10 Very Famous Celebrity Bisexuals From History

10 Very Famous Celebrity Bisexuals From History

Not that anyone is asking, but I am pretty much what you would call a red-blooded heterosexual. Which is to say that pretty early on, I got into my groove and stuck with it. I don’t freak out when I read a scientific study that suggests that we’re all born bisexual, or reiterating the pretty much proven point that everyone starts off life in some form of polymorphous state. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

In terms of identity politics, and especially the identity of our politicians, historical figures and other famous bisexuals, has become an important factor in presidential races and prime time sitcoms. Bisexuality is kind of the final frontier of the sexual movement. The overwhelming majority of working politicians (and no-longer-working politicians—how you living, Anthony Weiner?) proclaim their hate creed with cheesy pictures of the family. The ranks of gay politicos are growing. They’re out and they’re proud, but they’ve tended to look like single-issue types. Which is fine and appropriate for now. But as the country and the culture move in more socially progressive ways I think—I actually hope—we start seeing more politicians and public figures that aren’t shy about swinging both ways. As it turns out, there’s a good amount of historical precedent backing the bisexual way.

Alexander the Great

Image via Sinemia

Historical novelist Mary Renault’s The Persian Boy was the book-of-the-month that scandalized all of our moms. The first-person narrative of a fellow who, among other things, was the boy-toy of Alexander The Great. A couple of decades later, Oliver Stone made a loony biopic of the world-conqueror, chronicling sexual exploits with a fey Jared Leto and a feral Rosario Dawson. Clearly this was a guy who got around in every sense of the word, and was a real innovative problem-solver to book—remember how he handled that whole Gordian Knot thing.

The Emperor Hadrian

Image via Tumbr user The British Museum

Emperor Hadrian doesn’t have many movies dedicated to him, but it was his love of Grecian culture that led to the rebuilding of the Parthenon, and of the Greek architectural accents still visible in Italian culture today. He extended his love of the Greeks to the love of a Greek—one of his male lovers was Antinous, who was elevated to a deity after his death.

Walt Whitman

The father of modern American poetry sang the body electric… and also the body eclectic. The bearded bard of Camden (who would fill that title today, I wonder) is viewed as a gay icon today, but his biographers aren’t even sure whether he had any actual sexual experiences with men. Some of his best-known verse, “When I Heard At The Close Of The Day,” celebrates a male bonding that goes beyond friendship. In any event, he may well be the first gay American to have a bridge, not to mention a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop, named after him.

Virginia Woolf

The somewhat effete, definitely depressive, and dazzlingly brilliant British writer, Virgina Woolf, married and man and dallied with ladies, and wound up writing the bisexual tract for the early 20th century: the baroque novel Orlando, in which its hero/heroine switches genders fluidly over the course of a lifetime. This was at least 50 years before Lou Reed’s Transformer, so that really is what you call groundbreaking.

Anais Nin

Image via ClockTower

She would hate to be called this, but Nin was the grandmother of modern erotic fiction, whether in her hot and famous-name-laden diaries or her frankly pretentious novels like A Spy In The House of Love. A legendary beauty in her 1920s day, she opened gruff American writer Henry Miller’s mind while diddling Miller’s wife June, as depicted in the movie creatively titled Henry and June.

Marlon Brando

Image via Homespun London

Just look at Marlon Brando’s vulnerability as the torn-apart Terry Malloy in the great On The Waterfront and you recognize a guy in touch with his feminine side. And while he fathered 11 children over the course of his lifetime, the complex man was not too hung up about admitting he had a full-bodied sex life. In the biography The Only Contender he’s quoted as saying “Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed.” Spoken like a true champ. Although if Vito Corleone had said that, he’d have been driven out of the five families pretty fast.

Leonard Bernstein

Image via New Yorker

The great composer and conductor had a wild charisma that helped make classical music accessible to the masses in the years after World War II. His highly demonstrative conducting style made highbrow music seem less fussy. He was as wild in life as with a baton, and described himself as “half-man, half-woman.” In a more enlightened society he could well have functioned as a practicing bisexual, but his pre-Stonewall milieu required him to take on the guise of a closeted gay man whose straight domestic life was a front. The reality, as always, was a lot different.

Alice Walker

The author of The Color Purple laid bare the oppression of African-Americans in her fiction, while also exploring complexities of sexuality endemic to both African-American and human experience. Her own life has certainly been fraught; She has an openly bisexual daughter from whom she’s estranged, and Walker’s affair with the singer Tracy Chapman was fodder for catty gossip.

Clive Davis

In his autobiography, Miles Davis, who, were he alive to day would have you know that he was not bisexual, said of Clive, with whom he worked when the white Davis was president of Columbia Records, “we got along well because he thought like an artist.” Latter-day followers of Clive who watched his hit-making machinations for Whitney Huston or Kelly Clarkson might find that assertion hard to believe, but as Clive’s storied and long career attests, he’s a man of many parts. And that included bisexuality, which he revealed in his book The Soundtrack of My Life. Clive’s coming out didn’t surprise many music-industry insiders. Nor did the revelation of his friendship with Lou Reed—Long Island Jewish boys have to stick together. It was significant for the culture at large. It’s rare for a business executive, even one in a branch of the creative arts, to identify as bisexual. David Geffen is a whole other case.

Hillary Clinton

Image via YourNewsWire

According to sex columnist Gennifer Flowers, a source very close to her, Clinton is and ever has been a bisexual. There have been rumors, some benign, some ugly, swirling around Hillary Clinton since the very beginning of her political career. As to whether she’ll ever choose to address them publicly, we’ll have to wait and see. Some say we’ve already had a gay president, one Abraham Lincoln. But what that meant in the 19th century is a very different thing from what it will, or might, mean in the 21st, and particularly if that president is also a woman.

15 Celebrities Who Shacked Up With Their Director

15 Celebrities Who Shacked Up With Their Director

One thing that is never acknowledged is that the life of a Hollywood movie director is often a lonely life to live. Guys like Stanley Kubrick often lived recluse lifestyles away from the public. There is a reason for that. The biggest being that movie directors never have the time to live their own lives when they are too busy dealing with the gruelling nature of their career. A director’s job often forces them to deal with nonstop work on the set, editing the film after hours, tweaking the script when necessary, making sure everything on set goes 100 per cent according to plan, and so on. When all that’s done, they have to spend countless hours promoting the film, which includes interviews and red carpet events. Then when that’s done, they have to go through the whole process all over again with the next film.

Most directors don’t have time to swipe right on Tinder or navigate through potential bedroom patrons at a local bar. More often than not, directors pursue the stars who they happen to be working with as their potential suitors. Sometimes, it works out for them and other times, not so much. Here are a few instances where movie directors dated their stars.

15. Sam Mendes And Kate Winslet

In 2001, director Sam Mendes met Kate Winslet when he approached her about appearing in one of his plays. One thing led to another and a romance ensued. On a whim, the two married while on holiday in May 2003 and in December later that year, their first child was born. In 2009, he directed her to her Golden Globe winning performance  in Revolutionary Road. The film chronicles a marriage that falls apart. Ironically enough, it was during filming that Mendes’s marriage with Winslet did the same. Mendes hinted what went wrong in an interview with The Daily Telegraph when he said that while he doesn’t like to bring work home, Winslet wanted to constantly talk about work 24/7. They separated in 2010 and divorced in 2011.

14. Rupert Sanders And Kristen Stewart

Snow White and the Huntsman did a lot for Kristen Stewart’s career, namely exposing her affair with the director Rupert Sanders. The affair started in secrecy during production and when the two were caught on camera in public snuggled up with each other, the cat was out of the bag for the entire world to see, including Robert Pattinson and Sander’s wife Liberty Ross. Ross and Sanders’s officially divorced in 2014 while Pattinson and Stewart broke up as soon as the pictures were released to the public. This whole fiasco also seemed to immediately fizzle out any spark that was between Stewart and Sanders.

13. Steven Spielberg And Kate Capshaw

Fresh out of a separation from Amy Irving, Steven Spielberg started production for the 1984 film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Along the way, he got acquainted with the film’s female star, Kate Capshaw. The more time the two spent together on set, the easier it was for the two to naturally fall in love with each other. However, they put their relationship on pause when Spielberg got back together with Irving in 1985, although the two would finally divorce in 1989 in the third most expensive celebrity divorce ever. Shortly after, he and Capshaw’s romance picked up exactly where they left off and have been married since 1991. The two are still happily married with seven children.

12. Woody Allen And Mia Farrow

Woody Allen always had a knack for developing romances with his female co-stars. Just as he did with Diane Keaton and Louise Lasser, he hooked up with Mia Farrow, another regular muse for his films. They married in 1980 and their marriage lasted 12 years in between Farrow starring in 13 of Allen’s films. When they first got married, Farrow already had seven children from a previous marriage, one of which was an adopted Korean child named Soon-Yi Previn. In 1992, when Previn was 21, Farrow discovered that Allen had nude photographs of Previn and the two were sleeping together. Around the same time, it was alleged Allen had been assaulting her and Farrow’s 7-year old daughter Dylan. This all resulted in the two divorcing. Allen is now married to his adopted daughter, Previn.

11. Roger Vadim And Brigitte Bardot

Roger Vadim is notorious for directing steamy art films like Barbarella and And God Created Woman, the latter of which starred his wife Brigitte Bardot. The two met after Vadim found himself in a creative drought and needed inspiration. While skimming an issue of Elle magazine, he found a picture of 15-year old model Bardot. He pursued her in hopes of her becoming his muse and eventually his lover, despite the 10-year age gap and disapproval from her family. The two married in 1952 and she went on to star in several of his movies. By the time the two divorced in 1957, he became a critically-acclaimed director and she became a s*x symbol. They remained close friends until Vadim died in 2000.

10. Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor

In 1999, Ben Stiller directed a pilot episode for a sci-fi action show called Heat Vision and Jack, which would have starred Jack Black as Jack and Owen Wilson as Heat Vision, the talking motorcycle. While the pilot flopped and failed to get picked up by any network, one thing that came out of it is that it allowed Stiller to meet the show’s female star, Christine Taylor. Not only did the two continue to collaborate with each other for films like Dodgeball and Zoolander, the two got married in 2000 and have since had two kids together. However, the two separated in 2017.

9. Robert Rodriguez And Rose McGowan

In 2005 at the Cannes Film Festival, director Robert Rodriguez met Rose McGowan at an after party for Rodriguez’s recent smash hit film, Sin City. The two talked, hit it off nicely, and in passing, McGowan mentioned that she wished she could’ve been a part of the film. When he asked why she didn’t audition, she alleged that Harvey Weinstein blackballed her from all films he produced after Weinstein assaulted her. Rodriguez promised that she was not blacklisted from his own movies and told Weinstein to his face while McGowan was present that he was casting her in Planet Terror no matter what. This manifested into a romance between McGowan and Rodriguez, although they broke up years later.

8. Ingmar Bergman And Liv Ullmann

Ingmar Bergman is often hailed as one of the greatest movie directors of all time. A frequent collaborator of his was actress Liv Ullmann. At the time, she was 25 while he was 46. She starred in nine of his feature films and one television movie. Along the way, the two were so close, hey became a romantically involved. Ullman and Bergman dated for five years between 1965 and 1970. Their relationship spawned one child together, journalist Linn Ullmann. Their relationship wasn’t without its lows, as he was the angrily jealous type, as well as being emotionally/physically abusive. Despite this, when they broke up, they continued making movies together and remained friends.

7. Peter Bogdanovich And Cybill Shepherd

In 1971, The Last Picture Showturned out to be a breakout hit for every young up and comer involved, including youngsters like Jeff Bridges and Randy Quaid. This was especially a turning point for director Peter Bogdanovich and Cybill Shepherd, who fell in love on the set. Bogdanovich happened to find Shepherd modelling for the cover of Glamour and immediately contacted her to be the star of his new movie. She made her film debut for him and eventually, a romance ensued. The only problem was that they became an item while Bogdanovich was already married to Polly Platt, ending his marriage. After a few more collaborations with each other, he and Shepherd split in 1979.

6. Darren Aronofsky And Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence starred in Darren Aronofsky’s recent horror thriller, Mother!. They wrapped up filming in September 2016 and shortly afterward, a romance bloomed between the 27-year old actress and the 48-year old director after the pair realized how much they had in common with one another. The two kept their relationship a secret until they started promoting their movie together on the red carpet. However, it was in November 2017, just over a year after the two got together, that they called it quits. According to Lawrence, it was the negative reviews to Mother! that caused a rift in their relationship.

5. Sam Taylor Johnson And Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson first gained global acclaim after earning the title role in Kick-Ass, but his first breakout performance in the movie industry came when he snagged the starring role of John Lennon in the film Nowhere Boy. It was through filming this biopic that he got acquainted with the director of the project, Sam Taylor. Despite the huge age gap where Aaron was 18 and Sam was 42, the two fell in love and married in 2012. They are still together and raising four children, two of which are from Sam’s previous marriage.

4. Paul W.S. Anderson And Milla Jovovich

Paul W.S. Anderson has always been a staple of the Resident Evil film franchise. Not only has he written and produced every single film in the franchise, but he has also directed quite a few of them. He directed the very first Resident Evil movie. That is quite the benchmark in itself, but perhaps a more glorifying achievement than that is the fact that he met the star on the set of the film. That star, of course, being his future wife Milla Jovovich. The two have had somewhat of an on-again-off-again relationship ever since. He proposed in 2003, but they briefly broke up afterward. They quickly got back together, had two children, and have been married since 2009.

3. Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter

For the longest time, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter were everyone’s favorite pair of weirdos. The two met in 2001 while filming Planet of the Apes together and suddenly, it seemed like a match made in heaven. While the two never married in the 14 years that they were together, they did have two children and made five movies together. For unknown reasons, the two split up in 2014. However, the two remain good friends to this day and have regular outings together for the sake of their children. It appears that they have avoided the usual mess that occurs during breakups and are able to maintain a strong friendship.

2. Danny Boyle And Rosario Dawson

Danny Boyle is the Oscar -inning director of Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, and the upcoming FX mini-series Trust. In 2013, the director released a film called Trance about an art auctioneer (James McAvoy) who gets wrapped in line with a few criminals and must team up with a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) to help him recover a lost painting. Despite the over-20-year age gap between the two, sparks started to fly between Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson during production. Shortly after filming was over, the two became an item, although it did not last very long. The two broke up after dating for just under a year.

1. Paul Thomas Anderson And Maya Rudolph

Director Paul Thomas Anderson and comedian Maya Rudolph have been together ever since 2001 and managed to have four children together. While Rudolph has only appeared in one of his films before, Inherent Vice, she did provide some massive inspiration for his latest film, The Phantom Thread. In a recent film conference, Anderson recalled that he was sick in bed one day when suddenly his wife “looked at [him] with a love and affection that [he] hadn’t seen in a long time.” Almost instantaneously, the idea for The Phantom Thread sprang to him and he called Daniel Day-Lewis the next day to see if he’d want to star in it.


18 Common Dating Tips That Are Actually The Worst


18 Common Dating Tips That Are Actually The Worst

This list is one of those glorious happy accidents that the Internet sometimes graces us with. We've gathered some of the world's worst dating tips for women, and compiled them in one place. After stumbling upon this majestic list of terrible dating advice, we realized that it was too good not to share. We could have edited it fully, and made it into something that somewhat resembles sage dating wisdom, but some of these tips are pure gold on their own.

Below, you'll find fun dating tips, such as, "Men Are Like Lions!" "Be Proportionally Considerate!" and "How to Give Merry-Go-Round," which sounds dirty, but totally isn't. If you're looking for the worst dating advice for women on the world wide web, you've come to the right place.

Vote up your favorite terrible pieces of dating advice for women, and let us know what you think in the comment section.


