21 Iconic Movie Characters That Were Almost Played By Completely Different Actors

21 Iconic Movie Characters That Were Almost Played By Completely Different Actors -


Emily Blunt as Black Widow


Emily Blunt was almost cast as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 but she turned down the role because of a scheduling conflict while working on Gulliver’s Travels.


Ryan Gosling as Doctor Strange


Before Benedict Cumberbatch starred as Doctor Strange in the movie, Marvel wanted Ryan Gosling so much that they commissioned some concept art of Gosling as Doctor Strange.


Jason Momoa as Drax


Jason Momoa who is now known for his role as a DC superhero, Aquaman, rejected the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy because he said he had done a lot of roles where he didn’t say much and appeared with his shirt off. There was even some concept art done of him as Drax.


Will Smith as Neo


Will Smith passed on the role of Neo in The Matrix because he couldn’t get on board with the idea when it was pitched to him. He admitted that he would’ve messed the movie up since he had a more animated approach than Keanu Reeves did.


Gwyneth Paltrow as Rose DeWitt Bukater


Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the last 2 contenders for the lead female protagonist in Titanic, but she turned the offer down. She was hesitant to talk about it because her mother would not have been pleased to learn she was turning down offers and would deem it “unladylike”.


Jack Nicholson as Michael Corleone


Jack Nicholson who was known for his portrayal of The Joker in Batman (1989) was considered for the part of Michael Corleone in The Godfather. But ultimately, it was Al Pacino who made the character come to life.


Hugh Jackman as James Bond


Fearing he would be typecast as an action star if he took on both Wolverine and James Bond roles, Hugh Jackman said no when his agent called him up about acting in Casino Royale.


Christina Applegate as Elle Woods


After 10 years of playing Kelly Bundy in Married With Children, Christina Applegate rejected the role of Elle Woods for fear of being typecast as a dumb blonde. She said sarcastically that she couldn’t possibly regret her decision after Reese Witherspoon became more successful than her from starring in Legally Blonde.


Sean Connery as Gandalf


The original James Bond said no when Peter Jackson offered him the part of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings because he claimed he didn’t understand the script.


John Travolta as Forrest Gump


John Travolta was the first choice for Forrest Gump, but he had to turn down the offer. While Tom Hanks did a marvelous job as the lead character, Travolta starred in Pulp Fiction which is also one of the greatest movies of all time.


Eddie Redmayne as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord


Eddie Redmayne was a serious candidate for the role of Star-Lord and was confirmed among those reading for it. However, in the end, Chris Pratt who was known for his role in Parks and Recreation became the Star-Lord we know today.


Michelle Pfeiffer as Clarice Starling


Michelle Pfeiffer was one of the first choices to play the FBI agent who had that famous conversation with Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.


Christopher Walken as Han Solo


George Lucas disliked the idea of reusing actors from his previous films. That’s why he initially didn’t want Harrison Ford who had appeared in his film American Graffiti as Han Solo in Star Wars. He had Christopher Walken in mind but Ford eventually landed the job.


Liam Hemsworth as Thor


Liam Hemsworth, the brother of Chris Hemsworth who played Thor on the big screen, was also considered to play the character. In the end, the older Hemsworth won the role.


Jim Carrey as Edward Scissorhands


The director of Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton, considered Jim Carrey to play the titular character. Carrey’s movie antics would’ve made Edward very different than how Johnny Depp interpreted the role.


Gal Gadot as Nebula


Gal Gadot almost became Marvel’s Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. The DC’s Wonder Woman said she would’ve had to shave off her hair and turn her head blue for the role which is ultimately what Karen Gillan did for it.


Bruce Willis as Sam Wheat


Bruce Willis passed on the chance to engage in some sensuous pottery-making with then-wife Demi Moore in the movie Ghost. He said no to the role and it wound up going to Patrick Swayze.


Reese Witherspoon as Cher Horowitz


While the director wanted Alicia Silverstone to play Cher Horowitz in Clueless from the beginning, the studio held auditions with other actresses including Reese Witherspoon who would star in Legally Blonde just a few years later.


Matt Damon as Jake Sully


Matt Damon had to give up the role of Jake Sully in Avatar due to a scheduling issue as he was just finishing The Bourne Ultimatum.


Jake Gyllenhaal as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man


Fearing a delay in Spider-Man 2 (2004), Sony reached out to Jake Gyllenhaal to replace Tobey Maguire. However, in the end, Maguire reprised the role while Gyllenhaal made a splash with his part in Brokeback Mountain. In an odd turn of events, the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home would actually show Gyllenhaal as the villain, Mysterio!


Olivia Wilde as Gamora


The part of the “most dangerous woman in the galaxy” was offered to Olivia Wilde. However, she did not accept it for undisclosed reasons.


If You're Going To Perform Inception, You Need Imagination.....

If You're Going To Perform Inception, You Need Imagination..... -









9 Unpleasant Moments The Actors of “Game of Thrones” Went Through

9 Unpleasant Moments The Actors of “Game of Thrones” Went Through -



The HBO television network called Game of Thrones their most successful project — each episode gained almost 20 million views. It’s not just the twisted plot, where even the main characters tend to unexpectedly die that helped the series to succeed, but also the impeccable acting. The actors did their best on set, even if they had to do unpleasant things for the sake of their characters.

We at Bright Side tried to look at this story from a different angle and understand what kind of sacrifice the filming process required from the actors. Spoiler — the bonuses at the end will definitely boost your mood.

Kit Harington spilled the beans about Jon Snow’s fate to avoid a speeding ticket.

Jon Snow’s actor blabbed about the fate of his character to a policeman who wanted to give the actor a ticket for speeding. The officer stopped Harington’s car and said, “You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones.” The actor had to tell the truth, “I am alive next season.” After that, the policeman answered, “On your way, Lord Commander.”

Sophie Turner didn’t wash her hair for 2 years.

The actress who played Sansa Stark had to sacrifice her personal hygiene for the sake of her character. Together with many male actors, she had to significantly decrease her usage of shampoo. All because she was supposed to look naturally disheveled in the episodes where she escapes from King’s Landing.

In one of her interviews, the actress confessed, " Toward season 5 they started asking me to not wash my hair and it was really disgusting. Now I wear a wig so I can wash my hair whenever I want, which is nice. But yes, for a couple of years I was living with pretty greasy hair."

Maisie Williams fell off a horse.

The actress playing Arya Stark recalls one of the first episodes of horse riding with laughs. The actors were training on Icelandic horses that were the size of ponies. Nevertheless, that didn’t prevent the actors from having some collisions.

Once, Williams unsuccessfully got off her horse, getting tangled in the reins. “It was really funny, actually. My leg was, like, caught up by my ear, and I was like, “Oh, brilliant.” It seems the actress and her character have something in common.

Jerome Flynn almost got poisoned by diesel oil vapor.

The actor who plays Bronn almost got harmed during the battle scene with the dragons. Robert McLachlan, the director of photography, used diesel oil for creating a natural looking black smoke. Jerome Flynn had to stay at the epicenter of the fire for a long time. While other actors could wear smoke protective masks, Jerome didn’t have this opportunity. Maybe that’s the reason why the actor managed to convey his disgust so well — he almost got severely poisoned.

Moreover, the actor confessed that his postman now hates him since he shot Daenerys’s dragon.

Gwendoline Christie was filmed with a real bear.

The episode where Brienne of Tarth meets a bear is not a result of computer graphics. Accordingto the actress, the bear, whose name is Bart Junior, is an experienced actor. He had already acted in several other projects before playing in Game of Thrones.

While filming the episode, the actress was protected from the bear by a low electric fence. During breaks, the bear was fed cream from a pan with a long handle so that it “didn’t eat the actress” (that’s how the set team would joke around). “Why do you think I look so scared?” Christie says, recalling her experience.

Lena Headey struggled with the audience’s hatred.

According to the woman who plays Cersei Lannister, the audience hated her character so much that they started to transmit their negative feelings to her as well. For example, the nurse who was helping her with breastfeeding her second kid would say, “Shame on you!” when recalling the episode of public denudation. However, Headey takes it as a compliment to her acting skills.

Iwan Rheon got his face punched several times.

The actor playing Ramsay Snow (later Bolton) got punched in the face by Kit Harington several times. During the fight scene between bastards, Jon Snow got a bit carried away and hit his set partner’s face pretty hard. According to Harington, Rheon took it quite professionally. Anyway, it’s unlikely that he was actually happy to be on the receiving end of those punches.

Emilia Clarke was feeling nauseated during the heart eating scene.

The actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen confessed that this scene was pretty hard for her. During shooting, she had to eat 28 “horse hearts” made of berry jam. According to Emilia Clarke, the mixture was made of dry pasta and tasted like bleach. That’s why she always had a basket nearby in case she wasn’t able to hold back her vomit reflex.

Castle Black was really disgusting.

The set decorator, Richard Roberts, did his best when creating the residence of the Night’s Watch. According to his idea, the castle was supposed to look “dirty, grungy, cold, and as disgusting as possible.” In order to create this atmosphere, he asked to hang raw meat and bring in real pigs. The actors say that not only did the castle look greasy, but it was actually greasy in real life. “It smelled foul and looked foul but that’s how it should be, so we’re happy,” Roberts concluded. However, we are not aware of whether the actors had the same opinion.

Bonus 1: Sean Bean played football with his own head.

The actor who played the role of Ned Stark is very used to death scenes. And he relates to every scene with a good sense of humor. That’s why he found a good use for the model of his own head — he used it to play football with the set team. This kind of attitude inspires viewers to not worry so much about another death of their beloved character.

Bonus 2: Sophie Turner adopted the dog who played Lady.

Of course, during the shooting of Game of Thrones, the actors recall many kind stories as well. For example, the dog named Zunni who played Lady and who was viciously killed on Lannister’s whim got a loving family off set. Sophie Turner, whose character owned Lady in the series, adopted the dog in real life. She shared her joy with the creator of the book George R.R. Martin and he told the whole world.

Bonus: The casts thoughts on season 8!


Peter, blink twice if you’re in danger.

31 Completely Stupid Reasons Customers Got Irrationally Angry

31 Completely Stupid Reasons Customers Got Irrationally Angry -



People Share Their "Finally Met My Online Friend" Horror Story

People Share Their "Finally Met My Online Friend" Horror Story - 





22 Interesting Vintage Photos From Our Past

22 Interesting Vintage Photos From Our Past



1. Classmates in a vehicle they built, 1930's.

2. Getting a portrait drawn in New Orleans, 1966.

3. 90's gaming room.

4. Couple on a scooter, 1956.

5. Interceptor from Mad Max sitting in a wrecking yard, 1984.

6. Young Frank Sinatra, 1947.

7. 80's band Mistress.

8. Young lads admire a lady, 1958.

9. Seth MacFarlane in the 90's.

10. Man in front of the capitol building, 1961.

11. Marilyn Monroe posing for soldiers in Korea, 1954.

12. Natalie Wood, 1980's.

13. Kid got a cool Christmas gift, 1980's.

14. Audrey Hepburn, 1950's.

15. A selfie in the early 1900's.

16. Yugoslavian girl tanning in the 60's.

17. Girls on a motorcycle, England 1930's.

18. Grace Kelly, 1950's.

19. Man posing with a Ford Model A, 1942.

20. An early performance of the rock band Tool, 1990.

21. A secret skateboarding ramp built when skateboarding was still illegal in Norway, 1980's.

22. Danny Trejo at Muscle Beach, 1995.






1. Rainbow finish.

2. Tarot card that looks like Gordon Ramsay.

3. Wall shaped like cassettes.

4. Collection of Grateful Dead cassettes.

5. Batteries that can be charged through a USB port.

6. The tree is no longer there for this statue of kids swinging.

7. $20 bill folded into a shirt.

8. Sorted trail mix.

9. Japanese shadow puppet guide.

10. A bed was moved for the first time in 60 years.

11. A garden started to grow in this tiny pothole.

12. Notes before and after Adderall.

13. Heart drawn on a leaf.

14. T.V. turned into a liquor cabinet.

15. The detail on this statue...

16. Lonely cloud.

17. Old binoculars look like WALL-E.

18. Iron looks like the Jaws cover.

19. 80's style arcade.

20. Perfectly aligned bubbles.

21. Chopsticks that are also a fork.

22. Just a castle on a roof.

23. This quarter is misprinted and says "IN GOD WE RUST."

24. This circuit board tells you to visit the Maldives.

25. A plant has grown up through this staircase.

26. Sidewalk melted by a fallen live wire.

27. A dead fly standing on its hairs.

14 Funny Trolls From The Photoshop Master

14 Funny Trolls From The Photoshop Master











22 Airbnb Confessions That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

22 Airbnb Confessions That Will Make Your Jaw Drop -












THE HOT ZONENational Geographic (Premiered May 27)Based on the international best-seller, The Hot Zone is inspired by a true story about the origins of Ebola, a highly infectious virus from the central African rainforest and its arrival on US soil in 1989.


THE ENEMY WITHINNBC (Premiered February 25)Erica Shepherd, a brilliant former CIA operative, is serving a life sentence in prison. But she will get her chance to get out when FBI agent Will Keaton turns to her to help track down a dangerous and elusive criminal she knows all too well.


THE CODECBS (Premiere April 9)A look at the professional and personal lives of some of the military’s brightest legal minds in the courtroom, where each attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator – and a Marine.


THE VICTIMBBC (Premiered April 8)A grieving mother is accused of identifying online the man who she believes is her son’s killer. Is he really a notorious child murderer, or a tragic victim of mistaken identity?


HANNAAmazon Prime (Full first season available now)Hanna follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is.


GOOD OMENSAmazon Prime (Episodes 1 & 2 available now)An angel and a demon must join forces to find a way to save the world as the end of time grows near with the approaching Armageddon.


THE ACTHulu (Full series available now)This stranger-than-fiction true-crime series follows Gypsy, who is trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her mother.


THE TWILIGHT ZONECBS All Access (Full first season available now)Jordan Peele hosts and narrates tales of science fiction, fantasy and the occult, exploring humanity’s hopes, despairs, prides and prejudices in metaphoric ways.


THE WIDOWAmazon Prime (Full first season available now)A woman’s search to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her husband leads her to the Congo, where she’s forced to seek the truth about what happened to the man she loved.


BLACK SUMMERNetflix (Full first season available now)Set in the “Z Nation” universe, this series follows a crack team of special forces as it fights for hope in the darkest hours of the zombie apocalypse.


WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWSFX (Premiered March 27)A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of three vampires who’ve lived together for over 100 years, in Staten Island.


CHAMBERSNetflix (Full first season available now)Haunted by eerie visions and sinister impulses after a heart transplant, a teenager tries to unmask the truth behind her donor’s mysterious death.


CATCH-22Hulu (Episode 1 & 2 available May 17)The comedy follows a U.S. Air Force bombardier in World War II, trying to avoid his military assignment, but stuck with a Catch-22.


CHERNOBYLHBO (Episodes 1 & 2 available now)Brave men and women act heroically to mitigate catastrophic damage when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant suffers a nuclear accident on April 26, 1986.


Pinkerton Detective With Lead Gloves circa 1875

This huge, almost seven foot fall Pinkerton detective dwarfs the table he is standing next to. However, it is not his physical size that makes him a deadly adversary, but the lead gloves covering his hands. They are a variation of the “blackjack.” A seemingly light tap usually surprises the unfortunate victim with broken bones or the loss of consciousness, without hurting the wearer’s hands.


Hatfield Clan 6 years later after the Hatfield-McCoy feud. 1897


This is a photograph of Maud Wagner in 1907, who was allegedly the first known female tattooist in the United States.

Maud Stevens Wagner was born in 1877, in Lyon County, Kansas. Wagner worked as an American circus performer, where she performed as an aerialist and contortionist. She frequently worked for numerous traveling circuses, which is where she met her future husband, Gus Wagner. Gus was a tattoo artist himself, to which he described himself as “the most artistically marked up man in America.”

Wagner exchanged a date with Gus for a lesson in tattooing, which was where her love and admiration for tattoos skyrocketed. They were married several years later, and had a daughter together, Lovetta, who also became intrigued with the idea of tattooing and started at the age of 9. Wagner became an apprentice under her husband and started learning how to give the traditional ‘stick and poke’ tattoos — regardless of the tattoo machine already being invented during this time.

Maud and Gus Wagner were two of the last tattoo artists in the United States who would tattoo by hand, instead of using the already established tattoo machine. This gave Wagner the title of the first known female tattoo artist in the U.S. Wagner left the circus and traveled around America with her husband, where they both worked as tattoo artists; being credited for bringing this practice to the inland of the U.S.


A Trip Down Market Street In San Francisco 1905


This is allegedly the only known authenticated portrait of notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid

Born as Henry McCarty in 1859 New York City, McCarty was orphaned at age 14, where the boardroom owner gave him a room to stay, in exchange for work.

