Top 10 Videos Of Convicts Freaking Out After Being Sentenced To Prison

Top 10 Videos Of Convicts Freaking Out After Being Sentenced To Prison

Dexter Johnson was one of five men who carjacked 23-year-old Maria Aparece and her boyfriend Huy Ngo as they sat in their chatting on a summer night more than ten years ago. Prosecutors during his trial alleged Johnson had “fun” when he and his friends carjacked the couple and drove them around town demanding money, credit cards and ATM access.

Then, they parked near a patch of thick woods and forced Ngo to listen as Johnson raped Aparece in the backseat.  Afterward, Johnson shot Ngo in the side of the head execution-style before slaughtering Aparece with a shot to the top of the head.


Teen Begs Not To Go To Jail After Penetrating A Student With Steel Bar Broom

Fernando Salgado was one of four students at A.B. Miller High School, in Fontana, Calif., arrested in the attempted sodomy of another student with steel rebar while the other three – all minors – allegedly held the boy down and removed his pants

Another incident took place June 14 involving three students who allegedly held down another boy while Salgado attempted to sodomize him with a wooden broom handle


An 18-year-old woman was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in state prison for using a dating app to set up a robbery that resulted in the shooting of another teen

18-year-old Ky’Andrea Cook was sentenced to 20 years in state prison for using a dating app to set up a robbery that ultimately led to the shooting of another teen.

According to the prosecution, Cook was still a Mainland High School student in March when she used a dating app to lure 27-year-old Perry Nida to a meeting in which he expected to sell her marijuana, after which they would have sex. Nida brought 17-year-old Immanuel Pursel with him, and Pursel was the one who wound up shot by Cook’s boyfriend, who was waiting to rob them.


2 women collapse in court after life sentence for the death of 3 year old girl

Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham both collapsed in the courtroom today upon learning that they would spend the rest of their lives in prison for beating to death 3-year-old Serenity Richardson in 2009.

Serenity’s mother, Ieshia Richardson, had been childhood best friends with Butts and had brought her daughter to stay at her godmother’s home on Congaree River Drive in Summerville for about two weeks, beginning in late October 2009. Butts admitted to Summerville police on Nov. 3 that she whipped the girl with a belt for urinating on the floor, and that Serenity had fallen several times in the bathroom

When the child’s breathing became shallow that day, Butts called her own mother in Goose Creek but didn’t tell her what happened. Butts’ mother called 911.

By the time paramedics reached Serenity, she was already dead and had been placed on ice and exposed to bleach in desperate attempts to revive her. Assistant Solicitor Elizabeth Gordon said the girl’s injuries reflected weeks of torture — a duration that matched the amount of time she had spent with Butts and Cunningham.


EX Oklahoma City Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Gets 263 Years For Rapes

A former Oklahoma City police officer was sentenced to 263 years in prison, six weeks after he was convicted of rapes and other offenses that authorities say occurred while he was on duty.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was convicted last month on 18 of the 36 counts he had been facing — including four counts of first-degree rape.


One of the nation’s top basketball recruits collapsed in the courtroom Tuesday after finding out he’d be heading to 3 years in prison instead of back to the basketball court.

A highly-recruited Ohio basketball star collapsed in court after a judge sentenced him to prison for assaulting and kidnapping his girlfriend. Farmer, a rising senior at Garfield Heights High School, was indicted in May stemming from a fight with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane, at her apartment building in Bedford Heights, southeast of Cleveland

Farmer assaulted Lane, dragged her by her hair outside the building and then took her cell phone, bank card, computer and car keys, prosecutors said.

He was also charged with intimidation for sending threatening text messages and voicemails to her, the newspaper reported.


17 year old Dylan Schumaker sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for fatally beatingt his girlfriend’s 23-month-old son

Dylan Schumaker was the babysitter of choice for his girlfriend Ashlee Smith one evening in March of last year while Smith went to work. At 8 PM on March 19, 2013, Schumaker called law enforcement, claiming the nearly one-year-old Austin Smith was unresponsive. It took Springfield, NY cops a few moments of investigation to figure out that something was rotten about Schumaker’s claims.

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard says deputies arriving on scene immediately noticed the substantial bruising all over Austin’s body, and especially around his face.

“The mother’s 16-year-old boyfriend struck the child repeatedly about the face and the cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma about the head,” Sheriff Howard said.

Schumaker was charged with second-degree murder and tried accordingly.

“I’m a 16-year-old blond,” [Judge M. William] Boller read to Schumaker in a now-viral video. “Probably all I have to do is cry, and they’re going to feel sorry for me,” Schumaker told [his mother,] referring to the jury.”

At the sentencing hearing, Schumaker put on his sad face and cried just as he planned. It didn’t work very well. Justice Boller sentenced Dylan Schumaker to 25 to life for his involvement in the death of Austin Smith.


Jacob Morgan, 17, of Rock Hill appears in court Tuesday for a probable cause hearing. He is charged with arson and murder connected with his 14-month-old brother’s death. This video shows his reaction as prosecutors claim he intentionally and maliciously set the fatal fire.


Brandon Spencer, convicted of attempted murder for opening fire on a rival gang member on the USC campus, injuring four, sobbed uncontrollably in court Friday after he was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.


Diana Lovejoy collapsed in a California courtroom after she was convicted in what authorities call a botched murder-for-hire plot targeting her now-ex-husband, who was shot in September 2016 but survived


Millionaire Michael Marin swallows a cyanide pill and dies after being convicted of arson,  a conviction would have led to decades in prison


In Honor Of The World We Live In, Here Are a Bunch Of Dumpster Fires

In Honor Of The World We Live In, Here Are a Bunch Of Dumpster Fires

Boy oh boy, it’s bad out there folks. Lately it seems like everybody’s depressed, and having a hard time dealing with it. Do I have some words that will make you feel better? No. No I do not. Instead, let us truly embrace the time that we live in by gazing upon a bunch of dumpster fires.

10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened Last Week

10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened Last Week



The last full week of July was marked by tragedy. An inexplicable shooting in Toronto, a dam collapse in Laos, and a horrific wildfire in Greece all wreaked havoc on humanity. But while sadness was part and parcel of this week’s news, there were more upbeat stories, too—alongside plenty that were just straight-up newsworthy.

10 A Devastating Wildfire Killed Scores In Greece

Photo credit:

It was one of the worst wildfires to ever hit Greece. On Monday afternoon, a blaze started in the village of Mati on the edges of Athens. Thanks to the dry conditions, it quickly became an inferno. The coastline, the nearby countryside, and some districts of the capital were engulfed in fast-moving flames. At the time of this writing, over 80 have been confirmed killed, with another 40 still missing.

Among the dead were tourists and children, including one group of 26 charred bodies found clutching each other at a cliff’s edge. They are thought to have been a family. In many ways, it could have been even worse. Extremely close proximity to the sea allowed hundreds of people to escape the fire by running into the ocean.

An investigation has now been opened into the possibility of arson. Greece has a track record of wildfires springing from attempts to clear forest land for new buildings. It could be that the deaths of these 80 people rest on the conscience of a single idiot.[1]

9 A Mass Shooting Caused Grief (And Mystery) In Toronto

Photo credit:

On Sunday night, Faisal Hussain took a gun and walked onto busy Danforth Avenue in Toronto. There, he opened fire, killing one teenage girl and one child and wounding 13 others before committing suicide. He left in his wake not only heartbreak, but a horrible mystery.

While many mass shootings appear to be motiveless (we still don’t know why Stephen Paddock killed 58 people in Las Vegas last year), the actions of Hussain seem almost cruelly unfathomable because there are perhaps too many possible motives to count.[2]

He was friends with some Islamic extremists, yet the police say it wasn’t a terrorist attack. He was on the fringes of Toronto’s gang culture, yet the shooting was too random for gang violence. He was mentally ill, yet doctors believe that it was not to a degree that might have triggered a massacre.

Ultimately, we may never know why such bloodshed came to Toronto on Sunday. All we do know is that, for whatever combination of reasons, two people are now dead because of Hussain.

8 We Heard The Shocking Details Of MGM’s Plan To Sue The Vegas Shooting Victims

Photo credit:

For centuries to come, this will be the lawsuit that gets trotted out whenever anyone wants to prove that the legal system is screwed beyond hope. At a press conference on Monday, we learned the shocking details of MGM Resorts International’s plan to sue the victims of last year’s Las Vegas shooting. Filed in court last week, MGM’s lawsuit would drag survivors of America’s worst-ever mass shooting through the trauma all over again.[3]

MGM is not seeking money from the victims. Instead, it is seeking to avoid having to pay damages to those who were wounded—some 850 people. MGM contends that the shooting was an act of terrorism. As a result, they believe that they are not liable under a federal act passed after 9/11. This is despite both federal and local authorities saying that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was not a terrorist.

To call this lawsuit insane would be an understatement. Aside from making MGM look like the bad guys in a Hollywood flick about heartless corporate scumbags, it will ensure that many of the survivors are forced to relive the massacre in court.

7 We May Have Discovered Liquid Water On Mars

Photo credit:

This week, a group of Italian scientists published a paper that could well change how we view our solar system. They discovered an underground lake of liquid water on Mars. If confirmed, the finding could represent our best chance for locating alien life in the near future.

Briny water isn’t unheard-of on the Red Planet, but it has previously always been either seasonal or frozen inside chunks of ice. This lake would be unique because it seems to be in a permanently liquid state. A stable source of water is one of the essentials for life (as we know it) to arise.

If the lake is for real, though, getting to it will be a problem. It exists 1.5 kilometers (0.9 mi) below the surface of the Martian south pole, a tall order for exploring.[4]

6 Hackers Stole Data On A Quarter Of Singapore’s Population

It was the eye-watering numbers that really made it headline news. Last Friday, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong declared that a massive cyberattack had hit the country’s biggest health provider, making off with the data of 1.5 million patients—over a quarter of the city-state’s population. While the majority of those targeted only had their most basic details stolen, another 160,000 had details about their prescriptions snatched.

Although the main focus was on the numbers, perhaps the most chilling part was the political nature of the breach. Prime Minister Lee was among those targeted, alongside several other ministers.[5]

Lee claimed that the attack was seemingly carried out with the backing of a nation-state, likely one looking for embarrassing or blackmail-worthy material. With a number of countries recently flexing their hacking muscles on the world stage, identifying the culprit could be even harder than it seems.

5 A Secret Recording Embarrassed The White House

Photo credit: The Atlantic

Forget Stormy Daniels. The big sex scandal to hit the White House now goes by the name of Karen McDougal. On Wednesday, a secret recording from 2016 was broadcast on CNN, detailing a conversation between Trump and his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, about paying hush money to McDougal over a kiss-and-tell she planned to publish in the National Enquirer.

The real story of the tape wasn’t its contents. Although it appears to confirm that Trump had an affair with McDougal, it offers no evidence that he actually broke the law by authorizing hush payments. No, the real story was the tape’s origins. It was released by Cohen.

A longtime lawyer for Trump, Cohen was disgraced during the Stormy Daniels scandal and forced to walk away from the president. Now he appears to have decided to turn on his old boss, and he presumably has the tapes to make Trump’s life very uncomfortable. He’s also hired lawyer Lanny Davis, a Democratic stalwart and Clinton ally who specializes in attacking Republicans.[6]

It seems likely that this tape is just the opening salvo in an upcoming Trump-Cohen war.

4 A Bizarre Scandal Threatened To Bring Down Emmanuel Macron’s Presidency

Photo credit:

Whatever you may think of him, French President Emmanuel Macron is usually adept at staying on top of things. Which is part of what makes the huge scandal currently rocking his presidency so bizarre.

On May 1, Macron’s personal bodyguard, Alexandre Benalla, was filmed impersonating a police officer to rough up two rock-throwing protesters. The government was told, and Benalla was given a slap on the wrist. The footage was then made public last week, and people began to ask why Benalla hadn’t been punished properly.

Macron’s response? He fell completely silent for five whole days.[7]

If there’s one thing that Macron likes to do, it’s talk. Endlessly. So his sudden absence made journalists wonder if there was more to the story. They started digging and discovered that Benalla was being paid an inflated salary of €10,000 a month. He also had his own government car with a siren for cutting through traffic and his own key to the house shared by Macron and his wife in northern France. Clearly, something very unusual was up.

Benalla has since been fired, but the scandal is being compared in the Paris press to Watergate. A vote of no-confidence in Macron has been arranged, but don’t expect it to succeed. He will almost certainly survive this scandal. His reputation may not.

3 Colombia’s Ex-President Stepped Down To Face Bribery Charges

Photo credit: BBC

For a country with a long track record of impunity for the rich and powerful, it was a bombshell moment. On Tuesday, former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe stepped down from the Senate to face charges of corruption and witness tampering. His summons marked the first time a Colombian court has ever asked an ex-president to testify.

The charges are largely of Uribe’s own making. For years, the former president has been suspected of funding right-wing death squads to carry out atrocities. Those charges are unproven. But when lawmaker Ivan Cepeda tried to open an investigation in 2012, Uribe demanded an investigation into Cepeda.

Colombia’s Supreme Court dismissed the charges against Cepeda. In reviewing the case, however, they found evidence that Uribe had bribed witnesses. Cepeda was cleared, and a case was opened against Uribe.[8]

Now that he’s left the Senate, Uribe’s case will be transferred to the Public Prosecution Service, which critics say will be far easier for the former president to pay off. Yet his resignation still marks a defeat. Uribe was one of the most powerful anti–peace deal voices in Colombia. His exit makes it far less likely that the deal will be undone.

2 A Laos Dam Collapse Killed Scores

Photo credit: Time

At the time of this writing, we still don’t know the true death toll. After a hydroelectric dam failed in Laos on Monday night, it unleashed a torrent of water that obliterated entire rural communities and caused catastrophic flooding even over the border in Cambodia. As of Thursday, the number of the dead stands at 27. But with hundreds of people missing, it is thought that the final toll could be as much as 10 times higher.

In addition to this, 3,000 people are currently trapped by floodwaters and awaiting rescue. Meanwhile, some 6,000 families have been displaced in Laos, with even more displaced in Cambodia. Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith said it could be the worst natural disaster to hit Laos in decades.[9]

However, “natural” may be a stretch. Warnings about the dam had been sounded leading up to the disaster, but it seems that nobody did a damn thing.

1 Pakistan’s Election Descended Into Violence And Scandal

Photo credit: BBC

Everyone was braced for it, but still the violence was shocking. Pakistan went to the polls for a general election on Wednesday in the shadow of a suicide bombing on Sunday that killed a candidate for former cricketer Imran Khan’s populist nationalist PTI party.

As the polls opened, a further spate of shooting and bomb attacks killed another 33 people. Crazily, this wasn’t even the most controversial part of the election. That came when the PML-N party claimed that the military had rigged the vote.

This isn’t as wild a claim as it seems. Pakistan’s military is notorious for coups and meddling in civilian politics. However, it’s also a claim clearly designed to help the ruling PML-N ignore results which currently have it in second place behind PTI. In a terse press conference on Thursday, PML-N said it would refuse to step down, adding that every other party running aside from PTI was alleging election interference, too.[10]

If a so-called “soft coup” has indeed taken place, it would mean that this election failed to deliver Pakistan’s second ever civilian transfer of power. Whatever the truth, it now looks certain that Khan will be the next prime minister. His stated plan to turn Pakistan into an “Islamic welfare state” will have repercussions for years to come.

Self-Styled Barbie Doll Who Spent $14,000 On G-Cup Breasts Says She'll Be 'Fake Until I Die'

Self-Styled Barbie Doll Who Spent $14,000 On G-Cup Breasts Says She'll Be 'Fake Until I Die'


A self-styled human Barbie doll - who has admitted to splurging her £7,000 ($9,500) inheritance on G-cup breasts - has now made the move into webcam stardom, making a whopping £1,000 ($1,350) a week popping balloons and showing her feet to viewers online.


Jade Lynn, 22, first had a stab at fame on Channel 5's 100% Hotter back in 2016, where she was given a makeover by a team of experts. Rejecting their look, she decided instead to move into the online fetish market.

She explained she has never been made to feel uncomfortable by a client, and that if she's asked to do something she's not happy with, she can block them.

Jade, who hails from Bristol,said: "I get paid by the minute, so I do have some quiet days, but if you put the time in, it pays well.

"Obviously, a lot of it is taking off my clothes, but there are also lots of fetishes out there I had no idea about. Men have asked me to pop balloons on webcam, smoke, or show off my feet - this has opened up a whole world of things that people are into."

The unique look - which could help her earn over £50,000 a year - hasn't come cheap, and requires a fair amount of effort, too. Applying fake tan every day, Jade also takes up to five hours to do her makeup.

Jade said she's always been a fan of the Barbie doll look, having made the first move towards the aesthetic when she bleached her naturally dark hair at around 16 years old.

She continued: "I'd gradually add more and more.

"A lot of other girls who do webcam work look like me, and I've always looked like this, so as silly as it sounds, I feel like I was born to do this."


She's since ditched the blonde extensions and now wears wigs, but makeup remains a bit of a mission - beginning with layers of foundation, before applying false lashes, several coats of mascara, pink eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, lip liner and lip gloss.

"It actually annoys me how long I take, but I'm never going to stop," she said.

"If I have all day, I'll take all day.

"I'll go back and forth adding to it. If I had the time, I could take about five hours sitting there, making sure it was perfect."

As well as four lots of lip filler - costing £250 each time for 1ml - Jade has £7,000 breast implants, which she paid for using inheritance money left by a late family member.

She explained: "I got my boobs done when I was around 19. It wasn't purely cosmetic, I had lots of problems with my natural chest. It was asymmetric, and my nipples were inverted.

"It made me incredibly self-conscious. Nobody ever saw my chest. Even with my boyfriend at the time, I'd always keep my bra on and would stuff it with loads of tissue.

"I went from an A cup to a G. I haven't had any other surgery yet, but I'd love the full works if I could."

Credit: PA Real Life

While she is currently seeing a new man, she believes her extreme look has taken its toll on her love life in the past.

Jade continued: "People can react negatively to me and say nasty things. I've even had photos taken of me, but it doesn't bother me. It stresses my Mum out as she wants to protect me and doesn't want me upset.

"But I love being OTT. Whatever the weather, I'll be glammed up in a dress and heels, because that's what makes me happy.

"I'd never judge someone else for what they look like, so people shouldn't do the same to me. Each to their own.

"I'll never be put off by comments, though. I'll be fake until I die."

She added: "I love my Barbie look. I don't want to look like everyone else - I want to stand out."

You know what would really make you stand out in today's society?  Being a good and caring person. But nevermind all that its much easier to mesh in with all the others who have spent thousands to ruin themselves and 'stand out' too.  Don't we have a healthy society with well developed individuals?  Isn't living in this kind of world nice?

10 Gruesome Crimes Fit For Horror Movies [DISTURBING]

10 Gruesome Crimes Fit For Horror Movies [DISTURBING]

Some crimes are so terrible, so grisly, that they sound more like scenes from horror movies than news headlines. With films like Saw and The Human Centipede, that’s a pretty high bar. While not all of the crimes on this list surpass the horror of sewing people together end-to-end, they are nonetheless terrifying enough to make us reconsider exactly how cruel, depraved, and irrational human minds can be.

After all, those plotlines have to come from somewhere, right? Be warned: This list is not for the faint of heart; turn away if you’re squeamish. That being said, here are ten gruesome crimes that wouldn’t have been out of place in the bloodiest of horror films.

10 ‘My Daddy Ate My Eyes’

Photo credit: Henry A. Barrios

Unbelievably, this is exactly what it sounds like.

In May 2009, 34-year-old Angelo Mendoza Sr. went on what may have been a PCP-induced spree of nightmarish acts, the worst of which included biting his four-year-old son’s left eye out of his face and maiming the other. But that wasn’t the end of it for Mendoza Sr. After mangling his son’s face, he made his way to the backyard of an empty house, chained himself to a tree, and asked a neighbor to “look into the Sun and pray with him.” He then began hacking at his own legs with an ax and a ceramic plate. He later tried to tell police that he and his son had been victims of the Mexican Mafia.

Frightened by his father’s crazed state, four-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr. attempted to hide behind a large dresser, where neighbors later found him naked and unconscious. He shook violently when he awoke as police arrived, and after being taken to a hospital in Fresno, California, he told a volunteer, “My daddy ate my eyes.”[1]

Angelo Mendoza Sr. was charged with mayhem, torture, and child cruelty. In February 2011, however, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Thankfully, Mendoza Jr.’s right eye recovered.

9 ‘Destroying Her Face’

Photo credit: Hamilton County Jail

Speaking of eyes . . .

After getting into a dispute with the mother of his child in September 2017, Michael Roberson attacked the woman in front of their child and a 16-year-old neighbor. At some point during the attack, he allegedly ripped out her eyes. Chattanooga police officers found the woman facedown beside the detached eyeballs.[2] She had also been stabbed in the stomach and chest.

The 16-year-old neighbor, who tried to intervene when he saw Roberson “destroying her face,” was reportedly traumatized by the incident. As for Roberson, he claims to have no memory of the attack.

8 Sickening Abuse

In July 2011, ten-year-old Ame Deal died after she was stuffed in a padlocked 78- by 30- by 36-centimeter (31 x 12 x 14 in) footlocker by her family and left outside overnight in sweltering desert temperatures. Why did they do this? Because she took a Popsicle without permission.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was not an isolated incident. Ame lived with her parents and other relatives, including 11 other children, in a filthy house in Phoenix, Arizona. She seemed to function as the family scapegoat, as she was the only child in the family to suffer such abuse. The other children even intentionally got her in trouble. The range of “punishments” Ame suffered included things like being beaten with a wooden paddle, also known to the family as “the butt buster,” crushing cans with her bare feet, eating dog feces if she missed any while cleaning up the yard, walking along pavement in 46-degree-Celsius (114 °F) temperatures, and being forced to do backbends for hours at a time.

Being locked inside the relatively tiny footlocker (Ame was 122 centimeters [4′] tall and weighed under 27 kilograms [60 lb]) was not an unusual occurrence for Ame, either. Sometimes, her relatives would kick or flip the box, throw it in the pool, or sit on it after forcing her into the cramped space. Witnesses say they could hear her inside, crying.

On the night of her death, one of her relatives forced her into a backbend for over two hours, physically putting her back into the position if she fell. He then told her to run around their yard in the 39-degree-Celsius (103 °F) heat before locking her inside the airtight container, in which she suffocated to death.[3]

The adults in the house were sentenced to prison time ranging from ten to 76 years. John Allen, the man who locked Ame in the box, and his wife Samantha Allen, Ame’s cousin and one of her key abusers, were sentenced to death.