17 Women Reveal The Horrible Reasons Why They Settled For Their Husbands

17 Women Reveal The Horrible Reasons Why They Settled For Their Husbands




Study Finds The Sexual Position Most People Are Scared Of Trying

Study Finds The Sexual Position Most People Are Scared Of Trying

When it comes to sex, even though loads of blag that we're super-confident, I think it's fair to say we're all a bit anxious. Particularly when it comes to sleeping with a new partner, or trying out something new. Now, a new study has looked into exactly what it is that makes us the most anxious.

The study, conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, asked 500 Europeans and 500 Americans what they found to be the most nerve-wracking part of getting it on, and some of the results are a bit surprising to be honest.

Firstly, the sexual position that was deemed the most anxiety-inducing across the board, was 69-standing position - with over 42 percent of fellas and 56.8 percent of women saying the thought of giving this a go is enough to make them panic.


This was followed by anal, with 54.6 percent of women saying they would feel uncomfortable doing it, and 30.5 percent of men.

The kneeling wheelbarrow, which, not going to lie, is making me feel exhausted just thinking about it, came in third as the sex position people would feel least comfortable trying - with 18.6 percent of men and 24.8 per cent of women citing it.

Completely unsurprisingly, the least-stressful positions were missionary, doggy-style and cowgirl. When it comes to the position that men and women think is the most pleasurable for both parties - reverse cowgirl came out on top, so to speak.


The study also found that compared to our friends in the US, European guys were more anxious about masturbating, oral sex and dirty sex. However, Europeans were DTF in public more readily than people from the US.

Of those asked, trying out new sex acts - such as going all 50 Shades of Grey with some bondage - was deemed to be the most nerve-wracking, followed by trying out sex toys together and lastly trying out new sex positions.


Despite all the worry mentioned above, a whopping 87 percent of participants in the study said they reckon their relationship is 'slightly to moderately adventurous'. But, almost nine percent didn't consider themselves sexually adventurous at all, which is sad, isn't it?



7 Things Women Think About While Giving Head

7 Things Women Think About While Giving Head

The art of fellatio can be a daunting, redundant, and sometimes difficult job, a job not for the easily gagged or weakened jaw. Combine that with a woman’s inability to relax and you have quite a humorous adventure on your hands. While giving head doesn’t seem to be rocket science, even the most seasoned blowers admit to having a doubt or two when face to face with the one-eyed monster.

I already gave you an inside look at what crosses a woman’s mind while receiving oral, but now it’s time to examine the flip side. Here are the most common things women think while giving head.

Please let him be manscaped.

The last thing a woman wants when she is giving head is a face full of bush, because we all know the bigger the bush, the better chance of loose hairs. I apologize if I just made you gag, in my defense I did too. Don’t me wrong, I know men face this exact fear when heading south on a chick, but when it comes to tolerance of all things yucky and gross, women have a much lower threshold. So you can just imagine when her mouth is chock full o’ cock and a pesky little pube gets caught in her tracheal or worse, her teeth, that the only gagging she’ll be doing is from her vomit and not from deep throating.

What am I going to do with his balls?

Unless you’re a ball sack lover, most women are going to question their interaction with his balls. Thoughts of, “Am I touching them at all? Should I massage them or at least give them a little tug? Fuck, I really don’t want to lick them. Did he just ask me to suck on them?” Men’s nuts are a scary thing and while they can easily be ignored the first few blowjobs, eventually you’re going to have to face the music (the music being his sack). I suggest experimenting a little before setting a “NO BALL PLAY” law into action. See what you can handle and listen to what he likes, chances are if you hear him moaning and groaning like a sex-induced zombie, you won’t mind the fact that he is tea bagging your face.

Why the hell is my mouth making so much noise?

Photo via Toilet Paper Magazine

Ok, not to get to personal here, but the first few times I got on my knees I kept thinking, “Why the fuck is my mouth making so much noise. I don’t sound like this when I’m eating a Tootsie Pop, do I?” The sounds of slipping, slurping, and popping were so deafening (to me) that I was unable to concentrate on the task at hand, resulting in a very confusing and unfinished blowjob. I later found out that men rather enjoy these noises. To them, it’s like listening to the sound track of love, full of saliva violins and penis trumpets.

I sincerely hope he doesn’t expect any ass play.

While it is said there is no greater pleasure than a prostate massage, many men consider this area a NO FLY zone. Unless he grabs your finger and literally sticks it in his ass, I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Diving into ass play is definitely something to be discussed prior to play time, but if you’re in the heat of the moment and feel a strong urge to cork him with your pinky, try exploring the surrounding areas first to gauge his reaction. You will know rather quickly whether he is down for a game of Hole in One.

Should I be making more eye contact?

Photo by Wallace Berman

Thanks to porno’s everywhere, men expect women to be as eager as Jenna Jameson when it comes to sucking them off. As if we didn’t already have enough to do with the stroking, licking, and tugging, now you want me to look at you while your balls deep and look sexy while doing so? Yeah, fucking right! I am not saying an occasional glance upstairs isn’t possible, but if you think I can watch you the whole time without poking my eye out with your cock then you’re crazy son. My advice, when you get a chance ladies, throw him a batted eyelash or two, but don’t get too carried away resulting in an awkward stare down that resembles more of a blinking contest than an actual blowjob.

Why the hell is this taking so long?

Ahhhh, the never-ending blowjob. What was supposed to be a quick treat for your man has turned into a 20-minute workout leaving your mouth dry, jaw exhausted, and neck muscles burning. The first few minutes should be rather enjoyable, teasing him and showing off all your nifty dick-lickin tricks, but after a while, your mind begins to wander. “I thought this blowjob was just to get him hard and ready for sex. Is he planning on coming now and again when we have sex? That’s fine if he wants to come, but just fucking do it already, jeez.” Unfortunately, for women and our over-active brains, once a certain time passes of us doing the same thing whether it be riding a bike, riding a dick, or sucking one, eventually our thoughts stray elsewhere.

Last but not least, to spit or to swallow.

There is so much pressure when it comes to the final resting place of a man’s ejaculation. In her mouth, on her face, on her tits, or in her ass, the options are endless. So it is no surprise that when women are mid-blowy we question where his sperm will end up. “Should I swallow this time? Does he deserve for me to swallow? Maybe he drank pineapple juice then it will taste sweet. Please Lord I hope he didn’t have asparagus because if pee smells that bad after eating it I can only imagine what jizz will taste like.” Like all things manly and macho, men love when a woman swallows rather than spits. I can just hear them saying, “Me likey when woman drink me sperm.” Whatever the reason is and whichever method you choose, I can assure you your man is happy just by having his dick in your mouth.

7 Things Women Think About While Receiving Oral Sex

7 Things Women Think About While Receiving Oral Sex

Oral sex out is one of the greatest sexual pleasures of all time. Having a someone between your legs, while you pull their hair and claw at the sheets is what every woman wants, isn’t it? Sure it is, but unlike men who can shut down their brain and become sex driven idiots who barely know their name, women aren’t always so lucky. Unless you’re anticipating the act and rightfully prepared to be spread, licked, and poked, the act of having a man go down on you isn’t always glamorous.

We are talking about a part of our bodies that was created to birth children, an organ that releases eggs monthly, an entry hidden by tight lace and floss-like thongs. This is no penis, swinging around freely in a pair of cotton boxers, removed only to piss or get hard. Day to day a vagina changes, making them as complicated as the women they belong to.

So it is no wonder that when a man starts to head south, a woman tenses with fear. Even after a shower and fresh wax or shave, thoughts of doubt and insecurity cross our minds, especially if it is with a new partner. Don’t get me wrong, oral sex feels amazing and can provide some of the world’s best clitoral orgasms, but that doesn’t change the fact that initially or eventually, questions of uncertainty cross our minds.

Here are just a few of the thoughts that cross a woman’s mind when her partner goes down on her.

Do I smell/taste okay?

It only makes sense that this thought is first on the list; it is the most dreaded fear of all vagina owners. I mean women worry about their ass jiggle and waist size while walking down the street so it is only normal that we worry about our vajeen while a man is nose deep in it. While every woman has her own signature scent and flavor, what may be mere perfection for one, may be a total boner killer for another. Both men and women can admit to this concern especially after a drunken night in a sweaty club, because really who smells like lavender and fresh linen after that shit? Regardless of the activities prior to “the meal” every chick occupies those first few moments wondering if he likes it.

Did I shave well enough, did I miss a spot?

The bush, the landing strip, the bare as a baby; these are all options when it comes to pubic upkeep. Unfortunately, if a woman chooses to take this task on herself, she isn’t always guaranteed a shave job well done. Not to mention the fact that half the areas we have to shave are done through touch and luck. You try taking a razor to one of the most sensitive places on your body without being able to see, it’s like playing Russian roulette with a Bic. Therefore, it only makes sense that when our lover descends south that we worry if we missed a spot, or two.

Do I have to return the favor?

I don’t care what a woman says, during this sensual sex act the thought of, “Does this mean I have to blow him” crosses her mind. Now while I don’t mind a good tit for tat when it comes to oral, not all women feel the same. Of course, there is no written rule to this exchange but in defense, I’ve got to say, if you want them to go down on you then you should absolutely be okay with returning the favor. I’m not saying immediately following, but somewhere in the near future would be nice. We all have gag reflexes bitches, so suck it up (literally) and take one for the team.

Are they going to want to make out after this?

Ahhh, the infamous kissing-after-eating conundrum AKA do I want to taste my own Jamba Juice flavor. I mean listen, if they try to kiss you without a good wipe to the mouth, I can see how that can be a little gross, I mean who wants to kiss someone covered in saliva and juices, but I see no reason why one should steer clear of a kiss if proper clean up is taken. When you’re in a moment that is so hot and intense, your lover is pleasing you, and teasing you to no end, by trying to stop that kiss could seriously put a damper on things. However, if you really can’t handle it try going in for his neck and lobes or redirecting his mouth to yours.

Why are they so damn good at this?

Women love to over think shit. I can almost guarantee that every blowjob known to man never involved a dude questioning why the girl on her knees was so good at sucking dick. Maybe later on in a relationship, sure, but mid-blow, fuck no. However, women love to question every aspect of life and that includes the talent of their current partners pussy eating skills. “Do they eat pussy all the time?” “Is this why they make dental dams?” “Who the fuck actually owns a dental dam?”

When will they stop and just fuck me already?

I love a good chow sesh as much as the next chick, but sometimes (more often than I’ll admit) I just want to be fucked. I get it, you’re doing the right thing by giving us personal attention and preparing our body’s for what’s to come, but sometimes a quick lick and blow is all we need. Some sexual moments, especially really horny “must have you now” moments, women strictly desire penetration. Headboard shaking, wall banging, ass slapping kind of penetration.

Did I unplug my flatiron?

Okay maybe she isn’t thinking about her flatiron specifically, but chances are during some portion of her eat out session, she experiences a flash of anxiety. Whether it be if she forgot to unplug her iron or if she remembered to take her clothes out of the washing machine, whenever a woman has a free second, responsibilities and worries will cross her mind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had sex and wrote my mental grocery list at the same time. Sorry babe, I’m a busy girl in a hectic world.





Many said the story was fake so the guy added this update


Do you agree with the people who think the response was appropriate?




"You Just Glassed Me" Woman Smashes A Wine Glass In Boyfriend's Face As He Tries To Escape Her Home In England

"You Just Glassed Me" Woman Smashes A Wine Glass In Boyfriend's Face As He Tries To Escape Her Home In England

Melissa Connolly, 43, lost her temper when Peter Cairns, now her ex, tried to leave her home in Barrow, Cumbria.


FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Facts About Mail-Order Brides

FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Facts About Mail-Order Brides

Mail-order bride is a label applied to a woman who publishes her intent to marry someone from another – usually more financially developed – country. Historically, mail-order brides were women who listed themselves in catalogs and were selected by men for marriage. Sometimes the men and women involved were citizens of different countries, e.g. women from European countries moving to the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries, and sometimes they involved citizens of the same country. This list looks at ten facts about mail order brides that you may not know.


The Sweet Escape

Most people think that Russian brides are desperate women who want nothing more than to marry a foreigner (preferably American) to get the hell out of Russia and start a new life. But in fact, this is almost always incorrect. Russia has a man shortage; there are roughly 8 men for every 10 women in a culture which is very marriage-oriented. Consequently, many Russian women are compelled to look outside of Russia for a husband. As one mail order bride company says: “[Russian Brides] feel as if you were one of the guys who would approach her at a bar: where she can say, “yes” if she likes you, and “thanks, but no, thanks” if she doesn’t.”


Dangers Involved

Being a mail-order bride can be very dangerous. There are at least four recent cases of American men murdering (sometimes quite brutally) their mail-order bride. But it does go both ways: there is also a case of a mail-order bride murdering her American husband. Before involving yourself in the mail order marriage industry, it pays to really consider the reasons behind your future wife or husband using this method to find their partner for life. You might get lucky and meet someone leaving their home country for the reasons cited in item 10, but you might be one of the unlucky ones who ends up dead. here is the description of just one such case:

Anastasia King, a young woman from Kyrgyzstan, was found strangled and buried in a shallow grave in Washington state in December 2000. At the age of 18, Anastasia had received an email from a 38-year-old Seattle man, Indle King, from a mail order bride website. He flew to her country and they were married soon after. Two years later, after considerable strife, Indle wanted another bride. He was allegedly unwilling to pay for a divorce so he ordered a tenant in their Washington home to kill Anastasia. Weighing nearly 300 pounds, her husband pinned Anastasia down while the tenant strangled her with a necktie. Both were convicted of murder.


Divorce Rates

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reports that “…marriages arranged through [mail order bride] services would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole, fully 80 percent of these marriages having lasted over the years for which reports are available.” The USCIS also reports that “… mail-order bride and e-mail correspondence services result in 4,000 to 6,000 marriages between U.S. men and foreign brides each year.”


American Frontier

The concept of mail-order brides was first seen on the American frontier during the mid-1800s. Men from the East were migrating West in hopes of claiming land, farming, establishing businesses, and finding gold. Most of these men found financial success in the migration West, but the one thing that was missing was the company of a wife. Very few women lived in the West at this time, so it was hard for these men to settle down and start a family. Their only choice was to attract women living back East; the men wrote letters to churches and published personal advertisements in magazines and newspapers. In return, the women would write to the men and send them photographs of themselves.


How To Meet

At least two types of “international marriage agencies” exist. The first type sells female clients’ contact information and encourages men and women to correspond prior to meeting. The second type offers “group tours” for men who want to travel around a foreign country and meet up to a hundred women at social events organized by the agency. If an American male wishes to use the first type, they must supply mental health information and criminal history, and, if they do make a match, will eventually be required to meet the bride in person before she can obtain a US visa.


Strange Education

Johns Hopkins University offers a course called “Mail Order Brides: Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context” which is supposedly a deep look into Filipino kinship and gender. Why a person would want to study this subject is beyond me, but there must be at least a small amount of demand out there.


Unfriendly Attitudes

Since 2003 Australian Federal Government’s resolve to decrease what was deemed ‘inappropriate immigration’ by then-Prime Minister John Howard has gained momentum. Initial reactions to the program were mixed. The Australian public further embraced their government’s new policies following the media frenzy of the Jana Klintoukh case; this case first exploded into the public’s view when current events program, Today Tonight, aired footage of a young Russian-born Australian, claiming she was imported via an Internet site and was used as a sexual slave by her ‘husband’ while being confined to his Sydney home.


Mail Order Husbands

The Philippines prohibits the business of organizing or facilitating marriages between Filipinas and foreign men. The Philippine congress enacted Republic Act 6955 or the Anti-Mail-Order Bride Law in 1990 as a result of stories that appeared in the local press and media about Filipinas being abused by their foreign husbands. Because of this, Filipinas often use “reverse publications” – publications in which men advertise themselves – to contact foreign men for marriage on behalf of the Filipina women.


Big Profits

There is a lot of money to be made in the mail order bride industry. In Taiwan, mail-order brides are sourced primarily from Mainland China and Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam. The common age range for Vietnam women range from 20 to 28 years of age. On average, Taiwanese men spend USD $10,000 on this type of marriage; however, only USD $500 to USD $1,000dollars will be received by the bride’s family and the remainder taken by marriage brokers of the groom and the bride. That is a damn high profit margin.


