Instagram ‘Influencer’ Breaks Down In Tears After Her Instagram Was Deleted

Instagram ‘Influencer’ Breaks Down In Tears After Her Instagram Was Deleted  -

An Instagram influencer recently had a meltdown on YouTube in which she begged people to stop reporting her Instagram account as it got deleted. Jessy Taylor had racked up 113,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform after her account got deleted. She posted a video of herself on YouTube crying and explaining how she was editing her pictures when her account was deleted and she couldn’t do anything about it.

According to her, the account was deleted because people kept reporting every single post. She said that she tried to be a better person but it was of no use. The people who reported her account should have thought twice because of they kind of “ruined her life”, narrated the influencer while wiping her tears. She said that she knew there were people who wanted her to do a 9-5 job and wanted her account gone.

Jessy went on to explain how she used to work as a prostitute, but stopped when she started to earn money online. She encouraged people to try and put themselves in her shoes, rather than discourage her attempts to become successful. Since then she has started a new Instagram account, gaining close to 1700 followers.





11 Famous People Who (Probably) Have Herpes

11 Famous People Who (Probably) Have Herpes -


A number of celebs have been sued for allegedly giving their companions herpes. Primarily based on rumors of STDs and pictures of chilly sores and warts, this checklist of superstar individuals who (allegedly) have herpes includes actors, rappers, musicians, athletes, and extra, this checklist has all of it.



Jessica Alba

It has been broadly rumored that Jessica Alba contracted herpes from her former boyfriend, Derek Jeter.



In line with courtroom papers from 2012, Usher paid a stylist $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit after she claimed to have contracted herpes from him.

Supply 1234

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton reportedly has genital herpes. A prescription for Valtrex, a herpes remedy, made out to Hilton was present in her storage unit in 2007.

Supply 12

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was supposedly seen buying the herpes remedy Zovirax in a drug retailer.

Supply 12

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been photographed with what seems to be a herpes an infection on her lip. Additionally, Kim’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries, was sued for allegedly passing herpes on to an unsuspecting fling.

Supply 12


Rihanna and ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, have each been photographed with what seem to be scars on their lips from herpes infections.


Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel dated Derek Jeter and, like his different exes, is rumored to have contracted herpes from him.

Supply 12

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is rumored to have had herpes since earlier than he was married to Jennifer Aniston.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson contracted Hepatitis C from ex-husband Tommy Lee. She can also besuspected of getting herpes.

Supply 12

Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey dated Derek Jeter within the late ’90s and is rumored to have contracted herpes from him.

Supply 12

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has allegedly been affected by herpes for a few years.






9 Cheating Girlfriends Exposed

9 Cheating Girlfriends Exposed

Man Surprises His CHEATING Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Cheating Girlfriend Humiliated During Proposal!

Dude Gives His Girlfriend Screenshots Of Her Cheating As A Valentines Day Gift!

Guy gives cheating girlfriend a birthday surprise

Cheating Girlfriend Gets Tricked And Put On Blast!

Dude Catches His Girl With Another Man & Puts Her On Blast “I Knew That Pxssy Was Loose!”

Cheating girlfriend put on blast

Man Goes Live, Interrogates His Cheating Girlfriend & Catches Her In a Lie

Man sets up his cheating girlfriend with fake wedding proposal

Cheating girlfriend gets a nice surprise!

The guy found Hubert!

People Confess To Sex Mistakes And Fuckups

People Confess To Sex Mistakes And Fuckups -










15 Cheaters Get Honest About Why They Didn't End Their Relationships

15 Cheaters Get Honest About Why They Didn't End Their Relationships



16 People Reveal What Happened When They Violated Their Probation

16 People Reveal What Happened When They Violated Their Probation -




20 Times Modern Love Met Classic Comic Books…

20 Times Modern Love Met Classic Comic Books…




20 People Reveal The Crazy Threat They Received From Their Family Members

20 People Reveal The Crazy Threat They Received From Their Family Members -




18 Couples Confess How Jealousy Destroyed Their Relationships

18 Couples Confess How Jealousy Destroyed Their Relationships -




19 People Share Their Blackmail Horror Stories

19 People Share Their Blackmail Horror Stories -

20 People Dating A Drug Addict: Do You Stay Or Do You Go?

20 People Dating A Drug Addict: Do You Stay Or Do You Go? -










These 21 Adults Regret The Shocking Things They Did When They Were Younger

These 21 Adults Regret The Shocking Things They Did When They Were Younger









18 Reasons Why Married Men And Women Never Come Home Anymore

18 Reasons Why Married Men And Women Never Come Home Anymore -




Husbands Confess The Craziest Secrets They Keep From Their Wives

Husbands Confess The Craziest Secrets They Keep From Their Wives




Neighborly Love: I Cheated With The Girl Next Door

Neighborly Love: I Cheated With The Girl Next Door





A Security Guard Is Fired For Helping Police Catch A Wanted Man

A Security Guard Is Fired For Helping Police Catch A Wanted Man


Sometimes things don’t always break fairly for the good guys. A California man, and security guard for a Best Buy in Roseville, pursued a man who punched a police officer on his way out of the store. The 40-year-old guard, Tyler, is also an Army Veteran and when he spotted the suspect being chased down by a police officer he took action himself to bring the assailant to justice. Tyler told the local news, “He started running past me and I thought I was doing the right thing by stopping him.” Sadly this is where the happy news dries up. But first, let’s break down the security guard’s actions after he spotted the cop in hot pursuit of the suspect.

Tyler is the man that appears from the left who ran after the suspect…


After closing the gap in distance, Tyler tackled the man to the ground…

From here, Tyler walked away once the pursuing police officer caught up and made the arrest.

The suspect, according to police, was 35-year old Timothy Trujillo who was wanted on a felony warrant in Nevada and the officer confronted the suspect inside the Best Buy after getting tipped off that he was nearby. After being approached, Trujillo struck the detective and fled in an attempt to escape before being brought down by Tyler and later handcuffed, the sheriff’s office said in a statement. Police then searched Trujillo’s car turning up drugs, stolen property, and burglary tools. He was charged with assaulting and resisting a police officer, along with possession of the drugs and tools. But let’s get back to the main story at hand here, the security guard and how the store dealt with his heroics…

This is where things went awry for Tyler. According to Best Buy company policy, it forbids workers from chasing suspects out of the store. “I understood that when I went back in there I was going to get into some type of trouble because Best Buy policy says we aren’t supposed to touch anybody,” Tyler said. Despite going vigilante, Tyler admits he was still surprised to be fired from the company a week after the incident. “My manager called me in and said corporate decided to let me go because I used excessive force and it was against Best Buy’s policy to intervene,” he explained.