7 Forced Abortion

Photo credit: Dallas Morning News

This story goes from bad to absolute nightmare.

A 14-year-old girl in Dallas, Texas, became pregnant after a relative sexually assaulted her. Upset by her pregnancy, her family members then beat her until she forcibly aborted the baby.

Between January and March 2013, the victim’s cousins first tried to give the poor girl multiple doses of birth control pills, emergency contraceptive pills, and cinnamon tablets in an effort to terminate the pregnancy. These attempts were, in part, because one of the victim’s relatives, Cecila McDonald (center above), was afraid that Child Protective Services would find out about the underage pregnancy and take her children away. She was overheard yelling at the victim, “[Expletive], you ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me.”

When their first attempts didn’t work, the victim’s cousins then pinned her down in the living room. One of them, Lonnell McDonald (left above), sat on her stomach and began bouncing up and down. Perhaps fearing this wasn’t enough, Lonnell called over assistance in the form of another relative, Cedric Jones Jr. (right above). Upon arriving, Lonnell reportedly told Jones Jr. “he had already been kicking the sh—t out of the b—ch.” The suspects then punched and kicked the victim in the stomach until she began vomiting and cramping, eventually delivering what “she believed was a stillborn baby.”

The suspects then threw the baby into a plastic mop bucket and later attempted to burn it on their charcoal grill.

Four of the girl’s relatives were charged with criminal activity, and a fifth was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Four of the five received prison time.[4]

6 100 Rodent Bites

Photo credit: KARD

Two parents in Magnolia, Arkansas, were arrested in May 2017 after their 15-day-old baby was found seriously injured. The baby reportedly had between 75 and 100 rat bites all over its body, including a forehead wound so deep that the baby’s skull was visible.

The baby’s parents, 19-year-old Erica Shyrock and 18-year-old Charles Elliot, claimed to have put the baby to bed at around 5:30 AM but awoke to it screaming around two hours later. Contrary to their claims—and a large part of what makes this so absolutely macabre—was that, according to one of the baby’s doctors, the “severe skin destruction” present on the child would have taken hours to occur.

Rats were feeding on this helpless infant. For hours.

And not only were both parents aware of the rat problem in their home, but the baby slept in a bassinet next to their bed—meaning that they either ignored the child’s cries for help, or they weren’t there in the first place. They also did not immediately take the baby to the hospital despite the fact that it was covered in blood, for fear that it would be taken away from them.

Both parents were charged with endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree.[5] They were sentenced to five years in prison.

5 Cooked Alive

Photo credit: Nick Ut/AP

In October 2012, an employee at a Bumble Bee Foods facility in Santa Fe Springs, California, suffered a horrific death. Jose Melena, 62, was performing maintenance on an 11-meter-long (35 ft) industrial oven. Believing Melena was in the bathroom, his coworker then filled the oven with 5,400 kilograms (12,000 lb) of tuna and turned it on.

A search ensued when a manager realized Melena was missing, but by then, it was too late. They found his body two hours later. The oven had reached a temperature of 132 degrees Celsius (270 °F), and Melena had been cooked inside with the fish.[6]

Bumble Bee and two managers were charged with violating Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules. The company paid $6 million in a settlement over Melena’s unfortunate death.

4 Headless Female Torso

Photo credit: Joi Ito

In a case that received international attention, Danish inventor Peter Madsen was accused of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Wall had planned to interview Madsen and joined him on his homemade submarine on August 10, 2017. She was reported missing the next day.

Madsen was rescued from his sunken vessel and gave varying accounts as to what happened. Initially, he claimed that he dropped Wall off at a Copenhagen port on the evening of August 10. He later changed his story and said that Wall died after he lost his grip on the 70-kilogram (155 lb) submarine hatch and accidentally shut it on her head. Kim then supposedly fell, suffered irrecoverable injuries, and died. Madsen claimed to have buried her body at sea and to have decided to commit suicide by sinking his submarine.

But a few things didn’t add up about Madsen’s story. In the first place, he’s still alive after abandoning his sunken submarine and swimming for help. Secondly, Kim Wall’s headless, limbless torso was discovered on August 21. A pipe had been tied to it, and markings indicated that someone had attempted to press air out of it so that it would sink. An autopsy later revealed that Wall had sustained multiple stab wounds, including 14 to her genitals, and that a saw had been used to remove her limbs—not exactly the traditional sea burial Madsen described.

Madsen’s lawyer tried to give his “she fell” story credibility by pointing to a mark on the partial body that may have resulted from a fall. And then police found Madsen’s hard drive, which contained videos of women being tortured and killed. Madsen tried to claim that an intern previously used his office and that the videos were “not necessarily” his.

On October 6, Wall’s remaining body parts were found in plastic bags. The bags had been weighed down with metal. Within them, investigators also found her clothes and a knife. There were no fractures to her skull to support Madsen’s claims.

In April 2018, Madsen was convicted of Wall’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.[7]

3 Possessed By The Devil

In August 2016, Francisco Merlos went to his girlfriend’s house to try and patch things up after an argument two days prior. His girlfriend, Geneva Gomez, 33, lived with her mother Juanita Gomez, 49, in Oklahoma City. He apologized to Juanita for the altercation and asked where his girlfriend was.

After Juanita pointed him to a room in the house, however, Merlos found his girlfriend lying on her back, a cross placed on her chest, her face unrecognizable.

Merlos frantically tried to leave the house as Juanita Gomez incoherently spoke of “money” and “the Devil.” She attempted to put him in a headlock and lock him inside the house. Thankfully, Merlos escaped and called 911, but Geneva Gomez was already dead. She’d been killed by her mother, who believed Geneva was possessed by the Devil.

Juanita told a first responder that her daughter had spoken in tongues in a demonic voice and threatened her and that her eyes had rolled back into her head. She also claimed that the channels on her TV began to change themselves after she tuned to a Christian channel. Supposedly, a demonic voice also spoke to her from the TV. According to Juanita, the bruises on her daughter’s body were caused by Geneva’s attempts to expel the Devil within her.

But it’s more likely that the bruises were from Juanita repeatedly punching her. Juanita reportedly beat her daughter and forced religious objects, including a crucifix, down Geneva’s throat until she bled from her mouth. Court documents stated that she suffered “severe trauma around her head and face.”

After watching her daughter die, Juanita then arranged her daughter’s body in the shape of a cross, cleaned it, and then placed a large cross atop her chest.

In July 2017, Juanita pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility for parole in February 2018.[8]

2 ‘I Ate . . . Humans’

Photo credit: Leah Voss/TC Palm

In August 2016, something provoked 19-year-old Austin Harrouff into committing two vicious murders.

Harrouff was eating dinner with his parents at a local pub when he became angry, stormed out of the restaurant, and made his way to the home of Michelle and John Stevens in Tequesta, Florida. He had no history with the couple. Nonetheless, he proceeded to brutally murder them. He stabbed them multiple times with a switchblade and used various “weapons of opportunity” from their garage in the slaying. He also stabbed a neighbor who attempted to intervene.

Police found Harrouff crouched over John’s bloodied body, growling and making “animal noises” as he bit off chunks of Stevens’s face. According to court documents, officers witnessed Harrouff biting the victim multiple times, spitting out chunks of his flesh, and “chewing on the side of Stevens’s face.” One detective similarly saw that Harrouff had human hair in his mouth.

The officers tried to subdue Harrouff with stun guns and a police dog. When that didn’t bring him down, three to four police officers were finally able to wrench him away from the deceased victim. “Help me, I ate something bad,” deputies later heard him say. When asked what it was, he replied, “Humans.” Harrouff was taken to a Palm Beach County hospital and sedated.[9]

He faces two counts of first-degree murder. His lawyers intend to use the insanity defense.

Harrouff isn’t the first Florida man to bite off someone’s face in a zombie-likefashion. Rudy Eugene infamously bit off the face of a homeless man in 2012.

1 Animal Abuse, Murder, And Dismemberment

Photo credit: AP

It sounds like the setup for a horror movie, doesn’t it?

In this tragic, unfathomably disturbing case, wannabe Internet superstar Luka Magnotta videotaped himself committing horrendous acts. It (sort of) began when Magnotta posted a video of himself killing kittens with a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner on YouTube. The video was entitled “1 boy, 2 kittens.” Horrified Internet sleuths attempted to reveal his identity in order to have him punished. In 2012, another video was posted under a different alias, this one entitled “1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick.” Some of those same Internet detectives managed to identify the man in the video as the same man who had killed the kittens: Luka Magnotta.

“1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick” shows the brutal homicide of 33-year-old Lin Jun, a computer science student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. In it, Magnotta stabs Jun 100 times, dismembers his body, sodomizes it, and eats part of the corpse to the tune of “True Faith” by New Order.[10]

Magnotta had an utterly out-of-control ego and a history of attempting Internetfame. He created dozens of fake accounts on Facebook, devoted videos and at least 20 websites to himself, and had hundreds of (often photoshopped) photos of himself scattered around the Internet. He also tried and failed to become a reality television star.

The grisly details of Jun’s murder and the unfathomable depth of Magnotta’s narcissism are difficult to describe in a few paragraphs. For those who never heeded warnings about curiosity, or for those who simply want to ruin their own day, there are plenty of online resources about the case.


17 Husbands Confess To Being Victims Of Domestic Abuse

17 Husbands Confess To Being Victims Of Domestic Abuse


Trans-Species Woman Spends $80,000 To Turn Herself Into A Dragon

Trans-Species Woman Spends $80,000 To Turn Herself Into A Dragon -

A woman has spent more than $80,000 to transform herself into a reptile so she can pursue her dream of living as a dragon.

Eva Tiamat Medusa, from Bruni, Texas, claims she is the ‘most modified transgender person in the world’ splashing out on numerous procedures to become a dragon.

Quitting her job as vice president of a bank several years ago, Eva began her transformation by getting scales before having her nose re-shaped, ears removed and the whites of her eyes stained green.


Since being abandoned by her parents as a five-year-old, Eva says she was ‘born again’ when a western diamondback rattlesnake took her under its wing.

Realising she wanted to morph into a reptile, her journey started when, while living as a man, Eva was diagnosed with HIV and became resolved not to die as a human.

Speaking to The Wizard of Odd TV, Eva explained why she underwent her metamorphosis:

For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life, there are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it.

I have two mothers: one is my original birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes.

My big thing though was I didn’t want to die in this world looking like a human.

As much awesomeness and goodness there is in humans, compared to other species they are the most destructive and hateful.

I decided at that time, that it was time for a change in my life, so I wanted to look like something that wasn’t human.

Eva now has eight horns on her forehead, her tongue bifurcated and her whole face tattooed meaning she is now known as Dragon Lady.

Describing herself as ‘trans-species’, Eva no longer identifies as human but as a reptilian instead.

One of the reasons Eva has opened up about her journey is she hopes others who want to change their physical body feel less alone.

She added:

I would like for there to be an open dialogue about the world of body modification and understand what it was like to live as a gay-man for 53-years and now as a transsexual woman.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be transsexual and then further than that – something that I’m introducing – the idea of trans-speciesism.

I consider myself not just to be human anymore; I’m human and reptilian. My greatest desire in life is to continue my body modification until my metamorphosis is complete.

This is what drives me – this is the reason why I get up every day and live.

I hope that my story will help other people – not only those who have gone through hard times, but also people who have lost hope.

She really does seem to be enjoying her life as a dragon and I am sure her story will help others who want to transform their physical selves.

You can follow Eva’s journey on her Instagram page where she posts regular updates and selfies.

43 IKEA Employees Share The Absolute Worst Family Meltdowns They've Seen

43 IKEA Employees Share The Absolute Worst Family Meltdowns They've Seen



Victim Reveals Shocking Details About UK Sex Abuse Gang

Victim Reveals Shocking Details About Sex Abuse Gang

Police have revealed shocking details about one of the ‘worst ever’ sex gangs in Telford, where children were taken to a derelict house to be abused by men, who were shuttled out by mini bus.

Three officers who were working on the case have spoken out about how all the victims involved were failed.

According to the Sunday Mirror, one officer said police were overwhelmed by the scale of the scandal, as well as being ‘frustrated’ because so few of the predators – predominantly from the town’s Pakistani Muslim community – were jailed.

The officer said:

At one point we had 70 cases and one victim had close to 100 offenders.

In one case women were taken to a derelict building near Birmingham and men were being shuttled out in mini bus runs to abuse them.

Many officers were frustrated because the CPS was treating the cases as separate when we knew they were linked.

If we could have got four or five of the girls with the strongest cases and asked them to identify the worst offenders I believe more men could have ended up in jail.

Meanwhile, the mother of a girl who was abused, but has now sadly died, said she gave police a three-page list of suspects, but said nothing was ever done.

The same girl, along with another 13-year-old, were reportedly in a car driven by abusers which was stopped by police, however, they were allowed to go.

Officers came forward after Supt Tom Harding, of West Mercia Police, said he ‘significantly disputed’ the probe and claimed an ­estimate of 1,000 victims was ‘sensationalised’.


One of the police whistleblowers said of the feared 1,000 toll:

I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility at all. I wouldn’t be surprised. It was the tip of the iceberg.

Today, March 18, Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans denied the court orders were discounted because of the level of work required.

Going public showed their concern over the true scale of the problem and the police response, with one officer saying:

There were lots of people that were suspected of abuse but not put before the courts. Two senior officers had a conversation about going for Sexual Risk Orders.

It would have meant they would be monitored by the police. It can be effective with a low reoffending rate.

The question was, should we apply for 20 or 25 of these orders? The view from the senior officer was it was too much trouble. A lot of us were horrified when they didn’t want to do that.

It would have been a lot of work but what price do we put on protecting these kids?


Court orders were considered for suspects identified by cops as part of Operation Chalice – which saw just seven men jailed back in 2012.

A third officer said:

The orders were discussed at a senior level with lawyers and the CPS. We were anticipating a number of people would go on those orders. It didn’t take place.

Today, March 18, West Mercia’s Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans said:

These civil orders were seriously considered and the decision not to pursue them was for a number of reasons.

These included the fact that there would have been a requirement for victims to give evidence in court, furthering their ordeal.

Other measures were put in place to make sure those considered a potential threat were closely monitored and reviewed and this continues to be the case.



Yet one victim said:

I was never told about these orders or asked if I would give evidence in court against my abusers. If I had been asked, I would have done.

These latest revelations have come as the mother of 13-year-old Becky Watson, told how she gave police a list of more than 10 abusers months before her daughter died in a car accident described as a 'prank' gone wrong.

Becky's mother says she repeatedly told police and social workers about her fears for Becky:

I am so angry. They all knew ­something was going on but they wouldn’t investigate. When I rang social services, they weren’t interested.


A friend of Becky’s reportedly said the pair were in a car with two men just a few weeks before Becky's death.

She revealed they were being taken to a ­notorious spot where many victims have come forward to say they were abused there.

The girl said:

Police pulled us over. I gave my real name and date of birth but Becky gave the details of her 18-year-old sister. It was obvious she was not 18 but they just let us go.

Becky is among five people linked to abusers who have died.

16-year-old Lucy Lowe, who'd been made pregnant at 14, was killed in a house fire in 2000, along with her mother and sister.

In 2009, Becky’s friend, 20-year-old Vicky Round, died of a drugs overdose after her abusers got her hooked on the illegal substances.


Baseball Player Danry Vasquez Violently Beat Girlfriend - They Get Engaged - He Gets Probation

Baseball Player Danry Vasquez Violently Beat Girlfriend - They Get Engaged - He Gets Probation

Baseball player Danry Vasquez is now engaged to the girlfriend he beat viscously in a stadium stairwell.

People have been shocked by footage of the 24-year-old outfielder striking his girlfriend multiple times across the face in 2016.

The horrifying footage was released by Corpus Christi Police Department and quickly went viral.

The couple have been dating since they were teenagers and have reportedly been engaged since November 2017.


Sources have told TMZ Sports how the pair are now describing themselves as a ‘happy couple.’

Vasquez’s girlfriend reportedly stuck by her partners side following the brutal attack, pleading with prosecutors not to press charges for what she has claimed was an isolated incident.

Vasquez’s attorney has made the following remarks to TMZ Sports:

I recall conversations about the extreme stress he was under and the pressures to perform that he was young.

Came to USA at a young age with no parents [accommodating him] and no guidance … just his dreams.

She never excused his behaviour just loved him enough to believe they could move forward.

Vasquez was arrested on charged of domestic violence back in August 2016. However, despite video evidence, he avoided any serious punishment.

Nueces County District Attorney, and prosecutor in the case, Mark Gonzalez, advised the girlfriend refused to cooperate with prosecutors; preferring the case be dropped.

This lack of cooperation created difficulties for prosecutors. For his penalty, Vasquez to was required to undertake anger management courses; a punishment many believe to be inadequate.

Vasquez has reportedly now completed the terms of his probation, with the case being formally dismissed as of March 6.

Gonzalez told KRIS TV:

At that point, probation checked with us, and he had done everything we asked him to do so I was forced to dismiss the case.

It was an assault that occurred, we had all the evidence to prove it we just allowed this individual to hopefully get the training and education so he wouldn’t continue to assault people who he has relationships with.

Gonzalez added:

Yes I’ve seen the video, that’s what happens in domestic violence cases. Every time a man or woman hurts each other that’s what it looks like, and it’s ugly and what I’m trying to accomplish is to stop that from happening…

I’m hoping Mr. Vasquez will be the poster boy for our program and never hurt somebody that he’s in a relationship with and only time will tell.

Following the public outcry over the despicable footage, Vasquez’s former team, the Lancaster Barnstormers, have sacked him.

Lancaster Barnstormers manager Ross Peeples said:

There is no choice but to sever the relationship. Neither I, nor the Barnstormers’ organization as a whole, can condone or associate with that behaviour.

According to Fox, General Manager Mike Reynolds said:

Half of our front office staff are females, many of us are married with wives…I have two young daughters.

That is just not something that we will accept, that we will tolerate, that we want part of either the Barnstormers organization or the Lancaster County community

10 Weird Siege Weapons And Tactics From History

10 Weird Siege Weapons And Tactics From History



For most of the history of warfare, defensive technology was far in advance of offensive weapons. A stout wall was enough to keep most enemy armies out of your cities and strongholds. This mismatch means that the history of war is filled with sieges.

In order to break into a city or castle, or to stop besiegers from getting in, humans have poured all their ingenuity into creating a wide variety of weapons. And what’s a deadly siege weapon without an equally diabolical strategy for its use? Here are ten inventive, and frankly bizarre, siege weapons and tactics from history.


10 Pigs

King John is commonly regarded as the worst king in English history. His inability to get along with his nobles led to them rising in rebellion several times. After one of these revolts, they forced the king to agree to a charter of rights, Magna Carta, that is still celebrated as a foundation of English civil rights. But John being John, immediately after agreeing to Magna Carta, he changed his mind and had it declared invalid. The barons rose in rebellion again.

In the First Barons’ War, one of the castles held against John was in the city of Rochester. The king tried many ways to take the castle: diplomancy, bombardment, and bribery. He managed to capture the outer yard of the castle, but the rebels in the defensive keep would not yield. So the king turned to pigs to save his bacon.

John set his engineers to digging beneath the walls of the keep. When the tunnel was ready, he ordered that “forty of the fattest pigs, the sort least good for eating” be used to burn the support beams of the tunnel.[1] The fire was so intense that the tunnel collapsed and took part of the tower above with it. The rebels held out a while longer but were eventually starved into surrender.

9 Dead Bodies

Photo credit:

When you are sitting outside of an enemy’s walls, and your catapults are useless against them, it must be dispiriting. An army camp in the past was an unhealthy place to be, and epidemics could easily devastate a besieging force. When the city of Caffa in Crimea was being attacked by the Mongols in 1346, they found more effective things to launch over the walls than stones.

The Black Death had not yet ravaged Europe, but the invading Mongol army brought the disease with them. Instead of retreating and tending to their dying, they put the corpses filling their camp to good use. The bodies were put into catapults and hurled over the walls in hopes that “the intolerable stench would kill everyone inside.”[2] “Mountains of dead” were catapulted, but it was not the smell which was deadly—the plague came in with the rotting corpses. Caffa held against the siege, but it is thought that ships fleeing the city may have helped spread the plague into Europe.

Use of biological weapons was also considered by those under siege. In the 17th century, as the siege of Candia dragged on into its 21st year, the inhabitants of the city came up with a plan to make a poisonous liquid to infect the army outside. It would be the essence of plague distilled from the spleens and sores of plague victims. As far as we know, this plan was never used.


8 Heat Rays

When the Romans attempted to capture the Greek city of Syracuse, they faced not only the strong-willed resistance of the inhabitants but also the genius of Archimedes. The mathematician and inventor is said to have created weapons that could lift the Roman ships attacking the harbor clean out of the water before dropping and sinking them. But he is also supposed to have created a method of burning the ships before they even got close.

Using mirrors, or polished shields according to some historians, Archimedes directed the light of the Sun onto the ships. The heat is supposed to have ignited the tarred wood of the vessels’ hulls and destroyed them. Some dismiss the idea out of hand, but several attempts to recreate versions of the heat ray have shown that it is possible to set fire to ships in this way.[3] Even if they did not burn the Roman fleet like this, then all those dazzling mirrors would have certainly distracted and blinded the sailors on board.

7 Rocket Cats

Photo credit: Matt Rourke/AP

Franz Helm was an artillery master in 17th-century Germany, and he literally wrote the book on siege weapons. In one text, he described how you could use a cat to destroy your enemy:

Create a small sack like a fire-arrow. If you would like to get at a town or castle, seek to obtain a cat from that place. And bind the sack to the back of the cat, ignite it, let it glow well and thereafter let the cat go, so it runs to the nearest castle or town, and out of fear it thinks to hide itself where it ends up in barn hay or straw it will be ignited.[4]

What caught the eye of most researchers were the illustrations that went along with this plan—they make it look as if the cat will be propelled over the walls with a rocket. While it is thought that fire or rocket cats were probably never used in battle, there are records of fire pigs. When the city of Megara was besieged, those inside drove off the elephants outside by smearing pigs in oil and setting them on fire before releasing them from the city.