His first arrest was at age 16 for stealing food in late 1875, which is where his criminal behaviour spiralled. After fleeing to New Mexico Territory because of his stealing crimes, this made McCarty both an outlaw and a federal fugitive. Two years later in 1877, McCarty murdered a blacksmith during an altercation, which made him become a wanted man in Arizona Territory; which is why he fled back to New Mexico where he joined a group of cattle rustlers.

-McCarty was finally captured by Sheriff Pat Garrett, and convicted of the murder of the blacksmith, where he was sentenced to hang in May of 1881. Later that year, McCarty escaped, killed two guards and hid for over two months. Sheriff Pat Garrett shot and killed McCarty in July of 1881, where he was only 21 years of age.


A Russian, newly liberated by US soldiers from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, points out the Nazi guard who was brutally beating prisoners. April 14, 1945


Adolf Hitler with a group of brown shirts in Berlin, 1933



German election ballot, 1938: “Do you approve of the reunification of Austria with the German reich accomplished on 13 March 1938 and do you vote for the list of our Führer, Adolf Hitler?”


Hitler’s 1920 doodles when coming up for the NAZI party symbol


The identification card of Anny Horowitz, a French Jewish girl murdered in Auschwitz, 1940

The card notes she was born on June 3, 1933, in Strasbourg, and lived in Bordeaux. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, a rosy complexion, and is of average height, and her fingerprints and signature are included. Her family was deported from Drancy to Auschwitz on September 11th, 1942, where it is believed she was killed.


Dustbowl Refugees: “One of three related Oklahoma drought refugee families on the highway near Lordsburg, New Mexico, going to Roswell to chop cotton.” Photo by Dorothea Lange


The last Civil War veteran (Union), Albert Henry Woolson, died in 1956. That means he saw the world go from gas lights and candles, horse and buggy, cavalry, and muskets, to widespread electricity, high speed cars, tanks, and nuclear weapons in one lifetime.


Fake trees were used in WW1 as observation posts


First Class Cabin aboard the TItanic

The first class tickets ranged enormously in price, from $150 (about $1700 today) for a simple berth, up to $4350 ($50,000) for one of the two Parlour suites. Second class tickets were $60 (around $700) and third class passengers paid between $15 and $40 ($170 – £460).


In August of 1867 Union Pacific railroad worker William Thompson was attacked by a band of Cheyenne Indians, scalped, and left for dead.


North Hollywood shootout gunman, Emil Matasareanu, smiling for the camera after being shot at least 29 times by LA police, 1997. The EMS were intentionally delayed and he bled out and died




North Hollywood Bank Shootout







Couples Confess: We Are Giving An Open Relationship A Shot

Couples Confess: We Are Giving An Open Relationship A Shot -








1. Volkswagen type 2 is still in production, but the last ones will be made this month, ending the longest production of one model in the auto-industry. – Source

2. There is a school in Tracy, California named Millenium High School. Their mascot is the Falcon and therefore their basketball team is named the Millenium Falcons. – Source

3. Only 8% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers. – Source

4. In professional shooting, alcohol is actually considered to be a performance enhancing drug because shooters can drink it to relax themselves and slow their heart rate to give them an edge. – Source

5. Freckles, a goat in Utah, was implanted with spider genes as an embryo to produce spider silk proteins in her milk, which is used to make “biosteel,” a material stronger than kevlar. – Source

6. In 1999, a fisherman found a love letter in a bottle from a WWI soldier. He returned said letter to the now deceased widow’s 86 year old daughter. – Source

7. In 1914, Henry Ford doubled his worker’s wages out of pocket, causing wages to rise competitively nationwide. He profited as his sales increased as many more Americans were able to afford his Model T. – Source

8. Coffee company Nescafe adds a formulated coffee aroma to the top of instant coffee jars before sealing them, so that you get that ‘fresh coffee’ smell when you open the jar the first time. – Source

9. Portugal decriminalized all drugs 11 years ago and the number of addicts has been halved since then. – Source

10. The Japanese pilot who attacked a town in Oregon during WW2 returned years later to present his family’s 400 year old sword in apology – Source

11. Coffee comes from an edible fruit. The coffee cherry is sweet and tastes like watermelon, rosewater, and hibiscus all at once. – Source

12. Titanic’s fourth funnel was fake, added to make the ship look more powerful (and symmetrical). A bit like putting a dummy exhaust on a car. – Source

13. A guy in Japan laid legal claim to 2.5 million acres of abandoned woodlands via adverse possession, acquired ownership by prescription, then declared independence from Japan and founded a micronation. – Source

14. A Chinese Billionaire is selling canned air in China to highlight the country’s pollution problems. The air is collected and compressed in soda cans from “revolutionary regions” around the country. – Source

15. Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the U.S., exceeding corn and wheat combined – Source


16. Every year in the Greek town of Vrontados, two rival church congregations perform a “Rocket War” by firing tens of thousands of home-made rockets across town, with the objective of hitting the bell tower of the church of the other side. – Source

17. In 2011, a Norwegian boy escaped from wolves by playing a heavy metal song by Megadeth on his cell phone. The wolves were scared away by the noise coming from the boy’s mobile phone, – Source

18. In Japan, many buildings are demolished by being ‘capped’ then deconstructed one level at a time out of view. As a result, the entire structure appears to slowly shrink until it disappears. – Source

19. “When Hulk Hogan toured Japan with Andre the Giant, the giant would drink Tallboys beer like water on the bus. He would crush the can in his hand (yes one hand), and throw it at Hogan. Whenever the bus stopped, Hogan had to buy Andre as many cases of beer as he could carry back onto the bus. Yes, Hogan was his beer wench.” – Source

20. When Halle Berry won the Razzie for worst actress for her role in Catwoman, she said “First of all, I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thank you for putting me in a piece of sh*t, god-awful movie… It was just what my career needed.” while holding an oscar she just won for Monster Ball – Source

21. The loudest outdoor warning siren ever produced was the Chrysler Air Raid Siren, which could be heard from a distance of 20 to 25 miles and was powered by a Hemi V8 engine – Source

22. In 2003, Morocco offered to send 2,000 monkeys to assist the war effort in Iraq. They were to be used to detonate land mines – Source

23. In Michigan, you are never more than 6 miles from a natural water source. This is due to Michigan’s nearly 65,000 inland lakes and ponds. You are also never more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes. – Source

24. The Catholic Church didn’t pardon Galileo until 1992 when Pope John Paul II admitted Galileo was right, 349 years after the condemnation. – Source

25. Jupiter has radio storms so strong that they can be picked up and heard by an HAM radio on earth. – Source





37 Knockoff Products That Might Be Better Than The Original

37 Knockoff Products That Might Be Better Than The Original -




23 Substandard Notes From Management

23 Substandard Notes From Management -









1. Chocolate rabbit you can build.

2. They paved over a boot in the street.

3. So many dogs run around this bush that they are excavating it.

4. Pumpkin grown in a mold.

5. Indoor waterfall.

6. Container for a single egg.

7. Tiny toad.

8. How the pills were when the bottle was opened.

9. Toilets before the stalls are put in.

10. A very long cactus.

11. A hot tub turned into a garden.

12. Massive book shelf.

13. Coffee grounds look like a crowd.

14. Fossilized sand dollar.

15. Cat with two different colored eyes.

16. Calories burnt with each step.

17. Pennywise on a penny.

18. A one number license plate.

19. Old vs new work boots.

20. Hitler cat.

21. Double wrapped chocolate bar.

22. Sky billboard.

23. That "S" doughnut.

24. Plane drew a smiley face in the sky.




16 Small Movie Details You Might Have Missed

16 Small Movie Details You Might Have Missed -

1. Interstellar - On the water planet each tick you hear is a whole day passing on Earth.

2. Up - Dug is the only dog to track down the tropical bird because he is a retriever breed.

3. The Truman Show - The moon is illuminated by lightning, hinting that it is closer than it should be.

4. Inside Out - The pizza toppings were changed from broccoli to bell peppers in Japan because kids in Japan don't like bell peppers.

5. How to Train Your Dragon - This animation was modeled after a cat with tape stuck to its tail.

6. Deadpool 2 - One of the rednecks talking about toilet paper is Matt Damon in makeup.

7. Deadpool 2 - Wade discovers the direction of the shooter by looking at the camera.

8. Ant-Man - Garrett Morris makes a cameo in a scene. He was the first person to ever portray Ant-Man in 1979.

9. Revenge of the Sith - A Battledroid in the background can be seen telling his friend to look at Greivous.

10. The Incredibles 2 - The painting in the hotel room is an illustration of her separation from the family.

11. Pulp Fiction - Vincent Vega is constantly on the toilet. A side effect of heroin abuse is constipation.

12. The Greatest Showman - There is a wolverine Easter egg in the border of the opening credits. Hugh Jackman played in both movies.