A Best Buy official told the local news, “Our policy is clear, employees are not to chase potential criminals outside of the store. Chasing an individual in the parking lot creates a safety risk that isn’t worth taking, regardless of how noble an employee’s intention is.” To date, the store has not reconsidered Tyler’s termination, but the former security guard plans to attend college in April, and has no regrets about his choice to chase down the suspect. “Seemed like it was the right thing, like I said it was someone running from the cops, seemed like the logical thing to do.”

The police thanked Tyler for his help in capturing Trujillo, and said they were “grateful he intervened.” But Lieutenant Andrew Scott also warned the public not to get involved in police business for their own safety. Meanwhile, Best Buy can legally hide behind their policy.

Update: Best Buy issued a statement Monday saying they would be offering Tyler his job back:

“We made a decision to terminate our employee for violating our clear policies but have had reason to take another look at what happened. In the end, we understand he made a split-second decision to do what he thought was right and, while we wish he hadn’t put himself or anyone else at risk, we regret our initial decision and will be offering him his job back.”

Tyler said he had not yet heard from Best Buy.






Woman Shot After Performing Sex Act For $5 And A Can Of Pringles Potato Chips

Woman Shot After Performing Sex Act For $5 And A Can Of Pringles Potato Chips


A Florida woman was shot after performing a sexual act on the suspected gunman in exchange for $5 and Pringles chips, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office told WJAX.

Authorities say the woman agreed to the exchange just before 10:30 p.m. Monday at a Shell gas station. After the act, the suspect demanded his money back, then shot her in the shoulder. He ran away from the scene.  The woman is in the hospital recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Can Cheating Be Addictive? These 21 People Would Say So

Can Cheating Be Addictive? These 21 People Would Say So


15 Cringeworthy Egotistical Nightmares Who Think They're Geniuses

15 Cringeworthy Egotistical Nightmares Who Think They're Geniuses





20 Men Confess: This Is How I Test The Women I'm Dating

20 Men Confess: This Is How I Test The Women I'm Dating




10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened In 2018

10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened In 2018




As with any of our roundups, choosing what to keep in and what to exclude was a real chore, and inevitably, some important stories got left out. Honorable mentions this year include Brazil getting its first hard-right leader since the dictatorship ended, the detention of children on the US-Mexico border, Macedonia’s historic renaming referendum, and the thaw between mortal enemies Ethiopia and Eritrea. For the rest of you, here’s what the world’s been up to in 2018.


Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination Got Real Ugly

Photo credit: Global News Everyday

No sooner had Donald Trump entered the White House than he was called upon to nominate his first Supreme Court candidate. Neil Gorsuch was confirmed in April 2017, in a vote that divided along party lines but wasn’t particularly rancorous.

The same could not be said of his second pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

Nominated to replace retiring swing vote Anthony Kennedy, Kavanaugh initially looked like another Gorsuch—reliably conservative but uncontroversial—until Professor Christine Blasey Ford suddenly came forward to accuse him of sexually assaulting her at a party when they were teenagers. With the shockwaves of #MeToo still being felt, the nomination process became a battleground for America’s identity.

Our column from the time shows just how ugly things got. Hearings were called, FBI investigations launched, and a woman’s life and a man’s career hung in the balance. Although Kavanaugh was narrowly confirmed, it was the ugliest nomination battle in a generation and one that laid bare the rifts in the nation’s soul.


Armenia’s Velvet Revolution Stunned The World

Photo credit: Bloomberg News

Let us explain what these revolutions were about (corrupt president Serzh Sargsyan had ended his constitutionally mandated two terms by transferring all the president’s powers to the prime minister’s office and then making himself prime minister), noted that they were big, and suggested they probably wouldn’t lead to any significant change.

How wrong we were.

By the next week’s column, the whole of Armenia had exploded in peaceful revolt, with a third of the country demonstrating. The week after, Sargsyan resigned. Two weeks after that, the entire government fell, without a single shot fired. It was a bloodless revolution.

The main beneficiary was Nikol Pashinyan, who’d started the protests as a single angry man and ended them as prime minister. In December, he called a snap election that saw the old party of Sargsyan ejected from parliament and a swathe of new, pro-revolution ministers come in. It was a stunning change in a country that had so long been under the authoritarian thumb of Sargsyan and a much-needed optimistic story.


The US Was Paralyzed By Mass Shootings

The end of 2017 was dominated by two of the worst mass shootings the US has seen, at Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. But it was during 2018 that the constant drip of gun rampages finally pushed the nation to breaking point.

The biggest came early in the year, when former student Nikolas Cruz opened fire at his old school in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 students and wounding another 17. It was the worst school shooting the US had seen since Sandy Hook, but it wasn’t the last. In May, another shooting hit Santa Fe High in Texas, leaving ten dead. While no more major school shootings followed, a rampage at Thousand Oaks, California, in November killed 13, while a racist gun attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue left 11 dead. The latter had the awful distinction of being the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history.

Overall, nearly 70 people died in mass shootings in the US in 2018.

However, 2018 also saw many Americans reach breaking point where gun violence was concerned. In late March, the Parkland student-led March for Our Lives became the biggest youth protests the US had seen since the Vietnam War.

Russia Killed A British Citizen With A WMD (And The World Just Watched)

Photo credit: The Independent

2018 was a good year for Russia. The World Cup saw the national team ride a wave of hope further than they could have anticipated and led to a general feeling of euphoria among ordinary Russians. But even as many celebrated, the Kremlin was up to some seriously dark stuff, like using a weapon of mass destruction to try and kill dissidents on British soil.

In March, ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found close to death on a bench in the city of Salisbury. It soon came to light that they’d been poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

Novichok is a deadly weapon, and its presence in Salisbury led to some hideous problems. The police officer who responded to the Skripals himself nearly died. But the real tragedy came later. On June 30, UK citizen Dawn Sturgess accidentally came into contact with some Novichok carelessly left in Salisbury by the assassins. She died on July 8, the first UK civilian to be killed by a nerve agent in the country’s history.

Although Putin would be loudly condemned by many, very few concrete measures were taken against Russia following the brazen attack.