6 Sand

Photo via Pinterest

In any movie about a medieval siege, there will be a scene where defenders are shown heating water or oil to pour down on besiegers as they attempt to scale the walls. But if water or oil was too valuable to waste due to food shortages, other hot things could be dropped from the walls. At the siege of Caen in 1346, Sir Edward Springhouse was knocked off a ladder, and the defenders threw burning hay down on him, roasting him in his armor.

Other people under siege have had to get even more creative. When Alexander the Great was attacking the city of Tyre, his men faced something even worse than scalding oil. The defenders of the city took the fine sand of the local area and heated it until it glowed red-hot.[5] This was poured down on the attackers. The fine sand would find its way into any piece of armor and lodge there. Men were driven wild with pain and would strip off their armor, leaving themselves to be picked off by archers on the walls. The sand could also be carried by the wind to the enemy ships and ignite their sails.


5 Greek Fire

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Greek fire was a weapon that inspired terror for hundreds of years. It was a liquid that would burst into flame on contact with water and would burn anything it touched. It could be launched from catapults at enemy ships and siege weapons or sprayed over a wide area. No one knows the exact recipe for Greek fire, but it is thought to have contained caustic chemicals, pitch, and resin. The only ways to extinguish Greek fire were said to be sand, salt, or urine. One crusader who faced Greek fire thought the only defense was to fall on your knees and pray for deliverance.

As well as being used in the defense of cities, there was also a hand-operated Greek fire weapon called a cheirosiphon that could be used to attack a city.[6] The cheirosiphon was placed on a siege tower that would be wheeled up to the city walls, and the device would shoot a stream of burning Greek fire onto the defenders and buildings inside.

4 Toilets

Most people take the ease of modern plumbing for granted. In the Middle Ages, however, a toilet in a castle could simply be a board projecting over the walls with a hole cut in it that allowed waste to fall below. While you might think that this is going to be about dropping dung on besiegers, toilets could, in fact, be a way for an enemy to get inside.

Chateau Gaillard was built by Richard the Lionheart and was supposed to be impregnable. But it was captured less than ten years after it was built. King Philip II of France captured the outer parts of the castle but could not take the inner keep. One of his men saw that a castle toilet, or garderobe, might offer the way in they were looking for. A soldier was sent up the narrow, feces-spattered gap that led up to the toilet. He crawled up, opened a window into the castle chapel, and let the French soldiers take the impregnable castle.[7]

3 Exploding Mill Wheel

Photo credit:

In 1552, Ottoman forces laid siege to the Castle of Eger in Hungary. The castle was in a good defensive position, as it commanded a hill which gave the castle guns an advantage over enemies beneath. The tens of thousands of Ottoman troops heavily outnumbered the defenders, however, and were able to keep the castle under almost constant bombardment. The outer walls of the castle began to crumble under the fire, and the defenders’ cannons could not harm the besiegers.

Inside the castle, a man named Gergely Bornemissza developed weapons that could reach the attackers. He took the mill wheels, the heavy stones used to crush grain into flour, and stuffed them with gunpowder.[8] Because the castle of Eger was at the top of a hill, these explosive millstones were able to pick up a huge amount of speed as they rolled into the enemy camp and exploded, scattering burning wood and shards of stone into the Ottomans.

2 Piggybacks

Photo credit: Harvard Art Museums

In the 12th century, Germany was a patchwork of small principalities loosely held together in the Holy Roman Empire. It was not unusual for states to go to war with one another. In 1140, Conrad III went to war with the Duke of Welf and surrounded the city of Weinsberg. For a long time, the citizens held out. Conrad III told the inhabitants that unless they surrendered to his forces, he would burn the city to the ground and kill everyone inside.

When the city did not yield, Conrad was determined to follow through with his threats. Eventually, starved, the citizens of Weinsberg had to give in. Conrad ordered everyone to be gathered in one place to submit and face death. The men of the city, so they said, were willing to die, but they begged for one favor—that their women be allowed to go free. Being a chivalrous man, Conrad gave the women permission to leave the city with whatever they could carry.

When the time came for the women to leave, the besieging army was startled to see them walking bent-backed out of the city with their menfolk on their backs.[9]Some in the king’s army thought this was a shameful trick, but the king is said to have laughed and allowed the women and the men to go free.

1 Bees

The benefit of a wall is that you can hide behind it if the enemy throws something at you, and you can also use its height to drop things down on them. Besieging armies are not stupid, however, and will try to avoid giving you the chance to hit them by either digging underground or using shields to keep themselves safe. When the Vikings attacked Chester in the tenth century, they used wooden coverings called hurdles to keep the defenders’ thrown weapons off them as they attempted to destroy the walls. The inhabitants got creative.

First, they took all the beer in the city and boiled it in cauldrons before pouring it down on the Vikings. The wood had staved off stones, but the beer found its way through and burned the attackers “so that their skin peeled off.” The Vikings responded by covering their hurdles in animal hides so that the boiling liquid ran off to the sides. But the defenders had one more trick up their sleeves. They took the beehives in the city and hurled them down on the Vikings. Understandably upset by this treatment, the bees set about stinging the Vikings.[10] The Vikings gave up their efforts and abandoned the siege.

23 Things Kim Jong Un Does Not Want The Rest Of The World To Know

23 Things Kim Jong Un Does Not Want The Rest Of The World To Know -



The world often sees North Korea in action – missile testing and the undying controversy about the dictator leader Kim Jong-un. Aside from the bombarding issues about the country, do you really know what is happening inside North Korea? This is your chance to find out about the country's dark and deep secrets.

For the uninitiated, North Korea is the sister country of South Korea. However, these two Korean countries are far different from each other. While South Korea is under a democratic government, North Korea is under a dictatorship and one-party state government. Since 1948, North Korea is under the leadership of the Kim Dynasty with Kim Il-sung as its first supreme leader.

Kim Il-sung later passed the supreme leadership to his son Kim Jong-il in 1994 after his death. It was in 2011 that Kim Jong-il passed away and his son Kim Jong-un inherited the supreme leadership. Since 2011, Kim Jong-un has been the dictator of North Korea, a man who seems to have a deep interest in missile testing.

You might already have a hint about North Korea because of the controversies and issues that news channels all over the globe are reporting and exploiting. Perhaps you also garnered some insight about the country when the movie "The Interview" was released. Do you remember this movie? It was a story depicting North Korea, starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Randall Park.

Although this is a comedy film, "The Interview" still caused a massive stir. Yes, the movie is based partly on truth, which means that some of North Korea's deepest and darkest secrets are partly exposed, but still, it is not enough.

Do you want to learn about the dark secrets about Kim Jong-un's North Korea? Continue reading below to find out.



Let us start the list with something light, yet weird and ridiculous – the official hairstyles! Did you know that in North Korea, people are following a certain hair trend? Freedom is not rampant in North Korea and freedom in choosing a haircut and hairstyle is not exempted.

North Koreans are only allowed to follow 28, and only 28, approved hairstyles. Although there are 28 approved hairstyles, men in North Korea are always encouraged to follow their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un's hairstyle. All men should always consider imitating the undercut crop of Kim Jong-un.

Women are not exempted. Although they are not advised to imitate Kim Jong-un's haircut, they are very much encouraged to at least follow the famous bob of the First Lady Ri Sol-ju, Kim Jong-un's wife.



At this point, you can say that the rumors are partly true in terms of officially using mobile phones. Out of more than 26 million population of North Korea, there are only approximately three million North Koreans with the privilege to use mobile phones. Reports indicate that only the "elite people" of North Korea have access to mobile phones.

People with mobile phones are not that lucky, too. In fact, they should only sign up to the official service of North Korea. To make things even more difficult, all calls and texts are strictly monitored. Incoming and outgoing international calls are also barred.

Not all North Koreans are in favor of this restriction. Sometimes, people use smuggled China-made handsets and SIM cards just to make international calls.



If haircut and mobile phones already have strict limitations and restriction, how about their press freedom? There are only two words that can describe its press and broadcasting freedom – "strict" and "controlled".

To make everything clear, freedom of speech and press should not be contained. However, the supreme leader Kim Jong-un and his ancestors strictly prohibit this right, which is a clear human rights violation, unless it is in favor of Kim Jong-un, the government, and the country.

This strict and controlled press and broadcasting freedom is not just limited to the media, but also in every North Korean home. People are not allowed to tune into international broadcasts. Even if they want to, their TVs are supplied and pre-programmed by the government.


via: vox.vom

Goodbye emails, web search, and most importantly, goodbye Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! If you are a millennial or a person clung to technology and internet, you should never consider residing in North Korea. Internet access is not entirely available to all people of the unchangeable sovereign country of North Korea.

There are myths that internet access is strictly prohibited, punishable by imprisonment or even death. This is partly true! Just like mobile phones, only the elite people can access the internet because computers are only available to them.

Although these elite people already have access to the internet, they are closely monitored. North Korea's internet is not entirely "the internet". Instead, their internet is like a company's intranet with millions of banned international sites. One can only access 5,500 sites that are government-controlled.



The world knows how North Korea's Supreme Leader and Dictator Kim Jong-un loves missiles and missile testing. Throughout his reign, nuclear and ballistic missiles were tested countless times, which eventually enraged most countries including Japan who declared North Korea as a threat to their national security.

Missile testing is already quite enough to think that maybe North Korea will soon declare a world war. However, Kim Jong-un is not yet contented. In fact, the United Nations accused the country of trading illegal weapons and dangerous nuclear technology to Africa and the Middle East where siege and battles are rampant.

In 2012, the UN already confiscated a North Korean shipment containing graphite cylinders, a recipe to make ballistic missiles. This shipment was supposed to be headed to Syria, which was and still is at the brink of war.



North Koreans, aside from being deprived of TVs, mobile phones, and internet access, are also deprived in receiving the proper amount of electricity they need. Given that only the elite people have the privilege to obtain mobile phones and computers, they are also the only people who can actually have a limited access to electricity.

However, the average elite North Korean can only enjoy an hour or two of electricity daily. But still, that is not the worst part. In fact, almost all houses outside Pyongyang, North Korea's capital city, have no access to electricity.

Space satellites orbiting the planet show images of how darkness covers the entire country. Unlike South Korea and China, North Korea has access to very little electricity.



If Japan is called "Land of the Rising Sun", you can say that North Korea can be called the land of the rising international crimes. Imports, exports, and essentially the international trade became too difficult to North Korea. The reason behind these difficulties is either North Korea is banned from the international trade or they are reluctant in making a bridge towards the international company.

Because they can't make money in the international trade, the country's economy will fall. The government needed to bring in money to North Korea, so they thought big and targeted international Western insurance policies. In 2009, North Korea's insurance fraud was discovered following the large insurance companies' lawsuits against the country. To sum it all up, North Korea conned them out of hundreds of millions of dollars.



While North Korea's military forces and missile testing are thriving and developing, its roads remain to be unpaved. Third world countries may have the same problem with their roads, but at least, most of their major and minor roads are paved and well-urbanized.

Reports declared that only 3 percent of North Korea's road networks are paved – no more, no less. These paved roads can only be seen in the capital city Pyongyang. However, in other areas in North Korea , especially the rural ones, there is a great significant shortage in decent and proper roads.

Almost every road in the country is made up of dust and dirt, making it impossible for the people to achieve a decent, convenient, and comfortable journey in their own country.



Fertilizers are needed to build a rich soil for plants and produce to thrive. Artificial fertilizers are no better than organic fertilizers, such as animal waste and biodegradable materials. Unfortunately, the Supreme Leader and Dictator Kim Jong-un and his government took organic fertilizers to the next level by using human waste.

Why did they reach this solution? Although North Korea's geography is mountainous making lands not fit for farming, lots of North Koreans are farmers. To make farming possible, their lands need fertilizers. North Korea relied on foreign resources from the USSR and South Korea for their fertilizers.

However, South Korea stopped exporting fertilizers in 2008, making it hard for North Korea to make their lands rich. They came up with the solution they have today. Since it's North Korea, illegal shops are almost impossible to get rid of and they thrive in providing human waste fertilizers.



Do you have any idea about the caste system? In history, this is the social stratification used by ancient India and other South East countries based on their Hindu beliefs in classifying the people based on their status in the hierarchy.

North Korea today is using the caste system, but with a twist. It was in 1957 when Kim Il-sung changed the social system to a three-caste system that is based on the person's family history. People with history of loyalties are placed on the highest rank – "core". These are the elite that are now connected to the government.

Next in line is the "wavering" or the middle class. Lastly, there are people classified as "hostiles", which are the people with crime in their family history. However, the actions that the North Korean leaders considered as crimes are practicing Christianity and land ownership. The hostiles are the people being shunned and experience extreme difficulties in their own country.



Since there is a three-caste system, everything is planned by the government and that includes every North Korean's role and jobs. The moment a North Korean citizen is born, the government already decides what that baby's future role in the society is and its future job.

Right after a North Korean left high school, he will be assigned to the job that the government prepared for him. Most "core" members are the elites and therefore assigned to be a politician or to a high-paying job. The "wavering" and the "hostiles" are the ones who end up being laborers and farmers. The worst part is that they are paid very low. In order to have a new job or earn more money, one must bribe an official.



As mentioned above, Pyongyang is the "thriving" capital of North Korea. This is where the iconic skyscraper is perched. Pyongyang is also the home of the Rungrado Stadium, the largest stadium in the world that can hold at least 150,000 people. Most importantly, the capital city is the home of the Mansudae Apartments Complex and only the elite can live here. This is the only place in North Korea that actually has 24-hour electricity.

More than just the Mansudae Apartments Complex, only the elite are allowed to find refuge in the nation's capital Pyongyang. It is estimated that only 10 percent of people in North Korea, mostly the elites, the loyalists, and the allies of the North Korean dictatorship, are allowed to live in the capital city, while the rest of the population are barred to enter the city.



Most people in North Korea do not know that what they have in their country is a complete horror because they are barred to catch a glimpse of the outside world and the international community. However, there are people who are aware that they have no freedom in almost every aspect of life.

Given that there are millions of people facing life and death situations in North Korea, they want to flee and start over. There are two bordering countries – China and South Korea – that can give these North Koreans some refuge. However, fleeing is not easy.

China has this crazy policy to send the refugees back to North Korea where they either face death and execution or lifetime imprisonment. People fleeing their countries are mercilessly killed and tortured with just one reason: they need freedom and only freedom.

Luckily, South Korea opens their arms and hearts to the people fleeing North Korea. They accept every refugee and will immediately provide citizenship, job training, and of course, counseling because what they've been through is so traumatizing.



There are reports stating that North Korea's economy is falling apart and their international trade is well-compromised. The state fund is also not enough to sustain the whole North Korean community. However, North Korea has a secret business that provides additional funds, not to the country, but straight to the Dictator Kim Jong-un's pocket.

According to the news published by credible news websites, a North Korean defector revealed the monstrosity of their leader when it comes to money. As per the defector, North Korea has a secret office called the "Office 39" where they export almost everything – gold, farming goods, and commodities – in exchange for international currencies. This can be considered as an international trade. However, all of the international currencies that Office 39 earned will be given to the leader.



The Kim Dynasty is a rich dynasty. That is why Kim Jong-un enjoys a life full of lavishness and luxury. News also claimed that this North Korean dictator and supreme leader uses state fund just to satisfy his luxury needs. With that said, North Korea is always included on the top five most corrupted countries according to the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.

Do you know that he has a $20 million car collection? Aside from that, he also owns 17 palaces and mansions across North Korea. Kim Jong-un is living his dreams with all of his splurges, including his own private jet, yacht, and private island. He also wastes money on ridiculous things such as cheese and booze worth millions of dollars.



The North Korean Supreme Leader and Dictator may be living a luxurious life, but his country is not thriving in wealth. There is extreme poverty in North Korea because of the dictatorship, the three-caste system, and the ill-paying jobs the government assigned.

While Kim Jong-un and the country's most elite are spending the state fund for their own personal needs, vices, contentment, and satisfaction, the rest of North Korea is suffering in poverty. They struggle just to make ends meet for their needs and their family's needs.

While the Dictator Kim Jong-un has an estimated net worth of $5 billion, an average North Korean worker only earns $1,800 per year. There are children begging on the streets and people forced to work long hours.



While most of the North Koreans are suffering in poverty, the elites are thriving. Most of the North Koreans are struggling and working very hard just to sustain and buy their everyday commodities. There are people in North Korean, particularly the ones living in Pyongyang and members of the "core" social status, can't decide on what luxury items they would like to choose.

Because the rest of the country is suffering in poverty, the elites need to be discreet. They have their own black market for luxury goods that offers high-end luxury goods. Every black market sells designer brands of apparels, shoes, and bags. Other high-end black markets also offer imported food. Considered as black market, the Kim Dynasty supports and tolerates this.



While the elites together with their beloved Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un indulge in luxury wines and delicious cuisines, not just in North Korea, but from all over the world, the rest of the people experience hunger. Fine dining and different restaurants are everywhere in Pyongyang, while only starvation and famine are present in most parts of the North Korea.

If there is poverty, there is starvation. Unfortunately, there is an extreme poverty in North Korea, making famine a threat to the people in the lower class of living. Reports claimed that millions of North Koreans have died in the 1990s and there are still people dying because of hunger. It is also estimated that 40 percent of children and pregnant women are malnourished.



Given that there is a great famine, starvation, hunger, the UN and other countries give humanitarian aid because that is what humans do when their fellow humans are in need of help.

However, the North Korean dictators and government forgot the real meaning of humanity. In the 1990s, Switzerland's Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders aimed to help the North Korean people. However, the government denied that there is a famine going on in the country and that there are no malnourished children roaming around the streets begging for something to eat. Humanitarian aid was pulled out.



Do you want to know what crazy law North Korea dictates? There is a certain law in North Korea called the "three generations of punishment" policy. It is already mentioned above that there is a three-caste system or the social hierarchy based on the family history. Unluckily, people of the same bloodline that committed crime in the past will be cast to the hostiles.

That is not the worst part. In North Korea's law of three generations of punishment, if a person committed a crime today, he will share the punishment to his children and his grandchildren. That is why there are North Koreans born in prisons because of the sins of their fathers and grandfathers.

However, what are the crimes that people commit for them to suffer this kind of punishment? As mentioned above, fleeing is a crime. Also, nobody should dare to speak negative things about the government or they will also be punished.



Do you want to know where these so-called "criminals" are being held up? No, there are no regular prisoners in North Korea. Instead, there are labor camps where they work hard in accordance to what the government declared. As of this writing, there are 16 labor camps with over hundreds of thousands of prisoners.

For the record, the prisoners being held in labor camps are mostly defectors, traitors to the government, and people who want to cross the borders. They are all forced to work hard. No matter how petty their crimes are, they need to abide with the rules that require them to work in brutal conditions.

Sounds familiar? Yes, North Korea's labor camps are often described as the Gulag camps of the Soviet Union in 1900s.



Labor and brutal working conditions are not the worst case scenarios that a prisoner can go through. If North Korea's prisons or labor camps are already inhumane, there are still things that you need to know. There are prisons within prisons. Prisoners who just want to flee do not just end up in labor camps, they end up in torture prisons within the labor camps where people are being executed or just died because of too much torture.

Camp 14 is considered as the most brutal camp in the whole country. Shin Dong-huyk is one of the few people who escaped death. He mentioned that extreme torture awaits everyone in this camp. There is an underground torture prison where he was hanged with metal shackles, dipped into hot coals, and left to rot in infections. It was even reported that he was released just to watch his mother's and brother's execution.



Did you know that the mighty dictator and the supreme leader has a very deep and dark secret that can enrage the UN and every country in the world including the organizations protecting women in their children? Kim Jong-un has a pleasure squad where he recently spent $3.8 million for lingerie. No, this was not for his wife, but for his Pleasure Squad.

No matter how naughty or unreal this is, Kim Jong-un is clearly violating human rights when he formed this pleasure squad. These women are beautiful and that is not a secret. These poor ladies are victims of Kim Jong-un's and his friends' lust.

It was reported that defector Jang Jin-sung revealed that greatest, deepest secret of Kim Jong-un's Pleasure Squad. As early as the age of 13, there are women who possess beauty and charm that are being taken from their families to be a part of the Pleasure Squad. The UN needs to do something about this because this is harassment and corruption of minors.






US' Biggest Gun-Seller Just Changed Its Gun-Selling Policy

US' Biggest Gun-Seller Just Changed Its Gun-Selling Policy

After Dick's Sporting Goods announced it would stop selling assault-style riflesand raised the age to purchase firearms to 21, gun-control advocates took to social media to ask Walmart—the biggest gun-seller in the US—to make similar changes, Business Insiderreports. It apparently worked. According to the Hill, Walmart announced late Wednesday it's raising the age to buy guns and ammunition to 21. Walmart states it's making the change "in light of recent events," CNBC reports. "We take seriously our obligation to be a responsible seller of firearms," the company states. It states it will implement the new age restriction "as quickly as possible."

Walmart stopped selling assault-style rifles in 2015 due to what it stated was a lack of demand. On Wednesday the company stated it would be removing any items "resembling assault-style rifles, including nonlethal airsoft guns and toys," from its website. Walmart states it also doesn't sell high-capacity magazines or bump stocks. “Our heritage as a company has always been in serving sportsmen and hunters, and we will continue to do so in a responsible way,” the company stated.



20 Celebrities Who Are Already Having A Rough Year In 2018

20 Celebrities Who Are Already Having A Rough Year In 2018

We might only be two months into 2018, but there has already been a ton of celebrity fails. It will definitely be hard to top 2017 in terms of crazy, but if the first couple of months of this year are any indication, it could definitely give 2017 a run for its money. It's nice to know that celebrities mess things up sometimes, just like normal people. But their mistakes are always more attention-getting and confusing because they live such high-profile lives. But sometimes, people miscalculate what will be awesome and what will be terrible, and of course, when it comes to performing, an accident can always happen.

So even when the world seems to be going mad, at least we can rely on famous people to continually make ridiculous, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes baffling blunders for the rest of us to gawk at. Despite the fact that we're not even done with month two of 2018, what are the weirdest, funniest, grossest, and scariest things that famous people have said or done this year? Read on to find out!

20 U2's Grammy Double Feature


This year's roster of performances at the Grammy Awards caught quite a bit of heat before the show because Lorde, the only female artist nominated for album of the year, was also the only artist in that category who was not offered a solo performance at the show. But what took that whole mess to a different level of weird was the fact that U2 performed twice during the same awards show. They appeared in the opening performance alongside Kendrick Lamar and then did a performance of their own later in the show. Oh, and they also presented the album of the year award. It's not that there's anything particularly wrong with U2, but it's also not as if U2 had such an epic year that it would explain why they were everywhere at the Grammys. It's even more ludicrous that they would give one band two performance slots instead of offer one to an album of the year nominee.