Dishonest Marketing

On November 18, 2004, a federal jury in Baltimore, Maryland awarded Ukrainian mail-order bride Nataliya Fox $433,500 ($341,000 of which were punitive damages) against international marriage broker Encounters International and its Russian immigrant owner, Natasha Spivack (pictured above). Spivack arranged Nataliya’s marriage to an American man with a history of violently abusing women and who, after being matched with Nataliya, abused her over the course of their marriage. The jury found the marriage broker guilty of fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices, willful and wanton negligence, unauthorized appropriation of Ms. Fox’s name and likeness, and defamation. The jury found the mail order bride company (Natasha Spivak) liable for failing to tell Nataliya about a federal law that allows foreign nationals to escape abusive marriages without fear of automatic deportation, and for actively misleading her about her legal options. The jury also found EI (Natasha Spivak) liable for misrepresenting that it screened male clients when it did not; and publicizing Nataliya’s marriage to Mr. Fox as an EI “success” story, without her permission, even after she fled to a domestic violence shelter.

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Contrary to what you might think, physical attractiveness is not the most important factor in sex.

 Being good or bad in bed has nothing to do with physical exertion; it’s all about a state of mind. Arousal is key!

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13 Things Everyone Should Put On Their Sex Bucket List

13 Things Everyone Should Put On Their Sex Bucket List



If your romantic life could use a boost, adding the following to a sex bucket list will Ignite the spark back into your relationship.

When you have that one person you love and can do almost anything with there is nothing you won't do, including doing things to help your sex life evolve. There are many things you can put on a 'sex bucket list' that will help your sex lives more exciting, pleasurable, and infinitely amazing, while strengthening your relationship and increasing your intimacy. Having sex should never be routine or the same old same old, it should be something fun and worthy of exploring beyond limits and imagination. Living in our modern era we are luck enough to have all sorts of materials that can point us in the right direction–like magazines, videos, the internet– that help make it a breeze to find things to put on that sex bucket list of yours. So what are you waiting for? Open up your mind, indulge your sense of curiosity and set out on a sexual adventure – maybe you will even discover you're into more kinkier stuff than you thought.

Try a New Position

Let us start with the obvious item should make your list of things to put on your sex bucket list that will enhance the intimacy with your partner. There is so many times missionary can be achieved before sex becomes a chore and an all-out bore that lacks fun, imagination and any ounce of energy. Want to have bomb sex and figure out what you and your partner like? Then trying a new position is definitely a must. You be able to find positions that allow for deeper penetration, long lasting sex, greater enjoyment, stronger intimacy, and many more things that will leave you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Try Some Role Play

Does your partner like to watch a certain movie, TV show, or play a certain video game? Do they look turned on when they talk about it? Then you have more hints than you know in order to bring their fantasy to life in a very sexy way. If he likes stars wars, then it is time to dress up as princess Leia and have him be your Han Solo so that he can rescue you from the evil clutches of Jaba the Hut – you don’t even need to watch the entire stars wars saga to know this scene is huge turn on.

Try Edging Together

Edging is underrated, but it can lead to mind blowing sex and deeper appreciation for communication. When edging, all you have to do is stop having sex whenever you are about to climax, calm yourself down, and start having sex again. Then repeat the process; the longer you do this for, the better because when you finally climax, it will be the one of the most intense orgasms of your life. You will learn to communicate more with your partner, and have sex that lasts longer. The added benefit of edging is that it actually helps guys who have premature ejaculatory problems last longer in bed by giving them more sexual stamina, which can also lead to more pleasure for both of you.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation (also known as non-penetrative sex) can be a very fun way to use your hands in order to please your partner sexually and switch things up in the sex department. Rather than a guy or girl locking themselves in bathroom and masturbating alone, you will help each by touching, rubbing, stroking or caressing each other’s private parts until you both orgasm. This shows growth in a relationship and allows for greater intimacy, as you will be able to see how your partner reacts to sexual pleaser more clearly. This is one bonding session that is also very exciting for both parties involved.


While three is a crowd – as the saying goes. Sometimes, the more people there are, the merrier. If your partner is open to it, then you have to make a threesome one of the things to put on your sex bucket to try at least once. You partner also has to be very comfortable with adding an extra person, because this will bring a lot of extra variables into the sex equation, and they need to be ready. The idea of seeing your partner with someone else can be scary and may arouse feelings of jealousy, so this has to be attempted when your relationship is secured enough and both of you know that this is just a fun little adventure.

Mastering the Female Orgasm

This one is especially for the fellas; it is no secret that your lady loves orgasms and that she can’t get enough of them. She wants multiple of them in one session, because while it is the ultimate payoff for letting you smash, it also just happens to be a mind blowing experience that rattles her senses every time. So it makes all the more sense to master how to pleaser her so that she gets there faster and many times. Take your time to explorer and experiment so you find out how to get her there before you orgasm. Get her heated up by increasing the foreplay and hitting all the right spots. Use anything at your disposal, such as your hands, fingers, or tongue on her nipples, vagina, or clitoris. Try different positions like the woman in top as well – remember that the one doing all the work is having the most fun.

Get Kinky

If you are more secure and mature in your relationship that being more open is not an issue, then why not add some kink into the mix and enjoy a little S&M (sadism and masochism). This is where you and your partner abuse each other – by whipping, for example – during sexual intercourse. You can throw in a little bondage and discipline in there to get the full experience of bondage discipline sadism and masochism (BDSM) – just don’t forget to use a safe word incase suffocation is involved. This can lead to all new levels sexual arousal and orgasms that can intensify the sexual experience.

Have a Sex Marathon

Common convention dictates that for sex to qualify as a marathon (a sex marathon), then it has to last for at least one hour per session. Can you and your partner share some intimacy and continually pleasure each other for a full hour? How about all night, with only short breaks for the man to charge his batteries – so to speak – and for both of you to drink some water? It might be worth finding out by adding this item to the list of things to put on your sex bucket list. Just be prepare to burn some calories just like you would in an actual marathon.

Using Sex Toys

There are many unisex toys you can bring into the bedroom that make for a great way to learn how your partner like it in bed. We can all agree that sex needs to be fun – especially if you are not doing strictly to reproduce. If that is so, then what can be more fun than toys? While toys are great for solo play, they are even more fun when playing with others. It can be an amusing activity on its own for you and your partner to venture out there and find a toy to please both of you during intercourse.

Using Food during Sex

If you are looking to add a little variety and creativity into your love making session, then why not bring food into the bedroom? This experience also has the potential to be nourishing, sensual, and more pleasurable than either of you can imagine. Some foods are aphrodisiacs on their own and incorporating them into your sex session can lead to more arousal and intense orgasms. Who knew that sex can be tasty as much as it is fun? And not to mentioning eating food off each other’s bodies can be very hot. So grab some strawberries, whip cream, and some melted chocolate and indulge in something truly carnal.

Sex with Other Couples

You’ve probably gone on a few double dates with a couple that you and partner seem to like very much by now. It’s the third date, and things seem to be going very well. So it might be time to invite them over to take the friendship to the next level as couples. This is a more intimate version of a foursome and adds greater variety into the mix, such as a social dimension, quantity, curiosity and more, to give you a break from conventional sex. Whatever the reason, make sure to vet the couple you decide to have sex with very carefully, just to be on the safe side, otherwise have a blast getting to know your friends more intimately.

Hire a Sex Photographer

Nothing says you want to capture the magic of your amazing sex sessions than hiring a professional photographer to come snap pictures while you get hot and heavy or down and dirty with your partner. A lot of couples are doing this and it is quickly become a growing trend. Plus, the photos make a nice keepsake for you both want to take an outsider’s perspective into your love making. Not only is this exciting and hot, it is also sweet, unforgettable, and very intimate. This makes it one of the most memorable things to put on your sex bucket list.

Sex in Public

This one should have been at the top of the list, but I thought it required a little build up because it can be quite a rush. The excitement of being caught and trying to get away with it makes the whole activity very hot and dangerous (which makes it hotter). To go at it with your partner in places that are forbidden and pose risk of arrest and/or public humiliation can breathe a whole new life into your sex life and bring whole lot energy and arousal. It is time to have sex on the beach (and I am not talking about the drink). If you are ever thinking of doing it in the park, then you should definitely make this one of the things to put on your sex bucket list.

10 Newlyweds Who Killed Their Spouses On Their Honeymoons

10 Newlyweds Who Killed Their Spouses On Their Honeymoons

A honeymoon is expected to be one of the happiest times in a couple’s marriage. Unfortunately, for each of the following couples, it was the end of their relationship. In these marriages, one of the newlyweds decided that he or she would be happier alone.

Of course, each of them could have filed for divorce or possibly an annulment. But apparently, they were still enveloped in the warm, loving feelings that accompany recent marriages and decided to kill their new spouses instead.

10 Sachin Mishra

Sachin Mishra was forced to divorce his first wife when relatives found out that the spouses were related. Sachin remarried a year later. However, he could not get over his first wife. He frequently spoke with her and often bought her gifts. The relationship put a strain on his new marriage, and the newlyweds constantly argued.

After Sachin had spent two months in an unhappy marriage, he decided to take his wife, Kanak, on a honeymoon. He and Kanak spent a night at a hotel before they explored an isolated side of a mountain. The couple started to argue about Sachin’s first wife, and Sachin attacked Kanak. He beat her head with sharp-edged stones, drove a nail into her body, and pushed her off a cliff.[1]

Then he went to the police station and told them that his wife had been swept away by a river while swimming. Police sent in divers who returned empty-handed after two hours. Officers looked through video recordings of the area, but they could find no trace of Kanak. They decided to interrogate Sachin again, and he confessed to the murder.

9 Aurore Martin

Aurore Martin and Peter Uwe Schmitt met while mountain climbing in 1991. The couple quickly hit it off, and they started dating. However, the next year, Schmitt married Ursula Deschamps.

The marriage quickly soured, and Deschamps agreed to speak to the police about an insurance scam that Schmitt had been involved in. Schmitt convinced his wife to go for a drive, and then he drove the car into a canal. He jumped free before the car hit the water. Deschamps managed to get out of the car, but Schmitt held her head underwater until she drowned.

The authorities suspected foul play, but the investigation was bungled. Schmitt was only sentenced to three years of probation. It later emerged that he had cashed in a life insurance policy worth $500,000.

A few years later, Schmitt’s old girlfriend Aurore Martin joined a matchmaking service and met Marc Van Beers. The two married and went on a honeymoon. While Van Beers was driving, he noticed someone on the side of the road and pulled over. Schmitt and three of his friends grabbed Van Beers and beat him to death with a baseball bat. Van Beers’s last words were: “Please don’t hurt my wife.”

The men put Van Beers into the car and pushed it off a cliff. They left Martin on the side of the road, and she called for help. She told police that she had leaped from the car seconds before it plunged into the ravine. Van Beers’s family was unhappy with her explanation and became suspicious when she insisted that Van Beers be cremated.[2]

Martin cashed in insurance policies worth $800,000. Then she and Schmitt left for Florida where they embarked on a lavish spending spree. The pair befriended Lee Marburger, and Martin confessed that she and Schmitt “had been involved with a murder.” Schmitt called Marburger the next day and threatened to shoot him if he told anyone. Marburger called the police.

Police captured the couple. Martin was sentenced to 15 years, and Schmitt was sentenced to 20. She was released after six years, and he after seven. The couple resumed their relationship.

8 Vidyalakshmi

Vidyalakshmi’s family prevented her from marrying her childhood friend, Anand, whom she had dated for many years. Instead, they encouraged her to marry Anantharaman, a distant relative, who was quite wealthy. She felt that she could not refuse the marriage and accepted Anantharaman’s proposal.

Anand begged her to elope. But she worried that the shock could hurt her mother, who had hypertension. The couple decided to kill Anantharaman so that they could be together. Vidyalakshmi planned her honeymoon itinerary to the tiniest detail, and she passed it along to Anand. He and his friend Anburaj followed the newlyweds when they honeymooned.

Vidyalakshmi texted Anand her every movement. Anantharaman took his wife on a boat ride across a lake, and then the couple laid on the ground, snapping pictures. Anand and Anburaj approached the couple from behind.

They grabbed Anantharaman’s camera strap and choked him with it. Vidyalakshmi watched her husband go limp, and she handed her heavy necklace to one of the killers. She waited for the men to leave and then ran screaming the other way. Vidyalakshmi told villagers that someone had robbed her and killed her husband.[3]

Anand and Anburaj returned to the vehicle and asked the driver to take them back to the hotel. The pair spoke of the murder in a foreign language, which the driver understood. The driver followed them to their room, locked the room from the outside, and called the police. Officers questioned the men, and they confessed.

Vidyalakshmi, Anand, and Anburaj were all sentenced to life in prison.

7 Scott Robin Roston

Photo credit: nydailynews.com

Scott Roston and Karen Waltz embarked on a cruise nine days after they were married. The pair decided to go on a moonlit jog around the upper-deck jogging track. They got into a fight. Roston strangled his wife and tossed her overboard.

Roston went to the bridge and told the staff captain that Waltz had fallen overboard. The captain contacted the police. Roston told officers that he had fallen behind on their run and was unable to save his wife when powerful winds blew her overboard.

Police did not believe his story, and they arrested him. Waltz’s body was found 12 hours later. She had a large bump on her forehead, marks on her neck, and a small puncture below her breast. An autopsy confirmed that she had been strangled.

Roston changed his story three days after he was arrested. He claimed that Israeli agents had killed Waltz in retaliation for his book Nightmare in Israel in which he wrote about human right abuses in Israel. Roston said that he knew so much about human rights violations in Israel that the country’s prime minister feared him.

Roston claimed that the country had sent people after him a few months earlier and that Israeli agents had ambushed him outside a shopping mall. The men had grabbed him and threatened him in Hebrew: “Israel wants you.” Roston had broken free, grabbed his gun, and shot one of the men before he sped away.[4]

Police and jurors rejected his claim. Roston was found guilty of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison, although his sentence was later reduced to 33 years.

6 Ernest Dumoulin

Ernest Dumoulin met Helga Konrad through a lonely hearts advertisement. After two weeks, they traveled to Scotland and eloped. On their wedding night, Dumoulin suggested that they go for a walk. He wanted to look at the city’s lights, chat, and enjoy each other’s company. When they reached the top of the cliff, he hugged his new wife and pushed her over the side.

A seaman discovered Konrad’s body, and he found two police officers. They ran into Dumoulin, who insisted that his wife had lost her footing and plunged to her death. Police took him in for questioning, and the couple’s room was searched.

They discovered details of a £412,368 insurance policy taken out on Helga’s life the day before she died. Dumoulin had attempted to cash in the policies the day after his wife died. However, the insurance company would not pay out due to the circumstances of Konrad’s death.[5]

Dumoulin was found guilty of murdering his wife and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released after 16 years.

5 Simran Pal Singh Bhullar

Photo credit: indiatimes.com

A few weeks after Simran Pal Singh Bhullar and Simranjeet Kaur were married, they left for their honeymoon. After they checked into their hotel, they went sightseeing. The couple got into an argument. Bhullar believed that his wife was having an illicit affair with a family member, and he confronted her.

Bhullar grew angry, and he hit and strangled his wife. He pushed Kaur off a cliff and waited on the spot for more than 30 minutes to ensure that she was dead.

Bhullar went on the run after the murder. A few days later, both Bhullar’s family and Kaur’s family filed missing person reports. Police managed to track Bhullar to a friend’s house after the friend’s father turned him in.

Officers questioned Bhullar, and he confessed to the murder. He led police to the murder scene, and they recovered his wife’s badly mutilated body.