The Iran Nuclear Deal Was Dramatically Ripped Up

Photo credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

On July 14, 2015, the five permanent members of the UN security council, plus Germany, signed an historic deal with Iran. Known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it aimed to reduce Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear bomb. One of President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievements, it looked set to reshape the Middle East by opening Iran to Western businesses.

Then came May 8, 2018. On that day, President Trump announced that he was withdrawing the US from the deal. This was followed by heavy sanctions leveled at Tehran. Although the EU, Russia, and China scrambled to keep the deal alive, it was effectively dead.

The deal had long been controversial, with some saying it did too little to halt Iran’s activities in other areas of aggression and weapons production. Still, its abrupt termination was a sight to behold. Not for the first time, America’s allies found themselves madly trying to stay afloat as President Trump yanked the boat out from under them. Where the deal’s demise will leave us in 2019 remains to be seen.

Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Shocked The World

Photo credit: BBC News

It was the stuff of pulp thriller writing. On October 2, Washington Post journalist and exiled Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, never to be seen again. As his wife alerted the media, it became clear that the writer had been murdered in one of the most brazen conspiracies ever seen. Tortured to death and dismembered by Saudi intelligence services, his body parts dumped around Istanbul, Khashoggi’s murder wound up destabilizing the entire Middle East.

As the days dragged on after his disappearance, more and more sordid details began to emerge. A Khashoggi lookalike was captured on CCTV leaving the consulate. An audiotape of the journalist’s death screams surfaced. When the order was alleged to have come from Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS for short), MBS staged a ghoulish photo op, shaking hands with Khashoggi’s Saudi Arabia-based son.

The effects of the murder are still being felt. Recep Erdogan of Turkey—himself no stranger to silencing critical journalists—made hay with the accusations. In the States, it led to a strong backlash from the Republican Party against the MBS-supporting Trump. Khashoggi may be dead, but his influence still lingers.


Facebook’s Woes Put Data Privacy In The Spotlight

Photo credit: Reuters/Leah Mills

Has there ever been anyone to testify before Congress who sounds more like a casual sociopath? Back in April, Mark Zuckerberg wound up on Capitol Hill, answering questions on his company’s transgressions with all the charm of Patrick Bateman wondering how your head will look in his fridge. But while Congress mostly treated Zuckerberg with kid gloves, his testimony was still sparked by a massive scandal that affects us all.

On March 17, 2018, a joint expose by The New York TimesThe Guardian, and Britain’s Channel 4 News dropped like a bombshell. It revealed Facebook had allowed a firm known as Cambridge Analytica to harvest data on 80 million users, data it had then used to try to swing votes in the US, UK, and elsewhere.

The knock-on effects of these revelations have been momentous, with Facebook ending the year lurching from scandal to scandal while the rest of us start to wake up to how our data is exploited. As the year draws to a close, there have even been rumors of Zuckerberg being subpoenaed. Is Facebook soon to go the way of MySpace?


Brexit Became An Utter Omnishambles

Photo credit: AP

Omnishambles. According to the Oxford English Dictionary : “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.” If any one word could sum up Brexit this year, it’s that.

It started slowly. As the year began, Brexit barely featured in our weekly roundups. Then came summer and the revelation of May’s Chequers Plan—a road map for leaving the EU that managed to combine all the negatives of EU membership with all the negatives of leaving the bloc. Although the British government held it together a little longer, the writing was on the wall. As the deadline for voting on the plan approached, the last traces of sanity in Westminster evaporated.

Here’s a quick recap. In the last two months, we’ve had two coup attempts against May, including a no-confidence motion that resulted in one of the most Pyrrhic victories of all time. The government has suffered the first run of three defeats in a row since the 1970s. It has been found in contempt of Parliament for the first time in British history. The vote on the withdrawal agreement has been kicked into January because it’s clear that it will fail—raising the unedifying prospects of either a hard Brexit, or no Brexit at all.

Watching Theresa May and the Conservative Party flailing these last weeks has been like watching a group of clowns act out some bizarre mime in which they keep slipping on banana skins while simultaneously shooting themselves through the foot. It’s less than 100 days until Brexit now, and anything could happen. Expect to see this story in our 2019 roundup.


North Korea Came In From The Cold

Photo credit: Frente de Noticias

Last year’s roundup ended with us sounding an ominous note about North Korea. In the number-one spot, we cited the then-ongoing crisis on the Korean peninsula, suggesting 2018 could be the year war erupted. We weren’t the only ones. All through 2017, the DPRK had tested ever more powerful nuclear weapons, alongside missiles capable of hitting the continental US. Pyongyang had threatened to bomb Guam, and confrontation seemed all but inevitable.

Which just goes to show how much can change in one year. As we slip into the final days of 2018, North Korea hasn’t just receded as a threat. In a remarkable turn of events, Kim Jong Un has seemingly brought his country in from the cold.

It started with North and South Korea agreeing to field a joint team at the winter Olympics. Somehow, this turned into agreements for more mutual cooperation. Then President Trump got in on the act, saying he’d be open to meeting Kim in person to discuss the situation. By summer, the impossible had happened. Kim and Trump and South Korea’s President Moon had all met at a summit in Singapore. Suddenly, the North was promising to dismantle its nuclear stockpiles and start playing nice. The change was so sudden that it practically gave the world whiplash.

Since then, it’s mostly been good news from North Korea. The DPRK has returned US war dead, Pyongyang and Seoul have found new ways to cooperate, and the Hermit Kingdom appears on the cusp of opening up. Considering where we were last year, this is incredible. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a lasting thaw.


We Discovered The Sickening Scale Of Abuse In Pennsylvania’s Catholic Churches

In mid-August, the long-awaited report into sexual abuse in Pennsylvania’s Catholic churches finally landed. To call the contents horrific would be an understatement. It had been clear since the inquiry was launched by Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro in 2016 that awful things would be uncovered, but nobody was prepared for just how awful. As our column at the time said:

Over 300 abusers. Over 1,000 victims. Those were the shocking takeaway figures from Tuesday’s official report into child abuse in Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic churches.

Across 70 years, priests repeatedly raped children with impunity, leaving shattered young lives and scarred families in their wake. Of Pennsylvania’s eight dioceses, six actively failed to keep kids safe from pedophile priests. It’s one of the worst abuse scandals the US has ever seen.

These figures were just the tip of the iceberg. There were reports on priests raping children in hospitals, of making young boys perform oral sex on them. But the worst came at the report’s conclusion. Of the 301 named abusers, only two were arrested. The rest were dead or had escaped the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for these stomach-churning crimes? A mere five years.

