This Wanted Photo Is Going Viral And The Internet Has A Lot To Say About It

This Wanted Photo Is Going Viral And The Internet Has A Lot To Say About It -

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Nova Scotia is searching for a very distinctive suspect. Bradley James Barton, a 34-year-old from Pugwash, N.S., has a warrant out for his arrest for stealing a car that belonged to a volunteer firefighter. Once they released an image of the man, the people in the comments section had a lot to say:





Wasps Vs Drone Is The Battle We Never Knew We Wanted

Wasps Vs Drone Is The Battle We Never Knew We Wanted

It's a battle to the death as this homeowner has a clever way to deal with his wasp problem.

FBI Seeking Fugitive With 'Dork' Tattoo On His Neck

FBI Seeking Fugitive With 'Dork' Tattoo On His Neck



The FBI needs help in finding this dangerous “dork”.

The law enforcement agency reiterated its call Thursday for help in finding a wanted man with that word prominently tattooed across his neck.

Shawn Frederick Weatherhead, described as being a transient with ties to Eugene, Oregon and Reno, Nevada, is accused of making violent threats against law enforcement agencies and should be considered armed and dangerous, the FBI said.

He is also accused of allegedly contacting the FBI’s public access line and offices around 1,000 times since December 2015, and in at least three of the calls, making threats to kill people.

A U.S. District Court in California issued a federal arrest warrant for him in October after he was charged with interstate communication of a threat to injure the person of another.

An FBI wanted poster said the former tattoo artist, who goes by eight different aliases, is around 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 140 pounds and is known to carry a switch-blade knife.

Those with information on his whereabouts are urged to contact their local FBI office.


'Wanted' Posting For Woman Who Allegedly Robbed A Best Buy Inspired A Hilarious Reaction Thread

'Wanted' Posting For Woman Who Allegedly Robbed A Best Buy Inspired A Hilarious Reaction Thread

Technology is making a lot of things easier, like communication and finding a sex robot who will love you back. But thanks to camera phones, social media, and better surveillance systems, it's a lot more difficult to get away with thefts. A recent example of this is a woman who was photographed perfectly after allegedly stealing an Xbox and Playstation from Best Buy. When NBC 4 in Columbus Ohio posted the woman's photo on Facebook, people started dragging her for some reason. It went viral first on Facebook and then on Imgur, and here are some of the best hilarious reactions.

People being petty on the internet might have been a good thing for once, since the viral post looks like it helped catch the suspect.

Suspect In Blackface Wanted For Attempted California Bank Heist Gets Arrested

Suspect In Blackface Wanted For Attempted California Bank Heist Gets Arrested

A man in blackface and wearing a beanie  who was caught on surveillance video trying to rob a Corona bank in August was arrested in his Lake Elsinore home Wednesday, Riverside County sheriff’s officials said Thursday.

Investigators gathered enough evidence to serve a search warrant Wednesday at the Lake Elsinore home of Jerrad Schmittle, 40, according to a sheriff’s press release. Schmittle was subsequently arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery.

On the afternoon of Aug. 18, deputies from the Lake Elsinore sheriff’s station were called to the Wells Fargo Bank in the 11000 block of De Palma Road in Corona after a silent alarm was triggered, according to the statement.

Investigators learned a white man, “with obvious dark make-up to disguise his appearance,” had given a teller a note that demanded money, officials said. The man also told the teller he had a gun.

After waiting for a few seconds, the man, later identified as Schmittle, ran off without getting any money, sheriff’s officials said.


The man’s identity remained unknown until Nov. 1, when new leads led investigators to Schmittle’s home, according to the sheriff’s statement.

Schmittle was booked into the Cois Byrd Detention Center in French Valley.

Authorities ask anyone with information on the case to call the Lake Elsinore sheriff’s station at 951-245-3300.


Starbucks Barista Walked Away On Break And Now The FBI Is Looking For Her

Starbucks Barista Walked Away On Break And Now The FBI Is Looking For Her


A Starbucks barista at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport took a break from work Monday evening and has not been seen since.

Allison Cope, 24, clocked out at 3 p.m. for a break and was reported missing about four hours later after she failed to return. Cope’s roommate of 10 years had communicated via text with Cope prior to her disappearance. She said she thinks Cope went to the parking lot to get car registration paperwork, because they had been discussing her insurance policy.