Bhullar was sentenced to life in prison.[6]

4 Anthony Edwin Kircus

Anthony Kircus and Catherine Ann Alexandrowicz hit it off because they accepted each other’s drinking. The couple’s lifestyle revolved around alcohol. Unfortunately, Kircus was a mean drunk. He once beat Alexandrowicz severely, and the police were called. Kircus was arrested after he attacked two of the responding officers.

Kircus was released on bond, and he and Alexandrowicz decided to get married in Las Vegas. They spent their honeymoon drinking. A few days into their drunken celebration, the pair got into an argument. Kircus attacked Alexandrowicz, beating and strangling her until she was dead.[7]

Kircus left Alexandrowicz’s body in the hotel and drove off. Her body was found a couple days later. Police searched for Kircus, following his credit card trail. They arrested him in the valet section of a hotel where he was attempting to get into a stolen vehicle. Kircus confessed to the murder and was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

3 Michel Escoto

Michel Escoto was desperate for quick, easy money, and he managed to convince his girlfriend, Wendy Trapaga, to sign a $1 million life insurance policy. He pushed her to marry him and then convinced her to lie to her family about being pregnant.

Escoto met an ex-girlfriend, Yolanda Cerrillo, and he told her of his plan to kill Trapaga. He planned to drug Trapaga and drown her, making it look like she had died from an overdose. Cerrillo offered to help. She ground up Percocet, and they practiced how to drown the young woman.

Escoto and Trapaga married, and they booked a room at a local hotel. Escoto poisoned his wife’s drink, and she lost consciousness. She awoke when he attempted to drown her in the Jacuzzi.

After putting Trapaga in his car, he drove to Cerrillo’s house. Cerrillo followed Escoto to a deserted area. He pulled Trapaga out of his car, beat her with a tire iron, and strangled her until she died. He left her body lying on the ground. Then he and Cerrillo drove away.[8]

Trapaga’s battered body was soon discovered. Escoto told police that she had left the motel after they had argued, and he had not seen her since. Police were suspicious, but they had no evidence tying him to the murder.

Two months later, Escoto filed a claim for the life insurance money. He then sued the insurance company in an effort to collect on his late wife’s policy. During the civil trial, he gave conflicting versions of what had happened on the night of his bride’s death and authorities arrested him.

Cerrillo testified against him in exchange for immunity, and Escoto was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

2 Brian L. Umphrey

Photo credit: local8now.com

Brian Umphrey had an extensive criminal history: He had been arrested for forgery, theft, drug-related issues, and burglary. He had also been a suspect in at least nine assault cases. However, Cassandra Petry decided to overlook his past and married him.

Their relationship was rocky. Umphrey was a violent man who had once beat her so severely that she was hospitalized. Petry took out an order of protection, explaining that she had been beaten, choked, and held hostage. Umphrey broke into her home and threatened to burn the house down.

Then Umphrey decided to go on a crime spree. He stole Petry’s car and drained her bank account. While he was imprisoned, she divorced him. However, she still visited him in prison. When Umphrey was released, he went back to Petry.

The couple decided to remarry and went on their honeymoon a few weeks later. Umphrey attacked his wife with a knife as she lay in bed. He covered her body with sheets and cleaned up in the bathroom, leaving behind a bloody mess.[9]

Her family worried when she did not arrive home on time. They called police and asked them to check on her. They found her dead with multiple stab wounds. Police immediately named Umphrey as a suspect, and officers managed to catch him after a short police chase.

Umphrey pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

1 Claudius James Giesick

Samuel Corey managed to convince his friend, Claudius Giesick, to marry a girl for the insurance money. Giesick became a regular customer at massage parlors while he looked for the perfect bride. He discovered Patricia Ann Albanowski.

He took an immediate interest in Albanowski and swiftly proposed. She hesitated, and Giesick brought Corey by to help convince her to go through with the marriage. Corey was successful, and Albanowski agreed to marry Giesick. Corey offered to perform the ceremony, and the couple was quickly wed. Two days later, Giesick purchased insurance policies on Albanowski totaling $350,000.

The couple traveled to New Orleans for their honeymoon. Giesick left his bride alone for most of the trip. He was busy plotting her murder with Corey. He returned to their room late one night and told Albanowski that he wanted to show her a family of ducks. The pair stumbled to the bayou in the dark.

The couple stayed by the water for several minutes before they began to walk back to their hotel. Corey drove past, made a U-turn, and parked. He signaled with his parking lights, indicating he was ready.

Giesick stopped by a tree and signaled three times with his flashlight. He waited for the right moment, and then he shoved and tripped Albanowski. She fell into the street. Corey ran over her and then drove off. Someone else drove by, and they called the police. Albanowski was brought to the hospital, where she died a few hours later.[10]

Albanowski’s mother wrote a letter to the police. She mentioned that her daughter had called home only a few hours before her death, expressing concern about the large amount of insurance on her. When police investigated the policy, they learned that Giesick and Corey had both asked questions about hit-and-run accidents.

Police managed to convince Giesick to testify against Corey in exchange for a reduced sentence. Giesick was sentenced to 21 years in prison. However, he was released after 12. Corey was sentenced to death, which was later reduced to life in prison. He died while imprisoned.

10 Dating Geniuses That Know A Thing Or Two About Lovin'


10 Dating Geniuses That Know A Thing Or Two About Lovin'

Everyone needs to up their game. These are the true dating geniuses putting us all to shame.

1. It's all a numbers game.


2. Hard to say no to all of this.


3. This 10 year old is wise beyond her years.


4. Yeah, probably don't drag us out of bed for the stars unless we are SUPER into stars.


5. This person is dating a nerd. Well played.


6. Find someone who "gets" you.


7. The white board knows all.


8. Always carry bags of chocolate on you.

Thunder Dungeon

9. Remember, you are always your backup plan.


10. If all else fails...

Applications Are Now Open For ‘Love Island’ 2018 – Do You Have What It Takes?

Applications Are Now Open For ‘Love Island’ 2018 – Do You Have What It Takes?

When Love Island came to an end this year, plenty of people had a huge void in their hearts as they didn't know how to fill that one-hour slot every night. The country, weirdly, seemed to be obsessed with watching people banged up in villa in Spain for months.

Group chats were no longer flooded with speculation about Gabby and Marcel's relationship or moans about Chris and Olivia fighting (again). People had to move on and get obsessed with something else while contestants went on to the glamour of nightclub appearances from Dover to Oldham.

But if you watched this year's season and thought, 'Pfft I would absolutely smash that show', well, now is your chance. Applications are officially open for the ITV reality dating show and will stay that way until April.

Imagine getting to spend up to 10 weeks in a Spanish villa, trying your best lines that fail in Tiger Tiger, while the rest of the UK cringes and watches you attempt to have sex with someone.

However, bosses at the show don't take just anyone, you've got to be 'special'.

Casting producer Lewis Evans told Cosmopolitan having a good social media account is key: "It's always quite easy to gauge on there people who are popular, aren't afraid to show themselves off and have a big following. We also attend events and hold street castings for prospective Islanders. The key is that they are over 18, single and looking for love."

Many people will be making a New Year's resolution to 'find love' in 2018 and what better place than with dozens of cameras and orchestrated games designed to potentially split you and your Island mate (z-lister) up?

But filling out an application form and having a few thousand followers isn't the only aspects of the casting process. Once you make it over that hurdle, you go through a bunch of interviews so that you can show off your 'interesting and engaging' personality, according to Lewis.

Contestant Montana shared her tips in September of how to get onto the hit TV show, saying: "Dress up glam, ladies and gentlemen.

"Get your winged eyeliner on point (what if you'r a bloke?) because you will be on camera and they'll be showing the execs so it's best to look your best on that special day.

"Remember some really funny stories when you went out with your girlfriends, tell them that story. Don't just say 'Oh I'm really fun'. Yeah, but why are you fun? Like what makes you fun, what makes you different?"

The Tab reported shortly after this year's season came to a close that 80,000 people applied for Love Island 2017. That's a shitload of people looking for stardom love, and is five times more people than the number who applied for Cambridge University.

So it's no easy feat to get onto the show.

But while finding a soulmate or getting a cheeky £50,000 ($67.5K) cash prize if you win isn't a decent enough enticement then the possibility of endorsement deals certainly would be.

This year's bromance of Kem and Chris teamed up to release a single 'Little Bit Leave It', while Montana was predicted to earn nearly £2 million from various deals with swimwear modelling and fragrances.

So what are you waiting for? Once you've stopped considering the meaning of being a human being, get your application filled out.

18 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up In 2017

18 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up In 2017

At the end of the year, we look back at everything that died, including love. Celebrity breakups are hard for both the celebrity and for us, and while we hope they get back together, it doesn’t always happen.As we reflect on 2017, let’s pour one out for these celebrity relationships.


Selena Gomez and The Weeknd


Their breakup was the result of one of Justin Bieber’s devious plots, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it??


Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Brian To/WENN.com

In related news, love isn’t real.


Kylie Jenner and Tyga


Kendall Jenner tried to get them back together by handing them both a Pepsi.


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom


If these two incredibly attractive, talented, rich, and successful people can’t make it work, what hope do the rest of us have?


Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Michael Boardman/WENN.com

So the articles about how Fergie and Josh Duhamel keep their relationship strong were just full of lies, then????


Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs


We want him to go back out with Bella Swan. We don’t care that Bella Swan isn’t a real person. We just want it to happen.


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna


Why can’t any of the Kardashians hold on to a relationship? Is there no such thing as soulmates?


Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa


We can’t even process this. We’re still upset about her breakup with Marilyn Manson.


Jenny Slate and Chris Evans


Does anyone reading this know Chris Evans? And if so, can you slip him my phone number real fast? Thanks in advance!


Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Patricia Schlein/WENN.com

Does their breakup have anything to do with how bad Mother was?


Elon Musk and Amber Heard


The good news is that now Elon Musk will invent time travel to go back and repair the mistakes he made in his relationship. So, silver lining?


Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka


You can’t be surprised if Mariah Carey breaks your heart. She’s a heartbreaker. Did you not catch her warning in her song of the same name?


Shannon and David Beador


We’re looking forward to the Real Housewives of Orange County star’s inevitable realty TV show spin-off about her break up!


Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel


Meanwhile, Seal is penning a song to win Heidi back.


Aaron Carter and Madison Parker


Honestly, we were more surprised to find out that Aaron Carter is still alive.


Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

Nikki Nelson/ WENN

It’s like finding out your parents are getting divorced, but worse.


Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.


R.I.P. NASCAR’s power couple. This is such a drag! Buh-dum-ch!




Girl Creates List Of Rules Boyfriend Must Obey Before She Gave Him Christmas Present

Girl Creates List Of Rules Boyfriend Must Obey Before She Gave Him Christmas Present

Many people can relate to the immersive, all consuming feeling of playing a new video game.

Everything else somehow gets pushed to the back of your mind; whether that be personal hygiene, social commitments and even relationships…

However, one extremely thorough girlfriend wanted to make sure her other half didn’t forget about her existence after buying him a new copy of Call of Duty for Christmas.

University of Oklahoma student Ashley Davison presented the gift to her boyfriend Blake Perry along with a number of strict conditions:

1. If I call you must pause the game and talk to me with full attention

2. No starting another match if we are planning to hang out or I ask to hang out

3. You must ask if it is okay for you to play while I am over at your house with you. Make sure I have something to do while you are in battle.

4. You must reply to a text no longer than 11 minutes

5. Do not forget to give me just as much attention.

Blake had to sign the contract – entitled ‘Rules for Your New Gift’ – before any battles could commence, right underneath the following solemn declaration:

I, Blake Perry, will follow these rules and in return I will be enjoying my new game and loving my girlfriend at the same time.

But if I do not follow these rules my girlfriend, Ashley Davison, can take this game away from me at anytime for the rest of my life.

So I will follow these rules and not forget about my girlfriend.


Blake obliged, tweeting a picture of the contract with the following cheeky message:

Little does she know these rules will be broken.

The tweet has since been liked over 30,000 times, with many people taking a genuine interest in this very modern day love triangle.


However, Ashley’s slightly draconian rules have divided opinion, with some people concerned she is controlling Blake as if he himself is a games console character.

One worried Team XBoxer warned:

Nah bro… I’ve been through this before, she wants you to think it’s a joke but in reality if you don’t follow those rules she will go postal on you. Just beware.

Another said:

I know it’s not a joke to [sic]. He’s got a controlling psycho. Been there done that. Cod-1 crazy EX-0





Luckily, it appears Ashley won’t be boiling any bunnies/Call of Duty discs any time soon.

The terrifying-at-first-glance list is in fact just a bit of a festive joke between the young couple, confirmed by tweets from both.

Blake tweeted the following clarification to his newfound indignant fanbase:

Incase you couldn’t tell this is obviously a joke

Ashley has also spoken out in defence of her non-scariness:

Don’t worry I’m not going to go postal on him it 100% was a joke! Thanks for looking out for him though!



Hilariously, it isn’t even the New Year yet and Blake has apparently already broken the controversial contract.

Best way to resolve this dispute? Ashley, get on COD yourself and play against each other.

This way you will both be ignoring each others texts and nobody can be held to blame. I should seriously become a relationship counselor…



Cheating Girl With Two Boyfriends Puts Both To The Test To Find Out Who Is Loyal

Cheating Girl With Two Boyfriends Puts Both To The Test To Find Out Who Is Loyal

The hook-up generation has certainly emboldened both men and women to have casual relationships like it’s no big deal, with many having multiple partners all at the same time, leaving many to question their fidelity.

One woman with two boyfriends had their loyalty tested with the help of To Catch a Cheater, a YouTube channel dedicated to putting significant others’ faithfulness to the ultimate test by setting them up with attractive folk.

With the girl rooting for the first boyfriend to pass it, she was left disappointed when he agreed to hook up with the hot lady, and was surprised when her other guy managed to go through it with flying colors. But in a hilarious twist worthy of a facepalm, she still opted to stay with both guys.



People Shared Stuff About Sex That Surprised Them The First Time

People Shared Stuff About Sex That Surprised Them The First Time

People on Reddit are sharing their initial impressions of sex, and the responses vary from deeply relatable to absurdly specific. The journey to sexual enlightenment (or basic comfort with the act) is a unique one, but there are some obvious common threads of novice confusion that bond us all.

Given the universal appeal of sex, the answers were bountiful when the Reddit user Bld123 asked the question: What surprised you about sex the first time you had it?!

One user lamented how disappointing the act was in general.

This sounds like a personal problem, as other Reddit users pointed out. But again, it's rare that sex is stellar the first time out of the gate.

Obviously, people had different opinions here.

Some people focused on how lovely it is to experience the cuddling and overall physical intimacy.


The comments about cuddling got a bit depressing fast.

Still, it's refreshing to see strangers open up and share on this level.

One user had a hilariously cryptic comment about the difficulties of waterbed sex.


Another commenter expressed a preference for PT Cruisers over waterbeds.

Where are these people hiding?!

That escalated fast.

One woman shared a lovely story about the emotional intimacy and release she experienced the first time.

This is lovely.

While others lamented just how messy the ordeal can be.

It gets graphic.

One man revealed his awe at the sounds.

Bodies are majestic.

While another user shared a hilarious story about the "clapping sounds" during sex.

This is a crash course for sure.

At the end of the day, some Reddit users are just plain exhausted from the act.

Plus the LOTR references are on point.

It seems the jury is out, having sex for the first time is as disorienting as it is wonderful.

We'll cheers to that.

15 People Reveal The Moment They Knew They Were No Longer In Love


15 People Reveal The Moment They Knew They Were No Longer In Love

How do you tell someone who loves you and sees a future with you that you're no longer in love with them? There are sometimes moments in a loving relationship where you're hit with the realization that you don't love them. These 15 people went through just that and are opening up about it. Read on to find out how they honestly feel about it.