Of all the stories we reported on in 2018, this was by far the most upsetting, the one most likely to make you question the basic goodness of humanity. Sadly, it may have also been the most necessary to discuss. A vast conspiracy had allowed pedophiles in the Church to enjoy seven decades of impunity, and no one in power had seemed to care.

Thankfully, the Justice Department has now launched a probe into the local Church under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute, typically used in mob cases. We can only hope that in 2019, justice will finally be done.

13 Early Warnings Your Relationship Is Doomed

13 Early Warnings Your Relationship Is Doomed

When a bad relationship enters its final phases, it’s pretty obvious (like when you walk by your roommate’s bedroom and you just hear ugly sobbing from his girlfriend and you know the rest of your day is going to be real fuckin’ interesting).

But what about earlier? Like, way before that final phase, can you see it coming? Can you avoid putting that much time into something that will fall apart? These folks from across the internet think they’ve come up with signs to watch out for.

And look, I try to keep these things light normally, but these are heavier than I thought they’d be. Just a heads up.

When you’re spending time with them and you’d rather be anywhere else. When conversations with them become dry and boring, that’s a big one too.


When your SO seems totally disinterested in talking to you. You try to start a conversation and they just give you one word/one sentence answers.


When you take a trip together, and argue the whole time. One of the reasons I knew I needed to marry my wife. We could go anywhere together.


You feel strongly about something but you don’t want to talk about it because you know it’ll just become an argument that won’t be resolved satisfactorily.


The brief terrifying, numbing thought of “is this going to be the rest of my life”

edit: Thanks for the gold! My very first ever! On such a depressing memory-laden post! Thanks!


When you get a urge to ask people about symptoms of a failing relationship


When you feel like you have to make excuses about your SO to others. (Why they do what they do. Why they said what they said etc.)


A friend asked me, “what’s he like?” about a month into the relationship.

I couldn’t answer.

It ended in flames, lesson learned.


The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference. When this makes sense to you, it’s over.


When others talk about your SO to you, and you get a little exasperated, or a little wince/groan on your face when they say their name.


When you don’t see each other for a few days, and you’re not excited to get back together.


When you are companion, someone to keep them from feeling alone while they go about their life.


Being with them feels like an obligation, their quirks drive you away from them subconsciously, you’re only trying for the sake of keeping up a social veil of perfection.


Russian Authorities Cover Snow In White Paint To Hide Signs Of Pollution

Russian Authorities Cover Snow In White Paint To Hide Signs Of Pollution



Authorities in the coal-mining Siberian region of Kemerovo have reportedly covered up snow with white paint to hide evidence of soot and ash pollution.

Footage published by local media Monday showed a woman's hands becoming coated in white paint after she reached out to brush a snow bank outside a municipal recreation center in the town of Mysky.

“You can see the stains... It even sticks,” she said while demonstrating the viscous substance on her fingertips.

The head of the town said he had reprimanded those responsible and ordered the removal of the paint from the snow hill.

“I apologize to the townspeople whose New Year’s mood was spoiled by this,” said Dmitry Ivanov in a statement Wednesday.


13 Undeniably Sad Things That Are Also Undeniably Funny

13 Undeniably Sad Things That Are Also Undeniably Funny -

10 Sad Cringe Moments To Fill Your Dark Heart With A Strange Thing Called Pity

10 Sad Cringe Moments To Fill Your Dark Heart With A Strange Thing Called Pity




17 Valiant Attempts That Were Capsized by Failure

17 Valiant Attempts That Were Capsized by Failure




From Size Zero To The Biggest Boobs In Norway

From Size Zero To The Biggest Boobs In Norway




Sindy Starlet, 36, from Oslo, describes herself as the 'Norwegian Bimbo Doll', and is now aiming to take the title of country's biggest breasts, after being bullied in school for her flat chest. The single mother who has spent the last 21 years trying to perfect the ultimate 'Barbie' image has revealed her plans to triple the size of her already surgically enhanced 32I breasts.




18 Happy People Celebrating Divorces

18 Happy People Celebrating Divorces

1. A man found alternative uses for his ex’s wedding dress.



4. A Texas divorcee blew up her wedding dress for a happy cathartic experience.

5. Some couples even threw themselves a Happy Divorce party.


7. Divorce selfies are a thing, and sometimes you just need to smile and be thankful it’s all over.

8. Drinks to celebrate the occasion is rarely the worst idea.

9. Working together in both love and separation is an oddly beautiful thing.

10. Cakes make everything better.

11. This woman had to draw up a bath over a beer and candlelight to relax into the moment.

12. Another divorce party celebrated with friends.



15. Bill has a way of showing up during people’s most monumental moments.









30 Bitter Confessions From People Who Got Brutally Ghosted

30 Bitter Confessions From People Who Got Brutally Ghosted







15 ‘Well That Sucks’ Moments

15 ‘Well That Sucks’ Moments

If you’ve recently experienced a bonafide “well that sucks” moment, take comfort in knowing that whatever your situation,you are not alone…





via Gfycat

via Gfycat

via Gfycat

20 Couples Confess: Our Open Relationship Ruined Us

20 Couples Confess: Our Open Relationship Ruined Us -




20 Surprising Secrets Husbands Keep From Their Wives

20 Surprising Secrets Husbands Keep From Their Wives


Wives Confess The Worst Secrets They Keep From Their Husbands

Wives Confess The Worst Secrets They Keep From Their Husbands -




12 People Share The Moments They Regretted Their Break-Ups

12 People Share The Moments They Regretted Their Break-Ups



No matter how you slice it, break ups are an awful emotional experience to weather. Whether you were dating three weeks or 30 years, there's still an adjustment period where you feel the weighty absence of your former partner at every turn. Even the best, most amicable break ups come with a fair amount of pain, and let's be honest, most break ups don't fall under that umbrella.

Barring violent or physically dangerous situations, I would venture to say one of the most difficult break ups to get through is one you find yourself regretting. It's not uncommon to initiate the break up, rip off the emotional band-aid only to realize down the road what you're missing out on.

In a recent Reddit thread, commenters shared their painful "oh shit" moments where they regretted cutting a relationship off, and it'll make you feel infinitely less alone about any relationship regrets. While hindsight may be 20/20, I do think it's important to remember how easy it is to idealize someone when you're no longer together.