19 Justin Timberlake's Flop At The Super Bowl


Justin Timberlake was a part of one of the most shocking and memorable Super Bowl halftime shows in football history when he inappropriately caused a wardrobe issue for Janet Jackson. We don't think anyone expected him to top that level of crazy during his halftime performance this year, but honestly, Timberlake's 2018 performance was one of the most forgettable halftime performances ever. Justin performed a medley of some of his biggest hits and went through his typical dance moves, but that was really it. It was a typical Justin Timberlake performance, it may have even been a slightly toned-down performance, which is a really odd fit for a Super Bowl halftime show. He didn't seem that into it, some people even asked if there were sound problems because it seemed so sedated. His outfit was also completely off. Why anyone would ever make a camo print suit is beyond comprehension, and like dude, we get it, Man of the Woods is your new album but you don't have to be so literal.

18 Tom Brady At The Super Bowl


In a fairly stunning upset this Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, winning their first Super Bowl ever and taking down what is widely considered to be the best football team in the league. In an even bigger shocker, the Eagles quarterback for the game, Nick Foles, was actually the backup QB for the team, which made the Eagles the first team to win with their second string QB since the Patriots in 2001, which of course, was when Tom Brady was still their backup quarterback. And this isn't to drag the Pats for not winning the game. They've been winning or going to Super Bowls for the past 20 years it seems like, so it's nice to see another team revel in the glory for a bit. But what was very off-putting was Tom Brady's attitude, because after the Patriots lost, Brady immediately left the field without congratulating Foles, which is traditionally supposed to be done as a sign of good sportsmanship.

17 Fergie's National Anthem Fail

via: Today Show

If someone was looking to top the mediocrity of Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl performance in record time, then Fergie managed to do just that with her performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game. She's certainly not the first to mess up the Star Spangled Banner. However, her "artistic" choices were questionable at best, and the changes she made weren't some kind of mistake, they were completely intentional. Fergie decided to go with some kind of jazz reinterpretation of the song and sang in a way that only seems comparable to Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday Mr. President." On the one hand, it's nice that she's the first person to try to make the national anthem "attractive," but also, it's the National Anthem. It was an awkward moment for everyone, especially those attending the game, and just goes to show why you don't mess with a classic.

16 Dane Cook's Attempts To Not Look Creepy With His Teen Girlfriend


It seems like after his initial burst of superstardom in the early aughts, the comedian, Dane Cook, experienced quite a bit of negative backlash over his success and kind of dropped off of the entertainment tabloid radar. But he recently started making news again and not for his comedy performances, but for his relationship with a 19-year-old singer named Kelsi Taylor. That's right, the 45-year-old is dating a teenager, who is less than half his age. The couple isn't shy about their romance, posting tons of PDA selfies on their social media and never shying away from the paparazzi, but dude, yikes. I know May-December romances are somewhat normal in Hollywood, and she's the age of consent so that's fine, but at some point, does it not feel weird or wrong? Maybe their love is the real deal, but we don't know many teenage girls who want to spend their young years with a middle-aged guy.

15 Markus Schairer's Risky Olympic Performance


In a much scarier incident at this year's Olympics, Austrian snowboarding competitor, Markus Schairer, took a hard fall off of a jump and landed on his back. He managed to get back up and finish the race on his own, but after the race was over and he had sought medical assistance for the accident, he discovered that he had actually broken his neck in the fall. His doctors have said that after his recovery, there should be no long-term serious damage to him, despite the fact that he broke his fifth cervical vertebra. The snowboarder has suffered from bone breaks and injuries at other snowboarding competitions, but obviously, there is nothing this serious in his past medical history. And while the break might not be a life changing injury, it still puts Schairer out of Olympic competition (and he was currently ranked 4th in the quarterfinals, so winning a medal was a real possibility).

14 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux's Marriage

via: HelloGiggles

You can never assume that any married couple is going to stay together forever, even though that's kind of the whole point of it, but we definitely never thought that the marriage between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux would end so quickly. Rumor has it that they just grew apart and were living separate lives across the country (Aniston lives in LA while Theroux lives in NYC). They have clearly been trying to make their divorce has private as possible. Sources say that while they enjoyed each other, they just realized that they weren't the right match, and in their public statement, they said that they hoped to remain friends. Although, doesn't every celeb divorce announcement say that? What's even stranger is that TMZ reported that they never filed for a marriage license in California even though they were married in Bel Air, and neither has hired a divorce lawyer, so they may have never been legally married in the first place.

13 Sportscenter Asking Jamie Foxx About Katie Holmes

via: RadarOnline

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are probably one of the strangest Hollywood couples in history because there were rumors that they have actually been together for years now, but no one would confirm or deny anything. It seemed like for so long, no one could actually snap a picture of the two together. Just recently, the pair finally started being slightly more open about their relationship and there has been photographic confirmation, but Foxx made it abundantly clear that Katie not going to be a topic of discussion when he was being interviewed on ESPN's Sportscenter. One of the hosts of the show asked Jamie if he ever plays basketball with his girlfriend, Katie, and Foxx immediately ditched the interview without a word of explanation. It might be a totally reasonable reaction because rumor has it that when Katie divorced Tom Cruise, he put a clause in their agreement that she couldn't date anyone publicly for a specific amount of time, so the fact that they won't demonstrate their relationship in any way publicly seems to back that up.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker Pretending Not To Be A Total Mean Girl

via: Sex In The City

There have been rumors about Sex and the City stars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker not getting along for years, but Cattrall recently decided to confirm those rumors by first saying that she and Sarah were just coworkers, and then by giving a pretty brutal public rebuff to Sarah's social media condolences for her brother's recent passing, Chris Cattrall. Interestingly, Kim claimed that Sarah was only condoling her brother publicly to fit with her nice girl image and that the real SJP is nothing like that. Sarah hasn't publicly responded to the accusations herself. However, a lot of people who know Sarah or who also worked on Sex and the City have come out of the woodwork to say what a decent person she is. It's a move that screams PR damage control, and it kind of makes it look like Kim wasn't too far off base in what she said.

11 Jamie Dornan Forgetting That He Was Once A Male Model


In a recent interview with Elle magazine, 50 Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan, offered up his opinions on a few different subjects, but his most intriguing point of view was on male models. The actor said, "If I meet a male model now, I presume he’s stupid. A lot of them are." While that's a pretty weird assumption on its own since there is no correlation between beauty and stupidity. What makes this particular quip even more confusing is that Dornan initially rose to prominence in the entertainment industry because he was a male model. In fact, he was so successful as a male model that some referred to him as the male Kate Moss. So, on the one hand, we guess that does mean he's qualified to estimate the intelligence of his former work arena, but it's also weird to point out that a group you were a part of are morons.

10 Meghan Markle's Thirsty Family

via: Brides

A biracial American actress getting engaged to an English prince is definitely a newsworthy event, but a few of Meghan Markle's (mostly estranged) family members are desperately trying to capitalize on Meghan's new super high profile. According to Markle's incredibly thirsty half-sister Samantha, the Markle clan is pretty divided in general, and the second marriage between Meghan's father and his second wife was a particular sticking point for the Markle family because it was an interracial relationship. Her sister Samantha, who hasn't seen Meghan since 2008, seems to vacillate between painting her relationship with Meghan as a close sister bond with Samantha taking a bit of a motherly role in Meghan's life, but has also publicly stated that she thinks Meghan is a social climber and that her public image is fake. But either way, the fact that Markle's family members waited about four days after the engagement announcement to start cashing in on their shared DNA with her isn't a sign of a happy, healthy family.

Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Secret

via: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie's pregnancy is also known as one of the worst-kept secrets in celebrity history. Kylie Jenner was actually pretty masterful about avoiding being photographed looking pregnant, and it says a lot about the people around her that none of them spilled the beans over that nine months. But even with all of that super sleuth behavior, the news of Kylie's pregnancy with Travis Scott became public knowledge pretty much as soon as it happened. Maybe it's just because the Kardashian brand is based around creating gossip and drama in the media, but if Kylie could avoid anyone actually seeing her pregnant then it's weird that she couldn't avoid the pregnancy news breaking so soon. Maybe this is too cynical, but it seems like a pretty savvy media move to create months and months of anticipation without a payoff. She finally made the big reveal on Super Bowl Sunday with a video, updating her fans about what had been going on with her the past nine months.

Kevin Hart's Out Of Control Super Bowl Shenanigans

via: HOT 97.1 SVG

This year's Super Bowl has been exciting for a few reasons. The entire city of Philadelphia basically exploded with excitement over the Eagles' first Super Bowl win. That included the extra-inebriated Philadelphia native, Kevin Hart. When the Eagles were first declared the victors, Hart made an attempt to get on stage with them to accept the trophy but was blocked by the security guards. That didn't stop his celebrating though. He crashed an NFL interview with one of the Eagles players to express how hyped he was on their win, but he was later removed from the interview after he accidentally used a curse word. It was a bit of an embarrassing moment, but Hart definitely took it in stride. He later got on his social media and said that what he had done was very stupid, he only did it because he had been drinking, but in the end who cares, because an Eagles win is worth celebrating.

Quincy Jones' Drag Of Half The People In The Music Industry


Quincy Jones is an absolute music industry legend. The 84-year-old producer recently gave a shocking interview to Vulture and spilled a lot of secrets, even putting a few super famous celebrities on blast. In some dubious claims about himself, Jones said that he once dated Ivanka Trump about ten years ago, and also claimed to know who shot John F. Kennedy. When it comes to the music industry, Jones said that Michael Jackson stole music from other artists and was as greedy as they come. He also said that The Beatles were the worst musicians in the world. In his most shocking revelation, he said that the actor Marlon Brando and the comedian Richard Pryor had an illicit relationship, which Pryor's widow actually confirmed after the news broke out. While that's certainly enough gossip to keep people talking for quite a while, it's kind of hard to believe that everything he said is true.

Omarosa's Move From The White House To The Big Brother House


The current administration obviously is under a lot of scrutiny. Taking that into account, it's a bit embarrassing to go from a high-powered government position (that she was probably unqualified for) to appearing on a reality show for D-list celebrities in a matter of months. Omarosa Manigault has been quick to share vague information about what an even bigger mess the presidential administration is behind the scenes but has offered almost no specifics. She has tried to paint herself as someone who took the job in the hopes of serving the country, instead of just being a part of the president's regular circle. It's no surprise that Omarosa would just pick whichever side worked for her or made her look the best at the time, but a stint on a CBS reality show is not enough to clean off the stain of her White House experience.

Casey Affleck Ditching The Oscars

via: SheKnows

It was probably for the best that Casey Affleck skipped this year's Academy Awards ceremony, even though the best actor winner of the previous year traditionally presents the best actress award in the following year. Although, his actual excuse for avoiding the awards is ridiculous. Affleck has been accused of harassment by multiple former co-workers over the last year, and with the #metoo movement taking over the media, these accusations became a news story again. Affleck had enough sense to understand that attending and presenting at the Oscars as if nothing has happened would look terrible, but his public explanation for skipping the ceremony was that he didn't want to be a distraction for the awards. So Casey ditching the awards has a net positive effect, but his explanation did nothing to acknowledge his poor behavior or demonstrate respect for the women in the industry who might feel uncomfortable about his presence at the awards.

Woody Allen's Sudden Move To The Blacklist


It is certainly a long overdue move for the entire entertainment industry, but it seems like the professional creeper, Woody Allen, might finally be getting the boot from Hollywood. The revelation of incalculable abuses that have occurred behind the scenes in the entertainment industry has pretty much rocked the entire world, and since the reporter and Woody Allen's own son, Ronan Farrow, was one of the major players in exposing the scandal in the first place, it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before Allen's past behaviors would become a topic of discussion. However, the tone of the discussion appears to have completely changed. While celebrities used to excuse their work with him by saying that they were separating the art from the artist or not taking accusations as fact, a considerable number of high profile actors and actresses have publicly declared that they will not work with him again. Some have even gone as far as donating their salaries from his films to charity.

Everything Megyn Kelly Has Done This Year

via: Mashable

The conservative talk show host, Megyn Kelly, tried to branch from her normal right-wing Fox News audience when she signed a $23 million dollar contract with the more centrist and higher-profile, NBC, but her transition from conservative to mainstream has been pretty rocky so far. Kelly's audience didn't seem to follow her in the transition, and her aggressive interviewing style was a bad match for a fluffy morning talk show, so the ratings for Megyn Kelly Today were considerably lower than expected. Then Megyn had a bizarre incident where she asked Jane Fonda about her cosmetic enhancements during an interview, and when Fonda expressed dismay and confusion at her behavior she doubled down on her mistake and went in on Fonda in a fairly nonsensical televised rant. With the Olympics in full swing and being covered on NBC nearly 24 hours a day, the fact that Kelly is not covering or attending the event when almost all of NBC's major players are sticks out like a sore thumb.

Michelle Williams Being Paid 1% Of What Mark Wahlberg Was Paid

via: Vox

It's no secret that there is a pretty substantial paycheck gap between men and women working in the entertainment industry, but Mark Wahlberg's $1.5 million dollar bonus for participating in reshoots for his film, All The Money In The World, was an extraordinarily shocking contrast to Michelle Williams' minimum wage payments, which amounted to about $80 dollars a day. Once the news became public that Wahlberg had literally made more than a thousand times what Williams did, it was quite the scandal. Considering the strong wave of girl power rolling across Hollywood, the revelation could not have come at a worse time. To save face, Wahlberg decided to donate the entire paycheck to the #metoo legal fund in Williams' name, but the real shocker was that Wahlberg and Williams are represented by the same agency, so the fact that they went so hard for Mark without even considering Michelle's value is especially embarrassing.

Olympic Skier Hitting Photographers


Obviously, when you're competing in sports at the level of Olympians, one little mistake can have a huge impact on the event, and that is exactly what happened when slalom skier, Lara Gut, lost control and slammed straight into a group of sports photographers on the sidelines. The aftermath of the crash looked explosive, and while the parties involved in the accident probably didn't enjoy it, luckily, no one was seriously injured. In fact, some of the photographers who were hit immediately got back up to start taking pictures of the scene. It might not be the most memorable incident in the 2018 Olympics, but that cluster of photographers certainly got some of the most interesting camera shots in Olympics history. And jeez, if they had the instincts to immediately jump back up and take pictures of the craziness, then they certainly picked the right job.





The security site Defense Onereports that the Air Force is considering putting nuclear-armed bomber planes back on 24-hour notice, something that hasn't been in effect since the Cold War. The site emphasizes that no such order has yet been given, but it quotes Air Force chief of staff Gen. David Goldfein as saying the move is under consideration. "I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure we're prepared going forward," he says. Specifically, the order would result in B-52s armed with nuclear weapons being parked at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, with crews in nearby hangars ready to go at a moment's notice.

A post at Hot Air adds a bit of caution about reading too much into the report. Just because it's being considered "doesn’t mean this will happen, and it's completely possible this is something they consider on a regular basis," writes Taylor Millard. After all, planning for all contingencies is what all militaries do, Millard notes. Still, at least one tangible sign of the potential move is in motion: The building where B-52 crews slept during the Cold War is being renovated, notes Defense One.



Top 10 Terrifying But Fascinating Drugs

Top 10 Terrifying But Fascinating Drugs 


Drugs. You’ve probably heard that word a lot. From a very early age, we’re taught that drugs are evil and that one experience will get you addicted and ruin your life in a matter of seconds. Later, depending on what media you’re consuming, the messages become more mixed.

Just as varied are the types of drugs out there. Some are extremely dangerous, some are straight-up weird, and some are absolutely disgusting. The drugs listed below are among the most fascinating.

10 Krokodil

Photo credit: Emanuele Satolli

Unfortunately, the drug known as krokodil (desomorphine) doesn’t turn you into a half-reptile, half-man supervillain. Rather, its effects are much more gruesome and unbelievable than most street drugs.

Originating in Russia in 1932, krokodil was an experimental morphine alternative. The drug was commercially produced but quickly discontinued due to it being highly addictive. Krokodil reemerged in 2002 as a recreational drug in Siberia and quickly spread throughout Russia. It was extremely potent and cheap. Costing less than heroin, krokodil can be cooked in a kitchen by combining codeine with gasoline, oil, paint thinner, or alcohol. Due to the drug only taking 30 minutes to make, a krokodil addict does little other than gathering the ingredients and concocting the substance.[1]

The drug gets its name from its horrifying effects. Krokodil leaves the user’s skin green, bumpy, and scaly—similar to, you guessed it, a crocodile. Often times, if the addict misses the vein, his skin will begin to rot off entirely, leaving nothing but the exposed bone. Unfortunately for krokodil addicts, the withdrawal is much worse than heroin’s. While heroin withdrawal only takes about ten days, krokodil results in an entire month of excruciating pain. Due to its extreme addictiveness and gruesome effects, the life expectancy of an average user would only be just a year or two.

9 Flakka

Photo credit: VICE News

A rather unique drug, flakka (alpha-PDP) is linked to multiple intriguing crimes, such as an addict trying to bite someone’s face off. Seriously, what kind of chemical turns you into a violent, cannibalistic hulk?

Flakka is largely manufactured in China and costs about $5 per hit. The compound was originally synthesized in the 1960s, and its popularity in the US started around 2013.[2] The drug was recognized and banned in 2014, and in 2015, there was a viral video depicting a flakka user acting erratic, which in turn brought this drug to the public’s attention. Along with this, university student Austin Harrouff murdered a married couple and gnawed at the husband’s face. Austin was allegedly high on flakka as he committed this crime. The drug apparently comes in a plastic bag and smells nasty. It can be snorted, eaten, injected, or even vaped.

Flakka’s effects are similar to cocaine or bath salts. The drug is almost ten times more potent than cocaine and causes extreme aggression and almost animal-like behavior. Consuming flakka makes you very alert and paranoid; people tend to lash out and get incredibly angry. It is also said to put the user under “excited delirium,” which involves hallucinations and increased strength, basically putting the consumer into a rage mode. Besides causing unnatural behavior, flakka also increases body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate, making it likely for the user to suffer a stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, or even death.

8 Bath Salts

Bath salts aren’t the sort of crystals that make your bath more soothing. Instead, the drug does quite the opposite, minus the bath.

Bath salts, aka synthetic cathinones, were originally synthesized in the 1920s and weren’t noticed until “underground chemists” rediscovered the compounds and used them recreationally around 2009. Bath salts are derived from a shrub called khat, which is indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. Interestingly enough, the plant itself is commonly chewed and only causes very mild effects.[3]

Conversely, bath salts cause huge stimulant effects, and users begin to feel psychotic and jumpy for multiple days after one use. There are many stories of people committing murder, rape, or other criminal acts after using bath salts. The drug usually comes in a crystal form. It can be ingested, snorted, smoked, or ingested. Most bath salt users experience increased blood pressure and heart rate and can die from a heart attack, organ failure, or suicide.

7 Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is a very popular drug. You’ve probably heard about it from DARE, Breaking Bad, or any number of other TV shows or movies.

The invention of this drug dates back to 1919, when it was created in Japan. It was discovered that methamphetamine was water-soluble and therefore injectable. It was administered soldiers on both sides in World War II. In 1950, meth was legal in the US and was sold over the counter to deal with depression and as a diet aid. It was easily available, and abuse of the drug continued until it was finally banned in 1970.[4]

Meth looks like a crystal. (What a surprise.) You can usually tell how diluted it is by how clear the crystal looks. It is widely known that meth is bad for you in more than one way. It can increase heart rate and cause erratic or violent behavior, hallucinations, panic, or psychosis. Long-term effects include damaging blood vessels in the brain as well as heart and organ failure.

6 Devil’s Breath

Devil’s breath (also known as burundanga or scopolamine) is one of the most interesting drugs on this list. It isn’t used by junkies. Instead, it is used by criminals on their victims. It’s sort of like slipping a roofie into someone’s drink, except Devil’s breath hypnotizes you.

Scopolamine is derived from a tree called borrachero, which is native to Colombia. The drug is a powdery substance made from the crushed seeds of the plant. It is mainly used in Colombia on tourists or citizens in an attempt to rob them, trap them, or worse. The drug can also be bought over the counter as a seasickness medication.

Most victims are exposed to Devil’s breath by having it slipped into their drink, getting it blown into their face, or even having it soaked into a business card. The scary thing about this drug is that it hypnotizes the victim for around 24 hours. They will answer any question and do whatever someone asks. Meanwhile, the victim shows no signs of being under drug influence. Afterward, the victim has no recollection of what happened.[5]

5 Bromo-DragonFLY

Along with a very interesting name, Bromo-DragonFLY is a unique hallucinogenic with effects that last much longer than usual.

Bromo-DragonFLY is a psychedelic drug which causes hallucinations for up to three days. It was first created in 1998 by Matthew Parker. The name comes from the drug’s molecular structure vaguely resembling a dragonfly. The dosage recommendation is less than 1 milligram. Anything over that is dangerous, and several milligrams can be fatal.[6]

Bromo-DragonFLY is extremely potent, and its effects are rather prolonged. The drug takes a while to kick in, and the trip varies from person to person. Most experience a long and subtle trip in which sounds, colors, and feelings are slightly more defined, but not to the point of heavy psychedelic drugs. Others experience nausea and disgust after a short trip.

4 Lean

Lean, or “purple drank,” is a rather creative and sweet-sounding drug that is anything but. This cough syrup–based drink gained fame through hip-hop and a number of football players using it.

Purple drank is an odd concoction of cough syrup, soda, and Jolly Ranchers.[7] The drug is often glamorized in hip-hop and has been endorsed by Lil Wayne, which influences a lot of people to take this sweetened cough syrup:

Sippin on some drink the color purple like silly,
Really they say I should chill before it kills me,
But so will a car crash or a nine milli.
 —Lil Wayne, “Me And My Drank”

Some cough syrup contains codeine, which is an opiate and is in the same family as heroin. Using cough syrup as a drug is incredibly harmful. The effects range from slurred speech and droopy eyes to slowed heart rate and possible urinary tract infection. Death from purple drank is very common, as it is easy to overdose on it. Mixing the drink with alcohol is extremely lethal.

3 Whoonga

Photo credit: Mahala

One of South Africa’s most dangerous and destructive drugs, whoonga (aka nyaope) is a revolting mixture of many toxic elements.