13. Home Alone - You ever wonder what happened to Kevin's ticket?

14. Osmosis Jones - A sperm statue can be seen with the label "our founder."

15. Zootopia - There is a brief shot referencing Sad Keanu.

16. Saving Private Ryan - When a medic gets shot in the canteen water pours out then blood.

15 People Reveal The Most NSFW Thing They've Seen Happen In A Workplace

15 People Reveal The Most NSFW Thing They've Seen Happen In A Workplace -


21 Weird Confessions That'll Make You Feel Slightly Better About Your Own Bizarre Habits

21 Weird Confessions That'll Make You Feel Slightly Better About Your Own Bizarre Habits -



22 Hilariously Unfortunate Names

22 Hilariously Unfortunate Names -









Money can’t buy happiness. This age-old proverb is true to a great extent. But in this age of show-and-tell, money can buy you some really awesome and expensive experiences and objects. Some of these objects are ordinary, everyday things, but their value and price have made them unbelievably expensive. If you are rich enough to spend money without giving a second thought to your wallet, then this article might prove to be your next shopping list. So, keep reading to find out what some of the 10 most expensive things around the world are that you probably never heard of.

1. School: Institut Le Rosey ($130,500 per year)

The most expensive school in the world is the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. It costs $130,500 in tuition fees. The school has 400 students enrolled with 90 teachers.

The Rosey main campus. Image credits: Rosey

Founded by Paul-Émile Carnal in 1880, the Institut Le Rosey is a boarding school located in Switzerland. It is Switzerland’s oldest international boarding school. The school has two campuses in two beautiful locations. The spring/summer campus is the main campus and is located in the 14th-century Château du Rosey estate in Rolle. In the winter, the school shifts to chalets in the ski resort of Gstaad. Some of its famous alumni include Prince Rainier of Monaco, King Albert II of Belgium, King Farouk of Egypt, and the Shah of Iran.

Currently, there are approximately 400 students at Le Rosey ranging in age from eight to 18. This international boarding school accepts students from 67 countries and maintains a perfect gender split. Students of Le Rosey are usually bilingual, and they are allowed to study up to four languages at a time. At present, there are 90 faculty members and 200 other staff at the school. The school is widely known for its extravagant fees of $136,000 per year. Le Rosey has also been mentioned in many novels relating to the rich and famous. (12)

2. Liquid: scorpion venom ($39,000,000 per gallon)

The most expensive liquid in the world is scorpion venom which sells at $39,000,000 per gallon. Known for its medical value, scorpion venom contains proteins used in the treatment of various ailments including cancer.

Since ancient times, scorpions have intrigued human beings. While some worshiped them in the form of gods and goddesses, others feared them due to their dangerous venom. Decades have passed by since then, but the scorpion, especially its venom, still remains a topic of interest among people. With the advancement of science, researchers have found that scorpion venom contains cancer-detecting and tumor killing proteins. Chlorotoxin found in scorpion venom binds certain types of cancer cells in the brain and spine. It helps in finding out the specific size and location of tumors. The chemicals present in scorpion venom had been used to eliminate malaria in mosquitoes. There are many other compounds in scorpion venom that researchers are trying to use for various purpose.

Currently, scorpion venom is not available on a large scale as it is very difficult to obtain. One scorpion produces only one drop of venom, and each scorpion needs to be milked by hand. That’s why the cost of scorpion venom is very high. A gallon costs $39 million making it the most expensive liquid on Earth. $130 will get you only a minuscule amount that is smaller than a grain of sugar. (12)

3. Cell Phone Number: 666-6666, ($2,750,000)

The most expensive number ever sold is cell phone number 666-6666. It was auctioned off for charity in Qatar in 2006 where it fetched $2.75 million. The previous record holder was the Chinese number 8888-8888 sold for $280,000.

Image credits: Pixabay

In May 2006, the world’s most expensive phone number was sold in an auction. The number auctioned was 666-6666. While in some cultures, this number might seem devilish, in others, it represents the opposite. In Judaism, 666 is a holy number as it represents the six directions – up, down, north, south, east, and west. In Arab culture, it equates to the word “Allah” which means God.

The charity auction where cell number 666-6666 was sold was held in Qatar by national telco Qtel. The auction started at a million riyals. The bidding quickly escalated, and finally, it was sold for 10 million Qatari riyals ($2.75 million) to an anonymous Qatari bidder. (source)

4. Tea Bag: PG Tips Diamond tea bag, ($14,000)

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Brooke Bond’s PG Tips, the company created a $14,000 tea bag encrusted with 280 diamonds.

Image credits: Luxuo

There are regular teas, and then there are expensive teas which can cost up to $1 million per kilo. But what about the tea bags? You know, the little bags that we dip into hot water and then throw away. Can they be significant? They can, especially if the tea bag is diamond-encrusted. Yes, you heard that right. In 2005, to celebrate their 75th anniversary, Brooke Bond’s PG Tips gave the humble tea bag a makeover and adorned it with 280 diamonds, escalating its price to $14,000.

The $14,000 PG Tips tea bag was created to raise money for a Manchester Children’s Hospital in England. This charity was chosen by workers at PG Tips in Trafford Park. The tea bag is pyramid-shaped and contains tea leaves. Both its sides are embellished with one hundred, 2.56-carat diamonds. Another hundred are on the inside and the white gold string is decorated with 80 diamonds. This tea bag is not just for show. You can actually dip it in hot water and prepare tea, just make sure you don’t throw it away after dipping. (12)

5. Keyboard: Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan, ($4,240)

The world’s most expensive keyboard cost over $4,240 USD. It is hand lacquered using a brush made from the virgin hair and then coated in gold dust.

Image credit: fujitsu.com

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Fujitsu launched the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) in 2003. Fujitsu designed the keyboard in collaboration with Daitetsu-Yatsui Urushi Workshop. The HHKB keyboard has 60 keys instead of the usual 101 keys. Retailing at $4,240, it is the most expensive keyboard in the world. What’s so special about this keyboard? Well, the keys are hand polished with Urushi, a Japanese lacquer. To apply this polish, a special brush is used that is made from virgin hair. As a final touch, the keys are dusted with gold dust. (12)

6. Contact Lens: diamond contact lens, ($15,000 per pair)


Created by an Indian optometrist, the most expensive contact lens is encrusted with 18 diamonds on a gold plate, each pair costing $15,000.

Human love for accessories can be understood by the fact that we have an accessory for almost every body part except for some very sensitive parts such as our eyeballs. Well, an Indian optometrist, Chandrashekhar Chawan, had revealed that he had found a way to accessorize even our eyeballs. After being inspired by his wife’s jewel-encrusted teeth, he created the world’s first diamond contact lens.

The contact lens is encrusted with 18 diamonds and set on a gold plate base. The base comes in two options: white gold and yellow gold. Each pair of lenses weighs about 5 grams. According to Chandrashekhar, these lenses are safe to use as the diamonds sit about 6 mm to 9 mm away from the cornea allowing it to receive oxygen from the air. Also, these lenses hold water in the front to soothe the eyes. At $15,000 per pair, he hopes that it would be bought as a family heirloom. (12)

7. Cheese: Pule, ($600 per pound)

The most expensive cheese in the world does not come from a cow or a goat but from a Donkey. Known as “Pule Cheese,” the cheese is made entirely by the milk of Balkan donkeys. It fetches $600 per pound and is not even available in the commercial market.

Cheeses made from cow and buffalo milk are quite common in the market. You might have even tasted cheese made from sheep’s milk. But, have you ever tasted one made from donkey milk? Probably not. That’s because Pule, the cheese from donkey milk, is the costliest cheese available on the market. It is made from the milk of the Balkan donkey which are native only to Serbia and Montenegro. At $600 per pound, Pule is not even available on the commercial market. Why? Well, it is because to make one kilogram of this white, crumbly cheese, you would require 25 liters of milk which can cost up to $52 per liter.