Basically, love is impossible to "win" at and you'll feel hurt or frustrated at times no matter what, so might as well at least find solidarity with the millions of other people handling the battlefield of relationships.

When he called me up the day after I broke up with him to ask me if I was ok.

Yeah. Mistake I've regretted for 13 years now.


My mom left my step dad and he got remarried to a great lady and is super happy now. My mom told me recently that leaving him was the biggest mistake she made because he was the only good man she ever really knew. We all have Christmas at their house (seriously he and my mom divorced and he’s still grandpa to my sisters kids and we call his new wife our step mom. They’re awesome) but my poor mom has to watch them being happy together every year while she lives alone.


I ruined my relationship with my college boyfriend because of my alcoholism. It had just really started and I didn’t even know how bad it already got. I was nuts drunk and he put it up with so much. Honestly, I had the “oh shit” moment soon after. He was the nicest guy ever and he loved me so much. He was so smart and goofy and just a real catch, and last I’ve heard (we have mutual friends), he was successful and married. I honestly wish the best for him because he is a genuinely wonderful person. I’m sorry I missed out on him, but I’m glad he broke up with me for himself; he deserved better than who I was then. We had a pretty quick breakup and remained friendly. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened, but it’s pointless to think about it now. Plus I probably romanticize the whole thing a little now since it was a long time ago and I had some really shitty boyfriends after him to compare him to. My boyfriend now reminds me a lot of him (just because it’s a happy and healthy relationship and he’s goofy and loves me too, they’re not really similar), and I’m sober now, so maybe I won’t have another round of “oh shit.”


When i realised that i can’t be the same person i was with my ex with anybody else


I left her for someone else because I'm an idiot. The other girl turned out to be a jealous, mentally and physically abusive psychopath who eventually ended up in a psychiatric hospital. My S.O, quite rightly, refused to take me back.

Lesson learned.


My friend dumped his girlfriend of 12 years because he'd never dated anyone but her, they were struggling financially, and he wanted the chance to experience more relationships. Right after the breakup, she finished her PhD and started making six figures. She found someone else then got married within a year.

My friend tried dating a couple of people, but none of them have worked out and he still misses her. He said the moment he realized that he made a huge mistake was when he saw her wedding photos on Facebook and started crying.


Not me but someone whom I casually knew from college.

Left his wife because he felt the sex was awful and he wanted someone whom they felt he could have great sex with. Wife pleaded with him to stay (no kids) but he refused and filed for divorce.

Divorce is finalized about a year later. This guy dates lots of women, but still finds the sex unsatisfactory.

Meanwhile, ex-wife meets this other guy about a year after the divorce and they have that type of whirlwind romance that truly is from a rom com. She marries this new guy, they have kids and the perfect marriage. She tells everyone that the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to her and can't believe how happy she is and could never imagine that a marriage could be so wonderful.

The guy, who is my friend, is more miserable now than ever. Constantly says what a mistake he made leaving his wife. Doesn't even go on dates anymore and has not had sex in years.


I broke up with a woman I was head over heels in love with over something that on reflection was fairly minor. Spent half a year progressively dropping into a deeper and deeper funk. Wouldn't admit it to myself at all that I'd made the wrong choice.

I was hanging out with a friend when she pointed out to me that she had never seen me as happy as I'd been when I was with my SO. Another friend pointed out that same week that the music I'd been DJing had become much more depressing over the past few months and asked me if something was wrong. That woke me up and made me realize how special she had been. It took another year for me to realize she was the first woman I'd really loved in the way you come to love somebody for who they are, rather than what you imagine them to be.

I never saw her again. I wish I'd never left her. We only would have had six years together, as she came down with cancer that eventually killed her. It didn't change how I felt; I'd take those six years in exchange for all the years I have left.


A few months had gone by, and I was still feeling like shit about it, cuz I knew she really loved me. However as much as I cared about her, I couldn't shake the feeling that I couldn't be the man she needed me to be for her, and felt I was leading her on. I had been OK with my decision. Then I went on a trip to NYC with a couple of friends. It was...not an enjoyable trip, and top things off I found out my granddad had died the week prior so I had to fly back home almost immediately after returning from New York. Suffice it to say, I was ready for it all to be over by day 2 of this essentially 2 week trip.

Anyway, about 3-4 days in my friends and I were out to dinner and they started talking about my ex (they had gotten to know her while we were together, and they still hung out). All I remember was wanting nothing more than to be home already and to be with my ex. That's when it dawned on me and my heart sank.

Saw her again when I finally got home again after about...4 months, and spilled my guts. Buuuut she had already started seeing someone new in that time. Wound up meeting him at a housewarming party a few months after she and I reconnected, and it turns out she has a type. Her guy and I hit it off immediately XD

Dude and I got super drunk together and I wound up telling him something along the lines of "I really wanted to hate you, but goddammit you're fucking awesome." He was a wonderful sport and got a good laugh out of it. I promptly informed my ex of my plans to steal him from her.

Needless to say, this was something like 2 years ago. They got married last month, and I'm happy to report that we are good friends. Do I regret ending things? Sure, but the time and perspective helped tremendously, and frankly she did a lot better in finding him. I love them both dearly, and get a lot of joy seeing the two of them so happy with one another.


When I realized that it’s difficult to find someone that you truly connect with, like we did. And when I realized that dating and having sex with other people fucking sucks. It’s not near as easy and exciting as it looks on tv. It’s really hard to find someone you like and want to be with. We had our problems, but some things about him I can’t find anywhere else.


My oh shit moment was when he died in a car accident. We were married for almost 6 years, I was so young, had no idea what I was doing. I wanted a divorce and I can’t even remember why. Our son was 7. I have our now 18 year old. He was the kind of man that was good at everything and a very hard worker. A mans man and a family man. Before he died, we were talking about getting back together. He was my best friend.


We were on a break cause I was being a dick. In order to get a reaction I ended the relationship on facebook. That was the end of the friendship and all. Regretted it ever since. It's only added years of misery to my life


26 Trashy People Who've Hit Rock Bottom

26 Trashy People Who've Hit Rock Bottom




10 Child Stars Who Ruined Their Lives

10 Child Stars Who Ruined Their Lives



Many children dream of being famous singers or movie or TV actors. But the harsh reality of having your name in lights at such a young age is nothing like the dream.

Some kids just can’t handle stardom. As these 10 stories of well-known child stars show, the riches and fame can lead kids down a path of drug addiction and other illegal behaviors. They may lose everything and ruin their young lives. It’s enough to make us reconsider whether being rich and famous is really worth it.