10 Cringe-Inducing Examples Of Dudes Being Brutally Friend Zoned

10 Cringe-Inducing Examples Of Dudes Being Brutally Friend Zoned




Here's Why These 17 People Don't Like Having Good Looking Friends

Here's Why These 17 People Don't Like Having Good Looking Friends



17 Confessions From People Who Are Secretly Planning To Leave Their Partner

17 Confessions From People Who Are Secretly Planning To Leave Their Partner

10 Things Most People Don't Understand About Sex


10 Things Most People Don't Understand About Sex

Sex is a complicated matter, and it's a major aspect of the human condition. We were born to have sex, but despite having it be part of our instinctual wiring, many of us really don't understand much about sex. Or, rather, we may have been misinformed, misled, or otherwise mis-educated about it.

Though this is an act almost everyone will end up doing at least once in their lives, there's a lot about sex people really don't get. Here are some of the most common misconceptions, and the truth behind them.

STD Transmission

The fact that people don't understand STD transmission is terrifying, and potentially lethal. Sadly, educators don't seem to care enough to actually school kids on the topic, so a lot of people still won't understand it until it's too late.

Here's something that people don't understand about sex and STD transmission - you don't need to have sex in order to get them. Many people have been infected with diseases like HIV, herpes, and syphilis via oral sex, analingus, and certain fetish acts.

Condoms are currently the only form of birth control that can protect against STD transmission, and it's still possible to get certain diseases while using a condom. HPV, for example, is often transmitted even with a condom.

Moreover, people also don't realize that a lot of STDs aside from HIV also are asymptomatic. STD screening tests also might not be able to pick up certain viruses for as long as six months.

The only way to make sure you're clean is to get tested, and the best way to prevent STD transmission is to use a condom and make sure your partner is regularly tested.

Sex's Impact on the Human Vagina

A very, very common myth is that women who have too much sex will have loose vaginas or the dreaded "roast beef" look.

This is bullshit and something people don't understand about sex.

How a woman's labias look has absolutely no bearing on how many sex partners you have. It's the way you're born. Some are "innies" and others are "outies."

Moreover, the "looseness" of a woman's vagina is often predetermined by birth, or at most, caused by childbirth. Even when you've given birth to multiple children, the looseness down there is typically negligible. Once people stop thinking that having sex physically "ruins" women, life for everyone will be a lot better.

LGBTQ Attraction

A common myth perpetuated by religious groups is that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality are "unnatural." The fact is that being gay is as natural as it gets, and has been around since before humans were even walking on the planet.

Penguins, seagulls, monkeys, fish, and even spiders have all been witnessed to have same sex partnerships. Saying that it's "not natural" is just not true.

Sexual Consent

Did you know that a lot of men who have been found guilty of raping women didn't realize they raped someone? Consent is supposed to be an "emphatic yes" according to the law.

Consent is not silence. It's not giving in and saying yes after 50 no's. It's not implied by body language. It's explict - a yes, and an emphatic yes, at that.

Moreover, there are many people, both men and women, who don't understand that consent also can be revoked if one partner lies about birth control. This is because the person who agreed to sex, agreed to it with birth control in place.

If you lie about birth control, wear a partner down over sex, or just "go for it" despite silence, you technically sexually assaulted someone or raped them.

Many men in particular don't understand consent because of the many social undercurrents in movies, books, and media that insinuate that forcing yourself on a girl is the easiest way to win her heart. Sadly, until that trope dies out, that's what we'll continue to teach kids.

Orgasm Vs. Ejaculation

Yes, it's possible to orgasm without ejaculating. Yes, this is something most people don't understand about sex. Men can have "ghost orgasms" if they ejaculated till their semen ran empty. It's rare, but it does happen.

But, it's not just a male thing - women regularly orgasm without ejaculating. Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is actually a lot rarer than a standard orgasm.

So yes, if your guy says that he came, don't assume he didn't because he didn't ejaculate. It's possible to have mental orgasms, "drygasms" and other forms of climax that don't involve fluid.

How to be Good At It

If you ask veterans of bedroom romps, they'll tell you that finding seriously good sexual partners is pretty rare. In fact, many people never really have seriously good lays. Sadly, the art of being good in bed is something that is grossly misunderstood.

The vast majority of a person's bedroom skills boils down to a little knowledge of anatomy, a little enthusiasm, and of course, communication. People want passion, and they want someone who focuses on their partner's pleasure. It's really not that hard to figure out.

At the bare minimum, physical talents like knowing how to massage your partner's G-spot, prostate, or frenulum can go a long way. Of course, the connection and communication you establish with your partner often is what makes you the most memorable.

Emotions After Sex

It's surprising how few people understand the emotional impact of sexual release.

Most people have heard about someone who has cried after sex, gotten irritable, or just been grouchy after sex. Assuming that this isn't because of something awful that was done to that person, this could be a hormonal mixup that scientists call postcoital dysphoria.

Postcoital dysphoria has nothing to do with the partner; rather, it's a sudden burst of negative emotions that can happen when your hormones get so rushed that your body can't handle it.

Similarly, it's important to note that sex also increases other emotion-altering hormones - primarily those associated with romantic bonding, love, and happiness. These hormones are called copulins, and yes, they do aid in bonding couples together.

That being said, having regular sex with a partner doesn't necessarily mean they'll fall in love with you thanks to copulins. Sometimes, things just don't click.

Oh, and sometimes you can have a mind blank during orgasm, too. This also can happen due to hormones or due to sensory overload.

Sex as Validation

A lot of men and women feel like having sex validates them - and to a point, it does. Society tends to look fondly at people who are somewhat sexually active.

But the fact is that it's not a smart source of validation. All it's saying is that you had sex. People have sex with people they don't find attractive all the time, for a variety of reasons.

Studies also show that people who have a lot of meaningless sex tend to be more depressed, mentally ill, and insecure. So, there's that.

Sex Frequency

Studies repeatedly show that people grossly overestimate how much sex everyone around them is having - and it's also having an effect on people. Thinking we don't get much action can trick us into feeling insecure or unattractive.

Believe it or not, most surveys show that the typical person will have sex around once to twice per week when they are coupled up.

Sex as an Obligation

Lastly, another common thing that people have noticed is that there are a lot of men who believe that a woman needs to be obligated to have sex under certain conditions. Sometimes, it's just the fact that the guy exists and is "nice." Other times, it's because the dude bought her dinner.

No. Not cool.

No one is obligated to give you sex, ever. Why is this still something people don't understand about sex? Saying that they are removes their right to choose what happens to their own body, and makes you a pseudo-rapist. If you didn't want to have sex with someone, would you still go through with it because they sad they were entitled to it? Of course not.

This is a serious double standard that's perpetuated by Nice Guy mentality, and it's toxic. Don't be that person.

17 Couples Confess The First Fights That Almost Broke Their Relationship

17 Couples Confess The First Fights That Almost Broke Their Relationship




15 Celebrity Marriages We Predict Will End In Divorce In 2018 (And Why)

15 Celebrity Marriages We Predict Will End In Divorce In 2018 (And Why)


We all want our fave celebs to have happy marriages, but just like the rest of us, “’till death do us part” is not always in the cards. Famous folks are not immune to infidelity, arguments, or just going their separate ways. Long-term Hollywood marriages are few and far between, meaning many star couples just do not last forever. Falling out of love seems to be the trend du jour.

Perhaps it’s the stress and pressure of being in the limelight or the fact that there is always someone better to go for, especially when you are a hot celeb who can get anyone they want. Just look at the recent break up of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Even this seemingly down-to-Earth and totally in love couple called it quits earlier this year. The shock was heard ’round the world — or at least by those who think Page Six is their bible. If they could not make it go the distance, then how can we expect any other celeb couple to grow old and gray together? With plenty of Botox and hair dye, naturally.

Of course, we’re no fortune tellers, but these 15 couples have given us good reason to think that they may find themselves single by 2018. We do not claim to know what goes on behind closed doors (save for the celebs who “leak” tapes), but from what we see in the papers and on TV, they may want to reactivate their Tinder accounts pronto.

15. Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres

Well don’t they look over the moon? If ever there were a couple that looked less thrilled to be together than these gals do, we’d need to call the medics. Sadly, it appears that former lovebirds, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, look like they have completely grown bored of one another. Gossip rags have been suggesting the couple was losing steam for years, and from what we can see in this pic of the two, the tabloids may have been on to something. Normally, DeGeneres is full of smiles and sunshine, but beside her wife, she looks like her talk show was just cancelled. If these two are so unhappy, divorce may give them a newfound hope that “the one” is still out there. Before they become guests on Dr. Phil, this couple may want to get some marital counselling.

14. Kim Kardashian West And Kanye West

This couple was questionable from the start. With Kim Kardashian West’s marriage track record, it is really a miracle that her marriage to Kanye West has lasted as long as it has. But will they make it through 2018? If Kanye keeps up with his wild rants and rages, Kim may throw in the Hermes towel. And it must be a struggle for Kanye to deal with the Kardashian-Jenner clan on a daily basis. All that filming and togetherness must make him lose his mind. Kanye considers himself to be a genius, after all, so how could he think a reality TV wife is up to his level of intellect? Sure, she is mega-successful, but what sort of conversations do they have when the cameras aren’t rolling? Plus, momager Kris would love to throw Kim another wedding, made for TV. If Khloe doesn’t get hitched soon, Kris may talk Kim into dumping Kanye and hooking up with another famous face. E!, are you listening?

13. Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott

For a couple with so many issues, they must be nuts that they are still married. Having more kids has not helped their long list of woes, and neither has Dean McDermott’s bitter ex who is seeking money for owed child support for his kid with her. Tori Spelling was once a TV fan favorite, thanks to her iconic role as “Donna” on Beverly Hills 90210. But these days, she is all about pimping out her ever-expanding family on reality TV, showing all their warts and blemishes for the world to cringe at. McDermott famously cheated on Spelling, and she chose to try to work things out. But from our perspective, things are still super-rocky. While it isn’t certain that either of these two will ever find another mate who will put up with them, it is clear that they are not the perfect match. Where’s “David Silver” when you need him?

12. Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes

It is a rare day when we see the hunky actor Ryan Gosling and his sexy actress wife, Eva Mendes together in public. Could the reason be that they are headed towards splitsville? Yes, they are both super successful and undeniably attractive, plus they have kids together, but this does not mean that their romance is going as well as it would if they were the stars of a sappy rom-com together. Fans have always pictured Gosling with someone else — perkier perhaps — and Mendes is more of a hermit. If these two are hiding something, it may very well be that their relationship is either a lie or on the rocks. Perhaps the next time we see either of them in public, they will each be on the arm of another lover.

11. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith

Rumors have swirled for years in regard to the state of the relationship between actor/rapper Will Smith and his long-time wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. This couple seems to have it all, but the nasty gossip still follows them year after year. They have two kids and great careers, and at one point, they seemed to be head over heels for each other. But perhaps there is some truth behind the whispers and cheesy gossip mag fodder. Will 2018 be the year that the Smiths separate? Both could surely find love again if the passion between them has run dry. New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be positive, but sometimes splitting with your spouse is the only route to take come January. If they do cut ties, at least they gave it the old college try.

10. Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been married before, and now he is again hitched to yoga pro/TV personality, Hilaria Baldwin. She’s a heck of a lot younger than her actor hubby, but that is nothing new when it comes to Hollywood May-December romances. Plus, they keep on poppin’ out the babies, so at least we know things in the bedroom are hot and heavy. But Baldwin seems like a guy who is a lot to handle. He has quite the quick temper and he is a take-charge, his-way-or-the-highway kind of guy. His wife seems to adore him and have the capabilities to put up with his antics, but the question is how long will the “honeymoon phase” last? Maybe she just wants some Baldwin in her kids’ DNA and then she’ll head off to the Hamptons with her wad of alimony dough. Look out Alec, this yoga honey may be in it for the money!

9. Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady

Beauty, talent, fame, fortune, and all that is good in the world has fallen into the lovely laps of the annoyingly awesome-looking couple of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her athlete husband, Tom Brady. They are both on top of the world and excelling in their high-paying, high-status careers. Fans adore and envy them and their star power keeps getting brighter. She is a beauty beyond compare and he is a ball player with talent and good looks too. Their kids are adorable, and they seem to be in love. But maybe this is all part of the game. Perhaps their agents set them up to seem like they have it all when in reality, they can’t stand one another. If that is the case, there’s no better time than 2018 to sign those papers and break it off. She could get any man she wanted and he could snag any babe on Earth. Let the rest of the world in on your fabulousness!

8. Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux

The world still wonders if Jennifer Aniston is still pining for her ex, the impeccable Brad Pitt. Of course, she denies wanting anything to do with him, even though things went down the tubes with Ange. Aniston is presumably happily married to Justin Theroux, but everyone seems to have their questions about this partnership. Is it the real deal or is he the best runner-up to her first hubby? Yes, Theroux is quite the catch, but once you’ve been with Brad Pitt, who could possibly compare? Although celeb mags claim that Aniston is pregnant every time she eats an extra slice of pie, we can’t help but wonder if the romance between her and her man is solid. They seem to get along just fine, but does she fantasize about Pitt when the lights go out? If she dumps Theroux in 2018 and Pitt’s still not back together with Jolie, there is a chance for a rekindling. Wouldn’t the world love that?!

7. Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss and her man, Todd Tucker live much of their lives on reality TV as stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. Heck, they even met while filming. It has got to be a challenge to have cameras in your face 24/7, even if you’ve signed up for the gig. The pay may be decent, but Burruss is rich enough as is. Does she really need all that NeNe-fueled drama in her life? It can’t be good for a marriage, let alone one that just brought a new baby boy into the world. Not to mention, a good portion of celeb marriages that we see on reality TV turn to crap after a short period of time. Will this one be any different? All the fighting and craziness that goes on in Georgia is enough to make anyone lose their cool, even someone as awesome as Burruss. Let’s hope she and Tucker take their final paycheck from Bravo this December or else we may see a newly single Burruss holding that peach in 2018.

6. Beyoncé And Jay Z

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and from the look of this one, just a single word is all that is needed — divorce.Beyoncé looks pissed about whatever her man is texting, let alone who he is texting with. We all heard about Jay Z’s cheating scandal thanks to “Lemonade,” and it does not seem like Beyoncé is quite over the drama. Sure, these two just had twins and seem to have it all career- and money-wise, but there is more to life than glitz and glam. This “power couple” is losing electricity, and if something doesn’t change soon, Beyoncé is going to being showing Jay Z “to the left.” For the sake of their kids, let’s hope they keep things amicable, but as far as romance goes, this couple is as over as Destiny’s Child.

5. Harvey Weinstein And Georgina Chapman

In further sexual allegations news, there is the alleged very bad behavior of Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. The list of women who claim Weinstein is a total creep and major perv gets longer by the day, and he has been dropped like a flaming hot potato by his high-level company. Famous faces have accused the man of all sorts of lewd and crude behavior, and the #metoo movement is much stronger than any excuses he can possibly muster up. His designer wife, Georgina Chapman, has left him, but they have yet to officially divorce. Next year will likely be the year that the papers are signed, sealed, and delivered. Let’s hope Weinstein doesn’t try to hit on the delivery person in the process as he opens the door in his bathrobe.

4. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

The wedding between Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle has been set for May of 2018. But that doesn’t mean it will last. Of course, we all wish them the best, but the odds are stacked against them. She’s American and has been married once before. Surely, no matter what they say to the press, the royal family isn’t too keen on her backstory. Not to mention those racy internet pics floating all over the web. Kate is super prim and proper, and Markle is a Hollywood actress who once made a living as a living prop on a TV game show. How could she compare to William’s woman? Markle may be pretty and kind, but the Queen was expecting a woman far more elite for her darling Prince Harry to wed. Unless she gets pregnant on her honeymoon, this could be the shortest-lived marriage the royals have ever seen.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy

The marriage of former child actress-turned fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen and French banker Olivier Sarkozy is one of the strangest matches we’ve seen in some time. There’s the considerable age difference, the eye-catching height difference, and all the other differences in between. He has two kids and she looks like one of them. The two seem to be in love, but the oddness of their pairing makes us do a double-take every time we see their photo in the press. They have been married for two years already, but maybe they will come to realize that they are not the perfect match come next year. Olsen is a twin, so perhaps she was seeking a mate that couldn’t be any more different from her. Well, she succeeded, but that is not what makes for a solid marriage. The bright side? Fuller House will always have her back if things don’t work out with Sarkozy.

2. Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney

The reality show couple of Vanderpump Rules has had their share of ups and down — heavy on the downs. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney finally got hitched, but not after years of fighting and bickering to the point of exhaustion. Why these two stayed together as long as they have is a total mystery. They seem to be a terrible mismatch, yet they keep on trying to work it out. Is it simply for a reality television storyline, or are these two just completely insane or masochistic? If you thought their buddy Jax was a hot mess, let these two give him a run for his money. Now that Schwartz and Maloney are man and wife, we expect the “7-year itch” to be more like one. If they are still married in 2018, pigs will be flying to the tunes the fat lady sings.

1. Matt Lauer And Annette Roque

Rumors of a marriage gone wrong between former Today Show anchor Matt Lauer and his ex-model wife Annette Roque have been swirling for years throughout NYC and the Hamptons. They have stayed together all this time, but folks have claimed that Lauer has been dipping his toe (ahem) into the dating pool while his wedding band remained on the nightstand for years. Apparently, Roque put up with it, but as of late, much worse allegations have emerged about her husband. S*xual misconduct in the workplace is nothing to take lightly, and now may be the time that Roque finally says goodbye to her husband. He screwed up royally, and she likely feels like a fool for staying with him all this time. The Today Show dropped him in a spilt second, and Roque may very well follow suit. Nobody would blame her. Maybe Al Roker can set her up with one of his more decent friends.

9 Facts About The BDSM Lifestyle

9 Facts About The BDSM Lifestyle

BDSM is a lifestyle that involves power play between two or more people. It is often between a dominant and a submissive but there are a variety of different forms that BDSM takes on. The exact lifestyle is up to you. Many people are curious about BDSM and as such want to know more about it.

In this post, you will find some facts about BDSM that will hopefully pique your interest. It doesn't hurt to explore, so keep reading.

What does BDSM stand for?

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. It is a catch all term for a large collection of sexual styles/practices. There are many more that fall into these categories.

There are both male and female dominants.

A popular myth for those outside the BDSM world is that BDSM is full of men who like to dominate women and take advantage of them. Sometimes this has lead to claims of BDSM being sexist. However, there are dominant personalities to be found among both men and women. And the percentages aren't that far from equal.

BDSM is natural.

Over the years many people have attempted to claim that BDSM is unnatural and some have gone as far as to say it is a sin. This is far from true. BDSM is a natural sexual style that is about following our existing tendencies to be dominant or submissive. Many psychologists actually believe it to be a good way to explore one's desires and enhance a relationship.

BDSM Is Not 50 Shades of Gray

50 Shades Of Gray is a fantasy movie. It has given the BDSM world a bad name while making some want to try things that are against the lifestyle. You are supposed to build trust when you are in a BDSM relationship. There is also always a no in BDSM, a safe word to tell your partner when they need to stop.

Sex isn't always a part of BDSM.

The term BDSM does not have the word sex in it anywhere. While the practices may be considered sexual in nature, sex isn't always involved. In fact, there are professional dominatrixes and dominants around the world who charge money to be dominant. Most of these people would never have sex, no matter how much you paid them.

There Are BDSM Dating Sites

Just like there are swingers communities and gay communities, there are BDSM communities. A large number of these communities are online dating sites where people can feel free of judgement. Like BDSMdatingonlyAlt.comFetlife, there are a lot of BDSM dating sites you can choose from. In fact, whole businesses have evolved from the BDSM world.

You can even find BDSM conventions.

Just As Many People Like BDSM

There are a lot of people who like vanilla sex but it might surprise you to hear that there are just as many people who enjoy BDSM over vanilla sex. While not every member of the community will have something as elaborate as a dungeon, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy it.

Similarly, just because someone likes BDSM does not mean that they don't enjoy vanilla sex.

An encounter with BDSM is known as a scene.

When you set up an encounter with BDSM, such as a hookup or even just having sex between partners, it is known as participating in a scene. Some say this evolves from when BDSM was discouraged in normal relationships and you had to pay a professional for a scene.

BDSM Can Incorporate Toys But It Doesn't Have To

Many people think of whips and chains when they think of BDSM. It is true that both of these things have been a part of the BDSM community for ages but they don't make the BDSM community what it is. Everyone in the community has their own preferences and that sometimes includes toysand sometimes doesn't.

BDSM is a large community that has followers worldwide. While it may still be shunned in some parts of the world, most of the world is open to its practice. It is a healthy sexual passtime that a lot of people can learn and grow from. Why don't you take a chance and try it with your partner?




23 Fun Facts About Dating

23 Fun Facts About Dating

Interesting facts about the dating world that might make you laugh, smile, freak-out and share!

  • Most couples are willing to enter an exclusive relationship after six to eight dates.
  • Most common time for breakups is around three to five months.

  • It takes between 12-14 dates before couples will trade house keys.
  • Women who post a photo on Internet dating sites receive twice as many email messages as women who don’t.
  • Men who report incomes higher than $250,000 received 156% more emails than those with $50,000.
  • On free dating sites, at least 10% of new accounts are from scammers.
  • Ninety-two percent of single parents would rather date other single parents.


  • 33% of online daters form a relationship.
  • In a survey of 5,000 singles, 43% said fresh breath mattered the most, 17% said stylish clothes, 15% said sexy fragrance, 14% said good skin, and 10% said great hair.
  • It is suggested you wait until the third date to cook someone dinner at home.
  • Nearly 40% of men do not feel confident meeting a women for the first time.
  • Women will base 55% of her initial impressions of a man on his appearance and body language.


  • Dating specialists suggest that if a woman doesn’t return a call after two messages, she’s not interested.
  • If a woman offers to pay for everything, chances are she isn’t into the date.
  • Research shows that men know they’re falling in love after just three dates, but women don’t fall in love until date 14.
  • Twenty to forty million Americans have used online dating services.
  • Nearly 50% of online daters are aged 18-34
  • Over 50% of all singles in America have not had a date in more than two years.
  • 48% of online daters reported that their breakups occurred via email.
  • Italian food is one of the most popular restaurants for a first date.


  • On average, daters will kiss on a second date.
  • On average, couples have sex within about four to six dates.
  • The third week in September is National Singles Week in the U.S



6 Common Injuries That Can Occur During Sex

6 Common Injuries That Can Occur During Sex

Sex is fun, making love is romantic, and of course, a good fucking is hot. While these are all common verbs to describe sex, what are words we often do not associate with intercourse? How about injuries, hospitalization, and maybe even a broken dick (yes, I know that is two words but how often does one get to say broken dick!)

While many of us have experienced painful or uncomfortable sex, it would blow your mind to know how many people seek medical attention for their bedroom dilemmas. Why are so many people getting banged up while they get banged out you ask? Well for starters, an overabundance of excitement and of course the kinky/dangerous fetish gone wrong but more boringly because some people are just idiots, out of shape, and clumsy. Let’s take a look at a few that take the cake, shall we!

Cat Attacks

Image via BecauseImaCat

I never was a cat person and now after reading of few of these sexual cat attacks, I see no chance of me liking the pussies in the near to ever future. It seems like feline ambushes are not uncommon in the bedroom but more surprisingly is that they know just where to attack, the genitals. I read case after case of men’s balls being clawed at by angry kitties in attempt to protect their owners.

Pulled Muscles

Image via Youtube

Nothing like a strained neck from giving head while in a plank-inspired 69 position, what that never happened to you? Thanks to body-numbing endorphins pumping through our veins during sex, we often think our ligaments are much more flexible than they really are. Wrapping your legs around your head may seem like a good idea tonight, but don’t be surprised if you need to sit on a blowup donut tomorrow.

Vaginal Tears and Bruises

Image via Bustle

Lubrication is all you need to prevent this mishap but I think all women are guilty of taking it deep while being under-moistened. The thing about vaginal tears is if left untreated they can lead to nasty infections. Let us also remember to never allow any foreign sharp objects to enter our hoo-haa as well as to not get banged by too many dicks at once. True story, one woman was fucked so hard and by so many that she actually bruised and damaged her ovaries. YIKES!

Rug Burns

Image via Reprn

If you see an adult with 2 gnarly knee burns assume she was either partaking in an intense game of tag on the playground or giving a very intense blowjob across a wool carpet. Either way, “Get off your knees, ho!”

Broken Penis

Image via Cosmopolitan

Technically, a man cannot break his penis since there are no bones, but he can certainly bust, tear, or pop the blood vessels inside. How does one fracture their weiner you ask? When a boner is forcefully bent, that’s how. Looking for some examples? An older British man was peacefully beating his meat when his mother decided to barge in without knocking. As he rolled off the bed and onto the floor, he reported hearing a loud snapping noise, the snapping of his dick in half. Another man was enjoying the ride of his life given by his girlfriend when she flipped backwards, off his dick and the bed, bending and fracturing his penis on the way out!

Lost Condoms

Image via Leganerd

In a vagina or in an ass, condoms are widely reported of getting lost. However, there is one misplaced condom story I still can’t get over. After 6 months of dealing with a persistent cough, a woman finally sought medical attention to uncover the mystery bug. What did the doctors find? A condom lodged in her esophagus. That’s right folks, this woman accidentally inhaled a condom while giving fellatio and had no idea for almost half a year. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this bitch was smoking crack in order not to notice that shit go down.

Police Wives Confess What It's Really Like Being Married To A Man In Blue


Police Wives Confess What It's Really Like Being Married To A Man In Blue



15 Young Celebs Who Shacked Up With Oldies

15 Young Celebs Who Shacked Up With Oldies


Is age just a number? For these celebrities, they are certainly making a good argument for it. There are huge debates about whether or not your soul mate could be someone that’s significantly younger than you are. Many people believe that it’s never okay to date someone with a big age gap, but there are also others that believe that age is just a number and that you should follow your feelings as long as beyond the age of consent of course. It used to be that it was more common for young women to date older men, but that’s not the case anymore. It’s just as likely for a woman these days to date a young man, too.

Hollywood is certainly the place where you will find huge age gaps between couples. It’s been a growing trend for years. Women who date younger men are seen unfairly as cougars while men who date younger girls are considered to be “cool.”

We have found a list of celebrities who don’t mind dating older people. There are some differences; some are dating because of love while others are obviously there for the financial gain. Let’s be real here; we highly doubt there is ever a real case for saying a 22-year-old model falls in love with a 70-year-old man. We’re not here to judge. Check out these young celebrities who like to date oldies.

15. Aaron And Sam Taylor-Johnson

This isn’t a couple that is dating. They are married and many people have asked what a handsome young guy sees in a woman who is older and plain looking. Sam Taylor Wood directed the movie Nowhere Boy, a movie that Aaron Johnson starred in. That was how they met, and what was most shocking was that Aaron was only 18 at the time while Sam Taylor was 42. Many would say that this is an impossible relationship, but the couple claim to be very much in love. Aaron has said that Sam saved him from a life as a self-destructive teenager and turned him into a good man. They were married and they both legally changed their names to Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson. The two have two daughters together. Maybe true love has no number.

14. Kourtney Kardashian And Younes Bendjima

There is a 14-year age gap between Kourtney Kardashian and her new hot model boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. They don’t seem to be complaining about it, though. There is no doubt about it; he is tall, dark, and handsome. Bendjima has been working in the modelling industry for huge labels such as Burberry, Hermes, and Ralph Lauren. Some may say that the couple is together because he wanted some exposure in his career. Who’s to say, but they certainly look happy together. The couple met in 2016 during Paris Fashion Week. Many weren’t sure if they were actually a couple, but recently there has been plenty of public displays of affection. They were also seen at the Cannes Film Festival where they were very affectionate with each other. Only time will tell if these two will make it despite the large age gap between them.

13. Anna Nicole Smith And J. Howard Marshall

This love story was one for the books. We don’t doubt that the girl cared for the old man because she was that type of person, but there is a strong argument that she was getting some serious perks and liked living a lavish lifestyle by being with J. Howard Marshall. Young pretty blondes don’t typically shack up with men his age unless they are getting something out of it. Unfortunately for Smith, she didn’t get what she was promised in the end. Marshall promised Smith that she would get half of his billions if she married him, which she did, but he never put it in his will, so she didn’t get it after he died. They were only married for 13 months at the time of his death, so it certainly wasn’t a lot of time that she put in, but she went to court to fight for the billions. She probably should have made sure she was in his will before she married him.

12. Matt Bomer And Simon Halls

There is a 14-year age difference between Matt Bomer and Simon Halls, but they haven’t let that stop them from getting married. They tied the knot in 2011, but they kept it private because at the time, Bomer wasn’t open about being gay. He publicly came out in 2012 and that was when they announced that they were also married. Bomer has always been a hottie in Hollywood and his husband is easy on the eyes as well. Simon Halls is a publicist in Hollywood when the two met and fell in love. This couple is definitely not the type to air their dirty laundry in public; their relationship is very private. The couple has three sons together and they seem very much in love. It seems like age really is just a number.

11. Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

These two lovebirds are so adventurous and fun-loving that it’s hard to believe that there is an 11-year difference between them. But we do see Ryan Reynolds becoming a silver fox. These two have been showing us #relationshipgoals for a while now, so we don’t think age really matters to them. They got married in 2012, which did come as a surprise to everyone, but they have certainly done everything in their power since then to prove that they are the perfect couple. Considering they have been married for almost six years and are still happy and pulling pranks on each other. They are both gorgeous people who have the same sense of humor and are both killing it in Hollywood these days.

10. Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy

This is one couple that has us shaking our heads. Many people feel that the Olsen twins have regularly been dating father figures. We would say that she might be looking for security, but she’s got a fortune all on her own. He’s a banker and she doesn’t care about their age one bit despite the 17-year difference. “I think we’re lucky. [Working hard] comes quite naturally for us. We don’t need so much time to sit and think and ponder,” Mary-Kate told The Edit. “But then I have a husband, two stepkids and a life; I have to go home and cook dinner. I ride horses on the weekends. You find the thing that helps you relax, and if you don’t have it, you have to look for it. Or you get burned out, and then you’re not productive.”

9. Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse

There was a 17-year age difference between these two before they broke up. They spent two years together, though, so it wasn’t just some casual fling. He’s gorgeous, famous, and rich, so we know why she was with him. But she sure looked very young; we’re not sure why he was with her. Soon after their breakup, he settled down with Irina Shayk, so maybe he realized he should be starting a family instead of fooling around with 21-year-old girls. Allegedly, he broke up with her because she never supported his career or visited him while he was on set. Well, she’s just a kid, she probably didn’t want to hang out on a set all day long. At the end of the day, it appeared as if the two were in very different places and let’s be honest, what would the two of them have to talk about? They lived in totally different worlds.

8. Amber Heard And Johnny Depp

This one we had a hard time understanding because it just didn’t seem to fit from the beginning. The two met on set and they seemed to hit it off right away. Amber Heard is young and truly breathtaking to look at. Although Johnny Depp is certainly good looking with a mysterious flair to him, he hasn’t aged as well as say George Clooney has. Depp isn’t the only older man she has dated; she was also linked to Elon Musk at one point. So, she clearly likes older men. Though Depp was more than twenty years older than her, they seemed to get along. That is until the alleged physical abuse and the divorce. It was an odd pairing to begin with, and it had a terrible ending, so this is a relationship that proved that age is a big deal.

7. Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness

These two have been in love for 21 years, so they don’t care about the thirteen-year age difference between them. Deborra-Lee Furness is an Australian actor who was lucky enough to marry one of the sexiest men alive. Hugh Jackman has no problem gushing about how much he loves his wife, telling the world that she is “the greatest woman alive.” Furness, however, isn’t a fan when people say that she’s lucky to be with Jackman. She states that her husband wasn’t a prize that she won in the lottery and it’s demeaning that people think that luck had anything to do with it. Furness believes they are together not only because they love each other, but because they work hard at their relationship too. “If you want something, you put it out there with good intention and you release it.”