One donkey can produce only 2 liters of milk a day, while a cow can produce up to 15 times as much. And donkeys only produce milk while nursing their offspring. So, even if a farm has 200 donkeys, chances are that only 20-30 donkeys produce milk at one time. Price tags and rarity aside, the Pule cheese has multiple health benefits. It is exceptionally high in protein, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to maintain a healthy heart. Also, donkey’s milk is low in fat, packed with anti-allergen properties. and has 60 times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. (123)

8. Ice Cubes: Luxury Ice Cubes, ($325 for 50 ice cubes)

Sold by a California based company, world’s most expensive ice cubes are each handcrafted into a perfect square shape. 50 piece of these ice cubes cost $325.

Image credits: Glaceice

If you are a fan of “on the rocks,” then American brand Glace Luxury Ice Co. has just the perfect ice cubes for you. Their luxury ice cubes could be yours if you are ready to pay $325 per bag (1 bag contains 50 ice cubes). Seems a bit expensive? Well, according to this California-based company, their ice is of higher quality than regular ice as it is purified and packed in a re-sealable, air-tight package. The package ensures the purity. The firm also claims that its ice cubes undergo a special process so that it has “zero taste.” Each ice cube is handcrafted, and the cubes take between 15 and 40 minutes to melt completely.

But, what if you are bored with ice cubes? Fret not, because they also sell spherical-shaped ice named “Glace Luxury Ice Mariko Spheres.” (12)

9. Toilet Paper: 22-karat gold toilet paper, ($1,376,900)

An Australian company is selling gold toilet paper that is made of 22-carat gold flakes. It is safe to use and is being sold at $1.38 million.

Image credits: Toiletpaper

If you have every possible expensive thing in this world, then what else would you want? Probably, a golden posterior. Maybe this was what Australian company Toilet Paper Man was thinking while launching their product: 22-carat gold toilet paper. At $1.38 million per roll, it is a quality, 3-ply toilet paper with 22-carat gold flakes running through it. It comes gift wrapped with a complimentary bottle of champagne.

The company claims that the gold toilet paper is absolutely safe to use. When used, the 22-carat gold flakes will fall on the floor and stick to your behind “taking you to another level of sophistication.”(12)

10. Feather: feather of huia bird, ($10,000)

The huia bird went extinct in 1907, and its feathers are very rare making them a collector’s item. In 2010, a single tail feather was bought by an anonymous bidder at an auction for an astonishing amount of $10,000 making it the most expensive feather ever.

Image credits: Telegraph, Lamiot/Wikimedia

Huia birds are New Zealand wattlebirds whose last confirmed sighting was in 1907. Before its extinction, this bird had a special place in Maori culture. The huia birds were treasured for their plumes. Maori people of high rank often wore the tail feathers of huia bird as a headdress. The tail feathers were so highly valued that tribes exchanged it for other valuable goods such as shark teeth and pounamu. It was also given as a token of friendship and respect.

Since its extinction, the tail feathers of huia birds have become a collector’s item. These feathers are very rare. That’s why when a single tail feather went up for auction at Webb’s Auction House in Auckland, it fetched $10,000. The brown and white feather was bought by a family from the city of Wellington. (12)

15 Unforgettable Last Words From Exes

15 Unforgettable Last Words From Exes -




















When we think of methods that governments and big corporations use to spy on us, we often think of computers, smartphones, and maybe surveillance cameras. As you are about to find out, these are hardly the only things that can be used to keep tabs on us.

Seemingly innocuous items like toothbrushes, headphones, and children’s toys can be turned into potent espionage devices. This really shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that every manufacturer wants to connect their products to the Internet these days. Big Brother (or at least big business) is watching . . .


10 Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums can be quite convenient, but they can also spy on you. The Roomba iRobot i7+, for example, has been caught spying, and so has the Dongguan Diqee 360.

The iRobot i7+ is capable of making a map of your home when it cleans. Romba says the vacuum needs to create a map of your home so that it knows its way around. The map can also be useful if you want to order the vacuum to clean a specific room. However, Roomba revealed that the iRobot i7+ will also share the map of your home with other smart devices. Why does a vacuum need to share a map of your home?

Well, Roomba did not explain, but you can guess why, considering that the vacuum was jointly developed by Google, the king of spying. While Google insists the sharing is just to allow the robot to integrate with its digital Google Assistant, it’s hard not to imagine them making money off this somehow.[1]

One robot vacuum that is clearly spying on us is the Chinese-made Dongguan Diqee 360. The vacuum has Wi-Fi and night vision-capable 360-degree cameras. Worse, hackers can hack the cameras of the Diqee 360 to spy on you, when Dongguan isn’t spying on you itself.

 9 Cars

Our cars spy on us, and we’re not referring only to smart, self-driving models; we mean regular cars. They might not be smart, but they aren’t dumb, either.

Almost every vehicle produced today contains an event data recorder (EDR). The EDR records information about the vehicle, including its location, average speed, condition of the road, and the preferred route of its owner. This information is automatically sent back to the automaker.

Automakers say they use this data to study the behavior of their vehicles during accidents and offer improvement. This information is also shared with law enforcement to detect the cause of accidents. However, this does not mean automakers won’t use this information for other things.

For one, we don’t even know how much information carmakers gather from the cars. We don’t know who owns the information, either. Is it the car owner or the maker? Also, most car owners don’t even know they are being tracked. Automakers and salespeople aren’t very keen on revealing this information, either. So the spying continues.[2]


8 Headphones

You might be wondering how headphones could spy on us. Well, they’re basically microphones. Headphones and microphones work the same way. It’s just that headphones convert electrical signals to sound, while microphones convert sound to electrical signals.

Interestingly, they can be easily converted to work the other way around. Headphones can be turned into microphones by just plugging them into the dedicated microphone jack of your computer or the the single jack shared by the headphone and microphone in phones and laptops. Talk into them, and they become microphones.

This technology can be exploited to turn headphones into spy microphones—if some corporation, law enforcement, or government spy agency isn’t doing so already. Security researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel have even created malware that turns headphones into microphones to spy on people.

The malware, which they called Speake(a)r, works by converting the output jacks of the computer into input jacks. The headphones can be used to listen to a person’s conversation whenever they are plugged into the computer.[3]

7 Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are slowly moving from dumb plastic rods with soft bristles to gadgets. And as with every other gadget these days, they are being connected to the Internet to spy on us. In 2014, Oral B released a smart toothbrush that connects to specialized Android and iOS apps via Bluetooth.

The toothbrush records every brush stroke and presents it to the user at the end of every brushing session. The toothbrush offers suggestions about how the user could improve their brushing habits and can even send the information to their dentist. Speaking of dentists, they can also use the information to create brushing programs for their patients.

Kolibree also released a similar toothbrush around the same time. It claimed it helped users “outsmart their dentist.” It also added that users could share their brushing information with “dentists and family.” Why should we share our brushing information with our family? Also, there were concerns that the toothbrush could be used to send information to dental product advertisers.[4]

6 Alexa

Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, spies on you. You may not know this, but Amazon presently employs thousands of people to review voice commands users say to Alexa. The reviewers work nine hours a day, during which they analyze over 1,000 audio commands each.

These reviewers have listened to voice commands the users never thought Alexa or even another human could hear. They have listened to bank details, to private conversations that clearly weren’t directed at Alexa, and, at least once, to a woman singing in the shower.

Two reviewers once listened to what they believed was a sexual assault and reported it to Amazon. Higher-ups mentioned that it was not their responsibility to interfere. Some of these recordings happened when Alexa was switched off, indicating that Alexa either switched on by itself or when it heard something that sounded like an order to switch on. All of this has created privacy and spying concerns about Alexa.

However, Amazon does not call it spying. It says it only reviews voice commands to improve Alexa. Amazon explained, “We use your requests to Alexa to train our speech recognition and natural language understanding systems.” However, the company never mentioned that humans—and not some sort of artificial intelligence—were involved in training Alexa.

While Amazon claims the commands are analyzed anonymously, we know this is not necessarily true. Reviewed recordings often contain the user’s first name, account number, and the product serial number, which could be enough to identify a person.[5]


5 LED Lights

Photo credit: Famartin

Believe it or not, 171 LED lights at Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey provide more than just illumination. They are rigged with sensors and connected to eight video cameras to surveil people in and around the terminal.

The terminal is maintained by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It says the cameras are only used to recognize long airport lines, vehicle license plates, and suspicious activity. However, we all know the system could be used for more. The Port Authority stores any information gathered by the lights and could hand it over to the police on request.[6]

4 Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are supposed to catch people trying to burgle our homes. However, we have discovered that they can—and do—spy on us, too. The fears of being watched by surveillance cameras have caused privacy concerns among owners and prospective owners of such devices. Users have become so paranoid about being watched by their security cameras that a startup even created one that turns around and faces the wall whenever you are home.