Lindsay Lohan

Photo credit:

Born in New York City in 1986, Lindsay Lohan was first recognized by the public for her starring role as the twins in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap. She then rose higher to fame during her roles in 2003’s Freaky Friday and 2004’s Mean Girls.

However, stardom did not do any favors for Lohan. As her fame grew, she began appearing in New York nightclubs and her life quickly devolved into a stream of negative publicity in the tabloids.

In 2007, Lohan was arrested after she crashed her Mercedes-Benz into a tree. Two months later, she was arrested again for being involved in a car chase during which she was also found to be in possession of cocaine. The result of this was two counts of driving under the influence and one count of reckless driving. She received the minimum sentence of four days in jail, although she only had to serve one.

Later in 2007, Lohan checked into rehab as required by her recent sentencing. When she was released, Lohan said that she wanted to stay sober and “out of Los Angeles.” After managing to stay clear of the press for a few years, she reappeared after being sentenced to 90 days in jail for missing a DUI hearing. In 2011, she was charged with the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store.[1]

Since her scrapes with the law, she has managed to stay out of the tabloids aside from the time when she was bitten by a snake in Thailand in 2017. Her current projects include the Lohan Beach House club in Mykonos, Greece, and a second club in Rhodes.

Amanda Bynes

Photo credit:

Amanda Bynes appeared in her first commercial at age seven before moving on to stage productions including AnnieThe Secret Garden, and The Sound of Music. Following this, she landed a role in Nickelodeon’s TV series All That while simultaneously hosting her own program The Amanda Show.

From there, her success kept growing. She soon starred in a number of roles, including her part as Holly on the WB sitcom What I Like About You. Unfortunately, her fame went to her head and she soon found her face printed on the front of tabloids for all the wrong reasons.

Shortly after her “retirement” in 2012, Bynes was involved in a car accident with a police vehicle. She was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. She was then involved in two more hit-and-run car accidents and caught driving with a suspended license after her car was impounded.

In 2013, Bynes was arrested for drug use in her New York City apartment lobby after reports that she had thrown a bong out her apartment window. For this, she was charged with reckless endangerment, drug possession, and tampering with evidence.

Later that year, she reportedly started a fire near a residential driveway in California and was placed on psychiatric hold. Later, she went into a rehabilitation center. In 2014, she appeared to have turned her life around. However, not long after getting her license back, she was charged with driving under the influence and placed on psychiatric hold again.[2]

Fortunately for Bynes, she has finally managed to regain control of her finances and straighten out her life. She took time off from the tabloids to mend family relationships and showed interest in other hobbies, namely at a fashion design school. People Magazine has confirmed that Bynes is in a “happy and healthy place in her life” as of August 2018.


Britney Spears

Born in December 1981 in Mississippi, Britney Spears landed her first major TV role at age 11 starring in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. This success came after being rejected at her first audition at age eight.

In 1995, she began to focus on her music career and was quickly signed by Jive Records. They produced her first single, “ . . . Baby One More Time.” By 1999, the single had reached the top of the charts after the release of a controversial music video with Spears in a skimpy outfit.

Over the years, Spears began shedding her innocent girl image and building a mature career with which she could continue to grow. She performed her hit single “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the MTV Video Music Awards, drawing more attention as she danced with a python in a revealing costume onstage.

In 2004, Spears married a childhood friend and then annulled the marriage, all within a few days. Several months later, she married her backup dancer Kevin Federline, who had previously left his pregnant girlfriend to be with Spears. In 2005, they announced that their first child would be born in April of that year. From there, Spears’s life quickly went downhill.

In 2006, she was caught driving with her son on her lap. This led to national headlines questioning her ability to be a parent. She was accused of sending horrible messages to her fans despite her excuse that she was merely trying to get away from paparazzi.

She gave birth to their second son only two months before filing for divorce from her husband. Then she began hanging out at the club scene and reportedly checking in and out of rehabilitation. In 2007, Spears shaved her head before checking into a treatment center.

Shortly after she released another single to attempt a comeback, she was charged with a hit-and-run accident in a local parking lot. She underwent a psychiatric evaluation and spent some time in the hospital before making her debut in a triumphant return.[3]

In 2008, she released her next album, Circus, which made it to the top of the charts and marked the beginning of her comeback. She then took a role as a judge for the popular singing show, The X Factor, before heading back into the music scene to work with big names like Iggy Azalea. She appeared to be fully recovered as she ventured on her #PieceOfMe tour.

Brian Bonsall

Photo credit:

Brian Bonsall was born in 1981 in California and grew up acting in Hollywood from a very young age. From 3–14 years old, he played roles in a variety of shows and movies, including Family TiesStar Trek: The Next Generation, and the Disney film Blank Check.

In 1995, Bonsall took a break from acting and attended high school in Colorado. There, his passion for punk music developed. He began performing in punk bands, including Late Bloomers and Thruster.

Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worse as he was arrested for driving under the influence. In 2007, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. This resulted in a two-year probation sentence.[4]

However, this didn’t mark the end of Bonsall’s troubles. Between 2007 and 2010, he was arrested on a number of drug possession and minor assault charges that were all highly publicized due to his stardom. In 2009, he beat a friend over the head with a broken wooden stool while under the influence and was given another two years’ probation after being charged with felony menacing and third-degree assault.

Now living in Boulder, Colorado, he is pursuing a career in music by playing rhythm guitar in Lowjob, a local punk rock band. He is also a part of acoustic duo Bootjack & Bonz.

Drew Barrymore

Photo credit:

Born in 1975, Drew Barrymore landed a major role at age six in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Her career exploded in the 1990s as she starred in Poison IvyGuncrazyBad Girls, and Boys on the Side.

She also developed a vast character portfolio by starring in low-key films like The Wedding SingerEver After: A Cinderella StoryNever Been Kissed, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. She became one of the most talented actresses of her generation. However, life hasn’t always been easy for Drew Barrymore.

At age nine, her mother started taking Drew to nightclubs during the absence of her alcoholic father. It was in these years that a young Barrymore became familiar with the effects of drugs and alcohol. At just 13, she violently attacked her mother in an attempt to throw her out of the house. As a result, Drew was placed in a rehabilitation center.

After a subsequent suicide attempt, she went back to rehab and returned to her home life completely sober at age 14. To try to reclaim her life, she filed successfully for emancipation at 15 and moved into her own apartment with a job at a local coffee shop.