6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley And Jason Statham

Don’t these two just look adorable together? Most of their pictures together are adorable; they seem to have a lot of fun together. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham have a 20-year age difference between them. She’s a stunning model and he’s a famous movie star, and a handsome one at that. It’s not really surprising that these two hooked up. They are considered to be one of the hottest British couples. They’re now married and share a child together. It doesn’t look like these two are breaking up anytime soon. Age doesn’t seem to matter to them one bit. Do what makes you happy, we say.

5. Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor

At what point would you say a couple has too much of an age gap. Can a 20-year-old date an 80-year-old and call it love? It’s hard to believe that there are people falling in love that have huge gaps between them. That’s certainly the case for Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor who have 32 years between them. We would imagine they wouldn’t even be in the same stage in their lives or wouldn’t have much to talk about. Paulson announced in 2015 that she was dating someone and that their relationship was the “most wonderful and extraordinary thing.” She was talking about the iconic actress Holland Taylor. The two had met ten years earlier, but Paulson was in a relationship at that point. So, why would Paulson want to date someone old enough to be her mother? She stated in an interview with The New York Times, “What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor.”

4. Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa

One thing is for sure, Lisa Bonet is one hell of a lucky girl because Jason Momoa is seriously the most gorgeous man on the planet. Not that she’s not good looking, she has an exotic and ageless beauty that is striking as well. Bonet is 11 years older than Momoa and he actually had a crush on her when she was on The Cosby Show. He was crushing hard on her for many years before they even met. When he did finally meet her, he acted like a totally obsessed fangirl, but she must have seen something in him that she liked. They married in 2007 and had two children together. He is also the stepfather to her daughter Zoe Isabelle Kravitz, who is also the daughter of Lenny Kravitz. The two have an amazing love story and they seem to have a strong and loving bond.

3. Ryan Gosling And Sandra Bullock

This was another surprising couple, though Ryan Gosling has always been a lady’s man. At the time, Bullock was sixteen years older than the hottie. Although they were cute together, it always seemed like an odd pairing. They met on the set of Murder by Numbers and apparently fell in love, though no one got the match. Many people didn’t see it working, but they were together for a while. This, of course, was before Gosling had the fame that he does now. In 2011, he considered Bullock to be one of the best girlfriends he’s ever had, so we wonder why it didn’t work out. “I had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time. I haven’t met anybody who could top them.” We’re sure that he feels differently now that he is married to Eva Mendes.

2. Beyoncé Knowles And Jay Z

Another celebrity union where there is a huge age gap and we just don’t understand the relationship. We get it, Jay-Z is a super famous guy who has a ton of money, but aside from that, we could never understand this match. He’s not anywhere near Beyoncé in the looks category and he’s 12 years older than her. She seems way out of his league. When you throw in the fact that he cheated on her, you really have to question the union between the two. Why would you cheat on such a gorgeous and talented woman just to be with another girl who is probably only after your money anyway? It just makes no sense. The two were married in 2008 and have been working hard at keeping their marriage together ever since. They have a daughter together and recently added twins to the mix.

1. Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones

This was yet another relationship that surprised everyone. These two have 25 years between them and at first, many people doubted their union, but they are still together after all these years. The two have been married now for a whopping 17 years, so something must be working well between them. They have been honest about the fact that they have had some trouble over the years and the couple even took a break back in 2013. But they seem to be determined to make their love survive. No relationship is perfect and it takes a lot of work to keep a strong foundation together. There has to be a reason that the two have been together so long and that’s probably because they genuinely love one another. Zeta-Jones has said, “It’s a long road and I think people today are so quick to throw in the towel on marriage. You have to give it your best shot and not give up when the first problem arises because that won’t be the last problem.”


18 People Share The Most Insane Wedding Dramas They've Ever Witnessed

18 People Share The Most Insane Wedding Dramas They've Ever Witnessed


Woman Reveals She Was 'Prescribed Orgasms' To Treat Her Bipolar Disorder

Woman Reveals She Was 'Prescribed Orgasms' To Treat Her Bipolar Disorder

A woman has revealed how her doctor 'prescribed' her orgasms to treat her depression.

Penny Sullivan – not her real name – had pulled her own hair out as a youngster, and suffered anorexia and bulimia.

After struggling with low moods, anxiety and anger for decades she was finally diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.

Then her doctor prescribed her medication, suggested she give up alcohol and get more exercise – all standard advice.

But he also prescribed sex – and 'as much of it as she could handle'. According to Australian website whimn.com.au, Penny had a naturally high sex drive so 'that was a lot'.

The mother-of-three followed doctor's orders and was amazed to discover that regular intimacy with her husband helped stabilise her moods.

Orgasms release feel-good hormones and semen contains mild anti-depressant compounds, according to experts.

'We don't always have to have intercourse either, simply touching, cuddling or just fooling around and being connected can be just as great to get those feel goods,' she said.

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another.

Sufferers have periods or depression when they may feel very low and lethargic then episodes of mania – feeling very high and overactive.

Can sex 'cure' depression?

Studies have consistently linked regular sexual activity to improved emotional well-being.

It has been found to releases a range of hormones that enable us to relax, helping to lower our levels of the so-called 'stress hormone' cortisol, according to sexologist Isiah McKimmie from Sydney, Australia.

'Sex elevates our mood through the release of hormones and endorphins it causes in our brain,' she told whimn.com.

'It increases oxytocin (a love and bonding hormone,) serotonin (a happiness hormone) and dopamine levels. These help us experience feelings of love, connection and happiness.

'Additionally, semen contains mild anti-depressant compounds. Women who have unprotected sex with their partners have been shown to have elevated moods compared to women who always or mostly use condoms.'

Physically, regular sex life has been shown in studies to lower blood pressure and reduce our risk of heart attack.

A 2010 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology revealed that frequent love making had a protective effect on the male heart.

Men who slept with their partner at least twice a week were up to 45 per cent less likely to suffer from the condition.

Unfortunately, sexual dysfunction is a known side-effect of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) antidepressants, which include Prozac, Seroxat, Cipramil and Lustral.

Symptoms can include erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm in women and genital numbness.

Around five million people in the UK take SSRIs, and 58 per cent of them could be experiencing these kinds of sexual side-effects, according to one authoritative study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in 2001.

If you want to talk to someone confidentially, call the Samaritans, free of charge, on 116 123. You can talk to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, visit the Samaritans website or email [email protected]






How You Could Rate The Quality Of Your Marriage in 1939

This Is How You Could Rate The Quality Of Your Marriage in 1939 -

In 1939, American psychologist George W. Crane wanted to measure the quality of couples and marriages by creating two questionnaires entitled The Marital Rating, one for the wife and one for the husband. Both questionnaires  are of course incredibly misogynistic and allow us to learn a great deal about the values surrounding marriage and the place of women in the society of the 1930s. Deliciously vintage


17 Twins Reveal The Shocking Reasons They Hate Each Other

17 Twins Reveal The Shocking Reasons They Hate Each Other

Having a twin must be so much fun, right? A built in best friend given to you at birth and a companion for life. Twins in the movies always seem to be having a blast and appear to be ridiculously close. The rumored telepathic abilities do seem like fun too. Unfortunately, real life is much different than the movies. In some cases, having a twin means having a built in worst enemy instead! These twins get real about why they hate their twin sibling. These confessions will make you question everything you've heard about the bond of twins.


13 Of The Worst Dating Stories You Will Hear Today


13 Of The Worst Dating Stories You Will Hear Today

Dating is hard and dating idiots is even harder. Take a look at the following 13 blurbs from Ask Reddit about people who found some of the biggest idiots around. Another reason I am oh so glad I’m married.

1. Giddy Up

She showed me pictures of her ex’s penis. Before, and after she photoshopped a little cowboy hat and sheriff’s badge on it.

2. Let’s Go Camping

I dated a girl for 2 years, thought I was gonna marry her.She invited me on a camping trip with her family. Turns out it was her “family,” as in 100ish people involved in a doomsday cult. Took a while to get over that one.

3. More to be Desired

So I went on a couple dates with this girl and she was giving me some signs that she was ready to get a little physical. So I lean in close and try to kiss her, and she turns her face away from me. Stunned I end up going home and thinking it was over between us. Later on, she contacts me and starts hinting we should go out again. I decide to go for it, again, after getting some heavy hints and she pushes me away. So now I just ask, what’s going on? She says, “I go on dates with you so I don’t feel like I’m undesirable, but I’m not attracted to you.”She called me the next day and I told her I’m not dating people who make me feel undesirable, then hang up.

4. Whip and Nay Nay

I met a local dude on OKCupid and we decided to meet up one night to hang out. He took his penis out in my car because he thought we would have sex.Not okay, sir. Not okay.

5. The cost of No Cavities

A guy I had met three days previously offered to pick me up and “hang out”. I was cool with that, but he ended up dragging me around on errands (we went to his dentist appointment) and then when I said I wanted to leave, he said he’d give me a ride home but only in exchange for a blowjob.I was pretty scarred about dating after that.And no, I didn’t give him a blowjob, I got out right there and walked to a bus stop.

6. Parks and Rec

Had a friend’s friend ask me out, saying he’d love to just hang out with me and smoke and have a few drinks.. I said I don’t mind (I found him kind of attractive).
He then asked if I liked parks.. Uhmm, yes, I do enjoy parks (I run and our area has several nice parks for running). His response?

“Cool, let’s swing by ___ park first.. we can hang out and talk a bit before going to the bar for drinks.. and there’s this cozy spot where you can blow me”

Apparently I attract a**hats.

7. Jesus Save Me

I remember a girl in college who agreed to go out with me. She said she had a surprise for me.

Christian revival meeting. Buuuuuuh!

8. That Escalated Quickly

On my first date with a guy from an internet dating site, he took us to the Scientology museum in London. I thought “Hmmm, original, easy to find things to talk about/ laugh at the craziness of, this could be fun.”
Then he proceeded to read every, single, piece of writing on every, single exhibit, ask the attendant very probing questions about how one goes about joining scientology etc. etc. and sounding slightly too interested to just be intrigued about a religion. Also he was visibly sweating.

Once we were done there we went for a glass of wine and he told me he used to shoot heroin.

I was out of there like a shot.

9. No Red Meat

In college this guy from one of my classes asked me to go out with him out of the blue (we’d never even talked before) but he was pretty cute so I said sure.

We exchanged numbers and he said he’d call me with details. He called the next day and told me we were going to a restaurant that was WAY out of my price range. We’re talking like no way will this bill will be under $100. I tried talking him out of it and when that didn’t work flat out saying I couldn’t afford something like that but he insists and tells me not to worry (this all really should have been a clue to me). So I say fine and agree to go.

We get to the restaurant and the waiter comes over and I go to order (the cheapest thing on the menu) when he stops me and says, “Ignore her, we’re both having the steak.”

“But I don’t like steak.”

“She’s just saying that because she’s poor. We’ll have steak.” And shoos the waiter away.

I’m mortified and pissed and want to leave but he was my ride. He tries to make conversation and just proves to me that he really is an a**. Then he says he has to go to the bathroom and leaves. I’m sitting there for a good 10 minutes before he texts me “Hahaha I got the shits from drinking last night don’t eat without me.”

That was the last straw. I call the waiter over, pay for my meal, and go to the Starbucks down the street to call my friend to pick me up.

10. T-Boned

When I was a teenager I worked at a retail store in the mall and a guy who worked a few stores down would always come in and talk to me.

He was super sweet and genuine and would randomly take me to lunch and bring me coffee and the like. It was nice to just have someone to talk to and who seemed genuinely interested in me and what I had to say. He asked me on a date a few times and I always declined. I don’t like the idea of dating someone who I work with/work next to (just in case it goes sour).

After a month or two I finally agree to go on a date with him, because good guys are hard to find! I couldn’t just let him pass by. He picks me up at my house and on our way to dinner we get into a car accident. The driver’s side was t-boned pretty badly and we ended up having to go to the hospital where he contacted his roommate….. who then contacted my date’s girlfriend.

11. Big Spender

After my freshman year of college I met a guy on OK Cupid and we went to get dinner at Friday’s as our first date. Offered to give me a ride, but I said no.

He was a couple years older, well dressed and started talking about how he’d started his own business after college and it was going well. Good for him! Bragging a bit but hey that’s an accomplishment.

So after we order he says “Let’s play a game. We’ll each take out our wallets and compare what’s in them.” Wasn’t a joke, literally started showing me his credit cards and bragging about the high limits, ending with “Clearly you can’t afford to pay for this dinner, but don’t worry I can cover you.” I was pissed and protested but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

So as we leave he says he wants to show me his car. Unfortunately it was before mine in the lot so I had to walk by it. It was a white, windowless serial killer van. He begged me to have sex with him in it, right there in the Friday’s parking lot.

I was pretty glad I drove separately.

12. But Bambi?

One of the people I dated took me to her parents house for our first “date”. Wherein I listened to her dad talk for an hour about this deer that he was so inept at killing it took 4 bullets to finally put down.

It’s times like those I wish I had a jetpack.

13. Confidence Booster

After I made him dinner, did the dishes, and we had amazing sex, he rolled over mid-cuddles to tell me all about his ex-girlfriend, how I had no desirable girlfriend-esque traits, and that the only reason he liked me was because I liked him. I boosted his confidence.

This was after a month of seeing each other.

Woman Regrets Having 30 Plastic Surgeries To Impress Boyfriend

Woman Regrets Having 30 Plastic Surgeries To Impress Boyfriend

Berry Ng, 22, from Hong Kong, went under the knife 30 times in order to look like her then boyfriend's favourite adult film star. But following their breakup she says she regrets doing it and hopes by sharing her story other women won't make the same mistakes she has.

Ng explains she decided to get rid of her boyfriend after as when she was with him she would never be satisfied with the way she looks. She has now vowed never to go under the knife to change her looks ever again.

She said: "If he had stopped me and told me that I was beautiful enough, I would have stopped, but he didn't."




The woman had her first surgery when she was 16 years old. The Asian news network also says Ng spent an estimated $3,000 (£2,200) on cosmetic procedures.

Ng claims that when her ex was watching x-rated films starring actresses with big breasts he would get excited and 'he would shout 'How big! How great.''.

However, when Ng did enlarge her breasts she revealed her boyfriend was not impressed. He even 'demanded' to know why she got the surgery in the first place.

It was when her mother finally saw her and cried due to how different she looked when she came to the realisation she needed to leave him. It was the straw which broke the camels back, she realised her obsession with her looks - or rather her obsession with impressing her ex-boyfriend was out of control, which ultimately led her to end the relationship.



Dating Site For Conspiracy Theorists Helps Believers (Or Deniers) Find Love

Dating Site For Conspiracy Theorists Helps Believers (Or Deniers) Find Love

These folks might not believe in 9/11 but they do believe in love.

We all have a few ‘non-negotiables’ when looking for the love of our lives; a mate in monogamy, a partner in crime. But while some are searching for someone to make them laugh, and others are just grateful to find any non-f*ckboy, there is one community of young, awake daters trawling the web for a partner in conspiracy.

Awake Dating’s in-house Cupid explains in the video below:

Not to be confused with a 'woke' sense of social justice, those who are awake are more commonly found 'looking at the root causes of the symptoms of social injustice and aforesaid issues affecting humanity', Awake Media founder, Jarrod Fidden told UNILAD,adding the community is widely opposed to the term 'conspiracy theorists'.

Jarrod explained an awakening is to accept 'inconvenient truths':

Often people who identify as 'woke' become awake through personal research of public record facts, then being able to push past 'cognitive dissonance' to ultimately accept a number of inconvenient truths.

Seeing the problems of our world, and knowing things just aren't right, is often the precursor to researching the reasons why.