Whoonga, mainly used in the slums of Durban and other poor towns in South Africa, became popular around 2010. Although not much is known about how the drug was first created, we know that it can be made out of different mixtures of rat poison, heroin, detergent powder, antiretroviral drugs, milk powder, pool cleaner, and baking soda. The drug is commonly used in schools and streets in Durban. Many people are addicted to whoonga, and the withdrawal is nothing less than torture.[8]

The drug looks like a white powder and is generally rolled up and smoked. After inhaling, the user feels content and relaxed, with a rush of warmth and comfort. This high lasts for about two to four hours, with a less intense euphoria for a few more hours. Afterward, the user feels terrible effects such as severe abdominal pain, aches, anxiety, depression, and extreme nausea. Whoonga also affects nonusers, because production of this drug uses up a large amount of HIV/AIDSmedication to create, depriving many HIV-infected people of their medicine.


Although DMT can be among the safer drugs on this list, one should still be extremely cautious when ingesting it. DMT is considered the most powerful hallucinogen in the world.

DMT, or N-N-Dimethyltryptamine, occurs in nature but was first synthesized in 1930 by British chemist Richard Manske. Its effects weren’t discovered until 1956, when Hungarian chemist Stephen Szara extracted DMT from the mimosa plant and injected it into his body. DMT is unique not only for its power but for the fact that its effects last a significantly shorter amount of time than most common psychedelics, such as LSD and psilocybin. LSD is known to last eight to 12 hours, whereas DMT lasts merely five to 15 minutes! Although the effects are short, don’t underestimate this powerful substance, as the trip can feel like hours, days, months, or even years.

In its purest form, DMT is a crystal, so the most common way to ingest it is by vaporizing it. This process can be tricky, as burning the DMT will not produce the same effects as properly vaporizing it. After inhaling it and holding it in your lungs for as long as you can, you’ll begin to hear a loud buzzing. This buzzing is paired with intense vibrations, and before you know it, you black out. Now, you are entering a tunnel of colors and geometric shapes that seem to be endless. If the drug is ingested properly, the user breaks through and now enters a universe with stunning views, unexplainable colors, and remarkable geometric shapes. In this universe, most users claim that they are talking to God Himself or godlike entities.[9]

What’s even stranger is that nearly everyone who has taken DMT has experienced similar effects, which leads some to believe that the so-called “spirit molecule” may be a literal gateway to another dimension. Although the entire process may seem overwhelming, the user is entirely in a state of euphoria.

1 Salvia

Photo credit: Phyzome

Although Salvia divinorum is in the same family as mint, rosemary, and thyme, you should not confuse them, as one is an unbelievably potent hallucinogen, while the others are merely cooking ingredients.

Salvia is an extremely powerful psychotropic herb. It can be ingested by chewing the leaves raw, but the most common practice is to smoke the dry leaves of the plant.[10] Once smoked, the effects are immediate and intense. They last only about five to ten minutes, but they can feel far longer than that.

Oddly enough, the FDA hasn’t yet banned salvia, rather just listed it as a “drug of concern.” This is quite strange for a substance that can cause out-of-body experiences. Although significant, that isn’t the only effect. The user often experiences weightlessness, a feeling of traveling through space and time, sensations of spinning, and soreness. Some physical effects that occur while ingesting salvia include dizziness, nausea, and lack of coordination.

Although a lot of people may be interested in this legal hallucinogen, there is quite literally no point to it. Unlike most psychedelics, salvia has no real euphoria to it, and rather than feeling good, the user just experiences fear. Because of this, somebody’s first time smoking salvia is often their last.


Two Jailed After Brutal Beating Caught On UK CCTV

Two Jailed After Brutal Beating Caught On UK CCTV


Blackburn, UK - Two men have been jailed following a violent street assault in Blackburn which left three people injured – one seriously. Sean Jarvis, 28, of Hollin Bridge Street, Blackburn and Andrew McDermott, 22, of Scotland Bank Terrace, Blackburn, were sentenced at Preston Crown Court on Friday (July 28). The pair had been arrested following reports of an altercation in Darwen Street on May 20. Around 4.30am, Jarvis was seen punching, kicking and stomping on three men aged 40, 33 and 29.

15 Creepy Kids Who Had Controversial Murder Convictions

15 Creepy Kids Who Had Controversial Murder Convictions

What are you supposed to do with kids who murder? This has got to be one of the creepiest questions throughout history. In fact, it only creates more questions. Do these kids fully understand what death is? Either way, it’s obvious that something must be done about it. You can’t give a spanking, restriction, or time-out in exchange for a life, can you? So, what do you do with children like 10-year-old Mary Bell? Back in May of 1968, she strangled 4-year-old Martin Brown. Just two months later, she and a friend strangled 3-year-old Brian Howe. So, what needs to be done? The idea of a kid committing a brutal murder is creepy enough for us to try and grasp, let alone how to handle it. This is where the controversy begins. If the kid is tried as a juvenile, then the law requires that he/she be released at 21 years old. If a kid has the capacity to commit such a brutal murder, then what’s in his/her future? They could be letting a monster loose…much too soon.

However, if they’re tried as an adult for first-degree murder, a kid will be sentenced to life in prison, which does seem a little harsh. Every situation is different, though. The kids either claim innocence, abuse, or that it was accidental. The creepiest kids just stoically confess with little to no remorse. In effect, it makes the system controversial because there’s no way of telling if a child is a monster or if it was truly an accident. There are prosecutors that’ll bet their lives that these children are monsters. Meanwhile, there are protesters, human rights organizations, and petitions asking for the kid’s leniency. Whose side are you on? Let’s look at some of the creepiest kids with the most controversial murder convictions.

16. Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate was described as a smart but troubled 12-year-old boy. His mother was enlisted by her neighbor/friend to watch her 6-year-old daughter, Tiffany Eunick. He loved WWE (it was still known as WWF back then). His favorite wrestler was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Lionel’s story was that he was just wrestling with Tiffany, but she hit her head on the table. The judge wasn’t buying it. Tiffany had at least 35 injuries, including a fractured skull, broken ribs, along with various cuts and bruises.

In January of 2001, Lionel Tate was convicted of first-degree murder. In May, his family sobbed as he was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment without parole. Sounds a bit intense to send a 14-year-old boy to prison for the rest of his life, doesn’t it? Try telling that to the grieving parents of Tiffany Eunick. Lionel said that Tiffany’s murder was an accident after all. Or, was it? By 2003, Lionel’s case had created so much controversy that his conviction was overturned. Within two years, Tate went on to violate his probation by leaving his home, robbing a pizza boy at gunpoint, and assaulting an occupant at the apartment the pizza was being delivered to. He is now serving a 30-year prison sentence.

15. Eric Smith

via NY Daily News

Eric Smith looks harmless enough in this photo. It’s his red hair, freckles and glasses, right? Yet, it’s that cold, creepy stare that’s bound to send chills up your spine. The same cold, creepy gaze has followed him into his adult years. Eric was only 14 in this trial photo, although he’s 37 now. He grew up in prison and will most likely die there. He’s already been up for parole 8 times since 2002, but the parole board hasn’t set him free yet. Not as of 2016, anyway. Hold on! Don’t go feeling sorry for him just yet.

It was back in 1993 that Eric confessed to the murder of four-year-old Derrick Robie. Eric had strangled him first, before dropping 2 large rocks on his head. He finished by inserting a tree limb into Derrick’s rectum to ensure that he was dead. He also poured Kool Aide into his wounds. Eric was convicted and sentenced to 9 years to life in prison. His apologies have been just as emotionless and cold, as his face is in that trial photo above. He has told the parole board that he looks forward to counseling bullied youths following his release. Guess we’ll see what happens in 2018.

14. Jordan Brown

via Wandergovel Diary

Does the kid not have pants on in that picture?

This creepy 11-year-old killer is Jordan Brown. He looks awfully happy in this photo, especially for someone who recently shot his dad’s pregnant fianceé, Kenzie Houk. It appears that the photo was taken from jail or juvenile. He was sent there after his attorney won a motion that the jail wasn’t equipped to house an 11-year-old. That was the first of several wins for Jordan. The case was incredibly controversial. Why wouldn’t it be? An 11-year-old murderer who might get sentenced to life in prison.

This wasn’t just some random gun accident either. There was plenty of evidence. The gun was Jordan’s (a present from dad). He and his dad were hunters. His shooting skills were great from practice. His family and friends spoke of him being a good, happy kid. His smile lit up a room (obviously). Then, there was his age. He was only 11, after all. The judge ruled that he was to be tried as an adult. Meanwhile, his attorney insisted that his case should be handled in juvenile court. If so, his sentence couldn’t go past his 21st birthday. I bet you guessed who won. He was released last year at only 18. Kenzie Houk’s family felt robbed. Jordan was even given a new identity to start over. He could be your kid’s friend in college.

13. Brendan Dassey

via NY Times

You must have heard about Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey and the frequent updates on his release. It’s all over the place. He’s Steven Avery’s 16-year-old nephew. It is Brendan’s confession in the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach that has made this case globally controversial, let alone the s*xual assault and mutilation of her corpse. Now, Brendan’s conviction is likely going to be overturned. Thanks in part to Netflix and their hit docuseries, Making a Murderer.

In it, the docuseries notes that Brendan was questioned alone at 16 years old. His IQ was only 70 at the time. It also appears that Brendan was fed key information to the case and coerced into repeating it or making some of it up; sort of like a guessing game. However, the series leaves out plenty of facts. For instance, only audio was used in the first school interview where Brendan could identify what color Teresa’s clothes were. There’s really no way of knowing if he’s innocent or if a killer is being set loose.

12. Curtis & Catherine Jones

via Paris Match

It’s not likely that you missed seeing details of this case unfold if you lived in Port St. John, Florida, in 1999. The kids you see above were accused of killing their father’s girlfriend, Sonya Speights, in a murder plot built upon jealousy. They’re not even really accused but actually confessed killers. The girl, 13-years-old Catherine Jones, came up with the idea. The plot was supposed to include their father and another family member. However, Catherine and her 12-year-old brother, Curtis Jones, admitted to shooting Sonya. The case was open and shut. No controversy, no big deal; convicted of second-degree murder for an 18-year plea deal.

However, things aren’t always as they seem. Catherine did an interview from prison 10 years later. In it, she admitted that the other family member living in the home was both s*xually and physically abusive towards her and Curtis. The paper that did the interview, Florida Today, did their research too. Records showed that child welfare had found signs supporting the abuse claims, but had done nothing. They had suggested that the relative should be removed from the home because he was a convicted pedophile, but that didn’t help. Catherine and Curtis were both released in 2015. Catherine married a guy from the Navy before her release. Curtis became a minister.

11. Nathaniel Abraham

via Fox News

The state of Michigan passed a law in 1996. It was considered the harshest of its kind, allowing children of any age to be tried as adults. It was in 1997 that 11-year-old Nathaniel Abraham went outside and shot a rifle towards a store, fatally shooting 17-year-old Ronnie Greene. The prosecution called the murder premeditated. Nate had stolen the rifle and practiced shooting. Plus, he told his girlfriend, “I’m gonna shoot someone,” just days before the shooting. By the time his trial concluded in 1999, he was convicted of second-degree murder as an adult.

The judge had the option of sentencing 64-pound Nate as an adult, a juvenile, or a combination of both. The prosecution was hoping for the blended sentence. He would’ve been sentenced to juvenile detention, but it would’ve left the option for a prison sentence, following a review at 21. However, Judge Moore opted to sentence him as just a juvenile. Nate was sent to a maximum-security juvenile detention center. In 2007, Nate was set free at 20. By 2012, he was serving a 20-year sentence for drug-related charges and awaiting a new trial for assaulting two prison guards.

10. Jamie Silvonek

via LA Times

That blubbering mess above is 14-year-old Jamie Silvonek. Don’t let those crocodile tears fool you. That was how Jamie looked when she was facing 35 years to life in prison. In 2015, she was happily in love with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Caleb Barnes. Jamie’s mother, Cheryl Silvonek, caught the couple in bed together. She threatened to report Caleb (an army cadet) for sleeping with a minor. Jamie and Caleb set Cheryl up, agreeing to cut ties, but only if they could go to a concert together first. Cheryl agreed, but drove the couple there and back.

Cheryl was punched, strangled, and stabbed in the neck in her own driveway. Caleb took the blame initially, but Jamie was still arrested as a solicitor to Cheryl’s murder. She also tried to accuse her boyfriend of r*ping her and forcing her to participate. It wasn’t until later that the text messages were found. In one message, Jamie texted, “She needs to go, Caleb, right now.” The messages proved that Jamie was more than just an accomplice. In 2016, Jamie took a plea for second-degree murder and a sentence of 35 years to life in prison. Her dad, Dave Silvonek, is currently working with her attorneys on appeals. He’s hoping to get Jamie a second chance through juvenile court. Unfortunately, that’s more than her mother will ever get.

9. Wendy Gardner

via Tumblr

This creepy kid participated in the brutal yet controversial murder of her grandmother. Wendy Gardner was only 13 when she and her 15-year-old boyfriend, James Evans, plotted to kill her grandmother, Betty Gardner, in 1994. Wendy and her younger sister, Kathy (11), went to live with her grandmother as little girls. Her mother was a drug addict who had died from AIDS the year before Betty’s murder. Wendy, who was a straight-A student, before meeting James, accused her grandmother of both physical and mental abuse. Many people believed her story despite her famous last words to her grandmother of “Just Do It!” as James choked her and strangled her grandmother to death with a kite string.

It was 11-year-old Kathy who testified that Wendy forced her to watch. The couple went on to have s*x in the room that she was killed in. This was followed by a spending spree. Meanwhile, Betty Gardner’s body was in the trunk of the car. Both were tried as adults, but their ages were considered in sentencing. James Evans was convicted of second-degree murder in 1996. He was sentenced to 9 years to life in prison, but is considered a sociopath and hasn’t been released yet. Wendy Gardner was convicted of second-degree murder in 1997 too, but was sentenced to 7 years to life. She was released in 2004.

8. Christian Fernandez

via Murderpedia

Back in 2013, 13-year-old Christian Hernandez’ first-degree murder charges were nationally controversial. Christian had led a neglectful, abusive life already when his 25-year-old mother, Biannela Susana, left him to watch his 2-year-old brother, David Galarraga. She did this even though he had recently broken the tot’s leg while doing wrestling moves. By the time she returned, David was unconscious. Christian confessed that he had pushed David into a bookshelf twice. Biannela went on to spend four hours surfing online before taking David to the hospital. Medical examiners claimed that the timing contributed to David’s death, which came four days later.

Both Biannela and Christian were arrested and charged. Although, it was Christian that took the brunt of the charges for his mother’s negligence. She pled guilty to aggravated manslaughter and was released immediately. Meanwhile, there were petitions fighting for Christian’s behalf. He was facing life in prison. In 2013, Christian took a plea bargain and was convicted of juvenile charges of aggravated battery and manslaughter. Despite this, he was still sentenced to 7 years in juvenile detention. He won’t be released until he turns 19 years old, which will be in 2018. That’s more than twice the time his mother served.

7. Kelly Ellard

via The Star

This creepy kid is just as cold as her expression in this photo. You might not recognize her, but Kelly Ellard (15) was convicted in the 1997 murder of 14-year-old Reena Virk. The murder shocked British Columbia, Canada. Although, it has been the lenient handling of her killer, Kelly Ellard, that has been most controversial. Reena was invited to a party by a bridge, where she was first beaten by a group of six “friends” who became known as the Shoreline Six. In this beating, Reena was burned with cigarettes and an attempt was made to set her hair on fire, before one of the girls finally urged the others to stop.

Despite all of this, Reena still managed to walk away, but was followed by Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski. Reena underwent another beating from the pair, and it was Kelly who held her face under the water. Her body was washed ashore 8 days later. Kelly was tried for second-degree murder 3 times. Her final sentence was given in 2005, which was 7 years to life in prison. She’s been up for parole, but it was denied. In 2016, Kelly got knocked up by a visiting gang member. In February of 2017, she was granted leaves from prison for visiting her baby and parenting classes. It’s believed that this was her plan to get parole. Hey, if the system is lenient enough for her to get pregnant in jail, why not, right?

6. Paula Cooper

via The Guardian

Paula Cooper’s 1986 murder conviction and sentence were about as controversial as any could possibly get. It was the sentence handed down by the court in Gary, Indiana that sparked international outrage. In her hearing, Paula was deemed a threat to society and the ringleader to the trio of girls, aged 14 to 16, who robbed 78-year-old Ruth Pelke. The girls’ motive was Pelkes’ money and her car. The cash that they got away with equaled to $10. However, it was 15-year-old Paula who fatally stabbed Pelke 33 times in 1985. The other girls each received 25 to 60-year sentences, but it was Paula’s hand that had welded the butcher knife.

Paula’s attorney advised her to give a guilty plea. She was sentenced to death the following year, on July 11th of 1986. Despite the initial outrage, Paula was sent to Death Row at Indiana Women’s Prison. Obviously, death was much too steep of a sentence for a young girl who had so much time to change. Between the US and United Nations, there were over 3 million signatures gathered on petitions. Her story was featured on 60 Minutes. Plus, Pope John Paul II sent a personal plea on Paula’s behalf and condemned the sentence. The state was forced to commute Paula’s sentence down to 60 years. Paula was released in 2013. She spent nearly 30 years in prison only to commit suicide in 2015.

5. The Elkhart 4

via Counter Current News

These kids weren’t to terribly creepy, although they did make a tragic mistake that left one of the five dead and the rest serving life sentences for his murder. What makes their convictions so creepy is the same thing that makes the entire situation controversial. Their friend, 21-year-old Danzele Johnson, was fatally shot in a burglary scheme gone wrong. These 3 youths and one adult were all convicted of his murder, yet none of them pulled the trigger. They are now known as The Elkhart 4.

It was in 2012 that Blake Laymen (16), Levi Sparks (17), Anthony Sharp (18) (all three seen above), and Jose Quiroz (15), plus their 21-year-old friend, Danzele, planned a burglary. The boys thought the neighbor’s house was empty after knocking and broke in. The occupant, Rodney Scott, was home. However, he didn’t hear the knocks because he was asleep. That’s when he woke up and shot Danzele. All four were charged with felony murder since it was the burglary that led to their friend’s death. Three went to trial and were convicted of felony murder and sentenced to 50-55 years apiece. In 2015, their murder convictions were overturned. They were all re-sentenced to a maximum of 20 years for burglary instead. Jose wasn’t eligible for an appeal because he took a plea deal for 45 years back in 2012.

4. Joshua Phillips

via Murderpedia

Joshua Phillips is one of the more creepy kids, whose murder conviction was totally controversial. He was only 14 years old in 1998 when he killed his 8-year-old neighbor, Maddie Clifton. His abusive home life was brought up in his trial, making his conviction of first-degree murder controversial. He even had his his own 48 Hours documentary called Why Did Josh Kill? His abuse came from his violent tempered father. Maddie disappeared on November 3rd, 1998, and a huge search was underway (which included Joshua) for a week. America’s Most Wanted covered her disappearance as well.

It wasn’t until Joshua’s mother found that his waterbed was “leaking” and discovered Maddie’s body. She had died from stab wounds and due to clubbing with a baseball bat. Joshua’s story was that he was playing baseball with Maddie when the ball smacked her in the eye. Maddie’s eye was bleeding and she was screaming, so Joshua claimed that he panicked. He took her to his room, then proceeded to strangle her with a phone cord. He hit her more with the bat before stabbing her with the knife. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. In February of 2017, there was a court date set for Joshua (who’s now 37) to be re-sentenced. This is due to a new Supreme Court law that states mandatory life imprisonment is unconstitutional for juveniles. However, the date has been rescheduled for September 6, 2017.

3. George Stinney


via Pinterest

This is the oldest case in this article, but it’s also the creepiest and most controversial. It was 1944 when 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. was taken into custody for the murder of two little white girls, Betty Binnicker (11) and Mary Thames (8). The girls had apparently asked George and his sister Amie, if they knew where some “maypops” were. The little girls were killed picking wildflowers. They had been beaten over the head with a railroad spike and dumped in a ditch.

George was arrested and interrogated without a parent or attorney. The law requiring that defendants have access to counsel wasn’t in effect until 20 years later. George went to trial. The entire event only lasted 2 hours. There was little to no evidence, and the defense called slim to no witnesses. The jury only deliberated for 10 minutes before finding him guilty and sentenced to death by execution. On June 29th of 1944, George Stinney Jr. was the youngest person in modern America to ever be convicted and executed for murder. His exoneration didn’t come until 70 years, following his death in 2014. He was said to have asked another inmate once, “Why would they kill me for something I didn’t do?”

2. Jon Venables & Robert Thompson

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Robert Thompson and Jon Venables are the creepiest convicted murderers you’ll ever see. Although, you wouldn’t know it by their baby-faced mugshots. They abducted, tortured, and murdered 2-year-old James Bulger. James disappeared on February 12th, 1993. He was found 2 days later at a railway. His body had been mutilated and split by a train. Fortunately, his 10-year-old murderers weren’t smart enough to look for cameras at the time of his abduction or else they’d have gotten away Scott-free. The video told the tale of how James’ tragic death began.

The boys abducted him from the shopping mall. They took him on a 2-mile walk to the railway, dropping him repeatedly on his head as they walked. Then, one of them threw blue paint into his eye. Both boys kicked and stomped on him. Bricks and stones were thrown at him. The final blow came when a 22-ton iron was dropped on James’ head. James had 42 injuries in total. Robert and Jon left his body on the railroad tracks, hoping that James would be run over to cover their tracks. There were three suggestions for sentences. Most people didn’t feel that 8 was appropriate. Ten years was suggested, but 280,000 people signed a petition asking for at least 15. Robert and Jon were given 8 years and new identities upon their release. The identities were meant to protect them from vigilantes. Jon Venables has been in and out of custody ever since.

1. Melinda Loveless, Laurie Tackett, Hope Rippey, & Toni Lawrence

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It’s hard to tell which of these four creepy kids’ mugshots is the creepiest. Although, the smiley-faced girls appear to be lacking the most sympathy or empathy for the murder of 12-year-old Shanda Sharer. Melinda Loveless is the first. She was the ringleader. Melinda was jealous of Shanda’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend. Yep, girlfriend. It was her and Laurie Tackett (top-right) who carried out most of the torture on Shanda. They beat her, stabbed her, and even tried to slit her throat. Hope Rippey (bottom left) played a big role in this too. The only girl who felt sickened and didn’t carry through much of the heinous acts was Toni Lawrence (bottom right). The girls carried Shanda around in the trunk as the torture went on. They eventually finished her off by burning her alive.