Drew took another wrong turn at age 19 by posing naked for the infamous magazine Playboy. Following the issue’s release, she received a quilt and a note from Steven Spielberg for her 20th birthday telling her to cover up. The note was accompanied by Photoshopped images from the magazine which had been edited to have clothes on them.

This triggered her journey to cleaning up her act for good. She now has a balanced life and is extremely successful in the film industry. Drew discusses her dark history in her autobiography, Little Girl Lost.[5]


Shia LaBeouf

Photo credit:

Born in 1986 in California, Shia LaBeouf is best known for his starring role as Sam Witwicky in the Transformers movies. He began his career by doing stand-up comedy in his hometown before being inspired by a friend in the film industry. LaBeouf instantly began looking for an agent and auditioning for parts.

As well as his Transformers role, he is also known for his parts in Disney Channel’s Even Stevens and in the 2003 movie Holes. He won a Daytime Emmy Award for his performance with Disney which sparked the beginning of an incredible career. However, he also had a troubled childhood.

Coming from a financially unstable family, LaBeouf suffered mental and verbal abuse at the hands of his father, who had developed a substance abuse problem. While it is said that this drove LaBeouf’s desire to be in the entertainment industry, the abuse must have taken its toll on such a small child.

In 2005, at age 19, he was arrested and charged with assault after he threatened his neighbor with a kitchen knife. LaBeouf then proceeded to ram the neighbor’s car with his own, claiming the neighbor was blocking LaBeouf’s path to the garage.

In 2007, he was arrested again after being asked by security to leave a Walgreens store and refusing to do so. Following this incident, he failed to appear in court and faced a $500 fine.[6]

Not long after this, he was involved in a car crash and required three surgeries to fix his hand. He faced charges for driving under the influence and had his license suspended. Unfortunately, the last time LaBeouf appeared in the media was due to plagiarism accusations involving three graphic novels he had written.

Demi Lovato

Photo credit:

Born in 1992 in Albuquerque, Demi Lovato landed her first role as a child star alongside Selena Gomez in Barney & Friends. From there, she was cast in a part on Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings before landing the starring role in the Camp Rock series. It was during the filming of Camp Rock that she found her passion for recording, and since then, she has climbed the music charts.

In 2008, not long after Camp Rock wrapped, Lovato began filming Princess Protection Program, another Disney movie, with her good friend Selena Gomez. Then Lovato landed her own Disney TV show, Sonny with a Chance, which ran until 2011.[7]

While rising in the film industry, Lovato was also climbing the music ladder with her albums Don’t Forget and Unbroken. From there, her stardom was ever growing. But what did we miss along the way?

While on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2008, Lovato began using cocaine. She has since admitted that she couldn’t go more than an hour without it. Due to this addiction, she would smuggle drugs onto planes, doing lines in her seat while neighboring passengers slept or using drugs in the bathrooms.

Despite her growing substance abuse problem, she was still compassionate. In 2009, she teamed up with Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers to record a single to raise money for charity.

In 2011, she accepted that she had a problem and admitted herself to rehab where she was treated for bulimia, self-mutilation, and “self-medicating” with drugs and alcohol. It was during her rehabilitation that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After sobering up in 2013, she detailed her experiences in a book, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, in an attempt to help other young people struggling with addiction. She states that this book provides young readers with “lessons, meditations, reflections, and daily goals.”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was born in 1994 and raised in Ontario, Canada. Growing up, he always had an interest in music. Bieber taught himself to play a number of instruments, including guitar, drums, piano, and trumpet.

His rise to stardom began when his mother started posting videos of Justin performing on YouTube. His account grew, and people fell in love with him. Eventually, his videos caught the attention of talent agent Scooter Braun. The agency helped a young Bieber to obtain a record deal.

His first single, “One Time,” was released in 2009 and became a worldwide hit, going platinum in Canada and the US. This was quickly followed by the release of his debut album, My World, which was also successful on an international level. My World 2.0 was released in 2010 along with his concert film, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. However, the fame went to his head and his behavior became questionable.

His first run-in with the law came in 2011 when Bieber was just a teen. A woman claimed in a lawsuit that the 17-year-old star was the father of her child. Fortunately, DNA tests proved the pop star’s innocence and the lawsuit was quickly dropped. This was merely the beginning.

In 2013, Bieber was accused of spitting on his neighbor after making threatening comments. Shortly after, there were a number of complaints about his dangerous driving in the residential area. Later that year, he was in the press again after he was recorded urinating in public and yelling obscenities about former President Bill Clinton.

Bieber’s last big run-in with the law was in 2014 when he was arrested for drag racing and driving under the influence. He remained in custody until he was able to post bail and was further charged with resisting arrest.[8]

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, was born in 1987 and followed his older brother into the music industry. At age seven, Aaron began as lead singer for the band Dead End before making his solo debut as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys two years later. The performance landed him a record contract, which led to the release of his first single, “Crush on You.”

In 1997, his first album was released and went gold in Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, and Germany. His next album, Aaron’s Party, was released in 2000. A huge success, it reached triple-platinum certification in the US. His music career also opened a number of doors in the acting industry, where he landed roles in Lizzie McGuireSabrina, the Teenage Witch, and 7th Heaven. But scandals were going on behind all this success.

In 2008, Carter was arrested for speeding in Texas and the police found marijuana in his car. In 2009, Carter secured a place on Dancing with the Stars. However, his stage fright led him to become addicted to Xanax, which he was using to relieve his anxiety.[9]

Three years later, still addicted to the prescription drug, he was coerced to enter a rehabilitation program by his brother, Nick, and their mother. Unfortunately, it was the death of his sister from a drug overdose which drove him to sobriety in 2012. In 2013, he filed for bankruptcy to clear his $3.5 million of debt. He is now clean and back on track financially.

Macaulay Culkin

Photo credit:

Macaulay Culkin is one of the most renowned US child stars. He was born in 1980 in New York City and came into contact with showbiz at age four by appearing in a number of Off-Broadway shows. At age eight, he appeared in the films Rocket Gibraltar and See You in the Morning.

In 1990, he starred in his greatest film, Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus. Home Alone became one of the highest-grossing movies of all time and resulted in a sequel.

At age 14, Culkin starred in a number of low-rated films. The public became skeptical as to whether the child star, who was the highest-paid star of his age, had already peaked. This led to questionable behaviors by Culkin which further tarnished his once-perfect reputation.