Concerns about spying were raised because security cameras can secretly take videos, pictures, and audio, which are all uploaded to the cloud. The audio capability is the most notorious because these cameras could record conversations that are supposed to be private and confidential.

There is also a flaw with the way the uploaded data is handled because a spouse can use it to spy on their significant other whenever they were away from home. Law enforcement could also order the cloud service provider to hand over the recordings without your consent.[7]

For now, we have caught Ring, a security and doorbell camera maker and subsidiary of Amazon, spying on people with their cameras. Ring says it does not spy on users but only uses recorded videos to improve object recognition—the sort of thing Amazon said with Alexa. However, its reviewers have seen private videos of people kissing, stealing, and shooting guns.

3 Toys

Photo credit: Fisher-Price

Children often talk to their toys as if they were human and could reveal private information in the process. This is slowly becoming a problem with the advent of smart toys rigged with cameras and microphones. These cameras and microphones sometimes send information to servers operated by the toymaker.

Genesis, a Hong Kong/Los Angeles toymaker, was caught spying on children with its doll called My Friend Cayla. The doll transcribed conversation to text and sent it to third parties. Curiously, when children asked the toy, “Can you keep a secret?” it always replied, “I promise not to tell anyone; it’s just between you and me.”

Hackers can also hack these toys to spy on children, steal pictures, videos, and audio recordings, or identify GPS coordinates that could reveal the location of the child. The Smart Toy Bear by Fisher-Price (a subsidiary of Mattel) has also been discovered to be vulnerable to hackers after researchers at Indiana University found a security flaw that allowed them to access the camera.[8]

2 Computer Mice

Everybody knows their computer spies on them, but most people seem to have ignored the spy capabilities of peripherals like keyboards and mice. Yes, that innocuous-looking mouse could be used to keep tabs on you. It has happened in Singapore.

In 2012, it was reported that Singapore employers were spying on their workers with different gadgets, including calculators, alarm clocks, and their computer mice. The spy mice looked and worked like regular mice, except that they were rigged with microphones and a built-in SIM card. The employer makes a phone call to the mouse, and it starts recording any conversation within 10 meters (33 ft).[9]

1 Smartwatches And Fitness Trackers

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and similar smart wearables are another category of spy gadgets that are slowly emerging. These gadgets are so smart that they can use several sources of information to identify the wearer. They can also determine if the wearer is walking, running, or just taking a car, train, or bus.

This isn’t surprising at all when you realize that these wearables can also monitor the wearer’s hand movements to determine if they are entering sensitive information like pin numbers or passwords. Wearables can correctly determine the pin number or pattern used to unlock a cell phone 64 percent of the time, the ATM pin 87 percent of the time, and computer passwords up to 96 percent of the time.[10]





1. “What is this spiral thing in my unopened bottle of sauce?” Pepper seeds.

2. “Found this in the Israeli desert, anybody know what kind of rock it is? It glows when charged with any type of light.” Green calcite.

3. “No idea what this is. It’s powdery and reappears quickly (within a couple days) after being vacuumed up.” Termites damaging the house.

4. “My mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today. Any idea what it is?” Sea anemone.

5. "Where do these veins on the egg come from?" The chicken may have a viral disease causing the veins in the eggs.

6. “This weird sealed pouch inside a baggie filled with some sort of gel and a metal oval with raised lines on it randomly appeared inside someone’s backpack in New Zealand.” Reusable hand warmer.

7. “Found on the beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, it looks like some kind of seed.” Sea bean.

8. “This was found in a storage room at a nearby castle from the 17th century. Any suggestions?” Generator to produce static electricity.

9. “I found this kayaking in the Mississippi River yesterday. I think it’s some kind of fungus, but I’ve never seen this in my life.” Colony of bryozoans

10. “My dad found this washed up on the shore by our lakeside house. What is it?” Rosin.

11. “What’s this coded ‘manhole’ disc behind the Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos, CA?” This is one of a series of coded discs. They were created for entertainment purposes.

12. “I found this thing in my food. It was just stuck to a piece of meat, it wasn’t lodged into it or anything. Anyone know what it is?” Cattle microchip.

13. “Took this weird bean home, now it’s opening up and has me more puzzled.” Magnolia seed pod.

14. “What’s this beige plastic thing that’s mounted to the side of the door handle?” Door knob protector.

15. "This creature was found on the beach. What is it?" Helmet urchin.

16. “Found in a tree North Carolina. It’s about the size of a fist.” A fungus.

17. “Asking for my Grandma: Here’s a piece of silverware found in her Grandma’s house! Anyone knows what this might have been used for?” Sardine server.

18. “Found this brassy item at a thrift shop in Victoria, Australia. It sat on top of a steel base frame. What is this thing?” Pasta maker.

19. "Someone found this substance growing on top of homemade cider vinegar. What is this?" Kamh yeast.

20. “There were thousands of these things along the Hudson River in Peekskill, New York. They had a very hard texture, but felt hollow.” Seed of a water caltrop.







1. Burnt waffle found in a bag of charcoal.

2. A hot mug was left upside down on a plastic cover.

3. Kitten has thumbs.

4. The reflection makes the bike look new again.

5. Caterpillar stitched the fabric of this chair together before going into a cocoon.

6. An egg inside an egg.

7. Bird changes its colors from black to pink.

8. A pearl found in an oyster they were eating.

9. The London Eye fits perfectly in this bathroom window.

10. Log looks like a surreal painting.

11. Perfect concentric petals.

12. Building that blends in with the sky.

13. Tree swallowed a traffic sign.

14. Tangerine growing inside a tangerine.

15. Only one banana in the bunch has ripened.

16. Transparent leaf.

17. A grilled onion started to sprout after a rain storm.

18. Frog in the coffee.

19. These stones aren't levitating.

20. Rainbow pepper.

21. A cool shot.

22. Monkey looks like he's using the phone.

23. Building looks like it's 2-D.

24. House looks like it's sinking.

25. He found a way to be upside down.

26. Just a chandelier floating in the sky.

27. Dog looks like he's floating.

28. Icicle looks like a tornado.

29. Invasion of the insects.

30. The flying Dutchman.

31. Lightning strike caused this neat illusion.

32. Dogs seemed to have merged.




1. Pestalotiopsis microspora is a species of endophytic fungus capable of breaking down and digesting polyurethane.

2. A meteorite lights up the night sky in Costa Rica.

3. Recycling machine in Turkey that dispenses food for stray dogs when you recycle plastic bottles.

4. An abandoned boat wreckage teeming with new life at is is reclaimed by nature.

5. A photoshoot of car crash survivors for a New Zealand road safety campaign to demonstrate how seatbelts saved their lives.

6. Hairless guinea pigs look like little baby hippos.

7. Maurice Tillet, a French wrestler was supposedly the inspiration for the character Shrek. As a child he had a completely normal appearance and Tillet was nicknamed "The Angel" due to his angelic face. When Tillet was 20, he noticed swelling in his feet, hands, and head, and after visiting a doctor was diagnosed with acromegaly—a condition usually caused by a benign tumor on the pituitary gland, resulting in bone overgrowth and thickening.

8. Incredible Hyperrealistic Painting by Italian artist Marco Grassi.

9. Life finds a way as a young tree sapling is seen growing in the hostile waters of the Dead Sea

10. Crested myrtillocactus geometrizans, a cacti this size will be expensive. You can find little ones for sale online. It will take at least a decade to get anywhere close to this size.

11. An excellent example of why wearing a full face helmet is a good idea.

12. Horses take flight while being transported in this customized airplane.

13. This toilet’s serial number perfectly spells “for you to pee in to”

14. A Excavator Operator in Germany digging at a jobsite in South Korea.

15. Sơn Đoòng Cave - The largest cave in the world is in Vietnam and it is so big that it has an own river, jungle and a climate. At more than 200m high, 150m wide and 5km long.

16. Trippy effect when the wind hits the ceiling of this beachside bar.

17. Pupper Restoration - This is Jake. He was rescued from a burning shed at three weeks old. The same fireman who saved his life adopted him just days later. Jake has since been sworn in as an honorary firefighter and to this day he helps teach fire safety at local schools.


18. Leviathan, Ark of the Apocalypse - Measuring over 7 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width and standing at a whopping 8 feet tall and 200 pounds, this ghostly ship sculpture is brimming with detail. The artist, Jason Stieva, took over 14 months to complete this masterpiece.