The girls were between the ages of 15 to 17 years old. They all bragged or (in Toni’s case) hysterically told their friends about the gruesome ordeal. Each girl was tried as an adult in the state of Indiana. Their cases picked up nationwide headlines and shows like Dr. Phil. The girls all accepted plea deals. Toni Lawrence was convicted of criminal confinement and given a lower sentence of 20 years. She was released in 2000, after only 9 years. Melinda Loveless and Laurie Tackett were convicted of murder and given a 60-year sentence. Their earliest possible parole hearing won’t be until 2020. The most recent controversy was that the original sentence of 60 years given to Hope Rippey was dropped to 35 years instead. She was released on parole in 2008, despite playing a major part in Shanda’s murder. In fact, she appears less concerned with Shanda’s murder (and her part in it) than Laurie Tackett. Plus, she lured Shanda to the other girls. How’s that for a creepy kid with a controversial murder conviction?


15 Of The Most Disturbing Gang Rituals

15 Of The Most Disturbing Gang Rituals


There are benefits to being part of a gang, and it could seem appealing for a lot of reasons. To the outsider, being part of a gang can seem like it’s a dream come true, and those people are the ones that probably listen to too much gangsta rap. They think that a gang is about brotherhood and a bond that cannot be broken. If you have ever watched the movies Scarface or Goodfellas, then you probably think that being part of a gang is a great thing because you always have someone to watch your back; plus, you get to feel like a total badass as well.

But in real life, gangs aren’t always the way that they’re depicted in the movies, and even if there are similarities, there are a lot of downfalls to being part of a gang as well. There are aspects of being a gang member that are dangerous, illegal, and could be potentially psychologically damaging. It’s not all fun and games when you’re in a gang, and things can get very extreme. There’s a toughness to a gang, and the rules are very strict. You respect your elders, and you cannot break the rules, or the consequences are fierce.

When it comes to gangs, there’s often a trial period or a probation period, and that time can be a disturbing event in anyone’s life. Gangs aren’t easy to get into, and to get in means that you may have to do things that you might not like. What would you be willing to do to get into a gang? Think hard because you might find the rituals they engage in very disturbing.

15. Killing People

What are you willing to do to become a gang member? Would you kill someone? We tried to warn you that initiation into a gang can sometimes be a little harsh. When it comes to certain gangs like The Aryan Brotherhood, initiation isn’t a cakewalk. Apparently, this gang is the deadliest one in the prison world, and they don’t just let anyone in. They want you to prove your loyalty to them, and the price is high. The one benefit of being part of a gang in prison is that you get protection, and that’s definitely something you need in prison. The only problem is that the requirement to join is you have to kill two people. It can be your fellow inmates, or you can attempt to kill a prison guard. These gangs mean business, and in this case, if you aren’t comfortable killing people, then maybe being part of a gang just isn’t your thing.

14. Burning of the Cross

You can say that there are some gangs out there that really come close to getting themselves in trouble with the man above. The Ku Klux Klan has been burning crosses for centuries, and it’s one of the more disturbing gang rituals out there. Even an atheist could cringe at the sight of a burning cross because of the underlying feeling that it’s just a disrespectful thing to do. So, why do the KKK burn crosses? It was a ritual that the gang did just before they went out to lynch a black man. It was represented pretty well in the silent film The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan used the practice as a means of intimidation to the people around them, especially the black men that they hunted down. Their whole goal is to instill fear in others.

13. Scars for Life

If you want to become a member of the gang The United Blood Nation or Bloods, then you should expect to be scarred for life. We’re totally serious about the scarring part. That’s what you come to expect when you get involved with gangs. But these are not psychological scars we’re talking about. The Bloods are a gang that belongs in the New York prison system. In order to become part of the gang, you have to endure a ritual called “Blooding In.” It’s a horrifying act where a gang member will take a box cutter and slash a person’s face numerous times. As you can see in the picture, it’s a horrifying display of misused power, and obviously, these members must all be covered in terrible scars. What a terrible way of initiating someone into the group.

12. A Golden Shower

Hey, we aren’t ones to judge; maybe a golden shower is your thing. But if we were to hazard a guess, we would assume that most people don’t want gang members’ fluids on them. In the case of The Hell’s Angels, they’re one of the most notorious and famous gangs in the whole world. If you’ve never heard of them, you may have been living under a rock this whole time. You can’t even say the word Hell’s Angel’s without thinking about crime and violence, and who knows what else goes on behind closed doors? In order to become one of the gang, you have to endure a very different baptizing ritual, and it’s a little disturbing, to say the least. The members will all get together and poo and pee in a large bucket. That bucket full of urine and feces gets dumped all over the member in waiting. We’re betting it makes you want to gag just as much as it makes us want to.

11. Intercourse

We couldn’t imagine why any woman would want to become part of a gang. Usually, there are groupies who are involved but not actual members. There are gangs out there like the MS-13 gang, however, that do take in female members. Why would a female want to be involved in something like a gang? Is it that feeling of acceptance into a group who will protect their own? Many girls who grow up in terrible home environments often go out and seek love in some of the lowliest places. Well, in the case of MS-13, they may allow females into their group, but it’s for a price — a degrading price, in this case. If you’re a woman and you want to be part of the MS-13, you have to have sex with more than one of the members. Talk about disgusting and sexist, to say the least.

10. Drinking of Blood

Did you know that there’s an underground Chinese organization? There is, and it’s called the Chinese Triad. It’s actually a very dangerous organization, and many cops have tried to infiltrate it and try to bring it down. It’s been no easy task; that’s for sure. The Chinese Triad rules the underground in China, as well as Macau and Hong Kong. So, if you want to become part of the Chinese Triad, you’re going to have to get used to drinking some blood. That’s what a new recruit has to do in order to be “one of the gang.” Gang members are required to drink the blood of other recruits as well as drink their own plasma. It’s a seriously disturbing ritual and one that could be dangerous if someone happened to be infected with a virus. Do people think these gross rituals are really worth it?

9. A Good Beating

Unfortunately, there are gangs out there that recruit kids right out of high school. They probably do it because young kids are a lot easier to manipulate than grown men and women. There’s a gang called The Junky Funky Kids, and it’s in Cape Town, South Africa. It may sound like a fun place to be, but it’s the furthest thing from that. When it comes to becoming part of the gang, the kids have to endure a brutal beating in order to become a gang member. The lowly recruit must run through a group of members holding clubs, planks, and other blunt objects. They beat the kid with these items until they feel like he’s earned his way into the gang. It’s a sad thing because there are a lot of kids that have nowhere to turn, and they get caught up in gangs that are very dangerous because they don’t have any other options.

8. Kill One of Your Own

Could you kill a fellow gang member if you were asked to? Maybe it would be easy since as a new recruit, you don’t have any loyalty to any members. For the Roto Gang, they like to use their recruits to seek out vengeance against members who have done them wrong. If you want to become a part of their gang, they have a few requirements first. This is a gang in South Africa, and they like to rob the rich residents of Randburg. Before you think they’re like Robin Hood, they aren’t. Recruits are forced to kill, beat, and even mutilate a Roto member who’s offended the group in some way. Killing is bad enough, but mutilation puts you on a whole new level of sickness. We’re not sure if the offending member gets forgiveness, but we highly doubt it.

7. Beating Prison Guards

Having to beat down a prison guard is a great way of getting yourself in a lot of trouble or getting yourself killed. That’s the initiation into the prison gang Numbers. They expect that anyone who wants to become part of their gang has to show some loyalty to them, and that means beating a prison guard. But not only that; they also want the new recruits to beat the prison guard without making a sound. That can’t be an easy task. We understand why people feel the need to become part of gangs in prison because it’s part of a network that offers protection. The problem is that a lot of people get killed by being in gangs as well. It’s not just fun and games, and there’s usually a lot required of you even after you become part of the gang.

6. Eating a Heart

Do you think that you could do it? Eat a heart just to get into a gang? Just the thought of it makes us want to puke. The Knights Templar Cartel are a hard-assed organization that originally started from the La Familia Michoacana. Oddly enough, this is one group that frowns upon killing or drug use; in fact, it’s prohibited. They also claim to have a lot of respect for women and children, not something that you hear a lot about when it comes to gangs. So, it comes as a surprise that their initiation ritual is to force recruits to eat the heart of a child. It’s got to be the most disturbing ritual out there. But don’t get us wrong; they aren’t out there killing kids and taking their hearts. They take the hearts from one of the gang’s organ trafficking networks. Now that’s some seriously messed up ritual.

5. Cannibalism

The Latin Kings are a Chicago gang, and they’re notoriously violent. These are not the kinds of gangs that you want to mess around with. They have some pretty messed up rituals, and some we’ve heard of while others are just plain sick. In order to become part of the gang, The Latin Kings expect you to do violent acts and even steal military weapons. But that’s not the worst of it. The members of the gang expect recruits to perform acts of cannibalism to become part of the group. Is that something that you think you could do? We thought killing a person might be the worst of it, but this gang is on a whole other level. It must be a real mind f*ck to be involved in an organization that can manipulate another human into eating his own kind.

4. Assassinations

It’s pretty clear that in order to become a part of most gangs, you have to be willing to kill someone. We find it shocking how easily people are just willing to end another person’s life. You have to prove that you’re badass as well as prove your loyalty to these gangs, and it seems the only way to do that is to end a life. When it comes to things like that, you probably would rather drink blood or get bathed in urine. In the case of this gang, it’s no different. If you want to be a part of the Mac Baller Brims, they request a new recruit to assassinate someone of their choosing. Shockingly enough, there are a lot of people in the world that would think nothing of killing someone to get into a gang. Boys as young as 14 are asked to kill, and some of them get killed in the process.

3. Public Humiliation

Some gangs don’t take it as far as ending a life, but their rituals are no less dehumanizing. Public humiliation has been a form of hazing for centuries; it’s something that just hasn’t gone away. The Elite Boys are filled with upperclassmen who are a gang similar to that of the Hell’s Angel’s. They don’t require you to kill someone to get in, but they do make recruits perform public acts of humiliation and will have them drink disgusting liquids. Many of their recruits have ended up in the hospital because of things that they’ve ingested. These men go on to attend Universities such as Yale and Cambridge. You would think that upper classmen wouldn’t participate in things like this, but that’s where movies such as The Skulls crop up. Gangs aren’t just for the downtrodden, but all gangs are dangerous.

2. Beating Children

We already know that if you’re a female recruit, the MS-13 will force you to have sex with several male members as part of their “sexed in” rituals. It’s disgusting, and you think that the women have it worse than the men. But what do male recruits have to do to get in the gang? Well, one of the disturbing rituals involves beating children. These gangs have strong followings not only in the US but in Honduras and Guatemala as well. They’ve been in the news numerous times for disturbing acts that include beating an eleven-year-old so badly that they almost killed him. These are the sort of acts that are required in order to become part of the MS-13. They even, at one time, sacrificed a child victim of trafficking to Satan. The level of depravity in the group is astronomical.

1. The Umbrella

In the Numbers gang, they have a little ritual they like to perform on new recruits to determine what kind of member they’re going to allow you to be. Not all member are created equal. This organization that originated in Johannesburg is one of many gangs that are prevalent in the prisons of South Africa. When you want to become part of the gang, you’re asked a simple question: what would you do if it were raining and you had just one umbrella with another gang member? Now, your answers could vary. You could say that you would keep it for yourself, give it to the other member, share the umbrella, and so on. Your answer is what determines what kind of a member you get to be. If you think that saying sharing the umbrella is the best answer, then you would be wrong. Sharing means that you would have to become a sex worker, a male prostitute. Was that what you had in mind when becoming part of a gang?




We have all seen bad road rage take place. The worst I have seen in person was someone throwing a jack in the box cup at a dudes car. This takes it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

This muscle dead walked up and blasts a girl in the face!

According to ABC: The woman took to social media to explain the incident, admitting she had “thrown nails at his car”.

“Then I threw a chisel at his car and smashed his car window,” she wrote on social media.
Another post read: “I smashed his window after he punched me. Let people make a judgment.”

In another post, the woman claimed the altercation started after the man had “tried running us off the road with a five-month old baby in the car”.

Chief Inspector Col Lott said the level of violence depicted in the footage was totally unacceptable.

“Obviously with any video footage we’re only getting a snapshot of the whole incident,” he said.

The original uploader wrote: “Occurred on July 24, 2017 / Doyalson, Australia

“I was following both cars seeing things being thrown from the woman in the car in front at the car behind and started filming at traffic lights. It was around 1pm-1:30 pm and both parties in the film are being interviewed by police.””

A Pakistani Girl Was Raped, So Another Rape Was Ordered

A Pakistani Girl Was Raped, So Another Rape Was Ordered

The allegations are horrifying: that a Pakistani village council learned a 12-year-old girl had been raped by a teenage relative while she was cutting grass in a field, and that the council had an eye-for-an-eye response. The council in Muzaffarabad, a village outside Multan, allegedly ordered the victim's teenage brother to rape the assailant's 16-year-old sister as "punishment," per a police official. In the BBC's telling, the rape was carried out in front of both the council and the girls parent's, with the mothers of both the violated girls then going to police, reportedly to file rape charges against the other's son. Reuters backs up the report, and quotes Multan police officer Ahsan Younis as saying, "A total of 29 people were involved in this ghastly crime, and we have 25 of them in our custody."

The rapes reportedly took place on July 16 and July 18, per Dawn, and the Washington Postdescribes the family relationship, reporting the father of one of the young men is the brother of the second's grandfather. It's the family connection that's somewhat atypical, reports the Post, which says this was a "very distinct type of a panchayat" (village council) in that it was composed entirely of men related to one another, rather than elders from various families. It's not the only twist the Post sees: While "honor" crimes continue to occur in Pakistan, "what made this case different was that somebody spoke up, and authorities took action." Younis says the young men could face death, but it's the court's call.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, will leave us all mubling and blind.  Giving hate and hurt does not rid the world of hate and hurt, only perpetuates it.  To get past these things we must learn to build goodwill for those that do wrong.  You catch more flies with honey.  You won't change people by being angry at them for doing wrong.  Do the unexpected thing and love them.  Give them something to think about.



Guy Slices Pet Fish In Half, Gets 120 Days In Prison

Guy Slices Pet Fish In Half, Gets 120 Days In Prison


A Connecticut domestic dispute ended with a man sentenced to 120 days in prison for murder ... fish murder. The April incident began when Juan Vega, 33, showed up unannounced at his girlfriend's home and a fight started, the Bristol Press reports. Police say he pushed the unidentified woman, kicked and broke a TV, gathered up his things, and left.

But after his departure, the victim found other damaged items throughout the home, and then officers spoke to her 9-year-old son—who told them the family's beta fish had been sliced in half. Vega, who admitted to police he killed the fish, pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree breach of peace Tuesday and was sentenced to 120 days in prison. The incident "really did traumatize the 9-year-old," the prosecutor says.

Guy Who 'Spent $26,000 To Look Like David Beckham' Says Taxpayers Will Pay For His Life

Guy Who 'Spent $26,000 To Look Like David Beckham' Says Taxpayers Will Pay For His Life

The man who allegedly paid a ludicrous £20,000 to look exactly like David Beckham has claimed that taxpayers will 'pay for the rest of his life', according to the Sun.

Jack Johnson said he had initially lied about paying 20K to look like Becks to get on ITV show This Morning, just because he's one of those people who wants to be famous. It shouldn't have been that much of a mystery, really. I mean, look...


Weirdly though, it seems as if he wants everyone to hate him, as he claims taxpayers will pay for his cosmetic procedures, his party lifestyle and, well, the rest of his life.

"I'm going to Poland soon to have work done to my face to look like him and taxpayers will be paying for it," he told The Sun online. "Taxpayers are paying for my champagne lifestyle and will continue to pay because I have got depression.

"I was diagnosed with a very mild case of it, but depression is depression.

"Why should I work when you can have David Beckham's lifestyle by just staying home?"

He claims that he receives "£370-a-week Jobseeker's Allowance and Disability Living Allowance", plus his "£400 monthly rent paid" by the state.

Using that money he's booked himself into a clinic in Krakow for a nose job and face lift.

"I got back-paid some money after my benefits got stopped about three months after I was on This Morning," he tolf The Sun.

"People reported me as they thought now I'm famous I'm making loads of money.

"I didn't get any benefits for about four months in total.

"I'm back on them now and even laughing more as I got back paid £4,500."

He also claims that he's going to change his name to Beckham via deed poll, as well as training to become a professional footballer. Only after he's had his gastric band next year, though.

Guy's Crazy Ex Destroys The Wrong Car

Guy's Crazy Ex Destroys The Wrong Car


Wow, what luck that they got the whole thing on video. The man whose car it was just happened to walk outside and knew who had made a slight mess of his car seconds after the 'boyfriend' had driven away in his different coloured car. Not fake AT ALL!

It Will Soon Be Illegal To Use US Passports To Enter One Country

It Will Soon Be Illegal To Use US Passports To Enter One Country

The Trump administration will ban American citizens from traveling to North Korea following the death of university student Otto Warmbier. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has decided to impose a "geographic travel restriction" for North Korea, which would make it illegal to use US passports to enter the country, say US officials. Since 1967, such bans have been imposed intermittently on countries such as Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Cuba, and North Vietnam. But the US doesn't currently prohibit its passports from being used to travel to any countries, even though financial restrictions limit US travel to Cuba and elsewhere. If a passport ban were placed on North Korea, an American who violated it could face a fine and up to 10 years in prison for a first offense.

The officials say the restriction will go into effect 30 days after a notice is published in the Federal Register, but it was not immediately clear when that would be. They were not authorized to publicly discuss the decision before it is announced and spoke on condition of anonymity. However, two tour operators that organize group trips to North Korea say they had already been informed of the decision. It isn't clear how many Americans the move will impact, as figures about how many Americans go to North Korea are difficult for even the US government to obtain. Americans who venture there typically travel from China, where several tour groups market trips to adventure-seekers.




Chester Bennington may have mimicked the suicide of his close friend, Chris Cornell, because they died in virtually identical ways.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the Linkin Park singer was found hanging from a door separating his bedroom from his closet. TMZ broke the story, Chris Cornell died hanging from a hotel door separating the bedroom from the bathroom.

We're also told Chester was found with a belt around his neck. Chris was found with an exercise band around his neck.

Our sources say there was a partially empty bottle of alcohol in the room where Chester died, but no evidence of drugs.

And we're told Chester did not leave a suicide note in the room. Neither did Chris.

Not even radical success and fame can make people happy.  Doing what you love and making money off of it can't keep you from the pain of life.  Drugs just dull and exasperate it.  There is a loneliness in this world that you can see in the movement of the hands of a clock.  Suicide begs the question of how to deal with the suffering in this life.  Where are the satisfactory answers?


8 Wrestlers Who Took Another Person’s Life (And 7 Who Took Their Own)

8 Wrestlers Who Took Another Person’s Life (And 7 Who Took Their Own)


The world of Professional Wrestling might advertise a lot of violence which is meant to entertain the audience, but never does a wrestling company promote the things that happen inside the ring as they are extremely dangerous. The WWE and others always warn their audience to never try these things at home or anywhere else, and even though most of their wrestlers also go by this rule, some others have turned out to be brutal enough to commit murder in real life.

Some of these wrestlers have actually done the shocking deed of taking someone else’s life with their bare hands and while much of those are accidental because of these wrestlers protecting themselves or botching a move inside the ring, others had serious motives. On the other hand, there are wrestlers who have committed suicide, as they just couldn’t bear to live with themselves after falling down the wrestling ladder, letting drugs and alcohol completely destroy their lives.

Professional Wrestlers are actually quite the disturbed bunch and while some have killed other people, others have also committed the shocking sin of taking their own lives after not being able to live with themselves.


The Great Khali was quite the terrorizing character in the WWE before they turned him into the “Punjabi Playboy” character where he was more of a friendly giant than anything else. But Khali had quite the reputation in the Independent circuit before he arrived at WWE and all of it wasn’t good, as he had actually killed a man inside the ring with one of his moves. Khali was facing a wrestler named Brian Ong for All Pro Wrestling; Ong had actually suffered a concussion during a training session but APW staff encouraged him to go on. Khali was training with Ong and hit him with a flapjack, causing a second concussion which proved to be fatal. Ong’s family would sue APW and get rewarded with $1.3 million and Khali got the bad name of accidentally killing someone in the ring.


Mike Awesome was quite the superb wrestler back in the 90s when he wrestled for almost all the prominent wrestling promotions in ECW, WCW and WWE(after the turn of the century) but he achieved most of his fame in the land of extreme. Awesome was a main-eventer for ECW, winning the ECW Heavyweight Title as well multiple times as well. His career took a dent when he joined WWE where he couldn’t succeed and after wrestling in the Independent scene for a few years, he retired from wrestling in 2006. But it seems Awesome’s mental health deteriorated from that point onwards as he took his own life a year after his retirement when some of his friends found him hanging inside his home. Awesome did get honored by WWE after his death but this shows just how badly some wrestlers life deteriorates after they leave what they live for.


Ox Baker might be a wrestler who isn’t remembered by many, but he was one of the most terrifying looking wrestlers in the business back in the day when he wrestled all over the United States as quite the tough individual. Baker’s finishing move which was called “Hurt Punch” was quite the deadly one as well and he actually killed two guys in the ring with that brutal finisher. It happened for the first instance in 1971 when he accidentally killed Alberto Torres who died 3 days after receiving his heart punch from a ruptured appendix. It happened again a year later when a wrestler Ray Gunkel dropped to the ring after receiving the Hurt Punch and was later announced dead, but it was actually discovered that he suffered a heart attack after eating too much prior to the match, but Baker was unfortunate enough to call his finisher a “fatal” one.


Chris Kanyon might be remembered as a promising WCW mid-carder who was part of some really intriguing story-lines in the company’s dying days and later also played a big part during the Invasion angle. But Kanyon’s career went haywire after that point out, as he failed to make any sort of an impact after that angle died out and suffered way too many injuries which forced WWE to let him go. Kanyon wrestled sometime in the Independent circuit before calling it day, but he shocked everyone when it was discovered that Kanyon had committed suicide by taking a whole bottle of anti-depressants. He also left behind a note for his family as his death was also surprisingly acknowledged by the WWE who at least honored this wrestler whose career started to go wrong after joining the promotion, later causing depression which resulted in this sad death.