Sarah Kosinski told Spectrum News that Cope, who has worked at the Starbucks for four years, only took her keys and left her purse and her phone. Surveillance footage showed her going down an escalator and leaving Terminal 2 with just keys in her hand.

“She has her phone glued to her 24/7, so I don’t think she’d drive off into the universe with no phone,” Kosinski said.

However, Cope’s Ford Focus was not in the airport parking lot, and records show her security badge was used to exit the parking lot around 3:10 p.m.

Kosinski also said that for Cope to leave without informing her co-workers was unlike her.

“She’s like sunshine. Everybody sees her, she’s happy, she smiles, she lights up a room,” Kosinski said. “She’s the most positive person I’ve ever met.”

“There’s not really any camera footage of her,” Kosinski said. “They have like one thing of her. They said she clocked out for her break, and she just didn’t come back. And then we expressed concern and said that’s not really like her. Her manager expressed extreme concern.”

The FBI is assisting in the search for Cope.


First Person To Appear In Crimewatch's 'Most Wanted' As Both A Man AND A Woman

First Person To Appear In Crimewatch's 'Most Wanted' As Both A Man AND A Woman

A convicted sex offender is believed to be the first ever to appear on BBC's Crimewatch as one of Britain's most wanted men - and women.

Lisa Hauxwell, 48, was jailed in her absence in November last year for a number sexual assaults which took place in 2001 and 2002.

But Hauxwell, who was born in Darlington and still has links to the town, had been charged with the offences under the name Craig John Hauxwell.

Police believe he may still be living as a man - but could also be using the identity of "Lisa".

So they released images of Hauxwell as Craig John with short, cropped hair - and Lisa, in heavy eye make up, curly blonde hair and long ear rings.

Both were due to be used tonight on the Crimewatch 'Most Wanted' section in a bid to catch Hauxwell.

He committed a string of sex offences against two teenagers in Co Durham while living as a man.

But he was convicted in his absence as a woman.

Lisa's last known address was in Leeds but there has been no record of her at that property for many months.

Despite extensive enquiries since, police have been unable to trace Hauxwell so she can begin serving her sentence.

They say she speaks with a stutter and when last seen on CCTV in West Yorkshire last year with bleached blonde, shoulder length hair.

“We have carried out exhaustive enquiries to trace Lisa Hauxwell and these are continuing,” said Det Insp Yvonne Dutson, of Durham Police.

“There has been no activity on her bank account for several months, no record of any dealings with agencies such as the DWP or HMRC and no confirmed sightings of her since she was recorded on a security camera at a petrol station in Dronfield, Derbyshire in April 2016.

“Hauxwell was convicted of two rapes and seven indecent assaults, which were truly horrendous crimes.

"We hope the appeal on Crimewatch will bring new information which ultimately will result in her being locked up and sent to prison to begin her sentence.”

An incident room – Tel 0191 375 2550 - will be staffed during the programme in case anyone rings in with information following the appeal on Crimewatch.

Any other calls relating to her whereabouts can be reported to police on the usual non-emergency number, 101.

It is believed to be the first time in the BBC show's 32-year history that an offender has appeared as both a man and a woman.

Man Makes Wanted Poster His Facebook Pic, Is Arrested

Man Makes Wanted Poster His Facebook Pic, Is Arrested


Most people hate their mugshots even more than the picture on their driver's license, but a Florida man found a wanted poster with his picture on it pleasing enough to put on Facebook—and it helped cops bust him, the Palm Beach Post reports. Stuart police responded to a battery complaint Monday night, and when they arrived at the scene, suspect Mack Yearwood wasn't there anymore, per WPBF. Trying to find out more about Yearwood, police hopped onto social media and found his Facebook page, on which he had proudly displayed his wanted poster out of Citrus County, whose officials were after him for probation violation on two battery counts.


Cops headed back Tuesday to the house and arrested Yearwood on the outstanding warrants. "I did chuckle, yes," one sergeant tells WPBF. An extra dose of bad luck as Yearwood was taken into custody: He asked officers if he could put on a pair of jeans strewn on the floor, and as he got ready, a bag of pot fell out of one of his pockets. Added onto his woes: a charge of cannabis possession. Meanwhile, the investigation into the battery complaint in Stuart continues, meaning he could face more charges.



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