Girl Attempts To Start A Small Boob Snapchat Trend #SMALLBOOBSMATTER

This is a trend that really needs our support people. #SMALLBOOBSMATTER!

According to this girl there is an ongoing epidemic right now with their boobs. First, they can’t show them on Instagram and now they can’t get big enough for the guys.

This is Snapchatter AshlxBea and she is taking a stand!

“Women can’t exactly control how big or small they grow so why do men expect so much?”

She is looking to start a new trend #smallboobsmatter

Her theory is real boobs of any size are better than fake ones: 

I may not be able to support her with my actual boobs, but I am more then happy to spread the trend: 

She has a question to all you dudes out there: would you still love your woman if she was completely and utterly flat or would you be totally turned off?

I think she is doing a great job raising awareness! If you have a problem with this girl, something is wrong with you! 

Best of luck with the trend! 


Girl Attempts To Start A Small Boob Snapchat Trend #SMALLBOOBSMATTER