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka might be known as one of the pioneers of “high-flying” wrestling in the WWE but he got quite the bad reputation during his final years after he was charged in 2015 with the murder of his girlfriend which happened in 1983. Snuka was a rising star for WWE at the time and after a taping in May 1983, he called for an ambulance after his girlfriend had been injured. She had suffered more than two dozen cuts and bruises all over her body and passed away, as the case was shoved under the rug at the time. But in 2015 Snuka was officially charged with the murder of his girlfriend as it was discovered that Snuka himself had committed this heinous crime and despite having a legendary career, this awful murder is something which will always remain as a black mark on him.


Test was a really intimidating wrestler back in the Attitude era where he played the bodyguard for Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and was a promising mid-carder at the time. He had the looks and the power but somehow couldn’t climb to the very top and was kept as a mid-carder for a long time. But a terrible injury laid him off WWE for a long time and forced them to release him, but he’d come back and have a stint in ECW later on. Test even wrestled for TNA after being released again by WWE, before retiring from wrestling. But it seems he couldn’t cope without it as he took his own life in 2009 after overdosing on oxycodone. It was later discovered that Test suffered from a brain problem due to taking several bumps to the head as WWE didn’t even acknowledge the sad death of this underachieving wrestler.


New Jack has the reputation of being one of the craziest and most dangerous wrestlers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, as he often takes it too far in “shooting” when he wrestled wrestlers in some “extreme” matches. New Jack was allegedly a bounty hunter before coming to wrestling and did apparently murder 4 people during that time, as he had the history of violence before he arrived at ECW where he fit right in. Jack also played a bit part in the “Mass Transit” incident when he almost killed an underage kid named Mass Transit in a brutal match. While the person died due after failing to go through with a surgery, his family still blames New Jack for his death! Jack is an extremely dangerous human being and going by the animal he becomes in “shoot matches”, it’s not really surprising to discover that he’s taken someone else’s life.


Crash Holly was quite the entertaining character back in the day as the “cousin” of Hardcore Holly would be a marvel in the Cruiserweight Division in WWE. Crash would also be a great implement in WWE’s Hardcore Division as he won the title numerous times during its 24×7 title defense format, later also winning the Light Heavyweight Championship and European Championship as well. But Holly didn’t survive for many years in WWE, getting released in 2003 and he became suicidal after that point. Crash took his own life a few months after being released by WWE, as he was found in his friend Stevie Richards’ house with a pool of vomit on his fame. There were some empty bottles of prescription drugs and alcohol on the floor as it was later discovered that Holly had died by choking on his own vomit, which was a really sad way to go for this promising wrestler.


“The Bad Guy” Scott Hall was one of the coolest wrestlers of his time with him portraying a really amazing heel character in WWE, but he couldn’t really climb up from being a mid-carder. He later went to WCW where he formed the NWO with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan before his alcohol addiction deterred his career and reputation. But to add to Hall’s bad reputation, he has also killed a man in real life when he was charged with second-degree murder after shooting a man with his own gun at a nightclub in 1983. But Hall confessed that it was for self-defense because of which the case was closed, but he did state that it haunts him every day as it’s pretty shocking to discover that someone like Hall could commit murder and despite it being self-defense, he has to live with that haunting him forever.


Chris Von Erich was part of the legendary Von Erich family who were the pioneers of wrestling in the 70s but the family also seems to have a terrible curse on themselves as their second generation. Chris would not be as good as his brothers Mike and Kerry as he worked up doing odd jobs at WCW before he stepped inside the ring where he had a lack of athleticism and his bones were so weak that they’d break if he tried to perform some moves. He only had a few feuds in his life and after suffering from frustration and depression because of his family’s curse and his own awful state, Chris shot himself in the head in September 1991, eighteen days before his 22nd birthday. His death was quite the shocker and another blow to the Von Erich’s reputation which has regressed over the years.


Verne Gagne was a legendary wrestler who had the respect of many because of his amazing work in the 50s and 60s in the professional wrestling industry. Gagne did amazing work for the National Wrestling Alliance and American Wrestling Association promotions and helped them get recognition in the American Wrestling society as well. Gagne is among only six men who have been inducted in the WWE, WCW, and Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. But he lost his mind towards the end, as he suffered from dementia which forced his family to put Gagne in an old age nursing home. Gagne played a part in killing an older man in this facility as he apparently threw the man to the floor, breaking his hip. The older man later died from the injury as Gagne wasn’t charged with anything because of his dementia, sadly having no recollection of that brutal incident.


Kerry Von Erich looked like the brightest talent among the 2nd generational Von Erich’s as he was an amazing wrestler who was so incredible that he continued wrestling after having his right leg amputated after a terrible accident which almost killed him. Von Erich would be an Intercontinental Champion in WWE after that incident and was one of their best wrestlers at the time but after not moving further into the top, he left the company in 1992. Kerry couldn’t handle the pain and pressure anymore as he shot himself to the heart in 1993 after suffering through much depression because of the premature death of his brothers. The curse of the Von Erich’s continued with Kerry who could’ve been remembered ever more by the audience had he not decided to take his own life and win back his reputation in the wrestling industry.


Brian McGee was an aspiring wrestler a few years ago when he got a chance at WWE’s FCW(Florida Championship Wrestling) developmental territory but couldn’t make the cut as he wasn’t good enough. McGee would somehow lost his plot after leaving the WWE as he would go haywire after leaving FCW and made the news in 2013 for all the wrong reasons. McGee was in a hospital when he fatally stabbed his girlfriend multiple times in the stomach before he was apprehended by police after a high-speed car chase. To make it worse, he even changed his profile picture on Facebook after killing his girlfriend to what looked like a hand or an ankle with oozing blood. McGee was charged with first-degree murder and is behind bars right now for committing this awful crime.


Sean O’Haire had an awesome vibe to him when he arrived at the WWE from WCW, but the Power Plant graduate couldn’t really adjust himself to the WWE lifestyle. He was given a role in the Invasion angle and later portrayed quite the mysterious, dark character as the “Devil’s Advocate” character but somehow didn’t impress the management enough to keep his place in the company. He wrestled sometime in the Independent circuit before he moved to MMA where he had a rather decent career and was doing pretty good when the shocking news of his death rocked the wrestling industry. O’Haire was found hanging from his bedpost in 2014 as he had apparently been suffering from depression and alcohol addiction prior to his death. It was especially surprising to know of his death because of how well he was doing in MMA, showing how bad mental health can cause destruction absolutely any time.


Chris Benoit will always be remembered as one of the best technical wrestlers of his time but his legacy is forever tarnished. Benoit won it all in WWE and was one of their top stars when he committed murder, which shocked absolutely everyone in the wrestling industry. Benoit was due to wrestle on a WWE PPV before he went missing, as it was later discovered that he had killed himself, but not before murdering his own wife Nancy and son Daniel Benoit. Although there are many conspiracies floating around about this controversial incident, most evidence points towards Benoit killing his own wife and son before he hung himself. That has ruined his reputation to the point that he isn’t even recognized by WWE anymore and his legacy of being an amazing wrestler is now remembered as that of a killer.


'Inseparable' Couple Died Together In Plane Suicide

'Inseparable' Couple Died Together In Plane Suicide


After a couple was killed when their plane crashed into a snow-covered mountain in Alaska, their adult children found a silver lining. Cecilia Matter, 63, was suffering from cancer and didn't have much longer to live, they told KYUK at the time of the crash in December. It would have been devastating, they added, for her 62-year-old husband to live without her. After all, the couple was "inseparable." Their father, it seems, felt the same way. A final accident report released by the National Transportation Safety Board lists the probable cause of the crash as "the pilot's intentional flight of the airplane into terrain in an act of suicide," which resulted in the death of Cecilia Matter by manslaughter, reports the Alaska Dispatch News.

The report notes private pilot Mark Matter was at the controls of his 1949 Piper PA-11 airplane when it crashed on Marvel Dome, 40 miles south of their home in Aniak, not far from its intended destination near the couple's gold mine, on Dec. 15, 2016. There were "clear skies" at the time of the crash and no evidence of mechanical issues was found during a study of the wreckage, the report adds. There's no indication that the couple told anyone of their plans. "Dad couldn't function without Mom," one of their daughters said after the crash. "He couldn't fix himself meals or anything." Cecilia Matter, she added, "was the lifeline of the family."

13 People Admit the DUMBEST Reasons Someone Got Mad At Them

13 People Admit the DUMBEST Reasons Someone Got Mad At Them

We all get irrationally angry, sometimes.

I often find myself furious with people who chew like a horse eating rocks, but I stop myself from lashing out with the rage of a thousand suns.

The people over at /r/AskReddit aren't so lucky, but it does make for a great story.



15 Disturbing Things You Can Only Find On The Dark Web

15 Disturbing Things You Can Only Find On The Dark Web

Child pornography and weapons are just a tip of the iceberg. There is more that goes down on the Internet’s underbelly.

On March 22, 2017, London terror suspect, Khalid Masood, was reported to have used the WhatsApp messaging service to contact a stranger just two minutes before he plunged into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge: an attack the led to the death of four people and injured dozens. Unfortunately, the contents of his communication could not be unveiled immediately because it was encoded.

This was just one, among hundreds of cases, where tech has been used to propagate crime. Mind you, this act of terrorism was aided by a mere phone app. Now think about other technology platforms that can be used to cause harm. They are several, and they can be utilized in a number of ways. However, one that is slowly gaining popularity and raising concern is the Dark Web.

Law enforcers, corporations, and governments are starting to get concerned about the burgeoning of secret and inaccessible corners of the web. These inaccessible sections of the Internet are protected by strong encryption and are believed to facilitate various criminal and terrorist activities.

The so-called Dark Web is thought to be a haven for illegal, deviant, and high-risk behavior. Already, there are speculations that it is being used by the Islamic State to source for “authentic” British passports that are being used to enter the UK.

The Dark Web is the mysterious part of the web where websites cannot be found using ordinary search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Apparently, it can only be accessed using specialized browsers like Tor. It’s the 21st-century black market that stocks everything illegal, unsuitable, and malicious. The fact that it is untraceable has made it more popular especially among those who engage illegal activities. The Dark Web was home to the infamous Silk Road, a notorious and famous drug-dealing website.

Apart from claims of illegal pornography and illegal goods, the Deep Net’s reputation as a playground for depravity and evil acts has somehow been baseless, according to some users who have had the chance to access this corner of the web. In fact, some have called it an “exaggerated myth” that is only made up of a small number of non-indexed websites.

But we cannot entirely dismiss its existence.

Not when there are hundreds of Dark Web rumors flying around. Most of these stories are disturbing, and they have left us wondering whether the Dark Net exists in truth or if it’s fiction. One thing to take note of is that most of the Dark Net rumors have not been proven, but neither they been disproven.

Overall, it is rumored to be the only place where cyber crime operations are treated like regular business, and where you are likely to get almost anything. In the Dark Internet, you can find these 15 disturbing things:

15. Hitmen

On the non-indexed web, murder is not a big deal.

There are people who are ready to kill for a fee, but the cost mostly depends on the status of the victim. For example, it costs higher if the person in question is a public figure. The same hitmen may also offer additional services like beating someone up or making them go missing for a given period.

To win clients, these hitmen provide certain guarantees to keep their customers identity private. They then execute their work professionally and make it look like the event was suicide or an accident. They are professionals who are untraceable, and with any amount of money, they can do the most dehumanizing act to a victim.

Assassination Market, Unfriendly Solution, and C’thulu are just some of the examples of websites that provided such services.

Unfriendly Solution and C’thulu required one to name a target, pay in Bitcoin, then wait until the accident/murder is committed. C’thulu even provided a bonus if a client referred friends. The site accepted Liberty Reserve.

Clearly, these sites had no regard for human life, but they make it hassle-free for those business executives or individuals who have no criminal record and want to perform heinous acts.

We like to pretend hitmen do not exist, yet we know well that they do.

14. Weapons of All Kinds

The Dark Web is the Walmart of weaponry though this may not be its booming industry. This is because of the difficulty in dealing with weapons. First, they take up so much space and cannot be sent via snail mail.

Second, selling weapons is a high-risk affair that not very many people want to partake in. For example, you are likely to fall into the trap of law enforcers who may be disguised as sellers.

In countries like the U.S, the market for guns is not huge because of the ease of acquiring the weapon. However, it is believed that there are more transactions with individuals living in countries having strict gun laws, like most parts of Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, the sale of guns and other weapons may still be going on in certain Dark Web markets. The Armory was one of the largest and most prominent weapons black markets on the Dark Web. However, some experts claim it may have been a storefront that was being used to scam buyers.

The website had bombs, bullets, pistols, and rifles, and a user could navigate it like But this site required a minimum order of $1050. What was more disturbing is that a vast selection of weaponry was available to virtually anyone on the globe at the click of a button.

Whether the Armory still exists or not is a mystery, but no one has come out to vouch for their services.

13. Cannibalism And Necrophilia

The Dark Web is home to a large vorarephile community that is believed to be growing by the day. It may be disturbing, but there are tons of people who derive satisfaction from the idea of consuming others or being consumed, and they have found the Dark Web a suitable dwelling place.

Cannibal Café was a huge vorarephile forum that provided information on how to cook various parts of the human body, including limbs and genitalia. It had tons of creepy information about eating human flesh and how to correctly perform the act. Some of the scary information was being conveyed through live streams to community members. A recording is even available on YouTube of a guy narrating how he navigated through Cannibal Café.

There were also claims of necrophilia (having sexual intercourse with corpses). That’s just how sick the Dark Web is. There are claims that some people have put bodies up for sale and there are buyers who collect such bodies. It is scary.

12. Child Tapes And Child Torture

Another business that is believed to be thriving in the Dark Web is child pornography and child torture. In fact, child pornography even has a code name, “Cheese Pizza.”

It is proven that child pornography is the most popular activity on the Dark Web, constituting over 80% of the searches on the Dark Web, according to a study. More pedos have found that the Clearnet is riskier and increases the chances of them getting caught. Therefore, they have shifted to the Dark Web. They have discovered that the Dark Web is a great place to discuss their kidnappings, “jailbait,” “hard candy,” and hurtcore stuff. Most of these terms are used in relation to the girl’s age group. For example, “jailbait” involves girls who are underage but look older. On the other hand, “hard candy” means girls between ages 12-16.

Peter Scully made a name in this area. The Australian man was finally arrested after raping and torturing young girls. He was the man behind “Daisy’s Destruction,” which featured a little girl being beaten and raped by two men. The girl later had her limbs chopped off using a machete and her throat slit. Scully did horrible things to young babies.

Apparently, the “Daisy’s Destruction” videos are only available in the dark corners of the web. They are mostly extreme and brutal videos of young girls being tortured, raped, and murdered by 51-year-old Scully and his accomplices, one of them identified as Carmen Ann Alvarez.

The two ran a pay-per-view site on the Dark Web, which featured the “Daisy’s Destruction” videos.

11. Terrorism And Spying

It is believed that more terrorists are moving to the Dark Web to conduct their activities: raise funds, coordinate actions, spread propaganda, and recruit new members. They are moving away from the “surface web”that they have been using for the longest time.

This shift is thought to have been triggered by a series of activities after ISIS attacked Paris in November 2015. For example, after the attack, the hacker Anonymous launched a campaign dubbed Operation Paris (OpParis) that took down hundreds of sites associated with ISIS.

While this group is mostly using the Dark Web for scheming and plotting, it is believed that the Dark Web is also providing them with new methods of attack. In some cases, they use the open web to recruit then move to the Dark Web for sinister interactions.

Terrorists discovered that the non-Tor Internet was unencrypted and made it possible for them to be tracked. This is mainly because counter-terrorism agencies are always monitoring the non-dark net, especially Islamist forums/sites and social media. In addition, certain websites have been filtering extremist content and this forced jihadists to look for secure avenues.

The Dark Web is also where most of the spying is taking place; whether industrial, military, government, or counter-intelligence, you name it. This is why governments, corporations, and law enforcement agencies are getting more worried about this mysterious web.

10. Dangerous Malware

Because of Dark Web’s anonymity, it has been a haven for some of the most malicious malware. The Cryptolocker, for example, is believed to be found on the Dark Web . It can be used by nefarious individuals to wreak havoc, or a buyer can request it to perform criminal activities. This malware is able to “hold” your files until you make a payment.

The Dark Web is also home to the troubling SkyNet, which can be used to mine Bitcoins from people’s computers and for various attacks. There are other Tor-based malware that are more complicated and can be used to perform more evil acts. For example, Vawtrack is a banking trojan that is designed to gain access to an individual’s financial accounts. The malware is so complicated that it can perform its actions undetected.

Another malware, named NionSpy, can route its traffic through the Tor network. It can then steal documents, record a video using the victim’s webcam, and capture keystrokes.

The worse thing is that malware that uses Tor can also target people who have never used the network. The Dark Web is providing an added layer of protection to these dangerous software and posing a risk to everyone using the Internet.

9. Fake Passports And Documentation

The most disturbing fact about fake passports and documentation is that they could be easily purchased by ISIS and other terrorist organizations and used to enter a country illegally.

Terrorist groups have been accused of using fake passports to bypass border security, especially in the U.S. and the U.K.

In February of 2017, there were reports about a Neapolitan document factory that only offered its services via the Dark Web. According to the reports, the passports that this company produced were so sophisticated that they could easily be confused for the real ones. It was also reported that the same company could register the fake passports on the national system; a confirmation that it may have had connections with senior government agents in the U.K. These passports are being sold anonymously for Bitcoins, and in some cases, cash.

The same “company” was also linked with the selling of illegal firearms. For example, Anis Amri, the 2016 Berlin attacker, who was later shot in Milan, was heard bragging about how it was possible to obtain a Kalashnikov in Naples with minimal interference.

8. Human Trafficking

Yes, you can purchase another human being on the Dark Web.

Vice Motherboard writer Joseph Cox reported in 2015 how he had an interaction with a group that was referring to itself as Black Death. According to Cox, Black Death had a woman named “Nicole” who was up f0or sale at a starting price of $150,000. After numerous covert efforts requesting to be shown a live webcam footage of the said woman, the group disappeared, and its website could not be traced.

Cox’s next conclusion was that Black Death might have been a scam that was out to steal money from him.

Regardless, the Dark Web has made it easier to conduct the business of human trafficking. There have been reports of illegal forums that discuss sex and trafficking. They use various advertisements to entice trafficking victims then try to solicit the victims for sex trafficking.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has specifically been able to create a Dark Web crawler technology that is assisted by Artificial Intelligence to try and curb this menace. DARPA has been working on a project called Memex program to help identify content on the Dark Web that hints human trafficking.

Already, Memex is offering some help, but it has not been able to solve the problem entirely.

7. Stolen Credit Cards And Other Financial Information

Think about the damage that can be done to your bank account when a criminal gets your credit card information. It is disturbing.

Most of these crimes are today being conducted via the Dark Web. A 30-year-old man was arrested in 2016 for trafficking illegal items along with goods that had been purchased using stolen credit cards. The damage was a staggering $17,000.

Various other Dark Web scams involving stolen cards have been reported, and even though some people have been apprehended, tons are still out there. A fraudster will fraudulently obtain Visa or MasterCard details then give them out in exchange for Bitcoins.

Sometimes they will go for other important financial information like your bank logins, and the account holder may run into massive losses.

UK-based Tesco Bank had to deal with a total loss of £2.5 million after 9000 people found discovered their bank accounts had been emptied. The biggest worry is that a stolen credit card number can end anywhere. But most of them are used on online marketplaces like Spotify, Netflix, and to purchase VPN subscriptions. Some end up being used in stores.

One site that was notorious for dealing in card information was Atlantic Carding. The site sold credit card information, social security numbers, and addresses. Atlantic Carding boasted of a 95%+ credit card validity, and buyers could get better deals depending on how much they were willing to spend.


6. Illegal Drugs

It is believed to be a thriving business in the Dark Web because it is easier to run.

Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road was an evidence of the extent of the illegal drug business in the Dark Web. And even though Ulbricht was incarcerated, the revelations that followed his trial sent shivers down anyone’s spine.

Silk Road was a large drug-selling website that had hidden its activities on the Dark Web. The site had its own moral code and would sell pure, quality drugs to individuals who were interested. Silk Road stayed away from most things that could do harm beyond drugs, like stolen weapons, or goods.

But this did not stop users from sending death threats to “traitors.”

The website was launched in 2011, and it became a drug man’s dream as users could easily navigate it and choose whatever they wanted. It was like the modern-day e-commerce website and provided an excellent platform for dealers of various drugs and drug users. Both parties were protected by encryption and could easily browse the market and sell or buy.

Once users found whatever they were looking for, they would pay using Bitcoins then the dealer would mail the products in an unmarked box. To ensure quality was maintained, users were free to rate and review products, and this made it easier to weed out scams, no pun intended.

Even though Silk Road was terminated, according to claims, the story is not entirely believable. And after all, it may not have been the only site selling drugs. There must be plenty out there, some of them have probably not yet been discovered.


5. Illegal Porn

While there has been a serious fight against things like revenge porn, the Dark Net has provided an excellent avenue to access revenge porn. England and Wales criminalized the practice and Google removed it from their search results. However, revenge porn and other forms of illegal forms are still active on the Dark Net.

One example was Pink Meth. Before the FBI seized it in 2014, Pink Meth was a man’s market where people would expose nude photos of their ex-girlfriends. Pink Meth then posted the photos with the women’s information: phone number, home address, and name.

Ransom would then be agreed upon, and the victim would be required to pay up to have the photo removed. Otherwise, the entire Dark Net was going to access the photo. Pink Meth was originally on the Surface Web but switched to the Dark Web after it started encountering problems. The switch made it possible for people to submit revenge porn anonymously.

In some cases, victims were given an opportunity to explain how their pictures may have been taken if they wanted them removed. It was a method of embarrassing the victim more.

Even after its closure, an archive emerged of some 200+ women. Whether it still exists or not is a mystery.


4. Forums Where Rapes, Murder, And Abductions Are Planned

The Dark Web is being used to practice extreme desires. It hosts platforms where people meet to plan rape, murder, and kidnappings.

There was a forum named Violent Desires that had the tagline “where monstrous minds meet,” and its purpose was to accommodate evil-minded people who shared their evil plans with others. They planned rape, kidnappings, torture and even murder on the forum. There were discussions about experimentation through body modification and human torture.