Being awake is being knowledgeable about a number of empirical and observational truths not commonly known nor accepted by the majority of the populace.

Jarrod was 'lucky enough' to experience his own awakening alongside his wife, when they noticed the 'chem trails' above their home in rural Ireland, and embarked on research that led down the rabbit hole.

But he explains the awake community are often shunned socially for their views, and he has made it his mission to 'help the awake find someone to share life and their inconvenient understandings with'.

Where you wouldn't discriminate against someone's background, race or political beliefs, the awake often are subjected to some damning labels, like 'crazy tin foil hat-wearing bunker-building paranoid nutters', according to the Fiddens.

This much-maligned lifestyle choice generally leaves so-called conspiracy theorists pushed to the margins of social interactions.

Admittedly, we who don't seek the 'inconvenient truths' generalise the awake as cynics who can't let go of their beliefs long enough to enjoy a £4 pint without commenting on the New World Order, 12-foot lizards, and their manipulation of how we spend our money on £4 pints.

It's something Jordan Moreland, 26-year-old barber and 'liver of life', knows only too well, stating he is 'persecuted' for 'reprogramming and not interacting with the norms of society'.

He told UNILAD his awakening allowed him to see 'things truly as they are, not how we would like to think of them', adding he began to question the system upon the death of Princess Diana, citing 'unseen work' at the hands of 'global leaders meeting in secrecy and manipulating the world's super powers'.

Jordan also questions the evidence of the 'most recent' 9/11 tragedy, saying he 'saw an evil face come out of the smoke' while he watched the planes hit the Twin Towers on the news.

At that moment, Jordan said he experienced his 'proper realisation that the world is run by Satanists and everything is a synthetic version of God's design'.

The self-confessed 'intense hopeless romantic' joined Awake Dating and said he not only 'loved the functionality' but had met some genuine people - as well as a few 'motherf*ckers' - and was still in touch with some of the women he'd met.

Jordan, who has only encountered a tiny cross-section of women offline, added:

I can only speak for myself... People want to live in la la land. Folk hate the truth.

Most women I know want to speak of cute cats in sweater or Kim K.

I'm raw and real, so I like transparency and no games.

He explained his previous relationships suffered with a 'conflict of interests', recounting a particularly heated encounter with a woman who whose number he asked for when she was working in Nando's.

Even though the 'nice girls' he met on Awake Dating didn't pursue a romantic relationship, he's not disheartened and is still on the search for his 'Mary Magdalene'.

What Jordan dubs 'the misconception that folk who think outside the box are crazy' is not unique to his romantic experience.

One woman - with arguably less extreme interests than Moreland - broached the unconventional narrative of her own beliefs on a mainstream dating site and was met with familiar accusations.

This is what she got - and why she 'gave up' on mainstream dating:

Okay, so it's pretty hard for most of us to swallow the idea that 9/11 was an 'inside job'.

But then again, I once dated a guy who wouldn't shut up about Madden and I couldn't hack that either, not when GTA Vice City is obviously the most complete game ever made. Common interests are all relative.

And there was no need for the comment on her 'pretty face':

Okay, so it's pretty hard for most of us to swallow the idea that 9/11 was an 'inside job'.

But then again, I once dated a guy who wouldn't shut up about Madden and I couldn't hack that either, not when GTA Vice City is obviously the most complete game ever made. Common interests are all relative.

And there was no need for the comment on her 'pretty face':


The awake community, in Jarrod's opinion, has a wealth of diverse and varied interests, including - but not limited to - Genetically Modified Organisms, The Cancer Conspiracy, natural health alternatives, and so-called mainstream media manipulation.

Other topics up for debate are the 'illegitimacy of private owned central banks', renewable energy, geoengineering, extraterrestrials, 'corporate lies and poison products', WiFi and cellular phone damage, and earth model theory.

And who could forget UFO and USO contact and communications?

Jarrod continued:

There are many more - our database has hundreds added by our members which can be searched for directly by other members.

If you want to talk to someone about 'flat earth theory', 'the illusion of money' and 'vaccine truth' you can directly search for someone interested in those exact topics.


Dating is hard. It's a veritable minefield of traps, collusion, red flags and withheld information, a conspiracy the likes of which the Illuminati themselves couldn't muster.

For some, religious diktats confine people to same-faith relationships. Some Republicans couldn't imagine dating a Democrat, and vice versa. I couldn't date someone who exclusively listened to house music and denied the superiority of the guitar as a key component in every and all songs, for example.

Awake Dating is making the no longer necessarily organic process of picking a mate a little easier for their own community of conspiracy savvy young singletons.


Meanwhile, Jarrod is gearing up for world media domination with the launch of a new responsive site, iOS and Android apps 'with the industry first ability to send real world gifts to another member', and a marketplace working in cryptocurrency, as well as branching out into broadcasting documentary and comedy television.

... And he promises the NSA won't get their grubby mitts on your personal details.

This Woman Claims She's Had Sex With 20 Ghosts And Prefers Them Over Men

This Woman Claims She's Had Sex With 20 Ghosts And Prefers Them Over Men


How the hell are we supposed to compete with a ghost?

Amethyst Realm, a 27-year-old “spiritual guidance counselor” from Bristol, England, has no shame in admitting that she believes she has hooked up with at least 20 ghosts. And she actually prefers having sex with Casper than an actual dude. Realm appeared on the British TV show ITV This Morning recently to talk about her ghostly sex — revealing that she first felt the presence of a ghost 12 years ago

“It started as an energy, then became physical,” Realm explains. “There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck. I just always felt safe. I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it. It’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath and stroking, and the energy as well.”

Oh, there’s more. Realm also says she had an affair with a ghost for three years but called it quits when her real human husband arrived early from work and saw a shadow of a man through the window.

Check out the video below to hear Realm talk more about her haunted sex encounters.


 Don’t believe in ghosts? Well, psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz has an explanation as she believes that these “ghostly sex encounters” are actually a type of hallucination that occurs during the transition between wakefulness and sleep.

“Such hallucinations can be extremely vivid and bizarre, and can include tactile, visual and auditory,” Radziszewicz told the Mirror. “Stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can make people more prone to this form of hallucination.”

Nah, I still believe this lady is hooking with Casper.

Read more at http://www.craveonline.com/mandatory/1351329-woman-claims-shes-sex-20-ghosts-prefers-men#G87SCz54jhHlmQ3O.99


10 Facts About Dating

10 Facts About Dating



We are currently in the golden-age of dating! With the rise of technology, our love-lives have only been enhanced. Our
communication has been facilitated, helping us find potential partners.After scouring countless relationship research papers, and trawlingthrough the annals of history, I present you with 10 amazing facts aboutthis unique mating ritual we call dating.


1. The longer you spend dating somebody before marrying, the lesslikely the marriage is to end in divorce.

What’s the secret to a successful marriage?I don’t imagine there is astraight-forward answer, however Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon ofEmory University conducted a 2014 study involving 3,151 people andfound that couples that had dated for three or more years beforeproposing were almost 40% less likely to divorce compared to thosethat had dated for less than one year. If that’s not an excuse to take things slow, I don’t know what is.


marital quality was generally greater if women were content with theirrelationship, whereas the happiness of the man did not seem to affectmarital quality as much. What does this tell us? Well Rutgers School ofArts and Science’s Deborah Carr suggests that satisfied wives are morelikely to do a lot more for their husband, whereas men, satisfied or not,are less as likely to provide support.


2. A woman’s happiness is a key indicator of a successful relationship.

A 2014 study at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences found thatoverall marital quality was generally greater if women werecontent with their relationship, whereas the happiness of the
man did not seem to affect marital quality as much. What doesthis tell us? Well Rutgers School of Arts and Science’s DeborahCarr suggests that satisfied wives are more likely to do a lot morefor their husband, whereas men, satisfied or not, are less as likely to provide support.

3. No correlation has been found between astrological sign and compatibility.

This isn’t much of a surprise to anybody, yet OkCupid still decided totake it upon themselves to gather information from over 500,000 oftheir users’ profiles to determine once and for all whether there was asingle correlation between compatibility and star sign.So what you mean to tell me is that I can’t neatly fit over 7 billion peopleinto 12 neat categories? Shocker.


4. Iceland has a dating app that stops you hooking up with your cousin.

Unfortunately, Icelanders keep accidentally sleeping with theirrelatives. This is mainly due to 3 reasons:

1. Iceland has a relatively small population (Roughly 320,000).
2. Iceland has very few foreign nationals.
3. Icelandic surnames do not give you much indication of lineage.

If this was a problem for most countries, a good rule of thumb would beto avoid anybody who shares your surname, however, even siblings inIceland can have different surnames since your surname would be the first name of your father and whether you were his son or daughter e.g.Svensson (Son of Sven), Svensdottir (Daughter of Sven).Thankfully, Icelandic citizens can download a dating app called Íslendingabók (Book of Icelanders) which will tell you whether you’rerelated or not by bumping your phones together, saving you theembarrassment of finding out at the next family Christmas dinner.


5. Before it was the video sharing giant it is today, YouTube began as a dating site.

When YouTube first launched, the founders of the website wereunsure which direction they wanted to take it in. Since thedomain was registered on Valentine’s Day, they gave the websitethe tagline of “Tune In Hook Up”. The aim was initially to providea platform where lovelorn singles could upload videos ofthemselves and hook up with other users.


6. Wearing red can make people more attracted to you.

A word of advice for those looking to improve their dating life:Wear red. Due to the themes we associate with the colour red, it can affect how we perceive people. A 2008 study by theAmerican Psychological Association found that men ratedwomen wearing red as more attractive, associating the colourwith sex. A separate 2010 study by the same association, foundwomen to associate the colour red with power and status.

7. People are more likely to date somebody “out of their league”if they knew the person much longer beforehand.


University and the University of Texas, you have the best chanceof landing somebody more attractive than you if you’d knownthat person a significant amount of time before dating. This also means you’re equally as likely to date somebody less attractivethan you if you knew them for a long time.

Of the 167 Couples studied, people who started dating after ashort period of knowing each other were more likely to be thesame level of attractiveness. What we learn from this is that themore you know somebody, the more you’re attracted to theircharacter; not their looks.

8. The 19th century telegram was commonly used to find dates and has been nicknamed “the Victorian internet”.

The 19th century telegram was a way of contacting people overlong distances by sending messages in Morse code. Not long after the telegram was popularised, people were using it in thesame way we would use the internet today. People would lookfor romance over long distances, and take part in Morse codechat rooms with the hope they might meet somebody there.

9. There is a common “dating rule” to determine whether yourpotential love interest is too young for you.

Have you ever questioned whether or not you should datesomebody because you felt that they were just too young foryou? Luckily, there’s general rule of thumb to put your mind atease. By halving your age, then adding 7 you should be able toaccurately determine whether or not that person you’ve hadyour eye on for months is too young for you. You’re 36 andthey’re 24? Better luck next year…

10. Men are usually the first ones to say “I love you”.

involving 94 participants ageing from 18 to 69 found that theparticipating males were more than twice as likely as females toconfess their love to their partner. Not only had the majority of
the males in the study been the first to say “I love you” in theircurrent relationship, but were also the first to say it in anyrelationship prior. The only sample group where women weremarginally more likely to profess their love first were those moreinclined towards no-strings-attached relationships

Guy Caught Cheating With Escort After He Calls Fiancée By Accident During Sex

Guy Caught Cheating With Escort After He Calls Fiancée By Accident During Sex

Just 24 hours after Ty Smith had propose to his 30-year-old girlfriend, Vikkie Kenward, Kenward discovered that her husband-to-be had been cheating on her. And she only found out after he accidentally rung her up while having sex with an escort.

Kenward received a call from Smith only to hear grunts and moans on the other end, and one look at phone records showed even more proof of what Smith had been up to. Kenward learned Smith had been paying for $170 sessions with an escort, and when confronted by Kenward, Smith said he had only visited her once for a “happy ending” following a massage. What a tool.





“I literally heard my fiancé cheat on me. When I found out I was absolutely reeling. I felt anger and sadness,” Kenward recalls. “My heart was melting but at the same time I was going red in the face.”

Smith had since tried to apologize. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t have anything to say to Vikkie. I’ve said sorry to her lots of times. Of course I regret seeing escorts because I lost my relationship over it. I don’t know how many I saw – maybe two or three.”



She [Kenward] received the late-night phone call and was hoping he wanted to talk about their upcoming wedding, but instead she heard him having sex. Kenward logged into his phone bill where she saw numbers she didn’t recognized but later discovered they were escorts. “After hearing him have sex on the phone, I wanted to have the full facts before approaching him,’ she said. “I logged in and saw a bunch of numbers I didn’t know.

He was calling them every so often, he must have been gagging for it – the calls were over and over again. I asked him innocently, “Who’s Amy in Bracknell?”. ‘He tried to play dumb and eventually said he was at the escort’s house on a job, doing some guttering. ‘I said: “I’m sure there was some guttering involved but I don’t think it was any job”. He kept telling me that it was better he was cheating with escorts because it meant there was no feelings, just sex.

She added: “He was paying these women £130 (about $174) for an hour of sex – which is more than he paid for the ring which is supposed to signify a lifetime.” Kenward was given the all-clear at an STI clinic and is now on Plenty of Fish, looking for love again. She said: “I’m after a manly man – who doesn’t enjoy paying for sex.”


Men Revealed The Grossest Things Partners Ever Said To Them During Sex - Goodbye, Libido

Men Revealed The Grossest Things Partners Ever Said To Them During Sex - Goodbye, Libido

As if sex weren't awkward enough, it sometimes involves speaking. This is not always a great idea, mainly because people are people, and also because when your blood cells are all busy someplace else, your brain is not functioning at peak performance. Over on Reddit, men dished on the worst things their sexual partners have ever said to them. For reference: no matter how much you want someone to finish and how many times you've counted the ceiling tiles, "Hurry up" is never a nice thing to hear.

1. JackfromMN's lady made a very specific demand.

As im slipping it in,

her- “wait, you washed it since you pooped last,right?” ,

me- “what? Yes”,

her- “but with antibacterial soap, right?”,

me -“um, what... yeah sure”,

her -“i dont believe you. Go wash in now and i need to smell it first."

2. Popperlicious received some information that would have been more useful before he came.

"I stopped taking the pill"......after I came.....

and that was the end of that relationship.

3. J-Bradley1's lady had something really odd on her mind while giving him a blowie.

After spending the day with my niece, during a Blowjob:

"Do you think your (Three-Year-Old) niece will like sucking Dick like me, when she's older?"

Record Scratch

4. Oof, PussyWhistle. That's rough. Walk it off, buddy, walk it off.

"Hurry up"

5. Perhaps the only response to PureOrangeJuche's lady friend's statement is to constantly be expecting it. NEVER let your guard down.

"i'm gonna put something up your butt when you least expect it"

6. DJKhaledFan13's ex likened his penis to a fish (sort of) and HOW DOES IT FEEL, GUY?

One time my ex referred to my penis as “Wilfred”, the name of her fish

7. HowToBeABlackGuy really didn't need to know that.

"ive never had sex with a black guy before"

"Uhhhhhh...my neither?"

8. Thowdatshitaway's girlfriend called him by someone else's name. OUCH.

Gf of six months screams, "Oh my god, Greg!"

My name isn't Greg.

9. Bongo_Bongo_Land heard something no one wants to hear.

"My boyfriend's is bigger"

end playback10. All I can say about SkunkMonkey's lady is YIKES.

"fuck me daddy! fuck me! I won't tell mommy, promise!"

I can get into some role play but that just creeped me the fuck out because she sounded like she had experienced it before. Yeah, that relationship ended real quick.

11. In the case of Naked_avenger, once again, YIKES.

One girl liked to say "baby boy." One bang and never again.

12. Okay, awwshityeah's partner was just dang rude.

Wow. You’re really going bald.

15 Women Reveal The Shocking Lies Their Husbands Have Been Telling For Years

15 Women Reveal The Shocking Lies Their Husbands Have Been Telling For Years