19. From Mr. Peanut to Freddie Mercury

20. Greater Cat Ears, Cyanotis tuberosa, native to India.The root is ground into a paste and eaten to treat diabetes, and also as a vegetable. It is also supposed to relieve coughs.

21. Indian Bullfrog - This frog turns completely yellow for mating except for the vocal sacs which turn blue.

22. There are over 400 of such sculptures underwater off the coast of Isla de Mujeres in Cancún, Mexico. Each sculpture and figure was molded from actual people from Cancún. Part of a collective art piece called “The Silent Evolution”, this one-of-a-kind art endeavour is part of the protected Cancún National Marine Park.

23. The incredible staircase of knowledge is located at the University of Balamland, Lebanon. t aims to show that knowledge is acquired by reading books. The more you know, the higher are your chances to succeed. Also, it's a great way to introduce world-famous books to students!

24. Indoor waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. The new Jewel Changi airport features a 6-acre indoor forest, walking trails, and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 7 stories tall.

25. If you're 25, single and Danish you get "cinnamoned" as a birthday present. A tradition dating back to the 16th century, when Danish salesman would be too busy selling spices to woo a mate.

26. Your summer chill spot too sunny? Grow your own shade.

27. The pathways at Ohio State University were paved based on the routes students took before there were paved paths.

28. Amazing balance and muscle control during unicycle routine practice for the circus.

29. An awesome whale sculpture that doubles as a faux aquarium with a ship wreckage inside.

30. Quad bike suspension applies a camber torque to all four wheels through center mass c.g.( center of gravity) shift.

31. Ancient wasp found in amber dating back 100 million years has been named Dracula, because it's long sharp teeth resemble vampires.

32. Wax scraped off an apple. It's for aesthetics, preservation, and protection. Apples have a natural wax but it's removed when the apples are washed to remove dirt, chemicals, and other foreign objects.Thus the apple needs a new coating of wax or else it'll dry out fast and won't last long enough to reach a market. Food grade wax is harmless.

33. No, this isn't an ancient fleshlight but rather a carved ivory and horn model of an eye from the 1800s. This model can be unscrewed from its base to show the different parts of the eye, including the cornea (the clear outer covering of the eyeball), the pupil and the iris. Glass represents the jelly-like vitreous humour that fills the eyeball behind the lens. Veins have also been painted on to the eyeball to give it a life-like appearance. The eye is completed with a pair of eye lids.

34. This picture is designed to give the viewer the simulated experience of having a stroke (particularly in the occipital lobe of the cerebral cortex, where visual perception occurs.) Everything looks hauntingly familiar but you just can't quite recognize anything.



19 True Facts That Actually Sound Like Conspiracy Theories

19 True Facts That Actually Sound Like Conspiracy Theories -












1. A rolled up train ticket looks like a lit cigarette.

2. Everyone but the count has a reflection.

3. Scuba gear that is anatomically correct for a dolphin.

4. This dog is sitting like a human.

5. A stapler that doesn't use staples.

6. Crow skull.

7. High is only the second lowest level in Australia.

8. Tree covered in lights.

9. A DVD case that ejects the disc.

10. A crowd that disappears into the painting.

11. This mushroom shaped log.

12. Old drink cans found buried in a backyard.

13. This laptop was Y2K cleared.

14. This church has its solar panels in a holy position.

15. Cool textured toffee.

16. 1914 dime found in someone's change.

17. A sweet bench engraving.


18. An old PlayStation promo booth.

19. A burger king in a 250 year old cellar.

20. A number was put on this blueberry.

21. Chips that have a spot where you can hold onto them.

22. Sun clock built into this building.

23. A duck made a nest near the entrance of a McDonald's.

24. Circular rainbow.

25. Old medicine trunks.


23 Messed Up Movie Scenes That Will Mess You Up [Graphic]

23 Messed Up Movie Scenes That Will Mess You Up [Graphic] -

🚨 WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Also, some of the images in here are kinda gruesome, but keep in mind that none of them are real: they're just from movies, y'all. 🚨

1. In Hereditary, when Charlie had an allergic reaction and stuck her head out the window to get some fresh air, but she was instantly decapitated by a road sign.


2. In Misery, when Annie smashed Paul's feet with a sledgehammer so he couldn't escape, and his bones literally bent the wrong way.

Columbia Pictures

3. In Evil Dead, when Eric pulled a hypodermic needle from his face, just below the eye.

TriStar Pictures

4. In Final Destination 3, when Ashley and Ashlyn got trapped in the tanning bed and were literally burned alive.

New Line Cinema

5. In I Am Legend, when Will Smith's character had to kill his dog – his only living friend in the entire world – after it got infected.

Warner Bros. Pictures

6. In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo Baggins saw the ring around Frodo's neck and was momentarily possessed.

New Line Cinema

7. In Buried, when Ryan Reynolds' character was trapped underground in a coffin, and it slowly started to fill with sand and suffocate him.


8. In It, when Eddie was forced to take a shower in the school locker room, and Pennywise came out of the shower drain and started haunting him.

Warner Bros.

9. In The Sixth Sense, when Cole thought he saw his mom in the kitchen, but it turned out to be a ghost who committed suicide, and she started screaming at him.

Buena Vista Pictures

10. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, when Nancy fell asleep in the bathtub and Freddy Krueger tried to drown her.

New Line Cinema

11. In Poltergeist, when Marty hallucinated that he was actually peeling off the layers of his face.

United Artists

12. In Jaws, when Hooper discovered the partial, floating corpse of Ben Gardner in the submerged hull.

Universal Pictures

13. In Mother!, when Jennifer Lawrence's character gave birth, and the crowd took her baby, started ripping it apart, and then ate it.

Paramount Pictures

14. In The Shining, when Jack kissed the beautiful woman in room 237, and then she turned into the old corpse and started chasing him.

Warner Bros.

15. In Requiem for a Dream, when Jared Leto's character stuck the needle into his already extremely infected arm.

Artisan Entertainment

16. In Signs, when Merill was watching the news report and saw the alien walk across the street.

Buena Vista Pictures

17. In The Mist, when David had to kill everyone (including his son) so they could avoid painful deaths, but moments later he was saved by the US Army.

Dimension Films

18. In Cabin Fever, when Marcy shaved her legs and her skin started to peel off, meaning she got infected by the flesh-eating virus.

Lioinsgate Films

19. In Saw, when the "dead" body on the ground revealed himself to be Jigsaw.

Lionsgate Films

20. In Oldboy, when Dae-su ate a whole, live octopus in one bite.

Tartan Films

21. In Black Swan, when Nina washed her hands and started peeling back a little piece of skin, but it ripped all the way down her finger.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

22. In 127 Hours, when Aron had to use a pocket knife to amputate his own arm.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

23. And basically the entire ending of Get Out, when Chris smashed in Jeremy's head with a croquet ball, rammed a deer's head into Dean's torso, and was stabbed through the hand with a letter opener by Missy.

Blumhouse Productions




Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark)

He acted in the movie ‘Pound’ when he was 5 years old.


Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa/Black Panther)

Boseman appeared on an ABC Family show called ‘Lincoln Heights’.


Chris Evans (Captain America)

Evans starred as Jake Wyler in ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ back in 1999.


Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)

One of her very first roles was in the 1998 film ‘Home Alone 3’.


Josh Brolan (Thanos)

The actor first appeared in the 1998 classic ‘The Goonies’.


Dave Bautista (Drax)

Before he joined the MCU, Dave Bautista was a WWE champion.


Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury)

Jackson has been acting since the 1970s. Here he appears in ‘Goodfellas’.


Danai Gurira (Okoye)

Fans of’ The Walking Dead’ likely recognize the actress for her role as Michonne.


Don Cheadle (James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine)

Back in the day, Cheadle was on an episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.


Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Falcon)

His first role was in the 2002 film ‘8 Mile’.


Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Before he was the god of thunder, Hemsworth starred in several Australian shows. Here he is in ‘The Saddle Club’ in 2003.


Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts)

The actress first appeared in the 1991 movie ‘Shout’.


Tom Hiddleston (Loki)

Hiddleston played a lord in the British TV Movie ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’.


Vin Diesel (Voice of teenage Groot)

Vin Diesel’s first big role was in the 1998 movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’.


Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier )

One of his earliest roles was on an episode of ‘Law & Order’ as a teenage sniper.


Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch)

Olsen acted in the 1994 TV movie ‘How the West Was Fun’ with her twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.


Paul Bettany (Vision)

Bettany starred in ‘Sharpe’s Waterloo’ in 1997.


Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange)

The actor was in the movie ‘Heartbeat’ in 2000.