Some of their posts were about abducting young girls and cutting their limbs to convert them into human dolls. Strangely, some people were ready to pay very high amounts for such activities.

But Violent Desires was taken down though there is a possibility that such forums still exist. Such forums are full of psychopaths, pedophiles, and rapists. These people found an excellent avenue to share their brutal and gruesome desires, and it was through the Dark Web.


3. Bestiality And Animal Torture

Sex with animals is not entirely new. There have been reports about this habit throughout history.

But the Dark Web has cultivated the act by providing a suitable platform for those who have such desires. Websites like Animal Nightmare and Cruel Onion Wiki have been known to make money by producing pictures and videos of animal torture and rape.

In these sites, you would not be surprised to see someone cutting off a dog’s tail or cracking its teeth using a hammer. Sometimes, an animal would be hit with a club continuously until it succumbed. In some case, the perpetrators would hold the animal’s eye and try to pop out its eyeballs.

Cruel Onion Wiki featured scantily dressed or semi-nude women crushing and killing animals with their feet. Most of the animals were puppies and Kittens.

Obviously, such acts are punishable and cannot be permitted on the traditional World Wide Web. Cruel Onion Wiki has been closed a number of times, but the site resurfaces under different names and URLs.

Cats will be put in a microwave and dogs will be trained to fight. Their goal is to see these animals die an excruciating death by exposing them to all manner of torture.

It is disheartening.


2. Snuff Films

Snuff films are recordings of murder that are always real – not staged. Most of them involve raping and killing a woman and are believed to provide sexual arousal. The killing is often conducted in a number of ways. For example, it can be through dismemberment, stabbing, hanging, or strangling to death.

Snuff films have been known to exist for a long time, long before the web. However, they used to be distributed in black markets before the information superhighway was discovered. Since they have not been readily available to the masses, some of them are still considered urban legends, though they are real incidents that happen to real people.

The amount of visual awfulness they portray is unbearable. There have also been claims about “Red Rooms” where the user gets to participate in the torturing process by giving real-time instructions on what can be done to a live victim.

An announcement is made then people are asked to sign up for the horrid acts. The torturing process is then live-streamed to a large audience of subscribers. Most of the live-torture sites have been disputed, with some critics claiming they are scams that air pre-recorded footage.

A site like “Human Experiment” was closed in 2011 after it was discovered that it was performing the unspeakable acts. The site would look for old people or those who did not have records and perform hideous experiments on them to determine how long they survived. Customers had to pay to see what experiment was going to be performed.


1. Hacker For Hire

Hacking is turning into big business, but ever wondered where contracted hackers come from? A good number of them can be found on the Dark Web. Most of the hackers found on the indexable web can only perform “shallow” hacking, like determining your exes Facebook logins, or finding out his phone lock code, their counterparts from the Dark Web are more experienced and paralyze the operations of an entire banking system.

In November 2014, a hacker group calling itself “Guardians of Peace” leaked confidential information about Sony Pictures. Most of the information was personal data about employees, their families, salaries, and information about films that Sony Pictures was yet to release. Sony Pictures had to make a hard decision and stop the release of a film titled The Interview: a comedy about North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Intelligence officers in the United States concluded that the hack had been perpetrated by North Korea though the country denied the allegations.

It was a testament of how hackers can paralyze a business and change the course of life. These are the kind of hackers that you are likely to find on the Deep Net. Once they are done with their hackings, an entire nation can facepalm.

The SpyEye botnet creation kit, for example, was developed by a 24-year-old Russian hacker, Aleksandr Panin, and his associate. According to the FBI, Panin sold the technology to clients who used it to steal millions as the tool could infiltrate businesses and consumers. In the end, the malware infected some 1.4 million computers according to the prosecutor.

Dark Net hackers can perform other actions like credit card fraud, espionage, DDoS attacks and stealing back confiscated websites from the FBI. Think about the harm that these hacks can cause to people?

Dark Net sites like Rent-A-Hacker make it easier to find such hackers. Here, users can pay to have someone wrongfully arrested or launch a service attack. This is where you can get the services of a hacker who can help you rip off a retailer.

The termination of the Silk Road and the incarceration of both Peter Scully and Ross William Ulbricht are clear signs that war has been waged against the Dark Net. However, more needs to be done.

10 Popular Innovations Caused By Human Suffering

10 Popular Innovations Caused By Human Suffering

The world can be a terrible place, but there are always things to cheer us up. Amazingly, they sometimes overlap. A great number of the things we use every day only happened because of terrible tragedies and torture. Next time, you gorge yourself on Twinkies or put on makeup in the mirror, remember that your joy could not exist without someone else’s pain.

10.The Tragedies Of The Great Depression And World War II Gave Us The Bliss Of The Twinkie

Photo credit: CBS News

Like their most famous product, Hostess should have expired a lot earlier than they did. During the Great Depression, when most companies were on the verge of collapsing, Hostess only stayed in business for a limited time.

James Dewar’s original shortcake recipe had strawberry filling. The problem was that strawberries were only in season for two months. While the economy around them crumbled, staying open for 60 days of the year no longer seemed like a suitable business model.

To accommodate, they switched to a filling available year-round: bananas. These new banana cakes, or “Twinkies,” were a big hit.[1] However, their success was short-lived.

Following America’s entry into World War II, the government placed a ration on bananas. Again, Hostess had to find another filling. During the war, they used vanilla.

The switch was originally meant to be a temporary measure to outlast the ration. To Hostess’ surprise, vanilla cakes were much more popular than the banana ones. Even after the ration ended, they never went back.

9.The Power Chord Was Invented Because A Soldier Lost His Lung In The Korean War

Photo credit:

All of rock and roll is built around power chords. It can be heard in songs by AC/DC, Nirvana, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, and Neil Young. Power chords are so essential to rock songs that they’re usually the first thing young guitarists learn.

All of this can be traced to Link Wray and his 1958 song “Rumble.” Though it is now considered one of the greatest songs of all time, Wray originally didn’t want to play it.

Ever since he was a kid, Wray wanted to have a career as a singer. But before he could set off for show business, he had to serve in the Korean War. That decision cost him his dreams. The jungles of Korea were a breeding ground for diseases.

Like a lot of his fellow soldiers, he suffered from a dreadful bout of tuberculosis. It was such a bad case that he had to have one of his lungs removed.[2]

No longer able to sing, he was forced to innovate as an instrumentalist. His hopes may have been dashed, but inspiring multiple generations by creating the bedrock of rock and roll and being labeled as the father of punk and metal is a good legacy, too.

8.Sunlamps Were Originally For Dying World War I Orphans

Photo credit:

Following the decimation of the German economy in World War I, the German public was undernourished. The limited food available mostly went to adults and returning veterans. As a result, children were the most affected by the famine.

In unprecedented numbers, children developed rickets due to a lack of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate. At the time, nobody knew what caused rickets. Dr. Kurt Huldschinsky developed a thesis. He noticed that all the patients were pale, so he made a lamp that emitted ultraviolet light to see if the children got any better. It worked.

The ultraviolet light cured the disease, and he started marketing the sunlamp.[3] This design would serve as the prototype for the recreational tanning bed, thus giving a generation of celebrities and politicians that radioactive glow and inspiring countless urban legends.

7.The First Bicycle Came After A Horse Apocalypse

Photo credit: Lesseps

In 1816, Mount Tambora erupted in Indonesia. It immediately killed 4,600 people. So in the first 15 minutes, it was already a terrible disaster. The dust storm it unleashed killed another 10,000. By the end, the volcano caused enough famine and disease to kill 90,000 people.

For humans, it was a horrific event. For horses, it was an unprecedented disaster. The soot traveled to Europe that summer, blocking the Sun for months. Without sunshine, oat crops across the continent died. Unable to eat their staple crop, horses began to die by the thousands.

Those horses that stuck around to eat the remaining crops were too much of a burden for the poor farmers, so the horses were shot in their heads. As horses were the main form of transportation, people had to look around for a new way to travel that didn’t require food.

One such inventor, Karl Drais von Sauerbronn, created the dandy horse.[4]Named after the animal that had been just been murdered or starved to death by the truckload, the dandy horse was the first personal propelled bicycle.

6.The Civil War Made Tabasco Sauce, And Reconstruction Made It Popular

In the 1850s, Edmund McIlhenny was a successful banker. In the 1860s, he was bankrupt. The Civil War had ruined his business. With no more money, he moved back into the home of his parents-in-law on Avery Island, Louisiana.

But his luck was about to turn around. Little did he know, the family’s estate was built on a giant salt rock. He mined the salt and made a fortune selling it to the Confederacy. When the Union found out about this strategic reserve of salt, they attacked his salt mine and burned down his farm twice.

Afraid for their lives, the family was forced to flee to Texas. When McIlhenny returned to Louisiana after the war, he planted a vegetable garden. To pile on the bad news, everything he planted died in the salty, burned ground.

In New Orleans, he met a war veteran who told him about some pepper seeds he had from Mexico. McIlhenny made the first bottle of Tabasco sauce from these seeds. Later, his sons would mass-produce the sauce.[5]

It became a hit because it added some necessary flavor to the bland food available during the Reconstruction. It is the same spice that we put on our bland food today.

5.Hip-Hop Owes A Lot To Robert Kennedy’s Assassination

The tragic and untimely death of Robert Kennedy had tremendous consequences on 1960s politics. However, his real legacy may be the roundabout way that his death influenced hip-hop.

In 1968, Michael Viner joined Robert Kennedy’s campaign as an aide. There, he met famed football player Rosey Grier, who was working security for Bobby. Grier was the one to wrestle the gun out of Sirhan Sirhan’s hand.

Grier and Viner planned to work in Washington with Kennedy. When Kennedy died in California, Grier and Viner stayed there. Both men went to work in the movie business. Grier starred in and Viner produced the soundtrack for a forgettable B movie The Thing with Two Heads.

The soundtrack had a minor hit with “Bongo Rock.” Building off that success, Viner formed the group “Incredible Bongo Band” and made them record a cover of “Apache.”[6]

“Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band went on to be known as “hip-hop’s anthem.” Popularized by DJ Kool Herc, “Apache” became the go-to song for his block parties. It was the first song “Grand Wizzard” Theodore scratched, pioneering turntablism.

By doing so, he turned it into the sound of the genre. Hundreds of artists—including Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Nas, Kanye West, LL Cool J, and even MC Hammer—would go on to sample it.

4.The Treadmill Was A Torture Device For Prisoners

Photo credit:

Following the destruction of the Napoleonic Wars, England was in desperate need of a workforce. Prisons supplied a large crop of new workers. In 1817, Sir William Cubitt came up with the first treadmill, which was more like the modern stair-climber.

Prisoners walked on spokes that turned a giant wheel. Their momentum crushed grain, churned water, or powered mills—hence the name treadmill. These devices were excruciatingly painful. People would have to walk for six hours straight and climb a total of 4,300 meters (14,000 ft). That is almost half of Mount Everest every day for five days in a row.

Worse, if you did not move the wheel, you would fall off and the wheel would keep spinning. Prisoners were injured daily. These treadmills were outlawed in England as cruel and unusual punishment in 1898.[7] The treadmills at the gym may feel like torture because they once were.

3.Dunking Booths Were A Violent By-Product Of Segregation

Photo credit:

Dunking booths are the staple of fairgrounds and church carnivals everywhere. They combine feats of strength, lightly hurting someone, and amusement. It is fun that anyone can get behind.

However, the original dunking booths had a very specific audience. In the later 1800s, the craze of target games swept the country, including a game called the “African Dodger.”

Behind painted plantation scenes, black men stuck their heads up. The thrower would then try to hit the living human in the head with a baseball. If the thrower hit the target, he got a prize.

After a while, the carnies realized that it was mean to throw projectiles at human heads. In a rare moment of empathy for the 1800s, the human heads were replaced with wooden stand-ins called “Negro Heads.”

The two games were brought together to make the “African Dip.”[8] In these new games, the thrower hit the target and triggered a release, causing the black person to fall in the water. Eventually, anybody could sit up there and take a plunge.

2.The Banjo Was Used To Keep Slaves From Dying

The banjo is the preferred instrument of Appalachia, Muppet frogs, and Steve Martin. However, it has a backstory even darker than Deliverance.

In the 1600s, slave ships had a problem. Their slaves would become sickly and die. This was not a problem because their fellow humans were suffering; the slave owners were just losing profits.

So to keep their slaves healthy, the owners let their slaves dance. Logically, the slaves weren’t really in the mood to do this. But slave captains thought that traditional African instruments might convince them to dance.

They chose stringed instruments. That is how the banjo was brought to the United States. It would have remained an obscure instrument in American culture if not for the minstrel show.[9]

When minstrel shows were making fun of slaves, they included the image of a lazy slave playing the banjo. The instrument then became popular among the white theatergoers.

1.Cosmetics Come From Mutilated Prisoners

You may not know it by name, but somewhere in your house is Retin-A. All modern cosmetics use Retin-A, which is the active ingredient in most acne medicines and wrinkle removers.

It is so prevalent in our society that the World Health Organization calls it “one of the most important medications needed in a basic health system.” Though it may seem benign, this “youth in a jar” and other drugs only came about by forced experimentation on prisoners.

Following World War II, human experimentation was outlawed everywhere after the passage of the Nuremberg Code. Everywhere except Philadelphia, apparently.

From 1951 to 1974, dermatologist Albert Kligman went to Holmesburg Prison to test new drugs on the prisoners. At first, he said that he saw the prisoners not as human beings but as “acres of skin.” Funded by the CIA, Dow Chemical, and Johnson & Johnson, Kligman used the prisoners as biological guinea pigs.

Some of his greatest hits include pulling the skin off people with Scotch tape, yanking out fingernails, directly pouring Agent Orange on open wounds, slipping LSD to patients, and forcing people to stay in rooms with radioactive isotopes.[10]

The most common treatment was giving prisoners experimental versions of the drugs to monitor the effects. One of the many drugs developed this way was the first iteration of Retin-A. An unknown number of people died from these experiments.


FASCINATING FACTS: 15 Facts About Famous People That Will Inspire You

FASCINATING FACTS: 15 Facts About Famous People That Will Inspire You



You look at celebrities and famous people and you think – what wonderful lives they must lead! So many privileges, so many amazing things at their disposal! But then again, we only see what we want to see, and we remain blissfully unaware of what it took them to get where they are today – the hurdles they’ve crossed, the things they have experienced.

Maybe these 15 facts about famous people will give you some perspective. But more than that, what it will do is inspire you, and push you to never, ever give up hope.

1. The King of Rock and Roll was told to stick to driving a truck because, he was told, “you’ll never make it as a singer.”

Image source

Before he was the legend he is now, Elvis Presley was just another boy with big dreams to be a singer. Along with his many attempts at landing a professional, he worked as a truck driver. During this time, he met a fellow musician, Ronnie Smith, with whom he had worked briefly before, and who was a member of a professional band at 16. He put Elvis in touch with the band’s lead Eddie Bond, who was looking for a singer; Elvis was asked to audition, and he turned up at a club called the Hi Hat, where he performed a couple of songs for Eddie onstage. He was turned down, with Eddie claiming that Elvis will “never make it as a singer”, and that he should just stick to driving a truck. Later, Eddie claimed that he was asked by the club to reject Elvis.

A few months after this debacle, Elvis recorded “That’s All Right” for Sun Records – a song that became a massive hit in Memphis. Eddie Bond got then got Ronnie to ask Elvis whether he would be interested to sing with them – an offer that Elvis politely refused.(source)

2. While in school, Shakira’s music teacher thought she sounded “like a goat”, and rejected her from the school choir. 

Before Shakira was the FIFA-official-song-singing, belly-dancing diva we know now, she was just a 7-year-old girl with a dream to become a performer, but rejected for her school choir owing to her strong trademark vibrato. However, the exact words used by her teacher, and the reason behind the rejection was – she sounds “like a goat”. But she was a performer all the way through, singing and dancing for her schoolmates and teachers since a very early age.(source)

3. Absolute penury had reduced Jim Carrey and his family to live out of a van. Then 15, Jim quit school and took up a job as a janitor to support his family.

His father, a musician, worked “regular” jobs to support the family of six, and when he lost that job, Jim was forced to quit school and work as a janitor. In his own words –  “I’d have a baseball bat on my janitor cart because I was so angry I just wanted to beat the heck out of something.”(source)

4. In 1994, J.K. Rowling, besides having just got divorced, was on government aid and could barely afford to feed her baby. 

In fact, she was so poor that during the writing of the first Harry Potter book, she couldn’t afford to get the 90,000-word novel photocopied, much less buy a computer. And so she manually typed out each copy, sending them to prospective publishers, all of whom rejected it, until Bloomsbury, a small London publisher, gave the book a second chance after the CEO’s 8-year-old daughter became absolutely besotted with it.(source)

5. Oprah Winfrey was raised amidst startling poverty, and was raped continually since she was 9. She ran way from home when she was 13 and, at 14, gave birth to a son who died soon after.

She had a childhood fraught with crippling poverty: she lived with her maternal grandmother for about six months while her mother worked, and circumstances were so dismal that she wore potato sacks for clothes – something the local children mocked her for. Later, after suffering years of being molested by her cousin, an uncle and a family friend since she was 9 years old, Oprah ran away from home at the age of 13, and bore a son a year later, who died soon after. She stated that even later, her poverty was a subject of ridicule among the other children. But then again, through sheer will-power and determination, Oprah Winfrey, rising above her past, became the first African-American woman to become a billionaire.(source)

6. Severely and constantly bullied in public school, a young Eminem’s mother sued the local school board for “failing to sufficiently protect her child”.

Image source

In 1982, a lady by the name of Deborah Mathers sued Dort Elementary School because her 9-year-old son Marshall was bullied and beaten so severely that he suffered several injuries, including a cerebral concussion, repetitive loss of vision and hearing, and other such ailments. The lawsuit sought $10,000 in damages, but was later dropped on grounds of government immunity.

The boy was Eminem.()

7. Steeped in poverty, Sylvester Stallone sold his dog, Butkus, for $50. After he sold the script for Rocky, he bought him back for $3,000. Butkus made an appearance in Rocky.

He was so desperate for cash in the initial days of his career that he was forced to sell his bullmastiff – Butkus – for $50 to “this guy called Little Jimmy”. After he sold the ‘Rocky’ script, Stallone approached Little Jimmy again in a bid to buy Butkus back, and only succeeded after he paid $3,000. Both Butkus and Little Jimmy make an appearance in ‘Rocky’.

Image source

8. The inventor of Fender Guitars – Leo Fender – never could play the guitar.

Life dishes out some pretty startling ironies. Consider this, for example: Leo Fender was the man who invented Fender Guitars, could not, for his life, tune a guitar, much less play one. He used to bring in musicians to test out his instruments, because he, personally, was not very musically inclined.(source)

9. James Cameron was a truck driver before he entered the film industry – something he was inspired to do after watching Star Wars for the first time in 1977.

And while writing The Terminator, he was homeless; despite this, he sold the rights of the film for  $1, on the sole condition that he could direct it.(source)

10. A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he lacked creativity.

At one point in his life, Walt Disney was hired by the Kansas City Newspaper. The same newspaper editor later fired him for “lacking creativity”. Yet another one of life’s many ironies.(source)

11. Decca Records rejected The Beatles on the ground that “guitar groups are on the way out”, when auditioned for them in 1962, and claiming, quite wrongly, that  “The Beatles have no future in show business.”

Image source

This is considered to be one of the greatest fiascos in musical history: before The Beatles were THE Beatles, they auditioned for Decca Records. They were rejected outright by the recording label, who chose Brian Poole and the Tremeloes instead. The reason they gave? That “guitar groups are on the way out”, and that “The Beatles have no future in show business.” One imagines – and perhaps quite rightly – that Decca must have regretted their blatant claims quite intently.(source)

12. 17-year-old Fred DeLuca, in a bid to earn enough to pay for medical school, opened the first Subway restaurant in 1965.

After having borrowed $1,000 from his friend Peter Buck, 17-year-old Fred DeLuca, in a bid to fund his tuition for medical school, started “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Connecticut. With the franchise expanding, they formed Doctors Associates Inc. to oversee operations in the many branches. The sandwich shop was renamed “Subway” in 1968.(source)

13. Enzo Ferrari had once told a man – “You may be able to drive a tractor, but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly.” The man, insulted, outraged, vowed to make the perfect car. Oh, and his name was Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a wizard with mechanical work, and when it came to fixing engines, you probably would find no one better. After having served in WW II, Ferruccio set up a car and motorcycle repair shop in Italy. Being a car enthusiast, he owned several cars, one of which included a Ferrari 250 GT, but which was giving Ferruccio considerable problems. This led him to visit Enzo Ferrari, who, in answer to Lamborghini’s complaints had one thing to say to him – “The problem is not with the car but with the driver”, and proceeded to tell a then incensed Lamborghini to look after his tractors instead. Of course, Lamborghini did not heed that, and his cars are testimony to that.(source)

14. More than 1,000 restaurants rejected Harland David Sanders when he tried selling his chicken. Had they then known that this would be the famous “Colonel” of the even more famous KFC,  they might have thought twice about rejecting him.

Then one didn’t, and now, Colonel Sanders and his pet KFC are one of the most loved, most renowned fast-food joints out there.(source)

15. Jaguar and Land Rover are both owned by Tata Motors – the Indian automotive company, and its story will inspire you.

1998: Ratan Tata(owner of TATA Motors), already having a car division, bought a hatchback car – Indica. But alas, people didn’t seem to like it, and it failed badly. Some even suggested that he sell his car division – something he agreed to do.

1999: In a bid to sell the division, Tata contacted many companies, and Ford Motor Company seemed keen to buy it. Ratan Tata, accompanied by Praveen Kadle, went to Ford’s headquarters to discuss the terms, but Ford’s attitude towards Tata was highly insulting and condescending. Ford’s chairman, Bill Ford, said to Ratan Tata-
[quote_box_center]”When you don’t know anything about passenger cars, why did you start the business? We are doing a favour by buying your business.”[/quote_box_center] But what goes around comes around. Come 2008, and Ford’s Jaguar-LandRover was on the brink of being bankrupt. And to the rescue comes none other than Ratan Tata, who bought the JLR division of Ford. This time, Ford’s words were-
[quote_box_center]”You are doing us a favour by buying our company.” [/quote_box_center] In 2014, of Tata Motors’ profit of 2.33 lack crore INR, JLR’s share was  1.90 lakh crore INR, amounting to around 82% of the total profits. Need I say more?