The lead-up to his role in the sequel of Home Alone resulted in allegations that his father, Kit Culkin, was mismanaging his fortune. This was later confirmed as his parents entered into a custody battle during which it seemed that they were more interested in their son’s fortune than in their son.

In 2004, Culkin was arrested for possession of 17.3 grams of marijuana along with a stash of other controlled substances. Culkin was “demonized” by the press for his drug use despite the many other child stars who had spiraled much further than he ever did.[10]

For a while, Culkin performed with a Velvet Underground parody band called Pizza Underground. They performed covers of songs featuring lyric changes about the topic of pizza.

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19 Couples Detail The Challenges Of Dating Someone Who's Poor

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Couples Tell All: My Significant Other Humiliated Me On Social Media

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20 Ways Girlfriends Publicly Embarrass Their Boyfriends

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16 Confessions Showing The Darker Side Of Human Life

16 Confessions Showing The Darker Side Of Human Life



Top 10 Videos Of Convicts Freaking Out After Being Sentenced To Prison

Top 10 Videos Of Convicts Freaking Out After Being Sentenced To Prison

Dexter Johnson was one of five men who carjacked 23-year-old Maria Aparece and her boyfriend Huy Ngo as they sat in their chatting on a summer night more than ten years ago. Prosecutors during his trial alleged Johnson had “fun” when he and his friends carjacked the couple and drove them around town demanding money, credit cards and ATM access.

Then, they parked near a patch of thick woods and forced Ngo to listen as Johnson raped Aparece in the backseat.  Afterward, Johnson shot Ngo in the side of the head execution-style before slaughtering Aparece with a shot to the top of the head.


Teen Begs Not To Go To Jail After Penetrating A Student With Steel Bar Broom

Fernando Salgado was one of four students at A.B. Miller High School, in Fontana, Calif., arrested in the attempted sodomy of another student with steel rebar while the other three – all minors – allegedly held the boy down and removed his pants

Another incident took place June 14 involving three students who allegedly held down another boy while Salgado attempted to sodomize him with a wooden broom handle


An 18-year-old woman was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in state prison for using a dating app to set up a robbery that resulted in the shooting of another teen

18-year-old Ky’Andrea Cook was sentenced to 20 years in state prison for using a dating app to set up a robbery that ultimately led to the shooting of another teen.

According to the prosecution, Cook was still a Mainland High School student in March when she used a dating app to lure 27-year-old Perry Nida to a meeting in which he expected to sell her marijuana, after which they would have sex. Nida brought 17-year-old Immanuel Pursel with him, and Pursel was the one who wound up shot by Cook’s boyfriend, who was waiting to rob them.


2 women collapse in court after life sentence for the death of 3 year old girl

Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham both collapsed in the courtroom today upon learning that they would spend the rest of their lives in prison for beating to death 3-year-old Serenity Richardson in 2009.

Serenity’s mother, Ieshia Richardson, had been childhood best friends with Butts and had brought her daughter to stay at her godmother’s home on Congaree River Drive in Summerville for about two weeks, beginning in late October 2009. Butts admitted to Summerville police on Nov. 3 that she whipped the girl with a belt for urinating on the floor, and that Serenity had fallen several times in the bathroom

When the child’s breathing became shallow that day, Butts called her own mother in Goose Creek but didn’t tell her what happened. Butts’ mother called 911.

By the time paramedics reached Serenity, she was already dead and had been placed on ice and exposed to bleach in desperate attempts to revive her. Assistant Solicitor Elizabeth Gordon said the girl’s injuries reflected weeks of torture — a duration that matched the amount of time she had spent with Butts and Cunningham.


EX Oklahoma City Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Gets 263 Years For Rapes

A former Oklahoma City police officer was sentenced to 263 years in prison, six weeks after he was convicted of rapes and other offenses that authorities say occurred while he was on duty.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was convicted last month on 18 of the 36 counts he had been facing — including four counts of first-degree rape.


One of the nation’s top basketball recruits collapsed in the courtroom Tuesday after finding out he’d be heading to 3 years in prison instead of back to the basketball court.

A highly-recruited Ohio basketball star collapsed in court after a judge sentenced him to prison for assaulting and kidnapping his girlfriend. Farmer, a rising senior at Garfield Heights High School, was indicted in May stemming from a fight with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane, at her apartment building in Bedford Heights, southeast of Cleveland

Farmer assaulted Lane, dragged her by her hair outside the building and then took her cell phone, bank card, computer and car keys, prosecutors said.

He was also charged with intimidation for sending threatening text messages and voicemails to her, the newspaper reported.


17 year old Dylan Schumaker sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for fatally beatingt his girlfriend’s 23-month-old son

Dylan Schumaker was the babysitter of choice for his girlfriend Ashlee Smith one evening in March of last year while Smith went to work. At 8 PM on March 19, 2013, Schumaker called law enforcement, claiming the nearly one-year-old Austin Smith was unresponsive. It took Springfield, NY cops a few moments of investigation to figure out that something was rotten about Schumaker’s claims.

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard says deputies arriving on scene immediately noticed the substantial bruising all over Austin’s body, and especially around his face.

“The mother’s 16-year-old boyfriend struck the child repeatedly about the face and the cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma about the head,” Sheriff Howard said.

Schumaker was charged with second-degree murder and tried accordingly.

“I’m a 16-year-old blond,” [Judge M. William] Boller read to Schumaker in a now-viral video. “Probably all I have to do is cry, and they’re going to feel sorry for me,” Schumaker told [his mother,] referring to the jury.”

At the sentencing hearing, Schumaker put on his sad face and cried just as he planned. It didn’t work very well. Justice Boller sentenced Dylan Schumaker to 25 to life for his involvement in the death of Austin Smith.


Jacob Morgan, 17, of Rock Hill appears in court Tuesday for a probable cause hearing. He is charged with arson and murder connected with his 14-month-old brother’s death. This video shows his reaction as prosecutors claim he intentionally and maliciously set the fatal fire.


Brandon Spencer, convicted of attempted murder for opening fire on a rival gang member on the USC campus, injuring four, sobbed uncontrollably in court Friday after he was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.


Diana Lovejoy collapsed in a California courtroom after she was convicted in what authorities call a botched murder-for-hire plot targeting her now-ex-husband, who was shot in September 2016 but survived


Millionaire Michael Marin swallows a cyanide pill and dies after being convicted of arson,  a conviction would have led to decades in prison