Bradley Cooper (Voice of Rocket)

His first role ever was on the show ‘Sex and the City’.


Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)

Holland was a theater kid growing up, and his feature film debut was in ‘The Impossible’.


Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord)

The actor played Bright Abbott on the TV show ‘Everwood’.


Zoe Saldana (Gamora)

Saldana’s acting career took off in the early 2000’s. This is her in the film ‘Get Over It’.


Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner aka The Hulk)

The actor starred in ‘You Can Count on Me’ back in 2000.









15 Medical Workers Reveal The Most Haunting Last Words They’ve Ever Heard From A Patient

15 Medical Workers Reveal The Most Haunting Last Words They’ve Ever Heard From A Patient -


30 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' Facts You Won't Believe

30 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' Facts You Won't Believe -





20 Tough Guys From The Internet

20 Tough Guys From The Internet -





19 More Real X-Men: Strange Genetics Make For Strange Physical Abnormalities

19 More Real X-Men: Strange Genetics Make For Strange Physical Abnormalities -


1. Sajad Gharibi is The Iranian Hulk.

2. Jeff Dabe has forearms that are 19 inches long.

3. John Ferraro can bend metal with his head.

4. You Jianxia has 4.8 inch eyelashes.

5. Jeison Hernandez has 16 inch feet.

6. Jyoti Amge is the shortest living woman.

7. Sultan Kosen is the world's tallest man at 8 feet tall.

8. Mehmet Ozyurek has a nose that measures 3.5 inches.

9. Maxwell Day can turn his feet backwards.

10. Lee Redmond has nails over 2 feet long.

11. Chul Soon Hwang does over 3,000 crunches daily.

12. Charlotte Guttenberg is the most tattooed woman.

13. Xie Qiuping's hair is almost 18 feet long.

14. Craing Golias has a super wide body.

15. Svetlana Pankratova has legs over 4 feet.

16. This mysterious child from Nepal has rare cat eyes.

17. Nova Galaxia has a condition causing her to grow thick hair.

18. Wim Hof can withstand freezing temperatures naked.


19. Rodrigo Alves is a real life Ken doll.



25 Life Changing Scandals That Rocked The World

25 Life Changing Scandals That Rocked The World -


1 Tucker State Prison Farm

During the Tucker State Prison Farm scandal, it was revealed that inmates were routinely beaten, tortured with needles under their fingernails, and had their genitals crushed with pliers and electrocuted. Up to 200 inmates may have been murdered and buried around the prison.

2. Vioxx was a drug produced by Merck & Co which resulted in the death of approximately 60,000 people. The company allegedly was aware of the side effects and did not withdraw the drug from the market until the FDA caught on. The company still exists to this day and the incident was called the Vioxx scandal.

3. In 2013, during the horsemeat scandal, meat pie from Iceland was tested and was found to contain no meat.

4. In June of 1994, Time magazine became the subject of a media scandal when commentators found that its staff had used photo manipulation to darken a photo of O.J Simpson on their cover story, "An American Tragedy.” It was speculated it was to make him appear more menacing.

5. During the 2006 Duke rape scandal, 88 professors at Duke put out a newspaper advertisement condemning the alleged rapists and Duke's culture of white male privilege before the trial had begun. The accused players were found not guilty and the 88 professors never apologized.

6 Dan Evans

In 1972, there was a minor political scandal in Washington State when an assistant to then Governor Dan Evans posed as a college student to follow around his opponent during the campaign and report information back to the Governor. This assistant was Ted Bundy, the serial killer.

7. A Chinese food scandal resulted in some pork glowing blue in the darkness. The meat was still edible and was soon dubbed “avatar-meat.”

8. The 2008 Chinese milk scandal caused mistrust in local suppliers. It is estimated that up to 80% to 90% of infant formula along with other food materials and components were being adulterated with melamine which was purchased in Australia and destined for China.

9. The 1970's children’s book “Masquerade” held a real-life treasure hunt for an 18-carat golden rabbit that ended when somebody cheated to find it. The “winner” sought knowledge of the whereabouts of the golden hare from an ex-girlfriend of the author and illustrator of the book.

10. The Denver Police Department (DPD) caused the largest police scandal in US history in the 1960s. Nearly 50 members of DPD were part of a robbery racket, stealing from dozens of businesses they were assigned to protect. It was not discovered until a safe fell out of a police cruiser.

11 Astrid Lindgren

In 1976, a scandal arose in Sweden when author Astrid Lindgren's marginal tax rate had risen to 102%. This coined the term “Pomperipossa effect”, from a story she published in Expressen on 3 March 1976, entitled “Pomperipossa in Monismania”, attacking the government and its taxation policies. She nevertheless supported the Social Democratic Party responsible for the tax rate her whole life.

12. The “False positives” scandal were a series of murders in Columbia committed by members of the military, who lured mentally impaired civilians to remote parts of the country with offers of work, killed them and presented them to authorities as guerrillas killed in battle, in order to receive promotions and other bonuses.

13. Mark Whitacre was the corporate whistleblower who exposed the lysine price-fixing scandal in the 1990s. Wherever he traveled, the FBI arranged to have the same green lamp with a bugging device set up in every hotel room where he stayed and met with fellow executives. Whitacre noted that if there had been any female executives at these meetings, they probably would have spotted the same lamp, but none of the male executives ever seemed to notice.

14. There was a scandal in China in 2004 when a soy sauce manufacturer was discovered to be using human hair in the production of the sauce.

15. The LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) Scandal, which "dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets", may have cost governments and investors $176 billion.

16 Black Sox

During the Black Sox Scandal, 8 members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from the Jewish mob. The scandal led to the appointment of the first Commissioner of baseball.

17. Franklin D. Roosevelt as Assistant Secretary of the Navy signed off on what would be known as the Newport sex scandal. In an attempt to out gays in the Navy, sailors chosen for the sting operation were instructed by their superiors to engage in sex with targeted gay Naval personnel.

18. During James Monroe's presidency, there was a small scandal when 1,200 bottles of Burgundy and Champagne were charged to an account that Congress had earmarked for furniture.

19. The Duplessis Orphans were children who were victimized in a mid-20th century scandal. The Quebec government and Roman Catholic Church falsely certified over approximately 20,000 orphans as mentally ill and committed them to mental institutions.

20. In the 1960's Salad Oil Scandal, an exporter said he was shipping tankers full of salad oil, but inspectors only sampled the oil on top. In fact, beneath the top layer, it was water. Upon being discovered, it caused a notable market disruption in the mid-'60s, almost claiming American Express.

21 Microsoft

In the Microsoft Tunisia Scandal, MS bribed the Government of Tunisia in return for buying 12,000 licensed Microsoft software and turned around a government that was adopting open source practices for over 5 years.

22. In 1889, the Cleveland Street scandal exposed that a homosexual male brothel in London was frequented by prominent members of the Victorian aristocracy, like Lord Arthur Somerset, equerry to the Prince of Wales. Allegations were also made against Prince Albert Victor, 2nd-in-line to the throne.

23. The Susurluk scandal exposed the close relationship between the Turkish government, the armed forces, and organized crime. The scandal surfaced with a car-truck collision in 1996, near Susurluk. The victims included the deputy chief of the Istanbul Police Department, a Member of Parliament, and Abdullah Çatlı, the leader of the Grey Wolves (who was a contract killer on Interpol's red list). The scandal triggered a chain of events which resulted in a political and social turmoil in all of Turkey.

24. In 1981, 1,000 people died in an epidemic that spread across Spain, which was blamed on poisoned olive oil. However, the likely culprit was toxic pesticides used on tomatoes instead.

25. The 1925 Chicago Cardinals–Milwaukee Badgers scandal was a scandal where the Cardinals hired high school players to play against the Badgers and help the Badgers win the NFL championship for the season.






A crater in a block of aluminum caused by a penny fired at it at orbital speed 23,000 feet per second.

A volcanic eruption seen from space.

A fun bus stop in Canada.

Adult lions pretend that the bites of cubs hurt them to encourage them.

 An oasis in the Gobi Desert.

The automatic gate was broken and there were no workers present.

Runaway inflation in Zimbabwe.

Someone thoughtfully put a sweater on a statue of Mr. Rogers.

The cement shoes of a mafia victim.

The sun through a specific light wavelength.

The key for a BMW i8.

China's flower ocean.

An aquarium where you can hold hands with an otter.

A cathedral with 50,000 LED lights.

Prototype firefighter helmet.

A CT scanner in Presbyterian Hospital Pediatrics, NY.