to modern treatment. Instead of blaming or shaming the patients, the afflicted were encouraged to engage in creative pursuits.

1.Ancient Abuse

Photo credit: Live Science

A lot of art shows happy domestic scenes between partners and their offspring. Idealized family notions and legal equality was one thing, but violence toward women and children remained a reality.

Horrifying cases have been recorded. The 2,000-year-old skeleton of a toddler in Dakhleh Oasis had fractures of the back, pelvis, ribs, and arms. Some were old breaks, a classic sign of long-term physical abuse. Both upper arms were broken as if he or she had been violently shaken by an adult. The broken collar bone showed no healing and could have been part of the event that ultimately killed the youngster.

In the ancient town of Abydos, a 4,000-year-old victim was found. The woman was around 35 when she was fatally stabbed in the back. Her bones revealed a lifetime of physical assaults. She had old and new fractures that match those of battered women repeatedly kicked or punched in the ribs. Her hands had injuries, probably from attempting to shield herself or to break a fall. Since her abuser remained close for a long time, he could have been a male family member or her husband.[10]




Here’s Emily Sears And Her 2 Big Jugs…Of Beer

Here’s Emily Sears And Her 2 Big Jugs…Of Beer


What’s left to say about blonde bombshell Emily Sears that we haven’t said already? The 32-year-old Australian model is a dream girl and she reminds everyone with every hot photo she shares on her Instagram, which currently has 4.3 million followers. But guess what? Sears, like every other Instagram model out there, is coming out with a calendar. And she made sure to show us a sneak peak.

That sneak peak involves Sears topless while holding two big beers. Check out the photo below thanks to her Instagram.









Dad Of Viral Bullying Victim Keaton Jones Is Apparently A Jailed White Supremacist

Dad Of Viral Bullying Victim Keaton Jones Is Apparently A Jailed White Supremacist

Ohhh boy. It turns out that Keaton Jones, the little boy who went viral when his mom recorded him talking about being bullied at school, is the son of a jailed white supremacist. See, this is why we can't have nice things.


After Keaton's mother posted the video in which he talks about being bullied at school, he received support from tens of thousands of people on social media, some of whom were big name celebrities like Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown, Chris Evans, and Snoop Dogg.

Now the attention is turning to his father, Shawn White, who, according to TMZ, is a white supremacist who's in a Tennessee jail. He's posted lots of racist stuff on his Facebook page, including memes saying "Keep Calm and be White Pride," and "Aryan Pride." White (apt last name) also has the words "pure breed" and "white pride" tattooed on him.

On Tuesday, Keaton's mother, Kimberly Jones, tried to explain away pictures of Confederate flags on her own Facebook page, saying they were meant to be funny.

Maybe they're not quite as ironic as she's making them out to be?

20 Real Reasons Men These Days Don't Want Kids

20 Real Reasons Men These Days Don't Want Kids


11 Beloved Characters Who Are Actually The F*cking Worst

11 Beloved Characters Who Are Actually The F*cking Worst

Everything and everyone is bad. Including even the most beloved of characters from your childhood.

1. MasonOz -- Yeah, Tweety was kind of a dick.

Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes. Smug little bastard. Always despised him and felt bad for Sylvester.

2. ExxInferis -- Thomas, take your entitled Tank ass outta here.

Thomas the Tank Engine.

Never realised as a kid, but now I'm a dad and I've had to sit through all the episodes, just about everyone is about a situation arising from Thomas being an entitled douchebag.

3. Slutwhoria -- Valid points.

Peter Pan

-Cut off the hand of a man and fed it to a crocodile as a joke.

-Kidnaps children by luring them with "adventure" and keeps them against their better judgement.

  • Fucks all the mermaids until he finds another bottom bitch.
  • Publicly humiliates whoever opposes him just to prove a very weak point.

Motherfucker's colder than any Samuel Jackson character combined and he's barely past 11.

4. PM_ME_YOUR_EBONYTITS -- What f*cked up longer version is this person reading?!

Goldilocks. There's a longer ending where the bears go to kill her and end up killing the wrong family because she was still going into people's houses.

5. doublestitch -- Real troublemaker indeed.

Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz

She's pretty and she pretends to be Dorothy's friend, but she makes Dorothy the target of a vendetta by magically putting shoes onto Dorothy's feet that rightfully belong to someone else. Then she disappears through all the trouble, showing up at the end to say 'Yeah you had the power to get home all the while. Why didn't I tell you? You wouldn't have believed me..."

Real troublemaker, there.

6. Flow_renzo -- I have not seen the show, but I trust Flow_renzo's opinion.


Peppa Pig is a brat who thinks she's better than everyone at everything!

7. 2legit2-D2 -- Never trust a guy with no name.

The Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George.

Not dealing with the fact he somehow obtained a monkey and is raising him in the city, but he leaves it alone and treats him like a child. How any of his scientist friends or Service people do not take him away.

8. aford92 -- Damn, this person hates Tigger more than I've ever hated anything.


Complete and total prick.

Eeyore spends his whole morning careful building his modest home, built entirely from twigs, all by himself. He doesn't bother anyone and really just needs a good friend to put his arm around him.

Then along comes Tigger! He comes bouncing along with no regard for anybody else. Completely ruins Eeyore's house by barrelling into it at full speed. He never apologises, never offers to help Eeyore rebuild it. And then to make it worse he begins bouncing around again and what does he hit this time? Eeyore himself! He knocks Eeyore straight over...arse over head. Does his stupid laugh and then bounces off again!

Then he encounters Rabbit. A rabbit who although grumpy provides a valuable service for Hundred Acre Wood by growing fruit and vegetables presumably for the other residents of said wood and for a Pooh bear who's diet it seems consists entirely of honey. Anyway...Rabbit is tending to his garden, minding his own business and then along bounces Tigger. Flys into Rabbit, sending him and his rake flying! Disrupts the production of crops for the entire community then again laughs and bounces away.

If someone came to where you lived, pushed you over, knocked over your house and then destroyed your crops and food supply you'd be furious! Tigger also has the audacity to sing a song about how wonderful he is and yet the only reason he can come up with is because he's the only one! I for one am glad he is the only one and i'll never understand why he's so beloved...complete and utter prick!

End rant/

9. mrpokealot -- Good point.

Ted Moseby. How long did he trap his kids with that story anyway?

10. Twilight: The Musical? Don't give Broadway any ideas.

The Phantom of the Opera. When I was a teenager, I thought it was such a romantic story. As an adult, you realize it's basically Twilight: The Musical.

A dark tortured soul who is so misunderstood becomes obsessed with a young, ingénue woman, terrorizing her and ultimately seducing her through manipulation and coercion. Even though she loves someone else, he feels entitled to her love and her hand in marriage. This guy sucks. The audience is supposed to feel bad for the Phantom because he's so very tortured, but that's no reason to be a dick to everybody.

11. TheVegetaMonologues -- Yeah, fuck you grandpa Joe.

Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Motherfucker just sits around on his ass, letting Charlie's mom slave away day in and day out to put fucking cabbage water on the table, fucking hides money from her so he can buy a god damn candy bar, and then as soon as he sees the prospect of free shit it turns out he was fucking able-bodied the whole time. Then he encourages Charlie to break his contract with Wonka by stealing the fizzy lifting drink, and when Wonka has the nerve to enforce the contract, Joe wants Charlie to fuck him over by selling trade secrets to Slugworth.

Honestly fuck Grandpa Joe.